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User Reviews for SDC Swingers Lifestyle Dating

4.57 out of 5
12.2K Ratings
2 years ago, xmhgssgi
The Best No Gift card Girls
I actually am that happy so far with this being day. To really but I have been on so many countless websites apps chat rooms even main stream things from Snapchat Instagram every place possible and have done nothing but gift card requests to just possibly have the address and or gasoline inquiries needing gas to come in and meet you which all of them are 100% a scam I have proven time and time again 171 different women people or catfish all ravage and overwhelm the Internet with fake or scam no intention to meet type of profiles and waste your time completely that way in which being a guy you rarely get to have conversation with a sincere person that is having intentions in possibly meeting you. Sure they are out there but as of now after multitude and Moores amount of messages I sent simple greeting of hello New and looking forward to meeting new friends cordial introduction and a hollow greeting very simple and have done real responses back from real girls and it is very evident and obvious very happy with this app my second review I wrote as I’m not impressed that means a lot
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1 year ago, TanyaMarieWrites
Pretty decent app I must say and I’m a general skeptic with these things!
Now like most other apps, it has certain caveats if you’re not a full member. However, they are decently gracious in letting you get messages daily if you’re not a full member so that’s nice but I cannot see profiles and as a single girl, that’s tricky. Even with that in mind, in the messages I’m able to see if I want to pursue the person I am talking to and it seems like this app has mostly REAL, and a decent amount of QUALITY people…two things that are important for this kind of thing. So that’s why I’m rating it so high. I might have to come back and amend if I ever get a full membership lol. Anyhow I like it so far. And as a girl who’s been both partnered and single in this lifestyle, I must say it offers a lot to all sides of the spectrum when it comes to the lifestyle. Cheers to that! Finally a dating site that gets us {I’ve been in the dating app world a while lol}
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11 months ago, TattleTaleOnYou
Prevent scammers
What gets me is that all these scammers can be prevented from ever even creating an account. Verify identity by IP address and only allow one account per IP address. It’s not that difficult, I remember games that I played in the beginning of the internet could prevent more than one account per person from being created, so 20-30 years later and dating apps can’t block the scammers, does that mean that the people creating sites 30 years ago were that much better than the people creating them today?? Bots- I will delete any account on any site that uses bots no matter what the purpose of the bot is. Automatic billing is just a way to steal money from people, ever try to turn off automatic billing, or click on a trial offer for $3.00 only to be billed for 5 different things that were not disclosed beforehand, then they refuse to refund the money that they stole from you. Automatic payments should be outlawed, these sites would probably make more money by only billing people for the actual time they have spent useing the site. Usually $1.00 per day and I use a site 5 times a month, so $5.00 a month. That is the most any site should charge for anything that they provide.
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11 months ago, PartisanReviewer
Already Better Results than AFF
Still in the trial period and we’ve already had more success with what we’re looking for than we ever did with AFF. The app is a convenient (if not slightly limited) extension of SDC’s website, as the dev’s themselves make known when using it. Nonetheless, they’ve done an exemplary job of preserving the website’s experience for mobile users. Nitpicking for just a moment, push notifications are seemingly unavailable on iOS 16.5.1, although there is built in functionality for it within the app. We replicated this result on two iOS devices running the same version. This is likely fixed with an update. Objectively speaking, of the apps in its class, SDC takes a commanding lead with its polished UI and ability to repackage the website’s offerings seamlessly onto mobile devices.
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1 year ago, Diegoo420
Good overall
Very easy to navigate. Just found out about it today and already hooked into it. Exploring some more to see what it has to offer more. All the features included to benefit user seems good. I would not say it would be the best swingers app as of now but with time and some updates I am hopeful. The 4 star is cuz it's doesn't s benefit new user much compared to premium user n since I don't want to spend my $ before knowing for sure it works for my interest. Also, I live overseas I see it works here in states I need to see if it works effectively when I get back where I live as well or not prior to deciding on whether I need to enroll as a premium user. Thanks. yourpapi420
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1 year ago, E_diaz80
Horrendous app
Im sure my feedback will be the only real feedback here because i didn’t follow their suggestion to leave a positive feedback to be able to access more people. First, this app is only free temporarily, after some time, you have to pay. Also, you can’t even access your own profile. I accidentally upload the wrong picture and I couldn’t delete it because I couldn’t access my profile due to this app lagging and getting stuck on loading. I ended up calling their service desk and they deleted the picture i didn’t want there. But not being able to access my profile to be able to edit info and add or delete more pics makes no sense to me and feels like they want full control of your account. So if you change your mind and want to delete the app, your pics will always be in that site circling around without you knowing it. Its crazy. Do not download this garbage.
