Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Health & Fitness
4.8 (99.7K)
99.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tim Gostony
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.3 or later
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User Reviews for Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

4.84 out of 5
99.7K Ratings
2 years ago, BunniculaVampire
Wonderful app!
I absolutely love the Rain, Rain app. I’ve had a subscription for a little over a year, and just now reviewing it. I believe non-subscribers can use some of the sounds. In my opinion, one quality that sets this app apart from perhaps others is the list of sounds (there’s quite a few) and how authentic they sound, and now and then a new one is listed. My VERY favorite part of the app is the blending of the sounds. The creator of the app has mixes he has made if you want to use them, but you can create your own mixes, and I believe you can blend up to 4 at-a-time. Then, you can remove or add them one-at-a-time with just a click. My favorite blend is rain (original) and rain on a tent. I have it begin at bedtime every night automatically. At times, I add the sound of the vinyl record going around and around, but a relative said it sounded like a merry go ‘round at a spooky amusement park and she couldn’t sleep listening to it. Me? It made me think of playing vinyl records growing up (have a large collection now) and music boxes I loved as a child. Anyway, there are sounds for everyone’s likes and wants. I prefer this app from a smaller businessperson to those from larger businesses or corporations as I enjoy supporting such, which brings me to my last point… the support is awesome, usually prompt and friendly. Try Sleep, Sleep; you and others will be glad you did! :))
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5 years ago, JoyJensen
I LOVE this APP!!
Tossing & Turning & hating the moment I peek out & see daylight coming in the window...because I AM STILL AWAKE!! A friend told me about an app that provided background sounds to help ease me into sleep. HA! I scoffed! But decided to give it a try! People were beginning to comment on dark circles, asking if I was ill, etc so OK I’ll give it a try! So I did! After trying SEVERAL different apps I found the ONE that offers the MOST VARIETY for the BEST PRICE! Rain, Rain really does the trick for me!! I soon remembered how well I always slept with my window open during a summer thunderstorm!! Most of these apps offer a basic set of sounds & functions free with additional sounds & functions at an additional cost or yearly fee, as does this app BUT the basic offerings are outstanding and better than the others I tried. Offered free is a wide variety of sounds including water sounds, weather, animals, people/places, music and a featured Premium sound every day PLUS night mode, go to bed reminder, fade out timer and MORE!! I MAY go premium at some point as the cost is very reasonable but for now I am DELIGHTED with the app as is! I haven’t even listened to HALF the sounds/music offered! Save yourself all the downloads and go straight to Rain, Rain. I usually don’t do reviews unless it’s something special & since there are so many apps LIKE this offered a review is warranted. Thank You For Rain, Rain & for NOT being greedy!
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4 years ago, nchwnk
Don’t scroll pass THIS app
I really do love a good nights sleep. I mean who Dosent? after a long day of work school or activities it feels good to lay on your bed and call it a day. But due to the internet I have been on a not so structured sleep schedule like I used to be I find myself up all night on my phone tablet or computer all night texting searching or finishing work. It’s crazy and I haven’t getting much sleep,I wake up in the middle of the night,I usually don’t fall back asleep after that I just rested. “There has to be something” I siad to myself day after day scrolling my phone for an app that would help me fall asleep and stay asleep. Soon I started asking other people I emailed my freinds family and others just to see what they used most of the people I contacted suggested rain rain when i saw this app I was spektical it was no meditation app editors choice amazing app but the reviews seemed good all of them saying it helped them sleep better. I installed and I love it day after day I sleep better then I ever had in my life wide variety of free sounds it makes me fall asleep instantly it’s also great with headphones when I’m on a road trip (when I’m in the backseat during the car trip) thanks to all the people who to.d me about this app and the developers for bringing this game into my life
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6 years ago, MTKCLAN
Don’t pass by this app!!!!
Do you want to toss and turn for sometime trying to get to sleep or would you like to lay with a soothing sound of so many choices to play so that you can easily go into a deep sleep? Don’t pass by this app!!!!!! Install it, search through the options that are easy to learn how to make it function, give it a try with the numerous choices of sounds that are free, allow your mind and hearing to focus on the sound playing, and before you know it the hours of your sleep that you desire will come to an end when your alarm goes off or however you normally awake. You will be amazed when you awake how effortlessly you dozed off and did not even realize what had taken place compared to the bed kicking, moving around, trying everything to shut your mind off as you did in the past. You will know in a short time that the very low monthly cost of having all of the available sounds on this app will be very worth it))))) And if you have any questions send Tim an e-mail by clicking on the three bars you see in the upper left corner, and then on the email you will see at the bottom of the list. Trust me, he will respond as quick as possible. Sleep greatly wonderful world with this terrific app that Tim created)))))))))
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7 years ago, TwirlsInTheRain
More mobile & more options than my $100 Sound Machine
I have used this app, consistently, for more than two years -- mainly to fall asleep at night. My partner and father also became dedicated users after observing my positive experience! The many options (that can also be combined and saved together!) just can't be beat. Portability is unavailable with my larger, bulky sound machine, but with this app I simply pack along my phone and either my Bose Mini Soundlink speaker or iHome Arc speaker -- and VOILA! I even take this lightweight combination on travel trips where sleeping in a hotel can be jarring, out on the water to Stand Up Paddleboard, or in to my high school classes to help my students find more comfortability with meditation. Actually, I've tried putting the app on my classroom speakers to bring more calm and peaceful energy in my high school classroom and it worked! Couldn't say more about how much I love Rain, Rain... I recommend it whenever the topic of conversation sways that way. I will be using it for years to come and am very happy to have ever found Rain, Rain. As a light sleeper and a holistic person who personally refuses to use medication as a sleep aide, my quality of sleep has been reclaimed solely because of Rain, Rain.
