Bible & Daily Prayer

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Pray, Inc.
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User Reviews for Bible & Daily Prayer

4.77 out of 5
139.5K Ratings
1 year ago, letfy53
Daily prayers
I love listening to the morning prayers they really helps to get day started 🙏 thank you Dear daily prayers thank you for always being there to lift the spirits of not only myself but my family it’s has been very uplifting during this time since my brother died thank you so much❤️ I love listening to the morning prayers it’s helps me to start my day..some time I will listen to the prayers again in the evening I just feel blessed to know you are touching many people lives…thank you all for making this possible 🙏❤️ I love listening to u on the morning prayers I just want to thank you for being available each morning and evening it has helped a lot of people as well as myself continue doing the great work you’re doing and I’ll continue to listen🙏 ❤️ still listening prayer. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to start my day off with you lol I love listening to you. You help me get my day started and at night you tuck me in. I’m so glad you were here for us. ❤️thank you once again for waking me up and helping me to get my day started. Thank you for keeping me safe and honoring my family and friends. Thank you for always being on the radio station to encourage everyone who’s listening. Continue doing a good work🙏 Thank you for always being here for me that I can reach out and listen to your radio program. Thank you for blessing my family and my children. Thank you for always lifting me up keeping me safe 🙏
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4 months ago, Barbara "BB"
Happy in learning
Listening I learn something new and it brings me closer to God. Thank you Amen Each morning I get a Bible verse to start my day! It is the perfect way to start my day! Love the pray app! It starts each of my days in a blessed way! I do not like that you do not count my days if I only get to listen to the morning prayer. You make me start over with day 1 and it has several times made me want to cancel my subscription to the Pray app! There are so many other good Christian apps now, Pray is not the only one. I do not even know how many days have been counted for my actual total. I think some adjustments need to be done!——————————————————————————Today I start again on day 1. I have decided I do not need the Pray App to count my days you say I pray, as I pray to my Lord everyday! I am only staying because of the Pastors, the stories of the Bible which I consider hearing, so important everyday, and other Christian information available. I wish I could disconnect the day counter on my prayers. Because I was listening everyday, but not always twice, you did not count my morning prayer as 1. I believe if we listen to 1 prayer everyday, it should count, because I know God does hear our prayers everyday and does not give us an exact number to say each day before it counts! Just a thought for you to think about!————————————————______________[ Starts my day!! ————————————————————————— Love starting my day with Prayer!
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1 year ago, rynbowski86
I listen to this app everyday. Every morning :) and every night :) I’m a big fan!!!
This App has helped me start the process of renewing, refreshing, & rewiring my mind… more important than that, most important of all, this app has showed me what Gods Love is. I forgot how much he loved me. And I spent my whole life working for something that wasn’t beneficial for my health, spirit, or mind. When I started listening to this app and reading the Bible, everything started slowing down. My breathing started changing. I was thinking things were possible that nobody in their right mind believes. I started seeing the world for what the world was. I know I need money to make a living and between God and I well find a way to pay the bills and hopefully pay other people’s bills at some point but I’ve always put the job/career first. I wasn’t acknowledging God for blessing me and taking care of me. I’m at a point in my life right now where I’m trying to figure out my calling and how to serve people. I see things in a way that I feel like God intended. One thing I know now, with all my heart and soul is I acknowledge God for everything he does and has done in my life for me and my dad. I thank him, I love him, I try my best to make him proud, I wanna help more people tho. Sorry, this App is 5 stars. I’d give it 10 if I could. I recommend it for everyone. It doesn’t matter the age. Thank you guys for being you ❤️
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2 years ago, McRandiA
Amazing Prayer App.
I have extremely bad anxiety, I’m pretty sure it turns into panic attacks lately & seasonal depression that’s decided to hit me through spring but not so bad this summer. I’ve had it all of my life. No one seems to understand anxiety and it’s getting worse and harder to hide. I depend on this Prayer App because it helps hold me together along with my conversations (prayers) with God. These prayers always seem to be exactly what I need for any particular day most of the time. Most likely all if the time but sometimes they go a little over my head, but that’s ok. The guy that says the prayers after the verse has an amazing way of wording his prayers. So much do that I can feel every sentence he says. They come from his heart, brain and soul. He makes them so real. And I really like the lady’s prayer style too. Her prayers hit home too. I’m most likely going to subscribe to this app because I’ve listened to the prayers off and on for quite a while. I do t like accidentally missing them. The app will open more for me and hopefully help with this yucky scary anxiety that I get every single day. The ‘Write a Review’ page came just at the right time. I had just poured my heart out to God. He Is Answering. Thank you so so much! This really is an amazing app. Take care to all of the staff that makes this Pray App work. It makes a good difference in my life. ❤️🙏🏼❤️
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3 years ago, finding me again
Pray 🙏🏽 changes everything
I have extremely bad anxiety when I was younger my husband was injured and died after a few weeks later and I never sought help 🆘from a Professional. We had three children, all boys and I felt the need to find a father to give the boys guidance, 10 yrs. Later I had a daughter which was my desire and that relationship didn't work. I later started investing all my time in the kids, which led me down a dark path I got to a point I questioned everything they did who they hung out with, who they dated an where they would go, and so forth. It got to a point where I was becoming everyone’s mom and everyone’s everything until I was asked to please leave people alone. I left myself out and my stress levels and my anxiety levels kept rising higher until I got to this point where I'm now. So fast forward today I’ve had four strokes in the past three weeks which three we’re considered mild and one was not that bad but it was a bad stroke it left me walking a little funny and weak in my strength and gate are not so good I'm functioning on low levels. The only way I can sleep is that I listen to this app!!! It relaxes me immediately, puts me to rest so it does work greatly for me and I appreciate you thank you so much. Denise from Washington, DC.
