Reframe: Drink Less & Thrive

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User Reviews for Reframe: Drink Less & Thrive

4.78 out of 5
25.3K Ratings
2 years ago, J3NN\^/
The best investment you will ever make
I don’t even know where to begin to explain the many ways this app’s content has helped me change my relationship with alcohol and get to a better headspace. Over the years I’ve been through periods of frequent alcohol use, including drinking almost every day to unwind after working 80hr weeks for the last couple years. Since I’m finally done with education/training I don’t have nearly as much stress anymore, and I came to the realization with the help of the app that alcohol doesn’t serve me anymore and my alcohol use was a part of my identity that I didn’t want or need anymore. It’s only been a little over two months but I’ve made a lot of progress and am in the middle of a 30 days sober challenge when I can’t remember the last time I went two weeks straight without drinking. On top of that I went from drinking about 85-95% days of the week to only about 40%, and the quantity is a lot less as well. I have a lot of this journey ahead of me but I know with this app and all the hard work the developers and content contributors put in I can get there. The biggest help of this app is shedding light on why I drink in the first place and building better coping mechanisms and ways of thinking to get through life’s challenges without alcohol. There’s no better gift you can give yourself than becoming the happiest, healthiest, and best version of yourself and this app can help you do that for yourself when you put in the work.
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1 year ago, Soni-Jez
Reframe saves my life!
Sounds extreme but it is true. i’m been questioning my relationship with alcohol for many years. I’ve tried many different ways to quit or cut back one lucky day Instagram’s algorithm pushed the Reframe app onto my feed. Reframe offered away to not quit completely, but cut back. This was tempting as I was in 100% sure that I wanted completely. However, I definitely needed to cut back in order to improve my health and my life. It was gonna teach me all about drinking and what it does to my body. It was going to offer me tasks to do every day to keep me accountable. It also has distractions built into the app that will help me when I have cravings… These are all things I learned about it or neon and well worth trying out. What I didn’t know was that the app was gonna bring me a community of people that would help support me through my sobriety journey. has a chat feature built-in that’s available 24 seven where I can connect with people ask questions and get support. There are also daily zoom meetings, where people come to listen connect and share about their sobriety journey. Those meetings have become my livelihood. There are coaches in those meetings that help moderate offer feedback and support. A few short weeks into my cut back journey with alcohol. I decided to switch to quit completely. I’m close to 500 days sober. I have a new lease on life and I have this app to thank for it and his amazing coaches and community.
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2 months ago, The Rhage
Super helpful and doesn’t take long out of your day.
I’ve been using this app for a month now and already noticed better sleep and mood quality within the first two weeks. It isn’t magic. It takes work but the short daily articles and journaling and friendly non-judgmental reminders help tremendously. Whether you’re cutting back or quitting drinking, it is a great tool to give a shot. Do the month trial for $5 if you’re hesitant like I was. It helps so much with approaching your habit from a different perspective. There’s so much mental work that goes into changing habits and this reminds you that you can always switch your approach and always evolve and better yourself with healthy alternatives and healthy mindset. The accountability is a huge factor. Checking in with every drink you might have really sets the tone with a mind and body connection. There is no blindly grabbing a drink and not thinking about it. It makes you evaluate if you really want or need that drink. Seeing how much money and empty calories you save on a daily basis really puts things into perspective. The little tips and insights help a lot and I’ve even used them to help loved ones going thorough hard times of their own. It isn’t about just drinking. It’s about learning healthy behaviors and unlearning old habits and that’s something everyone can take advantage of; not just people looking to quit or cut back on drinking.
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2 years ago, Sari H...
This app has been incredibly helpful & I’m so glad I found it. I read one of those books a year or two ago to help me stop drinking, and I expected the app to be something like that. The book was helpful and I learned a lot but I think this app did more for me in just a few days, and now I have learned so so much more. I went from 1-2 glasses of wine every single day, for most of the last 8+ years, to 0. And that’s after trying and failing multiple times to stop within the last few years. I have had a couple drinks here and there but haven’t had a real craving for weeks. It’s worth every penny & I recommend it to anyone who listens! My only complaint is that if you don’t log in every single day and do the readings and exercises, it just skips ahead to the next day and so you miss out unless you go back. I can go back, but it’s really confusing and hard to keep track of all the days that I have missed, and in the meantime they just keep piling up. I wouldn’t care except the readings are so good and they do sometimes build on each other so who knows how much great stuff I’ve missed. I realize it would be a challenge to change that functionality but I doubt I’m the only one. I would be curious how many people are missing out. This is definitely not a reason not to download the app (download it!). Just a huge opportunity to make it better.