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3 years ago, MischievousPandy
Highly recommended
I picked this app up years ago, before the switch to a subscription service. I picked up the packs for the sounds I wanted and used it regularly on an old iPad whenever I needed some comforting white noise. When I got a new iPad, I saw it switched to a new subscription service, which I’m not fond of, but I still had access to all the previous sounds I bought in addition to some extra credits to buy new, individual sounds they added in updates. I’m really pleased that I was allowed to keep what I had previously paid for and that I wasn’t forced into the subscription service. It’s also still a really high-quality app. I really like the ability to mix sounds to create custom soundscapes, modifying the volumes, softness, and oscillation of each one, and then letting me save those to favorites. The only thing I could complain about was that I had to use the rain on the car roof sound much less, because it tended to make me want to fall asleep while actually driving in the rain. That sound is really comforting though, along with rain on a tent. I always recommend Rain Rain to people looking for something to help with sleep!
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2 months ago, CylexChan
Best sleep app
Hands down the best experience I’ve had with an app like this and I haven’t even invested in the subscription. I used to struggle with sleeping in the dark and would have poor sleeping habits due to my inability to fall alseep in complete darkness, though this app distracts me from the sullen silence and my fear of the dark. My eyebags have faded tremendously and ive been using this app for some months now. On and off (though i regret every night without it). There’s more than just rain, there’s mixes that include different types of background noise that seems obscure but brings a comfortable childhood nostalgia that allows for a calming sleep experience. My favorite mix has to be rain on a tent and fire crackling. The BEST part about this app is the ability to layer it onto other apps. I mean its wonderful, I can fall alseep to a podcast aswell as my white noise, or songs of my choice. I’m so grateful for this app this was an incredible invention I praise the creation of phones so I don’t have to spend an extra check on a sleep machine additionally your brilliant work. It’s visually and sensually perfect, props. Im for sure going to buy the subscription soon. Thank you thank youuu!!!
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5 years ago, Aushra
Love it!
I don’t usually write many reviews unless I am very impressed with the product but, I love this app! So relaxing! The sounds are realistic. Some rain apps just sound like sizzling bacon. LOL. And the thunder storms are amazing. My favorite is the rain on a car mixed with a thunderstorm. The mixing feature is a great idea. There is even cricket and cicadas sounds. Those personally get to me before too long but, if you like that, you’ll love this app. The free features are great on their own but, I like to support the developers out there that don’t give the impression that they only want money. i.e. most other apps similar to this one want money right away to get the best features. Not this one! It is very affordable if you decide to purchase some extras. So, I will be purchasing a couple of the sound packs. I look forward to see if new sounds are added. I would really love the sound of a light wind with rustling trees. It reminds me of camping when I was a kid. Which by the way, the app also has rain on a tent. Get this app! Don’t bother with the more expensive ones. This is all you need to help you relax and clear your head.
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4 years ago, T Kyle
Wish I could give it five stars
I seriously love this app. I can usually fall asleep, but I have trouble staying asleep or getting deep quality sleep, and this app has really helped me improve that. Now I almost feel I can’t sleep without it. Little features really set it apart from other similar apps, like being able to mix different sounds to keep a little bit of variety going. However there is one issue that seems to negatively impact the usefulness of it. I’m a very light sleeper so I have to set the volume pretty low in order to not be kept awake by the sound. But sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and the volume from the app is much higher than I set it at when I went to sleep. Or sometimes I wake up in the morning and I can tell that I didn’t sleep very well, and the volume is too low to hear it. There seems to be a glitch that causes it to change the volume sporadically. If it wasn’t for that, I would give it five stars. Also one feature I’d recommend, give the app a Fade IN timer so you can set it to turn ON after a set period of time, that would make it so much better, then I wouldnt have to set the volume so low and risk it not being loud enough to work while I’m asleep.
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4 years ago, rater108
Simple, elegant, and still lots of options - and the best sounds.
I am truly grateful for this elegant, simple app which offers so much. It is readily apparent the app was designed with care. I downloaded it because I missed the rain. But I use it almost daily for multiple purposes, rain or shine. The original rain rain sound is a full-bodied downpour with a rumbling thunderstorm which in addition to being amazing to listen to, will quickly calm even the fiercest of emotions or tune out the noisiest co-workers to allow focus during the workday. Some rain sounds are hard and staccato (like “rain on a car”, having the effect of harnessing and redirecting excessive alertness; while the softer rain and nature sounds are gently soothing and can be great for sleep. There are watery sounds, dry sounds, windy sounds and gentle machine sounds like a dryer and a clock. There are constantly new sounds, ranging from hand-picked pieces of music to almost all imaginable sources of white noise. I also appreciate that multiple different levels of subscription exist to accommodate all walks of life.
