ReGain - Couples Therapy

Health & Fitness
4.8 (11.8K)
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for ReGain - Couples Therapy

4.8 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Haute-T
Great Platform
The app is excellent for counseling. The services provided is well worth it. I definitely feel like Im getting more from this than what I would get if I had a therapist that I saw in-person in their office. With this service I am getting 24/7 access to counseling in the form of useful tools, live chats, and virtual sessions. I was hesitant to explore this option for counseling because it seemed impersonal. To my surprise it's been really helpful. The different tools gave me ways to connect - online journals, live chat with therapist whenever you need it, live webinars on relevant topics. You are given a selection of counselors to choose from who are appropriate for your needs. The location of the counselors/ therapist vary. I thought this would be problematic with scheduling if the counselor was in a different time zone. I ended up with a very experienced and skilled therapist who has been able to meet at convenient times for me. He checks in with me via chat in-between our weekly video meetings. Though not required, the journal is available to help process and organize my thoughts between my sessions. So far, I think ReGain has been valuable in helping me get on track.
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3 years ago, Yennifaire27
Super helpful services, less than helpful payment model
I’ve received a ton of really meaningful help with BetterHelp and regain. The therapists I’ve been matched with are super qualified, very invested in me, and have been critical in my ability to work through my issues. I would truly be lost without them. Best of all, I have a very nomadic lifestyle, so having a single therapist no matter where I’m located has been absolutely critical to me. That said, BetterHelp and regain’s payment structures are kind of scammy. IRL if you go on vacation or are otherwise busy, you can skip a week without paying. The only way to do this on BetterHelp though is to quit therapy, (and make sure you do it before you get charged again), and then to restart. I don’t believe counselors are paid for these times when sessions are cancelled so the platform is just pocketing all that money. Scamming people who are genuinely looking for and giving help like this is ridiculous and disingenuous and does a lot to damage the reputation and brand of the company. Being able to simply pay for the week without having to be locked into a subscription like seeing a therapist IRL would be a much better, trustworthy approach, and it’s sad that such a useful, critical service has not taken the high road when it comes to its payment plans.
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3 years ago, Florida Mrs.
Great counseling Source but .....
This is a great platform alternative to in person counseling and the cost is a fraction of the price of standard in person counseling. That is awesome! I only wish there was a larger platform of counselors in my state as you cannot be counseled by a professional that practices outside of your current state. However you can see the bios of other counselors out-of-state. My initial request was for someone with my same religious belief system, a male, with couples/marriage experience/specialty, and same race. Well, although there were counselors that matched my full criteria description, there were none that practiced in my state. Therefore I was assigned to someone that met at least one of my requirements, which was experience in marriage counseling. At first it was disappointing but in the end it turned out to be a good fit for what we needed at the time. Still, I will explore the platform for when we have individual counseling needs. Who knows. The available counselors may have increased since my initial request February 2021. Lastly I will say, it’s important to do the homework in any counseling platform. If you do not do the work that you are assigned outside of these 60 minute sessions, you will not see the difference, improvements or progress in your investment.
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3 years ago, Krisflecken
I am new to ReGain. My first live session is tomorrow. However, I have been using the app for over a week. The daily journal suggestions have been such a powerful tool. I have been able to communicate regularly with my therapist through messages and she has been able to give me feedback even though I have not officially had a live session with her as of yet. I already feel like I am making progress and we are just getting started. I love that there are several group/webinars to choose from as well. I would also like to point out how convenient ReGain is. I can log in and communicate anytime I want. I don’t have to schedule or wait for an available appointment with a therapist and drive to a location for a session. The value is a huge plus as well. I knew I was going to need more than once a month if I wanted to make progress. However, I could only afford once a month with my previous therapist. With ReGain, I can afford weekly sessions plus the freedom to communicate with my therapist anytime, anywhere. I am so grateful that I found ReGain! My future self is feeling stronger and shining brighter already.
