Power Sync for Fitbit

Health & Fitness
4.3 (13.2K)
45 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Power Sync for Fitbit

4.33 out of 5
13.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Hana-Kimi addict
I like it, but theres a small bug
I am grateful this app exists while I’m living out the life of my Fitbit (I think I’m giving up on Fitbit after this one tho). I just wanted to bring up a small little thing. It does sync to apple health, but it seems to just add all the Fitbit steps on top of my health steps from my phone, which on my walks means I’m clocking double. The reason I downloaded this in the first place wasn’t because I care about the Health app, it was for a game (Pikmin Bloom) that counts your steps based on the Health app (if you allow it) so I’m not really complaining due to that, because now I look like I’m doing better in the game. And I’m not above doing that right now, but it seems to me it would be better if it only added the difference between the Fitbit and phones step counts to be more accurate. I just look at my Fitbit app for my actual health information, so I’m fine, but figured it was technically something the devs might like to know.
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4 years ago, Sov5
It has potential but needs better cooperation with Fitbit to work as advertised.
The reason I purchased this app, like many others who have tried it, was because I was hoping that this would be the answer to my problem of organizing all of my health data in one place. While it does bring in some data, Fitbit’s own data share policies are more of a hindrance to this app’s potential than the app itself. Fitbit has gathered multiple data points but only allows an average to be shared and added to Apple Health data. If the developers and Fitbit could continue to work out their issues, I believe that this app has great potential. As a Fitbit owner, the data is mine. Fitbit collects it because I bought their product. How I choose to use my data is my business. So long as I grant permission to a 3rd party such as this app developer, then I should be allowed to share that data. Until there is better cooperation between this developer and Fitbit, you should know this is not the answer you are looking for to solve your Apple Health data management issue.
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2 years ago, InflatableAnchor
Dark Pattern to buy Premium
I know you can expect ads with a free version of an app. However, this app has incorporated a dark pattern to try to get you to buy their premium version. A dark pattern is “an element of manipulative interface designed to trick the user into taking actions that they might not have done freely.” This occurs when you open the app and are met with a “Sync Now” button. A split second later, a pop up covers your screen and a “Get Premium” button covers the location where the “Sync Now” button used to be. This means if you casually open the app, and immediately click the button that triggers **the one piece of functionality this app has**, you’ll likely tap the “Get Premium” button on accident. This pop up also does not immediately show you a dismiss option, so users may think they need to buy premium in order to continue using the app. The app does work, and I would consider getting premium for the auto-sync functionality, however I find dark patterns to be be reflection of how well a developer value’s their product and their users, and don’t believe one should need to be tricked into buying something that’s actually worth the money.
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6 years ago, Boredom Rules
Works Great But...
I really do love the app, however, it sure would be nice if two things were fixed. The most irritating is every few days I go to synchronize and it hangs up. It won’t work again until I uninstall and reinstall again. It’s irritating to have to do that a few times every week. Of course I have to change the settings on all my other health apps so they get the right info from the right apps again. I don’t know if it has to do with it but I believe every time it hangs is one of the times I get the message saying “purchases restored” which I probably get at least once per day. The second thing is simply that the automatic sync doesn’t appear to work. It’s ran automatically once in about a month. Maybe it’s connected to the first problem.
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4 years ago, slb12790
Used to Work Better
While in general, the app does what it is supposed to - the most recent updates can only be described as irritating. I realize that the developer wants customers to buy a subscription, but if they are going to offer a free version there should be a way to opt out. I’ve been using the free version for over two years and starting recently it is nearly impossible to opt out. EVERY TIME I attempt to sync, the prefilled “upgrade to subscription” screen comes up. That’s ok - but it is nearly impossible to X out of the screen to get back to the sync screen. Most days I’ve had to kill the app once or twice and start over. Yesterday, I was trying to do just that however ended up approving the already prefilled one year purchase ... and then there was no going back. I now have a one year subscription that I would NEVER have purchased. I would either have tried the subscription out for only one month at a much lesser cost or purchased a lifetime subscription for only two dollars more. Ugh!
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3 years ago, Typinggirl
Used to love it
When I first purchased this app, it was OK, but lately it has been writing errant information to the apple health app and another health app. It’s writing incorrect weights, and I don’t know where it is pulling this information. This is not a weight I have ever entered since I have had a smart phone, as I haven’t weighed this for at least 30 years. I delete the incorrect logs and within two days it’s writing the incorrect information to the health app again, and deleting the correct information. I disabled the weight option from Fitbit, and it didn’t make any difference. Within two days, this app was writing incorrect information again. I ended up deleting this app completely, because I could not get it to stop doing this. At this point it was just a waste of $7.99. I tried clicking on the link for app support, but it just took me to information about the app, and there was no way to contact anyone for support, so that’s why I’m leaving this review.
