Polar Flow

Health & Fitness
4.6 (42.2K)
110.9 MB
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Polar Electro
Last update
1 year ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Polar Flow

4.64 out of 5
42.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Shoogini
Great app, great info, very reliable
I have used Polar Flow with my Vantage M for the last two and a half years. I really enjoy seeing the heart rate graphs for each workout and how they compare to previous workouts. Polar Flow also shows you a graph of how much “strain” you can take based off your last seven days and your average strain over the last month. With Polar Flow I can easily see if I have been consistent or falling off in intensity and duration. It’s detailed enough that I can nerd out, or just feel guilty for too many “recovery” days. I do a wide variety of workouts as well but the Polar program really shines when it comes to running. Great in app maps, pace counts, and detailed analysis on the supporting website. Very accurate prediction for future running performance. The Vantage M paired with Polar Flow has been a worthy investment that I have enjoyed for several years.
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3 years ago, devuker
Death by comparison
I enjoy flexibility. I enjoy compatibility. My vantage m and the polar app have some great features. I like seeing my progress and the ability to gauge overreaching mixed with poor sleep. I enjoy the sport profiles and being able to set heart rate monitored activities and non heart rate activities. But over the last two years I have a small wish list. 1) I have to restart the polar app every time i want to sync with my watch. 2)There is no find your phone option. 3) Cant charge the watch in the middle of an activity. This is nice for long days bike-packing. Garmin allows overnight charging without stopping the activity. This way the entire route is one post. 4) I am in the medical field and frequently need to count respirations or heart rate using a second hand. The second hand on my polar only displays for about six seconds when i raise my wrist so its not helpful. 5) Zwift: Polar does not link with zwift so I cant see my heart rate data from my watch on the zwift platform. This is a dilemma when I want to track strain and progress with polar. I have to start my watch as well as wear a heart rate strap compatible with zwift. I then have to delete the strava activity (i use both fitness platforms to track progress) Compatibility with other apps and platforms would be great! I have really enjoyed the watch however couple things that I would like to improve. Thanks Polar!
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2 years ago, abscblue
It works
It works, and eventually does everything you need it to do, but it has some annoying features. If you’re not doing heart rate based training, you’re constantly having to change the defaults, or else risk having the watch beep at you throughout your run, at which point there’s no way to change it. There’s also no way to change the default of proceeding to the next phase automatically, which can mess up a run if I forget to change because I often can’t feel the vibration of my watch and don’t want one phase cutting into the next so I proceed manually. I don’t like how the program and my notes are all lost. After I’ve done the run, all that remains is the running data, but not the program that led to it. it would be nice to have running index and recovery state in the app, but they’re only available through the web service. Ability to program a run through the app is limited, the most complicated possible is a warm-up plus one set of phases plus a cool down. on the plus side, it works, and after learning, all the quirks, and going back-and-forth between the app and the web service, it is eventually customizable for everything I need to do.
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5 years ago, ahdkkdiqgauie
Slow Heart Rate display and inaccurate sleep tracking.
I like most things about the App and my Polar Vantage M. However there are two areas needing significant improvement. These are: - The delay in displaying heart rate. Because of this delay it is easy to overshoot my maximum heart rate while exercising. I have verified this delay by comparing the M’s reading to that of various pieces of exercise equipment. However, when hiking, or doing other activities, without another piece of equipment to track the actual heart rate it is easy to overrun, or underachieve. - Like many people over the age of 60, I have to get up during the night to relieve myself. Unfortunately the Polar Vantage M and or the Polar app think that I rwmain awake from that point forward, even though I do go back to sleep. Again, I see a very substantial difference between what Polar believes is my sleep time and that shown by my CPAP machine... PS: Every NickName I tried to use to submit this review was reported as taken, including “AllNickNamesTaken”, so I am about to resort to a random collection of characters to see if that will work.........!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, AnnieFitzW
Such Valuable Information
I’ve owned a PolarA300 and cardio strap for about 10 years and sadly most of the time it sat in a drawer. Now at age 63 I’m completely motivated to charge toward strength and fitness. This device, the app and the Polar website are tremendous helps. My progress has been swift and encouraging because tracking with these tools help me create and see the roadmap. Steps, heart rate, stats on time in various heart rate zones. It even monitors how good my sleep is. And on the Polar website are many white papers showing the way these tools and methods were validated for good health outcomes. Very interesting reading. My personal trainer recommended this device over newer and more expensive devices and at last I see why.
