Portal - Immersive Escapes

Health & Fitness
4.8 (8.6K)
302.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Portal Labs Ltd
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Portal - Immersive Escapes

4.78 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
4 years ago, QuantumElectron
Incredible for Sleep and Getting Work Done
This app was a game changer for me. I’ve always struggled to go to sleep. I have tried music, sleeping masks, white noise, muscle relaxation, etc. This app was really helpful in transporting me to beautiful, serene locations, putting my mind at ease, and finally allowing me to sink into the depths of unconsciousness at night, It’s soundscapes are beautifully realized visually, with varied, 3D immersive sound. I discovered that some of the soundscapes, especially the barley field and the cloud rainforest, were great aids to helping me write and work without getting distracted. Overall, the app has been a great improvement to my quality of life, which I did not expect initially. I initially got the free version and was really satisfied with the included features, so I upgraded. I have to say the monetization model was really wonderful, encouraging me to support developers without making me feel like I had to pay for a good experience. Recently the app was updated with tons of new sounds from Scotland and Slovenia. It now includes a subscription model, but for the quantity and quality of content, it seems well worth it, especially because it will help the developers flesh out the app even more. On top of that, they gave everyone who had purchased the app free access to everything, which is incredibly generous! I look forward to great new content in the future. Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, LCLMomma1392
Great app! Great developers!!
Update: Everything said before still goes! A year (or more?) later and developers still staying true to their customers! And thankyou for update on new sounds coming, I can not wait!!! And thankyou for taking in customer feedback and adding more variety of sounds💛 Previous review: I just wanted to update review since last app update and say again, it was refreshing to see an app devoloper stay consitent, although they switched to a subscription model they did add a way to pay a 1 time fee, and although its more then the $4, still compared to other apps $30 for lifetime is far more reasonable. But most important thing to note is they allowed the users who previously paid the $4 to buy the app to keep the full version along with all the updates, so when you purchase from this devoloper you can be assured you will keep what you paid for regardless of any future changes in the pricing model, and that is hard thing to come by now a days in the apple world, so thankyou! Suggestions: I also would love to see some more light autumn/forest sounds, maybe without birds (or at least light bird sound in distance and spread out a bit) in future, there are lots of water ones wich are great but more like the barley field one (wich is PERFECTLY done!) I would love!
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4 years ago, Cerazo
Incredible just got better!!!
I originally was overjoyed to come across an app that I loved that actually had a one time payment fee. The design and elegance of this app along with the amazingly rendered sounds and visuals sold me instantly! It’s been an incredible experience sleeping and working to these sounds. Today I open my app to realize that there’s been an update and a huge one at that! This app that I already love just blew me out of the water again! I’m guessing since I was one of the original purchasers I got the whole new library of sounds for free as there is a subscription model now. I went through each new sound seeing which ones I wanted to pick to download and by the end of it I pretty much downloaded all of them because they were so good! To anyone reading this, this is easily worth the price of subscription at this point since it seems like there’s going to be more and more sounds that are going to be put out. In summary keep up the great work and I really appreciate the team taking care of their original customers instead of pushing them out like some other apps that transition to subscriptions have done. Also was this a one time promotion for original purchasers or would I be a lifetime subscriber? If it’s the latter then I’m going to be incredibly happy 😆.
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4 years ago, V713321
Love this App. Gorgeous and Relaxing.
LOVING this app. I love that it was a one time purchase for DLC rather than subscription. Seriously thank you. i wouldn’t have been able to pull the trigger for a subscription but happy to buy DLC. The sound is exquisite and the video footage is gorgeous without obvious loops. The feature that got me the most excited and convinced me to buy the full version of the app was the ability to mix it with audiobooks and other apps. I’ve been looking for a way to add background sound to my Audible app when i listen to audiobooks for forever! Now this is my absolute Go-To for ambient sound. I leave my ipad by my bed with the ocean soundscape running while i fall asleep and i’m out. A great feature to add would be the ability to airplay it to an apple TV. Right now you can mirror your screen to the TV like you would with any other app but there’s not a built in casting feature. Still that’s just a wish list item for me. This app was made with love and care and special attention to a LOT of handy above and beyond features. It’s not a money grab and is excellent value for what you get. I hope the devs keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see what new environments come next! Maybe an urban setting or a coffee shop? Or maybe more beautiful locations from around the globe. FIVE STARS.
