Running Trainer: Tracker&Coach

Health & Fitness
4.9 (108.5K)
121.8 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Running Trainer: Tracker&Coach

4.9 out of 5
108.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Jayaly42
Would be five stars with one improvement: recipes
I never write reviews but I wanted to address something that seems to be overlooked and would greatly improve the app in my opinion. For running, this app is five stars. It has always worked correctly, no glitches, and is exactly what I need. I purchased everything, all the running plans and the meal plans. My issue is with the recipes included with the meal plans. I love how you can choose what eating style you want (mine is Paleo) and you have meal plans set up for you. It’s pretty awesome and the food is really good. I made a smoky bacon chili recipe that my son said was the best he’s ever had. The problem is that the recipes just aren’t accurate. I made a baked salmon with honey Dijon and honey Dijon was nowhere to be found in the ingredients list, nor anything to make it with. I used a ready made honey Dijon I already had (not Paleo) and the recipe just didn’t come out right. I’m sure my improvisation was the reason. Today I looked up another salmon recipe that calls for oil but it is also nowhere in the ingredients list. No type and no amount whatsoever. I can guess how much or what to use, but fixing this issue would easily make this app five stars for me, especially since I purchased the lifetime option. It’s a little annoying when you grocery shop for your ingredients then are surprised in the middle of cooking dinner with an ingredient you don’t have. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Bearded Runner
Prettiest run tracker!
It didn’t work well when I first got it way back in It didn’t work well when I first got it way back in 2016 or 2017, but now it is just purrs along beautifully! It is the best looking run tracker I have seen 2016 or 2017, but now it is just the first few months, but then failed to complete It didn’t work well when I first got it way back in 2016 or 2017, but now it is just my runs with me. It would stop working anywhere from less than a tenth of a mile into the run to almost 6 miles. It generally stopped recording at less than a mile. Why do I still use it when it fails so regularly? It has a beautiful screen layout and lists the previous runs very nicely. Unfortunately I had gone to the trouble of adding my lifetime runs, so that more than 30 years of runs were stored in the app. Perhaps that led to its problems, but I speculated my 16 GB iPhone 6plus was the culprit, and replaced it with an 11 pro max with 512GB of memory. The app still fails to record an entire run. So, I start an UnderArmor run tracking app (it has not failed yet!) simultaneously with Fitness22’s Run Tracker and edit the true run from UnderArmor into the Run Tracker, and so maintain an up to date running log in the beautiful app. I had contacted Fitness22 about its failure, but without resolution. Perhaps a bad review will help them address the issues I am encountering!
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3 years ago, LiveHappy70
By far the best running app
This is simply the best running app of them all. For starters, its simple, beautiful and just works great & accurately, every time. It doesn’t ask me for my email or facebook account like all the others do. The app itself is really gorgeous, and very simple to use. I just hit the start button and everything is automatic. It’s not overloaded with silly features no one needs, like the other apps are. The distance and pace tracking is very accurate, and I could very easily change the display to have it show me what I want in a really large font so I could actually see it really well while I was running (with the phone on my armband its not easy if its not large) I like seeing distance and pace first, but they also have calories, time, etc. At the end of the run they have their splits section which lets me see how fast I ran each section of my run, and their map is color coded so I can easily see the speed of each part of my run. I also love their heart rate zone display - really professional way of showing where I strained the most. They also have advanced running programs which look really cool, and I will probably buy their weight-loss plan soon. Last point, the way they let me share my run to facebook is really funny and cool (and they don’t ask for my account, they let ME post). Well done guys. Love it.
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5 years ago, water wash
Best running app out there.
