Samsung Health

Health & Fitness
4.6 (31.6K)
158.9 MB
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Current version
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Samsung Health

4.64 out of 5
31.6K Ratings
2 years ago, king_henco_the_second
I really like this app, but some of its bugs make it unusable
I just wanna say I do not hate this app whatsoever I love this app very much and I’ve been using it for a couple of months now. I use it primarily to track my eating habits and to track my cycling and mountain biking progress. I normally go on biking trips for up to two hours and track from start to finish. recently when I finish my trip and I look back on my progress the app crashes and all of my progress is gone. this is extremely disappointing. i’ve also recently encountered a glitch where when I add my food The nutrition score stays at zero and does not rise. and that’s not because I eat non-nutritious food, my eating habits havent changed much and it used to actually show a score a couple of months back. I would totally give you guys a five star review with these two issues can be addressed and fixed. this app is incredible and it is help me lose weight in the past but these recent issues make this app unusable.
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12 months ago, 12 trow
Used for years
Very few issues that I’ve ever had with this app. The biggest reason I gave a 4 star rating is the transfer of info from one device to another. I’ve had this app for a long time, over the lifespan of many telephones and as things happen on one of those times my telephone number had to change. My Samsung account to reboot my old info requires a two step verification and it is totally like Samsung cannot believe I have a new telephone number so they send the cold to the old number no matter how many different ways I go about changing it. So I have restarted using the app from scratch 3 or 4 times now. Other than that, the app keeps pretty good track of your workouts, I have noticed some features it seems to baseline on. I use an elliptical trainer on days that I can’t go outside and run. I can have a burn out session on my machine for 30 minutes. My elliptical may say I’ve covered 2100 steps in 30 minutes and burned 550 calories and the tracker on the app alway seems to say, 30 minutes on and elliptical is 311 calories…every workout. I love the kayak feature but I’m just starting to use it. I paddled around for an hour last night and it said I burned 33 calories, 🫤 c’mon man! I burned 33 calories unloading the boat! With that said…I absolutely love the food tracker and the food score, I love the walk/run tracker. I have had apps that I have paid for that is no where near as well made as this app, everything in one place. It is awesome
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2 years ago, Zoomy350
Missing the running coach metrics
I have loved the Samsung Health app on my Samsung phone paired to my Samsung smartwatch. Recently I switched to an iPhone but kept my Samsung watch and still use the Samsung Health app for my workouts. A few questions/issues I have come across since I switched phones though. 1) After I record a run on my watch, there is no longer a way I can view my running metrics like symmetry, stiffness, air time, etc. Is that a function that is not available though the iOS version of Samsung Health? 2) On a bike ride with my Samsung phone and watch, I used to get the audio coach to my Bluetooth headphones (non Samsung or Apple) every mile. The coach still comes across my watch speaker but no longer through my headphones. Do I have a wrong setting or is that not supported? The headphones will receive music and phone calls like they did with the all Samsung setup. 3) Lastly, on my Samsung device I was able to pair MyFitnessPal (MFP) app to the Samsung Health app. It would allow me to record my weight in MFP and record workouts on Samsung Health. Then all of my steps and workouts would show up in MFP from my Samsung Health activities. Now I can’t seem to figure out a way for the two apps to talk on my Apple device. Is that feature unavailable? Thanks for your time and thanks for making an overall great app.
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5 years ago, Crush_D
Much improved, but still buggy
The app largely does what you want from a health tracker, though the interface isn't entirely intuitive. You can view and enter data from selecting in the goals display or by clicking on a tracker item added to the grid. What I don't understand is why those take you to different interfaces for the same data. It's like the developers couldn't decide on an approach so they gave us both, but both are incomplete without the other view. Syncing is much improved with the latest version of the software, plus a firmware update on my G3 watch. Biggest problem for me is a date/time bug which affects entering "dinner" details. Looks like it doesn't correctly account for your local timezone (I'm on EDT) so entries will disappear for today and show up instead for tomorrow. Sometimes it doesn't happen immediately, so you briefly see the totals you expect only to have them change. Super frustrating as it seems there's no good way for the user to correct it and force the date, and you can't delete the data for tomorrow until, well tomorrow. I've even seen it happen trying to correct data for the previous day despite having the date and time explicitly set.
