Ride with GPS: Bike Navigation

Health & Fitness
4.6 (6.8K)
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Ride with GPS
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ride with GPS: Bike Navigation

4.59 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
2 years ago, xosut945
Very Good Bike app
RWG is the best bike app I’ve tried. I’m not looking for a workout app, just an app to record my bike rides, and this one is the best for me. I like that it displays the map and pertinent stats all at once on the screen. I can see my trail, plus speed, distance, duration, averages, etc without changing screens. I’ve tried several apps lately and none other will do that. I even biked with 4 apps open and recording at the same time so I could switch between them while riding, and later compare final results, and RWG easily won out. A review wouldn’t be complete without listing a couple of negatives: You can’t see the map until you press “Go Ride”, and it seems that it is not locking in on the gps until that is done, so occasionally it will write a phony start location onto my trail. That can be removed later, but only with the paid version. I think this problem could be eliminated if you could view the map before pressing the start button. That way you could watch the gps dot until it settles down, the press Go Ride. One other feature would be very nice: Add an option to mask your start-stop location like Strava does. I want to hide my home location, but can’t do it with RWG. I hope you guys read this and consider it.
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2 years ago, GHT001
Great for navigation, lacking for metrics
Ride With GPS is pretty great, though is biased more towards mapping and navigation more than metrics and fitness. The route planning and voice-guided navigation is really impressive. While it’s wonderful to be able to connect to my Garmin Varia (which Cyclemeter cannot do), many of the settings menus are only accessible during a ride and not easy to find. It would be nice to have a selection of screens to choose from, as the majority of the screen is dedicated to the map, making few, small font metrics visible on screen. The Apple Watch heart rate connection worked easily. I was able to connect it to my Duotrap (Trek speed and cadence sensor) without an issue, but it seems unnecessarily difficult to get recorded workouts pushed into Apple Health or Strava. For instance, I swore I had enabled to switch for Apple Health, but when I finished my ride the workout did not get pushed. Unfortunately, there’s no way to retroactively get completed workouts sent to Apple Health. And the Strava connection does not occur on the device, only by connecting your RWGPS account to your Strava account online. Incredible potential, needs just a few tweaks. I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to an annual subscription just yet, but I could definitely see subscribing on an as-needed basis for a week/month at a time. The guided navigation was so helpful during a 100 mile ride on a route we’d never taken before.
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3 years ago, Reatomizer
Love the app, wish there was better segment/social networking support
I am so grateful for the RideWithGPS app. I’ve ridden over 7,000 miles with its assistance over the last 2 years. Routing is fairly seemless, though there is some serious memory hogging through the website platform in Safari and Chrome on Mac(save regularly!). I am recently disappointed by load failures in the segment portion of both mobile and browser platforms. Segment data often does not load, mobile notifications and emails open empty pages in app and browser, and it is difficult to find or create new segments. In a huge cycling community like NYC, it would be great to have better social integration in this regard. PLEASE don’t become Strava or anything so Facebookish, but the segment section is the one area that UI improvement could help connect cyclists riding similar routes, for fun and safety (buddy system for the win!). Thank you again for such a great app🙏 Final feedback is more for Garmin - make Edge 1030 Plus more seemless with RWGPS; without an internet connection, it is difficult to share routes created in the app and routing through the garmin connect app pales in comparison to RWGPS on mobile🤌
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5 years ago, 1Gr8Ride
Best cycling app I have found
I have been using ridewithgps since 2015 and it has become my favorite cycling app and website. It allows me to plan safe routes for my rides in advance and then use my smart phone to navigate the route on my bike. It logs my ride, shows me stats, gives me audible turn by turn directions, shows me the elevation profile and much more. I used the free version for years and it met all of my needs. Last year I upgraded to paid version so that my wife (and friends) can track my rides in real time so that she knows I’m safe, which is well worth the money for me. Photos taken while logging a ride can be embedded into the route, which is a nice feature. I recently had a problem with the app where it wouldn’t go into navigation mode. I was frustrated as it was the only time in over four years the app didn’t work flawlessly. I emailed tech support and they immediately responded. One of the company founders called me on a Saturday morning and helped get it working for me. They then updated the app to fix the bug. Because of their excellent customer service and the unique features of the app I rate them five stars without hesitation.
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1 month ago, zerohero34
Finally found what I was looking for.