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1 year ago, jrkou1991
Highly Recommend⭐️
Just got the app yesterday and I’m pleasantly surprised. This is one of the first “new” dating apps that actually has real people. I haven’t run into bots or spam/fake profiles which is refreshing. Even without a membership the app gives you a good amount of traffic and chances to connect with real people. I’m still exploring because it has a lot to offer. I haven’t seen an app give us a chat room before this, so I’m looking forward to that. I love that it connects us with events as well! Great job team! Can see myself upgrading to a full membership soon💯 Member name: ShogunOden91
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2 years ago, yomn89
Good one!!! Easy to navigate
Very easy to navigate. Just found out about it today and already hooked into it. Exploring some more to see what it has to offer more. All the features included to benefit user seems good. I would not say it would be the best swingers app as of now but with time and some updates I am hopeful. The 4 star is cuz it’s doesn’t s benefit new user much compared to premium user n since I don’t want to spend my $ before knowing for sure it works for my interest. Also, I live overseas I see it works here in states I need to see if it works effectively when I get back where I live as well or not prior to deciding on whether I need to enroll as a premium user. Thanks.
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5 years ago, configur3d
No quite there
I can appreciate that the app and the website looks the same. Keeps things familiar. My biggest gripe about the app is that the app doesn’t seem to be synced with the website. The website will show a members profile pic and the app shows another pic (possibly older?). Inbox is slow to notify as is messenger. Yes, I’ve checked all the setting. I log on to both the website and the app and the app is crazy slow to update data. I gave up on the messenger with app. The GPS...doesn’t work so great. Shows me where I used to be. I have to log off and log back in for it to refresh. Speaking of logging off, after a while of inactivity I’ll go back to use the app and I’m constantly told to log off. Repeated pop ups. After a while it stops and I’m able to log back in.
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6 years ago, Mojojoe39
Convenient - great addition to the website!
They continue to update the app and add new features. I appreciate how they have simplified the menu options. It’s easier to navigate the information on SDC website. If you’re on the go, traveling, or on vacation, the app makes it easier to connect with like minded people in your area. You can access the information from the website easier, and you can quickly see who's online, events going on, and the people who are looking to connect. It’s a great addition for members and I look forward to more to come.
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4 years ago, GenuinePhonie
Great app, needs options for couples who play separately
This is a great app for anyone in the lifestyle, especially when we travel. We’ve found some lifestyle apps are more or less popular in certain parts of the country than others. But it has just about any option you could want, events, chat rooms, messaging, profile pictures and videos, search capability, etc. The only things missing and keeping me from giving five stars are an affordable lifetime membership option and some kind of functionality for couples who play separately to have individual profiles without paying a second and third membership fee.
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1 year ago, Candace From VA
Can’t even sign up
I was trying to sign up on the app, but I get an error message saying that you cannot use symbols, but when you put in your location it automatically generate symbols that it will not let you delete so it’s not even allowing me to join I finally was able to join on the website, but I decided that I wanted to cancel so that I would not be charged automatically after the trial period. It’s saying I have to cancel through iTunes but there is nothing scription, so I hope I am automatically charged because I have booked for two hours and there is a. I have looked everywhere to try to find somewhere to cancel this. I don’t have enough money in my account. For a subscription. It’s ridiculous that they make it impossible to join. Then to get out of it
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6 years ago, Gregjnp
Great improvement
I originally deleted the app because it was completely different from the website. It only showed very limited pictures of people’s profile, and the old inactive profiles were still showing up not to mention your messages would only go to messenger which people rarely check. This new version is awesome. I’m sure there are more things to fix but it shows that the developers are listening to feedback and making this app more user friendly and fun. Keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, michelle 092675
This app is great for meeting like minded people in your area!! It’s is very user friendly and easy to use. If you are looking for an app that brings like minded couples together this is the app for you. There are so many members and options for you to choose from. The free trial gives you plenty of time to learn the app and how to navigate through each section. You can upload pictures to keep your profile fresh and up to date. This app is so fun. I could spend hours on the app.
