RISE: Sleep Tracker

Health & Fitness
4.6 (17.2K)
171.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rise Science Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for RISE: Sleep Tracker

4.58 out of 5
17.2K Ratings
3 years ago, mambosarelle
Optimize this for teens please!
I got this app and so far I love it. I realized that my teenage daughter needs this more than I do. Unfortunately the school system has zero compassion for the science that says that pre-teens and teens experience a biology shift that causes them to experience later sleep onset and wake times, plus the need for more hours compared to adults (9-11 hours!). All of this, plus a new and thriving social life outside of family wreaks havoc on their sleep schedule. She missed a class from oversleeping and was so stressed and frustrated over her erratic sleep habits she came to me and asked for help, which in all honesty really surprised me! I had literally just started on this app when she did this and couldn’t believe I didn’t think of it for her first. She’s using it now (still on her trial) and we’re willing to see how it does, if it helps, even though it’s for adult sleep needs. She likes the interface and the gamification of reducing her sleep debt. She also suggested the ability to edit her “wind down” activity such as “Pack backpack” and “Set next the next day’s school outfit”. She also suggested “spending time with pets” which I thought was actually brilliant given the calming benefits of petting our critters. If this app helps my teenager feel rested and more motivated to get to bed at a decent hour than shut up and take my money!
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1 year ago, actualtester0101
Love this app… but there’s only one flaw
I really enjoy tracking my data and even if I’m not following my plan it gives me the best idea of when I need to be trying to fall asleep or reminding me when I need to sleep. Along with knowing the peaks of energy I will have, which for the most part correlate with what I experience. The ambient noises are great and I use them a lot as well, weather it’s for sleeping or just reading a book. The one and only problem is that I want to pay a month subscription, not a full years subscription. Myself and I’m sure many other will use an app like this for some time before inevitably forgetting about the app and stop using it (ADHD gang). And as much as I hope that doesn’t happen, I’d rather not make a $60 purchase to then use it only 2 months and forgetting about it. If they would make it so I could pay a monthly fee, I’d prefer that significantly more. Until this feature is added, I won’t make this purchase despite how much I enjoy it as I’ve had this problem happen before. Otherwise, I’d be perfectly happy with giving Rise my money and would suggest it to anyone looking to improve their sleeping habits.
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3 years ago, LucindaFoote
I like this app, but for the price, it could be better.
I really enjoy this app, but I’m not convinced it’s worth the price. I cancelled before the automatic $60 one and signed up for the $36 one, which is sketchy to not have that as the default to be honest, because I don’t know if there is any difference. I use my Fitbit to track my sleep and just import the data, which works really well and eliminates some of the problems I saw other people were having. It really is quite a simple app though. My Fitbit is doing most of the heavy lifting and it just does the calculations. I wish it had more features like telling me my ideal wake up time (which it only does on the widget which is annoying) instead of an obscure “wake zone” that gives me no time reference. I’m finding myself using other apps to fill in the gaps that this one is missing like ideal wake up time, sleep quality, habit tracker, etc. If this app had all those things I could see it being worth $60 a year, but I feel even $36 is pushing it for what you get. My Fitbit subscription was $70 a year and does everything else except measure sleep debt. So it doesn’t really add up in my mind. That being said, I am happy I bought a subscription, I really like knowing my sleep debt, I just wish the app developers were more transparent with the pricing and that it had a couple more features.
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5 months ago, imma lazy egg
No option except to pay (honest review)
I saw this app and decided that as a teen who has to wake up at 6am for school every morning, that this could help me out to you know, wake up on time. I did the beginning part and all that and then it asked me to do a free 2 week trial and of course I knew that it would do that, like most apps do. The payment after the trial is what I had a problem with. The yearly payment is so expensive like $70 a year and as someone who can’t pay without getting my parents permission, I can’t use the app at all. On top of that, as I was writing this review after submitting another one before deleting, it told me that they believe money should not be the primary reason not to use rise. There’s no cancel button on the free trial screen so if you don’t pay you can’t even USE the app like at all. So how is that supporting the fact that money shouldn’t be the primary reason hm? I suggest maybe instead of pushing for people to pay/do a free trial, just a few things could be unlocked but a majority of the options you’d have to pay for. That would make this app a total game changer for the people who can’t afford this or are not allowed to waste money something so expensive each year when the money could go towards other things that are necessities. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day/night! -❤️Munya❤️
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10 months ago, rezzzed
After 10 months it has done little good
I got the year subscription and I use the app every day but I’m really unhappy with it. It pretends to have some advanced grasp of science but it essentially just calculates your sleep and tells you when to go to bed with other automated notifications. Maybe the worst part about it is that the notifications it sends you to supposedly help you are negative and even shaming! Why??? Negative messages don’t motivate people! When you have insomnia and you’re up in the middle of the night it tells you to go back to sleep with this message: “You owe your body some sleep.” Who with insomnia does not know that? Who needs an app adding to your anxiety when you’re up at 2am??? Even when you finally reduce your sleep debt it tells you: “You did it! Don’t lose it!” Why add shaming motivation on top of the positive? The developers need to pay attention not just to sleep science but the science of how apps actually motivate people. Take a que from Duo Lingo that uses lots of small positive bits of feedback to hook people to keep using the app and actually learn. Honestly I feel like this app just capitalizes on the fact that there are so many people with insomnia desperate to sleep who just read the same advice over and over on the internet and want real help. This app is nothing new and doesn’t help. Save your money.