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2 months ago, Andy01001
It’s an ok app
Overall I like the look and feel of the Samsung health app. It seems to have some of the stuff I need. I’m transitioning over from Fitbit so there are some features I am hoping Samsung can try to adopt. For instance, this app needs a calorie function similar to Fitbit. Fitbit shows calorie intake and calories burned and they calculate for you weather or not you have burned enough calories to stay in a certain range. To me that is a great incentive to be a little more active when I can see if I have burned enough calories to have a snack and still maintain a caloric deficit. And it isn’t just as simple as setting a calorie intake goal for the day. If I tell Fitbit I want to stay 200 intake calories below my calories burned it just adjusts throughout the day. If I have been more active it allows me to consume more. Also Fitbit has a very nice UPC (barcode) scanner option for when you are logging what you are eating. I have not found that in the Samsung Health app. Lastly I would like to have the ability to customize the three main focus points on the Home Screen. I am not interested in my sleep patterns so I would much rather replace that with a calories burned tile.
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5 years ago, xykarr
I recommend the Samsung Health app
I used the Samsung Health app for some time while I had my Samsung phone. I enjoyed the capabilities of the functions in the app and enjoyed the heart rate monitoring sensor associated with the Samsung phone and the app. My Samsung phone crashed and my family members are all I phone users so I am now using an I phone. I was disappointed that I could not find an all inclusive app such as this Samsung Health app. I downloaded it again onto my I phone and I am happy once again except for the fact that I do not have the heart rate sensor on my I phone to use with the app. I may have to buy a watch that will relate the HR to the app. I recommend this app because of its functions and ease of use!!!! This app has many different fitness categories to choose, an active pedometer, and categories to track food consumption for nutrition. I am currently using the food intake function to track and limit my calories and I am happy with this function as well!
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3 years ago, Britt Rivera
Wish there were total weekly counts
The app is pretty decent I love how you have your food your steps your water etc. all in one. Only reason I give it 4 stars is because I think it can be improved. One thing I hate is that your weekly summary is only based on averages and is not average and totals; example total steps taken along with average steps taken or total miles for week. Another thing for the food there should be a barcode scanner for items you're eating. That would be extremely helpful. Rather than typing and going through a list of 50 items for one food. Lastly I wish there was a menstrual setting for women. I had that in a previous app and it was so helpful but unfortunately it's not in this app and it disappoints me because I would love to just have one main app with everything. Response to developer: i have a device, that galaxy active to watch. It's nothing to do with the heart rate. It is how on trends for the week it only gives you an average of calories burned and an average of your steps for the week it does not give you a total of each.
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4 years ago, jammy-jenny
Does not work at all. Please return IMMEDIATELY
I am disappointed to inform that this app simply did not work. I paired my galaxy active watch to the Galaxy Watch App correctly, but the Health app does not recognize that I have paired it, and does not sync ANY data. Bluetooth AND the galaxy watch app shows that it is correctly connected but the health app refuses to sync. I’ve dug through all the forums and tried all the solutions and nothing has worked. I have redownloaded BOTH apps, reset the watch, turned my phone on and off, turned Bluetooth off, manually disconnected it from Bluetooth,etc. hey Extremely disappointed, and would give this a 0 is possible considering that it will not sync any data. I would highly suggest getting another active watch (my old Fitbit worked marvelously) and return the Samsung watch while you still can. I read all the negative comments and still plowed ahead assuming that mine would work. It did not. Please return the watch and avoid a situation like mine. Just in case you need more convincing, please note that a quick google search will tell you that Samsung is notoriously unresponsive to complaints about the watch. I beg you- don’t be like me and waste money. Return the watch and buy from another vendor.
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3 years ago, CarlosTheReviewer04
Really Good but disappointing recently.
Samsung Health has always been my go-to app for calorie counting and has helped me lose a lot of weight in the past. However each time it gets a new update more features are taken away from it. I recently read online that in some parts of the world they have even taken away the calorie counting feature, which is the number one thing I use in the app. So Samsung if you’re reading this will this feature get removed? This app has always been my favorite and would have five stars if it weren’t for this taking away of features with every update and some lagginess that I have experienced in the app from time to time. Other then that the layout of the app is great. It had very cool and helpful features and still does just not as much as it use to. The only thing it never had which would have been good is an option to scan barcodes which would make adding foods to the calorie counter easier as oppose to typing them out in the search bar. Either way I found the calorie counter to be great and I really hope it doesn’t get removed from the app.
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5 years ago, Ruairí Stack
This app is amazing
Update: got a wearable watch. It has the app now has everything available to me. We’re good. Five stars Ok! So this app is amazing, I had it in my old Samsung but recently got an iPhone due to my entire family switching over. What I loved most about the Samsung app on my old phone was the stress tracker. I now have a Samsung watch which tracks stress but it hard to see on the 1 inch watch face. It would be wonderful since the iPhone doesn’t have a heart rate sensor ( and probably never will) if you could add the stress piece to this part of the app. In addition, you can make sure people would have to buy a Samsung product by saying something like. “ in order to use this section of the application you need a Samsung device with stress tracking already built in. Such at “ galaxy watch Active”. This app is great and I would love to be able to see what makes me stressed on a to be honest a bigger screen.
