Plum Market

Health & Fitness
2.9 (93)
67.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stellar Loyalty, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plum Market

2.92 out of 5
93 Ratings
5 years ago, Anthony Marco Giovanni
Needs Major Work
The application is so slow. Therefore when I want to scan my Plum Market barcode I’m just standing there waiting for it to load. Also please please make the barcode available on Apple Wallet. It’s more than necessary at this point.
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11 months ago, asus389
App very slow, coupon selection unreliable
This most recent version of the app is very slow to use. It takes at least 30 seconds to load the coupon feed and then 5-10 seconds per item when you “clip” them. Most other apps load their feeds instantly and selecting items is similarly quick. Also, some coupons that are “clipped” don’t seem to save, reverting to unclipped status next time you open the app. The functionality is good and the app is well laid out. I appreciate the fact that receipts go into the app when I check out. But please work on the performance.
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10 months ago, GlutenFreeGirl79
Love the coupons
This new version of the app is way faster than before plus I love being able to check out with coupons and rewards.
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4 years ago, aomofo
Receipts straight to the app
The Plum App is amazing!!!!! The fact that I can pull up my account and see all my receipts makes my life so much easier! The barcode does take a second to load at the register but knowing that I always pull it up ahead of time.
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1 year ago, L_____]
Horrible system for coupons
It should be enough to have the app. It’s pretty ridiculous that you have to look at every coupon and clip it in order to get the sale. In an attempt to even things out, I wait until I’m up at the register, in line, clipping every coupon before I’m ready to check out. Love the grocery store but the whole process is so disrespectful of the customer’s time.
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5 years ago, T$2015
Love the store, please make app experience as premium as the store experience
Please invest in a good UX designer to help you with this app. Or revert to the fancy plastic cards used by Mariano's and Jewel. Initial sign up is a nightmare. Research some best practices on this. Your password constraints are very 2008. You should be compatible with iOS auto generated strong passwords. I like to recommended your store to friends but am embarrassed to recommend to anyone who works in tech.
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5 years ago, Lesola
Still a chore to use
Requires too many clicks to clip a coupon. Not easy to sort coupons or click all at once. Annoying to use but still saves a few bucks. From time to time, i will try a new product because it has a coupon but it rarely turns out to be something I would buy again.
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6 years ago, HiPhonelity
Great app
Easy to use and saves me money! I really like the way I can browse and find coupons and choose which ones I want to use before I go to the store. No need to do anything at the checkout. Thanks!
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2 months ago, pjcrazycatlady
Basically unusable
App chronically returns experiencing technical issues, especially won’t allow sign in, won’t allow password reset or send reset email. This prohibits access to coupons which are only in app. App also would not allow submitting feedback, even when it solicited such with a pop up
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5 months ago, Enough 111
Stop making clients do extra work
If you are having a sale, please don’t make me sit on my phone and clip coupons - my Plum card should be enough.
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11 years ago, Ham and Spam
Hoping there's more to come....
Good start but needs more functionality: add pictures for recipes, link to google maps for locations, brand and/or brand search,live wait time in cashier lines that I can see when shopping so I know when the wait is short, real time GPS on where I am in the store and what's for me in that section based on my profile, etc etc...Just like the store itself, add functions that make me come back because Plum is a cut above everyone else!
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6 years ago, bobbyg63
Works well for me
I shop at plum once a week or more and this app makes it easy to use program coupons and rewards cash. Love it, thanks Plum!
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10 months ago, MIflyer
Super slow
Why can’t Plum figure out how in the year 2023 to hire a competent developer to make this app actually usable? Very slow getting to coupons, and then fetching coupons while scrolling down the list.
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6 years ago, westbloomfieldmom
Healthy geek
Love using this app. The coupons and rewards have been great. Easy to navigate! Thanks plum market team!
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1 year ago, ytr1764
Loads slowly
Takes a long time to load, which is especially frustrating while shopping. Doesn’t show award points.