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3 years ago, KennedyEllisDuke
This app states there is an opportunity for 12+ but denies counseling to teens who truly need it
My boyfriend and I (both age 17) have been living together for 3 months after certain incidents that made me take the courage to take him in and stay in the same household together . As being a young teen it is mostly seen as a short term relationship for most couples like us . But with us living together and discussions/ plans for our future with our parents we have run into a few bumps in the road as having our own mental health issues and communication with eachother . So we both decided to take the courage and reach out to get relationship counseling through our main escape , our phones . Coming across this app I thought it was a great idea to do so . We both downloaded this app and checked off all of our improvements we would like to make in our relationship and then waited for an email confirmation as most of you know of if you signed up …. I then received an email late today at 2:29 ( not mention I signed up yesterday at noon) stating that because of our age and our concerns we were denied for counseling and were told to find in person counseling . Now I believe if this app is including the option to let 12+ preteens and teens to reach out that we should be able to have this opportunity.. I am very disappointed as this would’ve been life changing for me and my boyfriend …
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2 years ago, My Moichelle
ReGain is such a helpful tool for couples wanting to improve communication in their relationship. It’s easy to schedule a time that works for both of you, and if you don’t gel with your therapist, it’s a snap to switch - and don’t feel bad for doing so! ReGain has other helpful tools like daily journal questions and Groupinars, which are Zoom-type presentations on various therapy or mental health topics. You join the group but are not seen by others. You are invited to use the chat feature, enabling you to comment or ask questions, which the presenter tries to either tackle in real time, or recommends resources. It’s easy to sign up for Groupinars and they can be super helpful. Bonus! Presenters often make available their presentation materials and various related articles. Plus, after the session ReGain will send you a link good for 7 days, where you can rewatch the presentation. I have yet to do this, but it is such a helpful tool offered - especially for us processors! All in all, ReGain and the ReGain app are helpful, easy to use, and an amazing revolution in the therapy world!
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4 years ago, Pea McGee
Great service but needs better technology
My husband and I recently started using Regain and it’s been really good so far. The first counselor we were working with wasn’t a great fit but it was easy to request a new counselor. The new counselor has been great so far. The cost is reasonable and I like that we are both able to message our counselor whenever we need to. The only recommendation I have is related to the technology. Currently the app/website can only contact 1 device for a session. My husband and I are living apart right now d/t the military and pandemic, so we aren’t in the same place for sessions. Our counselor is not able to have a session with both of us at the same time since we are not in the same location. In order for both of us to have audio/visual sessions they have to be done separately. The weekly fee only covers one live session per week so we have to pay a little extra for each of us to have a session. There is a message board for both of us to communicate with the counselor. The counselor can also share worksheets and other resources for us to use. Would definitely give 5 stars if 3-way live sessions were available.
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5 years ago, ProgrammerChick
Very helpful and convenient
I think this form of therapy is very helpful and convenient, however of course no therapy is helpful if the people don’t want to actually work on the issues themselves during the time out of session. Compared to traditional therapy copay prices I feel like you get almost more value here because of the written sessions. My only issue I have is with the app itself is that there isn’t like an auto-save with the message center. I would suggest you write out in something that autosaves like a separate word processor or notepad / google drive and then paste it into the app. Sometimes if you exit the app or website you can lose what you write which is very frustrating lol but it’s avoidable & I’m sure app developers can fix that in the future. I was lucky to be matched with a great therapist right away who we feel comfortable with and already it has helped our relationship! I think it just helps have peace of mind to have an outlet to dedicate to your issues rather than have them linger around.
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2 years ago, Love our Counselor
Left hand doesn’t know what the Right hand is doing at times.
Started with Better help individual counseling. It was fabulous once I received the counselor (GG) I requested (referral from a family member). After a time, my hubby and I requested couples counseling with the same counselor (GG). He agreed to take us both, told us to start a new plan using REGAIN the sister company. My husband started the process, told them in multiple emails the counselor (GG) had agreed to take us both. We even started counseling with GG. However, Regain continuously sent us emails welcoming us and notifying us that a different counselor was assigned to us. My husband emailed them again and again telling them we were using GG. Finally, I contacted Better Help and let them know we were using GG. Only then was the problem finally corrected. Loved Better Help. Regain?? We both Love that we have the option of virtual counseling for such a great price. We absolutely Love our counselor. He is fantastic. We are very grateful overall. We just wish the Left hand knew what the right hand was doing at times. Regain could definitely improve their customer service.
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6 years ago, Kay00702
Not helpful
I have tried this two different counselors. The first one kept sending generic worksheets and never really asked questions pertaining to my specific situation. The second guy. I had hope for him. He seemed great at first. We had one live session which he wanted to talk on the phone but I just wanted to message. He seemed annoyed by that. After our session he did do a check in later that day but I was busy so I responded the next day and answered some questions he had asked and shared some thoughts I had. He later messaged that I should schedule a session. He didn’t acknowledge or reply to anything I actually said. 1. I don’t want to talk on the phone yet he keeps pushing it. 2. All of the sessions he had available was for the following week and non of the days actually fit into my schedule since I work 10 hour shifts and don’t want to spend my breaks or short lunch on the phone. 3. I just felt like he could have at least replied to at least something I said. I mean I know unlimited doesn’t mean my counselor is unlimited available to me but when he does check in I mean like say something. I thought the benefit to a platform like this is that one can share thoughts as they arrive. I just feel like this has been a waste not once but twice. And I’m not even sure if this is like real counseling.