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4 years ago, Project 5311
Below average at best!
App is trash with so many of the main features or most important ones completely missing which is so confusing. The app works great with your watch and Nothing else. Most of the food in the calorie count is missing or not there. Leaving you to have to add even the simplest of calories. KROGERS CHICKEN!!? No mention seriously!? And because of this you’re forced to add them in yourself. The entire nutrition facts just to keep count! Lean beef? Not added gotta do it yourself. Uho went to a restaurant? NOT THERE! Figure out what you ordered and it’s nutrition facts. Uho you forgot your watch? Or it died? Or simply just didn’t count the steps you did? TOO BAD. You can’t add your steps in! Went to the gym and did workout to add? Nope can’t do that either. What about the app asking you to rate it? NO! Can’t do that either find it in the store and rate it manually! So disappointed with this app. Hate so many of it’s useless features that are basic in so many others. I used this app because of my watch. And now I see all its flaws so disappointed! Verdict is a 4/10!
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4 years ago, Thickbass
Good with iPhone 7, crap with iPhone 11
I have a Samsung Fit, and this app plus the Galaxy Fit app worked fine (it’s an odd back and forth handoff, but it worked fine). Since I upgraded to an iPhone 11 about three weeks ago, the software is constantly losing the connection, the band resets randomly, my heart rate data only downloads once in a while, and none of my sleep data is being downloaded. When I got this, I just wanted a reliable heart rate and workout monitor, and the sleep tracking was a nice bonus. Now, I get consistent step data, occasional heart rate data, and no sleep data. The extremely annoying thing is that I can see a tiny chart of my sleep data on the Fit, and the app tells me it’s downloading the sleep data, but it never displays it. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the app on the new phone, or they just pushed a crap update about the same time I got it, but I’m extremely disappointed to find that a great, minimalist fitness tracker that met my needs has all but crapped out on me. I have a lot of Samsung products, but I won’t touch their phones or any of their other personal electronics, if they don’t fix this.
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5 years ago, A_M_J_95
Thank you for your response
I’m gladly changing my rating to 5 stars, i took a look at the article you suggested and yes it solved my problem,now I can see the full details of my food intake which is exactly what i need to track my progress ( don’t know why it was hidden from the food tab) thank you again I really love your app, been using it for 5 years and in my opinion it’s the best health tracking app ever, just make sure in future updates you put these things in the main tab of the app so people can see them or just make the options for “eat healthier, be more active and well rested” enabled by default because it’s kinda hidden now and people won’t know how to enable them, looking forward for future updates, keep it up 👍
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6 years ago, EmmElle86
Extremely disappointed.
Two times in the past two to three months, the app had everything disappear except the three goal rings at the top. I had to completely reset everything in order to get anything to work. Then, today, everything was gone again, but this time even the goal rings were gone. How can you track anything if you have to reset everything every month? This is ridiculous. Not to mention, I’ve started getting an error every time I try to send an error report. I will never invest in anything Samsung again, that is for sure. These aren’t even including the watch issues I’ve had. So disappointed. Update: They reached out to respond to this review by telling me to reinstall the app (yet again) and restart my iPhone (yet again)... I’m sick of having to delete and reinstall this app, losing all of my data... isn’t the very point of an app like this, the data? I will not be reinstalling the app yet again. Too many issues between my watch and the app, both. Neither work correctly as often as they should, in my experience. Good luck to Samsung and other users.
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6 years ago, llsadmire
Three Major Bugs
Premise: I really love this app! I so appreciate the Samsung gear watch, and I love that it has an iOS version app. I also love the ability to set goals, log food, and compete internationally with steps! All great things!! Without the following bugs, I would give this app 5 stars. 1) the app will misplace food entries, specifically putting yesterday's dinner/"evening snack" into today's log for dinner/"evening snack". It is very frustrating to have to reprogram meals into previous days; I often have to do it two or three times before it sticks! Very bad. 2) the app immediately crashes when I try to access my physical goal (one of the top wheels in the upper left corner that keeps track of my total activity of the day in terms of minutes). The screen goes black and returns me to my home screen :/ extremely frustrating. 3) I am unable to write a comment/complaint to Samsung directly through the app. Every time I try, the message either refuses to send or the app itself crashes. I have tried different internet sources, resetting my whole phone, refreshing the app -- nothing allows for me to send communication over these problems directly to the app creator :/ Please note: my iOS system is up to date as of two days ago, and problems persist/worsen. My phone is iPhone 6 gen. I have the latest update for the Samsung app. I hope to update my review of this app if/when these bugs are fixed. I hope to hear from the Samsung team soon. Thank you.