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3 years ago, MuenchnerKindl
Love the app
I love the app itself. It really makes me giving in my time with god more. I just have 2 suggestion based in my on experience. I wish the Bible language a NIV version because some of the Bible Verses that come up I don’t understand at all. It should more for the average person like me. The prayers are also focused more on church leaders then a just plain little person like me. I wished it would deal more if every day problems of an average person. And I don’t like the comparison with others on how many days in a row you pray. I understand it’s suppose to help you stay on it but it makes me feel like I need to keep up with others instead of focusing on my relationship with God! Sometimes I miss to press the button continue and then my streak is gone and it makes me feel bad even though I know it should not matter. These are just my opinions and suggestions. I do love the app and it has help me to further my relationship with God! Yes still having issues with the language KJV. Most of the time I don’t understand the verse at all. And still don’t like the streak version. At least don’t have the continue button. I am in a prayer state of mind and just close the app without hitting the continue button. If you don’t hit it you loose your streak. For those reasons I changed It to 4 stars. Really other than that I still enjoy the app.
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2 years ago, 14saz
Review this is my way to pray in t morning l love how the stay with doing the day
It helps in the morning on way to work every to listen to the scripture and the pray I have been blessed with listening to the prayers and help me get my morning going 🙏🏾 I thank God for all that he has done for me in these time and listening to pray and bibles scripture has been in blessing 🙏🏾❤️😇 thank you lord for being so loving to me and keep me an blessing me. Amen. I am a faith walker and the power of prayer in my life 💚💚💚think you for grow in my life 💚💚💚💚 I listen 🎧 to the prayer 🙏🏾 and the listen to Pastor give the word of God I thank God for the encouragement I received each day🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙋🏾. Each morning I listen to the pray it help me all day it help keep my minds on God’s words 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇🙋🏾 I Pray that God will keep me and healed me. This prayer app has been very encouraging to me. It help me through the week.✨😇😇❤️🙏🏾🙌🏾 I thank God his word and for prayers I read an listen to every morning it been a blessing. I thank for the things it help me through. Amen 🙏🏾 I pray that God hear my prayers I pray that all is well with everyone on this prayer line God is so good is my refuge in my time of need 🙏🏾🙋🏾😇🌟 listen to the scripture and prayer help me with my Bible study and keep mr grounded in the Lord 🙋🏾🙏🏾😇🌟❤️
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3 years ago, Jesusbuddy101
Review of the Pray App
Thank you so much for creating the Pray App. It has been invaluable to me, and I look forward to listening to the scripture every day. Not only does it give you the scripture, the prayer that follows the scripture helps me to better understand what I’ve heard and read so much better. There’s so much more to say about the Pray App, but I’ll just say it this way - I’m wonderfully hooked! This was well thought through, and it was developed especially for people like me as I like listening over and over and over again. It’s absolutely marvelous, and it makes me joyfully happy. If there are any bugs I don’t know it because I’m not that savvy. All I know is this works for me. Thank you Jesus, hallelujah and Amen! I’m still in love with this. ❤️I only wish there was a way to continuously play until I filled up instead of pressing replay. Can you make the recordings to continuously play maybe 20 times without having to press replay. My fingers hurt because of neuropathy. I want it to play the same recording until I fall asleep? Thanks for the wonderful invention. July 25, 2021 I really love ❤️ this app. Besides Jesus and my bible, it’s my everything, and it’s the gift 🎁 that keeps on giving. Thanks for giving me this constant companion.
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3 years ago, JesusCaresForYou
Some nice features, but expensive
Our family has enjoyed the prayer initiators built on scripture, and a ome of the Bible readings are good. But, for the $99 price, I don’t find it worth it. And, if you are not careful, you can miss the fact that you are being charged the $99 when you download the app - they do not make it clear when you try it out. There is a lot of variety in the app but a lot of it I find not useful. Most of the things that I find useful can be accessed more affordably, or for free, elsewhere. Some of the Bible story versions drift too far from scripture, some of the teachers aren’t Biblical and in at least one case a Unitarian Universalist, and some of the voices that read stories are not pleasing to the ear for our family. While we do like some content, I don’t like paying this high of a fee for some things I disagree with, and this many things that I don’t find useful. It’s the danger of trying to build a product that has something for everybody, but turns out to have too little for those paying the price. At a significantly lower price, the cost-benefit trade could become positive. But, that is just my experience. Also, make sure to read the Privacy Policy carefully on this app. You are agreeing to have your name, phone number, location, device ID, device access history, and many other pieces of information about you sold to third parties if you use this app. We’ve seen a marked increase in marketing calls since using it.
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4 years ago, gclifton78
Definitely a 5+
Ok, while I absolutely love using this app, there is one thing that has got to be fixed. My kids and I use the pray app every evening, like clockwork without 1 day missed since January 1, 2020. We love watching our streaks grow bigger in number everyday, however, if we forget to tap the continue button (now a heart), it starts you all over again. Sooo disheartening that it does that. Its happened to us 4 times now and to prevent my kids from giving up on our nightly ritual, we just say we know our streaks are higher in our hearts. I would absolutely give this 5 stars and then some of this issue is fixed. ***UPDATE*** After my initial review, the developers reached out so quick, I was shocked! They fixed my streak issue by the next morning! I have never had a developer reach out that fast and actually fix an issue. It goes to show that they actually do care about the success of the app and the convenience it provides for its users. Great team, AWESOME app, and overly happy customer here! Also I have to say, the prayers following the scripture on the app seem to hit home a lot of the time. You know, like it was somehow meant for you. At the very least, give this app a go. The short bible stories for kids are great too!
