Seconds Interval Timer

Health & Fitness
4.7 (20.3K)
95.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Runloop Ltd
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Seconds Interval Timer

4.7 out of 5
20.3K Ratings
3 months ago, Aimes93
Love that it’s not a subscription!
Mostly i just love that this app lets me basically do whatever i want with it. I can easily create my own routine. But the five star rating is because I really love that they allow you to purchase the app for a one-time fee (which is actually very affordable). I basically rule out any app that is a subscription because if i like the app then i can’t imagine paying a subscription for it indefinitely. I like to have a simple app that i can own forever. I really hope they don’t take away the ability to purchase the app for a one time fee. Like i said, i genuinely stay away from subscriptions. I have shared this app with multiple people who have also purchased it because they loved that it was a one-time fee. Im also more willing to take a chance and pay a one-time fee on an app that i possibly wont use, than to sign up for a subscription based app. If i was being super critical i might deduct a star because i don’t know why it doesn’t show my heart rate in the timer when i use it on my apple watch. The heart rate portion just shows “N/A”. Maybe my apple watch is old or something? I can’t figure it out. But i didn’t actually deduct a star because if i cared enough then i could try and contact the company for help, but i haven’t felt like it so that’s sorta on me. All things considered, it’s a great app and i always suggest it to people who are looking for something like it!!
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3 years ago, jonuorah
Super Versatile!
Amazing app! Extremely versatile. I had this one complex circuit, and I was like, “how am I gonna be able to do this with this app”. I was thinking it’d be long and tedious and not even perfectly correct. I thought I was right, but then I discovered the compound timer and the ability to copy and past exercises!!! Just when I thought I’d reached the limit with this app, I discovered an awesome functionality that makes things sooo much easier. It’s such a cheap price to get the whole thing unlocked considering how amazingly versatile and easy to use this app is. Sooooo worth it. The only little issue I have with it is that sometimes the timer sound glitches. So for example, like sometimes when the time for rest is down to just 3 secs, it does the 3 second countdown (which is great cause it acts as a warning and gets you ready), but sometimes it’ll start glitching out so there might be one beep then no more until the times up then you get one irky prolonged beep. It’s just a minor issue that only happens sometimes with me, but it just throws me off a little in my workout. Of course, that’s just me. Other than that, Amazing app!!!! Totally recommend!
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4 months ago, Brittnay729
Does a great job
Overal I am very happy with this app. It is a nice, simple interval timer, I have used it to make workouts for running, strength training, and others. It is a one time fee, as opposed to a monthly fee like the others, seriously being able to actually own an app for once is nice! Customizing each move is nice, and you have helpful options such as splitting the move for each side (such as lunging on the right then on the left) and having a break in between each side. I also love the different options for signaling the next move, although to me they are all kind of annoying except for the single beep. But you can have it tell you what move it is with an ai voice if you want. It is a little hard to figure out at first. You can’t add a move in in between two others, you can only copy and paste. So I just have to copy something and paste it in and edit it to what I want it to say. Also if you just hit paste , it goes to the bottom. If you want it after a certain move, you have to long press it then paste. It copies whatever is selected, so if you forget to unselect something, it pastes it too. The thing I really would like to have changed though, is the ability to change multiple things at once. I would love it if I could select several moves and change the color for all of them, or the time for all, instead of one at a time. Other than that, I think this app is fine, just takes some practice.
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2 years ago, jsygxbsnkshahah
ADHD approved!
As long as you find a good rhythm in your timed activity schedules (the timers that you make in this app), this app is great for helping people who have ADHD. It is soooooooo great because it displays the current activity on your full screen(so whenever you forget what you were supposed to be doing, you can look to your phone and it will tell you), it can play different sounds while you work (I like to use a ticking clock or classical music to calm me down), can be used for ANY activities you’d like, and has so so much customizability! You can have breaks in between your activity sessions that give your brain a break and still don’t count towards your total time worked on the activity. Also, you can use the app as a stop-watch kind of free-form timer: Press the next activity for when you feel that you want a break from the one you’re on and select “Allow-Overrun” for letting your sessions run until you’re done with your task. Love it! I just wish I had the mind to use it for more stuff😅
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7 years ago, Blaisd
Instead of upgrading from free app, do this
For apple users: if you want to be able to share the app with family, do this: don’t upgrade the app in response to the ads. You won’t be able to do family sharing if you upgrade because apple sharing is not available for “in-app purchases”. Instead, purchase the Seconds Pro interval timer from the App Store. That way, the app can be shared with your family. This is a great app, as many others have described in great detail in prior reviews. I won’t repeat the great features here, read the other reviews. I do a variety of circuit training and HIIT workouts and enjoy making up my own routines. The timer has helped me keep on time, which made my workouts more intense and efficient. I am very happy with this app and would buy it again. As it turns out I will buy it again since I can’t family share the upgrade. My daughter and husband both want the timer.
