Pregnancy Tracker - BabyCenter

Health & Fitness
4.9 (232.4K)
177.5 MB
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Everyday Health, Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pregnancy Tracker - BabyCenter

4.88 out of 5
232.4K Ratings
2 months ago, GhostedbyBluee
Super dope!!!
I love this app a lot. I love how you don’t have to keep updating the app, but it has new updates without you needing to update. I love how it teaches you new facts each and everyday about your baby, I like how they tell you how many days are left until your due date, I love how you can join any community of other moms like you based on your preference. I have found 0 things wrong with this app. I also like the advice you get from This app. I haven’t needed to search up any questions because this app provides me with all of my answers without me having to search for them. The only answers they don’t provide is anything about your own personal health outside of pregnancy because ofc, this app is for pregnancy. But this is hands down the best app ever!! My mother used it with her pregnancies and I’m Using it for mine now! I highly recommend this app! And to others reading my review, I can guarantee and promise I’m not someone who owns the app typing this, I’ve been putting off doing a review just because I was lazy, but my experience so far is absolutely amazing. To the developers: the only thing I would recommend, is a video each month showing the baby’s growth. I feel like it would be cool to see that. But other than that, this app is perfect in my Opinion.
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2 months ago, More like 👍
Improvements to make using app more useful
Could have more options to track how your baby is changing at each visits with doctor. More of a personalized option. Every baby changes at a different rate in size and so on. Like at my 9 week ultrasound we saw the baby closing and opening his hands but the app saws that doesn’t happen until week 11. Also every week we had an ultrasound we saw the rate of growth increase each week. At week 6 baby was right on gestational size as the period date. We ended up getting another one at 7 weeks and rate increased by 3 days. By 9 weeks baby was growing at the rate of 10 weeks. It is cool to see the progression of your own baby. Normally you don’t get so many ultrasounds but I had a heart issue come up and also there is the option for pregnant women to get ultrasounds whenever they want to with 3D imaging clinics. I started looking for ways to track my health to keep me feeling the best I could. I learned tricks like drinking Pedialyte everyday helped my heart not speed up as fast and when I couldn’t get food down drink an ensure + helped me not feels so week at work. Also could work with health tracking apps giving pregnant women a personalized range for water intake, weight gain, calories and nutrients intake, and heart rate changes related to trimester. There really is nothing helping women track health while pregnant. Also maybe relaxation reminders everyday or a pregnancy sleeping schedule.
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3 years ago, MamaJaaade
Cute App
Love this app. I love how it has the birth club feature where you can ask questions/advice and hear all different answers from other mamas that are in the same time frame as you or even some that are further along or just more experienced moms(: it always helps relieve anxiety when I have questions and get answers from other moms that are going through the same things or know what you’re dealing with. I love how you can scroll through others post and answer questions you may know the answers to or the best advice you could give. The app all around is great! Cute features, keeps track of how many days/weeks are left, shows how your belly may look at your stage and tells you a bunch of little facts about what baby can do now or what’s happening with baby inside the womb 😊 gives you the estimate of how long baby is and the weight of the baby based off how far along you are. I can go and explain about every feature they have but this is one of the best baby tracking apps I’ve used! I have another 4 different apps also installed just to see different features or animations of baby (: but this is my favorite app especially because the Birth club feature! This is a must have app for pregnancy! Won’t regret it 😊
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4 years ago, aliblackburn92
Not correct and keeping track of date and more very disappointed with the app
I just downloaded this app to track size and the right days and weeks so can keep close eye on how far I am to my due date of March 26, 2021 as of yesterday aug 4, 2020 I was 6 weeks and 4 days I got on it today to see if it is calculating correctly and yet it still had aug 4th when today is aug 5th and so I tried to refresh it wouldn’t then I went to feedback and settings and back to home page it did end changing the date to correct date which is aug 5th but still states I’m 6 weeks and 4 days when the correct number of weeks and days for aug 5th would be 6 weeks and 5 days not 4 days for that was yesterday I know I went to my doctor yesterday so it should refresh every day and state correct date as well as correct week and day of how far along I are if nothing gets done about this I’ll recommend others to use an different app and not this one for it lacks right information and doesn’t refresh like should or when move page up to refresh and I will delete and find an better working app that is correct and works great and does refresh and has correct date and right weeks and days as well as days left til due date too for that effects things like baby weight size growth information and etc if isn’t correct on weeks days nor the right date and doesn’t refresh and lacks on the app and it is very important for people expecting to know the correct things
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1 year ago, RedHead_SlMThCk
I’ve had a lot of apps I recommend this to everybody that comes to my job and buy pregnancy test this app has never lied to me lol thank you I’m 9weeks 🤪 So I am now 32 weeks it’s a girl and the feelin is still the same I overly love this app I’ve been chatting with some other mommies about names and giving helpful tips or just simply reading and learning new things! Great app! Sooooooo I’m 39 weeks Xyla Reign is still inside me baking lol she’s been great very active and this app has been great as well helping me from names to her kicks to symptoms and monthly side effects mi baby bump etc app is great I love it still no complaints !! Sooooo XYla is 7weeks I can’t wait to read her 8week Milestone on the 15th of August this app tells everything it helps you out a lot teach you or just reminding you things about a infant/newborn She’s 3months & 2weeks y’all she’s a true gemini this app is still amazing teaching me new things and reminding me of things being that I do have a 13year old gemini daughter ! I don’t really use the app as much as I did while I was pregnant but it’s still a great app very useful I need it on my phone lol Well yalllll Xyla is a wild one 7months old and free lol I’m still using this app I still love it and it’s still highly recommend
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2 years ago, Lay Lay13
The best pregnancy tracker
I used this app 8 years ago with my first pregnancy and I really LOVED it! Back then they had short animated videos of the baby in the belly and what the baby may be doing along with videos of real women being pregnant. They have a live real vaginal birth at the 40 week mark and I loved seeing that! I couldn’t remember the name of the app because it’s been 8 years but luckily apple saves apps even with changing phones and having it deleted from my physical phone. I saw a pregnancy app that already in my cloud (thank god) and downloaded it again to my current phone and logged in! Loved the changes and how updated the app is and all of the information that is within the app! The ONLY thing I would add would be the live animated videos and the videos of actual mommas at least one per trimester to help out the 1st time mommas. 8 years ago as a first time momma I really enjoyed watching those videos, now the second time around I don’t need them but it would be cool to see at least the animated videos of each week of the baby and what the baby can do. But all around this app surpasses them all and it’s for FREE which is my fave part, your also connected with other mommas real time via a forum!