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1 year ago, SLC216216
Still exploring
I’ve only had the app for two days, so I’m still exploring and navigating my way through. I haven’t committed to paying for the app yet because I need to ensure it’s a good fit for my needs. I like to ability to customize my searches for personal preferences. I do have limited access due to me being a free member. I understand that I may have the ability to view additional pictures on the website as opposed to the app, but I have yet to check that out. All in all, the app seems user friendly and comprehensive. -SEXLIFECLE
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6 months ago, Red mcGhee
A Refreshing Take on Online Connections
The Lifestyle App stands out in the dating world with its focus on cultural and lifestyle interests. Its sleek design and intuitive interface make it easy to find meaningful connections. The app's unique feature of matching based on shared passions, like music and food, enriches the dating experience. Perfect for those seeking more than just a swipe, it offers quality interactions and a sense of community. In short, this app is ideal for anyone looking for genuine connections in a refined online setting.
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1 year ago, jamesfakkdkksms
Best swinger app
My go to app for all me and the wife swinger needs. Meeting other like minded couples and not bots are a plus most swinger apps have soo many bots. Most of not all swinger events and house parties etc are posted on the app. Easy to use. Only thing I would say is for the people that don’t pay they should have more free options to use. We connected with a few people and didn’t get any messages back because they didn’t upgrade membership
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2 years ago, dreaandsteve
Amazing App
This is the second review I’m writing because I can’t find the first one!! But I don’t mind because this app deserves it! If your looking to meet real people or go to real parties with people of the same open mindset as yourself then you found the one stop shop for that. This is everything you could ever think of or want all in one place. I can’t wait to see what more this app has to offer because I am already very impressed!
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2 years ago, slaws131
Awesome lifestyle app.
From mrandmrs131. First off, the help desk is very responsive. They usually reply within a few minutes. Also, the profile options are VERY detailed so we’re able to find exactly what we’re looking for when matching with other people as far as kinks, fetishes, wants, etc.. We also like how there is an events page so finding events at our favorite clubs is easy. We’ve made a lot of awesome friends on SDC. mrandmrs131
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2 years ago, Ichigo0224
Great and fast way to connect
All the members that use the website and the app know the website was better. But that have changed with time, after the some updates I found the app is really reliable when you are in the run. Still there are some features that can be improved, but I know with time will be fixed. In my humble opinion the app is getting better and better and one day we wont need the website when we have the app on hand.
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2 years ago, Kaydren1234567890
Convenient and great for on-the-go
This app is great for use at a quick moment or when you don’t feel like using the web page. It’s easy to navigate and you’ll be able to do most everything you need without having to open your browser. Still discreet and functional and helps us out with our quick searches or desire for instant gratification. Well designed!
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2 years ago, bvieting
Great for connecting
Only been using the app for a couple of weeks but it is VERY easy to navigate the information as well as update your profile features and photos. It is easier from time to time to access the information from the website, but the app is great for being online while on the go or traveling. Found some great people on there to connect with.
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6 years ago, slmyers
The app has gotten a lot better in the last couple of months that we’ve had it. It’s more user friendly now. It does still bounce out of things when you are looking at it from time to time. But overall, we enjoy it. We have came across some profiles that seem fake or that have no profile pictures but we understand that it comes from the territory. We have met a lot of great people through SDC & this is a great way to keep in contact with them & see what’s going on.
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1 year ago, capamerica05
Best app ever
This is by far the best app to find like minded people. My wife and I have used many other apps only to run into drama and people just trying to get pictures from you. i’ve only been on this app for three days and have met dozens of people. We are already planning to get together with another couple that we have so much in common with. I highly recommend this app. SDC name lilyandsteve
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1 year ago, rrc120
As a trial member you’re given 10 outgoing messages a day. However that is no longer the case with my account. I don’t know if this is normal or just a glitch. I downloaded the app hoping that it would work better, it has not made a difference. Add the fact that just trying to type this review has been a challenge because the delete key doesn’t work and neither do the return and a few others. So it’s been a frustrating experience just to type this out.