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3 years ago, teenyvikingchild
Game Changer
Over the years, since questioning my relationship with alcohol, I have done online sessions, schools, apps,etc to help me navigate my drinking. I have not wanted to fully quit but I have wanted to cut back. All things I had signed up for had some good stuff in it, but the reframe app has been by far the most amazing, helpful tool (for me) by far. I am absolutely obsessed with doing the daily tasks and learning things about my drinking I have never known or connected with (the science part of it). My favorite part of the app is that I can pop on any day of the week to the 30 min zoom calls for encouragement, support and ability to share my triumphs and downfalls with others who get it. There is zero shame and just so much love as we all navigate this together. The zoom leaders are absolutely awesome and so well spoken, educated on this subject and totally down to earth and relatable. I saw the app show up in my Instagram sponsored ads and kept seeing it but sat on it for quite some time. I finally decided to download it and can’t believe all that is available through it. I honestly can’t say enough about it. I’ve been doing it every day for 2 weeks straight. It’s become something I really look forward to and enjoy. Thank you sooooo much to the developers for creating this! You have been a godsend! 🙏🏻
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2 years ago, Yoadrian222
Reframe changed my life
I struggled at first to show up daily, but when I finally caught up I promised myself that I would commit. Every single day. That’s when it clicked. I don’t want to write a novel, but I could rave about this program for hours on end. The knowledge I’ve gained, the changes I’ve made to my brain and to my body, the way I’m completely in charge of my alcohol intake, it’s all so priceless. It took a lot of consistency and work but my relationship with alcohol is completely different. I went from drinking every single day, having severe stomach pain, health issues, and waking up never feeling rested to not even wanting to drink, no more stomach pain, and I sleep like a baby. My mind hasn’t been this clear in many years. I won’t lie, feeling my severe depression fully has been the hardest part, but this program didn’t just give me confidence with alcohol. It’s also shown me that I can handle anything as long as I take the time to care for myself. I love how I can apply a lot of the things I’ve learned to various aspects of my life. I can’t believe I’m tearing up right now, but I think that goes to show just how much of an impact this program has had on me. Reframe- you’ve changed my life. I was headed down a very dark road and you helped me save myself. I couldn’t be more grateful.
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1 year ago, Cgook
A++ this app change my whole mindset
I love this app so much I feel like it gave me the power back. never really thought I had a problem. do you know how when you go to a doctor and they ask you to fill out a form? How many drinks did you have this week and you make up a number you say like five? in reality, it really was like 2 to 3 drinks a night for me. and then on the football Sunday, they could end up being 10 drinks throughout the day, but who really counts. anyway, I actually set a goal because I didn’t want to stop drinking but I wanted to actually stick to a number and be accountable so I said a goal of eight drinks a week. The reason I said that gold because I wanted to give myself some grace if I wanted to have a drink, and I thought that was obtainable. All the resources that this app provides gave me tools I didn’t know I needed. I have averaged no more than 11 drinks per month over the last hundred days. and I have a drink when I really want to have one, but not because of some of the triggered reasons that I used to have. It really is or has given me the power back. PS everything in my life is better, including my relationship with my family, which I thought was already fantastic but it’s even better thank you so much for creating this app. It’s super awesome.
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4 months ago, K2_64
If I could give this app & community 1,000 stars, I would.
I cannot say enough about how this app—including my fellow “Reframers”, the tools, resources AND the amazing coaches—has changed my experience of & with alcohol. In the past I have tried to cut back on my own, to no avail. I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to not spend so much $ on Prosecco. I wanted to wake up refreshed, or at least not exhausted. There were lots of whole-hearted or half-hearted attempts that went by the wayside. I never thought I could/would actually want to be sober. 24x365? Absolutely nope. Epiphanies happen. …Finding this app & community has changed everything. I now have a community and set of tools right in my hand, 24hrs a day, where I can lean in for support, or encourage others, and along the way learn the science behind my “relationship” with alcohol. Btw - I got divorced. Immediately. And I haven’t gone back. It’s an ex- I never want to succumb to again. This is a safe place to explore cutting back or quitting. Or just learning. Everything I have needed is here. And crazily enough, exactly when I needed it. Every day brings new tools & knowledge. Right when I seem to need that tool or wisdom. Uncanny. I am grateful beyond measure. I know that there is no one-size-fits-all, but for me, this is the perfect fit.
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2 years ago, B727FA
Truly a life changing app!
If you are living with a potentially harmful behavior, in this app, alcohol, and you want to change your relationship with that behavior, this app is for you! Each day you’ll encounter brief, thoughtful and meaningful tasks or activities: you’ll learn from the daily reading, be inspired by the motivation, act on what you’ve learned through brief, focused activities (short journaling, a self-assessment, a guided meditation, etc). Finally you’ll log your drinks each day. There are two “tracks” in the app: complete abstinence from alcohol, or “cut back” from alcohol. Each uses a roadmap to show you the path and your progress. When you’re seeking more connectivity with other “Refamers” check out the forum with multiple topics and groups. Check out the live ZOOM meetings (several a day) to be encouraged and supported as you explore your healthier new life. The numbers don’t lie. If you engage the app, honestly account for your drinks (you’re only lying to yourself if you don’t report the drinks as consumed) you WILL see improvement. Your life with change. Your body will heal. Your mind will grow. Weather you want to stop drinking altogether or want to cut back how much you do, you’ll find the support, tools and structure to do it. Do it! It’s worth every penny and more.
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6 months ago, ladymharris
Great App but Don’t Purchase the Coaching!
The app is fantastic for those recovering or on the journey to cut back and or to be alcohol free. Decent price at $40 annually. Great tools such as forums, multiple zoom check in sessions with coaches for those who need accountability, daily readings using scientific methods and analytics, podcasts, video libraries, courses, meditations, and much more. The biggest drawback is signing up for personalized coaching sessions which is $249 a month for 3 sessions. The coaches are certified coaches, no problem there. What isn’t clear when signing up is how the sessions work, there’s not enough terms explained. Such as you must use the sessions within the time frame you are charged or you loose them, they don’t carry over. What can be hard is that life can get in the way of scheduling those sessions especially during the holidays. I ran into this problem with my own schedule AND with the coach and her own schedule. Reframe also didn’t notify me via email to put the invite on my Google calendar so the coach had to notify Reframe to fix our schedules and that had happened to me and her other clients that week. Instead of charging a set # of sessions with in a month, you should be able to pay as you go for each session as it is in the real world when you schedule face to face therapy sessions. I was not happy that I lost out on my 3 unused sessions to Reframe.