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2 years ago, willowim
AMAZING baby app for information
BabyCenter is a great app for moms, first time and returning. It gives you weekly updates about the growth and development of your baby, body and symptoms. They also have daily reads that correspond with all three, from topics like healthy eating to proper weight gain and managing a good relationship with your partner. The app has a forum where you can connect with other moms due in the same month as you and other forums to help with any questions you may have along your pregnancy journey. There’s a tools tab that also covers a variety of things you might need help with like categorizing your bump pics in a gallery with descriptions on the size of your baby, creating a baby registry, tracking kicks and contractions and many more helpful tools. I think I would honestly be a bit lost without BabyCenter, I check it everyday for the new reads and am always checking the forums to see what other moms are struggling with throughout their pregnancy. I’m a FTM and BabyCenter has given me the reassurance I needed to know I’ll be a great mom and at least have a good idea of how to properly care for my baby through pregnancy and after birth. :)
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3 years ago, Kei & babygirl2020💖😊💕
Babygirl December 2020
I’ve been using the what to expect App. The first 5months of my 3rd pregnancy and it’s also been a good App. But I found this one when it popped up in my emails and I LOVE it!! It’s very detailed and very informational, it’s more detailed then the WTE App and it has all kinds of good videos to watch about all kinds of things you will go through during pregnancy, I have to say I like it better than the other one and it goes day by day with my baby’s growth, not week by week only, it’s much more detailed and has way more information on it for all of us expecting moms to read and I like to watch the videos and see all the pictures so that’s a very good thing about it too! It’s a definite MUST HAVE!! I would recommend this App to any expecting moms, new moms or women trying to get pregnant, it will teach you a lot and it’s a great way to watch your baby grow and get a sense of what she looks like at this time in your belly, I use this App. Everyday or every other day, there is always something to me reading or watching and it never gets old to me! Thank you for making this App.!!! I love it and recommend to anyone expecting!💖 Good Luck to all the new mommy’s out there!!
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4 years ago, Uwrvryhgh
first pregnancy & looking for a support group? this is the app!
I’m 16 weeks pregnant currently & especially with what’s going on, you can’t really be in groups and find a great support system. This app makes me feel like I am surround with so many women who are going through what I am going through. Especially because I don’t want to be on social media(such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Just too many opinions that can mess with you), this app finds the groups you’re looking for & lets you join where you can chat with everyone. For example, I am due in December of 2020, they found a group for me that’s literally meant for babies that are due in December! You have ANY questions that are making you nervous? Post a concern & watch how many people will give you heartfelt advice and just give you some peace of mind. You are literally surrounded with so much support & you hear stories that make you feel excited and empowered. Sorry for a long review, I’ve just never felt so happy with an app that makes you feel so welcomed and supported with people you’ve never even met. It’s a beautiful feeling, again, especially with what’s going on. :)
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2 years ago, YeliakNotrevo
Perfect for pregnancy and postpartum 🫶🏻🫶🏻
Not even trying to exaggerate when I say this but this app is honestly amazing. I initially used it alongside other pregnancy tracking apps so that I could see how my baby was growing. But then I looked at the resources and tools they also had on Babycenter and I started using it primarily. Every week I found out so much more about my baby. I would keep pictures of my bump every month using this tool they have called “bumpie” and it made it easy to make videos showing the growth. Then when I was in labor, I literally used their contraction timer all the way to the hospital! It was perfect it kept track of how long each contraction was and how fart apart with the tap of a button. Now I read every week about what to expect from my baby and the best ways to help him develop. I’m now looking forward to using their sleep guide to help me get the baby to sleep better, growth tracker to keep track of his weight/height, and memories tool to keep pictures of my son. I’m really impressed with this app and all that theh out into it. If you’re pregnant, DEFINITELY use this!!
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12 months ago, Sisssyy2
Best baby app
I love seeing the baby progress every week! This app gives you in depth details about the size of the baby (comparing it to “Size of An Avocado” for example. Also gives you details about baby & what there going thru at the time, in terms of development. They don’t forget about mama either, they give you highlights of the changes and symptoms your body should be experiencing that week. I get so excited to read those, because than I’m more calm because I’m reading about it & say it’s a normal symptom. They also have articles of certain information of pregnancy related info, as well as chats with other expecting mothers. The app also helps you with signing up for baby registries, online classes etc. This is my first child & out of the few apps I tried this was my favorite (ended up deleting the other ones) I highly recommended this app if your expecting. Like I said it’s one of my highlights each week reading something new each time. Just like today, I’m 32 weeks & I'm about to read all the new stuff that’s going on with me and baby girl, for this week!