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7 years ago, el11970
Steps don’t sync after update
Sleep, workouts and heart rate sync fine but steps show zero in the app, even though they show on my gear fit 2. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted iPhone and gear fit 2, checked gear fit 2 for updates and still doesn’t work. Very frustrating. Everything worked fine til the update. I also wish gear fit 2 had the aerobics, skiing (and other sports listed in the app) as an option when selecting a workout. It would be a nice enhancement. EDIT: software version R360XXU1DQJ3. Edit2: I updated to 3 stars as I did receive a response and instructions on how to get additional help. It’s still not syncing steps but I’m following up to get more help. EDIT 4: it’s finally working. Support desk sent a long list of things to try and one worked. Thank you. Leaving my rating at 3 as it could be so much better but for the features available it works as advertised
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6 years ago, Cjwilliams4th
Junk- Waste of Time
Such a nice idea to compete with friends in a social environment - one of the reasons I bought my "Gear." It worked, then didn't, worked, then didn't- then dumped all my workout data- and now will not even launch! What a waste of time and storage space, and what a frustrating fact that you cannot use the Samsung Gear S2 or S3 reliably with ANY software- especially not this app. I will never purchase a Samsung device ever again because support is so limited from a company that does not stand behind their product. SUCH A NICE WATCH, LOADED WITH FEATURES THAT DON'T WORK. SUCH A NICE APP- UNTIL YOU INSTALL IT AND SEE HOW SPORADIC IT IS, WITH RANDOM FAILS AND UPDATES THAT F*@K EVERYTHING UP. For the record- I have an iPhone 8, and Samsung galaxy S8, Tab E4 pro and other Samsung devices-- FitBit is the way to go- paired to whatever you want, has never failed me and gives professional results. Samsung works across the board for me about 12% of the time. Keep it up Samsung, and see how long you stick around! Your stocks are falling just like positive reviews here at the store.
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6 years ago, ITheZombie
Barcode Scanner
So far this app has worked wonderfully, but a few features would make this app much better. In terms of food tracking, I would love to be able to use a barcode scanner for food. It's so much of a hassal to manually enter in information even with the search function. For items I enter for myself it would be great to be able to edit the information after saving the item. The ability to mesh with Apple Health would be amazing! So many other apps can read data from Apple Health, but not S Heath which sort of drags. (I much prefer S Health to Apple Health). It would also be nice to see calories burned vs calories eaten. Edit: also, it would be nice to be able to delete a timeframe of data. Once it picked up the fact I was mowing the lawn on a riding mower thinking I was sprinting around the yard.
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5 years ago, k.c.PAs
Fine app itself, but drains my watch battery
Got a new iPhone and never reinstalled the S health app as I was busy in grad school and not working out enough to notice. Started working out again and realized I didn’t have the app so I couldn’t transfer my workout data. I downloaded the app after my workout and threw my watch on the charger that night. The next day my watch’s battery was draining like NONE OTHER. Actually could watch my battery number decrease. It went from 100% to 80% in less than 2 hours which was unreal. Usually with everyday use including having Bluetooth on it would drain ~15-20% in a DAY. I uninstalled the S health app and my battery stopped draining. So that stinks. Can’t use the watch with my phone to store my workout data which is the reason I had the app in the first place. Wish there was a setting to turn off continuous updating unless the app is on. If there was one, I couldn’t find it in any of the settings or when I searched google. Please fix.
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4 years ago, alyshhka
Made the switch from Samsung to iPhone- not the same!!
I absolutely love the Samsung health app on my Samsung phone. I wear a galaxy active watch and the app connects flawlessly to both my Samsung phone and watch. The Discover tab offered workouts and programs you could join that tracked progress all while programming for you (a digital personal trainer, if you will). So I make the silly switch to iPhone for family reasons, I still wear my galaxy smart watch because it IS compatible with iPhone. I download this app to my iPhone to continue my running program- which I am 4 weeks in the middle of. It is not there! The discover tab on iPhone is just news articles! The functionality is basically useless for iPhone. I refuse to buy an Apple Watch because it is not fitness geared- which is the reason I purchased my galaxy to begin within. I don’t understand why the same features are not available for both versions!