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8 months ago, Every nickname is taken120
PLEASE GET THIS APP!! I haven’t been able to get on a schedule for 2 years (yes that’s bad I know but you gotta stay up sometimes you know) and ever since I got this app I've actually been going to school, it’s so much easier to get up in the morning. (Now I only snooze once or twice 😂) when I first got the app I had 12 hours of sleep debt, that was maybe two weeks ago? Now I have 1 hour of debt (this doesn’t seem like a lot but it is for me!!) if y’all can relate to this, I like using to do list because I like checking the box off when I finish a task, it’s motivation. ITS THE SAME WITH THIS APP. As soon as I wake up I check how much sleep debt I have, it makes me actually WANT to go to sleep and not stay up all night. And it also tells you when your going to be productive and tired based on your sleep, I haven’t used the productivity to my advantage yet but it is very helpful knowing when I’m supposed to be tired every night, I’ve had less trouble falling asleep. I love this app even though it’s expensive, please. If you want to change your sleep schedule. GET. THE. APP!!!!
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3 years ago, EMC alicious
Amazing tracker for people WITHOUT A WATCH !
I used this for a week the entire time of my free trial an I absolutely loved it ! I don’t have any sort of health watch an this app turned my phone into a motion censored tracker an was 97% dead on accurate . Anytime it sensed my motion from me touching my phone or moving around it it would log I was awake which is correct because I hang my phone at head height on a stand right next to my face at night . I’m super impressed with this app an I so so badly want to keep using it ! But they do not offer any lower monthly or weekly rates to pay for it . Yes I could spend $36 an I could spend the $60 but I’m on a tight budget an that’s my only complaint so far without being able to use it long term is people who want to keep using it but may not have the money to pay those high rates. If you lowered rates to weekly bi weekly or something for all us who can’t afford these expensive monthly yearly subscriptions you’d likely have even mire people using this app ! Otherwise I thought it was the best out there for anyone without a WATCH ! It really started teaching me a lot someone who has never tracked sleep or been very mindful of all other daily health routine things .
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3 years ago, KyleJH1995
Great for awareness of sleep deprivation, needs improvement on functionality.
I’ve noticed you cannot delete erroneously recorded periods of sleep. You can edit their length, but not delete them (at least that I can find). I just noticed the app registered the past two hours as me being asleep when really I was just sedentary, playing a video game on a different device (I even had episodes of a show playing on this same phone, so the phone wasn't even inactive and it was literally sitting in my lap. I highly doubt I was so still that my phone registered me as asleep). I tried to delete the recorded period of sleep but can’t seem to do so beyond manually reducing it to a 0 minute nap that never happened. This seems like a glaring error to me that could make the sleep debt calculation wildly inaccurate depending on how the calculations are made. I assume the app took my normal average sleep times and made the ~wrong~ assumption that my movements this late at night were just restless sleep. Please add the ability to delete sleep records and I’ll probably start using this app seriously, because all of the other resources it provides seem to go above and beyond other sleep tracking apps. Otherwise, I can’t trust something that won’t even let me fully correct incorrect data.
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1 year ago, nameofthependulum
Confusing and Counterproductive
I don't understand this app. The energy peak stuff is REALLY COOL and I want to like it, but I told the app my alarm is at 7, it told ME that my sleep need is 9:15 hours a night, and I thought "Great, we'll be trying to go to bed at 10ish?" but my "melatonin window" is apparently after 11 and every night I use this app, even if I go to bed before 11, my bedtime is set later and later, and keeps racking on the sleep debt without any explanation of why or when it intends to start reversing that trend. All while displaying a judgy "1h50m sleep debt per alarm" like it's my fault I'm not sleeping in more. I was wondering if it's enforcing a delayed sleep phase because of the ADHD diagnosis, but the app doesn't really explain how it takes ADHD into account either, or if that makes my energy cycle look different somehow from a non-ADHD person's. Sure, I downloaded the app right as I went from no alarm to a 7am wake-up, so I understand why my energy cycle isn't aligned YET, but I expected it to work with me in shifting my sleep pattern, not against me? I can't really afford the subscription, but I thought at least the free trial would be worth doing for a bit, but it's just been very confusing why this app has been trying to make me sleep LESS than what IT says I need.
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2 years ago, gajeepgal
I’m a believer BUT doesn’t seem to deliver
I’m really interested in everything this app promises and has to offer…but I never feel confident that it has tracked my sleep accurately, and therefore I don’t feel I can trust the rest of its suggestions for that day. (It doesn’t seem to account for short wakes in the am but then I go back to sleep for 30-90 mins before truly waking/getting out of bed.) Yes, you can edit your sleep manually…but if it’s connected to my Apple Watch, why isn’t it tracking that data automatically? I expect an app like this to be tied to actual data, not my own recollection. Another thing that troubles me is that this app recommends 8 hrs & 45 minutes of sleep per night for me…that’s a lot! I value sleep and want to maximize it for my health and productivity…but I’m not sure it’s reasonable to expect / plan go to bed at 9:30 every night of my adult life. Finally, I’ve been monitoring how I feel during the day and I can’t perceive a big difference between my peaks, dips and the rest of the day…which makes me wonder how important this is for me…which then makes me hesitant to invest in the annual subscription. (Maybe I’ll start with monthly to continue monitoring whether/how it adds value.)
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4 years ago, kec333
Great app, could use some additional features
So far, I really like this app. For the first time, I actually feel real motivation to get more sleep on a regular basis because I want to see my sleep debt go down! The information about energy peaks and dips and melatonin windows is also extremely helpful and very accurate so far. I only wish that there was a way to add naps to lower sleep debt. The pop up windows are constantly suggesting taking naps during energy dips, yet I couldn’t find a way to add a nap to my sleep total. I was really hopeful that adding a nap would lower my sleep debt, but maybe science suggests it doesn’t work that way, so they didn’t include that option? Idk, but I sure wish they did, or at the very least included some information about the science of naps if they have some reason not to add this feature. Update: now that I know how to add naps, my main concern with the app has been resolved, and I will fully endorse it with 5/5 stars. Its design motivates me to get more sleep, which is exactly what I was needing.