So I am 14 year old runner that runs about 20-25 miles a week but sometimes more, but this app really suited me, the overall simplicity of this app made it really easy to track exactly when i did the run and all the details about it. there are no glitches with the app but there are a few things that would help make the app better. The first thing is that it would help a lot of we were able to save a certain route that we went on. it’s not a huge deal but would be very nice. The second thing that would be better is if when you stopped running for more then let’s say 5 seconds, (like at a stoplight or crossing the road), it should stop the timer or laser without having to go into the app and stopping the timer. because where i love it rains half of the year and when my phone screen is wet and my hands are numb in the cold, by the time i get into my phone and pause the workout i have to start running again. The last thing that would be better is if when you press start workout, it have a 10 second timer until the workout starts, so if there was a setting to adjust how much time it would take to start the workout it would be much appreciated. Over a great app tho and would recommend to any type of runner.
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1 year ago, MurphyMac55
Great app, possible chance for increased trial conversions
Hello, this is a wonderful app. I appreciate the positive encouragement that is paced out to not interrupt your inner thoughts but still present enough to keep you engaged if your mind does start to wonder from your goals. I would like to see this app thrive, I find when I am faced with an honest representation of the product I am much more likely to convert a free trial or even subscribe outright. I feel this app could better facilitate the honest representation by combining the pop up about workouts being more effective when given a plan, with the pop up that offers the trial. I understand separating the two has clear marketing value, but I believe the straight forward representation of the product followed by its clear and easy ability to be used are all this app needs to catch your eye and sink the hook. It just seemed too tacky or almost blatantly monetarily organized to have the two juxtapose each other in back to back pop ups
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4 years ago, Autumn"s Owner
Solid Running App
I really do like this app. It is the best running app I have used. Everything is simple and straightforward. Setting are easy to change from the workout screen info to the feedback info. I like the layout of the workout history too. There has never been any confusion about how to use this app! The only issue I have noticed is I need to start this app a good 15 seconds or so before I start my run. This allows the app time to sync with the GPS on my iPhone. If I start the app and start running right away it won’t record anything but time elapsed. Not a big deal to wait a few seconds but something to be aware of. The only reason I didn’t give this four stars is for two things. First it doesn’t record elevation change. I am a trail runner so elevation change is something that is important to me. I hope a future update to this app will include elevation changes. Also, I wish I could start/stop/pause this app through the lock screen. Right now I have to keep my iPhone on all the time while running so that I can have easy access to the controls of the app. This runs my battery down.
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4 years ago, CameronParadox
Best Looking
I’ve been using a lot of Running apps and I gotta say this is the best looking very easy to use and I love the share feature which has different ways you can share your run mine is the maps showing where I run and gives you and option to snap a photo of yourself in all your sweaty glory and and you can send Via iMessage. I do that for my wife so she know I really did run. I love that the app works with the activity app on iPhone and Apple Watch to better share your activity and paired that with a calorie counter or food log like well add your calories burned to your total net calories. Give it a shot use it for a couple of days if your casual runner the Free version is great, if your someone that wants to improve on running and want to know weather you Anaerobic or aerobic than your gonna want the premium which is what I have. Give it a shot you might fall in love. Just wish there was an Apple Watch version
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4 years ago, almoo
Best app for new/pro runners
I don’t really write reviews in general but i enjoy how easy and straight to the point this app provides. I just started out running with my friend and we love this app. You can track your time and miles when running/walking. I signed up for the 7 day free trial to see what’s different vs just using the app. My friend and I picked the coach to 5k. While I’m running I want to focus on running and not check my phone. This app provides a voice that tells you when to warm up/cool down, start running, slow down, and how much time is left and distance you’ve achieved. I’ll definitely continue running with the app and continue on with the program once the 7 days are up. If you want to start working out I definitely recommend trying this app out.
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1 year ago, Madiiiijk
Very Helpful
Giving this a 5 star review must mean it’s great. For me anyways. I just started running and this app is perfect for beginners and anybody in general. It lets you customize things to make it fit how experienced you are so it’s not too hard but not too easy. It can help you focus on your breathing which is a big important part, It tells you things every once and a while so you don’t have to keep stopping while you run to check your phone. Like when to run, and when to slow down to walk and breathe. What’s great is it is compatible with music so it can talk while you are listening to your music. This app tracks how many miles you ran, calories you have burned, your pace, and more and you don’t have to pay a dollar. There are lots more things for diets and recipes for people looking to lose weight. The tips it gives me is making me more skilled through my journey. Thanks so much!
