Sedona Hiking

Health & Fitness
4.6 (49)
165.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wasatch Technology Incorporated
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.5 or later
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User Reviews for Sedona Hiking

4.63 out of 5
49 Ratings
10 months ago, Robster2094
Get this app!
If you are hiking in Sedona this is the app to get. It is well worth the price. The inventory of hikes is impressive. The breadcrumb feature puts the app over the top. While trails have signs it is amazingly easy to lose your bearings. (Do we go left or right!?). A quick check of the breadcrumbed map will keep you from having to backtrack. This app has a “labor of love” feel to it given the work that has gone into it. Get the app and go explore!
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2 years ago, john92011
Absolutely TERRIFIC!
We’re in Sedona right now and this app is The Best! Have already used it for a couple of hikes, and it does everything it’s supposed to do. I particularly like the map to the trailhead, and the GPS function. The latter is a godsend; today we weren’t paying attention and took a wrong trail, and wondered why it was so long. Wrong trail!… and the GPS showed exactly where we were. This app is cheap at twice the price, don’t go hiking in Sedona without it!
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4 years ago, Miss Pookie
I HIGHLY recommend this great hiking app
This app is awesome for helping you track yourself against the trail, especially when the trail is not well-marked. The price-tag was well worth it, even for just my annual trip to Sedona. I highly recommend this app to read up on the various hikes you are considering doing. It has good detail on each of the hikes so you can see what the trail is about to determine if you want to take that hike.
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12 months ago, Bayou Bear
Great software!!!
Just did 5 days of hiking in Sedona. This app is amazing! Perfect app for tracking and monitoring hikes. The rating in the hiked trails is great for picking the best hikes for your capabilities, at 68 years old it was perfectly fine for our planning dates for hikes and sites. The shuttle to some hikes is a good add. Get a printed one to know when and where! Maybe the developer can add that as a resource. 😊
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5 years ago, Jay-Em-Aich
A must have for visitors to Sedona
With a few days in Sedona, I really wanted to do some hiking and see the sights. The problem is that there are an overwhelming number of trails to choose from. This app makes it easy to find a hike that fits anyone’s skill level and goes to the places that you want to go. I got way more than $5 worth of fun out of the app.
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6 years ago, Tbrennanil
Handy App, even for short trip
Was in Sedona for a week. Loved that driving directions included written description as well as link to driving app with GPS coordinates as destination. On the trail we wandered twice and app helped me get back to my intended hike. Also helped us know when I reached the end of my hike. Not always clear on trail. Thanks developer(s)!
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6 years ago, Darrell320
Outstanding App !!
I live locally to Sedona and hike the area on a weekly basis. I ALWAYS have this app open for wherever trail I use, as it shows me exactly where I am on the trail and whether I've drifted off the correct path - something that is easily done if you're not paying attention 😀. For the price, it is invaluable. Ps. The support and updates are very timely.
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5 years ago, Jnordstromaz
GPS feature keeps you on the trail
The Show My Location feature of this app is great and helps you to stay on the trail when the trail is not obvious. I think that many people don’t make it to the end of Brins Mesa (IMO one of the best hikes in Sedona) because it isn’t clear on the trail that there is more to the hike. This app will guide your way.
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3 months ago, Donnaanderson127
Great Sedona Hikes!
Recently visited Sedona and this app helped us find the right hikes for us. The app provided level of difficulty, duration and detailed descriptions of views. The live tracking kept us on the trails and helped us decide directions when trails would split. Worked perfectly!!
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3 years ago, djcmi
Well worth it
There are so many trails around Sedona and so many map sources. This tool was so easy to find a bike, read about it, select a level of difficulty, and to follow progress on the trail. If you will be hiking in Sedona you need this app.
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3 years ago, dahgahvah
Sedona trails
This app is wonderful. I love knowing exactly where I am on the map, and exactly how far away a given place is. The fact that you don’t need web access to use it is all the more reason to use it.
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6 years ago, frustrated finding nickname
Great App!
There are so many awesome trails in Sedona and this app made the hiking experience great. Information on trails and driving directions are super helpful. Being able to GPS your location is very cool.
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6 years ago, Mr ADK
I would like to see more of the adjacent trails named on the map in the immediate area of the location in which one is hiking, not just dotted lines, and not just an icon where the junction points are. The above is my only criticism up to this point. Opens great, downloads great, good info listed.