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2 years ago, travelingfiend
Reframe content & the app is amazing!
I was so doubtful when I downloaded this and really didn’t think I would benefit from it. But their first statement upfront is that if you don’t believe it can work, it won’t work for you. It’s a mindset. And I can tell you from buying the one year subscription 7 days ago, I already got my money’s worth. I was just trying to reduce my drinking and I haven’t had a drink in seven days. It’s because they teach so much about the impact on your brain and your organs in your body. It’s not about willpower or self-control. It’s about deciding to prioritize your health and well-being, your motivation and your ability to do more during the day. There’s no doomsday scare tactics, no shame, no judgment. All of the content is so well put together and it varies every day and it’s customized to your personal goals. And they ask all of the right questions and give inspiration and challenges each morning. I really find myself motivated by the community. Normally, I avoid forums and communities related to health care skin care because it’s a lot of the repeat. But this group is so inspiring and real, non-judgmental and in the fire with you. Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, Scorpion1117
App sent by Angels
Eight days ago I was hopeless and thinking of ways to end my life! I recently walked away from a career making a very healthy six figure salary. I just felt my brain was so fried I could no longer be a leader, a good husband or father. I had downloaded the Reframe app four days prior. I don’t even remember where I found it? However, I followed it everyday and although the information was spot on I was still having an occasional drink just about all four of those days. I was still in a very bad place. The suicidal thoughts became stronger and stronger until I completely broke down in front of my wife crying, shaking and telling her I no longer wanted to live anymore! We talked for over an hour while I was completely exhausted she watched me fall asleep, keeping her eyes on me all night long. I woke up the next day and said to myself I’m going to take this app reframe more seriously. Although the last eight days didn’t come with its struggles I have remained alcohol free consistently following Reframe. I am finally starting to understand how it is really helping me! I know I have a L O N G way to go but I’m now feeling some hope for my future! THANK YOU DEVELOPERS OF REFRAME!!!!❤️
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2 years ago, DenverbroncosPmac
Worked for a stubborn doctor
By my very nature, I tend to be a “go it alone”kinda guy. At 47 years old, that has worked great in some areas and been disastrous in others. I’m successful and well educated, and so I assumed I would be able to control alcohol on my own. I’m a doc. I know all the negative effects it has on my health. I have a family and I see the effects it has on them. I know how I feel after I’ve been drinking. That argh!!! I did it again feeling. This app has been a true life safer! I downloaded it at a low point when I was desperate for something. Anything. I’ve prayed till I was in tears that I could get my act together, and while I thought that would come by God giving me a miraculous desire to not want to drink, he didn’t. What he did give me was an iPhone. And an App Store. And an app named Reframe. Turns out that In my case, God wanted to use an app to help me do the work of getting my life under control. Turns out, God does work in ways that are not always of our understanding. I’ll be praying that someone might read this and that you will find it helpful in your journey. You got this!!! LETS GO!!!!
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3 months ago, Kurdogg
Want anonymous help? Here is your lifeline.
I am on day 9 with the app and my wife asked me last night if I was using it and if it was at all helpful. I informed her without hesitation that it was the best money I have ever spent and the fact that I recall the conversation is indicative that it works. I love it and even chat with others, which I do nowhere else on any other app platform to include social media. It gives one struggling with addiction help and hope through science and information, and gives you an anonymous battle buddy struggling with the same issues 24/7 on the chat (which is more like a helpline for those in a dark place and accolades/reinforcement center for those winning the battle). I am a 51 year old male, career law enforcement officer with a closet full of PTSD from witnessing human tragedy over the last 27 years, and have tears of thankfulness streaming down my face as I write this humbling review. I hope the developers see this and they understand that they probably have saved my life. I love you guys, and I am completely sober while saying so! Seriously, thank you for the second chance at life.
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2 years ago, shamusmccrackin
Surprisingly effective
My work has been especially stressful over the last year and I’ve developed a modest 1-2 glass of wine per night habit. It bothered me that I felt like I couldn’t not drink every day, even when I told myself I wouldn’t. And it had started as just a glass of wine, but was gradually becoming 2 glasses every time. So I also started feeling like crap in the morning and I felt like it really was affecting my mood. The app came across my Instagram and I gave it a shot without much expectation. Pretty much immediately, I was able to cut back. The exercises and especially the articles shed light on what was happening physiologically and somehow it made it easier to abstain. I still drink, but I try not to drink at home. I’ve backtracked a couple times but now that I have some sense of control over it, I don’t want to lose it. And the nature of what alcohol does to our brains makes it difficult to consciously control once the habit is formed. I don’t need the calories, I don’t need the Band-Aid over a bad mood, and I don’t need the guilt. Trying to be a social drinker exclusively now. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, Gen X’er
Snarky Customer Service
I sent my trial cancel request on day 7 of the free 7 day trial. However, they already processed the charge for annual renewal of nearly $130. When I contacted them for help processing a refund as the annual renewal fee was more than I could pay at that time, they couldn’t find my subscription. Then central Texas had the ice storm which delayed me from following up with them for a week or two. When I did, I forgot where we last left it. However, they reminded me they’ve already helped me and sent screenshots to prove it. Each email from them after that was to continue to tell me they already told me how to request a refund through the apple App Store with more screenshots to prove it. For a company whose goal is to help people overcome their bad alcohol habits which is something I wholeheartedly support and view as a higher calling, they really don’t display the ability to serve others (aka customer service). Not once did they open the door for me to change my mind or come back at a later time, or offer to switch my renewal to the lower monthly fee. Not sure how this app has received so many higher ratings. My hope is that they read this, and take it to heart so that they improve their customer service before it puts off others from what may be a very valuable service.