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2 years ago, CG8766
Great app but I’d like to be able to create a profile
I’ve been using this app for years. I actually like it better than any of the other apps I use/have used, but my only issue is (and forgive me if this is possible and I just don’t know how to do it) I would like to create a profile. This is the third phone I’ve had where I’ve used this app and each time I get a new phone, my run history is gone. The other apps I use, I create a profile and all my runs are stored to the profile. When I get a new phone, I sign into my profile on the other apps and there are my previous runs! This app is great. I just wish the run history wasn’t so temporary. Edit: at some point, they made the split timer part of the premium content. I’m lowering my rating from 4/5 to 3/5. If they would offer the split timer as its own content for like $1-2/month, I’d get it. I don’t need the other premium features, but I would like that.
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4 years ago, AD3368
Good not great running app
In general, I like this app. (I have the paid version. ) It has personalized run plans based on your goals and I like how it tracks my runs and integrates with my Health app. I don’t mind that it doesn’t really integrate with my music(you still have to go to your music app and start up what you want to listen to), but there are a few niceties that wish it had. 1) It drives me kind of nuts that while it will have a timer for your warmup, it doesn’t for your cool down. I mean, honestly, both are listed as part of your workout; why wouldn’t they add the cool down timer? 2) Its super annoying that I can’t pause during the warmup. I run with my dog and when she has to go I have to stop & probably pick up a deposit. If that happens during the warmup (highly likely) there’s no way for me to pause that and then I miss the warmup. Annoying. 3) I would dearly love it if they made an Apple Watch app for this.
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2 years ago, Patrick Staaar
I hate this update
I have used this app for a little over a year now. Before the update, I would have given it 5 stars; I could just turn it on, run, and not worry about it again until my run was over. Now, after the update, it lags and takes forever to update the mileage so it tracks mileage completely different than it did before. For example, I run the same route in the mornings and before the update, it would count as 1.5 miles. The new update shows I run anywhere from .5 miles to .7 miles. I have taken into consideration that it could very well be more accurately tracked now than it was before, but the fact that it takes forever to update the mileage is what concerns me. My other issue with this new update is that as soon as I reach “1 mile” it turns off and stops tracking my run which drives me absolutely insane because I don’t want to worry about a stupid app the entire time I’m running. I am BEYOND frustrated with this useless update.
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2 years ago, karvald
Simple navigation/very convenient
I’ve installed and uninstalled this app many times through the years I can say it’s very easy to navigate and it’s a wonderful service without a subscription. I can see distance ran and even the trail I took. You can track time as well as avg pace which is more than I can ask for from a FREE app. Compatible with your music and keeps you posted on distance as your running. All in all it’s a very user friendly app and I enjoy using it. I’ve never written a review before but this service was pleasant enough for me to take a few minutes out of my day. Recommend for those who just want to track their time and distance. I can’t speak for the subscriptions but so far it’s been very pleasant.
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4 years ago, Fast Eddie Lomax
Good Free App
I use the free app to monitor my pace and distance during the run, and review the run afterwards. Based on apps I have used, the pace is pretty sensitive, meaning it detects bursts or slow downs pretty quickly. That could be good or bad, depending on your needs. I am kind of used to using a watch along known routes, so I use this for marking off road or other unknown distance routes, then I know where I should be by overall time. It has some cool features when reviewing your run. One I like is if you tap the map, it will zoom in and give you distances and the color of the line will give you an idea of your relative pace along the way. I’m sure all of us feel those times we tough it out, it’s kind of interesting to see it on a map.