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3 years ago, Breklo12
Features are so Limited that it’s Useless to Me
The first issue I encountered was that I had little control over the sleep data I imported. My data was mostly from years ago when I was dealing with health issues, as I just recently started wearing my Apple Watch again. My sleep needs were very different then than they are now so it skewed the sleep need, energy graph, etc. Then I noticed that the app was telling me to wake up much later than I need to for work. I could not find a way to tell the app when I needed to wake up so it could adjust my recommendations. If there is a way to do this, it needs to be much more accessible. Finally, the energy graph was INCREDIBLY inaccurate, basically the opposite of what’s true for me. Part of this has to do with medication that alters my energy levels and part of it is just being different than the average human. Overall, there needs to be more options to customize your data and recommendations. There also needs to be more data collected so that the app can account for things like being neurodivergent, mental health issues, etc. For example, the algorithm should be able to identify sleep patterns consistent with depressive episodes, so data doesn’t get skewed by periods when a user may sleep significantly more, but not as a result of their biological sleep schedule
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1 year ago, XGALS
Allow for Apple to track the subscription smh
This might work, but I’m pretty sure they don’t include the subscription tie in to apple in order to make it hard to cancel and so it appears that you didn’t sign up for one in your Apple account. I find this to be a shady business practice, as even super cheap apps have this feature, and nearly EVERY high quality app has it as well. You have to manually enter a credit card and information into their system rather than private relay, again, even though nearly EVERY OTHER APP allows for the use of it. Aside from that, the app didn’t work for me at all. Constantly put me as having a dip when I was having a surge of energy, at a peak when I was dead tired, despite having about 60 nights of data going in. But to be honest, I don’t want to support a company clearly trying to make a fast buck at the expense of less technologically savvy consumers, and cashing in on the data they’re getting from not allowing private relay. For those want better transparency and an app to wake up, I recommend sleep cycle. If the app had the chops they wouldn’t have to purposely design a frustrating, shady, and unintuitive UI just to avoid allowing their customers to use tools within the App Store to protect their privacy and avoid the free trial window automation.
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3 years ago, Danifacetastic
Confusing Pricing But Alright App
I love the energy schedule I'm given throughout the day- and when I remember and lay attention to the notifications for habits it really helps. But I have two issues. First- my sleep schedule has been messed up. I'm trying to get it on track. But if I'm up late and then wake up late it tells me my energy peak occurred while I was still sleeping. And anytine I sleep over 12 hours it seems to not give me a new adjusted energy schedule or sleep debt that day - only shows the day prior. Meaning the nights I've working hard to pay down my sleep debt are skipped, and my sleep debt only decreases if I'm sleeping 1-3 hours over my sleep need. The second issue I have is the confusing Pricing. I had made up my mind I would pay for an annual subscription after the trial ended. I forgot and got charged automatically, which was my fault. But when I looked at the pricing options I was charged for a $60 annual subscription while there was a second option for a $30-40 annual subscription. If there was a special going on its upsetting thst anyone auto charged during that time paid full price. I already felt like I was splurging considering paying for the app and then felt like I somehow was overcharged inadvertently.
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3 years ago, rightfuture
Rise gives sleep and energy insight that no other app does well!
I like how Rise gives insight into your energy levels, circadian rhythm, and sleep inertia/debt . The only things I would change are the disincentive/expensive renewal surprise, better widget glance for sleep debt/ hours and where you are on circadian rhythm, and better integration with other sleep and exercise apps to track energy levels vs naps and exercise activity. Tips could be more personalized to show how improvements in behavior can make small incentive/percentage gains both in potential and actual improvement changes so people can easily tune into significant behavior. I also have sleep apnea, narcolepsy type 2, and Idiopathic Hypersomnia (IH) and would love to be able to compare how these behaviors compare and can be improved versus others who have the same issues/tags. It would be neat to also extend the Circassian rhythm graph into sleep rhythms and interruptions to highlight behavior such as insomnia, night waking due to temp, or patterns, maybe even correlate allergy interruptions with allergy apps. Rise is awesome and is so close to being even better.
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3 years ago, TecKSinclair
Changing my life
I’ve only been using Rise for a week or so, so far, but it is literally changing my life. I’ve always struggled with insomnia and troubles getting up in the morning. I’ve been a self described night owl my entire life. I found this app shortly after I got my Apple Watch series 6 and was looking for something to analyze my sleep data. It has made a world of difference. I plan my day around my energy schedule and follow the tips for better sleep. I’m waking up and falling asleep on my own, which is a miracle for me in and of itself, but I’m waking up before 9 am, usually before 8 am, without an alarm! It helps me figure out when to do my heavyweight chores and when my energy is going to be too low for much. I struggle with chronic illness, pain, and fatigue, so having this information is proving invaluable to balancing my day and keeping within my limits. I haven’t needed any of the premium features but I am tempted to get it anyway, just to support this amazing app.
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4 years ago, gray-pup
Not good for people who work nights
I love the idea of this app, but the execution makes it obnoxious to use for people who are regularly up working late and not constantly on their phones. It estimates when you sleep based on when you put your phone down for a long period of time at night—which means if I work from 10pm to 4am and then check my phone before going to sleep, the app decides I went to sleep at 10 and woke up at 4. I have to check every day to see if the times are wildly off (which they often are). Sometimes I’m able to manually enter the right times, but sometimes it won’t let me. This morning I went to sleep around 5:30 and it wouldn’t let me enter anything past 4am. It also doesn’t have a way to record your whole night of sleep if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night and check your phone before going back to sleep; you have to manually adjust. I finally gave up and deleted the app. I think it would work better if I used Sleep Cycle every night, but I don’t have an outlet near my side of the bed and don’t want to go to the hassle of charging my phone on a portable charger every single night just to get Rise to work. For a paid app it should be better with this.