I’ve been using Ride With GPS for three years now, and it’s the app I spent several years looking for by trying all sorts of other bike navigation and tracking apps and moving onto a different app every year. So I did my own survey on several social media apps and the hands down winner was Ride With GPS from bike touring riders all over earth. I used the free version of Ride With GPS the first year for 5-6 months or so and went to the full on top of the line subscription version because the free version was awesome, but I needed all the paid version tools and since the free version was great I figured the full suite would not disappoint and it hasn’t. If I were going to knit pick anything about the app it would be that I use Avast Secure Browser, but Ride With GPS doesn’t fully work on the Avast browser so Ride With GPS Support told me to try Mozilla Firefox on my PC, and everything worked great. So when doing 99% of all my bike tour and ride planning. It’s so much easier to build routes on the PC use the Ride With GPS webpage via Firefox than on my iPhone.
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5 days ago, AliAlv
Good so far but has the potential to be great
I just started riding again, mostly for pleasure, with the added bonus of running a few quick errands throughout the week. All of my biking is on city streets in a modestly busy city, at least in terms of traffic. This can be difficult at times, especially in area where sideshows and lack of traffic enforcement have become the standard. Therefore, avoiding some of the main streets is not so much an option as it is a necessity if you plan on arriving home alive. This app has been especially helpful when planning out rides to the grocery store, or just for fun, as it tracks all the data I find beneficial, while providing an easy route planner and tracker. For the most part, it’s rather easy to navigate through the app, however, there is definitely room for improvement. Added unexpected bonus was the social media/app community aspect, which allows you to setup a profile to connect with other bikers in your area, publish/share routes and pictures, etc. As of now, there’s not much participation, but I’m hopeful with time, and some app updates, this could grow into an amazing app and community.
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2 years ago, Techie tucker
Best app if you want Varia integration
My kid got me a Garmin Varia for Christmas and I wanted and app that integrated it so I didn’t need to switch apps on the fly. Tried Cadence but it wasn’t great. This one is. I want a tool where I don’t need to go to a browser to download routes. It’s a nice option but shouldn’t be the default. I will say that it needs a night mode though. You can dim things down a bit using the hybrid or satellite views but that’s a problem in bad data areas. The map screen is way too bright for night riding without using one of those though. The routing suggestions are excellent and I like the fact you can edit one of theirs on the fly and save it right on the phone as a new route. Learning curve so far has been easy. Most stuff is front and center and intuitive. The social media stuff isn’t so over the top like in Strava lately. The most surprising thing is how well the Varia integration works. The warnings it gives are far more intuitive than what you get from the actual Varia app. I liked it will enough that I paid for it.
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2 years ago, Rita Zee
I love this app, but…
I have been a premium member for years. Absolutely love the app. I’m not a techie, and I still find it so easy to use. I design my own routes plus pull from the library for routes all over the (developed) world. Only thing that doesn’t work for me is the paved vs unpaved indicator. In many instances, paved routes are shown as unpaved. I only ride paved so I avoid any unknown route indicating unpaved. So I wonder what Im missing. On the other hand, I have used routes that didn’t indicate gravel, and yet it was. Im a senior and my husband is 84. We ride long distances(40+ mile routes.) But hubby’s balance is not what it was. So coming across several miles of unexpected gravel is no fun. But my complaints are minor compared with how much this app has improved my life! Oh - also love that I can use RWGPS on my iPhone. Did not want to have to buy and learn another device. (Tried to learn Wahoo- but returned it because it was too tiny.) One other suggestion, though. Come up with your own sturdy handlebar holder, preferably light weight metal. I have one that works and holds my phone securely, but it’s plastic. If/when my bike falls, the $35 plastic holder breaks. I’m on my 3rd or 4th. One other disappointment: website does not include info on how one might invest financially in the company, besides paying annual dues! If you want investors, make that info easier to come by.
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10 months ago, Ernie Burger
Couldn’t be happier
I’m very grateful my son recommended this app. When I am home, I can see the map screen and see exactly where I’m going. I can also listen to the audio cues which are extremely helpful and well timed. I can even go in and create my own audio cues wherever I want them, and then, when I’m writing, I will hear those cues. another thing I like about this is that you can record every trip, and then edit the trip into a route if you wish. If you use the route planner, you’ll have access to many other routes used by others. And also records your own routes, and gives you a heat map of your routes and those taken by others. You’ll know the distance and elevation as you plan around, and if you’re just winging it, you’ll have that data recorded and you can turn a ride into a route. I’m not sure what else anyone would want.
