Running Walking Tracker Goals

Health & Fitness
4.8 (76.9K)
78.8 MB
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Current version
AK Apptuitive GmbH
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Running Walking Tracker Goals

4.81 out of 5
76.9K Ratings
3 years ago, bkimham
Love it but wish you could track multiple workouts
RE: your response- BEST NEWS EVER!! I had no idea! I used the feature tonight for a walk, it was a cinch! Thank you so much for the speedy intel on the app. I’m changing my reviews to 5 stars! — Brooke I have been using this app for over a year now and I really love it. However, I don’t always want to exclusively be on a training plan. There are days when I just need to walk but if I am on a running for weight loss or running for a 5K training plan, I then can’t track my walking and vice versa. Unless there is something I am missing, a feature that allows for this, it’s my only complaint! I love the interval coaching so much. I hope you can consider “multiple workout” tracking in the future!
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2 years ago, fajia
No custom on watch
If you want to have some app tell you how to work out then this is just another one of those, of which there are 1000s, but if you need a customized workout including HIIT, this isn’t the app, but good news: Intervals Pro is for you! I thought this app was special because it allows custom interval trainings and I have had trouble finding apps that allow me to work out my way. But alas it doesn’t allow them on the Watch. So this is just another app promoting their way to work out. Your tactics are deceptive. After hours of research and choosing your app for Watch I signed up for the free trial only to find that custom workouts are not supported in Watch mode. This should have been made clear instead of promising the world of I tried it. I’d have given you 1 star if you hadn’t at least offered the free trial so I can bail out after spending half an hour configuring for my workout. I’m so tired of the pre-programmed workouts and promos for trainers and app upgrades. I want to work out the way I want to work out. Keep your programmed workouts.
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2 years ago, fundu1
Not perfect but pretty good
I tried 4-5 apps before landing on this one. The good: captures well the results, works well on the Apple Watch and shows nice graphs and reports. The voice feedback is great. Could improve: the watch app has many screens and even though you can reduce their number, you cannot get to a single screen on the watch with the data you need. Pausing and resuming is a problem (say when you cross a street) bc you don’t get voice feedback so you don’t know if you succeeded and I ran while in pause mode for a mile before figuring it out. Also stopping the run is a problem because with your sweaty finger at the end of the run you need to scroll left to the screen with the stop button. As a result it’s harder to get a correct HRR reading. Finally in the graphs you cannot zoom in/out. But, it works consistently and after trying several apps, this is the one I’d recommend.
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1 year ago, kkdubbsss
Mostly inaccurate
This app is ok for tracking distance only, but it often grossly underestimates number of steps (so far doesn’t overestimate steps) AND consistently waaaay overestimates calories burned (never underestimates). For the latter, we’re talking it doubles the amount of calories you actually burned (I’ve crossed checked it on many different, reputable “calories burned” calcs out there using the exact same specs and info. I’ve been using it to a year. I just make my own adjustments and track my own data in a different chart now that I know the nature of the inaccuracies. I use the free version, but I don’t imagine it’s any more accurate on those very basic variables if you pay for it (just gives you more real-time verbal feedback and offers some more options for setting and tracking goals). Better than nothing I guess, but given its frequent, gross inaccuracies on these very basic variables, there’s no way I would pay for this app.
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4 years ago, Malgraham
I love love love this app. It’s really the reason i’ve been so consistent with running this year. I know this strategy may not work for everyone, but the fact that it tracks and stores all my runs, and totals my miles, calories, and frequencies for each month motivates me to keep making progress! I’ve used the app since January and I highly recommend to anyone who struggles with running on their own. This app makes me not want to give up! It makes it easy to strive for improvement. I also like that if I set it for 2 miles, I can run until it tells me i’ve reached 50%. That way I know when it’s time to head back home. Love it! Only question I really have is if this app is okay to use if I need to run indoors on a treadmill... I’m gonna test it out soon.