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1 year ago, Bikelink
Fantastic and wonderful will only grow more so
I have to go 5 stars I have suggestions but the overall effect is it’s displaced much of my other music listening and ‘white noise’ sleep machine use. Overall currently there is a trend towards steady sounds for relaxation sleep and focus and fewer that make me feel more awake and feel a bright sunny day (like the cows of Slovenia!). The Scottish locales are fantastic along with brooks, the winters mountains and wind awesome. It’s a bit of a learning curve what to navigate (check out the faqs I learned that sleep mode isn’t just certain portals it’s a MODE as are the others), and as above some perhaps ‘activating’ (bright sky something motor than continuous sound but not distracting jars of surprise obviously. The rustling barely field is another good one. I also very much enjoy the smart nightjar integration and had a ‘oooooh’ moment changing to the fireplace and having my light go from some glue to amber flames! Looking forward to playing around getting it on bigger screens and seeing what happens with the range of dynamics in portals as they come up. Clearly some are the favorites but I suspect it’s hard to predict until they make it and see. Shirt of my one fav streaming music app possibly the best yearly subscription (and much less $!) I’ve spent!!
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2 years ago, AceCard8
Amazing UI and Phenomenal Customer Service
I was initially resistant to try Portal because of concerns about getting to interested in an app with a high subscription cost. However, the nice permanent free offering convinced me that some things are worth it. This app is extraordinary. First, it respects your privacy and collects no data on you which is a rarity these days. Then, if you love soundscapes you will not find a better program to transport you around the world. The sound quality is excellent and the time between loops is long enough to be near imperceptible. The UI makes exploring interesting and seamless. Integration with the 3D audio is great too though I usually do have my phone use speaker or Bluetooth. My only gripe is if my phone is not plugged in overnight, the background battery usage can be more than I expect (10-15%) on an IPhone 13 Pro, as the battery usage chart shows it is active overnight. This may be nothing though. I had questions and a problem with purchasing the app and the team could not have been more helpful. I hope one day the permanent purchase price is more affordable. I look forward to further integrating this app into my workflows. Keep up the great work team! Always excited for new portals!
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4 years ago, Katmariexo
I just downloaded this app, and I am so happy that I did. I’ve been looking for a decent app that plays sound like this for awhile. It helps me to sleep or really focus when I am studying. Some of the other apps just haven’t done it for me, and while searching for a new one I found Portal. You get a few “portal’s” for free, but have to purchase the rest. For me, this wasn’t an issue. I happily paid the $3.99 to unlock all the features as a one-time payment. Some apps make you pay for each separately, so it was nice to only have to pay once to unlock it all. The sounds are so crystal clear and sound great. The look and feel of the app is also very nice. You can hook it up to philips hue lights which I don’t have yet, but plan on buying in the future so I think that will be cool. I really only have one complaint. In the portals there is a guided breathing exercise, and it tells you on the screen when to breathe in and out. I really wish there was a way to have it narrated for you. Sometimes I like to close my eyes when doing breathing exercises and obviously I can’t see the screen when my eyes are closed. Other then that, this app is awesome! 5 stars for sure. I can’t wait to see what other portals they add in the future.
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4 years ago, alicequeen2309
Never knew I needed an app like this
I’ve always play background sounds and music wherever I work or study but it never relaxing enough. They just sound like noises at the back of my head and I would have to turn them off. After a few time using this app, I decided to purchase the full version and it was the very best decision ever since. It really helps me reduce stress and relax my mind, especially when everything is virtual and you have to look at a computer for a long time. After playing the sound collection for a while, I completely forgot that I turn it on, only realize that when I have to leave the room. I don’t know how you feel but to me that’s the reason why I feel the need to leave a review. It is so natural and relaxing that you don’t even realize it’s there. It was a nice little surprise to see that I have access to all the new contents after the update, so thanks developers for doing that to old customers. I would love see an enhancement in the breathing exercise module. I tend to close my eyes doing breathing exercise so if the app somehow have a way to indicate breath in/out by sound, that would be awesome!
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4 months ago, Left0verture
Love it!
Portal was great even BEFORE they added Homekit immersive lighting… Try it! Route the audio to your HomePods (or better yet, your AirPods), connect your HomeKit lights, pick an environment, set the volume to a comfortable level and go about your work, reading, relaxing, meditating, sleep or whatever. Before you know it, you’ll forget that you’re sitting in your office. If you need some kind of sound mask to let you sleep, they have that covered too - set the time you want to be awakened and your lights will gently fade on over time (you can choose how gradually and use an audio alarm when it’s time to start your day if you need it.) Great UI, high quality sound and visuals, thoughtful design, many environments and regular updates. Come on, give it a try… whaddya have to lose? Here’s hoping they add a version for Apple TV and AVP down the road as well…! ** edit ** Have I also mentioned their support is second to none? Real humans, real responses, no boilerplate nonsense. Can’t say enough good about the app or the devs!