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6 years ago, Steel Penny1943
I Only use this to Sync my Sleep
I am only reviewing this after the coercion perpetrated by the developers. When I saw that I could not use the app again until I gave it an exaggerated review, I nearly deleted the app to search for a new one that does the same thing. I opted to overstate my review because it is a good app for syncing the information I want. My Kate Spade hybrid watch syncs steps to Apple Health but not sleep. This app allows the sleep data from my Fitbit flex 2 device to sync to Apple Health. Any extra naps taken won’t sync but that’s Fitbit’s fault. Hopefully Fitbit will allow complete syncing with Apple Health. I use the large band with my flex 2 so that I may attach it to my ankle when I use a stationary bike or elliptical with no arm movements, since the smart watch won’t fit around my ankle.
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2 years ago, Beth460
Deleted because it did not work as I thought
I was looking for a good app to sync my Fitbit Sense and my iPhone Health app. This turned out not to be as I expected. The first thing that bothered me was having to purchase a plan, I went with the lifetime. I was bothered that it did not give me a way to get out of purchasing when I thought it was free. But I thought oh well I will be using this so ok. What I soon found out that it did not sync correctly! It was adding to steps in iPhone health instead of syncing it. It went all the way back for the 5 days I had been using my new Fitbit and changed all the numbers in iPhone health!!! This has ruined my yearly numbers on my step count on my iPhone.! This is very upsetting! I could not find a way to contact anyone in customer service to see what to do. So I read the reviews which I should have done before getting this app!!! I deleted it now and have lost my money- lesson learned! ALWAYS READ REVIEWS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, ApolloTrevor
Syncs some but not all
This app did a very fast sync of over 10,000 data points from my Fitbit which I got 3 years ago. As mentioned in the description and other reviews, some data is averaged by Fitbit so you can’t bring everything over precisely. It’s worth noting that this does not bring over data on exercise time (which is probably one of the most important things to have), and only brings 1 year of heart rate data (while everything else like sleep, step count, etc. brought all 3 of my years). Still, I would recommend to anyone using or transitioning away from a Fitbit, but keep in mind the caveats of the data sync.
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9 months ago, MommaOfMayhem
WORKS!!! Please read
My app stopped working recently and I realized that Google just bought Fitbit. My Fitbit app is ugly and horribly useless now, so I figured they must have messed with something that affected PowerSync as well. Turns out google messed with the powersync login (probably because they want to force us to connect Fitbit to a google account. NO!) Long story short, after troubleshooting everything else first, I finally logged out of the power sync app and logged back in and it’s fixed! Unfortunately due to the google buyout of fitbit this will be my last one. I can’t stand google. Sorry power sync. You da real MVP.
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4 years ago, SleepyMiranda
All the other Fitbit to Apple health sync apps charge you, this one is free to sync but you can pay for it to auto sync. I was purely happy with the ability to sync it without paying so much I paid for the auto sync! I just simply wanted to sync my Fitbit to my Apple health as my calorie counting app doesn’t have a Fitbit sync and because I’m always active without my phone, my steps were just not right. Plus now my Adventure sync for Pokémon go will be so nice to have active again! Never used it because I don’t carry my phone 24/7. Ahhh, anyways, install it. It’s great. It’s the job done perfectly. Thanks for offering the sync for free, it’s what encouraged me to support you guys. <3
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2 years ago, SEH68
Useless - syncs data many times, use FITIV =free
This app offers no choices - you sync everything, but then multiple times (This is the only data feeding into Health - it’s not adding onto Health data as there isn’t any.). Purchased on Monday as I needed to upload my Fitbit Data to Health (as I don’t use Health) - stopped using on Thursday as discrepancies (to Fitbit) are so off. Paid for lifetime, thinking this can’t be difficult- big mistake - use FITIV (free and MANY options to customize, unlike this app which just syncs everything (including information you may not want). Tried to contact Customer Service, to give them a chance to help me out. No response. It’s the least I can do for everyone to warn you before you too loose money, as having purchased lifetime I get no refund, despite this app not once syncing the correct data.