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1 year ago, 𝔯𝔢𝔳𝔦𝔴 𝔤𝔦𝔯𝔩
Finally found the right app
I'm not a person who writes reviews unless their critical but I think for this app it deserves 5 stars. I had been searching for a simple running app that would just track my steps and my distance on runs/walks. Every single app I downloaded would not shut up wi the ads about premium or force to buy it. That and the app would be way more complicated than it needs to. This app is awesome though, It has a premium but It doesn't shove it in your face to buy it. Also, it's a simple app. Easy to manage, it's not more and all complicated. Just simple🙃 If you want to track your distance and steps, this is the app for you.
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4 years ago, Troybal81
Tracking off
I am a first class scout trying to earn a bicycling merit badge and this is the app I use. It does the job, I have guardians to ensure to the scout masters that I have done the requirements but when I zoom in to my progress the tracking is off. The line it says I followed is about 50 feet north of where I actually was. The line segments are way to long and not precise (it doesn’t curve, it does a sharp angle) but it is accurate because I compared it to other apps and had the same outcome (in miles and other things that it tracks). This is a temporary app for me until I get my merit badge but I still might continue to use it for physically active reasons and my fitness merit badge. (If you would like to know about the bicycling merit badge then continue reading) The requirements for the biking merit badge is that you ride 10 miles 2X, 15 miles 2X, and 25 miles 2X plus you have to learn and describe to a scoutmaster what you might encounter on a bike, how to prevent injury, the basics of the bike (brakes, wheels, gear adjustments, how to patch and replace tubes, etc.) and how to treat injures you get riding a bike. Overall a great app, download if you are looking for a semi-accurate tracker the does the job and is simple (very very simple and easy) 4 stars
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3 years ago, SFre$h87
Great app... when it works
I love this app for tracking my workouts and the preprogrammed workout plans available at all experience levels. I majored in both exercise science and human nutrition, interval training is perfect for quickly improving cardiovascular health, and ultimately performance increases faster with intervals, love that the science backs it up! I’m having issues though whenever I try to start one of the workout programs the app freezes and/or crashes. Restarting my iphone6s used to work... but now it doesn’t. I pay for this app and the other features seem to work, but the actual running programs are crashing. Are you working to fix this bug? I’d like to continue to use this app, but if it’s not working properly I can’t continue to pay for it. Are other people having this issue? Thanks!
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4 years ago, Adam4Christ
Very helpful.
I was going to wait to start running until I bought a fit bit, but I found this app and choose it instead. It has very helpful options like workout plans for your different individual goals. You can choose 5k to 10k running, running for weight loss etc. You can also choose different exercises, like running, walking, cycling etc. My one problem with the app is that once the progress page is up, there is no x to go back to home. You have to slide a small bar at the bottom but it is difficult to to. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, it is a great app overall and is very helpful for achieving your goals.
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3 years ago, jk is frustrated
Easy tracking
I really like this app but I’ve also been frustrated a bit frustrated & this is why it’s not receiving 5 stars. When I first began using the app, my goal was always based on a DISTANCE. It is very easy to change the duration for a certain workout (ie. 2.0 miles to 2.5, 3.0, etc.). About 2 weeks ago, my goals switched to TIME based (ie. 40 min, 1 hour, etc.). I’m not sure what happened but I can’t figure out how to change the goals back to Distance. It just doesn’t have an intuitive menu. Several family members have tried & nobody sees how to switch it back. THANK YOU to the App developers for emailing me the fix: "Thanks for your feedback. You can press down & swipe your finger to the left and right on the goals area ("Your goal") on the start screen to change the goal (maybe that's happened unintentionally). Another way is to press on the flag icon on top of the start screen, then the goals selection screen will appear. Have a nice workout!" 👍🏼This app works well with Apple Watch.
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3 years ago, Traveling Prncss
Do it!!