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4 years ago, No Other Like It
I’ve been experiencing glitching and non-tracking of workouts. For the past two weeks I’ll begin my workout within the app and before I know it or by the time I’m done working out I’ll notice my workout session has stopped and hasn’t tracked my workouts/activity at all. I’ve also experienced glitching when I’m using the Samsung Health app. It’ll freeze or just automatically close the app. This can be annoying and frustrating at the same time because much of it occurs when I’m in the middle of my workout session. I hope this can be fixed very soon. As much as I know how active I am daily, it’s so much more motivating to open the app and have proof of that activity😊
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2 years ago, Metuhsssshh
They’ve fixed the restart loop bug!
Although I tried unsuccessfully to report the issue of a bug that causes my Galaxy Fit to go into a reboot loop indefinitely upon installing this app, I’m pleased to say that the new update has completely fixed the problem and made my tracker usable again! I can finally track my sleep, exercise, steps, and other activities through the app. Really grateful to the developers for fixing the issue despite me not being able to report it through the system but rather just through a review here.
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4 years ago, timscottbennett
Not compatible with Galaxy Watch
I purchased a Galaxy Watch having read that it is compatible with iPhone (although with somewhat reduced functionality.) To discover now that Samsung Health is no longer compatible with the Galaxy Watch is extremely frustrating. It makes no sense to me that the primary health tracking app wouldn’t include the Galaxy Watch. UPDATE In response to the developer’s reply: I do have the Galaxy Watch App installed, but unfortunately the Samsung Health app does not share all information with it. Any workouts tracked on my watch do not transfer to Samsung Health. Nor do steps. The watch connects to the Galaxy Watch app fine, but you can’t use Samsung Health to track your workouts. I’m very frustrated because I like the watch and it’s functionality very much. I just wish that the software supported it in iOS. 2nd UPDATE I response to developer’s reply: I’ve already followed the procedures you lay out to remove, reset, and then reinstall on both my phone and watch. The Galaxy Watch app and the Samsung Health app still do not talk to each other. I see the same issue in many other reviews. It’s frustrating because it makes the watch useless for fitness tracking. I wish the developer would rewrite the app so that Samsung Health would be able to receive the watch information, whether through the Galaxy Watch app or (better yet) directly.
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6 years ago, PJ6600
Poor App
It saddens me that the Samsung gear fit 2 Pro which is an excellent device has apps of this poor quality to support it. This app constantly shuts down. It’s almost impossible to use the food function because it will suddenly just close and all your work will be lost. They say they answer emails within 24 hours. It has now been three days and I’ve not heard a response to my inquiries. Without significant fixes that allow this to function properly on an iPhone, the app is useless Developer: I always have the latest version of iOS (currently 11.2). As for when, I don’t see a pattern. No matter what I’m doing it simply disappears. When I look at open programs, Samsung Health is shown. When I click on it the program restarts. Developer 2: The only update I see use one that fixes the problem on the iPhone 5. It really doesn’t matter as I have switched to a Garmin product. In the future, I will be very wary of buying Samsung products
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7 years ago, Pyash
What a shame!!!
I own the new gear sport and I have nothing but great things to talk about it. The Samsung health app on the other hand is such a joke. Even the MSFT band app is so much better than this. So don’t blame it on the iOS restrictions. After a week of use, I switched phones. The watch indicated that the data will be reset. I was under the impression that all the health data is stored on Samsung cloud since the app was connected to my Samsung account. Guess what?? Nothing showed up in the health app after I paired the new phone with the watch even after connecting to the Samsung account. Later on I found some sync setting under my account which was turned off by default. I can live with the lost data. After 2 days of use I synced the app. All the data from today appeared in the app. But nothing from yesterday. I tried manually syncing again. No dice. No idea what is going on. As a cherry on top, the app started to crash randomly. Great job!!!
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3 years ago, Gabriella Consolata
No totals?!?!?!
This app works OK. I have it connected to an iPhone. Today I chose the exercise walking, I stopped after a couple of minutes and it never started back up again. Fortunately I had my phone with me. My only option was to finish the work out or start a new one. I was not able to pause and then restart. The phone also does not catch on to the fact that I’m going on a walk until I have walked for probably 10 minutes. The worst thing about this app is that it does not give you weekly or monthly totals. I am trying to get back into running and I am also in a group challenge of 100 miles of walking a month and I have to manually total every day.