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1 year ago, katfang
Doesn’t Work
I bought the premium version so that my steps would sync automatically. I’m tracking my habits in a habit tracker app and it syncs with apple health, not Fitbit. It’s silly that Fitbit doesn’t just include this feature and I even needed this workaround. Fitbit, while a great fitness tracker, has really fallen behind in the user experience department. Anyway, it worked a handful of times to sync my steps. It doesn’t work every time and, even though I bought the premium version, it never auto syncs. I have to manually sync it every time I want to see my steps updated in my habit tracker and even then it doesn’t work every time. My next tracking device will just be an apple watch. If you use this app, I hope you have a better experience than me. Perhaps mine is just buggy.
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3 years ago, Misslou_78
Basic integration
It works fine overall and mostly as described. The limitations are because of Fitbit’s policies, not the app. The only actual criticism I have is that heart rate data is not a read or write option in the Apple Health permissions-neither is workouts although that one isn’t advertised. As for the those complaining about how their data is screwed up, etc. they just don’t actually know how to use the Health app to prioritize data or delete what doesn’t look right.
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3 years ago, applezing
Worth Upgrading
I used the free version of this app for several months, then decided I would upgrade to the paid version to get auto-sync. It took me a day or two to realize that you have to turn Background App Refresh on in my phone’s settings for auto-sync to work, but now it works like a charm! I’d been a bit nervous about the upgrade after reading reviews that said auto-sync didn’t work, so I thought I’d post one to confirm that it does as long as your settings are correct.
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6 years ago, kr219
Easy to use and does what I need it to do
This app is easy to use and puts my Fitbit data into Apple Health without me having to do anything but go into the app and hit sync. They do have a paid version that will automatically sync if you don't want to have to go into the app every couple of days to sync your Fitbit data. I'm happy this app is available since I have a Fitbit scale and don't want to manually put that information into Apple Health. I haven't experienced any issues so far with it and I've had it for a couple weeks now.
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3 years ago, james McNamara 5217
There are many many features about the Fitbit that I find enjoyable, but there is one feature that I have a hard time with understanding why a huge organization like yourself has a product of a watch that does not tell time, I have tried for over a year to find a feature inside of your application that will adjust the time to the accurate time . On many occasions my watch has gone dead and then I would charge it, after charging the battery on the watch the time was never reset, hi power sink the watch multiple times during the day but it never ever updates the time, so I have a watch that I spent a lot of money on that does not tell time
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4 years ago, Skwarepeg
What’s the point of syncing if inaccurate data?
My purpose in downloading this app was to sync my FitBit with Apple Health. I use my FitBit to track steps and don’t always have my phone with me. Therefore the FitBit steps are correct; iPhone’s steps are not. When it syncs with Health with this app, the steps are added — not synced. In reviewing the FAQ, I read that it’s just how it is. Consequently the Apple Health data is inaccurate, as is the data in any app that reads/uses Apple Health recorded steps. I am disappointed in the app. If the steps are not of concern to you and you want the other data synced, then this will probably work for you. Note that auto-syncing is only available in paid app. If it had done what I wanted, I would have been fine with a manual sync in a free app.
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1 year ago, DWPlum
Halfway there.
I’ve used the manual version of this app for a few weeks and it works great. I decided to buy the app and let it do its thing automatically, but in two days it hasn’t synced yet. I have an iPhone 13 and it doesn’t show up in the background app refresh settings for some reason, since I’ve read that’s the key to get it to work. I’ve turned background refresh off and on again, deleted and rebooted then reinstalled, but still not there. I hope support has the answer. Other than that, the app works perfectly…in manual mode.
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7 years ago, PIckett3
Free Version
This is great! With a few taps I clear any steps and mileage recorded in Apple health app: this is necessary to avoid double counting and is not the fault of this app but the fault of the way Apple has coded their app. I hit Power Sync and it inputs all my Fitbit data to Apple app immediately. Before this app I used to have to input it all manually, one piece of data at a time; this is so much easier and quicker. A bonus is Power Sync never bugs me for a review or hits me with annoying ads: it just does its job quietly and accurately.
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6 years ago, Noelle1209
Privacy/account concerns- Read other reviews
I’m glad I took the time to read the other reviews. When the app asked for my Fitbit login info, I decided to re-read their FAQs, which mentions NOTHING about your privacy, nor your protection for logging in with Your Fitbit credentials. Please be cautious before you hand over this info. After I saw nothing about the protection of my privacy, and credentials, I decided to read other reviews. It seems this developer has some shady practices. Others have commented on how they are required to give a 5 Star review before they can use this “free” app. Any developer who requires this, likely has no concerns for my privacy and information! Stay away. This app is getting deleted.