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2 years ago, trentwillis
The best app for Sleep Health and well-being...ever.
That may seem like a very bold statement to make in a segment where there are so many different apps available and such a wide variety of features specific to some and ignored by many of the others in the category. RISE is, far and away, the most useful app I've ever subscribed to and the features and resources it provides its users is beyond incredible. RISE not only offers you the typical "you slept this long, with this much in deep sleep, and such as." RISE offers all of that information and makes it diesel. Not only does it monitor the basics but it also uses the data it collects from you and your health apps to paint the most accurate picture possible of your sleep health, how it is likely to impact your day, then providing windows during the day when RISE has determined, based on the information you've provided to it, when you'll have that mid morning or mid afternoon slump or when you're likely to get your second wind. The RISE app provides you with so much more information than I can share in this review but I can say it helps you understand...you...and your health and the connections with it that first show you a small glimpse of where you are with both sleep and it's overall impact on your health and mind space, and then it guides you step by step and, unbelievably, without being intrusive and overwhelming. Best possible product and therefore my highest possible review.
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3 years ago, maw211
Can’t enable needed data
UPDATE: Apparently certain parts of setup need a day or a few days to work. That really should be stated when it starts doing those parts. If I’d known the first sleep debt calculation took a few days, for example, I wouldn’t have been checking every day and contacting support. I just downloaded the app because it looks really cool and I’ve already run into a problem. I’ve enabled the motion tracking no problem. Then I tried to enable the health data and that’s when it stopped working. I followed the steps given in the app and enabled the options I had. My settings shows two options labeled “steps” and “sleep.” Apparently “sleep” isn’t the same as the “sleep analysis” the app wants, because now it’s telling me I don’t have it enabled. But as far as I can tell, I do. I’ve been trying to find a way to contact customer support, but there isn’t any way. The support page is just FAQs, no way to contact them, despite the top of the page saying you can contact them. I really want to start using this app, but until this settings issue is figured out, I can’t! How do I contact a customer support person????
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2 years ago, JoshBoyce
Surprisingly Effective Sleep App
I have tried so many sleep apps, but this one is truly unique. The sleep debt tracker and energy schedule are revolutionary. It’s exciting and motivating to see a quantifiable representation of my sleep debt going down as I improve my habits, and the energy tracker has helped increase my productivity significantly, since I’m now able to plan the right kind of work for the right time of day (why have in never thought of this before?). After a lifetime of struggling to manage sleep and energy well, this app is a game changer. If you’re not sure about the app, I’d encourage you to at least check out some of their content online: that’s what convinced me to try the app. I’ve read countless articles about sleep over the years, but very few have been as valuable as the ones that I’ve read from Rise (pretty surprising for free content). Trust me, it’s worth taking a few minutes to see for yourself. Best of luck, and sweet dreams!
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10 months ago, ChampMM
Incredible Performance
How this app doesn’t have a 5.0 star rating is beyond me. I was waking at 4:00 a.m. to get more done but the truth was by 11:00 a.m. I was beyond exhausted and tried to ride caffeine all day to keep me going but I wasn’t focused. I was laying in bed from 10 p.m. until midnight on social media to relax myself to get to sleep. Hours wasted pointlessly and only getting four hours or so a night of sleep. I downloaded this app a few days ago and already feel better. I had over 17 hours sleep debt and it said my all day energy level was only 20%!!!! Today, in a couple of days, I’m down to 11.9 sleep debt already and at 41%! I’ll get this down to zero sleep debt and I assume it will say 100% energy. Not sure but I think this is where it’s heading. If it wasn’t for this app, I would still be struggling and I think this app will be the reason I live longer! I’ll be 50 in November, only a few months from now!
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9 months ago, Audrey..1
Didn’t tell me when my free trial would end…
I was using the free trial of Rise to get an understanding of my sleep cycle, when all of a sudden I got a large charge on my bank account! I didn’t put 2 and 2 together, until I realized it’s because this app never said my free trial would end. THIS is a problem for 2 reasons. The first is that the app promised it would tell me when my free trial was going to end, if I wanted to cancel it. That never happened! The second is that the 14-day free trial only offers the 1 year option to renew after the trial is up, which is SIXTY (60!) dollars! I’m very unhappy. The app itself is good, it’s nothing outstanding though. It tells me to go to bed at 11pm-12am despite the fact I have to get up at 6am, which is a very bad amount of sleep time. The only thing it does well is predicting the morning productivity and afternoon dip. The afternoon productivity prediction is always wrong. I’m not exactly sure if I’m able to get refunded over this, but I really want to. $60 is 5 hours worth of me working, and I don’t want to spend that on a mobile app!
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3 years ago, GoldSpruce
was going to rate 4 stars
i like this app overall and it’s really helped me to keep my sleep debt low to nonexistent for the first time ever. the feature that would make it perfect in my opinion would be if you could input your own data on when you actually notice peaks & dips during your day, then that would help influence your energy schedule over time. i feel like i kind of align with the energy schedule (?), but it’s not worth the price without being able to refine it. i actually came to rate 4 stars + make my suggestion but now i see a review mentioning that there was a $35 tier i could have paid for instead of a $60 one? i checked my subscription and it’s true. super sketchy as that was NEVER mentioned before auto subscribe. so one less star for that. I’ll change my review & rating if you’re ever able to input your own data regarding peaks & dips, but I still have a bad taste in my mouth because of the price issue. I turned off auto renewal now, so I’ll see what kinds of updates come out before I make a decision about subscribing again.