If you made it to this review it’s because you’re wondering if you’re about to download and pay for another fitness app that you aren’t going to use. I was you, I certainly only took the chance because I was desperate to get back on a fitness rhythm. This app works. It’s has all of the integration and thought that you need to be successful with just the desire to be successful. I haven’t completed a consecutive set of workouts for 4 years. I was certain that I would never get my mojo back. This app has done that for me. My second best post pandemic investment in myself.
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7 months ago, The Dopest
Good and simple
Really love how simple and easy the app is to use. I only wanted an app to track the places I went, time and steps. I only wish that a phone call/video call didn’t completely stop your workout. It’s happened to me twice that someone calls and when I go to the app the workout has stopped, it back to the original screen and there is no record of it. Both have happened when I’m so close to completing. Now I have to start a workout on my watch and this app on my phone at the same time to make sure I still catch record of my exercise. Would love if this was fixed with either a pause or that it was disclosed that this could possibly happen so I know to DND all calls.
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9 months ago, amyfrancesjo
Fantastic App, Workouts Worth the Subscription!
I was looking for an app to help guide and motivate me to get my lazy, out of shape self in gear. Tried a bunch of apps, and this is definitely the best! I saw they had pre-designed workouts for subscribers, including intervals and modest goals for those of us who need to ramp up slowly (with more challenging ones for the more advanced). Started with a walking routine for weight loss and I’m loving it. Works perfectly with my Music playlists, voice guidance is perfect, integrates nicely with my Health app and is generally beautifully and intuitively designed. Single handedly got me moving.
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3 years ago, haylay🌸
Awesome app even when I’m not subscribed to premium!
I gave this app (the free version)a chance for two weeks and so far it has not let me down, it’s simple, motivating, and it’s great for tracking distance. It had small bugs such as stopping the workout and closing the app when turning my phone off but that was a one time thing and hasn’t done it since. It’s great for running and walking if you want to keep track of your distance and it tells you your progress and count calories you burn! I recommend this app! 10/10
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4 years ago, Frank Fontain
Really good app, also doesn’t announce more than a mile
So I wanted to put in the title of the review it’s “good” & “bad”. The app tracks your movements very well using GPS. I use it all the time to track my running. I’m really happy with it. The only issues that I have with the app is. I have to use another app to figure out exactly what path I should go to get 1 mile 2 miles 3 miles etc. also the really annoying this is it tell me at most that I have gone past one mile. So if I run 2 miles I have to check the app real time to see if I competed my goal. I know I can buy premium to probably get everything, but what can I say; I would rather get the adds then pay the fee.
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4 years ago, hsgsusb
I’ve used the free version with great success
I’ve been using this since the “Covid Lockdown” started. I also started Keto Fasting at the same time as a way to just be healthier. So it’s been a few months and I’ve lost a lot of weight by just getting out and walking and eating less carbs. This app has been an important part of my journey. I’ve gone from 1 mile every so often to setting my app goal at 3 miles at least. I walk anywhere from 3 to 5 miles as much as possible. I enjoy looking at the route I walked and seeing the crazy zig zagging through the neighborhood.
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3 years ago, BoyBarbieee
I’ve been using for a while now and this app is the best, tracks your route, how many steps you token, how many miles and more. This app actually makes me want to run i do it every night around 7 and just makes everything easy for me. Everything is 100% besides one little thing... one day i was running and was about 2.60 miles and when i look at my phone it was at the start page when you set how many miles you want to start and so i hard to start all over. Other than that Love the app!!
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1 year ago, bamatammy
I’m not A HUGE fan of working out! I WANT TO BE, but due to physical issues, I’m very limited as to what I can do! So WALKING is the BEST THING for my back issues! This App is SO EASY to use & helps me set realistic goals for myself & keeps track of whether or not I’m keeping those goals. When I fall short, it REMINDS me that I need to get back on track! LOVE how it keeps records of every single step & mile I’ve walked since day 1! You can go by the day, the month & even the entire year! GREAT for runners too!
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3 years ago, KLbox75
No voice prompts - help!