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5 months ago, G_ChipT
Poor app for great hardware
To call this app basic is an understatement. It does connect to the Polar HRM but using it is painful. It is not well organized and the app wastes half the screen (it is empty during the Other Indoor workout). It also has no way to simply monitor your heart rate except during a workout. Also if you want to change workouts you have to scroll through a list of every workout known in the world. How about allowing users to select a few favorites? Lastly I could not get the app to update the firmware on my HRM. Kept going through some issue with Bluetooth connectivity. Other devices do this easily, not with this app. The HRM is great, works as advertised. Shame the app is so bad, especially features needed like updating software and using the HRM One last thought, the support link in the app store returns a 404 error because the url is broken. How about fixing it and actually allowing your users to communicate with you. They might help you ID bugs, suggest app improvements. All for free.
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3 months ago, K9 pan
Watch always tells me fails to sync
I have the Polar Grit X Pro and the watch always tells me it fails to sync. However it syncs to the app? App also has no personal bests, doesn’t have a good way to track everything you’ve been doing from run, bike, swim, etc. It’s overall a mess of an app to navigate. Everything has such an afterthought feel to it or just comes short of being a good feature. I had a Garmin Fenix 6 prior to this and I prefer the layout of their application and tracking more. Polar does have good metrics of how much carbs and fats you burned which is cool but the ability to compare workouts and all those cool little features need more flow. Also the stop workout button on the watch is silly to clear a message you normally press the “sync/back button” but when you workout and a message comes up if you go to clear the message so you can see your workout it pauses the run. Arguably one of the worst features I’ve seen on a watch. That fix needs to be addressed asap
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10 months ago, GAArch
Caveat emptor-Polar Sells/shares your private data
I enjoyed my H10, but Polar requires you to allow them to share/sell your private data with basically anyone they want if you use their app. That’s completely unnecessary and borderline unethical. If Polar feels the need to pull additional profit from a user, besides the price of the device, charge me a monthly fee to use the app. But requiring me to allow you to distribute my personal health information to whomever you please is beyond the pale. Further, consumers are not made aware of this requirement at point of sale for the device, which again at the very least, represents an unacceptable withholding of information that precludes the consumer from fully understanding the terms of use prior to purchase. My H10 went in the garbage. It’s easy to make a sale with tactics such as those, but building a relationship with your customers is what ensures repeat business. What you’re doing is not only unethical, it’s bad business.
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6 years ago, Honestly 101
Syncing is a mission
Im a fairly new user - only got my device a month. Although I like the look and feel, syncing is not a simple task. I’ll sink and expect it to be working only to find that it hasn’t or hasn’t uploaded a full days results. I’ve resorted to taking the device off and placing it on my cellular screen to sync as alternatively suggested and although that appears to work better, at times it throws the time off. Last Friday was such an example and got me into some trouble for thinking I had to leave a meeting already only to find out I had the wrong time. Embarrassing and frustrating! I had a much cheaper device and experienced none of these challenges in the past. If this experience continues, I’ll have no choice but to revert back to the old device. Pity is I bought an extra four devices to give as Christmas gifts and at the moment, I’m regretting have done so as I expect they’re going to be frustrated too.
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2 years ago, l1ugi
Good idea but they need to work on it.
I have a H10 paired with Apple Watch and iPhone. I like the details with which you can plan your activities. Having an app where you can schedule, see the history, manage your sensors and recording it’s what I was looking for. Unfortunately, the synchronization of this app with their servers is not working. I cannot “play” the schedule training sessions using the app as a timer. When I have lost time to describe all the timing details of my phased sessions, I would love to “play” it from the same app that day. The interaction with Apple Health is bad. The sensors is recording a lot of samples, which are correctly shown in the Polar interfaces, but the imported data in Apple Health they are terribly downsampled (practically useless). I don’t like the bloated Flow interface: I don’t care about Polar blog and News in an app that I use to training. I think that the Polar Flow and Polar Bear should be put together, since there are features repeated in both of them and I personally find that separation confusing. Why not to have a single app to manage Polar Sensors, schedule sessions, record trainings and analyze the history? If they had such an app I would accept to pay for it. Without such improvements, I am tempted to ditch the Polar Software and just use the H10 with the training app in my Apple Watch.