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5 years ago, Sane Jane
Improved sleep = better me
I’ve had sleep issues most of adult life but didn’t really know how to improve it. I’ve used supplements, changed exercise habits and have tried other sleep apps. The other apps (Fitbit and Garmin) tracked my sleep but frankly I already knew how bad my sleep was - what I wanted was a way to improve it. Rise asked me a lot of personal questions about my sleep and lifestyle and created a plan for me to follow. The plan was simple but effective. I was able to see how my sleep debt built up and was given some tools to pay it off. It was effective for me because of nudges - those that I asked for - were gentle reminders to stick to the plan. An example of this - I am usually on my phone late into the evening - instead of telling me I couldn’t (which is what I thought the recommendation would be) they gave me tools to make it work for me. My sleep has greatly improved and it is all thanks to the awareness, plan and help with implementation.
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8 months ago, thedom822
This app changed my life
Mid-30’s working professional here - I’ve been seeing doctor after doctor over and over and over again for my sleep issues for almost my whole life. Doctors from some of the best institutions in the US. They all approached the problem in the same manner, never really caring and sending me on my way with some medication, which always failed. I completely lost faith in the entire medical system and started to think that I was one of those people who just couldn’t sleep through a night or in any consistency whatsoever. If any one of those doctors would have told me that the ONLY thing that really matters is an extremely consistent sleep schedule, it would have spared me a lot of pain, frustration, and money. This app is incredible. I am sleeping better than at any point in my life. I will use this app for the rest of my life. My only suggestion is to give prospective customers a free trial for a month. I almost didn’t bother with this app because it is sort of expensive. And there are a million apps like this that promise all the things. There is no way anyone is going to understand the impact of this app in a few day trial run. No one wants to waste money for something that is going to be deleted from the phone. If the product team really wants new customers, I would say to change the initial approach.
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7 months ago, just,eee
Why 3 stars
I was recommended the rise app from a friend the friend noted that the app helped improve their sleep, and they also achieved a sleep debt of almost 0, and when being around the person, I’ve noticed that they have seemed in a better mood, and able to calculate their peaks the lows at a surprisingly good accuracy, using the app. While using rise app, myself, I was very intrigued by the design of the app the app used to used previous sleep patterns, recorded by my phone to come up with a list of highs and lows and mid ranges of when my melatonin will be the highest. but I do not think that the app also took in my work schedule, three days out of the week I work 12 hour shifts overnight, and I was expecting the app to build a sleep schedule around my work schedule almost and I know the app would not be perfect but the app did not do that it gave me I guess a pre-basis and ran from there so if the app could perform on that level of providing me a schedule around my work schedule and sleep schedule, that would be great.
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7 months ago, Sandraluxe
Love this app and the team behind it!
I trialed a lot of apps before settling on this one. Not only does it give me the information I’m looking for in regards to my energy levels, but it also suggests times for various activities based on my dips and lows. And it puts them into my calendar app for me! I love that. The app also has a great Tools feature that contains a good selection of resources you can use and learn from, which is where I learned about the amber and red blue light glasses (totally went down a rabbit whole thete!). But my favorite thing is the customer service. I had an issue logging on to the app and Christian worked with me until it was resolved. He always kept me informed about the status, so I felt like he really cared about helping me as one human to another (vs a bot that never quite gives you an answer). I truly love this app and recommended it to a few friends and family already!
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1 year ago, Epicnarcoleptic
Game changer
This is the first review I have provided despite being a faithful iPhone user for 10 years. The Rise app deserves acknowledgement for what it can bring to your life. I am a woman in my 30s diagnosed with narcolepsy two years ago. While my medication, diet and exercise are all helpful this app is really what ties it all together. My favorite feature is being able to look at my energy peaks for the day and plan tough work projects or errands during those times. I absolutely never go out for long errands during low energy dips but may plan for some exercise to boost my energy during that time. I have even planned scheduled naps with this app. I have told neurologist about this app and recommended it to many people with sleep disorders I can imagine it would make just as much as an impact with someone without a sleeping disorder. This app has become an essential
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2 years ago, supersonic123321
Does not work for graveyard workers
I started working graveyard a month ago and figured I would give this app a shot. It synced all of my sleep data from my health app. Shows I go to sleep between 3-4pm and wake up at 11pm. But it keeps showing my melatonin window is 11:57 pm. I’ve manually set my sleep hours on the energy tab and now it’s showing I only have my energy cycle from 11-12pm and then it just flatlines…I have a peak at 11:00, grogginess as 11:20, peak at 11:40, and melatonin at 11:50. Not sure why they can’t use their normal algorithm and just adjust it 8 hours back to give me some results. But it’s non functioning for people who don’t sleep from 11-7pm. My wife also tried it and has work at 5am so sleeps from 8:00-4:00am and has a similar issue. Has her whole day cycle of energy in a short hour span. I feel this app just gives similar results to everyone who sleeps at normal times and it glitches when you sleep at other times. I use AutoSleep and it may not have the most, but it’s free and it works no matter when you sleep. Plus it’s free unlike this $60 a year for generic results that fail when you are out of the norm
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5 months ago, Wink club 100
Not for poor people
I’m giving this app two stars but not because I disliked it. I loved the app and it features, I felt like it was actually helping me get control of my sleep. I suffer from insomnia so sometimes it is hard to get to sleep especially if I don’t have prompting. I used it for the entire free trial and loved it the only issue and the reason I’m giving it two starts is because there is not a free option what so ever and they don’t tell you that before you download it or sign up to do the free trial so after my free trial was up I was no longer able to access anything on the app. I’m a college student living on hardly a sustainable income I can’t afford to pay $10 a month or even the &36 a year at this point in my life. So if you can pay for a subscription great, if you can do the free trial and then walk away with no attachment great, but if you think you will fall in love with the app like me but can’t afford to pay don’t download it in the first place because you will be very disappointed like me. It’s not designed for people who are poor.