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2 weeks ago, Anonymous2609716393759108236
Makes difficult things easier to understand and deal with. Love it gives me hope and courage to continue and believing in our Father and Lord Jesus his son and our savior Relives tension in these crazy tiimes. Thank you Fathef and Lord Jesus. Makes my day and relieves my anxiety! I look forward to reading the daily prayer and Thanking Lord God and his Son Jesus our Lord and Savior for the many blessings and protections they provide! God Bless America! And so much more, this gives me the courage to move forward. Thank you Father and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Totally Agree I was on a 83 day but somehow missed yesterday, so started a new trek. Thank you Lord Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Totally Agree and lol to my daily prayers. Agree 1000% Thank you Father and Jesus Amen. This keeps me in Contact with my Lord God and his Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Wonderful, Wonderful keeps me going. Thank you, God and Lord Jesus! Absolutely Agree my daily prayers are my Rock, Thank you, Father and Lord Jesus! Absolutely Correct , and gives me the ability’s to do the things to keep my family protected and safe while trying to be a better Christian, again Thank you Father and Jesus God Bless Texas and America! Absolutely Agree Thank You Father and Jesus help me become a better Christian!
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2 months ago, GrandmaTractor 🚜
My Life Has Changed
Even though I grew up within a faith, I can think of only one time I read from the Bible. I was pregnant with our first daughter, and my husband was studying to be baptized in the faith I had grown up in. Two birds, one stone; she was hearing my voice reading & my husband was learning his weekly assignment from the Pastor. If I’m honest, I wasn’t getting anything from my own reading. I didn’t understand it, there was no background, or history. Fast forward almost 40 years. Still married to the same man, we raised our girls, and are grandparents. We are attending a church within a different faith and I’m learning and hungry for more! I downloaded Pray and began listening to Bible in a Year with Jack Graham, from Dallas, TX. Why him? I don’t know, I liked his face. The important thing is, I am UNDERSTANDING the Bible. Stories I have heard all my life, some I’ve never heard. I feel CLOSER to God, and I want more. I wake up early, without an alarm to listen. I look forward to it. I am more intentional in my day to day life, thinking about what God wants me to do, or how He wants me to handle situations. God is truly PRESENT in my life. I love how this app has helped me change my life for the better.
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5 months ago, Ycniby
This is an app that is truly God sent.
Father you are truly awesome, merciful, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. My bridge over troubled waters. Thank you Father for keeping every promise you’ve ever made to me, for I’m a sinner saved by your amazing grace. Help me Lord as I’m seeking to draw closer and closer to you each day. Order my steps today Lord, speak to me and show me what you want me to do. There are things I’d like to complete as I journey forward on my given assignment. Put the fire back in me Lord so that I can have the website fully functional and the pie slices I’ve vision a while back ago complete. The manufacture in the area ready to go. I’m willing Father and I’m determine that the obstacles that are in my life now will not stop me. I will persevere forward until my time come. Reaching out to as many people that I can, all for you Father. Heal my body Lord from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Show me how to love like you, the love that goes beyond all understanding, that unsinkable love. FIX ME LORD. PLEASE FIX ME FOR ONLY YOU CAN. Let it be your Will, if not, knowing you can, let me continue to walk in your Word as you’re walking with me. In Jesus name. Amen
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4 years ago, 1956SFE
Praise to Our Triune God (Father,Son&Holy Spirit)
This app has helped me tremendously to battle the unseen enemies that wage war against us seekers and believers. I have suffered depression from the young age of 10. I am unable to take any medication for it, making it even more difficult to manage. With my Bible I can read and feed on His Word. As I become older it is now too heavy to carry. Physically impossible to get to a church. With the technology we have today I can have a positive experience to soothing voices, music, and videos through this app feeding my spirit, heart, soul, and inner-man without the distractions of other people’s judgmental eyes for my old outdated and poorly fitting clothes. They weren’t always that way. Due to health issues I’m now on a fixed income and have lost weight. Paying for tailoring would be nice, but money ill spent. We live in such a worldly society of “accumulation” right now. When God calls us simply to come along side and love others as he loved us. I can love many, more than if I went to a local church and praise Him anytime of the day or night simply by opening the app. What a treasure and what a wonderful treat to lift my heart up, out, and away from the opposing enemy!
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9 months ago, MiDEJA
The Miracle of Miracles( Breathing )
Wow n I a Sinner Who is just trying to start his walk , Have to say Thank U “ GOD” For Your son “ JESUS “ Whose Blood N Whose Stripes Washes Away Our Sins n Keeps U.S. in His Heavenly Arms n “ Grace n Mercy” !! A Thought a question , Where n How did We as Babies in Our Moms Womb , Get, Take our First Breathe , Where n How did We Know to Breathe ?” Our Father “ GOD” Who is Everywhere did He Breathe that First Breathe into Us?? N Then we Became Alive n Who We Are at Present? I Don’t Really Know the Answer but all I Can Say is “ But GOD” n Thank You Cause as Surely as He Gave Us the First Breathe n We All Wil Take A Last Breathe is that Followed By those Who Know The Father” GOD n JESUS The Only Begotten Son With A Hallelujah!! N The LORD SAYS HERE ALL U NEED TO DO IS LOVE 💜. “ GOD FIRST N EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FOLLOW , From a Sinner Who Confesses HERE RIGHT NOW TODAY N TOMORROW, “ LORD WILLING, Because the enemy would have Us Believe its Natural n take it for granted But I Can’t , I Believe it’s One of “GODS “ BLESSINGS N I Am NOT ASHAMED WHO READS. THIS NOW AMEN 🙏🏽 N AMEN. I THANK ALL OF YOU WHO MAKE THiS OUTSTANDING PRAY 🙏🏽 APP POSSIBLE, I BELIEVE U R SAVING LIVES, Cause U SURE R SAVING MINES , “ THANKS BE TO “ ThE FATHER, THE SON N THE HOLY GHOST” “ TO “ GOD “ BE THE GLORY!!!! AMEN 🙏🏽
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4 years ago, Wanderingstar60697
Audio Makes the Difference
I enjoy this app over others due to the audio. I can read along with the verse and bow my head and close my eyes for the prayer. I also enjoy the many other features included. The quality of the app and various categories motivates me to practice prayer and bible study . This is so helpful since I travel for my work and have an irregular schedule. After using the app for a while there are only two things I wish for- First add James Earl Jones reading the Old Testament so we have the complete bible . He has such a wonderful voice. Second- a continue listening section has been added which is great . Instead of it showing the last subject and all of that subjects following episodes , I wish it would show the last episode of each program I have listened to. For instance now if a Bedtime Stories episode is the last I have listened to it shows that and the following episodes of Bedtime Stories. I would like it to show the last episode of Bedtime Stories, the last episode of Bible Sagas, the last episode of JEJ New Testament that I listened to. This would be a wonderful improvement.