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1 year ago, Reviewingthescams
Great Website - Not so Great App
I get that theres 2 weeks free to leave 5 stars but I’d rather leave feedback that can be useful to new users and developers to update the app. Users: the free stuff is limited, I haven’t decided if I’m going to pay for it yet as it’s mostly geared towards couples but limiting my messaging during a trial makes the decision more difficult. Developers: The app is extremely clunky. Totally SFW pictures aren’t visible on the app stating they show nudity. The app only allows uploaded pics from the camera so I can’t even get the best pictures uploaded. The UX is difficult to navigate and reminiscent of MySpace. It could use some updates both in functionality and design. Features are great especially the search features that help you find people you want who may also want you App gets 2 stars website gets 5 stars! I hope to edit this review with the next app updates!!
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12 months ago, still checking this out
Yes! 10/10 recommend!
When in this lifestyle it’s so hard to determine if apps or websites (or users) are real. I can say that this one is! And there’s great features like events around you. Filling out the profile puts out there everything you’re looking for so there’s no confusion! It’s just my first day using it but My boyfriend and I will definitely be paying for the premium service!
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1 year ago, Yanet320
Great app
This app is great for meeting like minded people in your area, It's very user friendly. I find that the app is easier to navigate then the website. There are so many members and options for you to choose from. The free trial gives you plenty of time to learn the app. You can upload pictures to keep your profile fresh and up to date. So far it has caught my interest :)
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1 year ago, gghg35(66
I can say I was skeptical at first thinking just another app. But I’ve been using it for awhile now and can say it’s been fun. Not a lot of fakes just people with similar views. There’s so much to do like send or receive messages, find local private and public events and even go in a chat room and still more things. For sure you will find entertainment on this app. (Suckableme)
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4 years ago, JenniferL941
Great App
I’ve tried several different apps and all with the same outcome - (fake or bots) After trying SDC I’ve made several connections! What makes this better then other apps you can see whose been validated and also validate others after meeting! So you know whose actually legit! The site is super easy to navigate. So if you are into the swinger scene this is the app to use! Happy swinging ☺️
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4 years ago, Revos1000
Convenient & Impressive
Continual updates to the app allows for Amazing selection of choices and preferences. It’s become the jack of all trades in terms of what you may be looking for and seeking. If your traveling or on vacation in any region of the world your sure to find something to support what your seeking. Information is always being updated in real time providing you a quick glimpse whose online and available.
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1 year ago, Ladiecharming
Amazing way to meet likeminded people
My name is LadieCharming and I have been LS since 2001. A friend told me about this app and I decided to try it. I’ve been on for a day now and I have spoke with several local like minded people through the message app. Still feeling it out, but thinking of paying for it since it has already turned into a better way to meet people.
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1 year ago, Krystin27
Still working out the details
As the title says still trying to see what this app has to offer. I haven’t purchased yet just because of the fact that I have spent so much money on useless apps. I am not prepared to get duped again with a bunch of scammers. Now I know that I don’t get access to as much as a paid user but if the trial starts off well then the thought of paying is a very high chance. Wish me luck.
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3 years ago, Spencer 9
Great site
I downloaded this app a week ago. I already have spoke with several people. They all been a very good match . I was in another swinger app. It was never update and the people where very racist. This app everyone is friendly. During these crazy times and being lock up . It’s a great way to make people and set plan for the coming months. All in all I really enjoy this app. Will recommend it to others.
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3 years ago, EliParker
Great App!
The app layout is intuitive and user friendly. There are lots of members so finding people to get to know is easy and there are lots of possibilities. Viewing profiles is easy and there are multiple ways to let someone know you’re interested. They regularly update the app with new features and bug fixes. Definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, BrooklynAndy
Good app BUT…
I like using the app better than going directly onto to the website. The app is very user friendly and simple. The problem with it is that you can’t post or view any “adult” pictures, and you can’t view any videos. Really all the good features are unavailable on the app, you have to go to the website to fully use this site. If that could be fixed, I’d much prefer to use the app.
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1 year ago, The Explorer23
SDC is definitely the best App to get to know and meet sexy open minded people. It is easy to navigate and it has a lot of great features that other Apps do not have. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, whether you are a couple or a single. You easily make ever lasting friends and have fun with them beyond your imagination. Great App! Join the community here! Don’t wait! THEPERFECTNUMBER3
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4 years ago, Melyraul
We love this app
As a young couple this app has allowed us to get out there and meet others in our same age bracket. So far each new version keeps improving in ways we did not see coming or thought we needed. Love how discreet it looks in the home screen. The only thing we would like seeing improved in the near future is the “Laidar” (zoom in/out & scrolling through users).