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3 years ago, Reesemagic19
Honestly if you’re passing through this you were missing out
I totally recommend getting this I fall asleep in seconds I have one little problem though I can’t choose which one to pick because they’re all so good I do have a slight other problem a lot of things or premium that I have listen to when it says that it’s premium and they’re kind of loud they’re louder than they probably should be. I don’t know if I have a problem with it or if it’s just my sound but when it says it’s premium he gets really really loud but I told her you recommend this app will make you fall asleep in seconds I was just listening to it and you can listen to the rainfall and stuff for anxiety and almost anything that you like stressed or tired or you can’t sleep like I can’t fall asleep ever I always fall asleep like two hours before I got this app I fall asleep in just seconds or minutes totally would get it tell your friends and family about this you won’t regret it!!!!🤯😊❤️
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6 years ago, JenniferPerie
By JenniferPerie MUCH MORE than a mere app - it's everything, everytime. No matter what my feelings are - whether I can't sleep or just need to turn off the sudden cruelty of this world - RAIN RAIN works its magic. SO many peaceful sounds! My library is full of mixes of nature's subtle beauty & harmony. I love the variety, the way I'm able to adjust volume levels & combine favorites into mixes. Different chimes, many water sounds, thunder, seagulls, etc.. the crackling fire, mixed with the comfort of the SHI-TZU Dog snoring. (I could not live without the dog snoring!) It's all truly magical. Rain Rain never fails to relax me; soothe me to sleep; or intrinsically put me in a meditative mode. If I'm feeling upset, or sick - it heals me. Somehow every mix combines in such a subtle way. Incredible beauty, peace - whatever sound combo you need at any time. Create, keep & adjust your favorite mixes... this is well worth the Premium! It works flawlessly. Each sound is fully adjustable. There is peace & gentleness just for you whenever you need it.
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5 years ago, Screamingmimi90
Excellent product, outstanding support
I have been using RainRain for years to help improve my sleep. And due to stressors in my past, I’m hyper-vigilant. I hear too well to tune things out, and I get anxious from it. This app helps me control my audible environment completely. The many different features give me the ability to use sound to manage any errant noises. And just when I think it’s perfect for me, Tim upgrades it again and makes it even better. He’s added many features that I didn’t know I needed. He takes feedback very seriously. As if that wasn’t enough, the only time I had a question, Tim himself emailed me with the answer within his own set turn around time of 24 hours. His updates are regular, stable, intuitive, and a direct result of dedication that I rarely see. You can’t go wrong with this app. From night lights, to crickets, to reducing the intensity of every sound, this app is an absolute necessity for my auditory comfort, both at home and away from home. Highly recommend.
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6 years ago, BebeKtoW&E
Best thing since sliced bread!
I never needed anything to help me relax and get to sleep until my heart attack earlier this year. After I came home from the hospital, I had difficulty sleeping because I couldn’t get my mind to shut down from the worry of having another heart attack. I tried listening to soothing music, but since I sing or hum along with everything, that only kept me awake. I finally came across this app and love, love, LOVE it! I love listening to it rain outside, and this app has many different variations of free rain sounds. It has so many different free sounds! I also love wind chimes, and when I saw there was a wind chime package I could buy, I just had to have it. I love that I can combine sounds for a completed unique sound that I determine. The only thing I would love to have is the option to buy single sounds at a reasonable price instead of a whole package, some of which I may not like. All in all, I love this app and HIGHLY recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!
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5 years ago, Betsy from Salem
The sounds are wonderful!
Sadly, for me, I’m an inveterate insomniac. My doc finally said enough, no more meds! I safely stopped using them, but, sleep is elusive. Before I found Rain Rain I had tried a number of other sleep sounds apps or Pandora. Music is great, but I tended to listen to the music rather than sleeping. Other sleep app sounds were mostly variations on a theme of static. Rain Rain sounds real. My favorite water sounds are soothing. What I enjoy the most about Rain Rain is the variety of choices of sounds to pick from! I have lots of great choices for the most appropriate sounds for me. Listening to only one sound every night tends to irritate the part of my brain that needs to be calmed. Because I have so many choices, I don’t have to lay awake listening to the same thing night after night. My sleep is still elusive, but, I can at least enjoy the sounds and make up stories to go with the sounds, which seemed to work when I was an insomniac kid.
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5 years ago, Katherineleeb
I love this app!!! I have a custom mix and I have been using it to sleep every night since college. I must have been using Rain Rain every night for over 4 years now! The mix I use is Crackling Fire, Blizzard Wind, and Snoring Shih Tzu (Yes I LIKE to sleep to snoring) and I swear to god I instantly fall asleep. On airplanes, in hotels, at friends house, anywhere!!! I will have this mix in my ears if I’m sleeping. The timer feature is super nice too - I have to set it to turn off before my alarms goes off or else I’ll have too much trouble waking up as this is basically melatonin for me now 🤣🤣 I also love that the timer automatically applies the last used setting so that I don’t forget to set it every night - because I WILL sleep through my alarm otherwise. I also love that it’s not contingent on any data usage - I fly a lot and I definitely appreciate having my sounds in the sky. Thank you to the app developer for the sounds that help me sleep!