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2 years ago, udnevyndbrh
The right kind of help
I had been trying to cut back my 1-3 glasses of wine per night in order to loose weight for almost a year. I struggled immensely. Then I found Reframe and came to understand what alcohol does to my body and my brain which makes it so hard to quit. With the help of the app I have dramatically cut back my alcohol intake over the last six months. The app gives you the support to really understand what is going on in your body, why you feel the way youfeel and why it is so darn hard to cut back. Now I understand you don't have to hit rock bottom to want to quit or cut back alcohol which is what the American culture tells us. I feel better, sleep better, and have more energy now. When I walk into a social setting I have planned out if I want to drink or not that evening and have the tools to support my choice. I recently went to a 3 day in person work event and drank only 1 day. It has become so much more than just cutting out calories. I feel 1,000 times better physically and mentally than I did six months ago and I’m going to stick with it.
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1 year ago, Trishy188
Life Changing - Literally
This app is changing my whole life. I can not think of a more valuable app to me than this one. I have been able to make huge changes in my life that I never thought would be possible. There are forums to post to, you can comment on other people’s posts, zoom meetings that we can join, meditation options, challenges to join, book clubs to join daily tasks to complete so we can figure out why we do the things we do. There is SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE here to learn. It is absolutely amazing and I am so happy that these people who have created this app care so much about other people that they have made me so grateful. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. It is truly changing my life. I would not be sober without this app. I am telling you that I would have gone back to drinking a long time ago and now that I am so far into my sobriety, I am never going back. I have gained so much and have a completely lovely life in front of me. I am 1000% grateful. Thank you 💗 I hope this helps someone else give it a try. I’m so glad I did. 👍
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4 months ago, (LittleTiny1) @jodi4kidz
Mind blowing
I have never been an everyday drinker but lots of weekends and social events a binge drinker. I always had the nudging to let it go , to give up drinking, for the most part everything else in my life is pretty put together. When this app kept popping up on Instagram I decided to look in to it finally. I took the plunge for a month and halfway through the month signed up for the entire year. The coaches, the community, the teachings the bonds I am making with others really has been mind blowing to me. It is basically joining with others to share about our experiences and our journeys and supporting one another while’s learning the science behind alcohol. The meetings have been life saving in so many different aspects of my life. It teaches you how to cope with life on life’s terms. I would highly recommend this app to anyone. Thank you for the changes I have made in my life. I do know it comes down to the individual having to put in the work but with the love and support form this community it makes it so doable. 🙏❤️😘
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2 weeks ago, LovinLifeATT
A great tool
My sister invited me to a “dry January” challenge. Sure, I thought…I’ll do it..uncertain if I would be successful because I didn’t have much motivation. I rarely drink but I do enjoy alcohol during social gatherings and when I go out to eat to compliment my meal. However, this app really opened my mind to the benefits of cutting back or going alcohol free. The month actually flew by. Sure, there were times I wanted to drink, like a friend’s birthday party, but I stuck with it! The app is very educational and I learned so much. The gamification and supportive nature of the app make it motivating. I also love that it tracks sugar calories avoided and $ saved! After a night out in LA my two girlfriends and I added up how much we saved between alcohol and uber rides, and wow! $$$ Even when dry January was over I still kept using the app as sort of a health and education tracker. I am now starting “Dry June” (although I think I need to give it a catchier name) and I know I’ll be successful with this app. It was a worthwhile investment. I think everyone should get it!
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10 months ago, Mainemags
My teeth and weight
I am only on my second week of achieving sobriety and the improvement in the quality of my life is immeasurable. Last night, for the first time, I was able to go down to the dock of our lake house drinking ice water and enjoying the evening while my husband was drinking alcohol. The first 5 days were tough~ lots of negative symptoms: insomnia, restless leg syndrome in bed, constipation, dull headache, and overall restlessness. I’m still sleeping in the guest room, but actually slept the sleep of angels last night. I’m losing weight, swimming every day, and now waking up cheerful and full of energy. The best part of this journey is probably unique to me. I am no longer grinding my teeth at night. When I was drinking (more than I should every night since I retired), I would wake up every morning with my teeth and gums aching all day. My dentist warned me that I was critically injuring my enamel. I tried different mouth guards only to find them on the floor in the morning. Thank you Reframe; I’m not sure I could have done this without you.
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4 months ago, Boom boom clap
Practical and effective
I have been using Reframe for two months, and it is the best tool I have used so far to significantly cut back on drinking alcohol. And I’ve tried a lot of things! I have been religious about the daily check-in and tasks, and I like the accountability of logging how much I drink each day. It’s a great feeling to have days in a row where I am able to log zero. The daily tasks are very practical and focused on changing mindset and the desire to drink. The longer I use it, the more connected I feel to myself and my desire to have a clear head and a healthy brain. Sometime the tasks seem a little long and you have to do one in order to unlock the next task on a given day. I think it would be nice if you could skip around a little bit. But the first one every day, the educational reading, is almost always very motivating and educational. I highly recommend this app for those who are trying to find a way to cut back on their drinking (so we don’t eventually have to give it up altogether!)