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2 years ago, Rick_6857463524
Very confusing and frustrating
It seems like this app was just what I was looking for and would be worth the $5.99 per month if worked, but I could not get it to work. The description said voice navigation was available with the basic and premium subscription. I went into the route planner and planned my route from my home by tapping on the map wherever there was a turn. Created a square 2-mile route. I saved the route with a name. I selected the route from my routes library and pressed navigate. Instead of navigating me around my route with voice navigation, my route disappeared from view and the app simply started to record my route - no voice prompts at all. I played around it it for the better part of an hour trying to get it to navigate my route with voice prompts, or even just visual prompts, but without success. I re-read the help pages several times to no avail. I deleted my route and created new ones, but was unable to navigate with any of them. Being totally frustrated with the app, I went in and cancelled my subscription and deleted the app. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, Kern-z
Helped me get to 1,000,000’ climbed
I love this app and only wish I’d started tracking sooner. I bought a fat bike in 2016 and shortly thereafter, I got this app. When I kept forgetting to turn it off after my ride, I realized I could edit those rides if I became a premium subscriber. And so I did and I’m glad I did. Then, I realized in 2020 that I was closing in on 1,000,000 vertical feet climbed. That became my end goal and in late 2021, I hit it! Now, with an eBike, my goal this year is to ride 300,000’. For a roadie, that’s probably not a big goal. But on single track, I think it is - and I’m over 60. I love the heat maps that were added and am trying to figure out how to make my new bike the default bike so I don’t have to go in and change it every time. (The developer got back to me right away with good directions on how to change the default bike, so thanks to whomever wrote back).
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2 years ago, buy fdghvvvh
No turn by turn voice
I have heard the turn by turn voice. But not everything I use Ride With GPS. I have had no way of knowing where to next turn is because of no audio. Not at all happy that I’m paying for something that is not working properly. I do not want to have to pull my phone out to see if I missed my turn. Oh I use Aftershock headphones and music is used so that I can determine if the volume is up all the way for the Ride With GPS. But I don’t ride with music on and ride with gps is always silent. I’m about to cancel my subscription. RWGPS has responded to this review and showed me where the problem was. It is a setting that can be used or not within The app. Such a simple fix after all. I cannot be happier with RWGPS
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4 years ago, Actorbust
Apple Watch integration is a disaster
I got this app because I wanted a cycling guide compatible with Apple Watch. After several rides, here’s my experience using Ride With GPS on my Apple Watch: 1) During the ride the app keeps disappearing from the watch face. 2) Very challenging to navigate from an Apple Watch—both with the app disappearing and unclear when to look at the watch for directions. Ended up biking with my phone in one hand to figure out where I was going—Defeats the purpose of Apple Watch compatibility. Also, dangerous as I was not prepare with a phone holder to bike with. 3) The app drained my watch battery. After a four hour ride, I had almost no watch battery left. No other apps running. Keep in mind that I could not even see this app most at the time since it keeps disappearing from the watch face. Pros: There are some really good rides mapped out. If you’re just using your phone, looks like it works well. However, for a paid app, there’s still a lot to work out so you can use your Apple Watch to navigate.
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1 year ago, mehbadmusic
REVISED: routing is terrible, UI gets worse after every update.
2023: I’m kinda oblgated to use this app because of the groups I ride longer trips with. There are a bunch of very established network gravel trails. Google Maps is far better at routing than this app. The user interface is absurdly obtuse. Point to point, changing routes, routing preferences or searching for food and amenities is a total nightmare. Why do I still try to use this app? Gonna sound nitpicky... In LANDSCAPE orientation, there is unused whitespace at the top of the live screen. I mount my phone landscape... real estate is limited and “weird” on my bikes: multiple devices distributed on a BarYak, stem and top of drops. Simple and super important: ADD TIME OF DAY, BATTERY LIFE AND CHARGING INDICATOR, CELL SERVICE (and other critical configurable data) there. Find out your power brick died, your phone is out of battery, no cell service, you’re too late for your campground. This is why I always carry a Garmin eTrex 30 as backup. Add this feature — 5 stars. BTW: the online route planning subscription is worth every penny.