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6 years ago, E618Triathlete
Questionable Data, Uncalibrateable
I bought the 430 for the wrist based heartrate monitoring and im extremely satisfied with that. With that said when i run on the treadmill the data collected is extremely questionable. It has never given me an accurate distance. Today’s run it captured 3.5miles of 5. Unfortunately the flow app doesn’t allow me to calibrate for my stride/Light footstrike and correct the inaccurate distance. This means you’re left with a completely worthless run data history. Worse is the questions it raises about the other data captured. If it missed 1.5miles making it completely off on your pace, how accurate is the cadence data. Also best of luck if you forget to stop your workout because there is no way to correct the inaccurate data. I find myself depending on a lot of other apps just like when i had my polar FT1. The polar flow app needs a lot of enhancements and leaves much to be desired from this runner.
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3 years ago, JackPansegrau
Polar Is the Best - 30+ Years w/ Polar
I had a pair of Polar AXN700 for over a decade and had one I finally had to strap together with duct tape. I finally purchased a Vantage V and absolutely love it. Everything about the hardware and software is outstanding. I considered an Apple but Polar holds a charge so much longer it just works better for my needs. The Pilar Flow program is great. If I had a “magic wand” I would like to see a couple fields added where I can add information - such as the name of my trail route, etc. But this is a small detail. The other thing I’d really like is an automatic link to my Dark Sky weather app so it would be visible on my watch as well as embedded in my data. So I love my Polar and recommend it highly.
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3 years ago, can'tcarryatune
Best Exercise and Training Partner!!
I can’t rave enough about my Polar Grit Training Watch. It is amazingly rugged & durable. It has all the functions I need except for logging interval runs, but that is a minor take-away from an outstanding watch. The only problem I have with it is that I run with a focus on my heart rate and zones. I am also slightly color blind so when it move from the 4th into the 5th zone I have trouble reading the heart rate number. Wish there was a way to change the color scheme to suit my vision issues...Don’t get me wrong, if mine should ever fail/break, which seems highly unlikely considering the beating I have already given it, I will definitely get another one!!
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6 months ago, Jorswat
Basic app. Needs some improvement
The app works fine for tracking heart rate. My only complaint is how it tracks calories. The app needs an option to show only the active calories burned during a workout. When I workout with my H10, the calories from a workout also include the BMR calories. For tracking food calories and how many calories I burned during workouts, I need the option to only see my active calories burned during a workout, I don’t want the “passive” calories included that the body burns as part of your BMR. The app already asks for all the information included in the BMR calculation: age, weight, height, gender. Please give me an option to choose which calories are calculated. This will make it much easier when the workouts are exported to Apple health and food tracker apps.
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11 months ago, walks for joy
A Real Winner
This is an outstanding product in my mind. It does everything I wanted it to do plus more. It syncs easily to my phone and to Polar Flow on my laptop. This is my second polar bike sensor. My first one was 10 years old and got way too wet, my fault, and then stopped working. This is probably the best piece of technology that I use. It does require some tech skills to set up, but once you’ve done it, it works amazingly well. It was the best priced bike monitor that provided the functions that I was looking for. Battery life is very good. I probably get at least 20 hours out of each charge. I highly recommend this product.
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6 years ago, Me1199
Couple of issues, otherwise great
1. When I wear the V800 watch to sleep, it doesn’t always track my sleep correctly. For example, I fell asleep on the couch pretty early then woke up and got in bed late. It only counted the time after I went to bed as sleep. 2. Elevation isn’t shown on the workout in the app, I have to go to the full website to see it. 3. The HR monitor strap isn’t the best - it misses measurements; I actually need to test it with the phone as well as the watch to try and isolate the issue. I’ve mostly worn the watch as a daily tracker and used it with HR monitor for running, bike rides, hiking, etc. and overall, it’s pretty good, no major issues. My first V800 melted when I tried to recharge it and they replaced it. The second one seems to be holding up really well.
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5 years ago, MKKreuger
Very solid app
Firstly, i have the Polar m400 which is an awesome watch. I'm impressed with this app too. I prefer this to the desktop, which isn't as flawless when syncing (download a new version and lose my data? Nope) and so far this works fine mechanically. Feed Interface is a little cluttered and seems harder than it should be to navigate back through the calendar and see timings. Pretty good graphs, trying to see if there's a way to compare timings but that is my only nitpick. Might have to import into Excel. As mentioned, the watch itself, an m400, is Rock solid after busting a few Garmins that are irreparable. Very simple easy to use menu. It just works.