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2 years ago, 💢🆗💥🐛
Waste of time & money
We tried Regain for couples therapy due to a lack of access and availability to in-person, local therapy. Regain is simply a connection service that uses less personal information than a dating app to match you with a therapist. It is clear to us that the company does the bare minimum to verify that the therapists are good at their job. It seems that Regain makes sure that the therapists they hire are licensed but that’s where it ends. We met with 2 different therapists. Both were unprofessional and either inexperienced or overall not good at their job. One therapist was 15 minutes late for a session, then her cell phone rang 5 minutes in, then tried having us role play within 15 minutes of meeting us though we were clearly uncomfortable in the situation. The other therapist was very sweet but completely inexperienced and lacked the level of professionalism you would expect from a licensed therapist. Regain just links people together and collects the money. The customer service was quick to respond but other than a generic auto response apology they did address the issues I brought to them. After 3 session, 2 different therapists we opted to cancel and receive a full refund. We will get on a waiting list with a local therapist.
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8 months ago, christysueb
If your reading this - give regain a try!
I am terrified every time to start therapy, and I never know how to start, but it’s not my job to know and the therapists in Regain are amazing professional educated and can really understand you and explain what you’re feeling so you can understand what you’re feeling and it’s remarkable. What I just said might not even make sense, but my therapist would understand, elaborate and help me find the tools to manage and heal what ails me and I am so grateful- thank you! I also love the classes you can take that is included in your membership. You can watch as many classes as you want. I have learned so much about myself, and just being aware -having that clarity -is outstanding! -such a weight off your shoulders! - like I feel like I can breathe. If you’re reading this still, please go give therapy a try!! If you don’t like it, don’t do it again, but you’re gonna love it. Good luck on your healing journey. Hearts!
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2 years ago, barnowls787351
Pretty good so far
My partner and I needed some therapy to work though some of our larger issues but due to time constraints and work environment, we didn’t have the time to meet a therapist in person. Using Regain allows us to meet via video chat in different locations, at a time that works for us and our therapist. And after our first session, we loved it and our therapist. The only downside which is why this review doesn’t have five stars was that we had to change therapists within the first week of being assigned our original therapist through the app. His schedule didn’t work at all but he was insistent that we could make something work in his favor and he was very closed off to compromising with us. Also, he started assigning is “homework” before our first message or even having any sort of introduction. We found his methods tedious and unhelpful. Thankfully we were able to switch on our own. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone, you might have to do a bit of trial and error before finding the correct one.
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2 years ago, Vambo2
Seeing a therapist has never been this easy!
In your car in a quiet parking lot or park, sitting in your favorite spot in the woods, poolside, any place you’re comfy, as long as you’ve got a good signal on your phone, tablet or laptop, your therapist is right there with you. What i love even more than our weekly sessions, I’d that I can send a message in the chat area, or a voice recording or video IN BETWEEN YOUR REGULAR SESSIONS! Who DOES that? No one that I’m aware of. A regular therapist you see once a week and little to no communication until your next session. Not so with BetterHelp! Plus there are Groupinars to see and lots of other resources. If you would like to finally start finding out about yourself, your issues, whatever, join up with BetterHelp. You won’t regret it. And you can stop and start any time you want. And if your therapist doesn’t click with you, choose another. Yeah. This is it folks. Do it.
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6 years ago, JessikaG305
Waste of time
My boyfriend and I signed up to work through our issues. The first counselor we were matched with didn’t even bother introducing himself we had to message him to get started. He was slow to respond and milked our free trial. Once it got into the paid week ( which was thankfully discounted ) it took a few more days of chatting and we finally booked a session. THE COUNSELOR DIDN'T SHOW UP. We were livid. We kept messaging. No response. We dropped the counselor and emailed support to complain. They told us they don’t do refunds for missed sessions but they had extended our subscription a week so we didn’t have to pay for that week. We found another counselor - this guy at least introduced himself. We expressed our experience had not been good so far. We already had two weeks wasted and we’re eager to start. I allowed the counselor to pick the appointment time. Guess what? HE MISSED THE APPOINTMENT. We waited 45 minutes. Two counselors. Two missed appointments. Wasted time. I emailed support to let them know another counselor had missed our session and I was canceling. Their response? They confirmed the cancellation and refunded what we had paid. No explanation or apology. At least we got back what we paid but what a waste.