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1 year ago, #BuildTheWall
SCAM for everything besides steps
App claims to sync steps, heart rate data and 8 other metrics, but this is blatantly incorrect. I’ve been PAYING for this app for years and it has never synced my heart rate or anything other than steps. I use manual and auto sync. Additionally, there are no instructions to set up syncing. It took hours of fiddling around with the settings to get my steps to transfer over even remotely correctly. A simple video tutorial would do wonders for the app since step-by-step written instructions seem too hard for the developers to create. I don’t know why they don’t take 5 minutes to add this? Terrible app. 0 customer service. Stay away.
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3 years ago, Seth Wr
Not Auto syncing even though I purchased it
I love the app! It’s easy to use and it’s helpful to put my Fitbit stats in my apple health app to keep my stats on my phone when the Fitbit app won’t load. However, I just recently purchased the auto sync feature because I’d go weeks without syncing and I come to find out, it’s not auto syncing! It says it’s on but the last time it shows it synced was when I manually synced it. The problem I’m having is I can’t seem to figure out how to contact the developer to get this issue fixed.
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10 months ago, DennisMollan
Good, but could be better
It’s good for what it does. I do wish that the exercises that Fitbit logs was visible in Apple Fitness as a workout. Also the ability to have it sync more frequently would be helpful- maybe 10 automatic syncs per 24 hours would be great rather than the current 3 data dumps. This gives us a better, more real-time measurement of what we need to do through the day to hit our movement goals.
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4 years ago, miimarii
Doesn’t remove redundant data between iPhone & FitBit
I don’t understand well enough how all of this works, but before I got my FitBit Charge 4, I was using one of the Letscom fitness trackers. However the VeryFitPlus app sent data to Apple Health, it would filter out redundant steps between tracker and the phone. But Power Sync just dumps all the data on top of it without removing redundant data, so it’s taking 22k steps counted on the Fitbit and adding them to the 17k steps the iPhone recorded from the same time. Maybe it works better if you pay for the auto sync, but I don’t want to have to delete all my iPhone-collected step data every day when I sync from the Power Sync. Gonna uninstall this app. Not worth it.
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6 years ago, Safe1913
Fitbit & Apple can be friends with Power Sync
When I first got my Fitbit I was entering all the information in Apple Health manually. What A Drag! I knew there had to be a better way…and there is. Enter Power Sync free version. Last thing, before I go to bed, I open Power Sync and touch Sync Now. All my Fitbit info is in Apple Health. The only thing with the free version is it logs everything as 11:00 pm. Oh well, until Apple decides Fitbit is worth communicating with, I’m not sweating the time. Thank you Power Sync free version!
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4 years ago, Teamramrod13
The app is great in the sense that it does exactly what it is supposed to do but I have one huge issue with it that is keeping me from giving it a much better rating. Every time you open the app and go to push the sync button, a screen pops up to purchase the “auto sync” version. There’s no way to have it to ask you later to lessen the frequency of it popping up. Also, right below the sync button is another button to “turn on the auto sync” which brings you to the exact same screen to purchase it as well. PLEASE STOP WITH THE POP UP TO PURCHASE THE AUTO SYNC!!! We get it!!! If it you want a better review quit the pop up every time you sync your data!!!!!
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2 years ago, TagTerror
AutoSync Woes
Paid for the premium version so app auto-syncs and I can sync multiple times a day, but doesn’t seem like auto-sync works. I installed on 2/26, paid for premium the same day, but only syncs in my history are manual ones from 2/26 and 2/28. FAQ says to make sure Background App Refresh is turned on, which it is, but the Power Sync App is not listed in my Background Refresh settings for utilizing it. Very frustrating! Gave 2 stars at it syncs data, but wouldn’t have paid for premium if I knew it didn’t really seem to auto-sync/wasn’t a smooth process to turn it on.
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2 years ago, Jay A Meyer
Thank You!
It’s sad that FitBit hasn’t formed a way to sync itself with the iPhone Health app in all these years- but I appreciate this app allowing us to without a subscription! The “other” main app that allows the sync blasts you with ads and subscription fees to do anything other than record steps. This app requests a subscription only to auto-sync which I think is an absolutely fair thing to ask! ❤️
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6 years ago, JLJS
Love this little app
My weight loss app decided to start charging for integration with my Fitbit which I found really annoying. I was so excited to find this app that allows me to write my Fitbit steps to Apple Health which then interfaces to my weight loss app for no charge. (I removed the phone steps in the Apple Health setup so there is no double counting.) I use the free version of this app and just click to sync right after I sync my Fitbit with my phone. It works great every time.
