SCRL: Photo Collage Maker

Photo & Video
4.8 (49.3K)
92.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Appostrophe AB
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SCRL: Photo Collage Maker

4.82 out of 5
49.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Shaunnyboy
Absolutely love!
Thank you for this app! I had used a different app in the past but I did not like the quality of the images when they saved. With Scrl, I’ve had no issues with low quality/resolution image saves as long as the original image was high resolution. Took a bit to get used to when selecting photos to move. I do wish my text was able to tilt- unless I couldn’t figure it out, but I was only able to change font, color, position, and size but no tilt. I don’t use text often so it’s not a big deal. No stars deducted for that. Thank you!
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1 year ago, rorydarling
It was fun at first…
It was fun at first but then suddenly it made my phone storage COMPLETELY FULL and i could not do anything or continue what I was creating until I deleted more stuff. I checked my storage and I hadn’t even had it for an hour and it already was taking up some of the MOST space on my phone???? Also suddenly ALL the notes in my notes app disappeared coincidentally while I was using this. I’m not sure if it’s even connected but it’s just v sus that I started having problems with my phone and storage and suddenly all my notes in my notes app disappears as I’m using it idk. I really really wanted to like it. And I did enjoy it because I’ve been really into making panorama instsgram collages lately because the other apps I have don’t have templates that fit the amount of photos I am trying to add, as well as the various vertical/horizontal photos to make a panorama post work in other apps and their templates. I started using photoshop on my computer and just manually making a panorama collage so this was suddenly a life and time saver in making it less of a hassle in creating what I’ve been doing on my computer. However, because of the issues I started having that I mentioned above and the amount of INSANE storage it takes up on my phone, I will have to unfortunately delete this.
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11 months ago, kskeeves
Love this app!
EDIT X 2: just saw they’re going to discontinue the reels portion! Was really having fun with that portion and using it a ton. Any chance to keep at least some of the templates or tools? EDIT: they introduced a reels section and I’m excited to see how that grows! Can't wait for when you’re able to save them in the app to work on again like the carousels. Thanks for continuously improving this app! ————————- Been using this app for a really long time and the improvements over the years have been exceptional. The ONLY things I would even say this app needs is maybe a pride collection, the ability to adjust image dimensions when creating your own blank project and being able to pick up right where you left off in the album when you’re creating something. Currently it brings you the latest most recent folder and would love to have it pick up where I was in the camera roll. But other than that I love this app! Makes your posts look next level and I highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Dianelix Rivera :)
This is a truly phenomenal app. The Reel feature, although still in beta, completely changed the game especially in comparison to other apps. This is all I've ever wanted in a video editing app. I can't wait for the Reels feature to be fully updated and optimized. It's definitely not as smooth yet but I can see where it's going and I'm absolutely here for it. Feedback I'd provide is of course expanding the audio/template library and perhaps having the ability to edit each clip that goes into the Reel making process within that same window…? Only being able to cut it, replace or delete isn't as much but it's a great start. With updates and expansions like these you would have a Pro subscriber for life, I ADORE this app! Great job guys, this is truly a game changer and no other app in the market currently offers what you guys are trying to implement (Reels feature) at least to that degree of smoothness, trendyness and simplicity to use. It's absolutely phenomenal, please continue to work on it!
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2 years ago, P Vanover
I purchased the one year premium plan and it still says that I have the plan in my Apple subscription; however, it says that the plan I have is free in the app. There’s no way to contact for support because the app one doesn’t help! This app was cute and useful until it decided to scam me! I want my plan fixed or my money back in full!! Update: Contacted the company on Instagram, since no one replied here, and then I proceeded to wait for over 24hrs for a reply. What I explained in the text must’ve not even been read because they texted back the same solution I already told them I had tried. I reported the app for scamming me through Apple since they said that they don’t handle refunds. And Apple had no way to give me a refund even though the app doesn’t even work for my subscription that I paid for! Only give me the FREE one. I’m just starting here, but I will be posting this on every social media platform available to make sure no one else buys into this terrible service that’s so terrible they don’t even offer the service I’ve paid for and won’t refund the service that I haven’t been able to use!!
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1 year ago, Katelynnkaylee
Lost work because app crashes.
I love this app so much but I have lost a lot of projects from the app crashing or if I accidentally go back a couple times I cannot go back to what I was working on. The app does not save your work so I am forced to work on a project and save it. I just wish there was a way that I could save my work as I’m working on it and re-edit it leave my phone and come back to continue editing. There’s been many times I have not answered a phone call because I did not want to lose the work that I couldn’t save. Other than that, I love how simple it is to make the reels and make post that have multiple images. It’s a great app it just needs help with the crashing and ways to save your work so you can come back and continue with a past project.