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2 years ago, Serenity Rose Montaño
Love the app
Love the app love how it guides you in development of your baby and how big your baby is getting it really helped me to bond more with my baby I took this information and enhanced it with researching and amplifying my spiritual connection with baby Would be nice to have a transition in thee event you deliver early and have a preemie sadly I developed placenta previa and some other severe complications. Also would be nice to have a something like Babylist as that app connects all stores and compares prices on things you add to your registry also would be nice to have additional tips and resources like breastfeeding and bras and breastfeeding pumps reviews on what’s good to use having this app to not just tailor to baby’s growth but also to tailor for when baby comes how to prepare also links to companies placenta encapsulation I tried this for the first time and wow really made a huge difference I have had other children and with this one was a totally different experience did the 4D packages aside from that did placenta encapsulation to heal faster and I am exclusively breastfeeding for and my preemie baby is doing phenomenally
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2 years ago, Firehousemouse
Great app for tracking pregnancy and early childhood
This app is great for tracking pregnancy, labor and delivery, as well as early childhood. The only thing I didn't like is comparing a fetal size to esoteric vegetables I couldn't relate to- wish they would use more common household items. Otherwise, the tips and suggestions were right on cue. The contraction timer was absolutely fabulous, and we used it extensively during labor. It included a “time from last contraction”, so we could anticipate the next one. Knowing the length of contraction allowed us to anticipate the peak and resolution of each one- a godsend. Now we're expiring the early childhood component of it. So far, so good. Once our little one arrived, I have loved the ongoing guidance and support from the anticipated developmental mile stones to be aware of, to the feeding tips, to other timely information, this app continues to be well worthwhile. I look forward to seeing it pop up on a regular basis to my inbox. With all the emails I get, it is one of the few I read fully. Thank You for the ongoing support and information. It is always timely and worthwhile.
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3 years ago, Purplgrashoper
Growth Guide
Since I was pregnant until now, nearly five years ago, and two kids later. I’ve been using this app. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained is so valuable to me, I always share it with my husband and friends. Its made me a more confident in rearing my children and finding what works for us best. I don’t freak out about much in their development either, because I know what’s coming. Most of the time my mommy-gut feeling about a growth spurt is on point! However, knowing what behaviors accompany those developmental milestones helps you evaluate what’s “normal” and feel at ease. Baby Center has helped me understand what my kids are going through and how to help them get through the transition. And most importantly- why I shouldn’t get so frustrated with them, as its not so easy on the LOs or us. I’ve used this app religiously since they were born, and will continue to for as long as you provide info on their age. I look forward to your emails in my inbox and I try not to skip any, otherwise I feel like I’m missing out on a gem about my own child. Love you Baby Center, keep up the good work!!!
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3 months ago, Sihwin
Promotes illiteracy
Title: a commenter on a post named mommariverkids stated literacy and reading/writing or lack there of has no connection to intelligent at all in anyway. This was disturbing and so I felt the need to correct this terrible and harmful information. I replied that if someone despite years of schooling has literacy issues they likely have a lower intelligence. I back this with scientific research stating the case (it said may because they aren't counting those that just weren't ever taught). Ofc this was the only thing she cherry picked and she also ignored the myroad neurological damages and effects to people of illiteracy. This turned into a muh feewings are more important than health and facts debate with a couple of karens appalled that learning disabilities do denote lower iq. Nobody ever said people are LESS but promoting illiteracy bc you want to pretend it's no different than literacy is vile and spreads a very wrong mesaage. Ofc after proving several karens wrong they ran to admin who deleted all of my comments but left the original momma illiterate supporter. So be aware that this app is communist, promotes medically neglectful and harmful advice, and the names on here are all terrible anyway so it isn't even worth it. To developer response: Nah I’m good, y'all make enough money selling the data of women and children. Keep your lefty communism to yourself.
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5 years ago, Aree04
1 Bro, 1 Sis, and Twins!!
I have been using this app/site for all of my pregnancies. My son (3), my daughter (1) and my up and coming addition. I have become reliant on the information that is provided (even after knowing what to expect) and attached to the support chat rooms. I have found virtually all of the information that I needed with the exception of this.... I am expecting TWINS! There is very little support on this app for a mommy expecting multiples. It would be helpful to know the week-by-week updates as it applies to someone brewing two or more lives inside them. While there is support in the “search” option, it would be nice to customize my immediate profile equip with growth updates, tips, and where to find the physical support groups in my area. The organization that provides the amazing entity that is BabyCenter has shocked me that mommys of multiples are not offered similar features as those of singles. I guess you never know what’s missing until it applies to you, otherwise I would have never known this area of support was missing for a specific market. I hope this is added in the future for other moms out their baking multiple buns at once!
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6 years ago, rs1201
GREAT APP (1st time pregnant)
We are first time pregnant/parents! I really thought this app was great! The milestones that I would personally hit during my pregnancy were pretty spot on according to the week by week notifications! I found it very cute and exciting to be able to see her growth compared to vegetables and fruit during our pregnancy! We had a lot of fun with it! Our daughter was born 2 days after her due date, so we were able to see where we were at each week on this app! I’m not a huge book person, so this was a much easier way to stay in tune to what already happened or what we could expect to happen! Sometimes we were like, oh that already happened last week or two weeks ago! Other times we would be excited and what was going to happen soon! I thought it was also very helpful because it gave us an idea on what to expect and gave ideas of what to ask the OBGYN doctors and nurses! I have been using it even since she was born and we are going on five months old now! Very helpful app!!! We will definitely use this app for our next pregnancy!