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5 years ago, EmmylouOG
Helped my Anxiety.
I’ve been using this app for over 2 years now. It started because some nights I felt anxious and just needed something to listen to to calm me down. Then I fell even more in love with it when they added train sounds. I lived in an apartment right by a train and when I would go to my parents for a night or two it was a nice reminder of my home. Now I use it every night, regardless of anxiety (even though it still really helps with that!) Recently it’s gotten some great updates that make the user face easier, and the ability to play multiple sounds at once is awesome! Sometimes I use it during the day too, mixed with my music that you can play after you’ve started up the rain rain sounds on any music app. Use it to give a cozy vibe to a fall day, or give me calm vibes during stressful times. There is a paid version, but I don’t use that because I don’t feel I need to. It has enough at its core, the add ons are just that, extra! They are not needed and the app doesn’t shove it down your throat. I also noticed I had some free premium currency I have yet to use, and might some time. I wish there was a better night light mode, I’m not sure how it could be improved but it hasn’t done anything special for me and it’s a cool idea, but I just don’t think it’s implemented that well. So thank you developers! Please keep supporting this app or I may never be able to sleep again!
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6 years ago, Unicornbaby23
Best Free App!
I have had this app for over TWO years and it’s about time I write this review. You have sounds ranging from laundry machine, dripping sink, to thunder storms or rain on a car! All free, choose up to 3 sound combinations and create your own listening mix, you can toggle the volume of each sound to make a unique sleep sound track for yourself. If you like it, save to favorites forever or click the X and choose another sound. There is a premium upgrade where you can pay for additional sounds. The sounds included for free are high quality, looped sounds. You can also set a bedtime reminder or a fade out timer if you’re like me and need white noise to fall asleep. Over the last two years the app has only gotten better and better with each update. I highly recommend to anyone even thinking of going to the store and buying a white noise machine or sleep sound machine to try this app first— you won’t be disappointed!
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5 years ago, BBGGNN
This app is always helpful when I need to relax and find peace
I really recommend this app. And the fact that you can mix and match sounds into your own relaxing recipe if you want is genius. I usually use one of the pre existing since they are so well done but I love that option. I use this to relax, I use it to fall asleep ( and I even use it to drown out my partners snoring. On those nights I put on a thunderstorm and put on my noise canceling headphones and can now drift off without noticing the jarring snores). With this app I can put my self in a summers day or a Mississippi night or a thunderstorm. I can even choose how bad or light the storm is. From gentle drizzle to full on storm. Even pick city rain storm or rural. Give this a try. Put your earphones in, close your eyes and you really can be transported to a night on the farm or at a babbling brook or a summer day with birds softly chirping and the light flutter and buzz of nature’s sounds to comfort you and relax you.
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7 years ago, Chelsea Janet
A must have app
As someone who suffers from anxiety this actually has been quite soothing. If any of you also suffer from depression/anxiety you might know that most of the time, it gets worse at night. The sounds are very relaxing and if you can just focus on them and tune out your thoughts you'll probably calm down enough to pass out. I usually have it set to a 30 minute duration. I also use it at school with my earbuds in when I'm trying to focus on my work and trying not to stress myself out too much. Like I said, very calming. Side note- for most of my life I've always lived by train tracks and hearing trains at night is kind of nostalgic and comforting, but recently I moved somewhere where I don't have that. So it's nice that there's train sounds on here. Also like the laundromat sounds, oof, anytime you're away from home, or at home, geez it's just a great app I've been using it for nearly 4 years 20/10 would recommend.
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2 years ago, Jeff Pham
Love it, but have suggestions
I love the rain and thunderstorm sounds. I especially like how the app allows you to mix it with other apps in the background, and I really like how you could soften the sound to reduce the high frequencies of the sound so that it sounds softer. And I like the ability to download more sounds but my suggestion is to add an option to delete individual sounds so that I could keep the sounds I like while deleting sounds I don't like so I could save storage space. And lastly, I notice the sounds feel a little short and they sound a little repetitive sometimes, I would like the duration of each sound to be longer before it loops. And lastly, I’d really like to see more rain sounds (just rain and no thunder), and indoor fireplace sounds. There aren’t much regular rain sounds to pick from, only 2. Otherwise, an excellent rain white noise app!
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4 years ago, hi, hello!
This app is amazing!!!! I just got this a few minutes ago, and I'm in LOVE!! ❤️❤️❤️ I've downloaded apps like these, but yet this one isn't even as AMAZING as this!! I would always write a section with the problems, but yet I can't find a SINGLE problem in this! So instead I'll write what is amazing and perfect about this app! 1). The sounds are in the background!! So apps that I've downloaded before weren't background sounds, which was a problem for me. But this HAS, I mean HAS sounds in the background! 2). The timer and the alarm(alarm for when your bedtime)! Omg! The timer and alarm is great! Although, this isn't a big problem/issue but can you edit the timer? So like it's however long you want it? 3). Again, with the other apps I've downloaded, the sounds aren't that great AND the other sounds you have to pay money for. This app isn't like those apps! There is a TON of sounds!! Just amazing sounds! 4). Making mixes are easy! With one app that was like this, it was soo hard to create mixes, I couldn't even figure it out. But here it's just a few taps and BOOM 💥 you have a mix! There is soo many more awesome things about this app, that it would be to many to even list! Thank you for you time! 😄🤗 I couldn't ask for a better app! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This app needs to be rated 5⭐️, it DESERVES it!!