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5 years ago, SQLguyJPS
Excellent timer app
This is an excellent app for anyone who does high intensity interval training during their workouts. Almost every aspect of a timer is customizable. Definitely worth the price to buy a pro license. My only two gripes are that timer beeps can't be selected separately for each part of a timer. You can only set a beep pattern for the timer as a whole. That makes it impossible to know what part of a routine you're on without looking at the phone, which can be distracting. Also, the option to disable music volume "ducking" within the timer settings doesn't work. The volume goes down with every beep pattern except the single long beep, even when it's switched off. Hopefully the devs will fix that soon, but until then, you can achieve the same result by going into the app settings menu and changing the ducking volume slider to full. A wider selection of beep styles would be a plus, but the existing choices get the job done. If none of those issues seem important to you, then chances are, you'll love this app.
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7 years ago, dkorz
Great for repeated short workouts
I have been using this app for over a year. I started with the free version to be able to set up run walk intervals that my running partners could hear. The free version was fine for a simple interval that I didn't mind setting up each time. I now use the paid version for more interval strength workouts. In the training plan I am using, each week we have a new short strength workout with 4 exercises that I need to do for a minute each. I can program these in using the voice prompt to remind me of what is coming up next. Now that I am going through the plan for a second time, I even have all of these workouts already set up and ready to go. I even set up a prompt at the beginning and end reminding me to start and stop my Garmin recording! It even works when I am listening to podcasts or music while doing the workout. It has been well worth the small investment!
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5 years ago, Mateyasx
Worth every penny for pro upgrade
This is an awesome interval app. So many features that may overwhelm you initially, but there’s a well laid out manual in the app. With a little bit of time and patience you’ll create custom intervals and alerts and tabata workouts. Now he’s even included a stopwatch feature! if interested, he’s even got a workout app called Heavyset that is also quality work for if you’re interested in logging your workouts. I know he just implemented the stopwatch, but in the future it would be awesome to be able to save and log my lap times to track my progress (like in his heavyset app). I understand its not really the focus of this app, this is more of an hiit app, but I envious a track and field or swimming focused app where you can keep track of how your mile splits and lap splits improve over time. Would be an invaluable tool for coaches as well. I would buy it in a heartbeat from this dev.
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4 years ago, rockkandy
The best APP!
I rarely review apps but this one deserves the time to review. I have tried various workout apps. The best feature for me is designing your own routine and ease of editing and arranging the workouts. Importing workouts that others have used to create routines was great. Now for the #1 feature I like about this app, it announces each work out (if you set that) for me, not having to look at an animation or follow a person on video is best. Just all the exercise and lets me know when the next one is coming up. And you can add music to your workout bu tI tend to change my playlist so I keep that separate. I guess if you need to watch it being done then this is not for you. I recently started jumping rope and see they use a similar timer style in that app which I find is great. No counting reps just do it as many times in that amount of time.
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2 years ago, DatOneSaltyPotot
Great, one suggestion
I love this app! It’s pleasant to look at and is very versatile with a lot of options to engage in almost any kind of workout you can think of. It’s also cheap to upgrade to the keep-your-timers version. I would make one, suggestion, though: that we can manually decide the order of our timers. Mine go by each day of the week and I’d prefer to have them in order. It would be more pleasing to see, easier to navigate, and go with the color scheme I made to better organize my thoughts for my workouts. I can’t get them into the right order using the already given organizing categories. Anyway, that’s really all I would change about it! If you’re looking for a reliable, easy to use, flexible and useful app for your workouts, this is the right app for you!