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7 months ago, Jillybean619
Love this app!
I don’t write reviews for things, but needed to share that this app is my favorite of all the apps I use. It is an essential part of my life now and should be hardcoded into my phone. I splurged on AirPods Max this year just for this app. I listen to different portals to go to sleep at night and when I have a tough project requiring focus or when I need extra help with migraine relief. This app and the various scenes are amazing in sound and visual quality. I like the increasing variety presented (I love the storms, fireside, and forest sounds the most, though the lava ones are a surprising new favorite), and look forward to more places and soundscapes and app versions in the future (Yule log? Seasonal forests? Night sounds/summer crickets? App for AppleTV?) Thanks to the developers for providing a beautiful and natural experience with almost no music, and for the little extras like the gentle alarms built into the timers that transition you from a focus/relaxation episode kindly. I highly recommend the app to everyone.
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4 years ago, khbmiyg
Worth it
This app is amazing. Some background: I am ADHD and so I can always find distractions even when there aren’t any. I once caught myself admiring a table instead of reading my textbook. My way to minimize this had been music, but I hadn’t found ambiance that wasn’t distracting and lasted for a while. Portal fixes both of these problems. Especially once you open up the full library, the sounds it provides are amazing and perfect for helping you focus or escape. All of it’s sounds are amazing and I’ve gotten a real boost in efficiency thanks to the app. My only wish is for more sounds. The 14 they provide are all very effective and neat, but I’m very tempted to ask for more. For instance: they provide mainly nature sounds form around the world. Maybe one or two city (I’m a suburb boy) soundscapes would be interesting. Also, maybe another synthesized sound scape like the whale or jellyfish would be nice. But I absolutely love the app and I recommend it much more than the others that charge a subscription fee
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10 months ago, bssmithy
The best work-from-home tool I've found
Portal is that rare app that's worthy of your time and attention because that's precicely what it gives you in return—time and attention. It's. so. zen. I've used Portal on my iPhone for a couple of years, projecting it to my Homepod for pleasant morning birdsong and water lapping on the shores of Lake Bled, or Triglav thunderstorms for a soothing night's sleep; I've even taken the birds of Fingle Woods with me on my walks while I simultaneously listen to a podcast or audiobook. But the desktop app brings a whole new dimension to the experience. I'm mesmerized by the beauty of the video taking over my desktop background in its gentle, near-seamless loop. It's a window into the outside world—any outside world that you want right now. Is it a river? A waterfall? A beach? A field? A rainy forest? Portal has brought my mind to a whole new place of focus and productivity I hadn't felt for some time. I adore it. This is a uniquely poignant and important productivity tool, the true missing piece in the remote worker's arsenal. You might try mixing it with music, too—I always love a good afternoon Lo-Fi listen—and see where your focus takes you. I've been in contact with the team behind Portal, and they're a pleasure to talk with. They take feedback sincerely and their craft seriously. I can't wait to see what they bring to Portal next!
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2 months ago, AveryYoungLife
Download ‘Portal’ to Elevate Your Productivity with Immersive Audio!
Portal delivers an immersive and user-friendly experience that truly sets it apart. The development team is not only friendly and personable but also incredibly responsive, ensuring users feel valued and heard. The app's unique and high-quality sounds are a standout feature, drawing one into its captivating world. The trial period provides ample opportunity to fully appreciate what a subscription has to offer. Two notable enhancements would be: 1. to expand the Spatial Audio compatibility to support more types of headphones. And 2. When returning to the library, keep whatever current sound you have to keep an immersive experience. With the promise of upcoming locations and experiences, Portal is poised to offer even more depth and excitement in future updates. Highly recommended for those seeking a premium audio-visual journey.
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4 years ago, d i ck
Portal is a seamless app that allows you to escape from daily stress or pressure. The sound selection that is in this app is flawless and surround so you really feel like you enter another environment. I recommend using sound canceling headphones while using portal to really escape. One of my favorite features is the fact that it syncs with hue lights, this allows you to really feel the environment you choose. This app gets a well deserved five stars from me although in the future I would love to see light syncing allow for more than just one color. Possibly “picking” colors from the selected portal and randomly displaying them across your hue lights. I also bought the pro version before it was switched to a subscription service and after they released a big update I was able to get all the new content for free! Thanks a lot people at Portal! I’m really excited to see what comes next!
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3 years ago, itsjewlian
Great app, really disappointed in the subscription.