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2 years ago, The Teaman
Best bike riding app
I have tried several apps after researching even more, checking to see which ones have the features I would want and expect to find in a app to log my biking activity. So far this is by far the best I have found and love it. I do hope that they add more support for ebikes, but as it is, it is adequate for even that. I love the route planning feature for picking her out and showing me the road type and distance. I love that when you start recording it records where you’ve been and logs it. I love that you can send planned routes to your device and it will prompt you with navigation for where to turn on your route. You can connect with friends that you ride with so that you can share your planned routes.
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5 years ago, Jbusteed
Great phone app/suboptimal watch app
As a route planner and iPhone app, I cannot say enough good things about. The app provides excellent turn by turn directions and excellent details. Route planning is top notch. As a watch standalone app, it is pretty good and captures the essential details for the ride. There is a bug where the app almost always refuses to stay in the foreground and I have to ask Siri to bring it back. This is more annoying but developers punted when I reported problem last summer. As an integrated app, the app frequently loses contact with the phone and almost never provides turn by turn directions. Then we do the dance of powering on and off both devices until they talk again. This is the reason why I bought the app/watch. Now searching for replacement.
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2 years ago, KR Ohio
5 Stars Aren’t Enough
I’d rate RWGPS ten stars if I could. The mobile app is a great addition to the web-based version. I plan out my routes on the web version and seamlessly upload them to my Garmin Edge for navigation and metrics capture. The app is packed with features that make me a more confident cyclist, especially when riding outside of my local area. Features such as heat maps, elevation profiles, and riding surfaces come in handy when planning routes. Finding and loading routes from other cyclists is a great way to explore. Additionally, many organized rides use RWGPS for managing their routes, and it’s much more convenient than following a paper cue sheet. The developers continue to add more features, making this app better all the time.
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5 years ago, dsw2013
Best Ride & Run Mapping Site
RideWithGPS is simply the best mapping, route sharing, and event organizing site. Widest selection of map bases, most with autorouting ability. Powerful editing tools. Elevation estimates tend to be a little low, but more accurate than other apps. Routes easy to download for use in watch or cycle computer. I have extensive experience mapping with Garmin, MapMyRide, and Movescount also. RideWithGPS is much better. Have used it to plan literally hundreds of routes. I help organize two major local cycling fundraisers, lead a weekly ride series that never repeats routes, and combine routes for multi-day events. Highly recommended. RWGPS also has activity tracking and community tools. They may be great but I have not tried because everyone around here uses Strava.
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5 years ago, JW Haupt
I started using the free version of RWGPS in 2011 for developing routes and exporting the routes to develop cue sheets for a bike club that I lead rides for. After a couple of years of being really satisfied with the online app I subscribed to the top level to thank the developers and to unlock a few of the new added features. When they added the Event feature, which allows one to show multiple rotes on a single screen, the app went to a new level. When the mobile app was made available I set my Garmin aside and use the phone app to follow routes and record rides. Great map screen to follow routes and stats while riding. I’ve used Map My ride and Strava, but none compare to the features of RWGPS. Thanks and keep up the great work!!
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1 year ago, NefariousAryq
Need to focus on bug fixes for a while
It pains me to write a negative review of this app as I love the RideWithGPS service immensely… but the company needs to put some serious focus on fixing some shortcomings with the app that have been known for a long time but just not prioritized. The app hasn’t shown HR Zone 5 for over a year now. I can’t view my club’s events because the club has “too many”. I still get the black screen on load about 20% of the time I launch the app. Etc- I could go on with a handful of other things I’ve reported that just have never been prioritized to fix. I fear they’re too focused on shiny new features and not focused enough on fixing bugs. It’s the Apple-syndrome of software engineering. Bug fixes don’t get people wow’d — I get it. But at some point the app starts to rot without maintenance, and it becomes death by a thousand paper cuts for usability.
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2 years ago, Retep1515
This is the one
I set out looking for a cycling app that did three things. 1. Show map and stats on my smartphones. 2. Utilize Apple Watch heart rate sensor. (This requires you to enable the feature in the app settings) 3. Works with my duotrap sensor. If you want these things, and haven’t found this app yet, you can finish your search. This app is too good. It was annoying that the heart rate on Apple Watch was not on by default, but once I got it turned on, everything works reliably. I pre-paired my duotrap from the Bluetooth settings in the app, then just start a recording and the app automatically pops up on my Apple Watch with the stats. I love it. This is what I want. I am happy.