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3 years ago, Kelseeyyyyyyy
Free & better than other apps
Free App, better than the others that charge. I downloaded 5 pregnancy apps and of all of them this one was my favorite AND free. I put it on the home screen while the rest I’ve been checking to see if there’s anything different and you’re not missing out on important info by paying for the other ones. I think the information on this app is more positive and correct. I notice other apps like “What To Expect” especially is behind on the latest data and feeds the inner victim/negative expectations around pregnancy that I feel is a marketing tool more than a helpful thing. Things I knew before being pregnant like nail polish is hormone/reproductive disruptive, What To Expect was WAY off on the safety of that and other things and clearly didn’t do their research when the ingredients are right there for their “experts”. So I dropped them and went with this app which was the most accurate, positive, informative, and easy to use/navigate. Doesn’t pop up with annoying “upgrade” prompts either!
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4 years ago, 😁😁😁ddgxhcv
Miscarriage Support
I had a miscarriage and I had to delete my pregnancy from your app. 1- it’s horrible that the app doesn’t have any miscarriage support like my other apps do and you can’t even use the app unless you log that you are currently pregnant. Once you delete a pregnancy it just kicks you out. 2- I keep getting their emails for daily digest including things such as “I heard my baby’s heartbeat and I’m in awe!” That I received today. I would have LOVED to hear the heartbeat but instead I was told there wasn’t one. It was so painful to read that. My other pregnancy apps immediately stopped sending me these emails and instead sent me emails for miscarriage support articles. 3- even though I deleted the pregnancy from the app. I got a notification on my phone today updating me on my baby’s growth, how my baby SHOULD have grown by now. Again, my other apps obviously stopped doing this knowing how painful it is to see that after a miscarriage. 1/4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and this app is HORRIBLE at helping women through this. If anything it has made my miscarriage experience more painful. Whoever created this app has apparently never had or thought of someone who has had a miscarriage. It’s horrible painful and very insensitive of them. I’m already broken enough over this, and this app has made it worse.
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2 years ago, I'mVictoria
Love this app!
I’ve used this app and several others ever since I became pregnant in April of 2020, and BabyCenter is by far the best compared to the others out there. The articles and information while pregnant is great, but I wasn’t expecting to keep getting personalized articles about my child’s development and the best ways to help him along as he’s grown. He’s now over a year old, and I still get an article every week talking about what’s going on inside his developing mind and body. It’s really helpful as a parent, even if sometimes you just need to hear that you’re not the only one whose toddler is attached to their leg at all times and enjoys dumping an entire plate of freshly made food onto the floor after taking one bite. The bumpdate picture tracker is also great for pregnancy, and now I really like to use the growth tracker to see what percentile my kid is in after every doctor’s visit. All in all, if you’re looking for a pregnancy app that also helps you along once the baby makes their appearance, I highly suggest BabyCenter!
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3 years ago, Domonique 💋
Perfect pregnancy app
I absolutely love this app!! This app includes a detailed insight of your pregnancy week by week as well as a picture of what your child looks like in your womb. Also, it includes dos and don’ts, milestones during your pregnancy and for your child, and information on any topic that may pertain to your pregnancy, lifestyle, and even your child. I was a first time mother who had just delivered her first child in April 2021 so this app was beyond insightful on everything that I needed to know so and there is even multiple group chat threads that you can ask another mother out there a or you may just have information that you think other mothers should know without there being any judgement. Even after I had my child, every week I was informed about milestones and information that my child may be experiencing. This app literally has everything that I needed to know so it was the only app I used during my pregnancy, which I was glad about it, and even after I had my baby I continue to use it.
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2 years ago, Shyan316
Amazing App!
This app is amazing and very informative. I was able to keep up with my pregnancy by the week. I love the weekly alerts that let me know when how far along I was. I also love the information provided about the baby per week as far as how big they are, what is going on with them in the womb and also what is going on with my body. This app definitely helped with any concerns I’ve had about becoming a new mother. I also love that there is a section for when your baby is born so you can keep track of things like meal time and sleep which is super convenient! I rate this app a 10/10! I have only tried one other app and I found this app to be way better! Keep up the great work Baby center!!! Also there are way more perks in the app but you will have to download it to find out! One spoiler though, they have a contraction counter! How cool is that? It definitely helped me to determine when I needed to get to the hospital with my unborn baby in time to meet her! Again 10/10 BabyCenter!
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1 year ago, yessssssssssdssssssdss
Download it!
I’ve been using this app for a little over a year now. I found it when I was 4 months pregnant and my baby is now 11 months old. This app will litterally break everything down for you week by week. While you’re pregnant it’ll give you helpful tips and tell you a little about what’s going on in there, how their brain is growing, symptoms that you should look out for, and so much more. After your baby gets here it will still break it down week by week telling you what your child will either soon learn or already knows, what to look out for, helpful tips with colds colic almost everything. There’s also a “baby club” they will put you in with people who have similar age range as your baby (or as many weeks as you are) everyone is super helpful and supportive if you have a question like that. There are adds but no pop up adds which I love too! Seriously if your downloading a ton of trackers trying to find the best one download this!
