Premom Ovulation Tracker

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Easy Healthcare Corporation
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User Reviews for Premom Ovulation Tracker

4.76 out of 5
33.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Tiff. Nicole.
Track, learn, grow!
I used this app for a couple months back in late 2020 after switching from using a different app to track my menstrual cycle. My friend had recommended it along with the test strips. I had bought other brand ovulation test strips and was easily able to input them for tracking in the app. I originally was tracking my cycle to learn about my cycle and to avoid pregnancy. The time came just a couple months after tracking my ovulation on this app that we wanted to try to conceive. Since I had been tracking for awhile, I had learned about my cycle, length, and typical symptoms and so when the time came, I knew what to look for. Sure enough, I found my peak ovulation day and 9 months after my last period I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on her due date! Unmedicated, all natural. Talk about precise! Now as I am 7 months postpartum, I am again going back to this app as I prepare for my period to return. I am very grateful to have conceived on the first try and this app definitely helped me to track and learn about my cycle, which lead me to grow my sweet baby! I will share, my friend who recommended the app and strips to me is still trying to conceive two years later. So as helpful as this is, success stories may take time and ultimately, plans don’t always go according to plan. Be patient and forgiving. May God bless you through whatever journey you’re on.
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3 years ago, Lizzy17832
Amazing! Worked for me :-)
I had never tracked my period before. I am 39 years old and I honestly had never paid much attention to it. When my husband and I decided we wanted to have 1 more, I figured time is running out and I better do something to speed up the process. I didn’t have much information to enter when I first started because I did not even know when my last period was. Premom estimated my ovulation days and we tried for 2 months. Came to find out after that we had not had sex in the correct week at all. We missed ovulation by 7 days for the first 2 months. I decided to buy the Premom kit with all the ovulation strips. I started testing right after my period and this time, month 3, the app was dead on with my ovulation. The strips and the app matched which made me feel good. 8 days after ovulation, I was pregnant! I am so happy I found this app. Not only the calendar and testing, but the message boards. Women from everywhere will answer your questions and give you support. I had been a wonderful experience. Now I am using the app to track my pregnancy and I am still using the message boards for questions and support. For anyone trying to get pregnant, I would recommend this app and testing equipment 100%. #babydusttoall
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3 years ago, It was good but not good cv
Wish It Was Available Years Ago
Personally I use the app to avoid any further unplanned pregnancies, and for those who’d say “well maybe it wouldn’t be a problem if you....”, yeah I’ve already done everything except abstaining for the next decade of my life. Pills, shots, implants, condoms, spermicide, condoms with spermicide, diaphragm and then even the tubal ligation failed three years later! ELEVEN TOTAL PREGNANCIES, five live births, one fetal demise, four spontaneous miscarriages, and an elective abortion (don’t judge the circumstances unless you’ve lived them, so talk to me after you’ve lost as many as you’ve been blessed with) and I was taking some form of contraceptive every time! So now I’ve foregone off all the standard contraceptives in exchange for following this app! I just abstain during my ovulation window, monitor my cycle closely, yes okay I still use condoms, and I log every sexual encounter down to the minute afterwards! I’m only giving it four stars because I wish there was a function change for past-moms in addition to the Premoms, since I’m so far past my limit, past having anymore kids, past other contraceptives, and just over all of it! So good luck to the women that are struggling, all’s I can say is that the grass is always greener! Please update this app to include features that will enhance my probability of NOT getting pregnant again! Thanks for the app tho, great tool to take matters into your own hands!
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4 years ago, Boo turns 1
Amazing App, but Hate the Latest Update
The app was recently updated for a new look. It has a few positives (like more easy to tell the months apart on the calendar), but a lot of negatives - the indicators in the calendar of key days (bbt spike, LH spike, BD, and CD) have become super super tiny symbols that are hardly legible even for a young person with a giant phone! They used to be a full color on the day or a larger symbol that made it a lot easier to look at the calendar as an overview. It also entirely erased PDG results from the calendar and you can only see it in the test tab now. And it got rid of flow ratings which I was very reliant on!! And the new features are odd - a check mark when you enter data for a day and a squiggly line on some days that are not value added. And the home screen now has a graph but it doesn’t serve much purpose over the full graph tab and instead just makes the buttons for inputting data smaller (notes, bbt, symptoms). The biggest button is to jump to the test screen, which is not needed because it is the same as clicking the graph tab one inch away. I miss the old format of the app and wish I could go back. The old app was almost perfect. Overall it still tracks your cycle very well and the opk reading is unique and very value added. I do recommend the app, but I hope the next update takes more of this user experience into account.
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5 years ago, lenude
This test and app has helped me soooooo much with my body I’ve been out of wack (mentally) thinking i wasn’t ovulating even set an appointment with doctors to check so happy I went this route first I started testing the day after my period (my cycles ranges between 28-35 days, I know it’s crazy) cause it’s difficult and I didn’t want to miss a beat so days 1-4 i tested low the numbers started out at 0.3 then 0.19 and started to rise on day 3 it was 0.21 I was a little discouraged because it wasnt that high from the day before but on day 4 it was 0.43 😃 but it still detected I was low but I was happy seen that my numbers doubled it gave me hope I was on the right track day 5 it went down one 0.42 but again I tested late (I work long hrs no breaks) this is day 6 and I’m 1.21 and MY c line beat the Test line on the strip!!! I almost fell off the toilet 🚽 I haven’t seen this on a test in YEARS! So anxious to know if this is really true I went out and bout a clear blue digital ovulation test and I am at my PEAK!!! My eyes are still watered because I thought I was a woman that wasn’t able and needed more (meds,doc visits,etc.) and this test and app has been dead on while my other app was saying I didn’t ovulat for another 12 days turns out I started ovulating within 5 days after my period so glad I made this choice!!!!