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2 months ago, Katephelpsm
Great Couple’s Therapy
We’ve been using Regain for four weeks now and it’s been a great experience. This has been my partner and I’s first time doing virtual therapy together, and to my relief, it’s been a seamless process with their app, setting up appointments, messaging with the therapist, and joining each session virtual. My partner and I have been in two different locations for some of our appointments and the app has had no problem connecting us both to the live session with our therapist. We’ve been making substantial progress with the therapist that was chosen for us and are grateful that this has worked out as we had hoped. I would absolutely give Regain and virtual therapy a try if you’ve been considering this. We’re happy we finally made the leap of faith and feel that this has made doing therapy all the more accessible in our lives.
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2 months ago, keco
Technical Issues and no tech support.
I initially signed up to get couples therapy for me and my partner, but when I went to invite her, it consistently gave her a message saying “invalid link.” When she went to sign up and let her through the process and she ended up paying for her own therapist, and I was never able to join our accounts together and connect with my therapist in the same conversation. I have written to tech-support and I have called tech-support and have has not received any response. I feel that I am due a refund for the therapy that my partner had to pay for, which I ended up paying for on her behalf. On the positive side I have been working with my therapist individually, even though it was intended for both of us, and I am feeling good about the interactions I’ve had with my therapist and feel that it is been a positive experience and that regard. my partner is also benefiting from her time spent with her therapist, but the initial goal was for us to work together with the same therapist, and that has not yet been able to be a thing.
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4 years ago, khaylarene
Waste of money
I normally wouldn’t write a review for therapy because what may work for one may not work for another. However, Regain is not for people who want to be in therapy. If you have need guidance, healing, or to nurture your mental health this is NOT the resource for you. I signed up for the couples therapy specializing in divorce and separation. Due to the fact that my relationship was extremely abusive and toxic. I was completely ignored in every session. Every session was about meditating, and reconciliation. I was not given one resource that was even remotely related to my situation. I spent $180, reported my concerns, corrected my therapist repeatedly and still wasn’t taken seriously. At the end of it the therapist said that regain isn’t for deep therapeutic needs. That is absolutely ok, they can sell whatever they want. However I was open from the beginning on what my needs were. That could have been discussed before I canceled. My household was put in further danger because of negligence, and my counselors only comment was “ I thought you were just reluctant to reconcile.” I still haven’t heard back from customer service. The periodic check ins they do aren’t taken seriously.
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2 years ago, Richelle Bishop
Couple’s meeting
We’ve had such a great experience using this platform. We’re busy with work and our kids and sports and this really worked around our schedule to get the most out of it all. Luanne knows what she’s talking about and helped us out from the first meeting. My husband suggested we talk to someone, and we’ve both raved about how she let us have the platform to get things off our chest without being judged. I’d recommend my friends to give this a chance. We don’t have massive issues, but we’re not perfect. Talking to who we have has only helped our young relationship of just a few years, sit and think about our words and actions. Our kid’s schedules can take a toll, so having an allotted time to be heard without distraction meant a lot. We will be using this service as much as we can!
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2 years ago, Lilikausa1234
Very helpful
My husband and I love each other but because of our differences cultural we were having a hard time to adjust to each other. We thought that we couldn’t have time to go to a counseling in person or even afford it but I found this app and we decided to try. It has been very good and we have our meeting online in the comfort of our house. Our counselor is very patient and firm at the same time and can point what we need to improve and some other stuffs that we couldn’t realize by ourselves. It is very easy to accept when it comes from someone outside of our circle. We feel secure and we feel safe. We are very happy with this and we are doing much better in our relationship. We try to follow all the homework and now I can tell that we are working as a team.
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3 years ago, Alittlesinger
Amazing, makes counseling accessible
The platform is great for facilitating both casual messages and materials between you and your counselor, and full fledged video appointments. An awesome, life-saver of a way to make counseling more accessible to those who would otherwise not wind up receiving that support and guidance. I would give it a 90% rating if the stars would allow. The only feature that is lacking, in my opinion, is the access to the groupinars. The information on upcoming groupinars is abundant and easily viewed and reserved through the ReGain app. BUT, the confirmation email and information on joining the groupinar (which involves downloading another app) will come through a 3rd party. There is a nice instructional page with directions on how to do this that pops up directly after booking in the app, but it would be nice to see the groupinars accessed in the same application at some point! Other than that, the app is great!