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3 years ago, mechanesthesia
I actually paid for lifetime access to this app and I just had 3 years of my weight data completely messed up because of this app. This app takes your “starting weight” from Fitbit which is obviously as it says your “starting weight,” not your weight everyday. Fitbit obviously is meant to track your exercise not your weight. The person who programmed this made it so your “starting weight” will be listed as your weight EVERY DAY at midnight. So good luck if you’re actually keeping track of your weight trends. I just ruined 3 years worth of my weight data from Withings which I’ve had for 10 years because it synced with the faulty weight data from Apple Health which came from this app. Even if I remove all the data points from Apple Health there is no way to remove them from Withings after I synced with them with the faulty data and u would literally have to delete the weight records EVERY DAY for the last 3 years to fix this. I’m so extremely frustrated by this experience.
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3 years ago, juggs58
Hard to navigate
The watch doesn’t automatically change time and trying to find where to change it . Had been a nightmare. And when the watch goes dead it messes up the time. I have looked everywhere to find how to change it. I have hit restore several times , hoping to change the time. Now I keep losing my info. Still can’t find where to change time zones. Or the time period.
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6 years ago, JeffdaRev
Understand it’s Purpose
I was in love with this app at first. I use both a Fitbit and Apple Watch so I record with both devices. I would leave my watch in the locker while working out and only use my Fitbit. After exercising and showering I would use this sync app. It said it was a success and I was so excited. Until I realized my #’s didn’t match up. So apparently this app only works if you deactivate your Apple Health app totally and then sync. For example, both devices would read 2,000 steps. After working out my Fitbit would show and extra 4,000 steps for a total of 6,000 steps for the day. But after syncing my Apple Health shows 8,000 steps for the day. So really the app only MOVES the number to Apple Health not truly “Synching.” I’m going to try and see if I can turn off Apple Health completely and then sync my info at the end of the day. In this case it will move the # and then be done.
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2 years ago, Alitz22
Paid auto sync is garbage
This app syncs well when you manually ask it to, but I paid for the auto sync function and it only syncs between 6-7 in the morning, then not again until 6-7 the next morning. Also not syncing my heart rate didn’t help much either. Also it syncs my steps as total steps/hours so every hour shows in the apple health app as the same number of steps each hour, no close to the Fitbit data. I would not buy this app again nor would I recommend it to anyone, there are better apps out there.
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4 years ago, Mike in Roanoke, VA
Features Implemented Work Well, but I expected more
I was pleased to find that the app worked flawlessly — data transferred, messages indicating progress were very clear ... in short the app is pretty solid. I was disappointed to discover that the sleep data did not transfer directly into Apple health. Fitbit is very protective of the raw data that is collected while you sleep and will not allow it to transfer in full to external apps.
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4 years ago, eigenv1
They fixed it
Worked fine for a long period, then went to a $ 1.99 purchase (was for lifetime subscription at the time, which changed thereafter). Bought that and it worked fine for a while. Then got flakey and it was broken for an extended time but now in version 2.5 it started to work again. If it keeps working and if Touchberry honors the original lifetime price, I’m happy with the app.
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4 years ago, amp-see
Does not consistently auto sync
TL/DR: Free version is fine; paid version does not work. I chose this, the more expensive auto-sync app to pull the information from the Fitbit scale into Apple health. I paid for the premium fee for auto syncing. But it still seems to require me to open the app and click the sync button for it to sync. Once I do, it does push all my data points, but I don’t understand why I paid like $15 for it to auto sync on its own when it clearly doesn’t. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and thought that it’ll catch up. Maybe it just needs an update or something, but it hadn’t auto-synced since February (it’s now July), so...
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2 years ago, Lil Dubliner
Fitbit & Apple Fitness Sync SOLVED!
Free & easy to use with manual sync, or $10 for lifetime auto sync. All of us technology fans are fixated on automation through open APIs. If I want to have my fitness data (content I own) display in multiple platforms I should have the freedom to set that up as I please. Since Apple & Fitbit are competitors they won’t work directly with each other, which is great news for Power Sync because they just solved a pain point for me, won my business & earned my trust. I will now promote this 3rd party integrator to everyone in my network. Great job Power Sync & thank you for staying innovative in our ever changing technology landscape! ⭐️👏🏻
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4 years ago, Rachel B21
Just ok
The app does not always pull over the exact amount of steps. It worked better at first. Sometimes I have to hit sync multiple times for it to actually sync to Apple Health and/or it doesn’t pull the accurate number of steps from my FitBit (usually lower). Tonight it is off by 2,000, for example. I downloaded this app to participate in a Pacer challenge since I don’t carry my phone with me most of the time and will probably lot use it after the challenge is over.