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3 years ago, incoherentDream
works great!
UPDATE: I’m sorry it took me so long to update this review but the app is, once again, working as intended. Which is great! It may even have been a me problem as after a simple reboot of my phone (I know, facepalm for not having tried that to begin with) it seemed to have started working correctly on my next use of the app. I am leaving my original review in case it might help out someone else but am now giving this app a five stars because, well, for a free app it honestly deserves that. Thanks for the app! ~ Original review: USED to work great but now it won’t work at all for the main reason I use it. It won’t take progression photos anymore. It either freezes on a loading screen when taking the photo and never resumes and I have to restart the app to find my photo not there, or it resumes as thou the photo is taken but there’s no photo. I had a similar issue with photos a while back but it started working again, now it’s even worse than before. I love how they keep adding all these other features thou while they’re most useful feature, and probably the one most people install the app for, no longer works. I guess I’ll have to find another app to use.
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2 years ago, SavyMac88
Great if you’re trying to get pregnant!
I got this a few months ago when my husband and I started trying to get pregnant because everyone said timing was super important as we’re both in our early 30’s. The app combined with the ovulation test strips is awesome! I love the little notifications that pop up on your fertile days telling you it’s time to “do the baby dance” 🤣🤣🤣 I literally just take screenshots and text them to my husband, it’s hilarious. I’ve also learned so much about my own cycle and love that there are example charts to compare your charts to so you can see how different or similar your cycle is to others. I’m not pregnant yet BUT this has given me the confidence that we’re doing the timing bit right and I’m comfortable continuing to try without going to see a fertility doctor for another few months at least. If you’re someone who’s been on birth control religiously for years and you’re now actually trying to get pregnant, I highly recommend this app along with their easy at home ovulation test strips!! I never thought much about my cycle timing or ovulation when taking birth control, so I needed some help figuring that out and this has been SO HELPFUL!!
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4 months ago, Leeleebbyy
At first i was extremely skeptical about this app, but frankly it is the best app i have had so far to accurately track/calculate my period and ovulation time. Easiest way to track your ovulation as well, i started using the strips and at first i was extremly confused on how to use it but after researching, i got it down. If your trying to track your ovulation because your not sure when your supposed to, i tested 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, night)until it started getting higher throughout the testing period, then ill go to 2 times a day (morning, night). It was able to accurately show me when the ratio started climbing, found my peak. I was finally able to know when im ovulating for not just one cycle, but it accurately would tell me when i am ovulationing in each cycle period. So i tried conceving for months, and i eventually was loosing hope for a second, until the app reminded me i had a peak fertility one day, did my dougie😂, and then i finally had my missed period and BFP💙 the premium is also so worth it, so definitely try that out. This app is more accurate then any other one when it came to tracking my ovulation and period. Thank you pre mom🫶🏽
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2 years ago, Home Health Nurse01
Positive pregnancy test
31 yo and my husband and I have tried to conceive for 2 years! I started doing these Premom ovulation kits, and it predicted exactly when I was ovulating! I just had 3 positive pregnancy test, and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am! I’ve cried so many tears, because after negative after negative pregnancy test I was afraid I would never get the opportunity to be a mother. In fact just last week I went to a fertility doctor and after a vaginal ultrasound I was told I may never have kids. I cried so many tears at the though. I am definitely not forcing my beliefs on anyone, but I know God has everything to do with this! I am also very thankful for these testing strips because it helped me keep track of my period as well as my ovulation times! Of course I haven’t gone to the doctor to confirm, but the fact I’ve even had a positive is more than I can say has ever happened before! I also say this to say if you are in your waiting period do not give up, and if you do believe in prayer know that God is listening to you even if you think he isn’t. I’m so thankful to God for this miracle, now just prayers for a healthy pregnancy!
