Pregnancy Test Checker

Health & Fitness
4.7 (5.2K)
114.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Inventive Mobile
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pregnancy Test Checker

4.69 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
4 years ago, hamachikama
Fantastic app for tweaking and community!
This the best app for tweaking that I have found for the iPhone. Simple, easy to use and only has the essential tweaking functions that you need. I had a lot of trouble using other photo editing apps that had too many functions that I didn't need or were hard to use. I also really love the community feature that they have! Everyone is so nice and supportive of one another. It's not easy going through the TTC journey so it's comforting to know that there are others out there to lean on for help.
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4 years ago, ermade620
So helpful!
Enjoying this app very much, it’s a great assistant to women ttc who are looking for those vvfl’s to tweak the photo to get a better picture of what you might not be able to see with the naked eye. The community is also an awesome feature for second opinions or some reassurance. Support is great as well my issue was addressed, worked on until a resolution was reached and followed through until I was completely satisfied and able to use the app to its fullest.
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4 years ago, amcmanus00
Great app!
I have been using this app for a month or so and I had some issues but the developer helped me with the issue! Apparently Comcast was actually part of the issue of why I couldn’t post or see any posts. I turned off my internet and the app worked great! I recommend if you have a problem with the app loading pictures or uploading your post to turn off your internet and use your data!
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5 years ago, mel11mom
Great app, with great support
I’ve been using this app for about 2 months now. It’s great for tweaking the pregnancy tests, and also has the option to find out of others see what you are seeing. With the iOS 13 update, I found it hard to use the community feature. I contacted support and heard back from them within a couple hours. They found the source of my issue and corrected it. I found them amazing.
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4 years ago, Fav fav fav
I was reluctant
I thought why would I need to alter the photos? Then I was 14 days late, still getting negatives.... got the slightest positive on day 14... uses this app and I could see that slight line like it was neon! The I pod x to community... because at this point I can’t believe my own eyes... community of wonderful women... confirmed what I was seeing! Download it! You might use it and get some help finding your early answers!
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7 years ago,
When you're trying to conceive you can spend hours squinting at pregnancy tests trying to see if there's a second line. This app makes it a little easier! Snap a picture and use the preset photo editing options to make a second line more visible so you stop second guessing!
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2 years ago, hshshsbx s
You’d think everyone on this app would be nice and friendly. There are SO MANY nasty bitter females on here who personally attach each other all the time. And bc of that I have had to delete the app. To much cattiness for me, no thank you! But other than that you can edit you image with whatever your phone came stock with, it’s the same difference more or less. It’s a fun app but tweaking your tests and getting outside opinions from who ever and not a legit dr / obgyn only gets your hopes up if your not actually pregnant.
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4 years ago, kmarielittrell
Love...needs a little more
I love this app. However, I wish they’d allow us to bookmark posts so we can come back to them later for updates. Also, I wish in the comment section, most recent comments showed first. I hate when a post says 8 comments and I have to click and go to the bottom for the newest comments. Other than this it’s amazing.
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2 years ago, meg123654
App was better before the update. Now instead of showing you how many people think positive and how many people think negative it’s just one average number in the center. So happy they updated the feature 👍🏼
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4 years ago, shelbyand
Great App if you’re looking for TTC community
Love the community! Suggestions: -Notifications when a new comment is posted to a picture you’ve also commented on. -Dark mode for my late night scrolling lol (I need my brightness up to look at pictures but the white background is so bright)
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4 years ago, kelz1018
Love the app
No more having to get anyone in your business you can just look on this app take a picture and post it or watch a video post it and women from everywhere around the world use this gives you their opinion amazing I love this app
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3 years ago, Obigele
Very Responsive and Understanding
I wrote a negative review earlier and they, not only responded, but took my suggestion and added it to the app! New Delete button! All in all this is a great app to use and their customer service is impeccable! Thanks Jessica!