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4 years ago, Don't undermate me
It really helps!
This app is one of the best sleeping apps ever! My older sibling and I have trouble sleeping. This app definitely helps us to sleep, especially on school nights. But, most of the apps options are premium. This is sad, considering that some of those options could help certain people go to sleep. And your timer. I got 2 things. 1: the timer sometimes goes past the time we set it to, or pushes the time back! 2: It might be helpful if on the timer dock, you could have an (optional) alarm. Otherwise, the app is amazing. It has lots of natural sounds that put people to sleep. They did a good job making the app Rain Rain. I recommend this app so much, which is why I’m writing this review. It’s really helps kids (and Adults) who can’t sleep. If the Developer could look at my suggestions that would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.
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5 years ago, Kw15537
My lifelong partner in sleep
Alright guys, let me paint you a picture. It’s 2009 (approximately) and I am a middle schooler on a family trip with my parents. I (presumably) downloaded this app to drown out my parents on long car rides. I power up the app, put in ear buds, and the next thing I know, we’ve arrived at our destination. I was knocked out, like so deep in sleep that apparently my head was swinging around and hitting the seat but I didn’t feel a thing. Since then, this app has been with me through everything. Nights that I have trouble falling asleep, plane rides, bus rides, car rides, college dorms & college roommates, snoring parents, group trips, etc etc. Absolutely any time I need to tune out the world and fall asleep right away, I use Rain Rain. Practically on a daily basis for 10 years. I have never written an app review before but I love this app passionately, like a friend you can’t live without. Thank you, Tim!
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7 years ago, HareBear16
I love this...but
The second I saw this app I knew I had to have it. I have had sleep problems my whole life and as a kid I had cassette tapes of sounds of the ocean that changed everything about that. I have never been able to find anything like it since. Maybe I just haven’t been looking in the right places but this app is the closest thing by far. The only problem I have with it is that you have to pay for more than just the few select sounds they give you. You’d think that since the purpose of this is to help with something health related that it would be free just out of pure and simple love and care for people. Obviously whoever made the app cares about people’s health and well being or they wouldn’t have made it. I just don’t think you can really put a price in that kind of thing but that’s just me. I still love the concept either way though.
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2 years ago, SoupSnail
Been using this for YEARS
Okay so I know white noise is white noise but what makes this app so special to me is that I can decide what type of rain I want to use, City rain, Rain rain, thunderstorm, rain on tent, rain dripping there are so many choices and you can put what sound you want together . Another wonderful thing about this app is that I am suchhh a light sleeper too many drips in the rain sounds will wake me up or too much thunder, so to be able change the volume of certain sounds im putting together is a life changer. Sometimes I’ll listen to podcasts with the rain sounds+thunder+raindripping and I need my rain sounds to be a little louder then normal so I can hear the rain over the podcast it’s very wonderful because I can change that but keep the drips and thunderstorm at the same volume so they don’t wake me up , LOVE IT
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4 years ago, MamaLuP
The BEST sleeping app in the entire multiverse!
Rain rain is the ABSOLUTE BEST sleeping app I saw when I searched for apps to sleep. The whole sleeping app process started when I saw a headscapes ad for the millionth time and finally figured I’d try it out. Then I found out that I need to pay for it. It was annoying, so I searched for other sleeping apps on the app store. I tried a lot, but most of them required premium for most of the sounds, but then I found rain rain, which even though it still has premium, There are a lot of amazing free sounds and even a free premium sound every day!I love this app and have been using it for about a month now and have not seen anything bad about it, or an app better than this! I love this app and will probably use it for a long time! I hope you like my review and please remember that I love this app!
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4 years ago, SkatePirate
My Favorite Sound Machine!
I have been using this app for years now. The selection and quality of the sounds is unmatched. Whether you're using this app for free, willing to buy a few premium sounds, or subscribing to the premium version, it's all worth it. The different purchases available feel more like ways to support the app and developer than a throttling of features to get you to pay while still pretending to be free. Prices are fair and the quality of the sounds is worth every penny. The majority of sounds when using this app are free, and for those you don't have you can either buy certain sounds a la carte, or subscribe to unlock them all. This is a clean, easy to use, feature-full app. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a sound app. I have not found anything better.
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1 year ago, Explorer 512
Pure magic - a camping trip in an app
This app has tapped into so many sweet memories and joyful moments of life just by crafting the soundtracks of these memories. I remember camping trips with my family when nightfall would bring rain on the tent. The soundtrack “rain on a tent” brought back to me the delicious experience of first slipping into my icy sleeping bag then shivering myself warm, snug and content knowing that between the cold, wet forest and me was a canvas tent with the sweet sound of rain lulling me to sleep. Then there is the soundtrack of a crackling fire, reminding me how it was sometimes a bit of work getting the wet kindling to light, but cultivating a small fire then building it to a crackling one meant the promise of warmth, hot food and the sweet smell of campfire. Again, the app nailed the sound and brought me back into another happy camping memory. Check it out. Enjoy.