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10 months ago, jay plescode
I got pregnant
I love this app umm since being put on blood thinners it was hard to track my pds and how long they truly were because they changed a lot. Sadly at first I didn’t think I was going to be able to have more kids due to my blood disorder but that wasn’t true at all. So here we are about three years into using the app and the test strips I finally got my positive pregnancy test two years and nine months ago. It was all thanks to this app and a very lifestyle changes and supplements and boom we were pregnant with or third baby girl in October of 2020 my first time seeing a positive pregnancy test at home. Here she came June 2021 with the help of this wonderful app. It also keeps every there so when need the information for your doctor just open the app. As well as the Information needed to A. For a baby B. To skip making the bay timing is everything and this app gives you everything in one place in order for you so be successful as possible it whatever you choose good luck and blessings on your path
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1 year ago, Why must I create a name
Could be good but a lot of downside and inconsistency
I used this app for a few months after a friend recommended for LH strip testing after getting off birth control as I have PCOS and wanted to get off birth control to maintain as much fertility as possible. The app was incredibly hard to read and understand with pop ups everywhere trying to get you to buy things (which, no thank you!) Never once was I detected positive for ovulation (which could have been the PCOS and getting off birth control can cause inconsistency in cycles) when 3 other apps I was using were able to accurately read my test strips and detect my period while this app was days off, multiple months in a row. I also have had friends report a lack of accuracy in testing so would definitely recommend using multiple apps, which begs the question, what’s the point in this one? That being said, I love the premise, but their advertising, lack of user friendliness and privacy laws, etc are a huge concern after they changed them recently. Not only do they want you to pay for a million different added features, They can share with whomever and whoever they please (which means more $$$ to them at our expense) and that begs to question privacy issues over identity, email, passwords, etc. the internet is a crazy place. Wouldn’t recommend if they don’t change this
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3 years ago, microisme
Spot on with ovulation day when used with opk
I was using two different apps to track my ovulation. Since I tend to have long LH surges I wasn’t sure when I had actually ovulated (I don’t temp). One app said I would ovulate the say after my opk turned positive and Premom waited until it saw my peak LH to tell me when I would ovulate. So when I got my positive pregnancy the first app said I was 11 dpo and Premom said I was 9 dpo. With my previous pregnancies I never had a positive later than 10 dpo so with that I thought Premom was most accurate. I also ovulated very late in my cycle (CD20) so it was very hard to wait and I would have missed my fertile week if I had based it off of my previous cycles as they have been no more than 25 days long. Also I did have what I thought was a positive opk at day 12 but using the picture comparison proved that it was indeed not positive as the test line was slightly less than the control line. Just another example of how useful this app is. The reason why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because getting to previous data is hard and it’s not obvious how to access the pictures that were taken in ttc mode while in pregnancy mode
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1 year ago, iTunesAcct
Update changed the way OPK strips are entered and appear
The most recent update to the app changed the way photos of OPKs are lined up and entered into the app. All of my easy@home test strips were perfectly lined up within the app, and this update has altered the way the OPKs appear and are lined up compared to the ones entered prior to the update. Also, they still havn’t fixed the progress bar for the money-back guarantee. I have 7 consecutive green cycles that meet the requirements to be “valid”, but it is still saying I only have 4 valid cycles. Then, on the page that shows my OPK tests, it says it’s the 1st of 9 cycles. Again, I have 7 consecutive green cycles, so it’s not the 1st. If you look at version history, the info they posted about the new version is just a copy/paste of what they included for the past 6 versions, and all it says about what’s new is “optimize user experience”. My user experience has definitely NOT been optimized with this latest update. Finally, the last few boxes of easy@home LH tests have been developing blotchy. I’ve been using them for years and they’ve never been like this. I contacted Premom support and they claimed “ Normally the slight difference in appearance will not affect the reading as the T/C ratio is generated by comparing the color intensity of the T line with that of the C line.”
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3 years ago, jesstiki
Great OPK test!
I was diagnosed with PCOS over 3 years ago. As a 33 year old childless women, I have had to make a tremendous amount of lifestyle changes. I recently went back to my gynecologist and my doctor and I received an ultrasound as well as bloodwork. Turns out, my ovaries are perfectly healthy with no more cysts and my hormone levels are perfect! I’ve always had problems conceiving, as I have never been pregnant(to my knowledge). My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for over four years now with no success. Here I was thinking I was not ovulating and that I was less than a woman because of this. I have had endless nights of tears. I have had months of full moon meditations and PCOS healing ceremonies. Maybe I was misdiagnosed in the beginning, or maybe I have learned to manage and heal my ailments with the power of my subconscious mind. At any rate, when I received my peak results on the test strip I was completely blown away! I’m excited to see what the future brings and I would highly recommend this product!
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5 years ago, I want a baby!
Love this product!!!
This product has given me so much joy with knowing what’s going on with my ovulation phase. I’ve used the same ovulation app for years to help me know my expected period and fertile days. It helped me with decreasing my chances of getting pregnant since I can not be on birth control and let’s be honest...I don’t want to always use condoms with my husband. But now that we are ready to get pregnant I became more curious of knowing my exact ovulation day so I wanted to give a more accurate methods of tracking it a try. Surprisingly my app is off by a few days when tracking my expected ovulation day and this product helped build my confidence of getting pregnant sooner then later. I’ve heard many stories of couples trying for 6 months to years and I would love to get ahead of this journey by increases my chances of get pregnant from the start of us trying. This is my first week using the LH strips and I’m currently ovulating, having more sex on the days that count the must lol and hoping for the best. I wish everyone well with their journey. ❤️
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3 years ago, jainahy
Ovulation Test Kit
Me and my husband had been trying for 6 months we even went to our doctor and they didn’t really give us much information basically said until we had been trying for a year there’s nothing to worry about. My friend is the one who told me that o need to get an ovulation test kit so I know when I need to be having sex and the app made it so easy to keep track so everyday I would pee in a cup and use the rest strip and after the month of testing I got pregnant! The app even tells you that your ovulation levels are high and tells you to have sex lol I couldn’t believe it!! Turns out a lot of women don’t just so happen to get pregnant by chance and that we only have a small window each month. I am so thankful to God as it was driving me crazy and making me depressed and wondering what was wrong with me why wasn’t I pregnant yet? It’s definitely something that should be talked about more but with this kit, instructions and app it made it so much easier!
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2 years ago, Jiffyje
Amazing company, great app and support. Would recommend!!