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3 years ago, Devon Garvey
Needs Improvement
I like the concept of this app a lot. The energy schedule is incredibly helpful and knowing my sleep debt gives me a lot of insight on my habits. However, there are some frustrating flaws that I feel the app should not have given the amount of money I’m spending to use it. It only syncs to my Apple Watch maybe half the time, the other half I have to input the data myself and it’s not as accurate as it is if imported from my watch. I use Pillow in conjunction to Rise and there really shouldn’t be an issue importing the data from Pillow but for some reason Rise really struggles with it. The other annoying flaw is that I have it set to text me before my melatonin window and in the week and a half I’ve had the app I’ve only received one text. I could set an alarm myself but again, it’s supposed to be a feature of the app so I shouldn’t have to. If the developers fixed these flaws I think it could be a really amazing app but as it stands it needs some improvement.
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3 months ago, Phanna101
Enjoyed it, terrible for travel
I enjoyed using this app to track my sleep debt. When I travelled internationally and missed one night of sleep it sort of broke. It expects me to go to bed at 5 am when I’ve told it I need to wake up at 7. Even when I’ve been waking up at 7 for a few days it still gives my my melatonin window for later and later. It als says that if I follow it’s suggestion of getting two hours of sleep daily and 4 on the weekends for 8 days my 12 hours of sleep debt will decrease. That is impossible. Coming back at a later date to add more to this. Their predictive functions are just plain bad. They recommend me to get 7 hours of sleep for five nights in a row to decrease my sleep debt. The importing of energy cycles to calendar app is cool and all but it doesn’t have a predictive function for the future days, just copies what your cycle is on the current day for the next seven days. The melatonin window moves in unpredictable ways, sometimes when I go to bed early it moves later and vice versa. The only useful thing for me is the sleep debt.
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10 months ago, Uroborus143
Became a morning person, but can’t use overseas
I had been considering this app for some time after reading Rise’s articles on sleep tips and seeing Instagram ads. This is hands down the best sleep tracking app I’ve ever used. I love the energy tracking and the habit reminders…. All until I traveled overseas. After flying to Hong Kong, the app’s data and server connectivity seemed to be totally out of whack. I could not get reliable sleep and wake time suggestions. The widgets stopped showing the correct energy phase. And the app stops working entirely if I cross over to mainland China. I’m moving to this region soon so I could not justify the hefty annual subscription price with all of these issues present. If this app can work reliably in Hong Kong/China then I would gladly return. If you’re based in the US, then it’s a great app, and I highly recommend it, especially for night owls trying to become early birds. I hope these issues could be fixed soon so I can use this app properly again, thank you.
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3 years ago, TSGalpin
Good Idea, problems importing Fitbit data
Been using Rise for 2 months now. Being able to track my sleep debt helped my insomnia. When Rise works at least. Sometimes, rise decides I didn’t sleep last night. Even though the Fitbit App and Phone App said I slept 6.5 hours last night. Main issue is if Fitbit breaks up my sleep into 2 or more events, Rise ignores it? Odd feature to ignore naps and broken up sleep.. That throws of my sleep debt for the next 2 weeks. Rise misses about a night of sleep once every 2 weeks. So my sleep debt is usually wrong. Because it’s missing an entire night of actual sleep. If I could edit the sleep data I could fix it easily. But it only lets me delete sleep, not add it. You can add naps, but they do not affect sleep debt calculation? Even though it said naps help sleep debt? Rise is a very pretty app. Cool features. Nice ideas. When it works it’s cool and helpful. But half the time it simply has the wrong sleep data. If I could add sleep manually I could fix it. But if the core function of calculating sleep debt is wrong half the time…. And there is nothing I can do to fix it other than write emails to tech support. Or click the data is wrong button. Tech support was nice and responsive. And did seem to fix it once after about 2 weeks. I think? But have had the problem a couple more times since then..... I wish it worked. Because it's such a cool and helpful app.
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1 year ago, luhmau
Thinks i’m asleep when i’m not
I love the concept of this app. I started using it to make sense of my energy levels and try to help me keep a consistent schedule. But for the last couple of days, RISE has incorrectly listed that I was asleep when I was wide awake playing video games. The issue is that it relies off my phone motion to determine whether i’m asleep or not instead of my Apple watch that can more accurately determine if i’m asleep or not due to my movements. Not only did it incorrectly track my sleep and completely confuse the entire schedule thinking that a day had already passed and I only got 1 hour of sleep, but I also can’t simply remove it! You can bring it down to a single minute but for some reason the all simply won’t let you delete the incorrect sleep data! I find this quite infuriating as I can understand sometimes tracking incorrectly, but why not just let me manually remove it? I will continue using the app for a few more days to see if this issue is resolved and if so I will update this review accordingly. I really hope these issues get handled.
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4 years ago, rbbjms13
Rise may be on to something...
I’ve tried quite literally everything to get sleep: pills, vitamins, meditation, everything. It’s only been a few days, but with this app I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my sleep quality. The notifications for different aspects of things that may affect your sleep have been incredibly helpful to begin to change my sleep schedule and hopefully resolve a majority of my insomnia. These notifications have helped me take stock of when I’m working too much or just getting sucked into my phone or laptop and need to step away from the screen because I need to prepare for sleep. Within three days of downloading, I’ve had marked improvement in the amount of deep sleep I’ve gotten and my heart rate while sleeping has also dropped. The creators of this app are truly on to something really revolutionary and I can’t wait to see where it will go from here.
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4 years ago, Bakerbeatz
Evidence-based sleep improvement!