So I paid I believe 5.99 for the premium version of this app maybe a year or so ago. It was well worth it at the time. After being dormant for a while, I opened it back up to listen while reading and noticed there’s now a subscription. Now, I’m always instantly disappointed with apps with subscriptions. I automatically see it as a way to milk your customers and it seems like Portals no different. Even after paying $6, I’m still locked out of over 50% of what this app offers. I know subscriptions aren’t going away anytime soon, but if you can find something else on the AppStore that has a consumer friendly business model, then I would go with that and pass on Portal. If you’re fine with subscriptions, then I would recommend you still pass. At $40/year, it just doesn’t seem worth it for the amount of content and options you get. Really is a bummer, I had high hopes for this one.
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4 years ago, SkywalkerButtercup
Beautiful app that goes beyond
This app is meticulously designed and implemented with technical expertise with gorgeous artistry. It’s thoughtfully developed with the user in mind - it is an exemplary app for being customer-centric. The nuanced sound and visuals, and functionality of the app are impressive. The developers clearly thought through each step of the design, user-experience, and continuously think of ways to improve and expand. As an early purchaser of the app, it’s been such a joy and delight to see the app grow, and keep adding to my enjoyment and daily use of the app. The customer service for the app is top notch. They are responsive and genuine in their passion and commitment to improving to the app, and sincerely listening with intent to the comments and suggestions of their customers. This is a top-notch app built and continues to be thoughtfully improved with passion and dedication with the customer in mind.
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1 year ago, sam.shaker
Soothing app for work, play or resting
At first it seems a little pricey, but, while I’ve only been using the app for a week, I can already say, particularly when synced with the lighting, the app is amazingly soothing. I’ve signed up for a year, but I expect I will move to a lifetime subscription when it renews. The app is smooth and mostly intuitive. There are a couple things it’s easy to miss and even easier to not see why you would want that feature turned on. If you choose to evaluate, try out Summer Thunderstorm with the lighting synced and auto lock disabled. One trivial bit of feedback to the developers: I’ve referred this application to several people now. Two of them had seen it in the store and assumed it was something to do with the game of the same name, so not looked any closer.
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4 years ago, Sumzys
Really great except one thing: Could be 5 stars
I don’t listen to my music loud so I usually have it on the lowest setting, and even when I have the sound on this app turned up all the way I’m am still not able to hear these wonderful sounds. Wish the volume slider was higher on this or have the sounds louder in general. Also, if there was just regular white noise that would be AMAZING!! Edit: i like that the developer takes suggestions and responds to reviews, good customer service. But if i raise my volume my music will be too loud and if i keep it where it is it wont be loud enough :( The balance is off. I decided to give them another star. I REALLY enjoy that you can listen too “white noise” in the background while SIMULTANEOUSLY listening to something else. I have yet to find another FREE app that does a better job of this. The “white noise” also pairs really well with noise cancellation. Props to you guys. A few minor problems
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4 years ago, YaMom-69-420
Be transported through a journey of sound!
I love Portals, it's everything you could want in an ambient sounds app! It's easy to use and beautiful in every way! The soundscapes are very rich and immersive, and the almost still photography is simply gorgeous. With the full version, you get a nice mix of environments and sound elements. I have several favorites, so sometimes it's hard to decide which to use. This app may fuel wanderlust, so be warned! Even though the free version is plenty sufficient in terms of quality, it's 1000% worth it to upgrade to the full sound library. Considering the handy features and number of high-quality sound portals you get in the full version, $5.99 is exceptionally affordable. I really appreciate that this isn't a subscription-based service; why not get the full version and support some amazing developers? Note: Some people here are confused about the 3 modes (focus, sleep, escape) within the full version. By choosing one of these modes, you're selecting a more specific method for interacting with the app. Focus mode has a focus timer and checklist, Sleep has a sleep timer and alarm clock, and Escape has breathing exercises. The sound portals you have access to are the same regardless of what mode you're in. In summary, Portals is amazing and an absolute gem!!
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4 years ago, Santacruzin
Amazing sounds and visuals for relaxation and focus!
I’ve been getting stressed more lately (who hasn’t, with COVID-19?), and thankfully found this app to help. The sounds are outstanding—it really feels like you’re there! I find the Umpqua River sound to be the best for relaxing me, but others are great too. The visuals are excellent as well, but I find that just playing the sound through earbuds is a great way to keep me calm and relaxed. This app has greatly reduced my stress level and increased my productivity and, no, the developer didn’t ask me to say that. I happily paid the one-time fee for the app a few months ago—very much worth it. It’s such a good app that I’ve recommended it to mental health professionals to mention to their clients as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. This is one of the most used apps on my iPhone and iPad, and I can’t thank the developer enough!