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5 years ago, These nicknames are bad too
Sleep tracker inadequate
Since this last update (which by the way doesn’t mention having fixed anything on sleep tracker) sleep track is down to random performance. Contacting support is an exercise in frustration in that that regurgitate to me the same things on the support page that got me to them and then tell me how I need to sleep in order for their application to work. People serving software? I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. I like the other features (other than synch, which is ridiculously slow) but my frustration with sleep tracker leaves me open to other, better solutions (i.e. non-polar).
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5 years ago, hed2084
More loyal to polar with each device they release
I see nothing that would make me want to change to some other brand of devices. They clearly follow their own vision and reach to accomplish achievements that are beyond simply filling a marketing opportunity. Polar continues to set a standard that many people are not even able to recognize... my advice is. Take a good look and really think about what they are doing. A simple example: think for a second why Polar is the only device with a 40 hour workout time at the quality level they provide. They are ahead of the trend because they are the source of it
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1 year ago, IFSPRRO
Calories burned is low for swimming with Verity Sense
I’m a new user of the Verity and swim with a masters program. I have been comparing the calories burned with my Garmin watch and online calculators. The Verity calories burned number appears to be low by ~25%. For comparison a 5,100 yard masters swim for an hour and 20 minutes, the Verity shows 798kcal, the Garmin (mine and teammates) are all over 1,100kcal. My body weight is correct in the app. Otherwise I love the simplicity of the device and being able to record heart rate on my swims. I’m planning on getting the Form goggles to pair with the Verity.
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2 years ago, NickBel0326
Gets the job done great for what I need.
Polar flow gets the job done. It provides a good break down of what I did. Though I never seem to have the same distance and elevation between my device and how Strava analyzes the information I don’t know if it’s accuracy is off, but when using downloaded maps it shows turns within feet of where they are. The particular product I use V650 seems to be lacking in some modern features. I do not know if this is limited to this product or others. But for the price compared to a Garmin, it is completely worth. Any additional features would cost hundreds more with a Garmin.
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5 years ago, Credig
Almost Perfect
This app is very good. For my polar vantage v, it provides easy syncing and update transfer, while for workout analysis it provides a wide range of helpful analyses. I only wish this app had two additional features that seem to be awkwardly missing considering everything related to them has been included. First, for running workout analysis I wish the app would have similar splits functionality to what they provide on the flow website, allowing users to auto split workouts into .5, 1, and 2 mile splits. Second, I wish that, for the apple health syncing, flow provided distance data like it provides workout and other health data.
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4 years ago, GRhaines
Excellent Exercise Log
I’ve been using Polar Heart Rate Monitors for over 10 years as I had rate induced A-fib and really needed to keep a check on my heart rate. I have used Polar Flo and their software before to download my activity and analyze various things. Can’t tell you how easy this app is to use and seamless it is to download from my monitor. With GPS I am able to tack all of my routes, compare rides from previous ones, etc. Use mainly for cycling but when I ran, also used to track my running, cadence, etc. Great product and great software.
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3 years ago, Thomas, New York
I like the idea of heart monitoring, but it appears to be a well kept secret.
So far, I believe I am tracking everything… Been wearing it for two weeks now. Still don’t know where to find statistical data. This should be easier to get, without using a fourth party, since I have me, my polar watch, iPhone app. If I wanted to export the data, so I can see it on another device… That, to me, should be here too. If it’s there… and I just don’t see it, then that’s why I am willing to concede a d give a fourth star… You know, because it could be that I’m just an idiot who could afford a watch to monitor my heart, but only minute by minute. (Grin) My goal was to Monitor my heart during all my activities, and look at the data later. I’m hoping my synching will pay off soon. Love the physical characteristics of the phone. Love the swipe functionality of the screen face. I’m sure I will love the data it’s collecting. Happy to receive a call from polar on howI can get the data.
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3 years ago, Yvette007!