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4 years ago, Pikebiker
Ride With GPS is the best
I’ve been using RWGPS for years. Creating a route is very easy and really helpful. Navigation on a ride is right on, and syncing with cycle computers is easy. I love the record keeping that lets me view my stats by month, year, and career. Our club (The Lehigh Wheelmen) uses RWGPS as our preferred app for club rides. The club feature allows us to maintain a library of over 100 LWA rides. A very useful feature on club routes is the Tag option which helps members find routes from specific start locations. The support team at RWGPS is the best in the industry, questions are answered promptly and in detail. I highly recommend RWGPS if you are looking for a cycling app.
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9 months ago, Erguerguer
I paid $9 for online navigation for a ride I just did. That turned out to be fairly useless. Then after the ride I found that it started recording my ride when I downloaded the route at my house, 20 miles away from the starting point. I looked for a place in the app to trim it, found nothing. Then googling led me to the trim feature on the desktop version of the website, and lo and behold, they want more money for that “premium” feature. No thanks! I was able to deliberately start and stop my ride from my garmin watch, so the recording is accurate on a superior service. And guess what, if I did forget to stop my watch, I would be able to trim the activity without being extorted for more money! Posting this one star review in hopes that I can do so without having to upgrade my subscription to ultra premium gold for the privilege.
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3 years ago, Nick152839
This app doesn’t do anything…so confused
This App is strange, not sure what the point is. The map has ZERO features, it doesnt show city names, road names, landmarks, the map has absolutely no information on it. It’s literally just a red highlighted route, on a blank map. Doesnt even show what direction is north. Absolutely USELESS tool if you’re actually trying to navigate a trail. Also the route information is not accurate, i’ve done a few rides now and the App was very misleading (both the route description and the map) Also the “track offline” feature doesnt work for anybody in my group. We downloaded the maps to be available offline successfully, but the maps are useless. You’re better off just using the route description, and tracing your own map on paper. Oldschool. This is also safer, in case your phone dies or breaks mid-trail
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3 weeks ago, my pizza
Easy to use
I am a novice cyclist and wanted to create routes rather than ride aimlessly around my neighborhood. Not only it is easy to create a route but now that I’m a bit less of a novice I like that I can also track distance and time. My goal is to go farther and not necessarily faster; it pleases me that I can see that I am a bit faster each week. I recently discovered the grade stats and am very pleased that my route is as hard as it seems while riding! I had problems linking my account with my sister’s and sent Ride with GPS and email. I was both surprised and pleased with how quickly they responded and helped me resolve the issue (operator error). My sister and I tried several apps in the beginning and kept coming back to Ride with GPS. It’s easy to set up and use. The stats are easy to understand. The route navigator is great when I ride a new route. I can concentrate on riding and safety rather than trying to follow a screen. I highly recommend this app.
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1 year ago, hockiemum
Ride with GPS Rating
I am giving Ride with GPS four stars. As a rider new to creating my own routes, it was fairly straightforward and I have found the routes easy to follow. As a navigation tool, Ride with GPS has assisted me with all of my club rides and is a great tool to pair (use in tandem) with my Wahoo Element. While my Element provides the information I want as I begin a climb, for example, Ride with GPS is there to tell me when to expect an upcoming turn so that I can prepare for a change in the route. Together, these tools have been very useful and effective for my rides. Overall, I like Ride with GPS. My club riders all seem to be using Strava. I’m happy staying with Ride with GPS for now.
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1 month ago, we are bob
great app needs a lot of work!
route creation and route following are my primary interests in this app. this seems to do a good job in both of these tasks. it’s worth getting if this is what you want to do. having said that, there is so much more work to do in improving this app. there are many UI improvements that are needed in the area of consistency across the app as well as using more standard UI idioms we use in other apps every day. And then for route planning, there are many needed improvements: bug fixes in sharing and copying routes. eg. a route copy will drop images on user created POIs. Not being able to share routes in downloaded offline mode. Feature improvements like collaborative route editing, even starting with non-concurrent editing. Builtin versioning of all route changes. then route planning improvements. making more detail of route segment or trail/road condition. it would be good to know the currency of a road condition, to know if its just old / stale information and be suspect of it. i am going to stop here.