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4 years ago, Kiki 302
Just buy the full version
This app comes alive with the full version. If you are just getting into fitness, you’ll be more likely to stick with it if you pay for it. I was skeptical about paying this much for the full version but after a week of use I know it was worth it. I used to always have to fiddle with my phone in the middle of a set, mentally taking my focus off of what I was doing. This app solves that. It is the best one I’ve tried thus far for two reasons: 1. READABILITY- the screen is super easy to see and read at a glance while working out. The color backgrounds are completely customizable so you don’t even need to read. You can also have the app announce which circuit you’re starting. 2. COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE- there are ENDLESS options. Like soooo many. Use them, or don’t, but I have never seen this many options.
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3 years ago, Bhgfdchu
I didn’t realize a timer could change my life
This app is simply superb. You’d think an interval timer would be easy to program; evidently not judging from the number of terrible ones on the app store. First great thing about Seconds is that there is no subscription; it just costs a flat $5 to unlock premium. Second the user interface is perfect and flexible. Third, the Apple Watch integration is great and importantly the Apple Watch app is a standalone app that works without your phone. Since buying seconds I have created numerous diverse workouts. I am exercising more and having more fine with exercise. Great app! The only feature I’d love to see is a way to change intervals based on your heart rate, so you could automatically cycle a cardio workout between intense (eg 160bpm) and easy (eg 110bpm)
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7 years ago, Ziipppp2
The only timer you need
I've had dozens of timers on my phone over the years. But this is the only one that has the power, flexibility and simplicity to have earned and kept it's position on my phone's landing screen. Seconds has dozens of features that I now have taken for granted and wonder why no one else has all of 'em. Eg create folders for all your different timers for easy context and access (workout timers vs cooking timers vs boardgame timers etc). Fully flexible speech so that you can be easily prompted what's next in a sequence. And talking of sequences you can easily set up loops of time to repeat (eg Sprint/rest - do this 10 times) without having to enter it all manually. If you really want to get creative you can set a timer within a timer within a timer etc for nested loops (I actually need this for one application). But you can quickly do something as readily as set a 3 minute timer for brewing coffee. Creativity allows easy color coding. Pragmatism shows with large easy to read displays that can be stopped/started/reset/repeated with easy pushes - nothing fiddly. Support from the developer is amazing (as is his other app, Heavyset). All in all - this app does amazingly in a world in which literally hundreds of other apps simply fall short. Invaluable.
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6 years ago, AlbeeCakes
Worth the money!
I never write reviews on apps.. And here I am, writing one. Not only that, but I decided to write this the day after first using it. This app is fantastic. I decided to take up jumping rope. I found a solid workout online where you have a four set warm-up, alternating between three exercises.. Followed by an eight set workout, alternating between different exercises. Sound confusing?? So I write it all down on paper.... Annoying, but whatever. Then I realize that I need to search for an interval timer because I don't have a clock in my jump rope space. I didn't want to use my phone stopwatch because I wanted it to be easy to listen to music. I'm sure that doing all of that would have been possible, although pretty inconvenient. When the whole circumstance to starting my workout is too complicated, that's the best way to make me quit. I'm lazy. So I spent ten minutes, setting up my customized interval workout for my new jump rope routine - pairing each type of exercise with a new song. And now I get to save this timer, along with any workout I challenge myself with in the future. What easier way to keep my workouts interesting and challenging!! In short, Seconds is likely going to lead to a fitter version of myself. Thank you for making it!
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1 year ago, EllipsoidalDreams
Useful for so many things
I was so glad to find this app. I struggle with working out because I don’t like to count things, but with this app, I can just set the timer and have it tell me how much to do. I often set it so that there are beeps every second, and then I just figure out how many seconds I should be using to complete each movement. so the leg lift will take two seconds up and two seconds down and I need to do 10 of them, I just set the timer for 40 seconds, plus a few seconds of buffer to transition into the position. I also like to use it for speaking. If I need to talk for 15 minutes, I will set it for three intervals of five, and then I can name each interval what I need to be talking about in each of those five minutes.