I will admit I am technically challenged, but previous apps have prompted me to start my run and then switch to walking and back to running so I do not have to keep track during the work out. The plan outlines clearly what that daily workout entails, but it’s too much math to do once you start exercising. I even paid for the monthly subscription and if it’s going to tell me my heart rate is too high it should tell me when it is time to walk or run. I think this has potential, but this is a major deal breaker for me.
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2 years ago, Bks84
Love the training 5k—>10k
Love the voice guidance. I’m fairly new to running. Always down elliptical in the gym. Running is a much better full body workout and great for the heart and soul. I have been doing it for 4months and this app has help me transition my distance and track my progress. A definite must for beginners. I wish it would adjust the training to take into account the outdoor temp. Running at your regular pace in high temps are difficult. But I just log it into my daily notes.
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5 years ago, HBO now user
Great app
I’ve had this app for a couple of days now I love that it keeps track of my distance and how fast my pace is also how many miles I have done I do t use it for running but I do use it for walking. To developers how accurate is the calories lost on your app? Also I think it would be great if you could add in the setting an area where people could put in how long their stride is for more accuracy. Just a suggestion I love this app. Thank you for making it free.
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4 years ago, Rusty21
Won’t work while listening to podcasts
This is what I was looking for in an app, but I enjoy listening to podcasts while I walk and the app kept crashing while the podcast was on. As soon as I turned off the podcast, the app worked fine. It would be nice if this app continued running even with a podcast going. After receiving feedback from the developer, I now know how to listen to the podcasts. It’s still slightly frustrating that I have to start the podcast first, but I’m glad it worked and I appreciate the help.
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4 years ago, colorfulmusic
Maybe community feature?
I really like this app. With quarantine keeping me home all the time, now more than ever I had reason to up my fitness. I always wanted to be a runner but could never run longer than 30 seconds and then be totally out of breath. By using the interval training programs, I’ve developed my pace and am solidly working my way to continually running a 5k multiple times a week. I do wish there was a way you could connect with friends and compare results or “run together”. That’s really my only gripe with this app.
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3 years ago, @unicorn.n.slime101
This app is great for tracking runs. I use it when I go in walks as well. I love all the feedback it gives you, how many miles you walked, how many calories burnt, the route you walked, your duration, and all for free. It even gives you the option to set a goal for you. The info is all very accurate. The only critique I could make is just an addition to adding a treadmill feature since when I run, it’s usually on the treadmill.
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1 year ago, Ayala 30:9:;&!:
Great app but some questions
great app always tracks my calories and distance but i wanted to know if it tracks my indoor steps correctly because sometimes i cant get my steps in outside so i have to do them inside so i started sprinting around my room and i get my steps up so much easier in less time and idk if i actually am or not because when im walking outside it feels forever to get steps idk if its just me tho?
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3 months ago, iDabbleTravels
Perfect walking app, even the free version!
If you like to track and map your walks/runs, or have fitness goals. The upgraded plans are great for programs but even if you set your own daily reminder on your phone and open it and start each time you walk, the free version gives great feedback for yourself or to show your trainer, doctor etc, or even to keep your own screenshots of your logs.
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3 months ago, HO41 Fan
Upgrade Recommendation
I use this app on all outdoor runs and LOVE it! However, I recently have been working out in a gym with a smart treadmill. Some apps like “RunCline” are very good at getting and displaying live data from smart treadmills (like the Startrac I use); but it doesn’t have anything like the history logging that this app has. Please let us know if you add the treadmill data logging feature to this app!
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2 years ago, Rickstaboii
Great app, recommend add
This app is great for be able to see all the info about your walk as you go and also showing the map area you are walk. I would like to see added is where you can join a group or challenge someone and you can see their miles side by side as good competition. This would make the app stand out more than others.
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4 years ago, nicoavm
Not accurate
First day I did 3 miles and i walked for about an hour On another day just to try it out I did 2 miles and it also took me an hour. So to test to see if this is really accurate I did one mile today and it also took me an hour to do How is it possible that I’m taking the same route at the same speed but it’s taking me just as long to do 1, 2 and 3 miles? I thought this was a great app until I tested it myself. As someone who is trying to lose weight the calories and distances matter most so the weight loss journey would be most accurate. I was upset to know that this app doesn’t work because besides that it’s handy but it has to be accurate.