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4 years ago, cantfindanamegirl
Love this app
Wish there was a little more control over blocking other posters etc but other than that it is great and serves its purpose. Some people in the TTC community can be very mean and bitter. No one needs that on any app or anywhere.
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2 years ago, chinaboo121
I absolutely love this app but I have a new phone/device and I’m trying to log on to my previous profile but I can’t seem to figure out how to log in ? With my new phone
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1 year ago, mamabear2022x
Can’t log out
Love this app. But I switched phones and it logged me out of my account. I tried logging in and now it made a new account for me to which I can’t log out of. I have all my old pregnancy test photos on my original account. Please help!
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2 years ago, notaddinganickname
I love this app and everything it is, but for the last year I have not been able to get it to open up on my phone. It’s so frustrating. It goes to the part that opens up but it never loads and let’s me enter the app. This is ridiculous. All other apps work completely fine on my phone it’s just this one.
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3 years ago, bhayley17
Anyone else having problems with the app not opening?
I have nothing bad to say about this app. It’s really helped me. But for the last week the app won’t open up for me. Please fix this issue! Thanks! A loyal app user
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6 years ago, waitingfornumber4
No need for this
I spent days staring at my pregnancy tests trying to see the second line, I downloaded the app and I couldn’t see anything still. The test finally came out positive with a faint line that I could see with my own eyes. I actually took a picture of the test with the faint line just to see what it looked like in the app and it was harder to see it that way. It’s really a pointless app, don’t waste your hope that this will tell you sooner.
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4 months ago, Mer interrupted
Love it but
Recently the app has started making clicking sounds that you can’t turn off.
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4 years ago, MrsTickleMeElmo
Very useful for early tests!
Very good app! You can access all of the features by just watching a video. Once it’s unlocked you’ll always be able to use it. Comes in handy for early and vvfpl’s.
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5 years ago, QueenBeeCourtney👑
Good app but
Very good app but hate whenever it tells me to watch a video in order to upload a photo but then doesn’t let me watch anything. I’ve been trying for the past hour to upload a photo. Please please PLEASE fix this issue.
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5 years ago, p.l.a.yCards
Easy to use
I like this app which allows you edit the photo to see that fine line easily; and you can save it or send through email👍
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4 years ago, Candipandipal12
Community feature unusable
There’s an ad that pops up when you attempt to post in the community, that will not go away. Even if you watch the full 30 second ad, you cannot exit out of it to access the community tab. It will not go away no matter how long you leave it open. I’ve tried closing the app, updating the app, deleting & redownloading, and nothing fixes it.
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5 years ago, Chew bub
I’m dumb
i really had thought this app was to see if i was pregnant so i thought it was gonna scan my face to see if i’m pregnancy. but yeah no uhh it’s a good app if you if you jusy tryna look at your pregnant test. i hope this helpful
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7 years ago, dombie_
Great app
This app is to help you edit photos of pregnancy tests because sometimes the line is so faint it's difficult to see without editing. It does exactly what it's supposed to do.
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1 year ago, Dclayborne
Proceed with caution…
The app itself is great! There could be some improvements, maybe direct messaging or even an area to post for progression for YOUR eyes only and not the community to see. With that being said, there are so many BITTER, RUDE, DISGUSTING women on here belittling the other. I simply do not post anymore and only use the editing features to save to my phone. It’s honestly quite sad
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2 years ago, abrasivestew
When it works, it’s great
Most of the times I’ve tried using this app, it just sits and loads. Whether or not I’m connected to wifi, thinking the signal might be the problem, it never gets passed the loading screen. When it does want to cooperate with me, I love using it.
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4 years ago, jorden-hannah
I love this app, don’t get me wrong. But the people that are on here are sometimes really mean. People press negative when the test is clear as day and they are pregnant. They call women fat and tell them awful things. I won’t use this app ever again due to the fact that some women are nasty and mean.
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5 years ago, niccknammeisstakenn
The best idea!
I LOVE this app! Especially with the community option where you post pictures of your test and people can vote if they think it’s + or - everyone is so sweet! Y’all are awesome!