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2 years ago, Mdub8283838
Solid but not worth the price
If this app was free I would be giving it 4 stars. It’s solid and has some nice features, if a bit clunky in its design. But for $60 per year I expect perfection which this is not even close to. The pre-mapped routes are nice, but are too highly emphasized. I like to explore and create my own routes. Sadly this functionality is very limited. Looking at the maps in this app does not even give you as much biking data as Google Maps, which is free. Using this app while you ride is very clunky and annoying. There’s no mechanism to see your route on your Apple Watch. Seems like the expectation is that you’ll have your phone attached to your handlebars which I don’t like. Then the app is VERY LOUD and annoying. For example on my route there was a bike path the app did not know about running parallel to the street with the bike lane. My god this app just would not stop yelling at me to go on the inferior route it thought was superior. Just not at all zen or even helpful. If this app was free it would be totally decent and fine. But for this high subscription cost the app is just way too janky and poorly designed to justify itself.
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5 years ago, Ragbrai 2020
User Friendly
I have used Ride With GPS for about a year now first, in the free version, then the premium paid version. What I found valuable was the ability to plan a route, then edit later. Other programs I used made removing routing points difficult or impossible. I am using this program for team maps. The program also allows another user to see my location on their phone in near real time. Helpful for family when I am venturing on forest trails. You have control on who can view your route with privacy settings. The program also has voice turn by turn directions. I am seeing improvements in the app as time goes on, the latest being able to plan routes on an I Phone. It also works seamlessly with routes created on a PC. Routes can be imported/exported to many GPS devices the one I am using is a Garmin 1000 Explore. The free version has many features, the upgraded paid version has more. After testing 4 other mapping programs, this is my best.
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2 years ago, AJW2251
Used to be the best app ever-not anymore
For some reason, We can no longer search for rides or routes. This was the best feature of the app. Now, it appears, I’m stuck with only the route I have pinned in the past. Very disappointing. And if that feature hasn’t gone away, it’s hidden! I won’t recommend the app anymore. Thanks for your response and the Find feature was much better than the explore feature. I want to go back to typing in a starting point etc and not have to try and find a place on the map. I know where to ride where I live. I like to plan for when I am traveling, etc. I would use the find feature based on where I would be staying. I will say this used to be my favorite app. If possible, get rid of the social media aspect and go back to the way it was. It was the bomb!
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12 months ago, Adam Wood
Another app that needs strong internet to work
In preparation for a week long event with little or no cellular coverage, I downloaded and installed this app. The event provided maps through this app that could be downloaded, which I did. I saved all the maps offline and even paid for the premium subscription to be 100% sure I had everything. When I got on the ride, first the app took 3-5 minutes just to load and then the maps, which should have been available to work offline, didn’t work when there was no GPS signal or cellular coverage. If you have coverage though, it has great tracking. The workouts here automatically go to Apple Fitness (if you agree to send the data). The elevation guide is super helpful.
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4 years ago, B.E.N.!
Better options exist
The subscription is not worth it for how glitchy the turn-by-turn is. I’ve used this app for several months now and connect to my Bluetooth headphones to get audio cues. Anything beyond a T intersection seems to confuse it. Often cues are late or don’t involve street names but the most frustrating is that it will frequently tell you to turn into a road just to make a 180 degree turn and go back out to the main road. Over the course of a 50 mile ride I will have to pull out my phone 5+ times to figure out where it led me astray. It will also randomly tell you to make sharp two-step turns on extended straight sections with no intersections in sight. If you’re looking for turn-by-turn I’d save the $50/year and put it towards a Garmin edge or something similar.
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2 months ago, JSZermus
Highly functional well designed app
Every single feature works correctly! After years of using the app, I’ve yet to find a single bug, or anything less than perfect functionality. RWGPS is super well designed and makes trip planning super easy. Also really good for finding local routes when you’re in a new area. Can’t recommend this app highly enough for bike dorks or more casual cyclists. Very easy to learn the basics and get going quickly, and it also contains lots of advanced routing features and other features for advanced users.
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2 years ago, K3GBB
Best Cycling App
I have been using this app for about a year now and it is fabulous. I’m 73 and it provides all of the stats that I want and need. I use a Wahoo Element Bolt on my bike which is paired to the Wahoo Element app in my iPhone. In that app I have selected Ridewithgps to receive my entire ride data as soon as I finish. That said, Ridewithgps receives my ride data almost immediately. Full disclosure, I am a retired IT Pro so I do access my ride data directly contained in the Bolt from time to time if I do need to make an add or correction. It helps your overall accuracy if you also have that skill.