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4 weeks ago, HRHSLS
Love To Track
I love the ability to track a variety of parts of my walk. I wish I could set more realistic goals for me — ie distance of less than a mile. Today I finally figured out a half miles route that I will be able to walk again. My goal for this and next month. A half mile and hopefully quicker. Not all users are young, or fit.
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3 years ago, APB2016
Great but needs better GPS
I love this app for the information and options it offers, and I only use the FREE version! It stores all your runs or activities (at least for 8 months like I’ve used it for). My only gripe is the GPS distances are off. It’s not by a lot, but enough to effect run times and pace. So for a casual runner this is no big deal. But when your race prepping or striving to improvise times, you’ll find yourself using other tools online to be as accuracy’s as possible.
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3 years ago, timothin- 1B CI
Helps me on my runs
Keeps track of time, distance, and pace which is awesome. The distance tracker can get a little messed up if you’re in a forest/have poor connection but other than that this app is truly elite if you’re need something to track your mileage. I prefer this app over a fit bit to be honest, would recommend.
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1 year ago, La Layla
Not great
If you accidentally close this app while in use it just deletes your whole workout. Only tracking all I have that does that, all others just open back up and never stop recoding. It also randomly stops recording while in use and the app is open so there will be big chunks of your workout missing. I have also noticed the distance is not correct, I’ve used it with other apps/watch and it never records accurately. It’s ok if you want a guesstimate on your mileage but not reliable for real goal tracking. Deleting of workout on accidental closure was the deal breaker for me.
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3 years ago, HPLover01
Weight Loss Tracker?
I love this app so much, but I hate that I have to write down my weight loss on a separate piece of paper. If there is a way to input your current weight everyday on this app, PLEASE take me step by step on how to get to it because I cannot find it. I always have to go to “notes” and just type my current weight. But “notes” does not show you a graph or anything letting you see how much weight you started and how is going down. Do you guys even have this feature on this app? If so, how do I get to it? Once I can also track my weight on this app, I will change the ratings to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Loray S
Great but you need to have a subscription
When I used this app, it seem to have a lot of features until I realized you have to have the subscription. The premium is not really good at all. If you want to pay for the subscription, it has a lot more great features. For example, You can’t use the voice coach, unless you have a subscription. There are a lot of other apps out there that offer better freemium‘s with the same features.
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3 months ago, hailey82
4 star rated
The reason I rated 4/5 instead of 5/5 is because this app is great. I don’t like about the app is how you have to pay premium for better exercise ideas and stuff. What I do like is that you have to pay eight dollars a year which is very cheap and is not overpriced, and the fact that you still have access to a lot of useful stuff in the app without paying premium is really great.
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3 years ago, Mary R-H
Best walking app I’ve used!
For years I’ve been frustrated with MapMyWalk and MapMyRun - they turn off without notice, or change music. I’ve contacted Tech Support and never gotten any fixes. This app is wonderful in comparison - steps are accurate (# of steps matches tge Pacer app), the map is accurate. I wish the voice wasn’t so “computerized/flat” but that’s a minor complaint. Good app!
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4 years ago, 🍜🌯🍝🌮🥫🥙🥘🍖🥗🍕
Perfect for tracking distance
This app is just what I was looking for. I like to exercise outdoors, but I wanted to be able to track how much I was walking on my daily routes. I’m very pleased with the app so far. It has also saved me from getting lost a couple of times when I’ve turned the wrong way, I just ended up looking at the app and being able to retrace my steps.
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2 years ago, dhook1116
Enjoying it but accidentally deleted some progress
Accidentally deleted some progress workouts and can’t figure out how to restore them. My last workout either didn’t save or got deleted while the app was still open. Is there a way to restore past workouts after deleted?