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8 months ago, Bear and Monkey
Good… could be better
So far I REALLY love how easy this app is to create and share new timers for my classes. I took away ONE star because I would LIVE to see the following in the coming updates: 1) Please create a way to sync the timer on the app to my Apple Watch. It would be amazing to start my timer on my phone and have the watch app start at the same time. Ideally I could keep my phone open to reference exercises etc, but still feel the haptics from my watch for timing changes. 2) …and this might exist, but I can’t find where to do it… allow users to change the time for the COUNT DOWN HAPTICS! As it stands, it is a three second count. Myself personally, I like to give my class a three second count but by the time my brain registers the haptics, I’ve missed the mark. With those changes, this app would be 5 stars in my book!
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4 years ago, eldamien1981
Best Interval Timer
The only reason I'm giving this app four stars is due to the wonky integration with Apple Watch. Everything else about this app is easily worth the price of admission. It's one of the only timers that uses built-in voice prompts so you don't have to look at your phone or even remember what the next workout is. It also allows for many custom workouts to be inputted - so I can easily just tap on my daily workout and get going without having to set up a new timer every morning or evening like other apps. While Seconds does integrate with Apple Health I've never fully been able to get it to pull data from my Apple Watch. That's not a deal breaker but I consider myself reasonably tech savvy so it's a little baffling the integration isn't easier to pull off. Other than that this is the only app I'll recommend to anyone looking for HIIT or Tabata timers, hands down.
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9 months ago, SpeakToEQ
Wow 🤩 This thing helps my lack of time awareness infinitely!
What an amazing tool to stay on track! The ability to have the voice read text is HUGE for me. I find that I feel so much better adding ovarian breathing during the rest periods of my hiit workouts but cannot for the life of me remember to do it😖. Now, I can just add the reminder to the name of the task and she reads it out to me! Amazing! I also, put my whole morning routine into it with all the reminders I need like taking vitamins, etc., and Shazam! My morning playlist plays while she walks me through the whole thing. If anyone is struggling with their brain going in too many directions at once, this is the solution for regaining focus, for sure!!! Thanks for creating a wonderful app!
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7 months ago, tjawlsn
Used it for years and still love it (updated Nov 2023)
Everything stated below still stands! But now, it’s been almost 10 years since I purchased Seconds. I still use the timers for my indoor trainer as well as for my walk/run interval runs outdoors. I tweak the alert sounds and the actual intervals now and then and all the functionality is straight forward and intuitive. I just love it - still!! Years ago when I was teaching a studio cycling class, I needed an interval timer so I could practice on my own. I tested at least 10 apps and this one was user friendly and easily programmable. The nominal fee put me off for a couple of days but in the end, I bought it and have never regretted it.
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6 years ago, R-dot.
Quality feel
After my first try, I’m pretty happy with this app. The minimal but colorful designs and the animated transitions between the different timers give it a feeling of high quality. Editing workouts is a little repetitive, but that’s true of every interval training app I’ve tried. I’d like the timing of the voice cues to be a little earlier - if it said the name of the next exercise, then “3...2...1...” that would be more useful than 3...2...1... and then the name of the exercise, which doesn’t give you time to set your starting position. On a similar note, an option for a slight delay when you’re doing an exercise split between left and right sides would help with exercises like side planks, where changing sides takes time. I appreciate that the app can be downloaded free and tried once before asking you to spring for the paid version.
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3 years ago, jlewsader
Overall good, but some quirks.
This is a pretty decent app, especially for the price. Offers a lot of options to customize timers. The main quirk I have found is that if you link it with Apple Health, EACH exercise in a timer will be input as 1 workout. So, if I have a circuit with 6 exercises in 3 sets, I’ll end up with 18 different workouts! That kinda messes up other apps I use to track heart rate zones & other stats, including Apple Health. And to make it worse, you MUST unable the Health app link to use the Watch app because it needs a workout session to stay active in the background on the watch. So.. needless to say, I only use this as a timer on the phone (which is sometimes a pain during a session) and have to use another app to actually track the workout :(
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5 years ago, Eemm1212
Doesn’t work anymore
I used to love this app. It was the only one I could find where I could created a specific name and time for each interval in a set and audibly spoke the name for each exercise when it started. It also gave a 3 second warning beep at the end of each interval to let you know you only had 3 more seconds in that interval. All of a sudden after several years of reliably working it has stopped! It doesn’t audibly say the name of the interval anyone and it doesn’t give the 3 second warning to let you know the interval is ending. Without those features nothing else significantly sets this app apart from all the other interval timers out there. Customer support wasn’t very helpful in fixing the problem as it’s still not fixed and they gave no ideas as to what might be wrong with the app. There are also other reviews of people complaining that the app all of a sudden stopped working and stopped giving audible warnings at the end of each interval.