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4 weeks ago, Steph's toy
My Testimony
I enjoy the app . I try pray three times a day and the app helps me to take the time and relax for as few and do just that. Everyone needs to take time with the Lord. The Bible require us to pray without ceasing and I do just that. Thank you Tony Evens, Pastor Clinton, and the Bible in a year podcast . I have had so miracles that were life changing: in 1999 I was in a car accident with a simitruck and ran over by three cars. God gave me a testimony by keeping here to tell about it in late 2022 I was told I had cancer after going to the hospital for my kidney disease. That is my second testimony not to mention the little things in between. My third was, I was allergic to the cancer maintenance medication and it was eating away my muscles in my body and I was hospitalized for over two weeks and going through withdrawal from my daily medications. I’m blesssed and God has shown grace and mercy to me. I was a church going and believer in Christ Jesus all my life and have grown tremendously in the Lord. Your app is a way for me to take time and meditate on the Lord. Thank you,, Stephanie Murray of Ypsilanti, Michigan.
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2 years ago, lll bb
Long time Pray user, not worth the money.
I have been using the Pray app weekly for 2 years now. I absolutely love the content and so does my whole family. My children go to sleep listening to the kids Bible stories and my husband and I go to sleep listening to the stories about Jesus, David, and others from the Bible. However, the big issues are two main things. 1. It's near impossible to find the kids Bible stories within the app. I used to find it easily but something with the update has hidden it. If I hadn't had an episode in my favorites I would have never found it. 2. The biggest issue that makes this app not worth the money is how hard it is to get an episode to load. It's SO frustrating clicking an episode, then it will not play, then I finally get it to play after 10 minutes or so then about 5 minutes of it playing it will randomly stop playing! This happens NIGHTLY while my sons listen to it. We stopped listening to it for months bc of how frustrating it is. I thought things would have changed so we started to listen to them again last week and it's the exact same way! As I'm typing this review an episode should be playing and it has randomly stopped. So frustrating and not worth the money!
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4 years ago, ACB Love my GOD
Best App Ever
The best thing I’ve ever done I struggle with reading the Bible I tend to fall asleep or get confused on what some of it means so I saw this and have been putting it off cause I worried that the cost would be to high but I the Holy Spirt has been telling time is short and I need to know his word and need to witness to others so I said to myself I love my God and this app was made for people like me so I got it and absolutely love it and I am learning so much It had strength my spirt and I share everyday to many people about my struggles to understand the Bible an how God forgives us and how we are already forgiven for our sin because Jesus died for us and our sin before we were even created and If we asks God to forgive us in the name of Jesus and except that he died for us we are set free and if we fail him he will forgive us over and over again if we ask him in prayer we are what he loves and his love never ends I also tell everyone to get this app for their self and their kids or any family member it is truly going to change their life the best app ever thank you so much for creating the app ❤️
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1 year ago, Ms Vivian Nunn
Well, where do I start!!! Let’s see! I LOVE this program. It brings PEACE to my Soul! I start my day off with a personal prayer and then I usually listen to the program. Now if I have a lot on my mind I get up and start my routine. But shortly thereafter, it hits me that I did not listen to the prayer program yet, and I feel edgy and incomplete. So I stop what I am doing and listen to the program. I usually listen to it three time to digest the message and Thank God. During this prayer and meditation, I find myself calming down more and more. By the end of the third session I am so relaxed. “Thank God!!!” Therefore, I want to thank you for creating this Wonderful and Blessed Program!!! For I believe if all mankind started their day with it and read It throughout the day, we would not have such a mess going on in the world. So we as individuals can only start with ourselves. We must do our part one by one. And hopefully everyone will eventually be at PEACE and treat one another as we would want to be treated. (With Love And Understanding!!!) God Bless! Ms. Vivian Nunn
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1 year ago, Cbhattac
Bible App review
I love this app and the many variety of added plans for you to embark on. I’ve used 3 so far and the Bible section of course. I love the daily devotions and the option to read the scriptures or click on the recordings of the scriptures. Very helpful. My only concern is the navigation each day I’m hoping to continue with the next day and I’m taken in another area. I have this app on both of my phones so that I can access the Bible throughout the day and night. I discovered that I had missed 3 days on my plan but I was using my other phone and the app doesn’t pick up what I’m doing on the other phone. Can you assist me with this and navigating back to my Bible studies and plans. Awesome app just I just need a tutorial or the app may need tweaking to link to my other phone. Thank you for your beautiful app, so much needed especially during the times in our world. I take it with me everywhere. Doctors office, driving in the car, Bluetooth picks it up so hands free. I’ve shared with several friends only one uses it and thanked me for sharing. Have a beautiful day! Many blessings! Charmaine
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11 months ago, R'nona
I am learning about my Bible
These stories help me understand the Bible. I am going to pray, then listen, then I am going to read. I went to church in my childhood, and younger years, and I remember some of these stories but even though I would try, I could never quiet grasp reading the Bible. If I do say so myself, it is a fascinating read! When I listen to the stories I feel like I’ve heard the stories before, it is familiar and then when I read the Bible it just brings it home! I remember In the Bible somewhere, it says when you are born again through Christ, you are as a child. I don’t know exactly where it is yet, but I’m going to highlight it when I come to it! Because that is how I feel, like a child learning about my Lord and the Bible. I get very excited when I find verses that I do know! I have always felt so unworthy of God loving me. Now I know through reading the Bible that even though I am not perfect, the Lord still loves me. Thank you so much for this opportunity to get help in learning and understanding the Bible and our Lord.