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1 year ago, Osprey.X1
A Multitool for Your Mind - Pure Bliss!
I am absolutely floored by this app! Picture a Swiss Army knife, but instead of being for physical needs, it's designed for rejuvenating the mind and soul. This app is a masterfully crafted gateway to the world's most breathtaking natural vistas, regardless of where you physically might be. The audio is a standout feature for me - the natural sounds are so immersive, you can almost feel the ocean spray or the grass beneath your feet. It's a transformative experience that takes you straight out of your typical environment and into the heart of nature. Best of all, the organic symphony of nature is evergreen. In conclusion, I cannot recommend this app enough. It's a necessity for anyone looking to spruce up their productivity and bring a bit of nature's magic into their everyday tasks!
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5 years ago, lawrenceperez7676
It's good, but need some voiceover accessibility improvements.
The sounds are really awesome in this app, good job. Also good job for implementing airplay support to HomePods at Cetera, that just makes things sound a lot more realistic. I like that when you open the app, the app plays the last sound you were listening to, no need to select from a list. I also like the background activity, and the mix with other apps feature, because I can listen to audio books or meditations from another app while listening to this app as well. The only thing I would ask for is better VoiceOver support. I am able to navigate through the list of sounds, and figure out basic things in the app, but I can't use other features like the timer, the breathing exercises you provided in the app, and the sleep alarm function. Other than that, good app for listening to relaxing sounds while I am listening to a book, or other meditations, etc.
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12 months ago, Another Old User
Nice Addition to a Mac
Full disclosure...I've been using the iOS version of this since it came out. The background screen is totally awesome, especially when you add in the water animation. I find this really relaxing. One thing I do miss from the iOS version, though, are the timers. When you selected a Mode (Focus, etc.) you could also set a timer so it would "bring you back to reality" as it were. I always found this really useful and miss it here. Of course being able to download portals like you can in the iOS version would be nice as well, but that's in no way a deal-breaker. This is one of the best ambient sound apps I've ever seen, and the looping sound isn't really noticable (unlike some others outt here).
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3 months ago, gasmasnkgasoline
Everyone needs to download this app!
I’m a longtime user of this wonderful app and it dawned on me how much this app has helped me sleep over the part few years. The sound recordings are so good that if you close your eyes you’d feel like you were literally in that setting! Add some synchronized lighting and you are transported there with your eyes wide open! If you’re having doubts about this app or convincing, just check out their social media pages and you’ll see how the developers interact with users. These people actually care about their product and everything that revolves around it. Keep in mind, these sounds can be used not just for sleep, but, for whatever you want!
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3 years ago, mthale
It’s Perfect and Getting Better!
There’s many ways to use this app: meditation; focus while working/studying; sleep; ambience; travel voyeurism. I have been using it while meditating and working, and it has been helping me to stop multi-tasking so much. Just do one thing and do it well. The Portal team seems have taken this to heart in the design of the application. Every part of the app appears lovingly thought-out. The landscapes are beautiful and are in unique destinations that inspire me to travel, but also to appreciate my own surroundings. Much of the audio is very rich, but with support for spatial audio reportedly coming, this app is going to be even better! So excited for what the team has in store for us in the future…
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3 years ago, orangetoday
this and Endel = magic
I’m in love with the app Endel but I recently wanted to try something else so I don’t get sick of it. I just started listening to Portal today and I’m in love. The sounds are crisp, quiet enough to not be distracting but loud enough to be immersive, and just overall incredibly calming. I hate ‘focus’ music that has a beat or has any kind of high energy, but I also struggle with finding calming background noise that doesn’t eat up more brain space than the thing I’m actually trying to do. It’s a very tricky balance but I think I’ve managed to find two reliable resources for calming background noises. Bonus: so far there have been no in-app purchases or locked premium content, which is a nice break. :)
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1 year ago, MElungdoc
Best of its kind, but…,
I have used just about every app of this kind available. This is no doubt the best of the bunch. Quality of the spatial sound is fantastic. Clearly some sound engineers who know a thing or two about recreating soundscapes. However, I am on a subscription boycott. I will subscribe to a magazine that gives me a new issue every month. I will subscribe to a book club for the same reason. With this app my experience tells me that I will find a group of sounds that I use frequently and the others I likely won’t touch. So just paying monthly…., because. ….. I would purchase this for a reasonable fee and would be happy to buy a la carte different portals as the need arose. But I won’t pay indefinitely (and the lifetime subscription is a bit pricey)
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5 months ago, xxooxxoox
Not bad but could still be improved
Some of the portals don’t “seemingly move” - so you just have a picture with the noise overlaid. It would be cool if all portals could be updated to have a distinct moving visual along with the sound. Also if they can find a way to make this compatible with Apple TV, I will pay for the service beyond a years time. I actually prefer to have the ambience on my TV because chances are I’m using my iPad and laptop simultaneously. So it’d be nice to look at the visuals while working instead of it playing in the background on my device. It’d be even cooler to have it on my TVs for family, hosting, or just in our daily lives at home as it is something we all enjoy - especially during study or cleaning time.
