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User Reviews for Prevention

4.66 out of 5
956 Ratings
4 years ago, MBP1908
Haven’t been able to access subscription
... for months.
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4 years ago, k.mozafa
Prevention, create a bookmark option!
I am disappointed that the magazine app does not have a way to save your place. I am excited I can view issues all the way back from 2012, but it’s obnoxious to have to scroll all the way back to my last magazine and then scroll through the magazine where I left off. It takes up too much time. I want to be able to save the place I left off last so I can continue reading without any difficulty. Other than that, the app is nice. I enjoy this magazine and now I can enjoy it everywhere.
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4 years ago, Queenrrf
Love the magazine
But the app keeps freezing
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2 years ago, Vjr3000
I would love to look at it more
I like reading Prevention, but I don’t look at it as often on my mobile device. I like reading the physical magazine, but I seem to feel like I’m getting behind, then another one comes. I don’t know the best way for my subscription to work for me. Any suggestions?
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1 year ago, Early Paris
Can’t Get Answers
I suppose my frustration with the section of brain questions and the answers is click on answers to see how you’ve done is my driving force in giving you a poor rating. I tap on answers and nothing happens. I have an iPad. Please go back to writing answers on a page.
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4 years ago, CBC 1975
Terrible app. Doesn’t work
The app doesn’t work. I have not been able to use it for several months. It keeps freezing up. Tried contacting them but no response. I have a fully paid subscription and want my money back. Love the magazine but will not renew.
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1 week ago, Create discussion
Too glitchy
This app sometimes allows me to open a magazine, but more often than not it doesn’t work. Also it isn’t user friendly. If I open something up, it doesn’t allow me to go back.
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1 year ago, Carolgmd
Can customer service contact me please
I have paid additional for digital access, and I’m getting asked to pay again. Ridiculous. Also cannot link my subscription to Apple News.
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4 years ago, chduidj
Horrible app want my $ back
I Can’t open the on my Ipad. This has been a problem for months. I’ve researched the problem, follow the troubleshooting instructions and the problem persists. What a waste because I love the magazine. I will not be renewing my subscription.
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11 months ago, iPhone4 2011-1
Missing Magaznes.
I would love the app more if I got the digital magazines monthly as the subscription promotes. I have contacted customer service without success. Currently, I am missing March and April, but May just popped up.
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4 years ago, cbnepa
Paid and no content access
I paid for a one-year subscription and am unable to access all content. Will be contacting credit card company to reverse charges unless fixed ASAP.
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3 years ago, Concerned App Subscriber
Cannot access previous purchased issues
Tried to restore issues that were downloaded without success. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, Blood 3031
Frustrating to say the least
I have a fully paid subscription & the app allowed me to download the December and October issues but I am not allowed to download the November issue. Unhappy camper / subscriber
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4 years ago, pasparks7755
Don’t get this .....
Magazine takes FOREVER to download and once it does it either won’t open at all or freezes I paid year subscription to loose my money
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11 months ago, Havasurunner
Have a digital subscription and can’t access magazine.
Can’t access subscription
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9 years ago, Pilare
Great and ubique magazine
Prevention is a unique magazine that compiles fun, interesting and scientific based health research articles. It is a singular magazine with a "holistic view". It covers subjects about the mind, soul and body of the person. The electronic version is awesome, colorful and has very high resolution pictures. The display of the articles is great and the medium letter size make the reading easy. I love the favorite section where I can keep articles that I would like to read again. I highly recommend it!
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11 months ago, Malla&Chewie's
Prevention app won’t ope
Downloaded the app and it simply says “retry” on the screen and there is nothing to click on and no sign of it opening.
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1 week ago, T Lou br
Cannot not open
Subscribed but can not open
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4 years ago, umalum85
TERRIBLE app - does not work
I cannot open the app! It hasn’t worked in many months! I will not be renewing! Total waste of money!
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4 years ago, rgroov
Won’t work on IPad
Works on my IPhone but not my IPad. Guess I won’t be renewing my subscription!
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11 years ago, Luvs2hike
Great way to read Preventiom!
Have enjoyed using this app to read Prevention-so much easier than carrying the paper version around and it is easy to refer back To items you want to reference. I compared the online and print editions and they seem to contain the same things in the same order, including advertisements. ;) I like the additional things you can click on, the video links,etc that give a little added bonus from the print edition. I wish subscription was available as online only-I really have no need to receive both online and print versions. I gave the review 4 stars instead of 5 because there are many places in the online edition where there is a bar that says "swipe for more information" and this feature is very difficult to use without swiping to the next section. I thought it would get easier to use with time but it has not. It takes a frustratingly long time to make it work!
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12 years ago, BloreanTex
Only 20 pages?!