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2 years ago, Jane0
Powerful helper
I had tried to cut back on my drinking unsuccessfully for ~5 years. January 2021 I downloaded the full paid version of this app and decided to cut back to 4 drinks per week, coming from a weekend partier/binger that was a drastic cut back. I loved all the information about alcohol and all the resources for handling cravings especially. On January 12th I switched my app setting from cutting back to quit. I haven’t had a drink since. That is 250 days sober! I have found a life I didn’t even knew existed outside of alcohol and I know this app had a ton to do with it. Guiding me through what I might expect at various timelines after quitting (sugar cravings!) lots of real evidence and science about alcohol and the benefits of not drinking really helped me feel good about my decision. I don’t feel like I “can’t drink” I feel like this app helped me realize I don’t “need to” drink and frankly don’t WANT to! It was worth the money. I made it part of my daily routine to do each days lesson. I contribute this app to my success, flat out!
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3 years ago, Tom3G
This app is phenomenal
I have been using this “app” for 2 months now. First this is more than just an app. There are community meetings that members get access to. It’s very hard to change drinking behavior without some personal support. There are various levels available of that available here. The founders of this app have very deep experience in alcohol addiction and general wellness practices. I’ve done my share of therapists and personal growth work in the past and yet I am still learning a lot here. The app packs a lot into it. From daily readings that build on each other, to an online forum where you can post and get feedback or give encouragement to fellow members, to various challenges, to exercises and practices to get you through cravings, etc. I have only listed the main stuff. I still haven’t gone through half of it. The available material grows every week. What I am learning and getting support here is helping me in work and in relationships and in many aspects of my life beyond drinking.
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2 years ago, regnillo6
It really works.
I was a daily drinker for 20+ years. I have tried to quit before and couldn’t do it. The combination of warnings from my doctor and using the Reframe app finally worked. Reframe worked for me because it logically and simply laid out the harm that I was doing to my brain, my heart, my health, my skin, etc. by drinking so much. That, combined with daily check-ins, educational and motivational topics, plus the Reframe Community. I can’t say enough about how helpful the Reframe community is. In the beginning, I sought reassurance, but after a month or so, found myself giving reassurance and advice. It was incredibly empowering. I would read and respond to posts for up to an hour each night. I love the anonymity of it! Those still suffering through the early days of not drinking reinforced my decision not to drink. Those who have been sober for a while inspired me. I’m so glad I found this app! I now have more energy and more confidence. I’ve lost weight, my skin looks better and my blood pressure is down.
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9 months ago, halpiro
Reframe Works
Ok, another app. Another impulse. This app is fantastic because it is neuroscience and not a set of rules that require you to be meek and remorseful, and instantly adhere to a religious dogma you may not agree with from the start. For skeptics like me, I have to get my feet wet before I will go in all the way. Reframe gives you the option of how you want to define your relationship to alcohol use. Are you cutting back or are you quitting? I really like this. No shame. No guilt. By using the tool kit every day, I am going to spend 10 minutes learning about the physical effects of alcohol on the brain. Some chapters are about emotional response, triggers, impulses, and psychology. And there's one on one help or a forum if you need more support. It's been a terrific education, and my health and other habits have even improved. My relationship with alcohol has changed for the better. I am healthier, clearer-minded, and am living my best life. I even got my brother to join and he's doing great. Thank you, Reframe.
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11 months ago, Lil birdie girl
Very helpful and supportive app
This is my first app review, and I have to say there are a lot of pros vs. cons. The forum posts are helpful (it’s nice to read and respond to others who are in the same or different parts of their journey, whether you are cutting back or going alcohol free). I like the daily tasks; it helps center my day and the meditations are also really helpful. I’ve attended two of the zoom calls and there’s no pressure to turn on your mic or your camera so you can just listen in or chime in if you would like. My one main complaint is that for every day since I’ve started, I’ve had technical issues with the daily tasks. I get to the third task, click on it, and it’s always a blank screen. I have to report the bug daily and I’m not able to advance to the next task until the bug is fixed. The thrive tips can also be blank. It’s a very frustrating as part of the user experience. Other than that, keep up the great work and know that your app is a lifeline to those who need support and have nowhere to turn.
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3 months ago, Nikki GW
I never write a review but…
I decided to write one for this app because it has actually changed my relationship with alcohol very significantly from a dependency to a nice to have. I didn’t really think Bout how much I was drinking until I actually started tracking in the app and it was hard to get my goal right. I had gone on vacation and drank a lot and then read an article that like 70% of young people who drink aren’t necessarily alcoholics but are dependent. I recognized that in myself. As I progressed through the course I realized when I was having a craving and was able to reduce it. I’m over 3 months in and still doing my daily tasks to get to genius level! I now enjoy the buzz of a single drink when I’m drinking and am able to say no to alcohol even when everyone else is drinking. I recognize I still have a ways to go to stay on track but it’s cool to address all the psychology behind dependency and dedicate myself to lifelong habit changes.
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8 months ago, jenanba1232
A Life hack for a better life!!