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4 years ago, Shocker9
Great app for cycling
I’m a beginner/intermediate rider and I love this app. Paired with my Apple Watch this gives me everything I need. Time, heart rate, mileage, elevation, speed. The route planner on mobile and web is incredibly easy to use. One other nice feature is that when a friend creates a route you can see it. It makes sharing routes so easy. I’ve noticed it used very little data during your routes, which is a nice plus. Turn by turn navigation and offline maps are both paid features but I don’t consider them requirements and the pricing seems reasonable to me. Great app, simple to use great interface!
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3 years ago, ultrarunner
Best bike navigation site available
I’ve been using ride with gps since it first became available. I bike tour all over the world 4-6 months a year for past 15 years and develop all my routes on my PC and download routes to my Garmin Edge daily. I’ve used a Garmin Edge as my bike navigation device since ride with gps became available which has greatly been a life saver navigating through major cities in the world. Following my routes I develop on ride with gps, I’ve never had a problem. I like how I now can save all my routes in archive and collections.
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3 years ago, Bibaleebu
Pretty great with caveat
This app is very useful and fairly user friendly. It lets me easily plan routes and then provides navigation along the route so I don’t get lost. It keeps track of all your rides and even pushes them to the apple fitness app so you don’t have to enter them yourself. Only thing I wish I could figure out is how to keep the screen on while using it without changing system settings each time. The screen shuts off and I have to unlock my phone again to see my speed and other ride data. Kinda bugs me that features my isn’t coded in. (Or if it is, I can’t find it)
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1 year ago, Review of RWGPS
Ride with GPS
I use Ride with GPS to plan group rides, outdoor and indoor rides and routes for my cycling students and coached athletes and my own rides both outdoor and on my trainer. I expect to start using it with my SMART Elite rollers this coming fall; it is time to learn how to use them! Creating and sharing routes is very easy and straightforward, even for an admitted tech Neanderthal like me! I recently began utilizing the program’s option of adding photos to points of interest/landmarks; it makes it easy for cyclists to identify their whereabouts and progress. Coach Vito
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1 year ago, LaughingSaint
Amazing cycling app!
First off let me say that their customer service is second to no one in this day of pretty poor customer service all around for any kind of company this is is the very best. Secondly, I want to say their app is amazing. It has more cycling metrics than I’ve ever seen even more than training peaks. I’ve been cycling for seven years as a top 1% high mileage cyclist in the world, and I’ve not never heard of this app before not until I switced to wahoo did I discover it! Great complement to any of the other cycling apps out there
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1 year ago, JamesMcKinley
Works flawlessly with my iPhone
Easy to set up, easy to initiate a ride. Good library of rides from others covering everywhere. Saves all your personal rides. Only complaint is it won’t link to a Fitbit to record heart rate (links to others — given how slapdash the Fitbit software is, I’d put it down to them). With a heart rate monitor it adjusts the calorie count against an HR algorithm. Output file includes speed, gps, altitude profile, other more obtuse measurements. The compilation of rides will give totals vs calendar limits. All in all a useful robust tool.
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1 year ago, ogruvin
Great Riding App and Even Better Company
I have been a premium subscriber for years. The route planning tools and turn by turn navigation are top notch. The ability to log rides and mileage help me keep track of my fitness. Recent upgrades allow me to route plan on my iPad with ease. As for the company, in 2020 I lost my job due to COVID, and cancelled my subscription and Ride with GPS inquired as to why? When I explained my situation they extended me a free membership until I got my feet back on the ground. Great App and even better people.
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4 years ago, MartyIndy
Using RWGPS since 2013
I have been logging my rides and planning my routes with Ride with GPS in the United States Europe and Latin America and it has been a fantastic tool and helped make a lot of wonderful memories that without the planning could’ve been very messy adventures instead. The support from the team has always been terrific and it’s been a pleasure to watch the app evolve over the years (which was super!) to the really solid great tool that it’s become. I use the features like a first grader but I enjoy knowing that I have all of them at my fingertips.