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3 years ago, Sabs TTU ΑΦ
Needs many bug fixes
As a professional photographer I wanted to love this app. It was working so great, but once you start adding more photos it becomes very slow. I tried so many times to save my work (which took time for me to perfectly create) and every single time it crashed when I tried to save. It would not let me save my work and would change something I had done every time I came back after it crashed and have to go back and fix it. I still cannot export my work. 0/10 for me. Needs a lot of bug fixes.
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9 months ago, Ab Guitarist
It was great… until I had to pay
I loved this app and the software, and I loved making my posts for my photography account with it, but then it limited my abilities to create by only allowing 3 photos (which at that point I’d just use normal Instagram) and making me pay to add more. I was perfectly happy making my own without templates and it made me honestly super happy, but not being able to use that anymore really sucked. I’m an amateur teen photographer with a part time job. I don’t have money for another subscription to use an app that advertised that as their basic function, but hey nothings free in life 🤷‍♀️😭
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1 year ago, IshShiv
Just ok
I honestly have no idea how this app gets so many great reviews. I use many photo and video editing apps that are faster, offer better templates and aren’t so confusing to use. This app also takes up a lot of space on my phone. I just deleted 20gb of saved items and I couldn’t find a way to delete them in one go and had to delete them individually — just an example of how this app is not as intuitive and easy to use as others. I have the premium version and I hardly never use this app bc the others I have are so much better. I use these apps for my job, I am a content creator for multiple social media accounts. The reel templates are ok but they take a long time to load and I have the newest iphone pro.
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3 years ago, Shellbo6987
Love but needs an update for bugs now
Many times a green or other discolored line will be on the bottom or the edge of the carousel photo/video. The + when a photo will snap in place centered needs to also allow for an image to be snapped into place on the top, edges, or corners bc I can sit on the app for an hour trying to get it to perfectly fit. I believe there used to be the option to search the templates but now I can again take forever to find which one I want to use. Needs to be a way to search by the amount of photos and the amount of frames and of course stories, portrait, or square.
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2 years ago, Zari Kenae
Really Dope!
I have a photo background and I take so many lifestyle photos and I love to use this app to collage them together for Instagram. The posts I use with Scroll always get way more likes than static posts. Videos are the future tho so today I bought the premium features so my video wouldn’t have the watermark. As a branding professional I see myself using this app even more now that I unlocked more features. Even in the free version you can make a really impactful Carousel post without a watermark. Check me out @ Zari Kenae
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7 months ago, motherphoga
Paid $5 for this app and now they want to charge $40/year
I found this SCRL a little over 2 years ago. I really like how it’s user friendly and the quality of the templates. But it is frustrating when I have been a customer and paid for the app, only to find out recently that they made adjustments to the app and now I have to pay $40 a year to access my old collages because they are now “premium templates” . It’s stupid and I wish they could waive that premium payment for customers who have been using and promoting the app on social media for years prior to this new subscription fee. It’s a shame I can’t access my old collages, I do enjoy this app but doing long time customers dirty is baffling.
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5 months ago, The Amazing Snail
An incredible workflow without having to pay
I use this app to lay out a lot of photos from many different sources and find that there’s new useful features coming out even after having used it for years. I haven’t felt the need to pay for their premium templates because of the process I enjoy going through, but I wouldn’t doubt that it’d bring more enjoyment to many users trying to create great content very quickly.
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1 year ago, anonymius fududh
So far so good!
I’ve been wanting to get my insta page started for a while now. Today, I started editing some pictures but couldn’t get them to fit the right way. Forgot that I had downloaded this app a bit ago for this very reason. SCRL to the rescue!! I was able to edit and upload everything within a fraction of the time I wasted editing on my own. Very easy to use and tons of options even in the free version. Highly recommend
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9 months ago, aiyahxo
used to be great, but now you have to pay for almost everything
I was genuinely enjoying this app. i got so many compliments on my posts, and shared it with so many friends. I loved the fact you had both free and paid templates, but also the option to start from scratch and create your own collage, but now you have to pay to upload more than 3 photos when creating from scratch. I get that you want people to subscribe, but that just makes me want to delete the app instead. 3 is not nearly enough to create a collage from scratch. considering you can add as many frames as you like. i think either bumping the photos to 5 or 8, or limiting the frames is much more fair
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5 years ago, kmoses13
Marketers, Meet Your New Favorite Tool
As a marketing manager, I’ve seen my fair share of IG tools that promise ease of use and quality content. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed using an app as much as this one. It enables me to make beautiful, high fidelity content that looks like I whipped out an Adobe product. The *only* thing that would make this better is a web app so I could have a more seamless transition while scheduling content. But I’m bought in! This app is a no-brainer for design-minded folks who want to play with photos.