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5 years ago, nikkki123456
No good
Terrible app! I’ve tried making an account multiple times and it tells me to add a character and I’ve done so many times! Unable to even use the app.
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1 year ago, danibralo
Where is my reward?
Don’t work well, slow loading and workflow. Confusing and so far already lost two reward coupons.
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6 years ago, JadeScampi
Easy to see all my coupons and rewards! Sleek, fun, and classy just like Plum!
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10 months ago, Spawnzorbs
Too slow to clip coupons and load
Simply too slow to clip coupons and open the app or any pages.
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5 years ago, bakcison
Can’t log in
Every time I try and create a new password it tells me it’s an invalid log in. I’ve always had a hard time logging into this app.
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6 years ago, champagnecalodemon
Don’t even bother
Worst app ever. Won’t even let me sign in. I’m trying to sign via my plum market account no luck. Tryna do it via Facebook and google and nothing. Why bother
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7 years ago, Dim-wit Dora
Beyond annoying
This is way too hard. Who has time for this?
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5 years ago, Foodie Annoyed
The app is very inefficient. Developers have a lot of work to do. Great store!
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6 years ago, zz3q2m
No longer works!
The Plum Market app stopped working. I deleted the app, reloaded it, it still doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, Breestyle
Please bring app to modern technology
Terrible app and sign up process. What a colossal waste of time for little benefit.
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6 years ago, heartshoes
I get kicked out every time I use this app. Not enough coupons. It is the WORST app!!!
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5 years ago, GFLFPF
Can’t use app
Sooo aggravating! Even the store couldn’t get it to work!
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6 months ago, Something Witty...
No Apple Wallet card!
This app should use Apple Wallet for the loyalty card.
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7 years ago, Honeybearz
Such Service!!!
In nearly every aisle there is someone who actually wants to spend a few minutes helping you. A lot of the gourmet foods have been sampled by them, and they share honest opinions. My husband was just diagnosed with Celiacs (no wheat barley or rye). Believe me those people have helped so much! Transitioning to a Gluten Free diet is very difficult, for instance bread (our Favorite!). We had tried all but 2 of the ready made and box products. Finally found Glutino white bread. Not fantastic but nearly there! Just this week the young man at our Ann Arbor West store identified as Gluten Intolerant too. He gave us some great advice and a new bread to try ....heaven!!!! Soft and light and airy, crust is a bit chewy, no sweet gross taste to interfere with your sandwich happiness. If you are in the store, stop and say hi to the young ginger haired man in the black glasses. I definitely trust their opinions, and their honesty about the products sold there. Brava!!! You are doing it right, Plum Market!!
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7 years ago, mrwhateverism
Points don't carry over from previous app
Won't let me log in with my credentials from the previous app. I had to register anew. This means all my accumulated points from shopping are lost. Thanks Plum! :-/
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7 years ago, booshka1384715
I can't tell you how much I've wanted Plum Market to up their app game. Finally I can use multiple coupons at once and save more money at an expensive store all on my phone! Thank you!!!!
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7 years ago, LucyT937
Great upgrade!
The new app is so easy to use! I love the different coupons, and clipping them in the app!
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7 years ago, happycows665
Great app. Easy to keep track of my $10 rewards. I always lost the emails.
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7 years ago, Onlyfords
Every time I open the app It shuts everything down. Plum market forcing me to use their app. No more emails for specials and rewards. May have to stop shopping at plum
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6 years ago, OneMoreLostCustomer
App stopped working about 3 months ago. All I can use it for now is to bring up the bar code. Everything else is blank. Won’t show coupons, store sales, rewards, or messages. I have to go to the website to clip coupons. The whole experience is a royal PITA.
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7 years ago, tjgirdler
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6 years ago, RickyonWells
The only way for rewards is still broken
When Plum went to the app ONLY I thought, “ok” but when it nearly never loaded and simply won’t even show my scan code to get store purchase credit on my iPX I got legit annoyed. It’s a simple code update — farm it out to Slovakia and get it done, Plum!!
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