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10 months ago, Kayonesoft
Fantastic free app with a catch
This app is the best one of its kind that I’ve tried so far. Loops are either non-existent, or subtle or long enough that they’re not immediately noticeable. You’re able to combine up to 3 ambiances together to create your own unique soundscape. You’re also able to modify the properties of each ambiance to your liking. The trade-off here is that at least half of the ambiances are locked behind a subscription paywall. I am ADAMANTLY against subscription models for mobile apps, especially as they become more and more prolific. It’s unnecessary and detrimental to consumers who are seeing just about everything out there getting locked away behind a reoccurring portion of their income. There is no option for a one-time purchase. For this reason alone, I had to rate it so poorly. The reason it’s 3 stars instead of 1 is because the free option is still at least on par or better than the competition.
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6 months ago, jane?!
Has helped me so much!
This app has helped me so much, I didn’t do any subscriptions or anything. I originally downloaded this app to help me fall asleep because I needed a distraction, and this app was the best decision ever! It’s helped me fall asleep, and it’s helped me with distractions like background noise and more. You can set a timer for your choice of sound so you won’t have to turn it off yourself. It has so many sounds to chose from, and even more if you decide to get the subscription. I don’t have the subscription because I’m happy with the choices I can chose from. But overall this app has been such a big help when it comes to my sleep schedule. Also I would just like to mention that this app doesn’t work for everyone, but if this app does work for you I hope you enjoy!
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5 years ago, PipTheAppReviewer
Try this app!!👍👍👍👍
It’s great! I use this app to fall asleep. I always use the water noises to sleep. Before this app I would listen to Netflix show to fall asleep to, because I liked background noise, but sometimes they were too distracting. But now I can listen to relaxing noises. My favorite feature is how I can make mixes of the different sounds. One thing I did notice was how some of the sounds sound exactly like other sounds for example gentle stream and slow stream. But that doesn’t really bother me that much. Also I have two suggestions to make. First, can you make it so you can make the sounds slower like make the tempo slow or fast? Second, it would be cool if you could record your own sounds that like make you feel relaxed like recording what rain sounds like where you live.
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6 years ago, Stynkerbellsim
Not just for bedtime! Perfection!
I LOVE this app! The sounds are so perfect and accurate! I love that I can pick one or make a mix of my choice. I love that they also make suggestions on putting sounds together. They add packages that I didn’t know I wanted to hear!! The price for adding some premium sounds is a great bargain! Now I’ve joined the monthly so I get all new sounds automatically. I never mind contributing to apps I enjoy - I mean they aren’t free and people’s time is worth something - this is a bargain! I now use it for more than just bedtime! I sleep so well and I always had such a hard time sleeping, no longer! The fade mode and nighttime mode are awesome - it sends me a reminder that it’s almost bedtime! It’s so relaxing and peaceful / honestly worth every penny! I use this app so much - not just a bedtime thing! Good for relaxing, meditation or in a great bubble bath!
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3 years ago, Passion Bat
By far my favorite sleep app.
I have tried numerous apps out there that just weren’t my favorite, until I found rain rain. I decided to give this a try and instantly fell in love. I love that you can mix sounds even without having to pay for subscriptions! Some times my anxiety gets worse some days than others and it keeps me up at night with my head spiralling around in negative thoughts. But this has helped me to cut out the night lights, turn off the phone, and sleep in total darkness and peace. When I’m on my tough days, I just put on one of the free classical music mixed in with the cicadas. I have this app installed on my iPad and normally keep it connected to my speaker. That way I don’t miss my alarm. 🤪 download this app though if you have bad anxiety/stress like me. It helps!
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4 years ago, Genie E.
Best sounds app out there
This app is so great, honestly the best free or paid I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a bunch. I have trouble going and staying asleep naturally, and I’ve paid more money than I’d like for “premium” sleep sounds apps, only to find the sounds hollow, unrealistic, or really obviously repetitive. Not so with Rain Rain — I’m so impressed by how robust (and well-considered) the sounds are, especially the thunder and many rain sounds available. Thunder in particular seems hard to get right, but here it sounds as if there’s a storm right outside my window to lull me to sleep. Also, that so many high quality sounds are available free with the app is wonderful. The ads aren’t intrusive at all, and removing the ads is a really reasonable price that I’m happy to pay toward more helpful apps like this. Thanks for the great work!
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6 years ago, TheSkittlesUnicorn
Best developer!
I have read so many, “I don’t write reviews, but...”. Same here. I don’t. It’s just wonderful and amazing to me to see every review that had a problem or even a suggestion answered in a well-thought-out, well-intended manner. I have lost money on a few apps before or had issues with performance (as I’m sure so many have) only to find that there is no way to contact the developers, or worse, they simply don’t care. That is not the case with this app/developer. I was thinking of suggesting a “make-your-own” bundle where you pay the same price as other premium bundles, but choose sounds you prefer. I would even take less sounds, or pay a little more for the power to choose. Whether or not that would ever be possible, this app is wonderful and the developer has done a fantastic job.