First and foremost, I find this app to be a huge help in improving your energy throughout the day. I have tried a few different paid sleep recording apps and this one is far above the rest in terms of scientific support and ultimate results! As a medical student, I’ve found that this app is tempting to refer patients to as a sleep aid resource. However, it’s looking like I’ll only be able to afford the free five-day trial. Would love to see if there’s any kind of healthcare or student discount to help pay for the cost of the app so I can better trial it and use it in my clinical practice! The main improvement that I would like to see is the ability to adjust one’s wake-up time. This may already be implemented, I simply haven’t had enough time to look into it, but if so it could be simplified as well. I know this app is focused on circadian rhythm so that may prove to be a hurdle with this request but all in all truly have enjoyed my trial with Rise!
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3 years ago, NotNewtonsApple
Needs a 2x4 widget for Smart Stack
Just started using this app and my first impression was “WOW”. This is one of the most beautiful and well designed apps I have ever seen in all my years of using a smart phone. Kudos to the UX team. Truly amazing. The data seems accurate and provides lots of learnings, tips, reminders and insight. Really looking forward to learning more about my sleep over the next few days. As a sleep deprived parent, this is very important. The price is definitely steep and that might be a turn off to some people. I was glad to see a discount when I signed up again as it makes it a lot simpler to justify the expense once the trial period is over. One thing that I will request from the developers is a bigger widget. Only a 2x2 widget is available and this app could certainly use a 2x4 widget that can integrate with the SmartStack.
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2 years ago, drc223
Looking forward for what’s to come
I really enjoy the app and look forward to future innovations to the app. A barrier to Rise truly being a near cure for a lot of my struggles is that my schedule as a graduate student is not in my control for a lot of things. It is very rare that I find myself being able to follow what rise indicates as good times for me to work or rest. I wish there was a way to input what tasks you actually completed during each peak and dip duration as a way to see, for example, how having to study or do something that requires attention and energy during a dip effects sleep debt. Personally I feel like this app has a ton of future potential and I really hope that the company and people involved feel as strongly as I do because this app is something that helps manage and track more than just sleep and I’m excited thinking of what’s possible with each update that comes out!
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2 years ago, Mr. Genghis
Good for display, terrible interface
You know what’s great for sleep? Having the first thing to greet you in the morning being the frustration of not having your sleep tracked in a sleep tracker and having to manually input hours on a glitchy interface that doesn’t indicate whether the information you’re inputting is for the night you slept or the day before. The app is okay because it does seem to project energy levels which looks cool, and might even be accurate. It has helped me regulate my sleep because I get a quick reference to my sleep quota. But god, please, the developers need to fix the glitchy hours input interface. How to count the ways??? The “mattress” mode doesn’t record the hours once I press stop on it in the morning half the time. When inputting manually, another half the time the hours are inputted for the day prior or the day after instead of the day I’d intended the data for. Etc etc. the app is so good, yet terrible.
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2 years ago, peterxv
Should be in beta
Incredibly buggy. Opening the Apple Watch app makes the app freak out and suddenly change all my recorded sleep to be 11 hours or more, and I have to go in and fix everything to be accurate again. And even when I don’t open the Apple Watch app, about once a week I’ll suddenly get a notification that my energy schedule is “great” and lo and behold, when I check, the app has completely changed all my sleep tracking and it’s all inaccurate, like 10, 11, 12 hours just like with the Apple Watch bug. This happens completely on its own. I’ve reached out to developers—they haven’t fixed it or added a feature where the user can manually enter sleep hours so that the hours stay accurate. Only reason it gets 2 stars and not one is because I like their emphasis on simply sleep time and not tracking special cycles or anything. But overall, the service is practically unusable for me and they haven’t made significant strides on fixing these issues, so I don’t recommend it.
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1 year ago, matt east
Great concept but lacking basic data retention and access
I’ll start by saying that I’m aware of the primary premise of the trailing two-weeks being the most relevant timeframe to determine current energy levels. I’ve been using this app for about 18 months and have found it to be really useful in predicting my daily energy experience. That said, I’m also interested in much longer horizon trend analysis. Given this desire, it strikes me as odd that there isn’t an ability to see how you’ve improved your sleep habits over an extended timeframe (eg, months to years). As far as I can tell, the only mechanism like this is the streak counter which tracks the number of consecutive days with “great” energy levels, but this is a poor instrument of what I’m aiming to measure. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that there needs to be a change to the UI abstraction, only the ability to export full history of all data. Any sleep app which costs a fee to use should have robust analytics and historical trend analysis with the ability to export CSVs of all historical data from within the app. In particular in interested in using my raw data from Rise Sleep to perform statistical analyses such as studying weight, heart rate, steps, etc. as an f(x) w/r/t trends in total sleep, sleep debt, energy schedule, and other Rise Sleep data points which are not visible beyond 2 weeks.
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4 months ago, lizbethques
Helped my family get back to normal
I love the app, works really really well. And when it hasn’t worked as well at times, I contact support and they fix it immediately, which is much appreciated. I didn’t realize how bad my sleep debt was. I didn’t even realize how badly it was affecting me. I don’t wake up feeling sick and emotionally unstable every day anymore. It really helped me in just a couple weeks and I plan on continuing to use it so I stay on track. As someone who suffers from physical health issues and mental health issues this has really helped me a lot. My husband loves it too, it’s helped him so much. He is a chef so his hours are random and long and his job is hard on his body, he was never sleeping enough. He is a little less stressed and has way more energy now that he was able to monitor and eliminate his sleep debt.
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3 years ago, HEHurt
Unique, Beneficial App
I’ve only been using this app a couple of days, but I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It has a much different concept then most sleep apps, which barely provide more data than what iWatch users can find in Health. I love seeing my peaks & dips. It’s comforting to see that the dips end. With this knowledge, I can decide when my ideal times for certain activities are instead of expecting my energy level to be constant throughout the day. Along with that praise, there are some features I would like to see added: 1) Let users select a goal bedtime or wake up fine. Then, using when we are currently going to bed & waking up, help us gradually progress to getting to sleep earlier & earlier till we hit our goal bedtime. 2) Let users add their own activities to the habit. A relaxing activity for me would be cross stitching - something I would never expect to see as an option, but I would love the ability to enter it in myself. 3) In the morning, ask if we kept our habits or not. Even as simple as “did you stop caffeine at X time” or “did you eat your last meal by X time.” Then, help us identify patterns between these habits & our sleep quality. Of course, being able to actually input time of last caffeine & meal would be great.