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1 year ago, Gurbley916
Ideal Support
Regain provides a much better way to get the help and support needed to improve relationships. The ability for each partner to join a counseling session from wherever they are is invaluable. No time is wasted traveling to an office so there’s less interruption to the work day. Finding the right counselor is key to getting the help you need. We found the right match with a counselor the first try. The system Regain has to match us up is much better than choosing someone based on proximity or some other limited factor. The quality of the counseling we’ve received has been superb. Changing our understanding of ourselves and each other as well as learning to change our thought processes has yielded immediate improvement in our communication and therefore, our relationship.
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9 months ago, LizzieOfTheLilies93
The hard stuff is easier because this exists
TLDR; Overall I would recommend this program/app to anyone/couples looking to improve/strengthen their relationship. The work you put into it is up to you, but having guidance makes it easier to reach a healthier state of life/coexistence. Personal Experience: My partner(of almost 7 years) and I started couples therapy about a month and a half ago, my experience with my partner using this app & the therapist we matched with has been positive & a huge help in healing. Now I’m just being Sappy: If you’re familiar with therapy (of any kind) you already understand that it is a struggle at times to work on improving yourself & how you handle everyday life and even more work when you have to factor in another person (I am also doing individual therapy separately from my couples therapy.) If you’ve never done anything like this before, try to understand that it takes time to find the right care/professionals to fit your needs. Not having instant success can be discouraging, that doesn’t mean you should give up. (I see you, I feel you, I empathize with you.) Much Love to all of you beautiful people. 🫶 Thanks for coming to my TedTalk, I won’t be taking questions. 🤘🎤😂
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3 years ago, Gabi C esq
Helpful counseling app!
I really enjoy this app! My husband and I were connected with a counselor in less than 24 hours and she has been extremely helpful. They allow you to pick the type of counselors you want to work with by asking you some questions. Our counselor is responsive and we communicate via text, video chat and phone within the app. The only downside to using the app is that you can’t schedule more than one video or phone call at a time. You have to wait until your appointment is over to schedule another one and sometimes the availability is limited. For example, we would like to have a set time every week but we can’t schedule multiple appointments so we have to deal with the luck of the draw. Overall though, I would definitely recommend using this app and service.
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12 months ago, GatorAMR
Helpful and Convenient Counseling Program
My wife and I enrolled in this therapy program because our marriage was on the brink of collapsing and this was our last attempt at salvaging our relationship. Our assigned therapist Chrissy was great fit for us. She is a great listener, asked effective questions, and provided thoughtful suggestions/goals for my wife and I to work on to improve our communication. We chose to use this programs for the flexibility of not having to drive into a particular office each week as our schedules don’t always allow for that commitment. We were able to have productive sessions virtually without any issues and need for technical support. Additionally, there are a lot of helpful tools such as daily journal entries that I appreciated that supplemented our therapy sessions.
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1 year ago, Momma Bear ♥️
Truly helpful.
I’ve never been one to try to get or ask for help. But I’ve finally came to terms that I need assistance in figuring a lot of things out, but I don’t have time or the ability to go in person to a therapist, or waste time trying and driving to different people till I find one that gets me. This app is so convenient and the therapists are amazing, and you can try different ones until you find one that gets you. I hesitated for awhile but I’m so glad I decided to start this healing journey. I know spending money on things like this can be hard, but I promise it is worth it. I recommend 10 times over! I’m grateful for this app, and the therapists on it, especially mine. (I don’t know if I can name them so I won’t) If your on the fence, be like Nike and just do it!
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4 years ago, Be Light 27
It’s kept us together
While certain aspects of the app may be underdeveloped, the product is worth the expense. My partner and I have been off or on for two and a half years now. We went through a separation with Regain and we are now back together processing and moving forwards so that hopefully the last separation will be exactly that: our last separation. All the work is outside the app. The accessibility and ease of scheduling sessions is great. Working with our therapist Dr. Nolan for a few months now, long enough to show his stuff, and he really has developed a nuanced understanding of our particular situation and how to understand and work around our personal emotional reactions to one another, the bad ones I mean. Success means growing in the relationship and the app has been helping us to get that. Recommended if you’re on the rocks and not willing to give up without trying something else.
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1 year ago, ReneAnderson
Use this resource
We have been matched with a very helpful therapist & can finally get the help we need on the time schedule we have available. There are also webinars to attend hosted by different therapists as well as daily journal entries that you choose to do or not do, as well as privacy settings that allow for personal journaling or the ability to share with your therapist & partner. I do not share all my journal entries. But I find being able to write on our wall (another extremely helpful feature) to be useful because I do not have to wait until our next session to start when I need a safe place to express my feelings. I asked for homework as well because I think the more involved one is with the healing process, the better things can get.