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3 years ago, Jozers89765432
App issue
I have a subscription that I originally signed up for on my iPhone. I downloaded the app on my iPad today to also use it there. When I open the app it goes to the original screen that tells me to sign up for an account. It does not have have an option to say you already have an account and a subscription and to use your email for it. When I enter my email in the spot for signing up (yet again) it just sends me an email that re-directs me to the website on safari and logs me in there. It does not force open the app so that I can use it. From safari I use the menu and click on “listen on the phone app” thinking it will re-direct to the app. Nope. It just sends me another email which again just opens up safari. Why am I not able to log onto my account on the app? Why is the only option the original “sign up with your email” option and not “log in with your existing account”...? I have an account and it should recognize that and log me into my account from the app on my iPad. If this can be rectified I will fix my rating as I do really enjoy the app. From the App Store I pushed the report problems button and it only re-directs me to the basic website. I can find no interface to correspond with someone from the company that can help me with this issue.
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1 year ago, Weallonespeoples
To listen with these stories that are Real’ just think. Their not false but true. How often do we get a chance to hear a real life testament that will save us from sin! From death. Amazing. Sometimes I don’t fathom that these little stories are prophecies that are arriving for me. For my family and for my brethren. We’re not reading Jane Austin, but we’re breathing in Jesus. He has saved everyone one of us and yet I don’t give the recognition I should. I seem to take these stories for granted! So Gods Blessings on these writings, Gods love on each of us! I pray that we can reach out to others and present this to them. Save a soul. Or save me, you or a stranger. Let us live in Your Grace Father & teach us the mighty road to follow. In Jesus Our sweet Lords Name Hallelujah! I thank the all who have made this possible to hear bedtime stories or just listen with audio works of Our Lord. This is a gift and I appreciate all who have put this together. There’s definitely enough in here so I promise you won’t get bored whatever the age. Peace & Love
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10 months ago, Nope_1
I’m so grateful for the Pray app. I start my day with this app daily before doing anything else. The prayers are always fulfilling and help to keep my mind focused on God and how I can continue to be in relationship with Him. The Bible in a year is excellent and I highly recommend it. The stories told are engaging and help you to understand the Bible and scripture better. I also tap into the app before bed for the nightly prayers and this helps to have God on my mind before sleep and helps to have peaceful rest. This app also has personal stories from people from different walks of life on Saturdays, about their own relationship(s) with God and how it came to be. On Sundays you can tap into the weekly sermon and on any given day you can look for a sermon that can help you with wherever you are in life or what you may need to hear. If you’re having trouble understanding the Bible or even being engaged, give this interactive app a chance to help aid in your relationship with God. I hope this review encourages someone. God bless! 😊
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3 years ago, ChanelleV
I love your app!
First and foremost I must say how much this app has helped me make prayer a daily routine and now pillar in my life! What attracted me most to the app are the meditations. The prayer meditations have truly been helping me cope with my anxiety and depression. My favorite prayer meditation is Grace and Gratitude. The biblical verse cited in the meditation has given me strength during a time when my whole world was being shaken up; it provided me with inner comfort when I felt insane. I used the verse cited in the meditation to look it up and highlight in my personal Bible. Unfortunately the Bible verse used in the meditation is not totally correct. It’s the correct verse but the wrong chapter is cited. Is this something that can be corrected??? I really do love all the prayer meditations and would hope that more are added in the future 🙏🏾😊 However, until that update happens, would it be possible for the Grace and Gratitude prayer meditation be updated to the correct Bible verse? The one cited in the meditation can be misleading if one was to look it up the Bible. 😊 🙏🏾
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3 years ago, DJLaura
Feeling thankful
I want to take a moment of my time to say thanks and express my gratitude for the daily Bible verses and all the podcasts you broadcast daily; these podcasts and Bible verses have helped me grow closer to God and have strenthened my faith in Him. I want to encourage the continuation of the Bible verses and podcasts and would love to see more prayer and sleep meditations as well. I’m visually impaired and have to rely on voiceover for my iPhone as well as audio and sound so I want to encourage accessibility for the blind and visually impaired as well as those with blindness accompanied with physically disabled people who might not be able to handle an iPhone but still need voiceover and sound. Accessibility in this manner means a lot to me since I help out with running the sound system at my church. Again, thanks so much for making this app available and accessible for me and others with my disability of blindness and visual impairment, and may God continue to bless your efferts in using this app for furthering His kingdom. Thumbs up!