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2 years ago, bsmikez
The best informative baby app ever
After 13 years I received news that I was pregnant again but since it’s been so long I felt like I needed information on how or what I would be facing being pregnant on a weekly basis. This app was very helpful to me at a time in my pregnancy I was high risk it helped me with information about my baby and about myself that I would later hear from the doctor. It felt reassuring even in the chat that most women was going through similar information. No longer pregnant I still use it because now it informs me on a weekly basis on the growing stages of the baby and what to do or what to expect. Long story short it’s nice to hear from your doctor what to expect but your doctor is not gonna be so informative every week with information on the baby or yourself it even feels comforting that talking to other pregnant moms can be supporting anytime or day . Give this a try your feel excited to learn something new every week about your baby .
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3 years ago, OddlyOlivia
Love IT!!!
I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and I just wanted something that would track my weeks and my baby’s estimated growth since I’m very forgetful. Each week there’s a section about your baby’s development, their length and weight, and a section about your own personal changes. It’s so informative and that’s really all I downloaded the app for. One of the tools I love is the “Is it Safe?” tool. It’s quick and easy to look for whether or not something is safe to do or have during pregnancy, I use it all the time when I’m unsure about something. There’s suggested articles to read each week as well as ones that directly relate to safety in the tool. So many other fun features on this app that I have yet to explore. What I probably said was confusing but just give the app a try, you’ll probably really like it Honorable mention- you can take “bumpies” or a pic of ur baby bump to track its growth. Haven’t tried it but that’s a cute feature I’d like to try sometime
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4 years ago, Ebil_lightbulb
Great app, bad ads.
My baby turned one year old yesterday. I turned in the app, excited to read some more but it was still on page 11 month, 4 weeks. No further information, no celebratory message for growing with them for a year, no recommendation for the years to come, no farewell message, nothing. You'd think, if everything comes to an end on the app, that they would maybe give us an ending of some sort? I guess I'll just delete it now. Thanks for being an almost daily visit for nearly two years. Byyye... -original review follows. I have had a great time with this app. Very useful articles and videos and I love the polls and progression. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch videos lately, in my last month, when videos are teaching me a lot. Why? Because I'm guessing you don't screen the ads that are used. I've had to avoid scary things my whole pregnancy because these hormones give me terrible nightmares. I also have a phobia of dolls. So imagine my dismay when every time I open a video lately, it starts with a trailer for upcoming movies that feature killer dolls. Fun... So now I'm missing out on informative videos that I really want to watch and could learn so much from.
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12 months ago, DNE93
Good fun facts, ultimately listen to your doctor!
No un-solicited ad interruptions with services, I love the bump selfie prompts (things I want to do but may not always remember), and is fun to see facts about not only my body but what “bump” is doing and growing ❤️ a new level of connection! I used this same app with my first pregnancy and it still has their profile as well! My biggest and only issue is the medical advice given on a topic **. I had went into the er with a subchoriatic hemorrhage and was told not to lift heavy things, to take it easy and let my body do its best to heal and not further damage the placenta. Out of curiosity, (and as I’m learning more about it), I liked it up in this app and it says to stay active and continue with exercise. I think the wording should be more careful, if it is much lighter then maybe it would be fine. But not in all cases. A generalization like that could get someone and their baby hurt. Other wise I’m still using the app and just opt to view the fun facts and I’ll listen to my doctors. Hopefully others do the same ❤️
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10 months ago, Pineapple Baby plus 3
Love it!!!
This is a great app! We have used this app for all three of our precious babies and it has been a great resource! When us women are pregnant, each week is crucial to a developing baby, so I loved reading what parts of our baby was developing what week, what foods were especially good to eat, how big they’re measuring etc! And this time around, our older two are 6 and 4, our 6 year old can read and he was interested in reading about his baby brother growing and what they were doing and our daughter would give me check ups after reading the articles together and repeat back to me how he was doing! Also I love the articles at the bottom of the home page, more great resources for us moms to feel more connected to one another or not so alone on our journey! Each pregnancy is different, just like each baby and each kid is different, but I love how easy it is to track the big and small milestones on here! Definitely download!
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2 months ago, dghfeyhh
Love it!
I’ve had this app with my first pregnancy and now with my second. I love the articles, videos, updates , the easy to follow week to week, and just tons of information this app brings!. If I have another baby I’ll have it for my third as well. I love that I can have my 3year old daughter information saved and articles to help with toddler years along with my new pregnancy information and articles. Just love how you can add on kids. I don’t have anything bad to put on this review. Plus everything is free and they help with free gifts and free breast pumps and with linking your registry's to enter a raffle. Edit: my new baby is now almost 2 months old and I still love everything I put down as my review only thing the free gifts and linking registry’s were confusing and hard because I never received anything that was shown in the app after attempting many times to get the free items and gifts so I’d give this app a 4 1/2 stars if I could
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6 years ago, Monakle
Excellent source of information
This app has been a Godsend for me throughout my pregnancy and during the first part of my baby's life. There is so much information and articles for just about any question I have. I am thankful for resources like this one and wonder how people functioned without them! I appreciate how positive and encouraging the articles are. Particularly the ones about problems. For example, my baby had jaundice when he was born. Reading the article about jaundice on this app was extremely informative and also encouraging. My hospital experience regarding jaundice was not so calm, so having something to read to tell me everything would be ok was very helpful. I also love the polls. It's interesting to see what others are experiencing that use this app. My only piece of criticism is that I wish that the app did not repeat articles so much. Some of the same articles I read during my first trimester popped back up in the third trimester. This is just a minor annoyance though!