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4 years ago, agg-
Deep Quality
I’m always looking for apps that will help me to relax and which provide supportive and soothing background environments. One day I came across Portal. Right away, I noticed the excellent content. But what really caught my attention was the obvious and very deep quality that went into the design and creation of this application. That quality made it such a pleasure to use and intensified the experience of the outstanding content. At one point, I contacted support with some questions. The sincerity and supportiveness of their responses has been equal to the quality I experienced in the app itself. It has been such a pleasure to use the app and to interact with the people behind it. I purchased the application. I use it every day. I very much enjoy using Portal.
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6 months ago, Clara P464
Best app on my phone
I have had this app for about 4 years and it is without a doubt my favorite app in my phone. I love using it for studying, for falling asleep and for when I need a quiet moment to myself. The visuals are stunning, the sound is incredible and every single collection takes me somewhere I’ve never been. The attention to detail is incredible and it really shows how much care and work has gone into every single portal. I can tell that the developers care about their customers because of the commitment to privacy and providing an amazing product at an affordable price. Thank you Portal! This is my favorite app on my phone and I use it every day!
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4 years ago, Lara a Jolie
Portal 3D App with video and incredible sound
I read the reviews and decided to try this app. I have other nature sounds apps - this one is really excellent. I tried the free version and enjoyed the offerings very much. When I found that all of their options were a one time fee of $3.99 - I agree with other reviewers that this app is definitely worth this one time fee for what is offered. There are options to have this app work with smart lights in your home and to mix it with other apps while you might be working around your home or just relaxing. I am very glad I have downloaded this app and recommend giving it a try. Worth the price and your time!
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4 years ago, YMermaid
Beautiful app!!!! In sound, design, and videos!!
I love this app, and I literally just opened it for the first time. I immediately bought the premium sounds, because how could I not?? The one thing I works really, really need though is other breathing exercise options, and not just the 1:1 ratio. For my vocal chord dysfunction, my speech therapist instructed me specifically to avoid 1:1 as it's inefficient and to use 1:3 or 2:6. It would be nice to have serval options or the ability to choose. Basically for what I've learned in speech therapy and also yoga is that the exhale always has to be longer than the inhale. I hope it's possible to add this feature! Thank you so much for making such an aesthetically pleasing and sounding app.
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4 years ago, Zeyphersan
Amazing features: exactly what I wanted
I almost never write reviews, but after the most recent 2.0 update I just feel the need to. This app is perfect. The last two things it needed was Siri Shortcuts and the promised syncing with Hue lights, and the developers have delivered. I haven’t been so happy to update an app in a while, and just getting my shortcuts and automations exactly how I want them has been a dream. Thank you so much to the whole Portals team, I can’t wait to see what you do next. I also can’t wait until my alarm goes off tomorrow morning to hear the sound of a Thai beach and have my lights all come on at just the right color. Seems way better than waking up to music, I’ll tell you that.
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12 months ago, 2 + 2 = 583
Been waiting for the Mac app for years. Blown away!
I've been using Portal on iPad (for focus and meditation) and iPhone (for sleep) since right after their launch. Every few months I check if there is a Mac app so I don't always have to keep my iPad nearby to use it. I finally saw the Mac app last week and WOW was I blown away. They've really taken the app to the next level rather than just going with a more simple port. The dynamic desktop and degree of immersion are incredible, especially on large displays. The ease of access in the menu bar is great too, as are so many other little details. Couldn't recommend it more highly!
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1 year ago, WSS_Reece
Great App
I dont think I have ever left a review for an app before but I love this apps concept. Suggestions for updates - custom wallpaper & sound options - option to choose different sounds for the default on the wallpaper. - a way to see your favorites in the desktop app - more nighttime options - more lighting integration (maybe smartthings?) - scroll arrows on the favorites in the menu bar app or make it scroll when you scroll up and down (I have laptop connected to dock and the mouse I use doesnt scroll left-to-right without holding shift) - a library of all the wallpapers in the desktop app so I can quickly go through testing them and marking my favorites without reading about the location or picking a mood. - a way to choose different wallpapers for different displays - a 360 degree video option if you want to setup screens on multiple walls to feel ultra-immersed or have a vr headset -random wallpaper from favorites that changes daily or with the weather of your location Thank you for making this app!!!