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2 years ago, Ms. Kitty Dance
Stories in the Bible
I had an email that told me I could have all the important special stories in the Bible for free, like Adam and Eve, Cain and able, Noah’s ark. I was really getting into it, and suddenly poof….. they were gone! Then I went back to the email and got it back, and again poof, they were gone. Then it wanted me to pay for it, when initially it told me it was feee in the email. It never mentioned it was a trial. This was very upsetting to me. I don’t use your app very much anymore because of this, because EVERYTHING IS A TRIAL! I recently had brain surgery and financially am swamped with medical bills. I have just been told I have to go back in for further brain surgery, but have to wait until I fully heal. I’m sad that I couldn’t continue with the surgeries. I lost my 16 year old son suddenly without warning about 5 years ago. I was so angry with God. The stories were actually the first thing that I became interested in since the death of my son. I have found a couple free Bible apps that are actually free, however they don’t have the Bible stories. Well, you asked for feedback…. Sorry I couldn’t be more positive. I’ll stay positive, and hope to hear back from you. In Christ always, Kathleen
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5 years ago, Smoothandsexy
Confused by all the different subscriptions plans but I loved my free trial
I feel like this app can help me get into a really really great groove with the entire Bible! For the first time, I may be able to read the entire Bible and actually understand the storyline of the Bible... I absolutely loved my free trial and I really want to make the commitment to purchase a subscription. The only thing is that there are SOO many options😭... & I don’t know what each option is truly offering. I’ve been trying to search around to see what each different option offers but I haven’t found anything to help me understand them. I don’t know what to choose and I’m tempted to just purchase the plan that cost the most... can anyone help direct me to a place where each subscription plan is simply and thoroughly explained please!!! I really want to commit to the right one for me, but I just need to know more about what I’m paying for. If there’s a page or a link that I’ve missed, can someone please direct me to it. Thank you
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2 months ago, audreash
Please fix bug issues and inappropriate ads
I was enjoying the app yet, lately I find the ads offensive. I listen sometimes with my children after I’ve reviewed the prayer. I now notice an ad for PENIS ENLARGEMENT keeps popping in. Either this an app to draw people closer to God through the teaching of His Word or it is not. I get having to pay bills, however the ad is explicit and contradictory, it plays right after scripture and it’s not ok! Bugs need to be fixed. There are a great deal of bugs and glitches. For example, I can never relocate the save items. I also don’t like how when I’m listening to one thing and I leave the app open to do something else when I go back to it it takes me to something else. It’s constantly shifting what I’m listening to and changing the content that’s playing. I do have my notifications turned on, when I click on what I would like to listen to instead of being taken there, it takes me to a prayer or whatever it wants to play. Sometimes I simply close the app because it takes too long to get to what you’re trying to listen to.
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4 years ago, Dove 13
Pray daily and throughout the day
I pray many times a day but sometimes it is a short prayer requesting something of the Lord or just thanking him for something He has blessed me with or an answered prayer. I longed for a closer relationship and more true communication during my prayer times. The Pray App has helped me accomplish and establish the habit of praying daily in a manner that helps me to be more thoughtful with my prayers and talks with the Lord. The scripture helps me to truly think about the meaning of the verse and to apply it within my life and prayers. Thank you so much. I wish when it counts the days you use the lap it was more consistent. For instant I have an irregular schedule due to my husbands shift work. I have been using the app daily but because the hours vary it doesn’t recognize that I have been on it daily but seems to think I have missed a day here and there. I understand because of the irregular schedule sometimes it’s slightly over an actual 24 hour time span so for this program the timer will start over. God knows and understands and it’s not a big deal.
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1 year ago, Mrs. Vitelli
Love, but no way to contact support 😞
I fell in love with this app to the point where I shared it with everyone I knew and purchased premium! However, I’m growing increasingly frustrated that even though I’m paying for premium I still have obnoxious ads interrupting my morning prayer/message. I’ve tried “restoring purchase” each morning to avoid this and it doesn’t help. Additionally, when I try logging on via browser the “login” button just takes you to a sign-up screen for a new account. This app is truly amazing, and I enjoy spending most of my day listening to it, but I wish there was support offered for weird little things like this. My kids (14 & 6) both enjoy this as well. We listen to the various audios (Judges, Joshua, etc) while we color together and they find it way more engaging than just the audio Bible itself. It leads to good questions and study of the Word. Excellent app for stirring your engagement and view of the Word of God.
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3 months ago, kimnise dot
God Goals
This app has been a BLESSING to me. The morning prayers from the bible in a year to night prayer and meditation. Listening to Heros in the bible and Sunday sermons. The dramatic flare added to the stories keep you attention. I will say tracking my streaks is very motivating. It feels like the game ball in the air, when you have a ball and you have to make sure it doesn't hit the floor or you start over. Recently I got to 99 days and missed 1 day and started all over. The good part is I am determined to get to 121 at least. I would recommend this app to EVERYONE especially if you are looking to get closer to the Lord. There are all kinds of sermons, meditation and even if you are going through depression this app can help bring the spiritual uplifting to you Dr Phill helps with that on the app as well. If you are having thoughts of harming yourself please text or dial 988 National Suicide Prevention. Yes God created mental health providers. Wow this was long but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!
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10 months ago, Hockabee
1) l love it. Thanks!
2) Very tastefully done. And diversified Very thankful for it. We use it every day. Seems like the bedtime stories are not as diversified from the Bible as they were in the beginning. They seem to repeat more often than not. I like how narrowed the voices are on the verse and prayer to two very pleasant voices—one male and one female. The 21 days inspiration segments are valuable. A lot of topics to pick from. Still enjoying the uplifting information and all the Bible referencing. Wrote this review some time ago in two different time frames. Fir dome reason l didn’t get the first two parts of the review sent. 3) Lately I’ve been listening and the voice has changed, on the nightly verse and prayer and it sounds like a wispy female voice that makes we want to turn it off. The content is good, but the voice is unpleasant. I wish someone could tell me how to repeat the verse of the day and the prayer. Sometimes i’d like to listen to the verse of the day more than once but once it finishes it moves on to the next section of it.
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2 years ago, barbie721951
I’ve been in church all my life and accepted Jesus at 26 years old as my Lord I also understand that and Savior. I’m now 72 and through all of the mountains and valleys I’ve been through I can see Gods hands on my life, allowing me to go through trials and troubles to place me where I was supposed to be for Him, at the time I didn’t understand why different things happed but looking back I can definitely see Gods hand. I also understand that if it wasn’t for the valleys, we wouldn’t be able to be thankful for standing on the mountain tops. I’m grateful for all the love, mercy and Grace throughout my life which I wasn’t worthy to receive. I am truly one of the most blessed women in the world and have such a beautiful peace in my heart which I believe comes from realizing that true peace comes from within and nothing in this world can give you that feeling. Thank you Jesus for continuing to love and shielding my heart from becoming hard and calloused.
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9 months ago, A M prayers
Paid subscription has ads interrupting daily prayer time!!