I started to track my LH hormones after being unsuccessful in getting pregnant for over a year. Premom was an incredible help in understanding how to track, what each hormone was, and ultimately the reason I went to the doctor for fertility help. This app, while not without faults, has become something I use daily now, not only for testing LH surges but for tracking periods and keeping a diary of how my body is feeling. The amount of times I’ve open this app to explain to my doctor my symptoms is insane. Honestly I couldn’t imagine my pregnancy journey without Premom. On an additional note, the community within Premom has been a rock to me through my losses. These are women going through the same thing as me, helping to understand charts and offering emotional support that not even my family could offer. The app is easy to use and I would recommend to anyone needing an extra help in their Ttc journey!
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12 months ago, babyBeckman
I have 3 beautiful children. We tried for two years for our 3rd. It took a medicated cycle and tracking to achieve him. The whole second year of TTC our 3rd I used Premom. I learned all the knowledge I didn’t know I needed to know in order to conceive and track my cycles. The moment I was introduced to the app I became obsessed. We started TTC our 4th 7months ago when my cycle returned after having our 3rd baby. I am 34 and my husband is 38. This is our 3rd medicated cycle and hopefully will be the winning month. However without this app, the LH testing strips and HCG strips I would be lost. Trust me, “winging it” may not get you to your goal of conceiving any faster. You most certainly could fall pregnant so much quicker if not immediately with knowing important information this app provides to you. Get this app, purchase their testing strips and dive into this community. I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. Not ever. Best of luck!!!
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2 months ago, MinnesotaMeg
Shaking as I write this!! PREGNANT!
This app really knows when to ask for your review, because it’s the day I just got a positive pregnancy result after our first try. I realize how lucky and blessed we are as someone closely related to many girls going through fertility challenges, and we know the road ahead is not guaranteed! I started using PreMom to get in tune with my body about a year ago, mostly using it to know the signs of when I’m ovulating and help predict my periods as I was not trying to get pregnant but wanted to be prepared when we were ready to try. Because of PreMom, I knew that I would be ovulating the night of our wedding which created a special joy of a first try. And two weeks later, a positive pregnancy test!!! It’s still early and I know nothing is guaranteed, but I have PreMom to thank for helping me get in tune with my body’s symptoms to know exactly what is happening at the right time. Just brimming with joy right now!
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7 years ago, jmich77029
simple to use, accurate and comprehensive.
Why can the TTC process be so disconcerting? I am looking for an easy tool that get results. Premom may very well be my answer. It is unique in that it allows me to integrate the data in a way that makes it easy to understand. The display screens give me everything I need including: period log, progression test tracking feature, Bluetooth sync BBT readings. The calendar screen is quite inclusive capable of marking: period, LH peak, BBT spike, fertile window, ovulation day, PdG positive. Charting is digital with Premom allowing all BBT temps to display in a coverline so I can see my cycle trends. The temps automatically sync with Easy@Home basal thermometers, which makes using my BBT experience unified. There is also a shopping screen, i can see other products that can help on my TTC journey that I haven’t tried. Overall, I would say Premom really takes data and makes it simple for the best results. Premom seems comprehensive yet not complex to use or interpret, simple
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2 years ago, fghmvvnbcg
Inconsistent and inaccurate
Where do I start with the inconsistencies? The period predictions are never accurate and have gotten way worse recently. This month, it predicted I would have a 19 day cycle when I’m almost always 26-28 days. I’ve never had a cycle that short. Then the photo analysis of the ovulation tests are never what they should be. I’ll have a clearly peak day, and it only registers with a low number. I’ve taken a photo of the same test a minute later and it’s a different result. Ovulation is never accurate on this app versus when I absolutely know I’m ovulating. What’s the point in using this if I have to continually manually change the period days and ovulation days? I also have the Ovia app and it’s waaaay more user friendly and accurate (the difference in period days right now compared to Premom is hilarious) and not loaded with ads to get you to buy the “premium” paid for version that allegedly *drastically* increases your chance of pregnancy. Very classist to advertise that if you PAY, your chances of pregnancy go up significantly. Apparently only those who can afford the paid for version will surely get pregnant. Really lousy advertising, Premom.
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3 years ago, Hailey Justonemoreplz!
Having a little trouble lol
I am one of those people who thinks I can figure everything out on my own and barley scanned over the instructions before starting. I somewhat know what is going on, but not really & I cannot find the instructions at all. It told me I was at my peak when both of my lines were faint… I thought they were supposed to both be dark. Also, what happens if I have the most erratic cycle ever. It can be your typical 28-30 days one cycle, then 60 the next, then 44, then back down to 30. How much does this affect me getting pregnant? I have had no problem in the past ( I am 33 with 3 children ), but my current husband and I have not used protection the entire relationship and have still not conceived ( as to why I am trying this method ). I am also allot older than when I had my first three. I was 19, 24, 28… now I am 33! Thank you for listening ladies and ANY direction would help!!!
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5 years ago, cstudlien
Great support group. Easy to use! Affordable!
