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User Reviews for Quit Vaping

4.89 out of 5
9.9K Ratings
8 months ago, JustinJJHamm
It worked!
I downloaded this app because I was looking for a graph where I could log my vape hits everyday. The quit plan, which is a paid feature, decides for you how many times you should hit your vape in a day if you want to reach your quit date smoothly. I paired this app with a free tally counter for Apple Watch called “Clicker - Count Anything” and tapped the watch screen every puff I took. So I used the number from that app to log into the graph everyday for 8 months and it was perfect! You don’t need to be organized this way for the app to work, but this is how it worked for me. It was well worth the monthly subscription because I’ve saved so much money on vape supplies. When I followed the quit plan, the process was very gentle and only in the last month I started to feel the withdrawals, but it was very tame. I felt so supported through the whole thing. If I ever went over the daily limit I never felt I had failed, and having the graph to show people was a huge feedback boost for morale! I’ve spoken with Jonathan through instagram and he is always eager for feedback and suggestions for improving the app. It has been over two months and I don’t even think about vaping! Getting a craving is actually unusual and every time it happens I notice now because it is so rare! In 64 days I can remember 4 instances of cravings, but not strong enough to really want it. I followed the plan and beat this addiction and I have this app to thank💪
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7 months ago, Ghahhdjnabbx
I had been vaping for over 5 years when I downloaded this app. I had tried slowly cutting down vaping to quit in the past and that never worked. When I downloaded the app, I paid for the subscription because I wanted to use the feature that helped tell me how much to cut back each day based on what day I picked to quit. After reading through the resources I had access to in the subscription, the community in the app, and just spending hours in there, I told myself I wanted to try to quit cold turkey. I was going through one 1000 puff disposable vape per day. I did not think by any means I was capable of quitting cold turkey. That was a full 4 days ago now. I have not broken my streak. I have never felt better. I have no intention of going back to vaping. I feel so supported through the app and the reminders of how my body and mind is recovering with the passage of time is a huge motivation. If you’re considering quitting at all, download this app. I promise you, it is worth it ❤️
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1 year ago, Jaelynnruble
Love this app!
I downloaded this app when quitting was in the back of my mind. I chose a random quit day and forgot about it, until one day my boyfriend and I decided to throw our vapes in the trash for good. 20 minutes later I get a notification from the app that I had reached my quit date! I feel like my subconscious mind really held onto that date when I first set it. I love the constant reminder of my health improvements, while my boyfriend loves the money saving reminders! We all have different reasons why we quit, but this app makes it feel less lonely. It’s like a having someone silently rooting for you about something that typically has some shame attached to it. I’m 129 days vape free but it feels like such a lost memory now! Thank you so much to the creator of this app. You have really set me forward on a path to a better future(:
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1 year ago, lil_icey134
The only negative thing I would say about this app is that every time you open the app to check your progress (or at least just me) you then get a craving. You just need to be strong, I’ve broken my streak( the period the app counts in between when you reset your time) so many times because I just looked at my streak one time and then started thinking about the nicotine and vaping and the soothing feeling you get when you just give in. But as far as that this is a good app for those who want a support system/quit plan. It even has a feature to let you set a quit date to even give you time if your going thru something rn and it would be way to hard. And through that time it keeps sending you motivational messages and also gives you a countdown of how much longer till your quit date.
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3 years ago, laur681
Love it
I usually don’t leave reviews but I love this app. It helped me quit vaping and stick with it! I’ve tried many times before and failed. But this was different. Seeing my counter go up and getting little notifications at certain milestones (1 day, 1 month) motivated me along with finding connections and having an outlet to go to. So much advice and support is available in the little community portion of the app. This feature is awesome and has been a game changer in me sticking with quitting. It also is great to see how much your brain, lungs, and heart improves over time, money saved, puffs not taken, etc. Can’t say enough good things about this app and currently trying to get all my friends to download it and quit. Already roped my boyfriend into it 😂 Looking forward to hitting two months vape free :) Quit vaping 2021!!!! 🤩
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2 years ago, Dtftp
Frankly this is the first time I’ve ever seen an application like this… it’s absolutely amazing I never have made a review for an app but I’m happy to do this one… I’ve been vaping since 2013 I’m now 21 and this app has helped me so much not only motivating me to stop, and see if I can’t get the time as high as possible, it’s almost gives you the feeling of a games highscore that your trying to beat yourself.. that is beneficial in so many ways I can’t count how much money I’ve spend on these useless metal devices and this app is amazing it has so much support and help, I really have noticed that I haven’t hit my nic all day sometimes 2 days and it gives me a light at the end of the tunnel, thank you for this application, I know it has helped a lot of people including me, I’m happy to give it 5 stars!!