I have been using this app for two years and in the last nine months changes made to this app, include advertisements for anything from insurance to floor cleaner that are blurted out seconds after the end of the opening prayer. I have asked repeatedly for administration to remove ads as I am paying for this experience. In any other app, if you pay, you do not have to listen to ads It is extremely frustrating to be meditating on the beautiful prayer and have an ad begin one second after amen! When I paid for this app for the first time over a year ago, this was not the case! I have written, bagged and pleaded with the owner of this app to fix this problem. It is a great app, but if you don’t take the ads out of my daily worship. I will end the subscription, and I just renewed for $60, expect a refund, and stop promoting this to my family and friends, as I have done repeatedly over a year now. You are not providing me with the experience that I signed up for this time last year, as there were no ads. I have never heard back from my repeated request. I hope to hear back from you this time.
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2 years ago, snapdragons 505
I love this app so much ❤️
Hi I’m Israel I have been a follower for most of my short lived life. This is a wonderful app but it’s too expensive. I love and I think it’s worth it. But I don’t have the money for the purchase:(. And I need Jesus I crave for him and his word. But I can’t pay the price. But this app is a wonderfully made app and thank you guys for making this wonderful app. I really appreciate it. But I have terrible angry problems and I don’t have much more time with my family and I don’t want to waste these last few years because of my problems. I pray to Jesus yet to hear the word from you guys and my pastor is truly wonderful and I can tell that the Holy Spirit is using you guys in a wonderful way that to help me and other people hear the word. Thank you guys and would really appreciate it to lower the 51$ cost. Thank you guys for all your hard work and the people you guys have helped. And God bless you and continue blessing America.🇺🇸
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2 years ago, Martha Amm
Prayer comes to me and I’m sure thousands of people every day sometimes I look at it at the end of the day but I think I’ll start reading them in the beginning that of the day because a couple of times it was a little bit past 12 and I got on now I didn’t read it I gotta read it and getting a star every day or acknowledgment that I’ve been consistent in reading them every single day disappoints me if if I miss a day or sometimes to read from my iPad and then most the time read from my cell phone and it seems to keep a different log as to how many days in concession that I’m reading it so but that sounds personal doesn’t it thank you so much for just being there for all of us and I love The Lord and I am striving to become a better person for everyone to see and what I mean by that is that I can pass on the goodness to others so they could be happy within themselves and pleasing the Lord amen
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1 year ago, Blessed Min. Cathy
Pray Believe and Receive My Theme For Life
When I wake-up in the morning I fall on my knees with my hands stretched to the heavens and I cry out Lord I need you every day of my life to fight my battles I will have to face on today. In my praying I believe God comes in and he gives me his assurances and let’s me know everything will and has already been taken care of. Now, when I go to bed at night before I go to sleep; I fall in my knees and I thank God for all of the many blessings I received throughout the day and for fighting all my battles, for taking on the bully’s, the enemies and blessing me with another day of life. When I receive the prayers on my phone they are right on time, it”s like God has spoke to someone and said my child needs this manna today so feed her with these words. I never leave home with out hearing a word from God and I pray once someone reads this review you will be touched in some way to understand there is power in praying, believing and receiving a word from heaven! In Jesus Mighty Name Amen!
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1 year ago, TamJ1116
I love the app. That said, I am disappointed that it “changed”. I was not happy that the short daily prayer went to that other thing. It came back but now with a study afterward. I think there are plenty of places to find that without including in the daily. Also, what happened to the nightly prayer? Now it is the same am one???? In a world that seems to be moving too fast I would appreciate good things left alone. I feel like I cant keep up. This was one steady in my life that I appreciated. Please bring back original am and pm nightly prayer. And there is nowhere on the site to get help!!! Update: I wrote that a few months back and I guess it didnt send? Anyway, I am glad nightly prayer is back although I don’t understand why it switches from regular lady voice to meditative one. Please leave original. If people want a mediation at night there are plenty of other options. Please STOP CHANGING THINGS. Thanks
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11 months ago, Leeloodoc
Keep politics out of the church!
To be completely honest this is a life changing app if you allow it to be and truly listen everyday. For the most part this app sticks to the gospel in a way that is easily understood. I have never been able to understand the Bible and this is making things crystal clear. Im saying all of that on Sundays the app features ministers with a message. Last Sunday I turned off the message and thought about deleting the app. The minister chose to start talking about Politics and pushing his personal beliefs in a blanketed way. Not cool. Church should be the one place we can go and be safe from the “worldly” confusion and chaos. It should be a charge so to speak, a reset. with that being said I’m grateful that I did not allow that one time discourage me. I think I’m on day 55. I look forward to waking up every single morning and hearing the words Let us pray. Please take the chance, it’s free and you have nothing to loose with this one, it’s time. Change your life!😊
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4 years ago, Mim Davis
My Prayer Time
I love using the prey app. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is open the morning prayer and scripture on this app. I listen to the audio sometimes multiple times because the prayers are so good. This is how I start my devotions in the morning. Next I start reading scriptures in the Bible and other devotionals. But if I don’t have time for all of this I at least listen to the daily prayer and scripture on this app. Sometimes I will listen to the prayer in the evening because I just recently noticed it was different. And wonderful as well. If I can’t get to sleep at night I listen to the Bible stories and I have told many many people to download this app because it is truly my favorite app on my phone. I am also visually impaired so the other grade benefit is that everything they have is audible. I lack for nothing. I am grateful and I think God that some technologies are also for good. I highly recommend this app and enjoy it every day.
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3 years ago, tiktok name:vdog200plus2
The Pray app
I love this app because of all it offers. I joined the $9.99 part of the app. I had prayer morning and night, I had bedtime stories, I had the radio talk and reading the Bible in a year. Maybe more, I don’t remember. I got two Bible apps and I figured I didn’t need the pray app anymore. Boy! Was I wrong. When I tried to get it again there was no $9.99 part to choose and I don’t understand what they are offering now. It just says Bible premium and so on and prices. I have no clue as to what comes with the choices and how did I get all those things I had for only $9.99. All the prices now are way higher then that. I want the app back but I don’t know which one to choose. I read the pray morning and nightly. I went to sleep on the bedtime stories and did the meditation. I was finding different things all the time. So I really enjoyed the app. I was trying to get something for free and really messed up.