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1 year ago, trumpFan4ever
I rarely write reviews, but I absolutely love this app and had to give my feedback. I’ve looked long and hard for nature scenes that can just fill my phone screen while I’m working in the office or just looking to escape the regular daily routine. This app is awesome in that way. It gives you the ability to feel like you’ve entered into a spot of the world just for you. If there was one critique I could give, I’d like the scenes to be a little longer, they refresh in a few minutes (doesn’t stop soundscape or anything) it would just feel like more of an adventure if you could walk through the forest etc. regardless, amazing app.
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1 year ago, chase.turner
A subtle masterpiece of visual and audiable effects
In my decades of wilderness travels, I've learned to appreciate the "pace" of scenic vistas -- in terms of their sounds, weather, and creature movements therein. Portal will make you feel "present" in beautifully curated scenic vistas while you work. Install Portal and select from among dozens of stunning scenic vistas for display on your desktop background. Add headphones to "hear" them as well. Twenty minutes in, take a moment to clear your desktop and pause work for 5 minutes to look and listen carefully at Portal's scenic vista. It is the moment when you discern a subtle "pace" -- of a spider's thread gently weaving itself in the breeze, a leaf falling, clouds slowly rising above glacial ice, sunlight movement through the mist etc -- THIS is what makes Portal's scenic vistas so magical and fresh through your day! Portal artfully energizes my unconscious mind with subtle background visuals and audio effects while I work. I am delighted to have found Portal! With gratitude, my thanks goes to Stuart Chan and team!!
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3 years ago, Ashe4
Love it!
What beautiful sounds of nature. I appreciate the authenticity of what you’ve created here. No need to add 5-6 sounds to achieve what just one portal has. Although it may seem like the app is expensive to use, I can understand why it’s priced the way it is. These are real sounds from real places and the visuals are beautiful. I’m in awe. This is just simply amazing. When I meditate I can fall asleep exactly where I’m sitting lol. It usually takes me hours to fall asleep but not while using this app, I’m asleep in minutes. I’ve actually just finished meditating and I’m ready for a nap after using this app lol! Kudos to the developers!
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3 years ago, Nickt@stic
On one hand from just free previews alone this app seems better than TMSOFT’S White Noise. An accomplishment considering White Noise has been my app for 3 years. However, there is one big problem with this, the price. I understand that you need to make money, but this is ridiculous, 10 dollars a month is so expensive for a noise app. 50 dollars a year is plausible but flawed. 250 dollars for lifetime is insane. I will need to see how I feel about this app, but I suggest $3 a month, $25 a year and $50 for lifetime maybe, although even that seems overly priced. Don’t be greedy, you have less than 5k reviews. Anyway, this app does still seem good and if the pricing issue is fixed it could be great.
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3 years ago, 2manymovies
No sound
I really want to love this app. I even bought the year subscription. However now I want to return it as the main point of this app is sound and mine keeps going silent. The first time I tried the alarm it worked great. This morning I set it for 15 minutes before my normal alarm app was set to go off. Not only did portal turn on a ‘silent’ alarm, it also silenced my regular alarm that was supposed to go off later, causing me to oversleep. The other issue is that there were multiple times when I went to the app to turn it on and it would show the pictures with no sound. Yes, I checked the app mute and volume as well as every other mute and volume on the phone, nothing showed any problem. Killing the app and restarting it would turn the sound back on.
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4 years ago, ella💟🦋🧚🏽‍♀️👼🏽
Dear Portal, I love You!
Let’s just get one thing straight, portal is truly amazing! I love the design and layout of the app, it brings on a sense of tranquility before I even indulge in a sound and everything is accessible meaning, easy to navigate :) Plus, there are soooo many different sounds to choose from. I use it 24/7 when i’m meditating, resting, writing, working, studying, walking and etc... I haven’t yet found an activity that doesn’t coincide with this app. It’s also been a great get a way while in quarantine these past 8 months, I found that it helps relieve anxiety & stress! I could rave on and on about this app but I won’t bore you. Just try it, you’ll love it!
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3 months ago, Kl3ric
Best real world and ambient focus
I have a lot of channels, apps, and files that I play in the background while working or studying - and while some are great, and really immersive, Portal is the only one I have ever encountered or experienced that I have running nearly 12 hours of the day, and sometimes longer. It pulls you into so much depth and spatial audio sounds (especially with headphones or airpods) that it almost feels deafening when you turn it off or step away. I just wish there were more - jungle sounds, more birdsong - but yes, this is by far the best I have ever experienced!