I was thinking about subscribing digitally to Prevention so I downloaded the app. The Oct. issue was free so I decided to take a test drive to make sure everything looked good. I'm glad I downloaded the free magazine. I only got 20 pages. Was that supposed to be a sample or preview? If so, it should have been marked as such. From others' reviews, it seems like even the paid downloads only provided 20 pages. There must be a glitch in the system. I didn't experience the blurriness that others have, but some pages did blur and then "came into focus." Prevention, please fix these problems. I won't subscribe until the reviews get better. And don't charge people for the digital version when they already pay for the print - that's just not fair. Many magazines offer free digital access with print subscriptions. Either allow print subscribers free access or give them an option to transfer their subscription to digital. Double charging does not create customer loyalty.
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11 years ago, CindyTN
I am really disappointed in this magazine (my review is focused on the magazine and not specific to the app). I have used this app and had a subscription for about a year. It's almost comical to view all of my purchases in the library view, where I can see the cover page icons of the past 9 or so publications. When looking at that view, you can see the COMPLETE lack of imagination and creativity the publishers have when creating their magazine each month. This is not an exaggeration...... LITERALLY, every 2 - 3 months, they publish the SAME EXACT headline story. The same cover people are rotated every several months. It's always Dr. Oz or Dr. Travis Stork, etc. if you want to read "Blast Belly Fat," "Flatten Your Belly," and "Drop Two Sizes" every single month (their rotating cover stories), this is the magazine for you. Personally, I like to read different articles every month, not the same, regurgitated, uncreative mess. A magazine titled "Prevention" should contain more health/medical articles and not be so obsessed about flattening our bellies and making us lose 2 inches.
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8 years ago, Cabanker
Great Digital Magazine
Prevention was the first digital magazine that I tried on my iPad, that was two years ago. I never take the time to write reviews but felt it was time. It is easy to navigate the pages and jump to different articles and you can bookmark an article if you want to go back and read again. I highly recommend.
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12 years ago, Hottopicfitness
Save your money
So I got the app and paid for the 1year subscription. I go to download the magazine that I paid for and it "reads you must download the latest app...."... There was no updates for the app. I deleted and redownload thinking it would help and nope. I called Apple and they will look into it if not fix I will get a refund. Biggest mistake I made on an app purchase and I made big mistakes before, but this one I actually wanted. Oh well save your money they have way too many bugs to work out. Update 7/29--- Apple not issuing refund. I keep calling n nothing. Pls don't buy. I hope u guys are seeing these reviews ... Don't buy subscription
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12 years ago, WickedLester
Almost entire magazine was blurry
I bought a 1-year digital subscription to Prevention and was able to install the free app with no problem. I downloaded the first issue and all was fine until I got in about 10 pages and all the remaining pages were blurry blobs. It was 100% unreadable. After restarting the app, waiting a day and even deleting the app and re- downloading the app and first issue, it was still unreadable. Apple issued me a full refund, but I would strongly advise against purchasing this magazine digitally as they obviously did no testing before they released.
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7 years ago, SESpenser
Current users, avoid this update if possible!
The new View is altogether a bad user experience. If you're a current or past subscriber, or even if you only bought issues here and there, the labor involved to locate said issues is ridiculous. There used to be a "My Library"-type page where you could find all your past downloads. Kiss that goodbye. Finding anything you've saved is like hunting a needle in a haystack. Not user friendly at all. I expect better from you, Rodale. Or is it just that you're more interested in pushing overpriced DVDs than retaining loyal customers??
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9 years ago, Dressage63
Love it
Love being able to read Prevention on my iPad. The font size is easy to read, when you need to scroll down for the rest of the article it's clearly marked, the links work easily. And unlike the apps of some other magazines I subscribe to, this one doesn't forget me or occasionally lose the magazines I've downloaded.
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9 years ago, hometowngal
Love to learn
I've subscribed to Prevention magazine for 20 years and it is a trusted source of health and fitness information. Having it available on iPad is a great convenience, especially since it's super easy to bookmark articles I want to reference later. And I appreciate that I don't have to pay an additional fee for it.
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11 years ago, Barbid1960
Pleasant experience
I had no issues loading the app or subscribing to the magazine. I like the layout of the pages and touch ability to read some articles further, yet further reading is your choice and you don't have to scroll through pages of an article you do not care to read. I also like marking favorite pages to jump to for re-reading.
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11 years ago, BZDocent
Good alternative to printed version
I have been enjoying the magazine for some time now. My only issue is It doesn't go to landscape when I turn my phone. Having some vision issues I increase the font and reading in landscape means less scrolling side to side. I like having the 'magazine' with me so I have product info with me when I shop or the article I am quoting.
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9 years ago, billreyna
Great reading
I just love the prevention magazine. Filled with short articles, great advice and lots of information. I also love getting this magazine on my iPad. It's great for those of us who like to recycle. I love the app features. It is great to touch an article title and it takes me directly to that articl. just love it can't say enough good things about it.
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11 years ago, macgator3
I have been reading Prevention for about 6 years and look forward to each installment! Always filled with useful can-do things to do for yourself and very informative, timely articles. If you are looking for an all around health advocate, this is the one magazine to have!