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11 months ago, Melly😇
Truly, amazing.
Not only has my therapist pinpointed things in a way that she understands will actually help me. she’s done it in a loving way that’s made me feel heard and seen. I think they match you very well with different therapists that even get to know your level of understanding through things. Yes they give you some homework. But nothing that’s really that hard when you give it real thought. And with any therapy you need to be open to it otherwise there’s not much progress to be made. Nobody wants to look in a mirror of traits but that’s because they expect negative so please I urge you to give it a real try and just see how things will go for you. I’m sure there is a good therapist who wants to truly help you become the best version of you❤️🥹
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4 years ago, Purple Chris
You’ll be glad you downloaded
I’m getting SO much from this experience. Between COVID and my kids, finding time and a babysitter for couples counseling seemed an impossibility! But, in a move of desperation, I subscribed and downloaded the app. I’m not too found of the video capabilities as that feature seems to be unreliable. I also wish that you could schedule two sessions at a time (maybe the counselor could opt for this feature for some clients). I am SO busy, I really need to have something in my calendar earlier out rather than moving things to fit. I filled out the introductory questionnaire and we got THE PERFECT counselor. Really, that part has been amazing. Downside, it’s couples counseling and my husband cannot also communicate/interact from his own phone. That part I find strange and needing correction. Without those few drawbacks, this would have been a five star review for sure!
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4 years ago, ohdyno
Excellent service, but slight hiccups with the app.
My wife and I love the service that regain provides. It has improved our relationship tremendously. The flexibility of being able to switch counselors within the service has been very useful, especially given the unique challenges that the pandemic has brought. The app has been functional for the most part. However, for quite a while, the app struggled to log in using Face ID. I would observe that the pin is “filled in” by Face ID, yet the app would appear to hang. I usually resolved the issue by killing the app and restarting it. It would use Face ID again, and for whatever reason, the login would work this second time around. I haven’t been able to replicate the issue on a phone with Touch ID, so either it’s been fixed or the problem is with Face ID integration. Would highly recommend the service!
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5 years ago, Christian through buddy
Poor communication
I signed up for the BetterHelp app and was matched with a counselor within an hour. While this is ideal, I didn’t think the therapist was a good fit for me as he had a very theoretical approach (speaking more on the science of psychology) while my interests were in a more direct (or simply realistic/humane conversation). I requested to cancel my betterhelp subscription and switch to ReGain so I could do therapy with my partner. I was then connected with the very same therapist again. I tried to reassign myself to a new therapist but the regain app did not show me an option for that. Even more frustrating is that, I have tried emailing support and they say they reach back in 1 business day but this is not the case for me so far. I tried calling but the available phone number is simply a customer service center that relays your message as an email to support. How is there no support available to instantly assist customers with technical issues? Now I have paid for a weekly service where I am in my 3rd day and I have not received any help whatsoever.
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9 months ago, No car, no problem
Good option but has its flaws
I like that everything is fully remote and the price compared to most therapists is good, but you have to make sure you take advantage or it can be a bit of a ripoff. We learned the hard way that some therapists have limited availability that fits into the schedule of working people so we were only able to get a session in once every two weeks or so, but you still pay regardless if you meet or not. You can’t schedule more than one appointment at a time which also made it difficult to find ones that worked with our schedules. You can’t schedule appointments same day either. Now that we switched therapists we are much happier, not only due to scheduling but she has been a better fit for us, so make sure you are proactive about your needs.
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5 years ago, Jenn067
Waste of money
I opted for this service almost 3 weeks ago at $260 a month, after my husband and I were unable to find a local couples counselor. I requested a refund and was told they extended my service for 2 additional weeks. At this point I don’t even want to bother finding someone else on here. It’s been a complete waste of time and money. The first counselor we were matched with didn’t have evening availability which I specifically asked for. So that was days wasted. Next counselor, I write all the same stuff again and schedule a session since her availability actually lined up with what was needed. I’m not sure if I accidentally clicked cancel on the session when verifying the time but minutes later when I saw the cancelled session email I wrote in and no response. I wrote again while waiting for my “session” and she responded the next day with “ I don't think I can provide you with the assistance that you need. I think it would be better for you to get another therapist that can work with your schedule. I'm truly sorry.”
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6 months ago, BostonBoydo
Thankful I found this platform
New user, tried traditional brick & mortar therapy in the past but cost made it difficult to continue. We are using the service for couples therapy, that also is helping us individually. Matched with a great therapist quickly and although we are early on in the process that is certainly going to be complex for our therapist to dive into. I have a really good feeling we have found something & someone we can afford to continue the process with. I had initial trouble with the app but did get it straightened out with tech assistance. It is working great now and the features make scheduling & contacting the therapist easy. I would certainly recommend giving this a try if you are looking for affordable options.