I honestly think the best thing about easy@home is the Facebook support group. Being connected with other women who are experiencing similar situations is amazing. You can find someone to connect with on any level or any topic. This is not a topic that is fun to talk about to the general public, family or friends. They always suggest, “you’re stressing too much,” “You work out too hard,” “it’ll happen when you’re not trying” and other various similar comments. They aren’t meaning to be hurtful and think they are helping, but internally you’re screaming inside, but you smile to be polite. When I’m feeling down and get on the site and see people are supporting one another and immediately I feel comfort, support and an uplifting spirit! Also, test are so easy and it’s just nice to know if you’re ovulating or not. I would suggest this brand to everyone. It’s easy, affordable and you have the BEST support group out there!!!
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5 years ago, Lakota L.
I just downloaded this app from a different app. My reason was because I liked how I could buy a thermometer than would automatically sync my readings to the app. My old app did all that this app does besides the Bluetooth thermometer. One thing that is a BIG disadvantage is that this app will only let me enter information from the last year. This app claims to provide predictions from your unique cycle by the user providing as much information as possible yet it only lets me backlog information for the last year. I would like to enter all my periods and pertinent information since I began menstruation (2014). I also think the app could improve how to enter backlogged information. It takes a lot of time to use the calendar view and go back to months to enter information. I would like a “log data” button that I could enter all my past periods and click enter rather than having to swipe to one month enter my period have the calendar take me back to the current date and have to swipe back to the next month to enter that past period.
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3 years ago, Busy Mommy of 4
I was skeptical at first because my levels were consistently low during the first month of testing. I though there was either something wrong with me or wrong with the app. I’m 38 and my husband 44 and we’re trying for golden number 5. Since we have a short window due to my age, I wanted to make sure we were using our time wisely. With periods that I thought were irregular, I didn’t think we would be able to pinpoint my LH peak without help. Boy...when your LH is surging it’s incredibly obvious. Went back to back days with .12 at 12 p.m. and .22 on my early evening tests. On the date the app said my surge would occur, my 12 p.m. test was .12, at 2 p.m. it was .22, at 5:11 p.m. it was .66 and at 6:43 p.m. it was .92. The next day at 8:28 a.m. I hit my peak at 2.25. The test is so accurate and easy to use...especially when the app tells you through a color coded system what’s happening with your body. It really does take all the guess work out. Best part, it adjusts based on the information you input. For instance, when I plugged in my period dates it gave me a projected LH surge and ovulation date. As I tested and input additional LH tests, the app adjusted and told me my ovulation date was one day later. Can’t say enough good things. Now mind you this all just happened yesterday and today, so I have no idea if it’ll lead to a baby, but at least I know my body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.
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3 years ago, uhhfukyouu
I didn’t have the test strips and still got prego!
For 2-3 months we having been trying for our first baby. With multiple negative test i kinda got worried that I was infertile. So, I went straight to the App Store to find the best app that could help. Stumbled across this amazing app. I put all my info in from my first and last period of that month. After my period, a few days later I got a notification saying high/peak fertility. So, we tried it and basically said if it happens it happens if not on to the next step. Well, two weeks go by and we both get a gut feeling to just check after almost 3 months of trying there was no need! I finally got pregnant!! I will definitely be keeping this app and using it for my future kids!❤️ (Also, this helped a lot with giving the OBGYN the correct date on my first period, bc the first visit I accidentally put the wrong date. All fixed though!)
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1 year ago, jpolony
Such a supportive community!
I love Premom! Been using it now for 4 cycle while TTC. This app has helped me take hold of my TTC journey while educating myself and becoming and expert with my cycles. The part I love most is the community section of the app where we can ask questions and read in others’ experiences! The women are super supportive and uplifting I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s absolutely a game changer because women often have so many questions and here we get them answered and usually within a few hours. For me, that helps lower my stress and anxiety lol. I also love the interactive videos which also helps get a lot of questions answered as well as the visual chart of my LH readings. I can’t thank Premom enough for putting together the best fertility app out there! I will DEFINITELY not stop using this app until by baby dreams come true! Haha hopefully this is our lucky month! 👧🏻✨👶🏻✨ #babydust
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2 years ago, Ally511
It used to be a great app
This app was great when I used it a few years ago. It was very simple to use and I got pregnant my second month tracking with the ovulation strips. Now it’s just plain frustrating. I’ve had a baby and miscarriage so my cycle is a little funky at the moment. First of all, when you log that you’re pregnant, the opening screen is a big picture and information of how big your baby would be (cool in theory) BUT they make it sooo difficult to find where to log a miscarriage, so meanwhile you get a big fat reminder of the child you lost. Additionally, it readjusts your cd days based on its period predictions (which isn’t always accurate). So while I have a 40 day cycle now and should be on cd 30, it says I’m on cd 8 (based on its predictions) and that I’m in my fertile window. I wish it would just go off of the information I logged. If I haven’t logged a period yet, assume I haven’t had my period yet app! Plus it constantly tries to get you to upgrade to the paid subscription. It’s a bummer that such a great app has become such a pain to use.
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3 years ago, Melinda138804
Best app ever
I used this app last year after it was recommended by a friend. I was trying to get pregnant around December 2019 and after trying for 3 months and it not happening, I was worried. I know compared to some people that isn’t long at all, but you spend a lot of time trying to prevent it so I thought it would happen in one try. Plus I was 32 and not sure how my body would take it as a first time mom. I followed the typical 14 day rule for ovulation for those months. I started to track and realized I actually ovulated on day 16! I got pregnant in March with my December 2020 baby! My friend was trying for several months and I recommended her these strips too. She ovulated on day 3! So we were both missing our windows completely! I’m now tracking again to know what days to avoid but also so when I am ready next year, I will know when I ovulate! Can’t recommend this app enough!