Polar flow is the premier fitness device. It’s been around since the 1980’s. I’ve tried other devices, but none of them compare in accuracy, some devices I’ve researched don’t even show margin of error. Polar has been, and still is, used in research and in hospitals. I’m sticking with Polar because of accuracy and the best function. Makes sense, because they’ve been around long before fitness devices were trendy and after decades of experience with this technology they still have the BEST products for these markets ❤️
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5 years ago, RaviRamineni
Needs better support for interval training
I like the vantage V for HR and power but very disappointed that it does support interval training very well. The Phased Target is a good construct but usually each phase is a lap but Flow doesn’t seem to tag them that way. When I import data into Strava or even the flow app, still don’t know straight away my average speed in each of the phases (FYI the automatic lap is turned off ) The corresponding issue on the watch is that there is no way to know what avg speed I’m going at in each phase cos the phases aren’t treated as laps. For example I need to be able to create the phased target (see below), start the run, should never need to touch the watch until the work out ends and be able to see avg pace + avg HR in each phase and this contextual information needs to be tagged and saved so I can import and see it. Example : 10m warmup 4 X 1k @ 3:40 with 60 sec rest 5 min easy jog 4 x 1k @ 3:40 with 60 sec rest 10 min cool down I recently switched from Garmin and super disappointed I can’t do this over in polar. I hope this gets addressed soon. Thanks Ravi
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3 years ago, JmarioCV
Forced to upgrade
The customer who paid for their device should determine if/when to upgrade. I was greeted with a "...your version is outdated...please upgrade..." message. In fact there is no please about it. The app suddenly will not work with Polar Balance (scale) since the update message is sitting on top of the scale button. Why don't I want to upgrade? Because everytime I've upgraded in the past Polar has lost or deleted several months of weight data. Unlike the Polar Beat app which has never lost any old data the Polar Flow app seems to periodically lose old data. May 12,2021 update: Now this poor excuse for a program has decided to switch my weight to kg - it ignores my setting it to imperial (pounds) and reverts to metric (kilograms) after I set it to imperial!
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4 years ago, diadesol1
Great system and professionally focused.
Great features, accuracy, many ways for workout and training analysis. At times, devices don’t sync when opening the app and you have to close the app and restart Flow to sync with Grit X or Ignite watches. The Beat app is good too and I wish I could sync my prepared training into Polar Beat app. Prepared training only shows on Flow app and it could allow such feature to be used on Polar Beat app too. Overall great features, great company, and keep adding more and making improving.
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2 years ago, SauloB
App is good, but need features
The app itself is good and works without glitches. However Polar had to urgently revise 2 things on the software to compete with GARMIN : A) User Interface is poor. Works, is functional, but with a bit of polishing and design you can have it perfect B) Kormoot integration / Flow integration: it works well, but it is kind of awkward to go to Kormoot, then to the flow web page, and the to Polar app to sync your routes. It is not practical and straightforward. Most definitely you could work on the back end to have at least the App integrating via REST APIs all data from flow.
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4 weeks ago, Yinzluvtodd
Easy to use but missing something.
I really enjoy the app. I like uploading my workouts and seeing my progress. I think it’s impossible to make the app happy with regards to training. You’re always overdoing it or not working hard enough. lol, just listen to your body and not what the screen tells you. My only ask is add a food tracking feature. I don’t like trying to sync yet another app like my fitness pal. It would be amazing to have everything you need in one place. But, still a good app. Love my Polar Pacer and the options it gives me.
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7 years ago, Kerby Skurat
You track your business but not your body?
I’m a business guy and I love the tracking that we do to ensure that our business is running as smoothly as it should be. I had never really compared my body to my business, but in reality my body needs to be tracked just like my business does. The profit is in the numbers. And in this case weight loss is by way of tracking your food and your numbers. If you couple this app with my fitness pal for food tracking, it’s nearly impossible not to go in the direction that you want to.
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3 years ago, jgoh07
Great app - fast and reliable!
Love the Polar Flow app! It syncs quickly with my Polar Vantage M2 and the UI is pretty fast. I’ve never had any issues updating my sleep data or workouts. What I appreciate is the highly-detailed info of my sleep, letting me know my REM cycles, interruptions, deep sleep, etc... It also gauges my workouts to let me know how I’m doing during the week. It’ll alert me if I’m maintaining or overreaching in my training. Data is abundant, layout is clear and user-friendly, and the app is reliable. I’m pretty pleased!