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3 years ago, runforestrun67891
Great app except one flaw
I love this app and use the free version everyday. The one thing I don’t like about it is when I finish and the final average pace is said in my ear after I pause it sometimes adds another second and I have to go back in and edit it which is a pain. Not only that but when you go to change it to what it should be it never registers and takes another second off and I have to go back to edit and do one second up from what I wanted it to be to get it to subtract one and make it correct. (Example: avg pace 9:08 in my ear after pausing, it logs as 9:09, edit to 9:08 and it makes it 9:07, edit again to 9:09 and it makes it the correct 9:08). Absolute pain!
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6 years ago, Pinapple Rose
A simple, accurate, helpful app!
I first downloaded this app because... honestly, I just thought it was pretty! And thought that if the app seemed fun to open / look at, I might be more inclined to actually run. This proved true! I started running with this app about a year ago and have used it ever since. I purchased a premium subscription for a few months while I did their Couch to 5k program and loved it. It was simple but effective, and now I run a 5k about once a week! For premium features, you can choose to pay $10/mo, or $40 dollars for a forever subscription. I opted for the $10/mo as it motivated me to keep running and not get lazy about my practice. After I finished the 5k program I went back to the free version of the app, but would definitely consider going back if I found a program I was interested in. Other pros: - I like that you can close kilos / miles, and can control how often the voice updates you on your run. - you’re not bombarded with information or ads - simple, sleek, and well designed (I’ve posted a few pics on Instagram and I always have friends asking what app it is!) Would recommend!
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5 years ago, Twerkstarr
I used a few of their other running apps over the years, and this one combines all of them together in a sleeker and more powerful interface. Actively updated, works really well. It’s so well done, and I haven’t even tried out the new meal plan section yet! Customer service is great too, just a really good company all around. I do have one serious request for the developers: PLEASE add Apple Watch functionality! No need to add the whole giant app on the watch, just a simple watch interface for the individual run tracking and notifications. If I could have the helpful guidance of these perfectly designed workout plans without needing to carry my phone with me on my runs this would be a perfect app.
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6 years ago, jg314159
I wish I had found this app years ago. I have been tracking both my runs and walks on Nike Run Club. Sometimes that App sends me to their store, or asks for my login, when I am anxious to get going or in a hurry. If I hadn’t logged in all my runs on Nike already, I would use this app for my runs immediately. Instead, I am using it for my walks since I like to keep them separate. You can input your walks or runs manually on this app which is amazing. It is easy to do, and in fact, motivating. As others have said in their reviews, you open this app and it is ready for you to run. Now I just have to figure out how to download it again separately for my runs and I can get rid of other said apps. Kudos!
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7 years ago, Resviolist
Best Running App Ever!!
I used this app for the first time today and it was so cool I had to come here and write a review and add my 5 stars. I have tried other apps in the past, but none of them have been so simple, streamlined, and straightforward as this one. I also love the fact that you don't have to give your email and a password and other crap to a random fitness website in oder to use all the features on the app and save your progress. It's easy to use, looks great, doesn't sap my phone battery, and gives me straightforward info about my workout with the the simple tap of a start and stop button at the beginning and end of my run. Yes, this IS the running app I've been looking for. Thanks a ton!
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7 years ago, Sweeter Willie
Great App
I'm so glad I found this app, it's changed my running for the best. I like the option to change the interval distance notification from every 1/2 mile to 1 mile etc.. hearing the voice tell me @ every 1/2 mile what my distance is and my pace is Awesome. This will really be beneficial in a 5K or any race due to the fact your pace will be spoken to you every 1/2 mile or whatever you choose in the settings. It even tells me how many calories burned on each run. My Garmin recently stopped working and I was looking at purchasing another one but decided to check the App Store and found this for Free. Very pleased and don't think for now that I need anything else but this.
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5 years ago, Galodian
Very happy with this!