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1 year ago, ReedMaid
Very useful for particular needs!
I couldn't find any other app that does what this does. Create a series of linked timers with text/color labels that will play automatically and sequentially to help manage tasks. I have used it to plan out an entire day of timed presentations at conferences where each segment must adhere to a strict schedule, with a predetermined gap between presentations. I have a workout routine that I have set up with timed segments and color coded similar segments such as all rest periods are green. I'm using to time segments for a physical therapy regimen, including pauses. Color coding and so forth. Once you create a timer you can edit every aspect of it including cut/paste functionality or dragging to reorder. Great app!
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5 years ago, SeptemberDjinn
Crappy tactics
This app could have been useful. You can customize timers to suit your specific needs but you can only use each timer once before you’re prompted to to pay $5 to use it again. You can’t even reuse the preset timers that come with the app without the same issue. So there’s really no point in putting in the effort to use the custom feature or try to use the presets. The developers are sure to let you know about this limitation but they burry the warning on the third page of information you have to click through the first time you open the app and in the second paragraph of the app description, which the user is actively required to open in order to see. The free version is basically useless. So why not just list the app as $5 to begin with? Because fewer people are likely to download a $5 app. I might have been interested in using the paid version but I think this is a pretty crappy business tactic, so I’ll take business elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Joane Joseph
I’ve had the Pro version of this app for over a year and has been working fine, but after a recent update, the app now crashes several times within a single workout. It usually lowers the volume of your background music when counting down between reps, but now the volume does not come back up sometimes, once it has been lowered. Also, sometimes it will not even beep to let you know that a rep is starting/finishing. This problem has only been present over the last couple of months since the recent update, but the developers have yet to resolve the issue. And based on other reviews I’ve read, I’m not the only one experiencing this problem. I even tried using their new Beta version to see if it would resolve the problems, but after a few uses started running into the exact same issue. The developers don’t seem like they will be resolving this issue anytime soon, so I suggest looking for a different product.
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4 years ago, beaudrybass
Makes workouts far easier and more fun!
This is the first app of this kind that I’m using. I choose this based on all of the great reviews. I love that you can customize your workout in any way including setting a half-way mark and listening to whatever music you want. Going from one exercise to the next I do find it helpful to change songs as it resets your mind to a new vibe for that one challenge that you’re currently on. I only wish there was a button to give you a 10, 20, or 30-second break between exercises to re-set for the next challenge. But that’s easy enough to do on your own by just adding a customized length in between exercises so you can re-set your position before starting the next one.
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6 months ago, Adam Alf
The only reason I wasn’t using this app all the time was that I didn’t understand how powerful it is. Your own creativity is the limit. I made a complete exercise routine followed by a meditation routine all with text to speech prompts. I’ve never found it so easy to stick to a daily habit. Also, the support is world class, which is pretty unusual and should help anybody who is on the fence about spending five bucks on an app (I did the in-app purchase, but the Pro version offers family sharing for the same price). Only criticisms are: 1. The app seems to mess up my ringer volume when it’s open in the background. 2. A more streamlined iCloud sync of timers between devices would be welcome.
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2 years ago, jhall99
Finally, someone developed what I’ve been looking for!
First off, I don’t write a review unless something really blows my skirt up. This app did that. This app has what I’ve been looking for, which is an app that lets me custom design interval training with rest that is simple to use and simple to track on my Apple Watch. Nike+ didn’t have it, Couch to 5K didn’t have it and the Apple fitness app didn’t have it. This app has it. You can create your own work out. You can cut, copy, and paste so you can duplicate a work out with changes. I created a running/jogging program with a warm-up and cooldown, as well as running and rest periods all in the program. All I have to do is click start. Genius.
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1 year ago, Eylassie
Easy to use, wish it wasn’t so hard to switch between this app and another app
Love the color coding, easy to set up, exactly what I was looking for with interval timing! My only complaints are: -it is hard to switch between this app and any other app for iPhones (versions without the circle home button). It always takes me like 5 tries to get the app to register that I’m trying to swipe between apps. It can be annoying if you’re trying to do something fast between workout sets. -my other complaint is the automatic volume adjustment. I’m usually listening to a podcast and using this app and it automatically lowers the volume of my podcast when I start the timer, making me have to stop my workout and adjust it.