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5 years ago, sedonavisitor3
Love this app!
I have used this app multiple times on my iPhone to check and see if I took the right path - love that feature!
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4 years ago, Mad Gramps 5559
Sedona trail maps
This is a great app for checking out all the trails in Sedona. We visit once a year and love it. We use this app to prepare for our hikes.
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3 years ago, Unhappily travel
Horrible!!! Don’t waste your money!
This is a junky app! No photos, no map images, just crappy directions that you could do better with on your phone maps or yelp! I’m out $5 bucks so you don’t have to be. I think this guy is paying friends to post fake good reviews. There is no way anyone would use this!!
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2 years ago, Alamoejoe
Get the app
If you want to hike in Sedona safely…get the app. Lots of great features, well designed, very helpful.
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7 years ago, KirstenSally
We count on this app
We love this app when on the trails and to find trails we want to try. Great info!
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4 years ago, Phil - Nashville
Simply easy
Nice way to hike confidently and accurately
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5 years ago, jessicakiesz
Didn’t work
We were just in Sedona, we could not get the real time tracking of the trail to work. We hiked cathedral, chapel and bell rock and none of those trails functioned properly. The concept of this app is great. Would have given 5 stars if it worked properly.
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3 years ago, Bawana69
Terrible interface
Don't waste your money on this app. Terrible interface. Difficult to figure hikes out. Get All Trails instead.
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5 years ago, Runnin&Gunnin
Sedona Hiking
Awesome app!
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8 years ago, Marmek
Worth It
I'm cheap, but this was worth it. On the Shaman's Cave/Robbers Roost hike, it paid for itself. We thought we were on the right trail, but the wall traverse looked too dicey to be correct. We flipped on the app's "Show My Location" feature and realized we were in the wrong spot. That may have literally been a lifesaver. The only thing missing is the ability to add your own notes/ratings and perhaps export/print them for posterity or future reference. Update: I contacted the developer, who thought these were good ideas. He's hoping to include them in a forthcoming release.
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8 years ago, Long Live Maiden
Great app....gets the most out of your time in Sedona
Automatically puts the trailhead in Apple maps to get you from your hotel or wherever to the trailhead. Then maps your progress on the trail so you know exactly how much of the trail you've covered and how much to go. Highlights intersections with other trails, highlights the areas on each trail that have the best views so it's easy just to decide where to take pictures. Takes a little bit of learning when you first start using the app but really a great app that works exactly as it's advertised.
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9 years ago, Beamersooner
A Necessity for Sedona!
I'll start by saying that this app is worth more than the $5 price tag. We used this app for three hikes in Sedona: Cathedral Rock, Doe Mountain and Eagle's Nest. The location services when you don't even have cell service was GREAT while hiking. It kept us on the right path several times. The photos along the trail were very helpful for us to check that we were in the right place. The trail descriptions were spot on and the directions to trailheads were great. Make sure to download hikes you are interested in before you head out because cell service will be spotty! The only hiccup was when a bridge had been washed out recently at Eagle's nest, but the park rangers helped us get on track. Overall, I can't recommend this app enough. The $5 will save you lots of headaches on the AMAZING Sedona trails.
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8 years ago, Hiking Drew
Love it!
This app is great. Went to Sedona for the first time and was told about this app. Ended up using it the whole trip. We used the directions to trails the entire day and it saved us enough time to go on an extra hike. Plus, the picture feature was nice to confirm your location on trails. It was nice knowing we could always turn to this app if we had to. It's super crazy how it works without cellphone signal. Well done, and a Sedona must have!
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11 years ago, cntrydsny
Awesome Hiking App For Sedona
I thought 5 dollars was kind of high priced, but what you get in the app is great. To be able to route your way to the trailheads as well as map yourself while on the trails is an awesome feature. Great app, my only change would be have the driving directions natively go into the apple maps app and of you can use satellite imagery for the hiking map. Keep adding hikes and again it's an awesome app.
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11 years ago, Sedona Lover
Great idea
We are not what you would call avid hikers. This app helped us find the trail heads ( not always an easy task), but also helped us keep track of where we were, once on the trail, even when there was no cell coverage. Our time hiking in Sedona was much more fun, particularly when you know where you are and where you are going. Keep up the good work!