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3 months ago, BrosukeHanamuda
Upgrade was a downgrade
This app was recently upgraded, and ever since, the app has lost a lot of functionality for food logging. Number one, on the meal screen, it won’t let me scroll down to see all the snack meal categories, so I can’t use 2 out of 6. It’s a minor inconvenience but I liked how granular it was with tracking. I am on a 15 Pro, and I’ve attempted app closures, phone restarts, and even a fresh app install, and still no fix. Number two, you can no longer add custom food items with macros, so no creating “favorite meals” out of your custom recipes to track, you have to search for each item individually, adjust serving sizes, etc, it’s a pain. It’s a shame that this app lost that feature, because I find this app easier to use than MyFitnessPal, and the custom macro feature on that app is present but is behind a paywall.
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5 years ago, -1 star for nickname trickery
My review Gear Fit app
First it’s disappointing that we have to have a secondary app for the gear fit to see the activities, there should be at least some data on the actual app. Second the data on the secondary app should be easier to access. I feel like I have to search every time I use the app to find the information I am looking for. You should make it easier to scroll through the data of our current day and the days past for comparison all data like sleep steps ETC should be on a snap shot view with tabs to get greater details and at the top of that page in the left corner an arrow pointing back to view yesterday’s information. And then of course a weekly view like you have with the trend tab now. I like my data in quick views with options for greater detail. That’s just me thanks!
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4 years ago, xRickZ
Rarely will sync with iPhone
The Samsung gear watch I would give a four out of five. The app I gave a two out of five. Rarely will it sync between the watch and the phone. Tried resetting both. Sometimes it will work most of the time it won’t. Makes fitness tracking with the watch next to impossible. And very frustrating. If you are using an iPhone, I wouldn’t suggest using the Samsung watch and app. Updated Tried all of the suggestions from Samsung. App just plain doesn’t work at least with an iPhone. If I play with the watch by shutting it down then turning it back on, then closing the app and opening it back up, I may be able to get it to sync once or twice. Who wants to do that every time? Never had a problem with my Fitbit. Giving up on it and throwing it in my junk drawer
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6 years ago, Phalco1
This app works so perfect on all my iPhones 6s +, 7s+, x as well galaxy s9+ and even with my gear x wireless headphones without no problem at all. I even get automatic update for this app on my iPhones and galaxy. And this app is very smart I don’t have to reset it nor I lose my data all my data it save by it self so no negative reviews nor complain I have on this app. All you need to know is how to set it up properly and it will work on your iPhones. I wish this app could be compatible with my apple watch 4 to installed on my Apple Watch 4. This app works very accurate is good.
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1 month ago, jiji review
Buggy. does not work sync.
iPhone user here, the app has been quite buggy. I liked using the together feature because I can see steps with non iPhone users. Problem is though that the ‘together’feature never updates/syncs immediately/correctly so when compared to my friend’s on a Samsung phone our number of steps wouldn’t match. His says I had zero steps whereas mine says I had 3000 and so forth. I am logged out multiple times randomly so sometimes I have to log back which also causes steps being missed. I tried contacting through ‘contact us’ in the app but the wheel just keeps spinning and nothing shows on the screen.
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3 years ago, usirbdiehsoehenrifbrh poo poo
One improvement needed
I use the app to track several things, including physical activity, water intake, and calories. For the latter, I like that it remembers foods I’ve entered previously, making searches and entries much faster. But, it does not adjust my daily caloric allowance to my activity. A precious tracker I had would monitor my activity so that if I had more activity, it increased my caloric allowance for that day. For example, toward the end of the day, I might be short the number of calories needed for a desired food. If I walked (or some other activity), that tracker accounted for the exercise and increased how many calories I could have. This tracker does not do that, unfortunately.
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2 years ago, foxxtroll
App stopped counting/syncing steps
I have a Galaxy Watch 3. I use it daily for recording biking or running. It correctly counts the steps based on those two exercises. However, when the watch is synced with the S health, the app doesn’t take the step counts, still shows incorrect number or zero most of the time. It has been happening since two weeks. I tried reinstalling, resyncing, restarted watch, restated phone. Nothing helped. Update: After OS update issue looks fixed.
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4 years ago, Orossica
Total calories burned
Just converted to iPhone and was using Samsung health on my galaxy phones for years. One feature that I really liked was being able to see the total calories burned in a day (active calories burned+resting calories burned). On this iPhone version of the Samsung health app I can only see my active calories burned during exercise. Why is that? How can I see my total calories burned? Would be 5 star if this feature can be added. Update* developer contacted me pointing me to an article in medium, but like I noted in my original review the article only shows you how to see your active calories burned, not total calories burned (active calories burned+resting calories burned).