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1 year ago, cock6969
Best quitting app
I never write reviews on here but I had to give this one 5 stars. It’s been the only app actually help me quit vaping. The main thing it having kind of like a social media aspect to it where everyone can share their struggles, thoughts, tips & encouragement. Even if it’s from strangers. Never had problems with anyone in the app either. Everyone is genuinely going through a hard time & just wants help focusing quitting. It also helps track money you’ve saved, that feature could be a bit better there is a limit which makes it not completely accurate to everyone, but for a free app I’m honestly not complaining lol! There is a part of the app you can pay for a quit plan but I haven’t tried the free part is good enough in my opinion. Just passed 6 months 🙏🏻
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1 year ago, Ggddhjgfjhxjhcdgcst
Amazing App
Thank you to the developer of this app. You’re saving lives literally. I’ve been trying to quit for the last year. This time I meant business, and started to prepare myself for the final puff. I found this app, and it was (I truly believe this) the reason I was able to quit this time. I mean you gotta want it, but seeing everyone else going through the same struggle. Seeing others pass the struggle! It just motivated me so much. I fine tuned my vaping habits and I can accurately see how much I’m saving on money, puffs, disposables, and amount of nicotine in mg. I’m now 40 days clean from vaping, and I’ve never felt better in my life. Thanks for making such a wonderful app I was happy to unlock the customization features to support you.
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3 years ago, CheleeTown
So much more helpful than I thought it would be
So I downloaded this app almost 2 months ago. A friend suggested it and I thought it would be cool to check it out. I didn’t open the app until this past weekend because I finally went a whole day without vaping. I was immediately encouraged by the health facts it gives. I love seeing how much money I’m saving and seeing it all like that is helpful whenever I want to vape. I am very competitive and I don’t want to start over. I would also like to add that all 3 of my roommates vape so it is very accessible for me to vape. I don’t think I would have even made it a couple of days if it wasn’t for this app!! Rating this app 10/10 for sure!!
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11 months ago, nico1113
Great app
Never thought I could just quit vaping cold turkey like I did after so many years. This app give you the confidence to just set your date and keep you accountable, while giving you community support for hundreds of others currently quitting as well. After a relapse, it feels horrible to have to hit the “break your streak” button, especially if you’re well past the one month mark, which is great for those actively trying to quit the habit. Also, it’s free! There is a subscription plan with more help, but the free version with the stats and community tabs really helped me. I’m 45 days clean now and I have this app to thank for it!
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3 months ago, Is it perfect? Yes!
Straightforward, helpful, no nonsense, perfect quit vaping app
I appreciate how this app has option for in app purchases but you can use the app very efficiently without them being shoved in your face. Also I feel like it’s a lot to ask these days for an app to work for it’s intended purpose (without paying idk 9.99 for the rest of your life) Anyway. I was so satisfied with the app that I wrote a review. It helped me to see my progress. Loved the format with the reason you quit being so present on the main screen. Love the money saved section! It’s a perfect quit vaping app.
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4 years ago, Hhhhhhhlk
Great for quitting
I been vaping since 8th grade and now I am in 10th grade I realized I needed to make a change to my body especially my lungs because I started to notice my breathe is shorter and I have been nicotine free for 8 days now and I feel more healthy and more lung stamina I overall feel like a better and healthier person because of this app and it’s also great for saving money and I realized it was a huge waste of money and I could be spending my money on something else that would help me and not get me a buzz for a couple minutes.
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3 years ago, Brianna❤️💁💘😍👌✋😂
It’s decent
i’ve been vaping since 8th grade and am now a senior... I decided i need to quit before i leave highschool because it drains my money and also it just seems gross to me now. I love the features about the app where it tells you how long you’ve been clean, how much money you have saved, etc. The only downside is that whenever I try and reply to someone’s comment on the community tab, the app immediately crashes and my reply wasn’t sent. I’m just trying to encourage others to stay clean too on there but it will not let me :/. it’s a bummer, but the overall app is great. it helps as a reminder how many days i have been clean and how far i’ve come.