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4 years ago, only1Teemo
TOP NOTCH APP for creating unique boards
This app has to be one of my favorite finds I have ever discovered! For starters, every other “storyboard-making” app requires in-app purchases that not only couldn’t be customized, but ALSO expected you to buy the stuff without really giving you a chance to explore the real possibilities with the app. THIS APP ALLOWS YOU TO DO THAT: to create your OWN STORYBOARD & VISION WITH EASE! This app deserves the recognition and review from me! Will update if I ever get and try the in-app purchases!
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3 years ago, napo_v
Incorrect Orientation for selected photos
When I choose photos from my gallery, the images are sometimes flipped upside down or sideways and I can’t seem to rotate them at all. I tried flipping the photos in my photos app on iPhone, but even after doing that the photos still come upside down. Not sure why this is the case or whether or not I’m using the rotate images feature wrong (not a 2 finger hold and twist?) but the fact that the images come out upside down is a bit irritating.
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2 years ago, trying to make instagram post
Good, but could still improve
Not finished with the free trial yet. But while using some of the templates, you can’t change the background. Being able to customize the background with a picture of your own would allow for more creativity. Some features that would be helpful too would be an automatic 90 degree rotating feature when selecting a picture. Another helpful feature would be to have preset ratios for cropping pictures.
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10 months ago, Xteeezy
I specifically got this app and paid for the yearly subscription because of the reels portion. I was referred by a friend who used it and loved it. After I downloaded it, I didn’t have the reels option. I emailed and sent a DM in IG to see why I didn’t have it. I thought it was something wrong with my download so I tried everything while waiting for a reply from customer service. It took them SEVERAL weeks to get back to me only to say “oh yeah we’re discontinuing that”….. they should’ve made an announcement saying that because I would’ve never wasted my money that I can’t get back now. Poor customer service. Terrible company.
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1 year ago, SirLowKei
Fix Reels ASAP!
Adding reels was a cool feature, but they allowed you to edit the timeframe of each photo and somehow the app crashed on me and when reopened no saved work and the reels are ONLY allowing you to go by the preset timeframes. I worked on a reel for 2 hours, 30 frames.. all different timeframes and before I saved lost everything, it was heartbreaking. Even when trying to recreate what I did, I wasn’t able too. The Reel section continues to crash before even getting through all frames now. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!
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3 months ago, Itz_Blue🌮
Love the Creativity
I took a giant leap of faith in this app, it was worth it. It started as a app I used to help with my program social media page. Then I started to use it in my own social media. I love that it allows me to do so much on my own or use templates. It’s very versatile with a lot of endless possibilities. It reminds me of scrapbooking:) silly I know but just like scrapbooking you are able to make it uniquely yours.
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2 months ago, PhotoGirl311
Used to be great but not anymore
When I originally purchased this app, I loved the that they had reels set to music. After the subscription expired, I bought it again. This time the reels set to music were missing. It looks like they don’t offer that anymore. So, I had to make reels manually. Well, I just created a new real and see that they also removed the option where you can set the duration of the reel to make it go faster or slower. So now my reel moves super slow with no option to speed it up. Why are they removing features after I’ve purchased the app already? It’s super frustrating.
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I wanted to love it
The interface is pretty okay as far as that goes. I was so excited to find an app to make carousels that had what I needed, only to find that it won’t export anything with a video in it… Even just one slide with one 5 second video on it. The app crashes EVERY single time unless I export as a video, which isn’t what I need. I spent so much time laying stuff out only for it to constantly crash when rendering. Why even have a video option if it won’t export a measly 5 second video? I’ve had better luck rendering videos in worse apps. As a designer, this is not ideal in any way. Definitely cancelling after the free trial.
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3 years ago, To God be the glory!
Requiring premium repurchase prior to 1-year advertised.
After I upgraded my phone the maker of this app is requiring me to repurchase in less than one year. I have only had this app since April of 2020 and now it’s December 2020 and I have to repurchase. Please help me or buyer beware. I will change this review with an update once the maker restores my full premium purchase by restoring the remainder of the time owed to me. FYI - I did not change Apple ID’s. The system is not recognizing that I already purchased the premium package. Maybe it’s an honest mistake or glitch but I would appreciate receiving the remainder of my subscription please. This is an incredible app/tool, I hope the customer care is incredible too.