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11 years ago, Jodi41361
The app has a long delay in downloading the magazine. It will not allow you to download a single issue I had to subscribe to get the January issue. Once it was purchased I had to wait another hour for all the articles to download. I have a fast connection and it should not have taken that long. I like the idea of having the articles readily available without having to find a place to store them but the download issue needs to be resolved.
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10 years ago, Needcontroll
Can't use the app
I can not create a sign in/ log in after several attempts. I already subscribe to the paper mag but it does not recognize any info I put into create an account. All I get is instruction on how to cancel. I have several other magazines that I now use with my iPad. This is the only one that I've had trouble. Anyone have suggestions, they're customer service is worthless. The women could find my subscription info but couldn't off any help with getting the app recognize me. Very unhappy customer!
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11 years ago, MarDe59
Easy to read
I never read the magazine; wasting so much money. This app has vivid colors, is easy to navigate, and provides the same healthy information. I recommend this app for the reader who likes to switch between reading several magazines at once.
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12 years ago, Keshla
Pages blurry and frozen
I've seen other posts about this problem. I get several pages into the issue and suddenly it's blurry and I can't move from the page I'm on. I don't have a print subscription so this is it for me. Wish they would fix this problem -- I subscribe to a lot of other online mags and have never had this problem with any of them.
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11 years ago, dorcol
Good features
I love that this app allows you to save or email articles. I also like the movable exercise feature. I always loved Prevention magazine anyway and now having it online really makes it special. It is an expensive subscription though.
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12 years ago, Doxieowner
Pay twice to read
I downloaded the app and then deleted it when I found out I have to pay to download each issue. I already pay for a print version, not paying again! I'll make sure all my Prevention reading friends know about this double charge too!
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12 years ago, K A Barry
Waste of money
I purchased the April issue but am unable to read it because the pages are blurry as a previous reviewer said. I'm glad I didn't buy the subscription. I also support the view of those who complain that their regular print subscription doesn't provide them with a break in the price of a digital copy. Also, going to the Prevention support site offers no clear way to get help with a digital issue problem.
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11 years ago, bfarrow1
Buy another subscription?
I already subscribe to Prevention Magazine, have for years now. Why would I buy another subscription so I could have it digitally? I should get the digital copy too. What a rip off. Things like this is what causes me to not renew my subscription.
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11 years ago, Brenadam
Love this magazine
Always in my purse when spending wait time at the doctors or dentist office! Love all the articles. I have the subscription via mail and always look forward to the next months issue! Happy to now receive it on my iPad.
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12 years ago, Punkingee
RIPOFF: Switches to blurry print after a few pages
Don't buy this app. The screen is high resolution for a few pages, then changes to a blurry resolution that I haven't been able to overcome. It doesn't help to close the app and re-open. Deleting the issue and downloading again doesn't help. Even rebooting the iPad doesn't help. If this were a print magazine I'd be able to speak with someone or even cancel the subscription. A giant ripoff.
Show more
11 years ago, seuler
Prevention Magazine
I love this magazine, and this is the best way to get my monthly fix! I really like being able to go back through every downloaded issue and access any article. If you are into health and wellness, this is the one!
Show more
11 years ago, DW5797
Needs Work
I like not having the paper copy to recycle, but I would love to be able to remove the issues that are "to buy" because I subscribed and the individual to buy issues are annoying. Even though I subscribed, it took a very long time before I was able to download issue that didn't have "to buy" next to them. The process of ordering was a bit confusing to me.
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11 years ago, JoLynn65
Great app
I have been reading Prevention for years, so I was very excited to see the app for the iPad. I find the cost very reasonable and love the convenience of having it on my iPad. I have never had a problem with the app as others have posted.
Show more
11 years ago, OCBummin!
Worth It!
I downloaded this app yesterday and can happily say that I have not run into any of the problems noted in previous reviews. App took about 6 min to download. . I love the exercise sections, slide the bar underneath the pic and it shows the exercise In its entirety. luv it! My only suggestion would be to add the ability to bookmark a page. Maybe it's there, but I haven't found it. Keep up the good work, Prevention!
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11 years ago, Smartgirl1944
Prevention Magazine
This is a great magazine and the app makes it easy to read. The text is displayed nicely and the graphics are beautiful. I a very pleased that I purchased the subscription and will definitely this each month.
Show more
11 years ago, ActionRN
Prevention Magazine
My Grandmother had a subscription to Prevention Magazine 'PM' and lived to be 99yrs old!!! I attribute some of her healthy living to Prevention Magazine. I have been reading PM articles for all of my life and now having it download onto my iPad is Cool!! Thanks for acclimating to a tech savvy delivery! Happy Customer :-)
Show more
11 years ago, Spchllk
Equally Frustrated
I, too, downloaded the app and wanted to test the mag by purchasing a single issue. I have tried to read this issue multiple times, but have received a repeated error message stating "download paused." Certainly glad I did not purchase the entire subscription because I have been less than impressed, thus far, not being able to read something I supposedly now own! This needs to be addressed!
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