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3 years ago, Marky_mark45
Wow very shocked!
I discovered this app through TikTok and I gotta tell you....I was very impressed with the in depth tools this app offers for people trying to fight nicotine addiction. They have a community involvement that allows a “buddy system” where each holds each other accountable. People can communicate how they are feeling, log cravings, log puff breaks. It’s amazing to see an app that is dedicated to the betterment of people’s health especially with something like vaping which has impacted so many people. Shoutout the CREATOR of this app....you a real one!
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3 years ago, Belehvdgcff
Just one big problem
I’ve recently starting using this app so help me quit and decided to use the one month subscription so that I have a little bit of stake involved. I’m using the “later date” option for quitting which comes with a puff counter. This is typically super great and will show you a decline in the a personalized graph that’s made for you based on the hits you’ve had per day, but every other day the counter doesn’t work. It makes it super difficult to keep up with and I don’t get the same satisfaction from seeing the graph. PLUS I’m paying for a subscription so I expect to be able to at least use the app.
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2 years ago, Claudssworld
I don’t usually write reviews, but this app genuinely is helpful towards quitting nicotine. The community is so kind and helpful, it is great seeing the progress that you are making minute by minute because when you’re quitting it’s easy to lose focus of the bigger picture. If you’re trying to quit, I REALLY recommend this app because it might be the little push you need to just do it. At least that’s what it did for me.
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3 years ago, Eleeper
Love This App
I have been vaping since 2019. doesn’t seem that long but i have been trying to get back into working out and i can really tell how bad my lungs have gotten.. i have tried to quit in the past but nothing helped. this app is absolutely amazing with helping you track the money you save to giving you time goals.. i feel like this app actually works and i love it!!!
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1 year ago, take me to the river
Offers few customizations unless you purchase plan
Downloaded app based on Reddit. I planned on quitting January 1, but actually took last puff on December 29. App doesn’t allow one to set quit dates in the past. I could setup current date as the quit date, but when one is quitting and every minute not vaping is a victory, to not be able to view two full days of zero puffs, we’ll that’s a big deal and a big fail. And, if you want detailed tracking of any kind then you need to purchase at least a one month plan at $14. Some mediocre iOS developer is likely to make a fortune off this garbage app.
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1 year ago, ligmanohard
Best App i’ve ever downloaded
This app is seriously amazing not only is it supportive in quitting vaping but it also offers free breathing exercises- which normally cost money to have access to breathing exercise apps but it also have a community function where you can support and respond to other people quitting nicotine. 10/10 app i am so thankful it was able to help me on my journey with quitting nicotine.
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4 years ago, Ads every time you turn around
I have been juuling for close to two years now. I added random buddies online because I had nobody to compete with. Well I didn’t realize they could see my progress (I could see theirs as well) and I hit my juul and put that I broke my streak and one of my buddies messaged me some encouragement. It’s a great app and I highly recommend this for vapers. Also, my favorite part is that I can see exactly how long it’s been since I’ve vaped.
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3 years ago, nehruvian
Great tool
If you’re serious about giving up nicotine, this app is a great tool for helping. It offers many resources such as meditations, community spaces, goal settings, and so much more. I personally enjoy this app because I can add a widget to my Home Screen that displays my vape-free progress. Looking at this every day helps motivate me to watch the number climb and move further from the control of nicotine.
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4 years ago, docfrankhere
Best App For Quitting....Period
As an addiction recovery coach and physician I cannot say enough good things about this app. The buddy system, the community section, the options for NRT products... this app did not miss a beat!!! I am beyond impressed. The app is easy to use and very interactive. I will be recommending this to all of my patients for nicotine cessation. I WISH I had something like this when I quit. This app is going to save countless people from addiction. Thank you!! Docfrankhere (Dr. Frank)
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3 years ago, Epic J.
Longest Streak Ever!