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2 years ago, spifer859
Go for blank!
I’m a new user, but so far everything seems fine within the app. Along with many apps the best of the best options to use cost money, but luckily this app allows for a blank option that you can use freely in a basic yet beneficial way. Takes some time to get it right the first couple times but use the blank feature if you’re like me and would rather not put money into every single app you own!
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1 month ago, Travis Bobley
Get out what you put in
There are tons of features and options with this platform so you can create posts that are uniquely you. Like all great things, getting used to the platform takes time, but as the title says, you get out what you put into it. Highly recommend for people who are willing to spend some time editing.
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1 year ago, Toy or Tool?
Intuitive, but needs a web-based option.
Instagram finally broke down and listened to their professional users who demanded web-based functionality. Scroll should do the same. The app has a fun and intuitive, but tedious and slow when material is being drawn from many sources or when reliable control is desired. There’s a reason graphic artists and designers don’t work off phones all day.
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2 years ago, $$$Snord
Some stuff is good but we should be able to adjust the position of the images in the boxes in all templates. I created a reels template just now and most of my shots were bad cause of the position they took when I added them. Also it be nice to have the templates be able to adjust whether it’s. Landscape or a Portrait format. These nicknames are a pain Thanks
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8 months ago, HonestGirly
Super Cool Cash Grab
SCRL is super cool and super useful. Tons of options and aesthetic templates, as well as ways to create your own designs and exercise your own creativity. However, much like everything nowadays it seems, there are quite a few options that require buying the premium subscription. That being said, there are lots of creative, cool options that don’t need the membership. So, if you’re okay with reusing the same templates occasionally on social media, shouldn’t be a problem.
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3 years ago, Craftyyy
Perfect except for the crashes
As a professional photographer, I absolutely love this app and the freedom and creativity it gives me. Especially for Instagram posts to tell a story with multiple images. BUT so many times it will crash while I’m in the middle of creating and adding images, and then if I try to open the app and go back, it will continue to crash. So I have to start over completely. Which is a huge bummer because it takes some time to put together. PLEASE consider a desktop version!
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1 year ago, EMDB
Love the app! A suggestion though. It would be a big timesaver if the border settings defaulted to your most recent style. If you are applying borders to several images it takes time. For me, I’m almost always applying uniform style and it resetting to zero and black every time is frustrating. Also, the feedback link does not work.
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6 months ago, indieuser
Poor app with constant upselling
This app has really poor design with aggressive upselling for their subscription plan. It’s bad to the point where I was not able to really take a good test run. The interface is clunky with constant upsell pop ups. Finally it won’t let you save without a watermark unless you pay their subscription fee. I am not going to pay for a subscription before I had an opportunity to run with it atleast for a few posts. As usual they have 7 day “trial” with auto renewal so that they can charge you sneakily if you forget. Did not earn trust at all. Avoid !
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12 months ago, infptrhi
Confirmation screens????
I so very desperately wish there was a confirmation screen to let you know you are exiting your work. I’ve done it to the same post set like 6 times and it is driving me absolutely insane. I don’t want to pay for premium, so all of my work each time is completely lost to the world. Even a simple “leave work yes/no?” Would suffice. Sometimes the app lags and I have pressed a button multiple times assuming I didn’t hit the right spot and have now lost multiple projects.
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1 year ago, chodewhacker
Great app, could use MORE templates
Amazing app, easy function. Unfortunately, there's just not enough templates especially in the Paper section which is my personal favorite. Whenever I try to post a portrait style photo, the cropping is waaaaay off and either I need to cut off parts of my image or search for another template. Seriously, please add more templates this app is so close to being 5 stars, but it's just not useful enough
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4 months ago, person17727
This app does everything i wish instagram did
i always find myself wanting to layer pictures with videos on scroll and stories, i wish that the premium version was cheaper but i do understand. Maybe a month to month subscription option added
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3 years ago, Abigail Nally
Really wanted to love this
I so wanted to love this app, as many of my friends use it and it looks amazing. However, in trying to make and save my first carousel, the app has crashed on me while saving close to 30 times. I even purchased premium to see if it would get better, but nope. I’ve restarted my phone, deleted and restarted the app, and started over making the carousel countless times. It just seems glitchy. Bummed because the result is so lovely but I don’t have the time for making the same carousel over 20 times. 🥴
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5 years ago, wreniggade
Great app
This app is great, even without making any purchases, which is why I’ll probably be buying all the templates at some point! The blank template format gives me so much to work with without any annoying ads or bugs. I can tell the developers read through reviews of former versions and added a lot of versatility to it, which is nice to see as well. Please keep it up !