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9 years ago, TSP74
Very helpful
We arrived in Sedona with no set plans and no idea of the hikes to take. This app was ideal. Luckily we had the iPad to view the website to determine the hikes we wanted to download. After doing that we were set for our day. Good directions to the TH and accurate descriptions of the trail difficulty. I would highly recommend this app.
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11 years ago, thedudeinsedona
I wish it worked!!!
What a great idea, if only it worked. The app won't even open. I installed it, tried to open it and it just wouldn't open. Then I tried uninstalling it, re-installing it...still same thing. The same results on my I-pad. I have the required compatibilities. This is the first time any app I've purchased has done this. I'm not even sure what to do at this point as there is no contact info on their website. I gave it two stars because the idea is great and the company just rolled it out. I hope they fix the bugs. I wanna "take a hike!" with my new app!!!
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7 years ago, old time hiker
Works great
It's now been over 3 years since I first purchased this app and it just keeps getting better and better. The tracking is excellent, directions to trail heads are spot on and trail info is extremely helpful. Thank you for a really wonderful app to make Sedona's great hikes even greater!
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8 years ago, PapaBuck49
Must have for Sedona Hiking
I felt that relying trail maps was not sufficient for ensuring hiking success. I wanted something to ensure me that I was on the right trail. After 3 weeks and many trails, this device proved invaluable. At times you can be unsure of trail markers but this GPS device got me back on track. This is the best $5 I have spent here!
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10 years ago, KLBreen
Great Tool!
Used this app to make our hike list prior to our visit to Sedona. We've used it on four hikes now and the gps works great with the downloaded map on my iPhone 5. The written overview is very helpful. When you're on the trail you'll be happy to have this. The actual trails are not always well marked.
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11 years ago, Hiking chic pic
We bought the app and used it last week on numerous trails. It really came in handy with the trail directions. For example Jordan loop trail intersects many other trails and this app was fantastic in keeping us on the right trail! We just followed the ball! It's much easier to follow than the maps.
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11 years ago, Afwife14
Love this!
This app is a great idea. Some of the trails can be hard to follow, and with the trail junctions and directions this app really helps. The developer is very helpful and quick to help with questions. I can't wait till there are more trails.
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8 years ago, Nicholasmarley
Great app
Very useful and clear. It did a good job showing location on the trail and description very accurate. Also liked the link to driving directions.
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11 years ago, dannerville
Sedona hiker
Useful but does not have an overview map of the Sedona area. That would make it more easy to locate hikes. As it is you need to switch between apps to understand where you are & where the trailheads are located. - Elevation changes along the trail are really important!
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11 years ago, Kgkg1975kgkg
This app is the best!
It’s a no-brainer, this app is great! Makes the trails super easy to follow. It’s easy to see where I am on the trail and it’s quicker than using a paper map that is hard to read anyway. It’s the thing to have on the trails
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7 years ago, Mdlutz123
Go to app
This is our go to hike app every time we visit Sedona. It has been spot on in terms of difficulty. Love the tracking feature to help you stay on course.
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7 years ago, Deathbyhiman
Amazingly easy to use
Gps system works great! Got me back on the path a few times. Can't wait to use it again.
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7 years ago, good2bpr
Love this app
I'm new to Sedona, this app has helped me feel comfortable on the trails by my self. It shows me where I am on the trail as well as off the trail.... still learning...🙌
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7 years ago, Ajavss
Awesome app
Really great for people trying to find different trails in Sedona! Also great driving directions to find trail heads as well!
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7 years ago, Mcph6547892
This is my go to app for hiking in the Sedona area
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10 years ago, rdtnyc
No more location on map
This was a very helpful app, but with the latest update the location services on the trail maps no longer function, removing one of the most useful features.
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10 years ago, Ivyleigh
Horrible! Doesn't work!!!
This app doesn't work. It is slow to download each hike, individually, and then when I try to pull the hike up, I get an error saying it has been updated and to download again... still doesn't work even then. How do I get a refund???
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9 years ago, J/\cob
Horrible app. Poorly done and a waste of money. Please go to the visitor center and access the wonderful free paper maps that clearly show trails, trailheads, distances and more!
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10 years ago, 603mamasita
Great overview
I found this app to be moderately helpful. Experienced difficulty requesting specific hikes.
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11 years ago, MikeM57
Great idea but disappointing implementation
Hike descriptions are ok but map is terrible and could not place me at all during an 8 mile hike. :(
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11 years ago, berettajaz
does not include all trails
very few trail heads. not worth the price.
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