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1 year ago, KateinaBox
Doesn’t really do anything, glitchy
Visually lovely, but after a while using it there wasn’t much difference. Interface is OK, a little clunky feeling. Like most of the other third party sleep apps it gives you a smart alarm but the alarm does move until you’re in ally sleeping making sure you get your 8 hours. The app has been very glitchy. The sleep clock keeps getting stuck in my dynamic island. Closing the all, restarting the app didn’t work. The app said the clock was off but when I swiped out there it was counting in the notch. Only way to get rid of it in the dynamic island was to delete the whole app as turning the phone off and on didn’t work. Now I have to download it again…. Have had it but over a week with no noticeable differences or changes to the waves or how I feel regardless of my sleep debt. Stuck in a year long subscription now, canceling it so it won’t auto bill me next year so I guess I’ll redownload it. Thus far my experience hasn’t been worth the price.
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4 years ago, Maddisonmdavis
Great customer service!
Fantastic app, had helped me improve my sleeping habits surprisingly fast!! I struggle with getting a good night of sleep quite a lot and getting non restorative sleep this app is such a beautiful design and also really helps! Simple has everything you need and nothing over complicating it, I have recommend it to a number of people already and they have also downloaded. Not gonna lie I was a little jealous when they had a low sleep debt and mine started at 21hours! But in 2 days it went down to 13 and kept dropping! So the app works! I’m just competitive and jealous of other people sleeping healthy unlike me I guess! Their customer service team is great and extremely responsive, I reached out with a issue with getting in the app, and they responded in minutes and fixed it quickly and kindly 10/10 highly recommend
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2 years ago, acut21
Good app, reasonable price… had a lot of room for growth
Love the app and definitely plan on sticking with it- it was really easy to set up, and I find the science fascinating. Two reasons for the low score though: 1) it’s hard to figure out how accurate this is compared to other apps, and particularly unclear what information it’s using from your wearables to help learn about you. For example: I have a Whoop band, which is VERY good at predicting when I’ll be less ‘recovered’/more tired/etc. This seems to just have a fairly set template, that slowly adjusts based on your data. So… good, not great. 2) I can’t describe how much I dislike the UI, and that is compounded by it having some bugs which makes it even less usable. Unappealing color scheme without other options, overuse of different icons without clear explanation of what they mean, clunky navigation. Just a lot of stuff that needs refinement to make this an app I would want to utilize regularly.
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2 years ago, Sherylc6
Updated review
Yesterday I posted a 1 star review due to the confusion of adapting to this app. It took me several hours to get a grasp on how it works and how to navigate it. The tutorials and format is not very user friendly IMO. However, after figuring out (through trial and error - never found a help page) on how to correct auto logging errors within the app, I’ve begun to understand how it works. The main confusion for me was that I thought this was a method to plan and control your sleep. But, it’s more of a sleep log that adapts to your actual sleep schedule. As a long time sufferer of sleep problems from PTSD, I rarely come across new info that I haven’t read before. The science here is extremely conservative, taking melatonin 4 hours before bed and avoiding caffeine 10 hours before. This is a big change that I may try to integrate, although I’m not sure if it’s very practical for me personally, given my mental health and severe sleep issues. The good thing is that these are optional, so it may take some time to adapt how I use this app. So far, once locating the routines, figuring out how to edit logs, and finding the scientific explanations within the app, this does seem quite useful to help with sleep problems. I only wish that the intro had been more comprehensive with more tutorials available to start.
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3 years ago, PacerGal_1972
Good in Theory
I love the science behind the app and really have tried loving this app, but it just makes too many mistakes that have to be manually adjusted, so I have found myself needing to adjust its data nearly every day. If I tap a button so the time will display on my phone and then go back to sleep, I will wake up to be told that I’m in my peak time because I’ve been up for several hours. Sometimes it will say I have been asleep just because I am not carrying my phone with me in the evening, and I will have to change that. If it were free and I had to do all of this myself, it would still be irritating, but there are too many glitches for people to pay for this app. I had actually synched this with my business partner’s Google calendar so we could coordinate communication better from a distance, but it has wreaked havoc on him trying to communicate with me based on when it’s displaying my wake and sleep times so we had to completely disregard the data the app kept sending.
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3 years ago, MrDashers
Really Great! But too much of a $$$ commitment.
Let me explain, I really like what Rise does but I simply just don’t want to fork out $60 for a yearly subscription just to use this app. Also the free trial for this app should last for 2 weeks instead of 1 week because according to the app, it takes around 2 weeks to calculate your true sleep debt. Yeah other than that I love everything else that this app offers. I love being able to set reminders to remind to wind down for the night. Because of this I have been able to relax just in time for bed! I do recommend giving this app a shot if you are struggling with getting on a normal sleep schedule! My message to the developers of this app: *please extend the free trial to 2 weeks. This way we can experience more of what Rise has to offer and actually see our true sleep debt. *please consider adding the offering of a monthly subscription to the financing of this app. I’d say around $7.99/month would be a good price for this app. This way it would seem quite a bit less daunting to access the premium features of this app. (Benefits those who don’t want to spend more on the short run, $8 compared to $60; but makes those people spend more in the long run, $96 compared to $60.) Seriously, I really like what you guys have done here with this app but until I see an option for a monthly subscription, I probably won’t use this app. -sincerely, chris
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