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3 years ago, Carolefdee
"To sleep perhaps to dream--"
I have two sleep disorders: sleep apnea and insomnia. Sleep apnea is simple to treat with a Cpap, but insomnia is not easy at all, not even with sleep medications. To make a long story short, I have tried everything to experience the luxury of a sound, deep, rejovenating sleep. Then I discovered Rain Rain. The first night I used the app, I slept 7 hours of uninterrupted, restorative sleep. I awakened to a sun-filled room and for a moment I was completely disoriented; my form of insomnia not only prevents me from falling asleep, it also awakens me three or four times a night -- always to a dark room. Sometimes I an able to return to sleep; other times that is impossible. I love this software: it runs perfectly, and I absolutely love the "soften” option which I use it to soften the sound of thunder for every rain sequence I play; because rain is not rain without a pinch of rumbling, distant thunder. Using Rain Rain has made it possible to sleep like a normal person again. Even more importantly, various unrelated health issues have also improved because I now am able to experience 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. And I can remember my dreams again! What more can anyone ask?
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4 years ago, MichelePT
Puts my daughter to sleep within 5 min!
This app has been incredibly helpful in getting my 11 year old daughter to sleep within 5 minutes! What a blessing! There are many different types of rain options and we love them all. It also will play at the same time as Pandora so sometimes I choose Deep Sleep Radio on Pandora and then Rain Rain and that’s wonderfully soothing as if we are listening to music while the rain is pouring outside our window! We had been listening to meditation apps for children and this works way faster! My only complaint is it puts me to sleep too and when I wake up an hour later my husband is asleep and we miss our alone time together! I’m going to start telling my daughter I won’t lay with her anymore but instead that I will check on her in 10 mins!
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2 years ago, banbayar
This app really helped me with my head ache it has many awesome sounds my favorite is the summer rain and the crashing thunder it’s a really good mix you can make many many amazing mixes and stuff my mom loves it to my friends and I fully recommend you to try it and yes it does need money do unlock half of the sounds but there are many amazing sounds u can choose from I wish this app becomes more and more popular so everyone can try this ✨masterpiece✨ good job developers you guys made an amazing app! P.s I love the toy box 1 and 2 because it sounds creepy and I can’t wait to see my friends reaction then I play that sound in the dark🤣 they will definitely kill me if you want to try it out make a mix with those to sounds and prank your friends or anyone with it
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6 years ago, Jvm02
Best app out there for a better night’s sleep
I’ve been using this app for about three years now and it’s changed the way i sleep. I usually hate white noise/rain recordings because they just keep playing in a loop that is very noticeable & annoying, however, the sounds on this app actually make you feel like you are being transported somewhere else. They have some of the highest quality sounds & a great variety of them not only limited to rain. They offer a very generous pack for non-premium users which i greatly appreciate! Also, it’s great how you can create your own mixes!!! I haven’t seen any other app with the same function. I am a very light/complicated sleeper & i can fall asleep within minutes using this. This app is friggin amazing, i highly recommend it to anyone & everyone.
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7 years ago, SCDBEAR
I Can’t Live Without
I have had this forever and I can make sounds that mean something to me. Remind me of home or a special place. I have paid for many extra sound packs and everyone was worth it. I did get the premium and it seemed u hated ever pack they put out while I was a member. I would rather pay $6 a couple times the $4 a month to not get one new one I liked. Of course within the month of me canceling my membership they put one out I LOVE! “Fall”. But oh well I think paying per pack especially if I have been buying them over such a long time is best for me. BUT these sounds are not corny or to repetitive. If I found one a little repetitive I would use one of the 3 mixing spots to add the sound twice. Perfect! Never deal with any repetitive noice again! Love this app. Use it more then any other!
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5 years ago, HannahLB7
The best sound generator I’ve ever found!
This is honestly the best sound generator I have ever used, and I was completely lost when I didn’t have it. (Got a new phone and couldn’t remember the name of the app to save my life for a long time.) I’m 27 and I’ve had insomnia issues since I was 18 because my head can’t block out noises and fans always seem to mess up and make noises that keep me awake. My psychologist suggested this app to me and it is amazing; I can hardly believe it’s FREE! There are tons of sounds to use, and you can mix and match, combine sounds, and set the levels for each one to get your perfect combination. Seriously, as a full time student that also works a full time night shift job, nothing works better to help me get to sleep in the few hours I have everyday. This app is an absolute MUST!
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1 year ago, Sweepout
Love it on phone, don’t work on iPad
One of the few apps that have a rain noise that actually helps me. “April Showers” is my favourite! I also listen to “food court” and “relaxing piano” a lot! This app is amazing you can mix together different sounds and I’ve been loving the app for years but they just added a feature to soften it and it can really help give some of the sounds a whole new vibe and distant which can be a fun role play for trying to go to sleep to. Love the app definitely get this! UPDATE: I’ve used this app on my iPod touch and iPhone for years, I just got an iPad a couple months ago and it is not the same at all! Oscillate is “turned off” but the sound still oscillates. Like in “April Showers” (my favourite) every time the thunder cracks the it gets quieter and the rain stops completely. No it’s not my device either it doesn’t do that on any other apps.