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2 years ago, Roybel
New Dads secret weapon for everything baby and pregnancy
As a first time Dad I had no idea what to expect or when. I stressed about knowing what is normal and what is not, what I should be watching for and concerned about and what just is. Using BabyCenter a few times throughout each week of our pregnancy gave me everything I needed to know as a new dad with OCD. Because I worry I have developed a pesky researching habit whenever I need to make important decisions and knowing where to start is often the hardest part. I downloaded 5 different pregnancy tracker and education apps but after a few weeks, it was clear I only needed to use BabyCenter—it has everything I want and need to know. Thanks to the people who put this app together. I will definitely be using it as a refresher the next time my wife and I are expecting. BabyCenter earned a rare 5-stars and accompanying review from me, someone who doesn’t take the time to write reviews, I highly recommend it!
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7 years ago, Charfauros4
Better than other baby apps
I did my research before downloading a baby app. I'm on my 3rd child and I still found useful info in this app that helped me gain a better understanding of my baby before and after birth. The amount of knowledge that is at your finger tips just within this app is amazing. They really did their research. Everything I was feeling or questioning would pop up as a post right when it should. It was like a mind reader. Really helped me be more confident during my pregnancy. So glad I got this app. My sister had another top rated app and I convinced her to try BabyCenter. She loves this app way more. DOWNLOAD NOW! No regrets. Update: I love how this app does not leave you behind after you have given birth. I was surprised that it still tracked my baby by week AFTER birth. It is helping me as a new mom again(8 years apart) with useful info week by week. I'm getting back into the newborn baby game. This app is always a step ahead. It's that support you never knew you needed.
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2 years ago, Akijah Monae
Been using this app for years !
As someone without family , the help and comfort this app gave me during my pregnancy 4 years ago and again today , of knowledge and a plethera of blogs with answers and coupons , is unimaginable yet ,however here it is. Thank you. Suitable literacy for all new moms and spouses. 3D pictural updates of your baby’s growth and size comparison. Expected symptoms section at the bottom of every weekly report that have helped me ask proper questions at my prenatal dr check ups and even prepare myself ahead of time to look out for signs. With this app you can enjoy life and the one you’re creating with ease vs. the weight of the world wanting you to fear pregnancy and every little bubble gut feeling 😂. It’s ok mama ,you’ve found the right app. It’s also very free. There are also other moms within the app having community chats which I’m sure will be something you indulge in under your own discernment. Love and Light ✨
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8 months ago, Retrochic379
Great App
This app was perfect during my pregnancies. Loved all the features and how well monitored the boards were. Learned so much and felt a sense of community through my pregnancies journey. That part gets a 5/5. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars here is because now that my last baby is here, the parenting guide is off. My baby was born premature and her development is off by 7 weeks. It would be amazing if this app/site were to allow an option for parents of preemies. Even if it was just allowing us to go by their adjusted age rather than their birth date so we could get articles that reflected their current level of development. In the future it would be even better to get the entire immersive experience; articles, support features, all that good stuff. But again, I would be happy with a simple start like just allowing articles based on adjusted age. Still a fantastic app. It’s the only one I used with my pregnancies and the only one I recommended to all my friends!
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5 years ago, AngieHursh
Helpful info!
I have to say I do love this app. It makes me happy that have something to look at everyday for info. (I look forward to it so much every morning that I force myself not to look at the next days content, so I have something for everyday of the week). And getting to see where the baby is in development each weak is nice. A lot of the info I get from this app, especially the health information, has helped me learn new things, be prepared with more questions for my next Gynecologist appointment so I can be even more informed, and made me feel more secure and knowledgeable . (Having family that has given birth also helps, but there were even things that those family members learned from me occasionally because of this app). This would be a great app for those that feel like they don’t have access to a lot of learning resources also, because it’s free. Not to replace a doctor, but a great learning aid on the side. Thanks baby center for existing!
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2 years ago, Christianluv23
Content Mama!
Truly love this app! I originally found this application while completing my Master’s Program. We were required to review an application utilized by the American public that related to health and well being. I decided to study an app relating to pregnancy, considering my husband and I were trying to conceive at the time. BabyCenter caught my eye and I was(and am) truly impressed with what it has to offer for both parents. I especially like how I can connect with other mothers and stay up to date on different things relating to children. BabyCenter has been a true asset to my family: from the time I conceived and even now, I have been utilizing BabyCenter. I swear by it and now with my little one being 3months old, I cannot see how I would have managed without it, being a new mom! Thank you BabyCenter! I will continue to use this app throughout my son’s growth, waiting anxiously for new milestones I will see as he grows💜
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4 years ago, Swayyyuhh
I never leave reviews
dude i love this app. i love learning week by week what our little one is up to in there. this is my first child so i really utilize all the tools, articles, tidbits, and fun facts to be more aware of the little person im growing. i get so excited reading what vegetable or fruit our baby is likened to during that week in terms of size. ive made it a weekly treat for me to wait until the day of each new week to look at the baby's stats and it helps keep me motivated and informed and excited about what to expect! easy to navigate, countless publications from experts and moms, and fun to use. today im 37 weeks (im not crying, you are) and looking back from when i first downloaded BabyCenter, i really appreciate this app. it's actually gotten me through some tough times throughout my pregnancy by reminding me what a blessing and triumph and miracle it is to become and to be a mom. super duper grateful :,) go moms! we're superheroes and dont let anyone make you feel differently!