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6 years ago, ironnana
So disappointing
I have loved my Samsung watch but S health never syncs with my iPhone. It says 0 steps everyday. It doesn't integrate with any other fitness activity apps. The watch is great but the apps render is useless for tracking any activities done. Update:. Samsung asks what I am using gear fit 2 with an iPhine 6. It barely worked with my Samsung phone. Now the app just takes up space on my phone. I am so disappointed. It does not read my watch or my phone steps. I have done all the resets and Bluetooth suggestions they mention but funny that they always act as though it is user error rather than the app. But they know it is the app. What good is the watch data without the app? I love my watch bit the app is trash. And this basically means my watch is only able to 25% of what is promised.
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7 years ago, STL72
Too many bugs
Have been using the Gear Fit2 Pro with S Health App on iPhone for a month now. I have reported the following issues to tech support: 1. app crashes consistently after a few minutes 2. minutes active are far too high - at 11am it will easily show 241 min active 3. total calories burnt as seen on Watch are no where to be found on app 4. when reviewing feedback regarding these questions, ‘my questions’ don’t consistently show up in the help section of the app (if even I get there before the app crashes again). I’ve never written app reviews before, but the S Health app works extremely poorly on the iPhone. I have (am) seriously considered returning the watch because the app is useless to me. I (for a minimum) need to see: calories burnt per day distance walked per day steps taken per day (though that seems to work) total minutes active per day Since the watch holds all this information, I really have a hard time understanding why the app can’t display this data. I have stopped using the app. I’m on the lookout for updates, hoping these issues will be solved at some point soon, since I do like the watch.
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7 years ago, BabyWugglez
Very good app for tracking your health
As a former Galaxy S6 user, this app has been treating me very well. It’s one of the best health tracking apps out there. I primarily use it for running, hiking, and recording my weight, steps, heart rate, mood, and oxygen. However, this app is missing a few great features that are found in Samsung devices, the biggest being the heart rate monitor which can record the heart rate, mood and oxygen. Not much Samsung can do about it. Despite this, what they can do is optimize this app for the iPhone X and eliminate the black bars at the top and bottom of the app. Other than that, I’ll be continuing to enjoy this app as I transition to iOS!
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4 years ago, redrider2002
Chock Full O’ Glitches
This application requires at least two attempts to launch before tracking any activity. It simply closes and needs to be re-opened. When it is (finally) successfully launched, it freezes after completing a run, walk, or bike ride. It doesn’t discriminate. The “Pause” selection is merely that, a pause in recording an actively, while the clock continues. Then the app performs its customary freeze function. It should be renamed as, “Pause/Freeze.” The required transition to “Stop,” simply doesn’t work. I find that performing a complete shut-down of my iPhone, is an effective way to get the darn app to stop recording any more time. Deleting and downloading the app hasn’t solved the operational issues. Inconvenient. Frustrating. Like the watch, not a fan of this application.
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3 months ago, Zix__
Great app but summary issues
I love this app. Used to use it on my samsung, now use it on my iphone. My main issue is for whatever reason for weeks/months when I look at the summary of my activity, the average is often severely underestimated. My recordings by day are always accurate but when i toggle to the summary by week or month it sometimes just does not correctly summarize my activity. It only happens occasionally (maybe once every few months) but it is annoying since it makes it hard to accurately follow trends.
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4 years ago, Brie....
The burned calories calculation is not accurate.
What I like.. The watch features are great the ability to add a second time zone on your watch, and find your phone, the bixby aloud to talk to and take u to exactly what u are looking for is great, I am coming from a Fitbit, and the accessibility of the galaxy active watch is amazing. What I don’t like.. The exercise calculator on the amount of burned calories is wrong by a a rega of 300 or even more.. I calculate over my old Fitbit and heart monitor and the sensor from the machines in the gym I did several trials and the numbers of galaxy active watch is different by far.. All the previous devises mentioned was not much different from each other. And the some features is not available to sink if u have a iOS. Witch I do. Like reply to text and answer phone calls and weight management. Overall if u already knows the amount of calories u bun on a daily basics might suite you. I decided to not retuned this watch because the features are so cool, and I really like it. I also have a hope that one day the calories burned it will be accurate.
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5 years ago, Seanm57
No details for fitness makes it worthless
My number one problem...while you can see a nice pretty graph for your workout heart rate data, you can’t get any details at all. Same with steps. Bar graph. Good luck trying to actually figure out how much you walked at a specific time. If it had any other app integration it would help. Apple health, Cardiogram. Either of those would allow you to actually look at your data instead of a couple of general graphs. Love my Galaxy Watch 46mm. However, I’m considering other options due to the limits of this app and my ability to view my data. Update: Samsung Health also had a problem where you couldn’t sync data with an iPhone unless you turned off Bluetooth, went back into galaxy watch app, sync there, then go to Samsung Health. They finally fixed that problem! Sync works again. Of course this happens just after I finally bought another Apple Watch. Couldn’t stand the lack of workout data and the sync problem. Soo long Galaxy Watch.