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2 years ago, Watto1015
Used to be way better
This site and app used to be way better for free members. I understand our trial and our membership expired and so you can’t do as much as the paid members, but this site as a free member you can’t do anything. At least with other sites and apps you can check out other profiles. And as far as others go they are cheaper too ranging from $15-$20 per month where here is $25. Other sites are more user friendly too. I won’t be check out this site for a while just for the fact we can’t read profiles that have checked us out.
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1 year ago, onlydar3al
A new look from SheBert
I’ve downloaded the app and have been using it for about a month now. I am able to see a lot of events and other miscellaneous things that can appease my interest. The only problem I see relevant is having to upgrade to a membership although we have not made any commitments to delve into a certain lifestyle yet. Other than that, this is a good app to have.
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2 years ago, Jameslaypipe
Easier to meet couples.
I’ve tried several different app, this one has a lot more couples that are experienced and ready to meet. Most other apps I’ve used, the couples are usually newer or inexperienced and are more timid to meeting up the first time. It took me less then one second to meet a couple and set a date. Great app, good looking couple and singles. 5⭐️
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4 years ago, nolascocf
Needs to be more singles friendly
Obviously this was designed for couples only , I had a girlfriend interested on this but I couldn’t bring her to the parties unless I register as a couple in your webpage , she being new or just curious though twice in placing her information and pictures in the webpage and so did my prior girlfriend. I love the lifestyle but I’m having a hard time bringing my girlfriend or meeting someone in the lifestyle as it feels that the system is not too friendly to single guys, I suggest that you should have parties at least once a month were single guys can be welcome . Thank You for caring about my opinion and Good Luck !
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1 year ago, Laffinman
User friendly, simple navigation
While the free account doesn’t let you access profiles, the ability to see who’s in the area and even respond to messaging is very strong, and the graphic interface is fairly straightforward. Definitely one of the more enjoyable apps of its kind out there. CreativeSoul
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3 years ago, Newbie02458
The Real Deal!
I’ve been on many apps and I have to say this is the real deal!! For a newbie to the scene, I have been able to explore without pressure and meet and talk to like minded individuals. Everything I’ve been looking for in the other apps all came together in this app. My only issue is that I can’t use same login for both app and computer but I appreciate their efforts to keep the site as secure as possible.
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4 years ago, Chooch2902
New to the site, very impressed
Started using the site about a week ago and so far I’m very impressed by the interface and quality of the members. The app makes it simpler to connect with members for people how are on the go. I would say the only thing I would look for them to improve upon is the filter function to find the type of members you’re looking for more quickly.
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3 years ago, Djulien12
This App is an absolute must have. You’ll find beautiful people to connect with on so many level. If you’re open minded, looking to spice up your relationship or just looking to meet new people or spice up ur sex life; this is the place to be. I’m glad I come across this app. My lady and I are new to the lifestyle but this app is making it very interesting and easy for us to connect with others.
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5 years ago, Jmleonard88
Love the vibe
Been an on-&-off member for over a year now. What I love the most is the exclusivity and knowing at least 95% of the profiles are real. It’s almost impossible for a “bot” or scammers to take over. Limited profiles aka non-members truly are limited to about 5-10% of the site. The app makeover is amazing; the company is always updating and upgrading and that’s what is necessary to captivate your audience in this digital world. Love it!
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2 years ago, SwirledFun
True review
I’ve heard a lot about this app and site. First joining it does have a lot of features I do like and that they go into detail on. On the other hand finding someone to talk to can be easy if you live in a high metro area if not then it’s very hit and miss. Like majority of apps you do have to pay which is not bad as long as you receive a good product for that payment. Overall 4 out of 5 SWIRLEDFUN
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3 years ago, VENTRINO
The app is easier to use than the website itself! I wish I had known this earlier, but better late than never. The things you can do from this platform, whether it’s letting people know you’re traveling, arranging a meet-up, checking on events, or just chatting.. it’s all there and conveniently placed in the app. Love it.
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4 years ago, Barnflyer
Nice App
This is a review of the SDC app for iPhone. I’m kind of new to swinging world but I thought I would actually try this app and see what’s out there. So far the app it looks pretty easy to use I haven’t had issues with it at all, it hasn’t even failed on me! I just think the content of single women on this app are probably a little less than what I would want them to be having.
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