Reframe is so much more than an app to cut back or go alcohol free! It definitely does that and it does that well. However, it also provides a varied and extensive toolkit for how to create the best version of yourself and to thrive. Yes, it has helped me become alcohol free which was my goal, however, it has also helped me to systematically change my thinking and build healthier habits which in turn has made my a happier, more content person. I wasn’t expecting that in an app. When reviewers call it “life changing”, it’s legit. I’ve learned there is a cognitive loop whereby our emotions impact our thoughts which impact our actions. Said another way, what we think influences how we feel which influences how we act. Change one item in the loop and it changes the other two. This is just one example of the amazing things you will learn if you use this app. It will transform your life if you use it. Download it today!
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2 years ago, Dennishev
Took my first real break from alcohol back in August, 2022. Didn’t know how dependent I was to alcohol until about 24 hours in. The withdrawals began & It was intense. Cold sweats, hallucinations, no sleep, super depressed and anxious etc. Did 10 days sober, felt good and decided to try out the whole moderation thing. That one drink would easily turn into a bender, and then a terrible hangover Monday morning that I had to deal with at work. Id quit again, and would keep experiencing a more mild withdrawal each and every time! It’s been on and off & I decided to try out Reframe! This is the most hopeful I’ve been during this sobriety. Nothing but encouraging & knowing that I’m not alone in this. I’m now day 6 sober & this time it’s for good. Even went to a bar last night with some friends that drink, and I just stuck to some lemonade & wasn’t even tempted at all. I feel too good to give up now. So thankful for this app. I finally have hope in my sobriety!
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2 years ago, PSPJT
It works
I am 45 days in and I am amazed at how much I have cut back my drinking. I have had one hangover, but other than that I am feeling great, have lost weight, my skin looks better, my face looks thinner, and best of all I feel amazing on Saturday and Sunday mornings :) This is not an overnight fix, and the first few weeks are very difficult. My “goal” had been to not go over 4 drinks a week. I have had weeks with no drinks, or under my goal and that is HUGE for me. I have been binge drinking (mainly on weekends) for more than 20 years. You will also learn through the daily lessons how alcohol affects your brain/mental health. And you start to heal. I have also been struggling with depression off and on during covid and after the end of a long term relationship. Alcohol was getting in the way of my recovery. My relationship ended in Sep of 2021, and today is the best I’ve felt in a really long time. Im starting to have clarity, and importantly, hope again.
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2 years ago, Halehelene
Super insightful & easy to do!
I’m not going to lie; I downloaded this app and waited probably two weeks before I even opened it and created a profile, and it probably took me another week and a half two weeks even to start using it. Definitely a slow go at first, but the more I used it, the more interested I was to use it. You learn so much about how your body and brain function and your own motivations to drink. Thankfully there’s not long journal that you have to do which is super helpful for me; I am not into the whole sit for an hour & pull out your childhood traumas kind of person. I love the Ted talks and all of the video information and little articles that they have that you can read. The mediations are great & inspiring as well. I like to listen to these in the am before / while getting ready for work. 100% recommend; this is a great way to analyze your relationship with alcohol & if you need more help or not. ✌🏼
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3 years ago, d0pedupd0lly
Game changer!
This app has changed my life, honestly. Paired with a strong support network, this app has been the only thing that has made a difference. I have tried and failed to quit drinking more times than I can count and never got past 10 days. Today I am 24 days sober with forever to go. The neuroscience approach made a massive difference vs more spiritual or 12 step programs. They both have merits but this one has managed to shift the way my brain thinks and blames myself for how Ive gotten. It is a subscription service but it is 100% worth it for all of the features that come with it. I look forward to completing my tasks and and it is an irrevocable part of my morning routine. It is there for me when I have cravings, when I want a meditation, when I need a distraction, and there is even a social component that is really nice to have in my back pocket. I tell everyone I meet about this app. Best investment I’ve ever made into myself.
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1 year ago, ohmboy
Great stuff but some shortcomings…
This app is full of great information and tools to help you cut back or abstain from alcohol. The glaring thing it’s missing is you cannot connect to other users or create your own groups or anything of the sort. There is a general forum but that is all. So if you want to make your own group of people who want to go alcohol free for 30 days or save another user who is having a similar journey to you, too bad. Someone had to post their phone number in a forum just to be able to connect with other users. I am someone who doesn’t use any social media and this is the one app where I would like to be able to follow other users and have the ability to creat groups. This is a massive omission in an expensive app that is supposed to build support systems for its users. UPDATE: they actually implemented a bunch of the things I complain about in this review! But there are still some glaring omissions in user features. I also removed a star because of multiple bad interactions with their support team.
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1 year ago, yaneck2254
Can’t recommend enough!
I don’t ever leave app reviews…ever lol. I’ll make an exception for this one though because it has immensely improved my life. What sets this sobriety app apart from the rest are the resources available to you and the ability to add drinks to your diary without resetting your start date. The latter specifically really helped me with the shame of a slip ups and allowed me to move forward without feeling like I was starting from the bottom again. You can tell that the creators of this really know how difficult it is to struggle with addiction by the care they put into this app. The community is great in the forum, you’ll have access to online check-ins/workshops, and guided meditations available for you when the cravings hit. The name of the app says it all. Reframe your mind and you’ll find peace. Thanks to the creators for this 🙏🏼🙏🏼 and if you’re struggling yourself, this one is 100% worth the purchase.
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4 months ago, KimChilly
Fantastic App to Reduce or Quit Alcohol!