This is one of the most simple apps ever but worked wonders for me. I just find it so satisfying to see your streak keep going up and up. Thank you to the developers from the bottom of my heart you have helped me in ways i didn't think was possible nor coming so soon. Good luck to everyone in their journey of quitting i believe in you. If i could do it so can you!
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11 months ago, Wrudbjyrd
5 months nicotine free :)
this app helped me so much. i tried tons of skills that other people suggested. the support of other users kept me going the first few weeks. giving others support also helped me stay vape free :) i did the selfie a day for a while and i loved the health tracker updates. i also tried the meditations once when I felt hopeless! thank you!!!
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3 years ago, Blaine Arthur
Wow, This Is Amazing!
I never write reviews on products, but this one is different... i tried to quit multiple times and is always hard to do so, but when i downloaded this app, it gave me encouragement to keep going, and watch how much healthier, and my pockets fill up with my money i have been spending! All i can say is thank you, and it is a real blessing
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4 years ago, Helios112
Buddy System Won’t Connect
Hello, I just wanted to say this is a great concept for quitting vaping. However the Buddy System, which is a great idea, will NOT connect for some reason. I’ve tried this several times, re connected to the WiFi and checked my settings, but this has to be an app issue, as this problem is still happening. Thank you for creating a great app, but it would be nice if the bug was fixed with the Buddy System, as people rely on each other to quit sometimes. Thank you for your time.
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9 months ago, Erjurg
LOVE this app. One year vape free
I cannot tout this app enough, it gave me the motivation to quit a 3 year habit of vaping. Now, I’m almost 13 months vape free. The community feature is so cool, I love how encouraging everyone is. The health milestones were really what kept me going though. I also like that this app is specifically for vaping, not smoking. I never write reviews, but I feel very grateful for this app. Try it out!
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1 year ago, DEV|N
Super Thankful for Downloading
Like I've seen a few other people say, I never really leave reviews on apps. This app however helped a ton with quitting vaping. I am super appreciative for the free features this app contains and hope whoever created it gets the recognition they deserve. Not sure if I would have been able to quit without this app
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1 year ago, lia the lobstwe
Bug fix please!!
Love this app, but in the community feature it’s very hard to keep up with notifications. Every time you go back to your notifications they are in a different order, and they never go away. It’s also a ton of individual notifications instead of groupings for “these people liked your post” or comment or whatever. thank you!
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5 years ago, HealthyIn2020
Good start but needs improvements
Please add a puff counter to track daily/weekly etc. Wish I could give 4 stars...app is a good idea and much needed but is cumbersome when you are just starting out and trying to reduce. Literally opening the app every few minutes. Also, it would be great if there was option for online buddy as I do not have anyone to quit with. Not in a position to buy expensive quit kits either. Also seems geared toward juul/younger crowd. I use subohm mods. Never bought the pods.
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1 year ago, clementina666
Great app for quitting
I really enjoy this app! I think it’s helping me a lot. I have quit for almost one week now and the stats and check ins on here make me feel motivated to keep off the nicotine. I’m happier than I’ve been in years and this app is helping me out a lot with that. There’s plenty you can get from it for free, too!
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3 months ago, Fartsywartsy
Helping me quit.
After all if you’re not truly ready to quit then an app will not help. But if you’re truly ready to quit then this is the app to quit. Plenty of support that is free and an awesome time clock showing you exactly down to the second long it’s been since you’ve taken a hit of the vape.
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4 months ago, p0tttts
Exactly what i needed
As a person who was vaping every day for 10 years, i never thought i would be able to quit - every time i tried, i failed. i thought i would forever be beholden to nicotine.. until i downloaded this app. if you're serious about quitting, this app WILL help you succeed.
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4 years ago, 420blazelolol
I quit smoking from this app!!
I wanted to see how long I could quit for, and now I’m almost a month smoke free!! This app did WONDERS for me. The features on this app really helped too like the meditation and breathing exercises journaling and more. It is fun to see your progress move in days, hours, and minutes. I never write reviews but this app is awesome (and free). If you’re considering quitting, def get this app
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12 months ago, microfrt
Been vaping for 6 years now constantly and could never go an hour without one the whole time. this really puts it into perspective and makes quitting something i’m excited about doing now. it’s been 1 day 12 hours so far which is my longest streak. this is a great app 100% recommend
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3 years ago, Luke5505
I have tried everything to quit up until this app. The community of people liking your posts, giving feedback, everyone helping everyone in an extremely supportive way. I have never written a review for an app, but this one has truly turned my life around.