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4 years ago, Elly216
This app makes the “workout” app crash or just not work
I want to use this app to time my HIT workouts but I also want to record my workout through the “Workout” app on the watch—-but after I finish my workout using the Seconds app, and then hit done, it gives me an error—-something about giving the app access in settings—-the error gives me the option to discard or dismiss. But only hitting Discard takes me out of the Seconds app. While my rings close, it does it not record the workout. I tried activating both the Seconds app and the Workout app at the same time, but after my workout the Workout app someone closed itself and did not record the workout. I’ve tried going online to see how I can “granted it access” and I’ve look everyone on the phone trying to figure it out, with no success. Can someone help please.
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4 months ago, PumpGirl54
Game changer
This app has changed my life as an instructor and coach. I use it when I am teaching my classes and coaching at OTF. Before this I spent a lot of time fumbling with and often messing up my stopwatch timer. It’s awesome that I can sync it to my Apple Watch. The only thing that would make it better would be if my Apple Watch stayed lit up the whole time the app was running instead of having to it in between intervals. Also, it would be great if it could run concurrently on my phone and watch at the same time. But these two things do not in any way distract from the incredible value, this app offers me. It has removed this most stressful element out of my job. Thank you!
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3 years ago, SH in AZ
Easy there, learn some UX
I took a look at one of the sample intervals, returned to the menu to look at another, went back to the first, and was hit by an inescapable “now you will upgrade for $4.99” screen that I had to hard-quit the app to escape. I didn’t upgrade because I was literally lying in bed while taking my first look around the app, and wasn’t sure that the interval sounds were going to be loud enough to work with my music. In other words, the trial period needs to be a little more reasonable so we can actually *try* the app. (Yes, I saw the “free trial” note before I started. Know what else I saw? Lots and lots of other HIIT apps in the store.) If all had worked out, I would have upgraded, but now I’m back here in the store looking for an alternative. Good luck, and don’t forget to test your app with real users and learn about how and when they will engage with it.
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7 years ago, dlm3 in TX
Great app, minor flaw
This app is great to use for solo training. HUGE help in keeping me going and timing each exercise as well as each rest period. Especially appreciate the voice prompts at the half way and end for each exercise. It has one minor flaw that I hope sees a fix in the near future. While I can cut, copy and paste timers from one folder to another, I can't rename a folder once created. It seems like a little thing, but everything else can be edited, so it would seem good to be able to edit folder names as well in the 'organize' mode by holding down on the item. (The workaround is to create a new folder with the correct name on it, then copy the contents from one to another and delete the original)
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6 years ago, Argella
Most flexible exercise timer app by far.
I've tried a whole lot of timer apps for directing me through my exercise routines so that I don't have to look at a list or remember the order. This timer is the only one I've found that not only can speak the interval names, but also lets you define rest times, number of repetitions of an interval, and marking an interval as split left/right for when you do the same pose or exercise on each side! I like how the interface is so simple, yet you can use it to build almost any kind of routine. It could be useful for other kinds of guided routines as well; it's designed for exercise, but I could also use it as a task/break timer, for example. Very handy app and well designed.
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4 years ago, CJMcTigue
Helps my workouts
Easy to customize for any workout. I use it for boxing rounds and the built in “boxing” audio adds a warning 3 seconds before the start of a round and 10 seconds before a round ends. // I would like a sound added to the “boxing” audio for the “half way” alert. // I also make each round a different color so I can look at my phone from across the room and know where I am in my workout without having to see the numbers (my sight is blurry when my glasses are off). This is also great because I want to do different rounds at different intensity levels so I color the rounds based on my HR zones. I’m happy I bought the full version so I didn’t have to keep recreating timers.
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5 months ago, AmuseReviewer2018
Works as intended, could use upgrades
I love this app! It’s mandatory to use for some of the fitness classes I teach but I honestly use it even when it’s not required just because it makes the flow of exercises so easy to manage. My biggest wish is that the app could sync between my iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch so I don’t have to always download the most recent cloud back-up for each device to keep my timers consistent. Like, sometimes I’ll create a timer on my phone but to get it to my iPad, I either need to publish it then download it from my iPad, or go into my SecondsPro settings from my iPad and download the most recent “iPhone backup” (which means having to re-download every timer that’s on my iPhone each time).