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3 years ago, Bubblesrlk
Love this App!
This is just the greatest, most innovative idea come to life. The quality of the picture is incredible and the sound is amazeballs!! I open the portal and I’m immediately transported…there are so many wonderful locations it’s hard to choose!! I admit, I dropped the coin for the full version, but it is well worth the investment. The options are pretty broad, although I would like to see more beach locations, including at least one with a 🔥 bonfire👍…wind swept dunes. Like that. .I love the whales and more of those would work too! Thank you for a great app! I love it more every time I use it!!☺️
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3 years ago, ariengabrielle
Literally Amazing
I cannot go to sleep without listening to the Nighttime Aquarium, Lake Bled, or Lake Kawaguchi. I don’t know HOW you guys capture the sounds of Nature, but I’m entranced. It literally sounds like I’m right there surrounded by the sound. It distracts me from overthinking when I’m falling asleep at night and I go to sleep feeling so relaxed. I’ve been using this app for I think over a year now and I normally don’t buy apps or leave reviews, but I think this one is WORTH every cent. I hope you guys never take this off the App Store because it would destroy my life lol. Thanks for making the different portals so awesome!
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11 months ago, Fistandantelus
You guys have done it again!!!
It has been a while since I have used Portal. But with my new job, I am in a small inside office with no windows. I thought I would load Portal on my Mac so that I could try to have some outside in my life. In doing this, I found the active desktop feature. It may not be new, but it’s new to me. AND IT'S AWESOME. If I could isolate the Portal sounds to certain Bluetooth speakers in my office while keeping other sounds on my desk speaker, I may think I had an office window with a great view. Keep up the great work, guys. I am so happy right now.
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2 years ago, ART3RCADE
I use this app every day. I love the commitment to the people who use this app (didn’t say “user” 😉). The immersive sounds are so perfect for reading, studying, and basically any word ending with ‘ing’. I love this app! Suggestion: you should make at least one more portal free to the user, because I am using the free trial at the moment and I think some portals should be available to the poor people like me. But I totally get trying to make money off of this considering it’s quality and I am just making a friendly suggestion. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, App45
Great Ambiance App
I am always looking for a good app for ambiance ever since Apple stopped supporting 32-bit apps on their OS and original promoted app from Apple was not supported. All apps I have looked at are subscription based which is a “hard no” for me. This one how ever gives you a solid demo with a few to listen to. I have been listening to them while working from home and wow have they helped with the stress. I purchased the full version and could not be more pleased. I would like to thank the developer for making an ambiance app that I cannot hear the loop on and that is based on a DLC, not a subscription.
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3 years ago, EMM_05
Amazing app,,improved my focus x100
I didn’t think this app would help me but since I could never focus on doing chores or schoolwork, I downloaded it anyway. Now, I absolutely love this app! It seriouslyyy helps with my focus. The sounds are very realistic? not sure how to describe it, but it has great audio and it really sounds like you’re there. I also like how it says the location of the sounds and has the pictures. It’s a nice touch. I can relax and imagine myself being there, even while I’m working on a difficult project. I paid for the subscription so I can listen to all the sounds, but if you don’t pay, you can listen to only 6. The subscription is $39/Year, but if you struggle with focus, sleep, or stress, it’s totally worth it. This is also the most aesthetic app I’ve ever seen. ((If the Devs see this)) I’m wondering how often a new sound is made? And will there ever be a sound taken from a cafe or some city?
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4 years ago, MoDeMay
So calming and centering
I work a customer service job that is high stress, and during this quarantine for COVID19 has become even more stressful. We are busy beyond our busiest seasons and this app is helping me to keep calm. It has multiple modes, right now I’m using the “focus” feature, and not only is it helping me get through my day, it is inspiring me! The creative inspiration is giving me ideas for projects after work, but keeping me calm and grounded at the same time. If you deal with a lot of stress or anxiety, this is a great app. There are some features that I haven’t explored yet, but so far I am LOVING this app!
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3 years ago, Moxie's
Great app and respects my privacy!
I LOVE this app! Not only for the beautiful soundtracks, but also because the developers do NOT collect your personal info or track your every move online. I stopped using a similar app now that I can see the ridiculous amount of data it collects and uses from me. I understand developers need to make money, and I bought the premium package. It’s a small price for such a variety of sounds and the extra peace of mind knowing I can use the app and have my privacy respected. I’d give it 10 stars if I could!
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