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4 years ago, AspenFlanagan
A couple adjustments
I like this app a lot, I just started working out. Been going strong for a month now. A couple things I would like to see in the app is the ability to take a photo during the workout instead of just after. Also add a “hike” option. Some days instead of jogging I go hiking up the big hills around my town (usually 2.5 mi round trip). It would be nice to have its own category instead of just documenting “walking”.
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3 years ago, Moralesmatt
Want to see how you’re doing?
Honestly a great app and I’m not even paying for this but it’s helped me know where I’m at, great for training even if it’s just for a mile walk run etc... I’m training to get in shape for military and wow I don’t only recommend but just give it a go you’ll see why. Never have I wrote a review but this is worth it.
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3 years ago, FIGonzalez
Terrific … but needs cvs download
I’m finding this app invaluable. Doing walks 5-6 times a week, working towards goals (distance, time, pace, etc.) my physical therapist (PT) and I have set to improve circulation in my legs and feet. Would really like to download the data and plot it myself to aid discussions with my PT. Pretty tedious and time consuming to do that now. Doesn’t look like Premium version includes data download capability … does it ?
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4 years ago, GreenJeaner
Bad glitches
The app glitched and didn’t start tracking my distance (it started the timer only) until a quarter of the way in. i noticed about halfway thru when it notified me of my significantly-slower than usual pace and then saw on the map. it also glitched again when i opened another app and it stopped recording my distance without notifying me. it kept the timer going again, so all in all it only tracked my run distance for a brief portion but kept the time running throughout. found out at the very end when i looked at my stats :( really disappointing and hope the glitch is fixed
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7 months ago, Red_Ladt
Walking app
Love it! Don’t love how you can’t remove the “daily 2.50 mile goal”- it really deters being able to quickly glance at how far you actually walked, instead of seeing the 2.50 mile daily goal. Would be better to see the actual distance more largely in the progress page. Overall, love it, other than the previous mentioned aspect.
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3 years ago, Walker in the Boro
An okay app, but constantly asking me to buy Premium
It shows you the distance and number of steps as you walk/run. It shows your path on a map. You can’t get their Recommended goals unless you upgrade to Premium. You can’t use a training program unless you upgrade to Premium. You can’t see your analytic charts unless you upgrade to Premium.
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4 years ago, GlanworthGirl
Tracks Everything I Want
I like this app because it tracks what I want to track - distance, time, calories spent, speed, and more. It also doesn’t talk to me unlike some of the other apps I tried. At the end of my walk it shows the route I have taken. It’s also easy to change tracking from kilometers to miles in the settings.
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2 years ago, Phattiedaddy
Fitness Tracker
This is a great AP that covers all types of movement exercises. You can set any level or goals. One exception that I would like to see is the ability to connect to the AP thru my mobile device a heart monitor to give your heart rate. I think that would also give a more accurate calorie count.
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2 years ago, grumpy hiker
I loved it until this happened
This app was perfect for what I downloaded it for which was to track time and distance when I hike. I ran into an issue that makes it so I will not be using the app anymore. I accidentally closed the app near the end of an hour and a half walk and when I reopened it my data for that day had been erased. I need an app that won’t stop working and delete my walk when the app is closed.
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4 years ago, Klor_Slug
Been trying to find a running app that doesn’t spam you with adds. I had hope for this one, but it won’t inform me of any progress after the first mile while I am using the app. I have tried turning the progress tab on and off with no change. Maybe it’s because I listen to music? Well music is a valuable part for my exercise that isn’t going away. If you want a pure distance tracker with minimal interruptions this is for you. If you like mile splits and progress reports I would pass.
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3 years ago, Whaddup Doeee
I love this app so much! It honestly has gotten me to be consistent with running and making me fall in love with it all over again! It truly gives me the best workout! My only complaint is that I wish it tracked treadmill runs, I live in AZ and honestly most of the year it too hot to go outside so having a treadmill feature would be awesome! If there is one how do I change it?
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