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6 years ago, chmgrl
Get an Apple Watch instead
I have an IPhone and use with Samsung’s Get Fit Pro2. From day one the floor counter has not worked. The weekly summary frequently does not display when due. It may appear piecemeal after several days. Recorded dinners frequently appear on the following date as opposed to the day entered. All technical support replies are directed as though you have a Samsung phone and thus not helpful. I realize I made a boneheaded move my not buying the Apple Watch having gone with the Consumer Report top rating instead. Live and learn.
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6 years ago, Gbhask01
No longer an issue with app crash
Crash no loner an issue. Can we get Apple Watch sync? Still app crashes as soon as open. It even does load and stay. Please fix. I regularly log my good and if not feed I need to move to different app. As I love Samsung app. It sync all my devices. PLEASE FIX. I like this app. alot. Track my progress though iOS because I also have NOTE9 and track there as well. I use Note for work and this so best suited for both services. If supported for latest iOS my rating would be 5😉😉😉
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12 months ago, Yukazume
Please Update Display for iPhone Mini
I've been using Samsung Health on my iPhone for years. It helps me track the health & fitnes data that's most important to me: steps, sleep, heart rate, calories, weight, etc. It's a shame the developer hasn't updated the app for iOS users in over a year. The current app looks terrible on my iPhone Mini. The display is zoomed in, and I can't see portions of the graphs because they're cut off. There are no options to adjust the display size in the app settings, so it makes me think they made the app only for users with bigger phone screens. Please fix!
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1 year ago, Braydon Rogers
Best app I’ve come across for this category
This is an awesome app for keeping track of everything you can think of when it comes to health & fitness. Obviously this app was originally meant for Samsung phones but I have recently found that a watered-down version of this app is available for download on iPhones. When I say “watered-down” I just mean that the app is simpler in a way that it isn’t as visually appealing but still has most of its original functionality. Overall I would 100% recommend this app.
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2 years ago, M.T. Nuthin
Confused app
It seems as though everything had been fine until daylight savings time. Today it couldn’t figure out that it was on today and was referring to information from yesterday. I tried to load things for today on my food app and it kept loading yesterday. I did at times get it to put things on for today but in the last meal, it took all of the information except for the calories for today and put it on yesterday. Baffling. Help
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2 weeks ago, Thickishchart
It’s okay it used to be better
I’ve used this app for years it has worked great in the past. Recently I moved over to IPhone and some of the features I loved about this app just don’t work now. I mainly use this to track my running and to help me pace myself while running. The app use to tell me when I hit every mile and what pace I was going and now it doesn’t. It might be due to the fact I have an iPhone now I’m not sure but that was the best feature I sorely miss. If this could be fixed I would definitely give it a five star review
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4 years ago, Untastefulcoffee
One of the only reasons I stick with Apple phones is because of their Health app. It allows me to track my menstrual cycle, fertility, sex, and so many other health features when it comes to women’s health. I wish there was an option or a category for women’s health. There is also a section for health record management. That allows me to manage medications. That’s incredibly helpful for me personally. I feel like if there were these improvements or even options on the app it would help everyone who uses it. I love Samsung products but having these resources are important to me. There are many improvements that can and should be made. I would appreciate knowing if these are possibles and if so when they will take affect.
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3 years ago, southernkop
Barcode Scaner
The app itself is working decent so far. I will update if there are any changes. I did switch from a Fitbit to the Galaxy Watch, which requires this app. In doing so, I will have to say I do miss being able to scan my foods. Yes it is a little lazy. However, in this busy world we live in, it makes things go a lot smoother and I’m not spending forever making sure I’m choosing the correct option. As of now that is the only complaint that I have. Well, that and the fact that I learned today that it is not compatible with third party apps, which would solve the problem.
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4 years ago, NahumCC
GPS tracking not working during workout and the pause and stop options rarely work on iPhone
I’ve found recently that the app is not mapping runs/walks even though I have GPS permission enabled at all times under the iPhone permissions for the application. Also, the pause and stop buttons seem to be more miss than hit in executing there function. Pause will bring up the resume/stop option but the clock keeps running and hitting stop does nothing. The program then crashes and comes back up with a notification about an internal error and loses the entire workout. Never use to have these issues before. Please fix.
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