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11 months ago, hpatrice
All I wanted was something to confirm if my test was positive or not. Why should I have other people VOTE on whether I’m pregnant or not? If I wanted to do that, I would’ve just posted my test on a social media platform. Don’t waste your time getting this app. First Response, do better!! Just make a test checker on your website, not a voting platform.
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5 years ago, mayflower108
Love the new app!
The new app looks and works sooooo much better than before. I have an iPhone X and the app used to have bugs, but now everything is great. :)
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5 years ago, Whalefin87
Handy App
This is a great lightweight app that has all the tools you need to make reading a pregnancy test easier! Just take or import a picture of the tester, then enlarge and enhance.
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1 year ago, Mamaof20212223
So helpful
I love that people respond so quickly. Having so many tests with faint lines i was unsure of what was going on.
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1 year ago, JordynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnJay
Old version was better
In the old version of this app, you could see how many people said the test looked positive and how many said it looked negative. Now it’s like voting system. If 6 people said it looks positive, but 7 said negative, it’ll just say -1 instead of both answers. I’m not a fan.
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11 months ago, Sherkara Omega Gregory
Gave me hope again
Gave me hope again
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4 years ago, sarahp623
Take the “sample photo” off
I think it’s incredibly insensitive to have the picture of a positive pregnant test every time you open the app. When you’ve been trying for years, having that picture stare you in the face is the last thing you want to see.
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4 years ago, Me0ww03018
Need to be able to click users
I’d love notifications and to be able to click on a user and see their post history. Also, you can’t seem to unfollow people.
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3 years ago, MariahAle21
Love this app!🥰❤️
Hi, my names Mariah, I absolutely love this app.. Everyone on the app community is very supportive. We all are here for one reason, which is out BFP ( BIG FAT POSITIVE )! 10/10 recommended
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4 years ago, Lexit413
Lots of ads, but perfectly serves its purpose
Like I said in the title, lies of ads, but serves its purpose. I love having 30 extra pairs of eyes while remaining anonymous.
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5 years ago, ttcmomma
Great community!
This is a really good app for tweaking, but I’m really impressed with the community too. Everyone is so kind to each other! Love it!
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5 years ago, Eatmonger
Love the app!
Can’t see these strip results well. This app makes it way clearer. Awesome app! And I love the baby dust feature - nice touch!
Show more
5 years ago, Jeseaca
Annoying permission prompts
Persistent pop up when exporting photos that permission is required, even after permission is given. Photos don’t export, so the only way to save is to take a screenshot. I sent feedback, but the app hasn’t been updated in years, so I don’t know if the developer is active.
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1 year ago, Ash2thaley
Why did you Changed the voting?
Use to be able to see how many people agreed to positive VS negative on a pregnancy test. But now it’s gone…why?
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4 years ago, Sarah121819
Not a review sorry I do love the app tho but if it’s a evap line will it still show on the app?
Show more
1 year ago, nissahale
How do I log out I logged into the wrong account?
Need to log out it will not let me switch accounts
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4 years ago, Becca Lynn Bass
We wanted some body To have are three Babies
Can you Do that please give us this Review we wanted this so bad can you Do this for us please My Bobby Baby wants too Be.a Great Dad and a great father and a great husband too me and our Three perilous BabIes Bobby and Becca Lynn (Bass) Nicklos P.S. God Bless You
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7 years ago, Preacherswife4
Works well for tweaking.
Great app for tweaking those potential positives that are not yet visible. Fun.
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4 years ago, mrs.byrnes18
Doesn’t work
It won’t let me post pictures... says the video is loading and to try again and it still hasn’t worked. Been fiddling with it for several days. Not ready usable!
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4 years ago, mamabeare18
Great overall
Great app overall, but curious how accurate baby dust is? Is it accurate when it says congratulations on your BFP?
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12 months ago, knelson85
Too many ads
So many ads that you have to get through before you can post something. Its annoying
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