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3 months ago, Caribou Lover SV
Very helpful
This has been so helpful for my relationship. Sessions are quick and so readily available. Our therapist is amazing and challenges both of our perspectives. She allows us to have a safe space to speak both of our minds and helps us find a resolution. If we have a problem at any point of the day, we can directly message our therapist and she’s able to respond in the moment (if not the next day). The app also has a section where you can journal everyday just to have a space where you can write about anything and everything. It’ll also send you a reminder to journal everyday so you can have that habit. 11/10 recommend for couples who just need a little extra help.
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2 years ago, kspence13
Excellent app
It’s EMEA sy to correspond with therapists, send materials back and forth, and schedule. You do have to email to do anything on payments (freezing, skipping a week, etc) but they have quick responses. It can only share video of two (therapist & one participating individual computer) at a time, so when my partner is traveling, we have to call each other over zoom and then join the Regain call. Therapist can only see me, but can hear my partner and my partner can see/hear both the therapist and myself. So while it would be a nice update to have more than one participating computer at a time, I think it’s a rare scenario for the overall customer segment and we can work around it. Overall, great app.
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7 years ago, rogueXtea
Very Thankful for this App
It makes couples therapy/counseling very available, despite any conflicting schedules the couple may have. We were matched with an amazing therapist, Christine, who in our short month of sessions has already changed the way I look at, and respond to my husband. She took a marriage from life support, and gave it a pulse, all because Regain makes it so simple to talk at your fingertips. The video sessions are a bonus, making it feel like weekly therapy in an office, but from the convenience of anywhere you and your spouse are. This app has not only given us hope in our relationship, but also given me hope in rekindling my love of psychology and back towards the path of becoming a therapist myself. Thank you Regain, and thank you Christine! ❤️
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6 years ago, brstn
Great for busy people !
Myself I work 50+ hours a week and it’s hard to find the time to get away and do what you need to do for your own well being. Regain allows you to do just that but without having to worry about appointments or missing work. Counselors are available for anyone. While they may not be able to always respond quickly, they always respond. My counselor even replies in the evenings and on weekends which surprised me a lot ! She has been extremely helpful to me and seeing things from different perspectives and staying calm. She has given me worksheets for me to follow along the way. Myself I was skeptical at first but now I’m glad that I have taken this step, taking this step and taking care of my well being has even helped me find who I am again and saved my relationship !
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2 years ago, Samantha Central FL
Very happy customer.
So happy with the app and my counselor. This has made such a positive impact on my relationship and overall happiness. I didn’t hit it off great with my first counselor and it was tough to change. She didn’t do anything wrong but I didn’t feel our chemistry was right. I switched and couldn’t be happier. I like dealing with people who keep it real and my counselor is a straight shooter with me. If you like a more warm delicate approach there are plenty of counselors available. The good news is it’s so EASY to find them. Read their bios and just go with your gut! Also the customer service is superb! I had an issue which was my own mistake and they went above and beyond. I recommend this 10 for 10!
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11 months ago, Mickey2teeth
An alright platform
The therapists are great, they work very hard to foster that therapeutic connection. I don’t know what I would do without my therapist. That being said there are some functions with the app that could be better. Like the issue with scheduling. Usually couple’s therapists like to see each individual in a session once and a while. But with this app you are only able to schedule one session at a time so sessions get divided up over a few weeks. Also it would be nice if there was a way to chat the therapist privately without your partner seeing the message. It would be great to have a way to take your partner off the account and just be a solo account since many people seek relationship counseling on their own without a partner.
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1 year ago, MnS8186
Great Service
My fiancé and I reached out to regain to give it a try and our therapist on here has been wonderful, able to relate things to my fiancé and myself and can see if one of us isn’t saying something we want to say and just gets us to open up about things that concern us. Great service, and the ease of being able to do the meetings through virtual on our phones if we aren’t together in one place is great. We also enjoy the numerous groupinars that are available very easy to schedule. Also if you don’t feel as if the therapist is a good fit for you your able to request a different one with ease. Just an all around great service everyone should give it a try!!