This app has worked really well for me. I am currently on my longest dry streak in probably 20+ years. The lessons you learn help to change your view on drinking and make it that much easier to give it up (or reduce it if that’s your goal). The community is great as well. I have seen zero judgement from anyone - only genuine support and advice. Do yourself a favor and get this app. It’ll more than pay for itself in the long run (case in point: I have saved about twice the amount of money I spent on getting the app by not buying alcohol anymore in just about 2 months). This is also by no means only an app for hardcore alcoholics. Even if you’re just a regular person who looking to be a little healthier, this app can help you to reduce your drinking and doesn’t make you feel guilty or bad if you still drink alcohol and just want to work towards drinking a little less.
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7 months ago, Nottil
Great tool for rethinking alcohol
I have been working on reducing/eliminating alcohol for years. I’m 64 and only knew of AA. I knew that program got results but also felt I needed something less in my face for starting this journey. I have tried a few different apps and groups with good success. Someone from one of those groups mentioned Reframe & said they liked it. I was glad I could try it & check it out for a week for free. It only took that long before I knew I wanted to keep using it. It has many options for learning, sharing. The process is easy & super laid back. Everyone is different & need different things. I like the laid back, slow learn approach. I like that it keeps track of my progress & you can easily start a challenge. I still have a lot to try on the app but highly recommend it. $100 for a year! Once you see everything they offer, you’ll find that’s a GREAT price.
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5 months ago, SeyrRue
Group challenge
I just signed up for a 30 day trial. This is definitely new to me and I would like to see the group challenge to have each individual have an occupation on their profile. This would help individuals in the same field or like-minded individuals relate and be better accountability buddies. being a part of somebody’s journey is important and to know the WHY behind this is even more of a reason why you’re accountability buddy is more valuable to your success because you can relate to each other. There are many reasons why each one of us on this app wants to give up alcohol and for me is improved health, mental clarity, better sleep, weight management, enhance, productivity, financial savings, and my biggest reason is personal growth. we already have one thing in common on this app and it’s alcohol and being sit free from it. I would definitely feel more comfortable finding somebody in the group challenge with the same background as Support.
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4 months ago, I’m a coming Beanie Boy!
Love this app!
I have been a heavy drinker for several decades and had really started worrying about my health. I thought about going to AA but am not ready to quit drinking completely and also know that those meetings are not really anonymous. Reframe really works for me for several reasons. First of all, the information they give you about the science of alcohol addiction is excellent! It helped me to understand why I habitually drink too much in spite of my good intentions to cut back and my knowing about the health risks. Secondly, it really IS anonymous so you can use the forum to be honest and bare your soul and confess your sins and everyone has been there too and they are really supportive. I never feel judged, even when I have a setback. Although I wish I had found something like Reframe years ago, I am very grateful to have access to it now. It has made a world of difference in my physical and mental health. Thank you!
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1 year ago, It keeps me going!
This app keeps me going!
I’ve downloaded the Reframe app many times in efforts to cut down my drinking and really enjoyed the educational daily tasks. Recently I started my membership again in efforts to quit drinking completely (we take it one day at a time) — I’m a social drinker but even that needed it’s limits and Reframe is keeping me on track! From the daily motivation quotes and educational reading to the dashboard that tells you how much money you’ve saved, this tool is what keeps me going. Learning about the effects of alcohol on so many aspects of our body is really eye opening. I’m 17 days sober and can already feel the difference. I recommend this to anyone that is even thinking of scaling back - the drink tracker let’s you set your daily limits. Another part I love is the journal entries - they have prompts in daily tasks and it helps dig a little deeper on your “why.” 10/10 recommended!
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2 years ago, Mrs_ajcunningham
Highly Recommend!!!
This app is worth every penny. I would have spent all that money and more on booze anyway, right? Guys, I’m just a 42 year old mom of three, I work full time in a cancer center, I get nothing from leaving this review. If you’re ready and you’re serious about cutting back or quitting altogether, this app is a game changer. It offers all the education and none of the pressure, none of the religion. It’s an incredible space for you to start your recovery journey with a forum full of people just like you that support each other in a nonjudgmental, welcoming way. By definition, my Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) was solidly in the “severe” category for many years. I came here to cut back but I failed… I have been completely sober for 95 days instead. It’s not magic; you have to want it. But if you’re ready, you won’t regret it. It will be the best gift you can give yourself, and you’re worth it.
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3 weeks ago, This Dove
It’s the gap I needed closed!
I tried sobriety working solely with alcoholics anonymous and that was an amazing progress but there was still a scientific gap that needed to be closed for me and sobriety! With the combination of Reframe and alcoholics anonymous I am able to stay sober and focused. Reframe gives the science behind the problem of alcohol in my life and gives directions to go forward with a positive attitude. I have scientific knowledge now which supports my choices for good health by sobriety! Thank you for providing closure to the gap and forming a bridge between the science and the faith behind sobriety. I am 72 years of age and I am 68 days sober. I might add that anxiety and mental health maintenance are also addressed in the Reframe app and I really appreciate it because this links with continuing sobriety :-) Thank you Reframe. I feel like you have heard me wondering how to go forth and now I am seeing results with my efforts and Reframes help!
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1 year ago, Haydencimino
Relatable and Motivational
I signed up for Reframe because I felt like I needed some direction in my “cutting back on alcohol” journey. I got a lot more than that. As with anything, YOU have to work the program consistently to reap the benefits. I made the commitment and I am so glad that I did. I went from multiple drinks per week, to once a week, to stopping altogether (which ultimately was my goal but I went one step at a time-stopping all at once was too daunting). I slipped up MANY times but the more that I stayed with the program, used all the tools provided, the easier it became. I make time every evening to do my daily tasks and use meditations almost daily. The community that you can become a part of is not only inviting, but they have been there too. You’re not alone. If you’re thinking about quitting or cutting back for any reason, I would highly recommend Reframe. They changed my life.