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2 years ago, UDONPRIME
Severely limited for landscape/car photography
Spent some time with the app and found that 99% of the photo templates cater to portrait mode shooting. It was difficult to find a nice, minimalist template that showed off photos without gimmicky tape graphics and fake film. Functionality when editing is also capped at adding text, or fake graphics. I’d love to see basic features like flipping the template horizontal or vertically. I’d also like to see a wider range of templates or a template builder. I feel like I maxed out what this app could do in 5 minutes so why would I pay $35 to play with it for a year?
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3 years ago, Timex1998
Loving it so far.
Until I’m able to pay for the full version, the little bit that the app comes with as is is so enjoyable to use and the developers really thought it through from the user standpoint. As soon as I can, I’m purchasing the full version to be able to use it to its entirety.
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2 years ago, Canes76
Was good, but no music with reels?
I used this app for the pictures and carousal and it worked fine. Then I was excited for the reels - what a major disappointment. The music doesn’t download with the video. That is a horrible model and many better apps out there for this. They really should make a disclaimer about this. Wasted a hours today creating nine reels… just to find out the music doesn’t download with them. If it is for yourself, it would be fine. But if you are doing client work - find another app.
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3 years ago, fullsendercooper
I can’t tilt the images!!!! FIX THIS
It’s so incredibly impossible to try to tilt these image at a certain degree The struggle I was having trying to Tilton image to match it up at the correct angle with another image was so frustrating it forced me to write a review for these people to correct this. Not being able to have the ability to tilt something to a correct point it’s kinda stressful. FIX THIS!!!!! Love this app tho
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2 years ago, AppleBoy98
Really great, almost perfect.
This app is wonderful and easy to use. It’s almost perfect. The one feature I would really love to be added is choosing custom aspect ratios of each tile. If I have a landscape photo that's maybe not as wide as the landscape aspect ratio in the app, I would like to be able to add a white matte to it by using this app but I can't do so without getting extra white space due to the max width aspect ratio.
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2 weeks ago, duqkdu
Lost all my progress
Literally spent hours working on my vacation post and after like 4 frames full of photos the app kept crashing. I thought okay I’ll save what I have now and continue on it in a different and new project. Nope. All my pictures blanked out and when I tried saving it they were just white pictures except for one. No matter how many times I try refreshing the pictures won’t load. Lots of hours of work gone down the drain and I don’t even remember the layout of each slide, so thanks a lot 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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4 years ago, Blahblahterry
Wish it had a snapping feature
I love this app, but one thing I entirely wish would be included in an update would be the ability to snap photos into a square! My shaky hands can never seem to perfectly place the photo in the guides without it being a milimeter off and my ocd doesn’t allow it lol! I love the center lock guides but it would be great to have it on the outer edges! Or maybe even the ability to nudge a photo?
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2 months ago, kaeli0213
Instagram Post
I LOVE this app when I need to post more than 10 photos. I think this app is very easy to use and they always turn out super cute! Had hundreds of photos to go through to post for my spring break trip and SCRL made it so easy for me to not only have to post 10. Highly recommend this app!!!
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10 months ago, Jess97302
Cool but very limited
Pretty cool!! They have the right idea: however, you should be able to keep adding more frames once you start your own “start from scratch”. I have to use a different app to connect the small videos created on this app. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this app. Just giving honest feedback.
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9 months ago, personwhohatesthispodcast
Nothing in the app works
You can’t add more than one picture at a time so you have to go back in and scroll through your photos again and again to add them to a project rather than dumping five or six at a time to move around. You can’t search for photos in an album. It only lets you search through your general photo library. Actually both of these issues might be with the new iOS not too sure. This one is not the iOS issue though. YOU CANT CROP. When you attempt to crop a photo, it just resizes it.
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3 years ago, chelleigh1
Good app but always have technical issues
I am a prof photog and thought this app would help with designing posts for social media. I had a few projects saved, but my app kept closing every time I tried to save as a video. I upgraded to premium, still kept closing. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and now ALL MY CAROUSELS ARE GONE! There isn’t a way for this app to have a membership where your stuff is saved?! Really frustrating.
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6 months ago, Mondooooooo
Reduces picture quality
This app would be a 10/10 if it didn’t significantly reduce the quality of my photos . I use a professional camera and when I go to save my seamless carousel photos I can tell a huge difference in quality which makes me not even want to upload them. I might as well upload the pictures straight from my camera roll. If the quality issue could be fixed this would be a great app to have and use
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