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6 years ago, Unique Janique
Rain Rain
I love this app! I love how you can mix up certain sounds the way you like them. I’m going to let my cats listen to the purring and bird sounds just to see if they like it. I’ve suffered from insomnia for years and I have to take meds to help me sleep. I’m hopeful this will help some. Although I love this app, I would really like to hear more sounds. I’m sure some will come along in the future. Right now I’m listening to ocean waves mixed with trains. You can just barely hear the train blowing it’s horn in the background, just as I experience it where I live. Some “sounds” suggestions: big jetliners taking off and landing! Space Shuttle taking off. Maybe some snow skiing on a slope. Shopping at a big mall. Grandfather clock strikes 12 and ticking. Soft quiet snoring from a child or an adult. Or maybe just breathing sounds.
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6 years ago, OhioLeah
Busy mom gets sleep!!!
I slept so great last night! Thank you for this app:) I always have slept great when it rains and fairly normal otherwise I think: sometimes ok, sometimes broken, sometimes I wake and can’t go back to sleep ( busy mom, wife, professional). After 3 nights of restless, broken sleep I crawled in with my daughter (to keep from waking my husband again) who had this app running. I slept until morning and woke from a deep delightful sleep that I was so grateful for!! I have now downloaded it on my phone. Finding the sounds that sooth me was easy ( “Thunder cracks” +“Mississippi at night”:) I can’t wait to try it again! Maybe I’ll even get a successful nap in someday. Anyhow, if you find yourself wishing for sleep I recommend you download this app, Scroll to find the sound ( or add 2 together for a combo- very user friendly) that relaxes you (you know what it is- you’ll remember when you hear it!), and let it play:) I can tell you it’s worth a shot. I took the time to write my first review ever to let you know that I would never have tried this on my own- even after it was suggested to me ( too busy, skeptical) I’m so very glad I had such a great & unexpected experience (Thank you Natalie :)) Good luck & Sweet dreams!
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3 years ago, Some person 35
AMAZING app that everyone should have!
This app is an OUTSTANDING ambient noise generator that features several dozen high quality sound affects of various different themes, such as rain, thunderstorms, forests, rivers, home, public transport, and more! You get a good surround sound experience if listening through headphones. I use this app to help me sleep, as well as to have something gentle to listen to while I read a book or work at the computer. And I absolutely love how you can customize your experience! You can play multiple sounds at once, as well as change the volume and softness of each sound! The app also has other features like nightstand mode and a fade-out timer. This app is something I feel that everyone can highly benefit from!
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1 year ago, *-Grace-*
So good!
This app is soo good and it helps me sleep in a mutitude of ways. I love this app because even if you dont have tbe RainRain premium, there are still a lot of choices that aren’t premium. Another thing that I love about this app is that you can mix different sounds, personally I love this feature and I listen to a mixed sound whenever I sleep also, if ypu’re wondering, the sounds are (this is also the order by the way,) downpour/downfall (I dont know which one) slow stream, and brown noise. One last feature of the app that makes me love it is the timer feature so you can either have it on all night of just for like 2 hours for example. Those are 3 reasons why this app is so good and you should definitely download it.
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4 years ago, szqy1
Sleep Like a Baby
I’ve been using this app for several years, and I don’t do reviews, but tonight it was bugging me.... Every night I plug in my under-pillow speaker, turn on Rain Rain, and awake to the morning lighting up the forest through my window. So 10 years ago I contacted a fungal disease which wiped me out making sleep something I no longer did. I would put a book-on-tape playing just to fill the space in my mind, taking it off “I’m not sleeping”, but I would continue to wake up with the book rattling on. A friend suggested white noise, I tried a couple apps but the sounds were tin-like and repetitive, not soothing. I decided to try one more, which turned out being Rain Rain. For all of us that need a little hook, push, diversion to enter rest; this is it. It won’t disappoint. (Ok, now I can sleep. I finally left a review for something worthwhile.)
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9 months ago, """""@&$)(;:/'bdhebe
So good and always getting better.
I’ve literally had this app for years, so many I lose track, possibly like ten years. I have a giant old speaker placed directly under my bed, below the pillow, cheapest Yamaha stereo with external rocket fish Bluetooth connectivity. Using iOS the sound from this app will play over other sound you have running, including your iTunes. The app is a great stand alone sleep aid. If you want to listen to/ feel the beach waves no problem. If you want to add seagulls to the mix, no problem, if you want to add beaches ambience, not a problem. If you want to play all of that on top of your favorite album from your iTunes library, that works too. Definitely a nice tool in the fight against insomnia. Good luck.
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4 years ago, jNeajy
I’ve downloaded this app on at least five devices over as many years, and I’ve found or needed to look for any app like it. These sounds have gotten me through loud airplane flights in desperate need of a nap, long nights in crowded apartments, and spells of lacking inspiration when I needed to crest the perfect atmosphere for myself to write: an autumn folk playlist, amber spice candle, and the just right blend of rainfall, wind, rustling leaves, sliding through. I’ve been able to induce autumn whether I was suffering through a Boston winter or an Albuquerque summer or had forgotten seasons altogether in California. I kept cicadas with me when I left the state of my childhood and it’s keening summers. This is quite genuinely my favorite app, and it finally occurred to me to say that in a review. Thank you. It’s been an amazing journey.
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