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3 years ago, Kat Hundley
Got pregnant right away!!
My husband and I use NFP (natural family planning). Our original method was a flop for us. I have very irregular cycles. Have seen 2 different OBs for an explanation. Was told I was possibly not ovulating properly. We were very discouraged and upset that we would never find a method that worked for us. After my sister and her husband, who also practice NPF, switched to these sticks we figured we’d give it a changer. Turns out I am ovulating. My original method of using the clear blue monitor (plus checking cervical mucus which just didn’t work for me) wasn’t sensitive enough for my body for whatever reason. I now feel like I have a much better understanding of my body. Although my cycles are irregular, I have a better (and inexpensive) way to track my ovulation that is actually effective. After only one cycle of using these sticks I got pregnant!! We couldn’t be happier with this product.
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2 months ago, henrysjenf
I’ve been impressed with this app and the test strips. I’ve used competing apps and competing strips and been incredibly disappointed. Premom really comes through. I love that you can ask experts questions (for a small fee) - I love that there isn’t a ton of extra plastic packaging with the test strips (unlike Clearblue). I love how you can keep testing during ovulation (unlike clearblue that “locks” the test once you get a positive). I have found the quantitative strips extremely helpful - it allowed me to understand that I had two LH surges. I’ve submitted feedback on the app and gotten a quick and kind reply (from a human!) and their content on tiktok is also so helpful. Overall I’m just really pleased- these days it’s difficult to find a product that is worth the money- and that is also a good deal for the money! Keep up the great work
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4 years ago, bring back last version
Extremely accurate!!
I will begin by saying I have no yet convinced, but I am extremely impressed with this app! I also have the Flo app but premom is 99.9% accurate. I was on the birth control shot for 4 years prior to this and got off because I wanted to ttc of course. I started tracking on my 2nd to last period before this one which was waaaay out of whack and everywhere. I would have about 5 day breaks in between and would take ovulation tests without knowing I was going to bleed again. By time it said my “second cycle” was supposed to start, it did just that. Surprisingly my period only lasted 6 days so I was pretty happy about that. On CD 21 it said I was going to ovulate, and I did just that. I was so happy and surprised that it was actually right since my cycle before that was crazy. Knowing that I’m actually ovulation gives me a lot of hope and that’s all thanks to premom!
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3 years ago, spicydorito
Test strip log good - everything else nope
The constant pop ups trying to get you to sign up for their pay features are super annoying and will freeze up the app when they pop up when you are trying to log your tests or other data! This app has really gone down hill since they introduced the subscription tiers. The community set up is terrible! Posts are “sorted” into tabs by hashtags people use but most of the time people are using a ton of different hashtags so really there is no order. They really don’t take into account people who may be having fertility problems who want to use the community but have to scroll through a ton of pregnancy and ultrasound images. If you don’t want to see constant images of pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, bellies or people’s CM and bleeding you are better off not using the community feature at all because there is no other way to avoid the images. The new image blur feature they have only works if people use certain hashtags which a lot don’t. I’ll be deleting this app after I get through all my test strips.
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3 years ago, DeeDee028335
Love this App
Instead of wondering and guessing your ovulation! This App gives you the exact ovulation peak and high ratio by simply taking a picture of your ovulation stripe tests this is honestly an amazing app ! I will update you guys with MY BFP TEST! This application is more then fuqin amazing! I recommend all my friends and out 11 five are already pregnant! Honestly I have no problem with becoming an advisor for them since I have over 9,000 friends on FB ! NO LIE THIS APP IS AMAZING! I would give it over 5stars if I could and NO PPL I MEAN NO ONE IS PAYING ME TO SAY THIS IAM DOING THIS ON MY VERY OWN FREE WILL!! And trust me I would Neva rate something I have never tried ! So I give my viewers nothing but the truth so on another note lol !!🪄🎉🎊BABY🌌🌌 DUST TO ALL THE FEMALES 🎆🎆(TTC) =trying to conceive🎇🎑🌠👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻 Elaine Gonzalez From Northern New Jersey ☺️🤰🏻👨🏻‍🍼🧑🏻👦🏻 👼🏻 👼🏻 💙💙💗💗
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3 years ago, Steph Kagan
A Provider’s Prospective
As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner I find the Premom app to be a valuable tool in helping clients understand their fertile windows, get in tune with their body and optimize the window to help grow their family. I really love that patients get to see the unique rise of their LH surge rather than just a black and white positive or negative and combine that with a variety of other factors to track everything all at once. Lastly, I enjoy being able to connect with patients through virtual consults and have the opportunity to dial in on the small details that can make a big difference. Frequently, patients think they will recall the details months later and when looking back tend to forget. Premom helps keep everything organized in great detail which makes for a much more educated conversation with patients, allowing goals to be met much sooner!
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4 years ago, GabbyN84
Got pregnant immediately!!!