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5 years ago, cccccc5555
Waste of money
I went through 4 counselors in a span of 5 weeks, and did not find much value in any of them. The first counselor seemed to just spout cliched responses to everything I said and provided no new insight. She seemed to have no clinical knowledge at all and put no thought into her responses, even getting my name wrong. The other 2 had no availability after 4 or 5 pm and/or no availability on weekends for video calls. This makes it impossible for most working professionals with a 9-5 job since many can’t take time off every week to attend these sessions. The last one seemed to have more clinical knowledge, yet did not tell me she was going on vacation let alone when she would be coming back, so I did not know when there would be a response. Honestly if you have $5-600 to spend finding the right therapist , then the convenience of this app is nice. Otherwise the $230 i spent for the month felt like a waste. There’s too many below average therapists on this site.
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1 year ago, Jackson M. D. Dye
Good app & good people
I think it’s a good app the only change so far that I see is needed is when you’re starting a session with a therapist it’s a little confusing how to get connected. Now I see if you hit the session button at the bottom left you will be connected only after using it a couple of times. I would like to see a little more thought put into that connection button. Also, I was a little frustrated because I signed up for a free usage and then the next thing I know four months went by paying $320 a month and I never used it. I started using it and I do like it I just didn’t know I was signed up until I checked my bank account. 🤦‍♂️
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4 years ago, Corishine
So helpful!!
I’ve been using Regain for about 5 weeks now. I talk to my therapist once a week on video and then we message several times a week. Having so much access has really let me feel connected to my therapist and I really for the first time feel like their a support person in my life. I have had other therapists with office visits and have never felt the connection as I do now. Plus it’s great when something comes up to be able to message right away and get a timely response. I am going through some of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced and I’m struggling daily and I’m having a lot of anxiety. Finding someone to connect with and have unlimited access to has helped so much!! It’s really been a blessing!!
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5 years ago, Jaxx T
Great App, results depend on therapist
Great app. Easy to maneuver, lots of tools and webinar group therapy sessions you can join on certain topics. Out of the other apps I researched this is the only one that allows your partner to join without an additional charge. The reply time back depends on your therapist. I’m sure there are some who are very tentative and respond quickly and there are some who might take a while to get back to you. Although it’s unlimited chatting it’s not immediate- mostly like email corresponding, your therapist will respond on their own time. I also like how there doesn’t seem to be any additional charges for video sessions like other apps, it’s at the discretion of your personal therapist which you can change at any point.
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4 years ago, CamilleIsabella23
Simple what we needed.
This app has given us the opportunity to converse in a safe space about many of our most difficult tasks without judgement and in a respectful manner. This is exactly what we needed and it’s been a blessing for our marriage. The other thing I appreciate the most is that we can text, and converse in an “ever ending” loop about our situation, and it’s all in our own time. There’s no gimmicks, no hidden agendas, this is real therapist helping my husband and I whom are real busy individuals and truthfully I couldn’t be more satisfied with this grand service. I hope this review gives you the nudge you need to take a leap of faith and move towards a therapy encounter that can help you analyze, process and heal from those harsh moments in life.
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9 months ago, Eazy CVMA Clorado Springs
Needs more stars
I’ve had this app for maybe three weeks now and just finished my first therapy session, I was the type of person that had not only a skeptical view of therapy but a down right negative view of therapy and therapist I never believed talking would help anything but this app is so easy to use even for a tech idiot like me. The message feature is amazing, my therapist messages me everyday just to check in on me, there are live classes all the time, a journal feature that can either be private just for you to see or can be shared with your therapist. I can’t say enough about the app and my therapist, easily the best decision I’ve made in a long time.
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5 years ago, LaRock3592
I would recommend this non-traditional counseling style, especially to couples or individuals who have a very busy or hectic life. Being able to send chat messages throughout your day (when you have time) and schedule your face to face video calls or phone calls weekly makes it so much easier. The pressure is off of trying to “fit in” yet another appointment into your busy schedule. You can really take your time and put thought into your responses and really take time to work on yourself. In just under a month, I’m already seeing progress within my marriage by utilizing the tools Angelica has given to us. We will continue on this journey and are really thankful this service is around!
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3 years ago, Tphilips871
Buyer beware
I’ll start by saying yes this service links you with a counselor faster than you can get into an office. With that scheduling is a mess, unlimited counseling is a lie. You can only schedule one session at a time, counselor schedule does not open up until your 1/2 session is over. It is impossible to have more than one session a week. If you do attempt this service make sure when you quit to do it before your subscription renews. Your counselor will ask you to talk to them first, the app will also ask 100 questions before letting you quit. In my case we quit on the subscription day, and now three weeks later I’m still trying to get a refund. Mean while regain will not respond to my emails. Save your self wasting money and get a real counselor. This service is set up best for text counseling, which all counselors will tell you is not counseling. This is just a money grab app.
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