This app keeps track of everything; distance ran, total time, min/max speed and average speed, if you put in your height and weight it will tell you how many calories you burned (not sure how accurate but seems fairly legit), and it even plots the exact course you ran on the map and records it. I’m not sure how many runs the history will hold before deleting them, hopefully all of them! There are other guides to fitness and running and a few other features that you will have to pay for, but the free part of the app works great for what I need and if you’re interested in the other stuff go ahead and buy it, great app!
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5 years ago, Kandi119
I like this app for one because I don’t have to play my music through it. I can start my run and let this go in the background (answer calls, google, what have you). You can set it to how you want it to alert rather 1/4 mi, 1/2 mi etc or nothing at all. Mine is set by the mile. I never drop gps which I love. I live in the country with terrible service. I drop music half my run but this app never fails me. My husband has the Nike and he always loses gps but he likes all the stuff I don’t. The goals and pep talks an all that jazz. I like to zone out into the music or my thoughts and this app doesn’t interrupt that so it’s ideal for me. It’s all about preference.
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6 years ago, whatever_whatever
No registration required.
All the comparable apps require some kind of registration by email or Facebook. You can’t even test them out once without registering. This app doesn’t require any of that. For me that’s worth the full 5 stars. If you just want to track your pace and see a map of where you are, this app does the job perfectly. It has a bunch of other features I don’t use (yet). I give it 5 stars because it does what I need with no muss, no fuss, and no need to register or give them any kind of personal information. I recommend you try out the free version and if you like, then do an in-app purchase to unlock other features.
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5 years ago, Jhk49
Pace Not Correct
I have a 5 mile course which I used a landscape wheel to measure. Not to say it is totally accurate but it is pretty close if not consistent. I ask run tracker to provide pace every 1/4 mile. The GPS does not provide very good accuracy but then again, I really didn’t expect it to. However, what is truly a problem is in providing my pace. Given that computers should always do well at math .... for some reason this app can’t do the calculation correctly. I am 70 years old and “run” at about a 15 min to 11 min mile. The app provides a pace anywhere between 22 mins and 9 mins .... I don’t exercise anywhere close to the range. I don’t think the GPS inaccuracy has anything to do with the problem. I will keep looking for an app that provides pace more accurately.
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4 years ago, Delayney_
Clean, simple, effective
I never write reviews but I love this simple app so much that I had to say something. It’s rare to find a thing that’s just so perfectly effective. does its job and does it well. That’s it. Interface design is clean, simplistic, bold and intuitive. Uncluttered. Takes no time at all to jump right into using it. Map tracking is very accurate and with an easy to understand marking system. Honestly, this app has me looking forward to runs. I am pretty new to running and I can easily attribute at least a portion of my drive to get better directly to this app! Huge props and a big bravo to the makers. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Barubarusan
I absolutely love this app but there’s an issue right now
I love this app for its simplicity and especially because I can use it without divulging every detail of my phone use to the developers. I didn’t even have to create an account to use it. As of yesterday though, the GPS function no longer works on my iPhone 6S. I deleted and downloaded the app again and the issue persists. I downloaded the app to an iPhone 5 and the issue is occurring there too. I guess it’s an app issue. Whatever it is, I hope and believe the developers will address the issue soon, because it’s a great, great app. It’s everything I want and none of what I don’t.
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4 years ago, HistoryPodcastJunky
... but it can’t track distance
Had the app for maybe 2 months. Run in the same place consistently. Tracker worked fine in the beginning. Then after I’d declined the paid version multiple times it simply wouldn’t track location so you couldn’t see the distance, only duration. Deleting and reinstalling app would make the GPS work for maybe a workout or two, then it would drop all connectivity again. This wasn’t a connectivity issue as google maps would know where you were while this app would say no connectivity, and the app had previously had no trouble in the exact same route, and would have no trouble when first reinstalled. Without ability to track distance, app is useless/basically an annoying stop watch. Don’t download, giant waste of time/source of frustration. If I could give zero stars I would.
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2 months ago, F Aurelius
Crashing App !