This ovulation kit and app are great! I had tracked my period with the app that comes with my Fitbit watch for years and yet I couldn’t get to know my body with it. When my husband and I decided to get pregnant I relied on my watch to calculate my fertility window but it didn’t work. That’s when I decided to give premom a chance. Immediately I was able to see the high fertility window and my peak. I also realized that my ovulation happened only 4 days after my period ended when my other app was telling me the “typical” 14 days after period, that’s why I was not able to get pregnant before. Thanks to Premom now we are expecting and I only had to used it one month because as soon as we saw the high and peak we got busy. I really recommend this app. Beyond the 5 stars for me. Thank you Premom. 🙌🙌🙌🙌
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2 years ago, priscime121
My journey to pregnancy 🤰
So I’m new here I have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old son and me and my fiancé are going to get married March 7th on Monday so we decided to extend our family and try for another beautiful baby. We had an awful experience using another app to tack my ovulation day we got the 14 days before your next period and tried to convince it didn’t work I got my period 😣 so this app told me today is the beginning of my ovulation days so we tried tonight I also ran to rite aid to buy ovulation tests it says positive for ovulating 24 to 48hrs from today so I am crossing my fingers that this is my moment I’ve had so many negative pregnancy tests and I feel so discouraged I want this to work I want to surprise our family on our wedding date wish me luck mama’s I will give an update very soon 😁
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2 years ago, Ashhnt93
Awesome but some things could be fixed!
So I got pregnant within my first cycle of using this app to track ovulation!!! How crazy!! I love the community and the ability to keep track of so many things on here! One of the things that irritates me (but is minor) is that there are a ton of "polls" on the app that users will post, and if you accidentally click the wrong answer you have no way to change your answer. Many times I'll be scrolling though and my finger accidentally clicks an answer and then it's permanent. Also if you create a poll yourself you can't actually see the results unless you yourself vote on it. Super weird... if these things could be fixed it would make it less irritating to have to comment on posts "ooops pressed the wrong answer!" I would give 5 starts if it weren't for these minor flaws! Otherwise great app!
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3 years ago, Mrs. Robinson11
I downloaded this app after a miscarriage and I wanted to track my cycles. I use it with Easy @ Home ovulation test strips. First of all, I want to say that this app makes using the test strips so much easier. You simply upload a photo of your test result and it tells you if you are high/peak/low fertility. I actually found out that I ovulate a little bit earlier than average, therefore my fertile window starts sooner. My only issue is that on the calendar, it doesn’t register this trend that I discovered! It still tells me ovulation on day 14, which is not true for me! If I were trying to get pregnant and had sex on or even a day before day 14, I might miss the window completely. Anyway, if you’re trying to become pregnant, don’t rely on just the dates on the calendar. Pay close attention to your body and signs of ovulation approaching and use test strips if needed to better predict your fertile days.
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5 months ago, skylark254
Useless for irregular periods
Even with the paid version this does nothing to help of you have irregular periods. If you have longer cycles or miss periods it just keeps sending you messages that the app works better if you log your period, like the only reason you wouldn’t have a periods in there is if you didn’t log it or if you’re pregnant. There is no way to mark that you didn’t have a period. The predictions can’t seem to update for anything more than a slight variation in number of days between periods. When I was having two week cycles it would just keep predicting ovulation the day after my period when I clearly wasn’t ovulating. Even if you do a whole month of negative ovulation tests it just keeps the data of when it thought you should have ovulated on reports rather than generating reports showing the months you didn’t ovulate. The unpaid version is fine if you have regular periods and just need somewhere to track your ovulation tests, but this app isn’t particularly helpful beyond that.
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4 years ago, Hluc5219
First time mama!
I’m so happy an excited to announce that I got my BFP. My longtime boyfriend/highschool sweetheart and I decided to give it a try. I'm 29 and a survivor of cervical cancer. I had it removed just under two years ago. I wasn’t sure how the surgery would effect my chances but honestly - I stopped my birth control literally one month ago tomorrow. I was very lucky and somehow I ovulated about a week and a half later and that’s all it took. I used premom to log photos of my LH tests and symptoms as well as my positive HCG progression. It makes my thoughts extremely organized so when I want to look back at my first signs and symptoms, they’re all right there. I feel so blessed and excited. I’m wishing all of those on their TTC journey best of luck and lots of baby dust!! Please say a prayer for my baby and that they come full term as a happy, healthy baby. 🥰
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3 years ago, helpful😊🏦
Great for ovu. tracking, please fix weight tracker
I’ve used this app twice. The first pregnancy only took me 2 months of tracking to get pregnant. Devastatingly, that pregnancy resulted in a 13-week miscarriage. I noticed when I changed the app from “trying to conceive” to “pregnant” it takes away the details of when I was ovulating in previous months. When we were ready to start trying again, I immediately used this app. We tried for three months until we were pregnant again. My one complaint is with the weight tracker. It resets itself to 132 every time I use it. Can you update it so it leaves my last saved weight as the first option? I weight about 142, and scrolling up every morning to my weight makes me feel like all women should be 132. Plus I like to know, at a glance, how much weight was lost or gained. Overall, great app.
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12 months ago, rosieandspooky
Not great for those with abnormal cycles
I do love this app, especially for tracking ovulation and taking pictures of my tests to see my LH levels. HOWEVER, I am someone with abnormally long cycles. Sometimes I’ll have a cycle that’s over 50 days. When this happens, the app forces me to input an ovulation date that never occurred. For example, I had a period in November, but did not ovulate until mid January (confirmed by tests, temp, and a positive pregnancy test 9 days later). The app forced me to input an ovulation date in the first week of January, and it will not let me say that my ovulation date was later than this. The dates are literally blacked out and not clickable. This is extremely confusing when I go back to look at previous cycles for comparisons and it also throws off the predicted dates for future periods and ovulation dates. I wish the app wasn’t so rigid in this way. Is there a way to change this?