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4 months ago, Simondo34
This app is truly excellent. It’s well-designed, not overly complicated, and does exactly what I need it to do, every time. You can create your own intervals for HIIT training, or whatever you need them for. You can set the custom duration of the interval, as well as set its attributes (such as name/label, color, voice, haptic etc.). They also give you lots of presets, which work great. This app is exactly what I was looking for, as I have the option of hearing voice feedback using my AirPods, or alternatively sometimes I use it with just my Apple Watch, and feel only the haptic feedback (vibrations on my wrist), making it possible to use it in silence. 10/10 app, thank you!!
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4 years ago, Chinatimt
Excellent app- Needs tweaking
I use this app several times a week and it is worth the upgrade! You can customize just about everything and the display is nice and large, especially if you put your phone in the horizontal position. You can have beeps and alarms for the different periods in your workout including midway beeps. The sounds of the beeps and alarms can also be customized. This is where it needs tweaking. I like having a beep to alert me to the next stage but I wish it wouldn’t lower the volume of my audiobook for a couple of seconds during and around the beep. Adjusting the volume of the beeps would also be helpful. On the upside, there are numerous sounds to choose from, even different meditation style gongs are possible. In general, I love this app!!!
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11 months ago, CPTBecky
Been using it for years!
Certified Personal Trainer here. I’ve been using this app (and the versions it has been) for years. I use it for teaching circuit classes, for HIIT and LIIT training sessions, and for my own personal workouts. I love how customizable it is. I can plan and develop a workout for each client/ class before hand and can bang out a workday without shuffling through notes. It takes my eyes off the stop watch and keeps them on form, intensity, and safety. I always recommend it to new instructors and trainers. And by the time it comes to doing my own workouts, I no longer want to “think” with this app, I can just do and zone out with my own body.
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5 years ago, KRINZKOLO
Seconds app review
I’m big into jumping rope & I needed an app that I could plug in custom workouts into. I was using the Crossrope app but you can’t make custom workouts on it yet. Seconds does it all. Easy to use & read, clean interface with lots of cool custom color options. No lag loading time like some other apps. Being able to add any of your music to your interval workouts was a game changer for me. You can even have a different song for every interval and rest periods if you like. It’s super cool. It’s also fun making new workouts and building a collection in your folder to challenge yourself to dig deeper! Definitely worth the $4.99 price tag. Great work Seconds app developers. I’m a huge fan.
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1 month ago, AJrockstar
Free version is basically useless
All the 5 star reviews must be copied over from the paid version because the free version only lets you press start on your custom workout ONCE before you are prompted to upgrade to the paid version. Pressed start too early and realized you weren’t ready? Too bad! I pressed start and stopped the timer after 2 seconds, went to press start again and it wouldn’t let me use the timer without paying. It explicitly told me that free version users could only use their custom workout timers ONE TIME. The free version of an app is supposed to be an opportunity for new users to try out your app before they decide if they want to spend money on it or not. The current user experience for the free version is so frustrating… why would I pay to upgrade if I have no idea what I would be paying for, or what the app is actually capable of doing?
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8 months ago, PyramidProgram
Literally the best trainer and training tool I’ve ever had
I cannot give this app more stars. It is so highly functional and just playing around with it gives you everything you need. Being able to hold yourself accountable with a bell and a timer, and then being able to customize, those workouts is such an invaluable voice to have in your head Now that you can publish and share premade, and pre-loaded workouts, you can literally be in your clients ear every 30 to 45 seconds, coaching and guiding them on what to do and when to do it while not even being in the same country
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6 years ago, Kvcrhill
Great app
I love this app. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the voices are extremely low and hard to hear. Even with the ducking and inputting the music into the timer and keeping the volume all the way down, it’s very low and hard to hear. Usually the only way we know is because the change in music. I just wish it was a little louder. I am a fitness instructor and teach Tabata and interval classes where we need to be able to hear it over all the chaos. But I do love all of the options and being able to create compound timers. The options within the timers are endless. I have so many saved timers for several different types of workouts from running, cycling, Tabata, cardio and strength intervals, and much more.