This app was cool for a very long time but lately has been garbage. It drifts on the map and doesn’t seem to be as accurate with mileage as it was in the past. Another new feature is the app will crash half way through a run and give you zero credit for miles put in. The only way to fix this is by going in and editing the run if you know your mileage from previous runs. Downside to this is there won’t be any route data with map details saved. Not sure why they haven’t stayed up and fixed any of this but it’s very frustrating considering we pay for it. For the past month or so is the first time I’ve thought about getting rid of it.
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7 years ago, ILiv4DMB
No email/Facebook sign up required!
All I want to do is keep track of my pace. Map My Run, Runtastic, Run keeper, all ask for email or Facebook to use the app. They want personal data. Well I don't want to share that information. I LOVE that this app doesn't ask for anything! Download and go! There is a Profile section where you can enter that stuff but it is t required. It appears the developer is the same as the Couch to 10K, which I love. So I know what to expect. I have used the app a couple of times and the GPS seems accurate and it keeps your history. All in all I am really happy with this app and mounting my privacy!
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4 years ago, HelloPrincess💎💕
Seriously, best running app ever.
I’ve been running for the past couple years and this app so far has been the best running app I’ve used so far. It has everything I need, as a runner I look for apps that include calorie tracking, miles, time and distance tracking! I’m being honest here and must say that this app has everything a runner needs. Everything is perfect about this app! I wish I could give it more then five stars!! The only thing I would say to fix for the future is being able to see my running progress! Overall, this app is great!!!
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4 years ago, Running Over the Hill
Great app but have suggestions for improvements
I’ve been using Run Tracker for about 3 months and have been basically happy with the app. There are a few things that bother me. The pause button is so small relative to the Start Run button. Usually, I am running when the pause button needs to be touched, and standing still when the Start Run button needs to be touched. I’d like to see some of the real estate for the Start Run button be used to make the pause button larger. The small green text on the black background can be difficult to see in the bright sunlight. I suspect that the developers are young people and don’t really understand the needs of their elders. I’d like to know the accuracy of the average speed. If I run 5K at 10.5 kph, what is the standard deviation for this statistic. If my average speed the next day is 10.6 kph, have I really run faster or is this just normal variation in the statistic, maybe due to the inaccuracies of the GPS. The current speed seems to be wildly erratic. I don’t bother with this statistic. Still, I’d recommend Run Tracker.
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7 years ago, Junya647
Run app convenient
This app is great because it tell you your pace right to your headphones you don't even have to check. Unlike the Apple workout where your watch has to vibrate or you have to check phone. Only concern is not sure how accurate the tracking is because Apple workout app, Nike app, and this app give different times so use it for an ETA. Other thing on why I didn't give all stars is because it doesn't connect with Apple Watch. However I love the feature that it tells you your pace on .5, 1mile etc. Right to your head phone while your listening to music. With all other app had this feature like Nike App and Apple workout app. Great App simple and detailed.
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5 years ago, RedFoxRegiment
Thumbs up
Easy app to use, free, provides good information about your runs (time, pace, distance). The tracking seems to be pretty accurate, as I run the same route pretty much every time and the biggest variation in distance has only been .03 miles (between the shortest and longest runs it has recorded). Great to see your total time, miles, and calories grow over time. I have nearly 50 miles logged so far and will most likely be using this app well into the future. There is a premium version but I hardly feel it’s necessary with the the information it gives you without it.
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1 year ago, Uni prof
Fun while it lasted
I’m so sad about having to find a new app. I’ve used this running app for almost 5 years and it helped me accomplish things I didn’t think I ever could. A few months ago I had a technical problem and found that there was no longer any customer service. Just an email saying “we are busy”. Literally an email busy signal. Lol. Then started up last week again and it’s total garbage. They changed the voice to some horrible sounding bot. But worse of all if they deleted all running plans, except for 3. There used to be literally dozens of plans. The highest level of training is a 10k. Must be a proprietary issue or they just got bought out and trashed (gotta love capitalism). Canceled by yearly subscription which I paid for because it was great. Do not purchase. They are done.