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1 year ago, Serenbadaxx
Weird & Sad
This app is frankly weird, I have had this app for a year and I would listen to the prayer and Bible story. I'm unsure why but they are obsessed with gore, murder, and detailed about the mindsets of rapist etc. The knife/ sword sounds, blood squirting sounds, and bones breaking are really not good for a Christian mind. Do you really think we are not exposed to violence enough?! We don't live in a puritian town where we need to be hardened to violence. This happens by turning on the news. I felt horrible after listen to the stories, not from the purpose and understanding of them. No instead of the forced gore that is associated with the sound effects. Unfortunately they have NOT ONE beautiful sound effect that represents holiness. It's like I'm listening to call of duty. I understand the Bible in based in reality but My LORD do you have to exploit it for blood thirsty gain. Instead of focusing on the moral. Lots of other things I consider weird on this app. Pastors who curse in their sermon, pastors who are obsessed with politics, and America clearly has their heart not Jesus. This app is kind of a joke. I'm not impressed probably learn more about God listening to the JW than this. BOOOOOOO!
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4 years ago, Lynn Hodges
Game changer!
I can’t even express how much I love this app! I have a hard time shutting my brain down at night to sleep. I’ve tried everything. I saw this advertised on tv and thought I’d give it a try. The main selling point for me was that it had the Bible stories that were immediately followed by the scriptures used in each story from the KJV AND it stops after each story (approximately an hour or so each) so it doesn’t run all night. The stories are so well done and interesting that they keep me focused and my mind doesn’t wander. I find myself fighting to stay awake long enough to hear the entire story because it’s so good, but the voices are so soothing, I fall asleep to the Word of God being read to me! I also love the “Bible Sagas” section, shorter, concise little nuggets I listen to while driving. You can listen to James Earl Jones read the entire Bible!! I tried the free trial, but subscribed to it the next day. Thank you for this wonderful app!!
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9 months ago, gamer4li¥
I’m so glad I found this app. I haven’t found an app the same .
Beautiful app!!!! Never let’s me down . Always gives me hope and teaches me something new everyday. It’s easy to use and has some of the most amazing sermons. They make each book so interesting and detailed. I love church to be with other Christians but I use this app to learn and inspiration. Bless anyone reading this. My daughters even love listening to the stories. My youngest lays with me at night and we fall asleep to the wonderful Stories . They are so well told and explained. The details are astounding. I haven’t found any to be untrue . Instead of studying versus over and over to get the meaning all the wonderful people do it for you and instead of listening to someone droning on and on you are left waiting to hear what happens next. Not to mention the app offers so much from Sermons to beautiful music to fall asleep too.
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9 months ago, steveegohome
Jesus take the wheel
Your prayer everyday is comfort and a promise, as it tells me, God is with me, even through the waves of our storms. Resist the devil and he will flee from u. God is ever so good, and faithful and thsnk u for the gift u open up to me everyday by sharing your prayer. I am poor kinda and it’s nice u return a present so rich for those who can’t pay to hear the message of Jesus! Amen and God Bless you. Last Sunday was the first time I listened to the Sunday service and I really liked the pastor. We live in a woke world anymore and it’s hard to tell the wolves from the sheep’s anymore these days. The news, among many things, our ways, laws and principles need to be focused on God and include him. But most people reject the good master and want to do it their way. Too much evil in the world today. Praise the Lord he will return for his people. I will pray for your ministry and pray God lifts u up to help spread his word and the gift of salvation.
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12 months ago, MissMilato05
Transforming one day at a time!!
I was lost, knowing the word and love that God has for me, but when I really sat back & looked at my life I seen I needed my Savior more then ever! With Pray it’s teaching me the Bible in a way that I understand , and a way that I can live my life properly for my Savior!! I feel closer to God and feel as if I’m doing what his will and way are for me ….. not my own!!! Pray really breaks it down for you those of us who don’t comprehend very well and it lays out a beautiful parable story every time! Without Pray I would be lost in my own understandings and let’s be honest that was getting me absolutely NOWHERE!!! I praise God for my devotional time with him through Pray!! Pray helps me make it through each day and allows me to hear my Savior more clearly!! I love Pray not one bad word to say about this app!! Thank you Pray for your teachings and stories of the word leading us on a deeper path with our Lord and Savior!!!!!
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4 years ago, hdhbshsiskdnlpapsl m bcbdhjs
This is a wonderful community full of gods power
Overall, this app is really wonderful! This has helped me to have a prayer streak of almost a full month now encouraging me to pray and give thanks to God! The community is amazing and we spread so much love, joy and advice to once another. The community allows you to ask for prayers from people around the world and to pray for those who are struggling, which I found to be so beautiful. This app above it all is such a great utilization of social media that erases some of the biggest cons of modern day social media and replace it with everything that has to do with God. The only thing though there are some things like any app that will offer services in exchange for money, but pass these minor things, there is a wonderful community that helps to motivate faith with God! Amazing app, I do hope some new things get added to the app to make it even more cooler!
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4 months ago, DV runyan
Great program
Love the program, prayer and daily Bible reading exposing me to whole word. We already pay for program so not sure why you have to ruin the time of prayer and meditation by throwing ads in the middle. If you’re going to put ads in there, put them at the beginning or the end, not twice , but don’t disrupt the great time with God by putting ads in the middle when mine is trying to focus on God, it ruins the whole effect of your time with God. I don’t mind paying the $60 but then you want an increase to make it add free that’s the world way. Also if you happen to miss a day, you should be able to go back one or two days to get the whole Bible story. No ones life is perfect. Is the program here to help us walk closer with God or are you just using this to line you’re pockets. You have to answer to God not us. You diverted from what the original program was and how it was laid out. You’ll get and keep a lot more people if you get rid of the ads and keep the price affordable
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