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3 years ago, Noopla48
The Comment Section…
I really enjoy this app. It has a ton of great Articles, Tip and tricks for First Time mother’s and mother’s Overall. It’s very informative and Provides me with a Comfortable feeling where I Can relate to other Women and hear they’re stories and experiences. I do like how you can make your own Post and comment on others to spark up a Good conversation… BUT The comment section is confusing. If I want to reply to someone’s comment on my post or vise versa it’s hard to tell which person I’m replying to. They duplicate a lot of the replies on the same post and I have to constantly scroll through the pages to try and Find the user I was previously commenting with just a few minutes before. They should simplify to a basic Post and have all Replies underneath. That way if I, or anyone else, would like to comment they can just go down and choose to reply to someone specific or on the Post itself. Something similar to what Facebook has would rate this app 5 out of 5 for me!
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3 years ago, Natalie318
“Irish twins” How this app has helped me with both my baby’s.
My First time useing this app wile I was pregnant with my 7month old. I wasn’t sure how I would like it at first I more or less used it to help keep track of the months and what I should be expecting that month/ week and so much more.. I am now pregnant AGAIN! Yes I said again!!! now 5months pregnant and will have Irish twins, (as I am an Irish twin myself) if you don’t know what that means it means they won’t even be a year apart. This app lets me track the growth of my 7month old his mile stones, things he is learning along the way and what he should be able to be doing and what to work on with him to reach goals he should be doing at his age along the way. with my pregnancy now I still use the app and added my pregnancy Just like it did before It gives me pointers on what to eat,!what to avoid, what good snacks are me for my baby and more. It gives me week by week updates on what to expect each week. What my baby looks like at each stage as I go and what the baby is doing and learning in my womb along with how he is developing and what’s developing at each week/month. By having the app it helps answer questions I have without needing to ask by reading my week by week. I LOVE THIS APP AND RECOMMEND IT. I love the fact I can add both my kids on the app and learn about each of the baby’s individually as they grow.
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5 years ago, truthitis
This is my first pregnancy so I’m interested in all advice and knowledge. I also like seeing what my baby looks like daily. This a personal preference and this app doesn’t really show images of what the baby looks like daily other than a video you can click on here and there. Also, the forums are confusing, they aren’t laid out self explanatory. I work in a technology store I’m actually a mobile expert and the way the forums are set up in the app are confusing. It says start a baby club where you can essentially talk to others, but there is no set button to do so and if you do find where to post it just prompts you to post and you have no idea where exactly that post is going. There are forums on top of forums and really only places to reply to people who have already posted somehow. Idk the interface and display wasn’t really satisfying to me, i had the app for two days and deleted. I downloaded another app that shows beautiful digital images of what the baby can look like daily and also get advice and talk to others. This app has a good concept but doesn’t really seem well thought out, user friendly wise.
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5 years ago, Forgetful Mom of 4
Mom of 4 who’s forgotten everything 🤷🏼‍♀️
Let’s be real for a second. Just because your a “mom of multiples” doesn’t mean you have it all together and figured out. It’s been 5 full years since I had a newborn, with 3 older brothers and now the 4th a little girl. To say things have changed in our household is an understatement. Lots of baby info also changes in 5 years and I’ve forgotten, well, just about everything. This BabyCenter app, let’s just say it’s a lifesaver. 10 years ago, starting out as a new mom, I had nothing like this to reference for ideas, comforts, information and laughter. Thank you, BabyCenter, for giving this seasoned, forgetful mom of 4 the help she needs while running around like crazy person. Such a peace knowing I have a place to go to help out with the details of a new baby, from remembering if cradle cap is lethal to when I should start solids. It’s all there, and so very helpful, from conception until now and beyond! 🙌🏽
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5 years ago, Kymnise
Absolutely Recommend
This app saved my life. I was 30 weeks pregnant and I read an article about things to look for and call your doctor. Mainly about things that may be dangers during pregnancy and call doctors immediately. Well the article talked about swelling and preeclampsia, etc. I had noticed some swelling before and planned to talk with my dr on the next visit. I was at work and my hands started swelling like the Nutty Professor. Called the Doc, they told me to come in, sent me for some blood work and the next day I was admitted to the hospital. The article was right I had developed preeclampsia. I had my baby 2 months early and that was emotionally exhausting but we are both doing well! I love this app because it is informative and helps get parents ready for baby, explain what you may be going through and helps with questions you may have about your body. It even prepares you to understand what the dr is talking about. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!
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2 years ago, thunderc00ch
At times more helpful than my doctor
This app is honestly great. I don’t usually rate apps but this one brang me a lot of comfort throughout my pregnancy and even into 9 months pp. They have forums that other moms and dads can use to help each other. Weekly updates on your pregnancy, symptoms, what your body is doing, what baby’s body is doing, stuff to ask your doctor & what to expect. They have weekly updates on what types of things your baby will be doing and things you can be doing with your baby as well as helpful tips for couples. They’ve got articles to read up on and even helpful videos for each stage (even after birth) They have tools like a place to store your weekly bump date and baby pic updates after birth. They have a feeding chart and sleeping chart guides as well as lullaby's to use?? It’s honestly crazy helpful, especially the forums! Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Chae0522
Deleted Profiles.