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3 years ago, Hope3102
So easy to use
Kudos to the app designers here! My goal was to get a free distance log tracker so I could prepare for a 5K. It allows you to toggle the primary (largest) screen to track by xx like distance, and two smaller secondary screens for other measurements (time, pace, etc). There’s a voice over that tells you when you get to each mile - super motivating bc I don’t run often and my goal was 3.1mi. Not sure how to set to display / toggle btw miles and km, that would be something I’d like to be easier to find or added. Love it overall and successfully reached my goal of 5K.
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4 years ago, VinceAriola
Really good app (the chances of you seeing this are low. But never zero)
This tracker doesn’t constantly give you ads all the time and it’s set up really well so you can track all your progress without paying for the monthly features. Also it doesn’t make you pay to use the app like some apps. You don’t need the monthly features to track your progress most of the monthly pay that is optional is to set up diet plans and talk to experts and stuff. This is the best run app personally and I hope it stays this way. Thanks developers
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6 years ago, Fatfinger5
Totally Worth It
The app is great. I paid for the premium service to receive the plans. I have already lost 10lbs and two notches on my belt. I am a 40 something male with a desk job who hasn’t exercised in years. I thought the beginner plan was going to be too easy but the plans ramp up to keep you challenged but not so much that you never want to run anymore. A couple things about the app. The high contrast screen is easy to read while running. Also, the app can run in the background so you listen to music, podcast, Netflix, etc. The GPS tracking is fun but I do most of my running on treadmill.
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5 years ago, Jerz Boy
Great app for all
Dr. said need more exercise. Wife has been a runner for a while. Decided to start walking. Needed an easy app to track my mileage and time. At age 70 decided to enter a 5K fun jog/walk race. Have a friend who walks races and knows his time for a 5K. Was excited to see I could keep up with his time so we will be walking the race together. Only regret is that the first time I used it I carried it in my pants pocket and while walking the app stopped in the first mile and I had to reset and start over in the second mile. Now I just carry the phone in my hand until I buy an arm pouch for the phone.
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3 years ago, Mamakoki
I thought I would like it..
I used this app around the neighborhood and that worked out just fine but not when I go to the gym! This is a HUGE LET DOWN. Other apps will allow you to select what method of cardio you are using ( walking in place-tredmill, running-treadmill, walking/running-path, stair stepper, elliptical etc), So when I was done on the treadmill at the gym I expected to see 2.44 miles (power walked and jogged) but instead I got 1.34 and the route showed green and red all over the parking lot ? It did allow me to go in and edit the mileage I completed which is good but the fact that it was inaccurate during my walk and run regardless of where I did it is very puzzling to me. I’m hoping this can be fixed really soon.
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4 years ago, chaley80
My favorite running app to date
My friend told me to use this app to track our running but I have a Garmin Fenix 5 smart watch and initially said I don't need it but after a few days of him raving about it I decided to download it. After the first day of using it I was in love. You can choose voice prompts, IE total time, distance, pace and you can have indications per minutes like every 5 or 10 minutes or per mile. It also stores your running data, the route you took. I don't have the paid version but I am considering just to support this brand. A+ recommended
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1 year ago, Bkwaite
Wish it had Apple Watch support
This app has been amazing! I love that it has automatic integral training segments so I don’t have to worry about trying to find the right pace for me or resetting a timer every time I change pace. I found the voice to be really helpful with keeping me motivated because it would check in and let me know how much longer I had left. The only thing I think this is missing so far is Apple Watch support! I hate having to have my phone out while I’m running and I wish I could see the tracking screen on my watch for better usability.
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2 weeks ago, Cannon from Wisco
Good App One Flaw
I have used run trainer for years because I liked the UI and the color-driven route maps. I would like to do some additional analysis on my running history that can’t be done within the app. Most running apps have the ability to export the workout data via .GPX file. This app does not appear to have that ability. I reached out to their help page and they said that since I currently use the free version, they don’t respond to my personal emails and instead refer me to their templated support articles (which don’t have an answer on this). Huge bummer!