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1 year ago, Dianakk51
Why force to take a personal details
Your latest update forcing to take personal details and also outside of country and 3rd party , if one doesn’t agree to all you have no choice but closing program and not using it yet one has the watch which is a good watch .. For years using Fitbit I never had this problem one has the choice but or agreeing or would not open program very weird .. No one force one to agree on his private data if he doesn’t want .. Anyway I even watch will maybe use it if I need I use apple Fitbit mainly because no one is forced to agree to send personal data ., It is not banking fraud it’s personal data 👍😉
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3 years ago, RChurch1
I have an iPhone 6, which cannot use iOS version 13 and above. The polar flow app versions beyond, I think it’s 4.9, require iOS version 13. Yet, I still get banner alerts within the Polar Flow app saying “your app is outdated, please upload the newest version.“ Polar either needs to make the newer apps work with pre-iOS 13 versions, or stop the banner alerts to update to a version that you cannot download! Aside from this, the app is great, in particular the sleep plus.
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10 months ago, Mormonmommy
I’ve been using the Polar Flow App and Polar Flow website for years. I can hardly believe it’s free. Goals are most effective when they are obtainable, measurable, and meaningful. Polar Flow supports all three of these. Obtainable: The Undertraining, Productive, and Overtraining guides help me accurately estimate my potential and set my expectations accordingly. Measurable: There are many wonderful metrics collected into the app. There are also many great data visualizations. My favorite is the graph of TRIMP data that, for me, goes all the way back to 2016. I love looking back at training data leading up to and including past events. Meaningful: The TRIMP tolerance, VO2max, and running index correlate well with my event performances. The Polar Flow App has been more influential to my health than any other fitness app I’ve used. Bonus: It integrates seamlessly to MyFinessPal for a complete wellness solution!
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7 years ago, Freckle fart 90
Keeps crashing my phone
So this is probably my first negative review ever. It has to do with my experience dealing with this app. I’ve been using it for over a year and it has been absolutely solid. Recently there was an update and the app won’t stay open longer than 8 seconds. At first I thought it was my phone but everything works perfectly. Brand new iPhone, latest IOS, latest version of flow app etc. This app continues to crash. It seems to pick several times of day where it won’t crash and those time are random. Customer service is useless, doesn’t listen and suggest things I already reiterated to them that I tried. I’m just frustrated. It WAS the most used app on my Phone second to iMessage. Now it’s useless. Thanks Polar
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3 years ago, Yeti_575
Best fitness app and support system
Been a Polar Grit X user for nearly a year. This app is great for all workouts and setting up a training calendar with training targets. All customizable. Apple Watch series 3. Had that watch for three years and I don’t miss it. Don’t miss the Apple workouts or any of that. Apple Watch wasn’t rugged enough. Polar Grit X, Polar Flow and the polar tools both online and on my Mac computer are great. Everything syncs and stays updated. Look forward to a long relationship with Polar and polar fitness for life.
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3 years ago, somebodyinparticular
Great with Polar Unite
My goal is optimum fitness & health. My Polar Unite and this app tell me what works and what doesn’t. I’ve learned that alcohol — even 2 drinks — always has a negative effect on my sleep metrics, specifically relating to my heart. Eye-opening. On the other hand, whenever I do even the mildest exercise — a daily brisk walk and/or yoga, my sleep improves and my resting heart rate goes down. Sure, these findings may be “from the journal of ‘duh’,” but there’s something about seeing the impact firsthand that motivates me to make better health choices. Recommended.
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4 years ago, Hrrascal1
Still not syncing to mobile devices
The whole system was great until about the end of June. Since then I have been unable to sync the A370 to either my iPhone 8 or my iPad. It still will since with my PC and I’m living with tha. I have rest the A370 2 times (or has it been 3) and downloaded the new apps but still can only sync to the PC. And I can’t find the alarm setting on the PC. Maybe my next is a Apple Waztch if I can’t get this to work.
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7 years ago, SassyOnefromAR
A370 crashes
I’ve always loved Polar and the A370 is no exception. The only problem I’m having with it is it will lose connection and shut down after about an hour and a half of exercise. Sometimes I️ do two workouts back to back (such as weights then Zumba) and it will lose my data and reboot. I’ve tried stopping and starting the second exercise but it still shuts down and I️ lose my second workout. I️ really love the ease, reliability and heart monitoring along with the enhanced sleep tracking. Just wish it wouldn’t reboot in the middle of my workout.