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5 months ago, LotusCat3
You don’t have to be Sober Alone
Reframe has kept me from drinking with an incredible amount of supportive people and information. The app is very engaging with opportunities and challenges to earn points, coins and awards just for reading informative material which support your cut back journey or your sobriety. I’ve done dry January three years in a row using the reframe app. I’ve found kind support from others who are also using the app. New things this year were options to journal, videos, recordings of easy meditations and the option to join a group. The best part for me is being in a community of like minded folks with the same goal. I’ve been to AA meetings and this is not that. There are group Zoom meetings, however I prefer not to use that option. I may try one though out of curiosity because I have positive experiences with everything else within reframe.
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5 months ago, braequig
Something this important should not have bugs
It is a great concept and the execution is fine, but I decided not to continue my premium trial as my app would not track my start days, update my daily tasks, or allow my to create a forum profile. I really relied on this app for a few weeks, but times that I needed it most often were when the bugs would start. Updated and redownloaded multiple times still with freezing pages and unusable “daily lessons” that would never load. I usually do not care about a few bugs but a resource that is based on such an intense and time-sensitive addiction should be completely functional and frankly it is really irresponsible to compromise people’s well-being through simple bugs.. I know this app is not meant to be a total support system, but the inconsistency of its features is wild. Wish I could have had a better experience. Not going to start relying on an app that I don’t know if it will load or not when I need it.
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7 months ago, firemarshal2
Worked for me
I spent more on alcohol every couple of weeks than this app costs for the year. Let's get that out there first thing. I did the 30 day trial for ten bucks or whatever to give it a full go. I initially started on the cutback track, but all that did was show me how much I was actually drinking and how difficult it was. A few weeks in, I decided to do a 30 day dry challenge. It was so difficult, that when I made it, I decided to never drink again. The app is so easy to use and teaches how alcohol affects every system of your body. My life has improved dramatically since choosing to end my relationship with alcohol. Every facet of my life is better: work, family, health (mental and physical), spiritual. If you are questioning your relationship with alcohol, give this a try. Swap the money you'd spend on drinks for a one year subscription to this app. What can it hurt?
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2 years ago, sonrietyheals
Empower yourself to stop the madness! This works!!!
I can not give this app enough kudos. The app itself is amazing between all the helpful science based info, variety of coping skills and different types of support (both written on the forum and live on the community meetings). I feel like something greater than myself… part of a community that has ridden the same struggle bus. The customer support is on point. Kayla and crew get right back to you…showing up when you need them. They ask for, listen to and follow through/ try their best to follow through on member suggestions. If you have been feeling like your alcohol use is a bit out of hand or completely taken over your life, try this. Even paying for it, what do you have to lose? I know I blew so much money on alcohol that gave me so many losses 🙈. At least this is a shot at some gains!!! Ty Kayla and Reframe community 💗🙏
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2 months ago, Laura Mortimore
Worth every penny
I strongly encourage anyone struggling with being in a cycle of overdoing it with alcohol to get this app and use it every day. It doesn’t matter if what that looks like for you is 5, 10, or even 1 drink per day, or just 5, 10, or 1 drink per week. If you are in a cycle where you feel badly about your use of alcohol, this app is for you. In fact, this app can help anyone who is struggling in a relationship or feeling positive about themselves, even if they don’t drink. That’s because it gets to the heart of why we are struggling. It never makes you feel badly or judged, it just helps you look inside to understand what’s going on. I am approaching the end of my year subscription and believe that I will continue into a second year because it helps me so much. I’m living a happier, more authentic life since starting this journey with Reframe.
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5 months ago, PattiAnne11
Could Not Have Stopped Drinking Without Reframe
I haven’t wanted to stop drinking for over 10 years now. I even downloaded & began using the app over a year ago but knew in my heart I wasn’t ready. Once I was finally sick & tired of being a slave to alcohol & scary side effects I was beginning to experience, I started again & began to seriously use the Reframe app. I love the supportive community & coaches, the group Zoom meetings (during which you can just listen & not be seen or heard if you prefer), the training modules, podcasts, meditations, craving tools, etc. There is so much available to help you become alcohol free. I didn’t want to drink on New Year’s Eve. There was a Zoom group meeting for several hours. A few hundred people were participating in the meeting. It helped me immensely knowing that many people all over the world are also choosing to live without alcohol.
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1 year ago, Becks-G
Has made such an impact
I downloaded this app ages ago, but didn’t use it as I didn’t want to pay tbh. A few days into dry January I reopened it and started using it. This has made such an impact, and I’m so glad I paid for it. It’s slowly changing my mindset towards drinking, and with how much cognitive dissonance I have around alcohol - it’s not easy. There are loads of features, lots of things you can log and reflect on, courses, a community. It’s has made a massive impact on my sober journey. To the developers and designers - I do think some of the UX is a little confusing. Like, where to log drinks and emotions etc. if it hasn’t come up on the daily check list, took me a minute to find. Also in settings I kept getting stuck on that page because I didn’t realize I could scroll down - might need a scrolling bar on the side so it’s clear. But otherwise is great 😁
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