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3 years ago, Chapelheel66
Very Flexible, but Hijacks Apple Fitness
Have always liked this timer, starting with free version and eventually buying. It is very customizable, with sounds, colors, different kinds of workouts, etc. You can sync your intervals from the iphone to the Apple Watch (not vice versa), and you get great functionality on the watch, if you just run Seconds on the Watch as your sole workout app. HOWEVER, if you run Seconds on the Watch, your normal Apple Watch Fitness/Activity app will not run (or will stop running). Seconds will write your heart rate to the Health app, but nothing else, and your Seconds workout will not help complete any Fitness rings, record calories in Fitness, etc. So basically, you give up the Fitness Watch app when using Seconds on your Watch. So I run Seconds on the phone, and Fitness on the Watch, but that undermines what I thought would be a huge benefit of having Seconds on the Watch (e.g., I wouldn’t have to take my phone on a run). So honestly, I was pretty disappointed that I paid for Seconds and it couldn’t work on the Watch with Fitness (or alternatively, write the same data TO Fitness that I would get with Fitness).
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4 years ago, Suz1875
Great app, good price and a developer that responds!
I use this for a water aerobics class and have found it perfect. I can program in each exercise and time and the app clearly says the name of the exercise. This frees me up to do the workout Instead of telling them what is next. Definitely worth the money to buy so you can develop different routines and not reenter each time. There are so many options to play with on each workout. Only negative is that it doesn’t sync to Different devices yet, the developer was very responsive to answering my questions. You can add it to another device following video direction .( I haven’t done it yet)
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6 years ago, Billnasia
You’re Missing-out
If you are not already using this one-of-a-kind app you’re missing-out. Go ahead and try the others. I’m serious when I SHOUT there are no others that compare. I’ve been in the fitness and health arena for nearly 11-Years and I’ve tried them all. Stationed here in Singapore (California-native) this is my go-to tool. The best thing s about ‘Seconds’ are: (1) the incredible intuitive voice prompts; (2) the music sync and external-play options; (3) the customisable+template choices and (4) the creators dogged follow-up on updates and bug-fixes. You just don’t get a company (and I believe it’s a two person team😃) to care this much. BOOM baby!!!
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7 years ago, Semibald
Excellent Workout Program
I tried Seconds for a couple of workouts before I bought. I do crossfit type of workouts in a gym class, but I needed something to keep me moving at a pressured, cardio pace when out of town. I found my old workouts saved when I bought the app, and I was able to modify and copy them. I also made myself an 11-minute warmup routine and a 14-minute stretching routine for cool-down. I've used it 3 times this week while on vacation, and it has worked as planned. A decent value for my needs. UPDATE: Still using this app occasionally 9 months out from buying it, and I still think it's excellent. Glad I bought it.
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6 years ago, Flawless82737284728
Does exactly what I need it to do
The functionality and design of this app works so well for me. I love that I have so many options for timers and I can customize them in just about any way that I can think of. I mix in two brand new HIIT work outs every week that I've never tried before - all of which require a timer. There is nothing worse than timing yourself while doing a new workout and having to fiddle with a regular timer or try to watch the clock. Instead, I use seconds to time my entire workout without having to do anything else. Big bonus is that the sounds of the app don't throw off your music 👌🏻
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4 years ago, oldsnwbrdr
Exactly what I needed. The app speaking out the next exercise is helpful so I don’t have to look at the phone while working out. It takes awhile to program my workouts. A one touch button to program a rest or transition would be nice. My workouts have rounds of circuits, so it would be nice if I could copy/paste the circuit so I don’t have to reprogram all the individual exercises and breaks a second or third time Maybe this functionality already exists but I haven’t seen it yet. I’d also like a version of workouts that work on reps rather than time. I could simply press a button to proceed to the next exercise or set.
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7 years ago, anonymonica
No more wasted minutes mid-workout
I absolutely love this app. I started with the free version but I am SO happy I bought the full version. I do circuit training and HIIT running and this has completely streamlined and optimized my workouts. My favorite feature is the text to speech function. No more looking at my phone fifty times during a workout to remind myself what exercise is next. That means minutes more of focused work out and high heart rate. I have also built out a bunch of saved circuits so when I go to the gym, I just press go and workout for forty minutes without ever having to look at my phone. Great app, 100% satisfied.
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