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1 year ago, jsndhxhebxjd
Had to give it 5 stars
Not only does it track the amount of days quit and how much money you save but it’s also a buddy system and a community where you can post like Facebook. You can read others stories on how they felt when they caved in or get support !!
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2 years ago, stormyscott333
100 Days Vape Free!
This app, although simple, has been a huge contributing factor to my progress with quitting smoking. It’s free unless you want to access plans and coaches. You can create buddies, make journal entries, and track your progress. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to quit or continue their journey in being smoke free!
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4 years ago, Ty Grayson
Amazing app! Working on my second day.
After downloading the app and going through the first menu, the initial counting of the timer is what made me wanna stop, almost like a Snapchat streak! It’s an amazing app for people struggling to stop gaping nicotine, it has many features that help you determine how much money and time you’ve saved. Including the health benefits of stopping! Amazing app..
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2 years ago, Frequent yakker
Needs to mind their business!
App is great and helpful for quitting but there’s a ‘why did you quit vaping’ box and you have to fill that out to continue. That options needs to be removed or fixed, it required ten characters? Like I don’t have a reason that long? Stupid stupid stupid
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3 years ago, maddieeeeeee1999
100% recommend
I’m not going to lie, this app helped out A LOT! especially teens/20’s/30’s. but it is for all ages!! a community full of people who are trying to do the same thing as you and people motivating you not to give up. i didnt think id find an app thatd help, but i was proved wrong! so far a month free of nicotine!
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4 years ago, Cvidrine:)
Great Design, User Friendly
I normally do not take the time to write app reviews, but I have to for this one. This app has every tool and motivator to help you stop vaping. It shows you how far you’ve come and reminds you of why you quit. The design is very user friendly and organized well. To the app developer: Amazing job! This app deserves an award.
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3 years ago, nat133j
I love this app it. But since yesterday I haven’t been able to talk to my buddies on post in the community. At first I thought it was my internet but I uninstalled and reinstalled it and checked my internet and everything and it’s still not working. I don’t know what to do. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Lindseykaymaxwell
Helped me quit!!!
I was vaping for about 2 or three years before downloading this app and fully quitting the streak feature keeps me on track and I like the community feature as well where you can share your thoughts and see others as well. We can all help each other quit! Btw my lungs are feeling soooo much better
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2 years ago, dburns590
Best app to quit vaping.
Not only is this the only app specifically made yo quit vaping, but it does an amazing job at it. I love every feature of this app, and it has helped me go 2 weeks (so far) without vaping on my first attempt at quitting. 100% recommend for anyone even thinking about putting the vape down.
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2 years ago, TAZ62692
Doesn’t work
Pretty annoyed because I paid for the premium version. Day or so after I paid for it the tracker is all messed up. I wake up and it says I took 20 something puffs the day before (logged 95) and that I’ve had 50 puffs today already for a very low amount of nicotine intake. I manually changed it to 0 and it says my nicotine intake is in the negative???? Literally not possible. Was pretty excited to use this app because I’ve struggled trying to quit for years and low and behold it’s a waste of money.
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3 years ago, beasty300
Amazing App!
It’s very useful and has so many great features that truly do help. I love this app and think it’s one of the best out of the many others I’ve tried to use to quit. The community on this app is also very supporting and helpful. Truly recommend to anyone who is trying to quit.
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2 years ago, plumpvegetables
Good support features that can make the difference.
I think being able to chat with others can really help you stay strong and quit. There’s also a bunch of stats and motivational features to keep you on track.
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3 years ago, HearseFreak
This is by far my favorite social app to chat with others about quitting vape. I was a heavy smoker and after that a heavy vaper. I love this app for all the supportive users and the tracking of how long it’s been since I last vaped. The creator really did an amazing job bringing everything together in this helpful quit vaping app!
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2 years ago, apgentule
Amazing!! Please try it
I never write reviews but I was trying to quit vaping off and on for years and this app helped me so so much. It has a bunch of different tools and you can customize it for .99 cents (I did it to make it pink lol). Anyway pls try it if you want to quit! I’m 147 days free now!
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