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3 years ago, Godprayzer
Helpful for tracking and TTC
I've been using this app for almost a year to track my BBT and ovulation testing. It's very helpful and intuitive in the way that it uses your data, and I've been able to learn pretty clearly when to TTC with my hubby. (I had to quit my job due to the unhealthy stress level and I'm 35, so that probably explains why we haven't succeeded yet.) It's also been helpful doing both BBT and ovulation testing to be able to confirm that I am ovulating for both health and TTC reasons. When I woke to do my BBT this morning, I noticed that the button for it was gone in the newest app update. I figured out that I could use the daily log button, but when you're just waking up, a button specifically for BBT is clearer to the not-fully-conscious brain and eyes. A new user may also have trouble figuring out where to go to enter BBT data.
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1 month ago, MrsClarkuleez
No true words
What can I say about Premom?!? I’m actually speechless because I’ve been overweight, suffered from PCOS, and ultimately infertility most of my life. After having Gastric Bypass surgery I lost over 150lbs and it was time to start REALLY trying to get pregnant. That was back in 2020. After only 4 cycles of tracking BAM pregnant with our first!! Then when my first was 4mo old (not recommended 😳) we tried again and only after 1 cycle BAM pregnant again and finally my second now 11mo old and baby fever is strong!! First cycle with tracking and BAM just had my positive test this morning. I can’t thank Premom enough for everything it is. It has truly helped me build the family I’ve always wanted♥️♥️ I recommend it to anyone that talks to me about trying to get pregnant!!
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2 years ago, ToxikTracy
I had a tubal reversal in September 2022 so that my husband (6 years younger and no kids) and I (38 with 3 kids) could conceive naturally, if in God’s will. This is my first time ever tracking my ovulation. I have tracked my cycle on another app for 6+ years but with no chance of pregnancy I never knew I needed this so much. The app allowing me to scan the ovulation tests and to see the results in a digital format is so helpful for me. I have only been tracking for 2 months, I was late my first month and my first ovulation test was positive, so this month I started testing the day after my period to ensure a good baseline. I would, and have, highly recommend this app to anyone trying to learn their cycle or trying to conceive naturally. It’s great even if you don’t have a typical cycle.
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3 years ago, HoneeeyJ
I never write reviews about apps because I normally uninstall them if I don’t like/need them. Or if I like them i’ll just continually use them on a consistent basis. This app has honestly made me want to write it because it’s literally helped me so much. I’ve been trying to conceive a little over 2 years now, I’ve downloaded other apps and was ALWAYS given inaccurate information. Yet, when I downloaded this one, I’ve been able to know when my period will come, when I’ll actually ovulate and so on. If you don’t have this app give it a try. It’s been one of the biggest blessings to me. It’s so helpful that you can communicate with live experts for personal TTC advise. I love it ! Thank you PreMom for making my first experience the best one! Oh and I’m Pregnant btw :)
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2 years ago, claireeee95
False Information
I’ve been using this app for 4 months after I came off birth control. Your body can be irregular when first coming off the pill and this app is not designed to factor that it, there is no where to document you skipped your period but that you also have a negative pregnancy test. I keep getting notifications to chart my period-I didn’t get one! My biggest complaint is the app falsifies your ovulation test to show a peak automatically when the app has predicted you’ll ovulate. My ovulation test is clearly not positive but the app says it is. Today my app is predicting I’m ovulating so I amused myself by uploading an ovulation test. My ovulation test was obviously negative. The first 4 times I tried it told me my reading was a 0 and to retake it. The 5th time it said it was a 1.47 and a clear peak and that I was ovulating. The test is clearly negative. I’ve kept the app because it’s nice to have a spot to just keep track of dates but it clearly is altering test results to match its prediction dates.
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3 years ago, mgb283
Makes cheap tests as good or better than clear blue
With my first I swore by the clear blue digital ovulation tests after trying cheaper brands. My daughter was 3 when we decided to try again- and those ovulation tests had gone WAY up in price. While delaying the purchase I saw the easy@home tests powered by this app- everyone was comparing them to clueblue and most liked them just as well or better at less than a quarter of the price. I tried them and I agree- the apps make the tests easy to read and I love that it tracks your data. I got pregnant right away with a baby I unfortunately miscarried. Once I recovered, I tried again and it took me 3 months tracking my ovulation with these to get pregnant again (and so far this one is seeming much more promising).
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4 years ago, 30 year old mommy🎀
Pregnant on first cycle!
This will be long but worth the read! I was on my journey trying to conceive like I believe most of us here are, I had a hormonal imbalance, causing me to not have a period there for I was not ovulating, I went to the dr ran some test and came out with high levels of prolactine, began my treatment had 2 periods did not ovulate those 2 periods, but I never lost faith in my pre mom kit, I religiously took a test every morning and night, until before my 3rd cycle I finally got a peak in my ovulation, we baby danced that day the day after and the next day, 3 days in a row (this was ends of July) missed my August period took a test in September. 1 month pregnant. Now I am almost 5 months pregnant expecting a sweet baby girl. This really works, please don’t doubt the process and don’t give up we will all win 💖
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