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3 years ago, Smengineering
Apple Watch function needs work
I bought this app because my cycling club uses it to chart out our group rides. Rather than buy a Garmin unit, I thought this app would make use of 2 devices I already own and always have on me — my iPhone and Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch function is very poor. Neither the turn-by-turn direction screen or metrics screen do not stay ON. So instead I had to finish my 46mi ride today using only my iPhone app (which works fine), meaning I had to keep the volume up to max to hear the directions, and also stop and check if that turn she called out for me to hear while I’m going a swift pace with wind rushing across my ears, was supposed to be a “left” or “right” turn. Having the Apple Watch display distance to next turn and also which way to turn are absolutely essential when rolling through an unfamiliar route. Perhaps it’s a setting on my app that I need to select… I just don’t know. If it turns out it’s something I’m doing wrong, I’ll adjust my rating back up to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, physicsnerd1
My GPS assist
This app keeps all my riding data organized and tabulated and allows me to go back and compare efforts on the same ride or hill to allow me to gauge what kind of shape I am in and to mark my progress. It’s also very useful for ride planning as I can understand how much climbing and distance I’ll see on a planned ride. It gives me fairly accurate estimated ride times. I can share these plans with others and load the routes into my bike computer which then can guide me regarding the turns. Quite useful on unfamiliar roads.
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2 years ago, jrothim
Cannot Read Street Labels
RwGPS has a major flaw in that the route line obscures the map layer graphics, so you often cannot read the road or path names. This has been a longstanding problem. And also a safety issue when you have to take your eyes off the road for extended times to decipher a road or path name. In addition, when you have to manually route a segment, you lose all navigation cues and RwGPS is not smart enough to fill them in. Or allow you to manually add them. Appreciate these bugs getting fixed! Developer responded that " in order to display a route line it has to overlay the map and will obscure the road name. However, your cuesheet will have this information since you are currently on that road." Response: Most people do not use cue sheets, we just need to navigate from the map screen. Google maps figures this out and does the map routing correctly. I understand that rwgps does not own the map layer, but this glitch could be solved with the making the overlay routing lines smarter. Is this problem at least getting worked on? Thank you very much.
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4 years ago, Dog man 1111
Bait and Switch
Want to plan a ride to my local Costco. Apple Maps doesn’t provide bike routes. Bike with GPS says you can map a ride. When researching the app they state under Subscriptions: to unlock offline maps, voice navigation, live logging and additional features offer these subscription options. Don’t need any of those features so I download app and registered. Go to plan my ride to Costco and it tells me that is a Basic feature and is subscription based. Notice how they didn’t say that plan a ride was a subscription in the app overview. So the only free application of the software is ride details. I already have an app that provides that. Will delete Ride with GPS for their scummy business approach.
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2 years ago, News carver
Where’s the cadence view?
Since the Wahoo app no longer supports pairing both speed and cadence sensors I’m left with a Coospo speed cadence combo device that only works for speed. I can tolerate that since I can follow the seconds on the Wahoo screen counting revs for 15 or thirty seconds and multiplying by 2 or 4 to get my current revs per min. I would like to be able to see what my average revs are and view progress over time. I was ecstatic when I found RWGPS easily paired with my Coospo but disappointed when I could not find a cadence counter. Is this not a feature? If not I may have to keep looking. Also, your elapsed time display should show seconds as well as minutes.
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2 years ago, Rater Dude
Works amazing for long distance touring
This tool is exactly what I needed for planning and navigating long distance bike routes. I just finished a 400 mile route using this app, and this app was a huge help. It was really useful because I was not familiar with the area. The planner with all the biking maps was really helpful in figuring out which routes to take. The navigation was also essential for following the route. I’m glad I switched from Google maps and other mapping tools I was using.
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4 years ago, ekonarske
Best Cycling App
I was a long-time Strava user until they stopped supporting Bluetooth devices. That spurred me to look at other options. I have to thank Strava for that, because other than user base, Strava is inferior to Ride With GPS in nearly every other way. I honestly have no idea how these folks have made such a wonderful app while remaining relatively unknown. Kudos to your team for the great work you’ve done. The only complaint I have is the name. Come up with something a bit more catchy, and I think you’ll unseat the king in no time.
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5 years ago, Grand Imperial Poohbah
Best I’ve used.
I’ve used several cycling apps and RWGPS is my favorite so far. The user interface is well thought out - I especially like the volume slider on the ride progress screen. The company has been responsive with improvements. Their online route planning tool is easy to use and very helpful in Planning new routes as well as reviewing existing routes in advance. I find the spoken directions very helpful. It’s also great that many organized events use RWGPS: it makes it simple to download and view course maps.
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