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3 years ago, Laroose29
Not syncing
This app used to work so well, every time I opened it it would have already synced up with my watch. Now whenever I open it it’s not synced for up to two days into the past and when I go to sync, it takes forever and then often just the sync fails even though both even though the app is open. Anyone have any ideas on what I need to do to reset or get things right again?
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6 years ago, harr21
Love the watch, but a few glitches
I have trouble syncing my watch with the app about a couple times a week. I’ve looked at the troubleshooting page and tried the few different ways to get it to work, but unfortunately it doesn’t. It eventually catches up a few days later when it “decides” to sync. Also noticed a few times the heart rate monitor is turned on and mid activity, it starts to beep non stop and quits working. I have to stop my activity and re-set the heart rate on my watch, and again a bit annoying. Over all, it a bad watch but the glitches need to be fixed.
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3 years ago, neiron21
I think it needs several improvements.
It works well with the clock in terms of synchronizing and pulling data from my clock. I also really like the GPS feature when I cycle. Having said that, the design feels like a spreadsheet. It give me the information I want without allowing me to expand and understand better. Also, I cannot zoom in my heart rate data to see the values in better detail. The same is true with my sleep data. Finally, I do not have access to my historic heart rate data apart from the work out sessions. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Tan ONati
Great hub for multiple Polar devices
I have the M400 GPS sports watch and the M450 bike computer, along with a couple accessories, and I love the app as a hub to track my activity in a multiple-device Environment. It might not be for you if you are looking to mix and match brands, but if you buy consistently this app will take care of you. I love that you can customize your sport profiles to show you the live stats you want to see using the app. This will keep me in the Polar for the foreseeable future.
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2 years ago, TakeAshower090
Love this app
Polar makes a quality product. I have been using this app with my polar vantage M (1st gen) since 2017 (I think). I have had nothing but consistent data and improvements. I hope polar comes out with more training workouts for users. Like, I wouldn’t call myself someone who totally knows how to workout so when I get confused or bored with a workout it would be nice to have the polar app or watch come with preset workouts.
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6 years ago, fireball7733
Best polar watch ever
Seems really fast how fast it sinks it tells you the day and what time and you could set a timer for how long you don’t want to disturb you I like does your heart rate and you could Choose a sport for it and And it sets a Timer and how it showed your heart rate and tells how much steps how much calories you burn for a sport and you could and that you could play it again and you could do many different things with the polar watch I just very love the polar watch
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6 years ago, dowd.88
Pretty pleased
I appreciate a lot about this app. It shows me all the metrics for biking and running I want. Although the connectivity is pretty sketchy with my iPhone. Sometimes takes 3-4 tries and even restarts to get everything to connect. I’ve even had to un-install the app on my phone twice to make it work. Mi would also like the app to include the same things the website does, especially the recovery calendar, I find that function very handy. Otherwise, good app, better than most others out there
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6 years ago, MikeCoolCat2
Michael hassenmiller
Well I like it but I had to buy the V800 because the back where the plug goes in came off and I can’t put it back on broken so I just use it for walkin it’s disappointing because I have like $800 or more in watches I almost bought an I watch from Apple because of your service what saved you was I like the documentation by the day by the week by the month I just hope the V800 last longer than 3 months like my polar A360 if you send me a new cover for the back where the charging cord goes it would go a long way towards what I think of polar many thanks michael
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4 years ago, jenx926
Limited info
I wish that this app had as much information available as the Garmin smart watches/HRM’s. So much more data and options to be able to view and track, I am a long time Polar HRM user and have been happy with the accuracy and precision, I had a Garmin Vicioactive 3 for about a week before it got returned and bought a Polar Ignite. The Garmin app was better in my opinion but I like the Polar watch best especially since Garmin uses RMR/Harris-Benedict to estimate caloric burn and not base it off HR. Polar is by far the standard, just wish the app had more options for data collection and storage for training.
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4 years ago, StephanATL
Very disappointed
GPS takes for ever to initialize, even in completely unobstructed areas. Generally between 5 to 15 minutes, making this watch totally useless especially during a competitive run. My kids have $2 toys that work better. Also watch will seldom automatically synch to app. Customer service always tells me to plug the watch to a PC and use their desktop version. Really?! Never admitted there might be a problem or offer a replacement which means it is working as intended, i.e poorly. I know the M200 is an entry level for Polar but limited functions shouldn’t mean limited quality. Why should I trust Polar with their more advance and pricey products? I won’t.
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