I got pregnant with my son in 2019 and was immediately drawn to this app, i loved it so much. I loved how it kept up with your pregnancy so well and all the facts it gave and every week I would read and see how big my baby was. I ESPECIALLY loved taking the bumpies and seeing how big I was getting. When I was about 32 weeks, I got on to read about my baby and I was logged out, I logged back in only to see my entire profile was deleted :( all my pictures everything was gone. I was super bummed about it. Now I am pregnant again with my second. I decided to give the app another try just because I loved it so much. I just recently tried to send one of my family members my most recent bump picture only to find out I was logged out my account yet again and when I logged back in my entire profile, pictures and all is GONE!!! I am so frustrated, I don’t understand why it keeps happening. There was other minor things that would happen with the app but by far the most frustrating thing is having my profiles deleted for whatever reason, and i’m not sure if there’s a way to get any of it restored.
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5 years ago, LeeLee BooBoo
The creators of this tried...
The women on this app are brutal and extremely rude and insulting and board owners take part in the harsh words as well (they should be neutral and just oversee things, not actually contribute). Wish it was monitored to create a community of support, instead it seems to function more like Facebook for high schoolers because the women feel the need to attack the others (I don’t have Facebook for this reason). Lots of close minded individuals on here that don’t know when to keep their one track mindedness to themselves. Besides from the participants of the site, it’s structured to be a bit more old school in medical information and advice. Not really giving the most accurate info but I guess its based on generalizing anyway in an attempt to appeal to more moms. If your a non vaxer... good luck to you on here. No info is provided about that aspect, only pro vaccine and if you bring it up, the other moms attack. Not really the most pleasant app but I see the good intent and that’s why I keep it. Good for tracking how far along you are in your pregnancy (which I guess you can use a calendar for). It’s a good app, but could most definitely use more work.
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2 years ago, hirfjo
Insightful baby development tracker
I read every update each week for my pregnancy and for my toddler. Each update for my toddler is pretty accurate and shares really helpful and insightful information on how to deal with tantrums and how to understand what he’s going through emotionally since they can’t communicate yet. This app shares great educational tips on my toddler’s development that helps me be more patient during the tantrums and outbreaks. As for my pregnancy tracker, this app makes me feel comfortable when I have questions or wonder if anyone else is going through the same things or having the same symptoms. It shares educational and healthy tips to be aware and stay healthy during pregnancy by sharing what to avoid and what is okay to eat. It’s also nice to know what size your baby is each week and helps you prepare for the actual day you get to meet your baby!
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1 month ago, kayleegjonnes
Highly Recommend
This app is truly amazing. Not only does it inform me about the changes of the baby and myself, but it has great daily facts. In addition, there’s amazing support groups that are very interactive which is helpful. I often see questions and comments about pregnancy that’s informative for my own and I love how the posts include a space where we’re able to converse about it. This is my first pregnancy and it feels not so much like my first since this app literally prepares me for what’s about to happen. It’s funny at my appointment’s when my doctor talks to me about stuff that this app already told me, I absolutely love it! There’s also the best videos on topics of breastfeeding, CPR, sleep preparation, and just so much more. It has so many beneficial additions that I’m not about to write a whole book about. Seriously, if you’re looking for an app, T H I S is the one❗️
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6 years ago, whatparty
What to Expect from Baby Center
When I became pregnant I immediately visited the App Store, eager to plug in my estimate due date. I downloaded three applications: Baby Center, What to Expect and Sprout. Baby Center was by far my favorite and eventually the only one I used mainly because the search feature was the easiest to use. The articles feature up to date information based on the latest science based research. You can also dabble on the more opinion based side and connect with moms around the world. What to Expect also had these features but I found it difficult to search for information and Baby Center has better SEO so I was often redirected to the app when searching outside of the app using Google and other search engines. Sprout has a cool graphic of a 3D baby and a nice journal feature (except it will delete your journal in error!) but not worth paying for and it lacked the community.
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5 years ago, Lllaaamarneris
Not well organized and hacked
It gets two stars because I like the community but it’s not well organized. It’s hard to follow threads and it’s hard to find different groups and it’s hard to go back and see a comment that you made. It doesn’t show you your comments. It just shows original posts that you’ve made. It won’t let you erase notifications. That would be helpful so you can delete the reminders if there was a TROLL on one of your boards. Oh it also doesn’t consider photos of discharge as inappropriate. In glow they require the poster to mark the photo sensitive so those who WANT to help the person out and view the photo can click on it. But in baby center you’re forced to look at it which stinks because sometimes you have to scroll past to find an old comment. I also think it’s hacked. Fake ATT winning spree things keep popping up INLY in that app then shut down everything I was working on. I have an iPhone. It’s pretty well protected and I don’t have that issue with any other app or even online. So that needs to be fixed. The app needs A LOT of help
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3 years ago, KateDawg87
Chat group is horrible
I would put 0 stars if I could. If you want to leave your opinion, your comment may be deleted if it doesn’t follow certain guidelines. I suggested that someone wait till after their pregnancy to get the Covid vaccine and I got an email saying I was disturbing the community. How was I disturbing the community? I am just trying to help. I know someone who lost their baby after getting the Covid vaccine. It’s not worth my time to have this app that deletes people’s comments. Someone could be trying to help you, but their comment is deleted. I am going to delete my account because I am not going to take part in an app that deletes comments in the chat. People should have the right to help people, even if it means it could be a different solution than everyone else has. The last thing I would want to do is disturb the community. I just think it is a not good idea to get a vaccine that isn’t studied enough and is experimental, especially while pregnant. I am entitled to have my own educated opinion on this subject. I guess people who review the comments don’t like that.
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