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3 years ago, vilinora
This last month it hasn’t worked :( but overall great app!!!
I love this app and I’ve been using it for a bit under two years but about a month ago my auto sync isn’t working, it says I have it manual syncing isn’t working either. I figure it’s a bug and I hope that it will be fixed soon!!! Thank you developers in advance :)
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4 years ago, bTink1981
Not worth the headache
The app was great when I first got it. I loved being able to sync my Fitbit information with my Apple apps. However, every time I’ve tried to sync in the last 4 months it won’t sync, I get a message saying authorization failed and then it asks me to upgrade to premium. I find it extremely tacky that you let people use the “free” version for about 6 months and then basically force them to upgrade to premium in order to sync their data. I for one and perfectly content with syncing my own data daily not having to have an automatic sync.
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5 years ago, BigIG1003
Okay app w/some bugs
The app definitely gets my Fitbit data to the Apple Health app. It doesn’t do so automatically. I have to go in every night and run the sync from the app. I do not have to sync the numbers individually, so that’s a plus. Also, the step numbers can somehow increase during the syncing process. Many of the other numbers do sync. It’s not perfect and still needs some work, and at the same time it’s an inexpensive way to get my Fitbit data into Apple’s health app.
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5 years ago, NoveAurora
It syncs, but...
I bought the full version of the app because I forget to manually sync it. The paid version supposedly auto syncs once a day. I have never had it auto sync. And I constantly have to “restore purchase” every time I open the app. I have not force closed the app in days (so it has been running in the background for a little over a week now) and it still won’t auto-sync. But it does sync manually, which is why 3 stars instead of less.
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6 years ago, lp.s
Great, but I’d really like flights climbed
This app has been working very well for me, but for some reason it does not have the option to sync flights climbed. This same developer has an older app, which is able to sync flights climbed, so I have to use that one to get the data into Health. Unfortunately that app does not have auto sync :( This would be perfect if it could do flights climbed
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7 months ago, GarretPatten
Sync Failed and Loaded in Bad Data
Everything worked fine enough after getting a subscription. I synced the values for the last week or so. When I tried syncing the last year of data, the app failed with no error messaging. It loaded in hundreds of weight data points at least 400 pounds everyday at midnight for years. I weight under 200 lbs, no idea where this random data came from but this app is a mess. Doesn’t work, provides no help, cannot rollback updates. I regret paying for this so much.
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2 years ago, Isobel92111
Data porting to Apple Health
I used it only once to move my Fitbit data to Apple Health. Note! Only the last two years of data were available, but it's better than nothing, considering Fitbit unwillingness to share OUR data. After almost 10 years of Fitbit, I move to Apple Watch 🤞🏻
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3 years ago, Coolme1
Great except it incorrectly syncs RHR data
I used this to help import all my old fitbit data to my new apple watch and it synced almost everything including my sleep and steps! I saw online that fitbit doesn't allow for detailed HR data to be synced with third party apps, only resting HR (RHR) data, but power sync put all of my fitbit RHR data in the heart rate category of apple health instead of in the RHR category that Apple health actually has
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2 years ago, Original Puma Black
Mostly does what it should with some caveats
The free version does sync, but only manually. And if you had your phone down/away from you for any length of time, it will double count where the two match up. Plus every time you open the app it acts like it wants to trick you into signing up for the paid version (every time). It gets annoying. But for the most part it does sync
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3 years ago, Proofofbliss26
This app corrupted my health data
It did what it advertised twice; crashed once or twice.. it corrupted my data by putting a weight reading retroactively for years back: meaning it wrote a daily weight hundreds of times in the past, I had to go in and delete each entry in my health app and health-mate (for my scale). If you just want sleep use IFTTT Giving 3 stars just in case it was a fluke but I deleted it in less than a week
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3 years ago, LiLBitOChaos
Bad Seed
Purchased in November, after using free for a year. Free trial was great, but has not synced once since purchasing. I get a plethora of notifications that my FitBit data has been successfully synced. It has literally not linked a single data point since November of 2020, right before my purchase. I’ve emailed, only to get no response. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, reset my settings up to and including the phone itself [iPhone 12 Mini], since the purchase of this app comes with no support whatsoever. Highly disappointed.
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