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6 months ago, Emi-gumi
Loving this
I downloaded this without much thought to track my distance and was surprised to find a whole training plan and motivational little robot voice that tells me when to walk and when to run which has been highly effective for me. I can’t say that my experience getting back into running would have been nearly as good or effective without this app. I also love how it shows you exactly where you ran on a map, so cute! I’ve really been enjoying this app and recommend it.
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5 years ago, Liviu L M
Awesome App
Small intro; I’ve had an accident back in 83 that left me with 1 broken arm, my jaw, 3 ribs as well as 2 broken legs with metal rods and wires for a year, 7 surgeries in total. I played soccer ever since I recovered very good, up until last 7-8 years. As I got older I was looking for an FRE app that I could use for my running. I’m not a big time runner, but I do it for healthy reasons so I don’t want to spend money. This app does all I need even without the premium charge, so I’d say that anyone novice runner or looking for budget but good running app, this is it... good luck on your exercises and my God Bless You. ✌️
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6 years ago, TxInspector
Just got back into running. Was having a lot of difficulty maintaining pace, attitude, distance and enthusiasm. It is running, after all. The I found this app. The app encourages you to run faster, competing with yourself to improve your pace. The voice prompts automatically let you know the distance completed and avg pace/mile. You can control your favorite workout music through the app. It has really changed and improved the way I run. My pace, since the initial download three weeks ago, has increased from 16+ min per mile to 11.5 min per mile. I really like this app.
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7 years ago, Zoodoctor
Great Run Tracking App
Two things I really like about this app are 1) the simplicity -- it's ready to use right away with logical settings already programmed and 2) I don't have to create an account to use it. The two things that could use a little improvement is 1) the start delay - it takes 3-5 seconds before it starts recording the run - and 2) it doesn't seem to automatically toggle the pause when you've stopped running - important for city running when you're waiting at stoplights. Overall, it is a great app and I'll continue to keep using it
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5 years ago, HOCkey113
I’ve had this app for about a year and it’s just perfect. Everything works great from the tracker to the layout of the app. I might also add that I have the basic version not the one where you pay and unlock workouts and plans to help improve you running. The tracker works great and it is extremely precise. After each run it will tell you all the details. It tells you how long you ran, how many minutes per mile, calories burned and a precise map of where you ran. For being a free app it’s extremely good. 100% recommend!!!!
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4 years ago, Bradley Berdan
Occasional Errors, overall very useful
9/10 times I don’t have any issues. It’s great for tracking running distance, it’s easy to use and understand, and it’s simple enough without any ads or needless pop ups. My only issues are when it occasionally ignores some distance I’ve run, and when I hit the point where it usually tells me I’ve reached 2 miles, it will day like 1.4 and when I check the map it has some weird zigzags that I definitely did not run. Could just be a gps error, I don’t know. However, like I said, this doesn’t usually happen. If it goes away for good I may change to 5 stars.
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7 years ago, HanaMOREt1988
Cool App that could use a few features and fixes
I love using the app, especially because it's free. But there are a few things it's missing. I wish the music would begin to play as soon as your workout began. It doesn't make sense that I would have to start the music manually after beginning the workout. I wish the app would track elevation changes and would automatically pause when I stop running. There is one problem with the app. The GPS isn't always accurate and sometimes my pace jumps around by a couple minutes when I know that I've been maintaining the same pace within a few second margin. Overall though, it's pretty good.
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7 years ago, iluvquality
Simple app for a simple workout!
Running is a simple exercise, but you wouldn't know it by all the bloated, complicated apps out there with more features than most of us know what to do with. Unless you're a professional runner, this streamlined Running app has everything you need - time, distance, pace, running log, and a route map. It also offers a customizable display and an interface with your music library, yet leaves plenty of room for all the other stuff that takes up memory. Five stars for simplicity!
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