SeizAlarm: Seizure Detection

Health & Fitness
4.5 (1.5K)
45.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
SeizAlarm, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SeizAlarm: Seizure Detection

4.49 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
2 years ago, KauffOff
Solid - but glitchy
This app has worked pretty well so far! My only issue is that there’s this glitch that happens. When your watch thinks it feels the seizure motion, it starts the “countdown” until help is called, but occasionally the app glitches and you can’t see the cancel button. Even if you click stop monitoring or close the app it still counts down from 30 seconds and then alerts everyone on your list. Better safe than sorry, but this has happened to me multiple times already and I feel bad that I have to text everybody on my list immediately to let them know it was a false alarm. If you can fix this bug, I’d give the app 5 stars!
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2 years ago, dbyowtf
Has saved my life
This has saved my life more than once so far. Once with a series of seizures originally starting as focal aware seizures so the app goes off but I can dismiss it but then after around 15-20 I had a tonic clonic and was rushed to hospital. I had a number of tonic clonic seizures in between and was put on diazepam. They found out that after all the seizures that I suffered a minor stroke and that I was positive for Covid. Early detection in general saved me and although it’s tough to recall all other events because of the stroke recovery, it’s helped numerous times. I have lupus and have also been diagnosed with anti phospholipid syndrome and a number of other rheumatoid diseases. Typically this app gives me a good warning by telling me when I’m having focal aware seizures that would normally go unnoticed and would lead to a tonic clonic if I didn’t take more medication or rest for a moment. People had been saying that I would mix words around and not make any sense and I would have this sensations of needing to stare or nod in some situations.
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11 months ago, Alisform
Kills battery life!!! Terrible for overnight monitoring!!!
I chose this app because it seemed like the best one for tracking seizures overnight. (Many are for monitoring but you have to start the minute when you have an aura, which I don’t have.) Unfortunately the battery would barely make it through an entire night. I would charge to 100% at midnight & wake up at 6am with 8% left & the app off. When I emailed - multiple times!!! - I was told to turn off all background app refresh settings. I was also told to turn off heart rate monitor - which the app is supposed to monitor. I was also told to turn off wifi - which was how the gps works, which is also part of the app. Doing all that, got me *still* barely 8 hours. And on top of all that, the connection to the phone - part of the app - would also drain the phone battery. I woke up a few times with an almost dead watch & an almost dead phone & the app off. The whole point - for me - was sleep monitoring & the app couldn’t do it. Honestly I don’t even know if it works. It only ever went off once on its own (not a test) & I was washing my hands. So I don’t know if I ever had a seizure. Did I not or did it not catch it? No idea.
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1 year ago, Garrett Erwin
A Necessary Sense of Security
This is a long review, but I am so fortunate to have SeizAlarm in my life. I am a 29 year old with an epilepsy diagnosis that came out of nowhere at the age of 20, with no family history. It was all new to me and my family. I refuse to let it stop me from being independent in every way possible, but I have to rely on certain things like public transportation to get certain necessities and I am often alone at home, at work, or walking outside. I recently moved closer to home, but I lived in New York City for 6 years. SeizAlarm offers a sense of security, and utilizing it on my AppleWatch turns it into a potential life saving device. Riding the subway or walking on the streets of Manhattan/Brooklyn have been very dangerous for me with my health concerns, but this product gave me some reassurance that I could alert someone and get help from those around me if necessary. SeizAlarm gives me and my family (especially my parents) some relief with the features it offers. It notifies them if I fall or if I’m having a seizure, sending the GPS coordinates, etc. so they know to contact me - which is also a nice check in. Even though they might not be local, they know where I had an “episode” and they can contact my nearby family/friends to get to me and make sure the emergency services are in the right place too. It may seem pricey, but in my HONEST opinion, it’s a worthwhile investment to know I can get help if I’m alone and in need.
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4 years ago, Mikayla
Amazing app
I had an embrace/empatica watch stop working without any indication that it had stopped working until I had a seizure. I would never trust *that* product again so I took the jump to get an Apple Watch SPECIFICALLY for this app and I have to say it’s the best decision I’ve made. I do need to reach out to support though - had an issue where I couldn’t cancel the alert because the button wasn’t working? But I just want to say for anyone wondering? I basically dropped $500 (that frankly I don’t have the money for - but it’s for my safety and again I would never trust a product that stops working with no indication at all possible to know..) for this and it’s been worth EVERY penny. Thank you to the developers and every good review convincing me that the extremely large purchase was good enough only to have it proven approx a day after with another breakthrough seizure. You guys are amazing!
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6 years ago, •baby #1 on the way•
Super App
It’s the best seizure tracking app ever and the only one I use. I love the all of the features but alert feature is awesome and really really helpful when all of the sudden things start happening and you need to notify someone quick! I use it with my Apple Watch and it has been great. I have had to send alerts out a few times and it works amazingly at notifying your loved ones. And if you don’t want to pay for the alert feature, the tracking log is amazing and it’s COMPLETELY FREE!! I even put in my weird new symptom so I can talk to my doc about them Bc I’ll never remember by the appointment. Lol So I put it in my log and then I can tell him what day it was, how long it may have lasted, and remember what happened. The whole set up is just great and it has gotten better with every update. I love you seizure app. Thanks for being my little helper!
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5 years ago, Three-Gallon Allan
Thanks SeizAlarm!
I’ve had 14 grand mal seizures in the last 16 years of my 34-year life, which is not too many compared to some of the more unfortunate amongst us. Living with a seizure disorder is not easy—my neurologist looked at me point blank the other day and said, “seizures kill people”— but if you, like me, suffer from a seizure disorder, there are ways to protect yourself. 1) Sleep well. And I mean as much as you can. 2) Exercise. A lot, get your blood moving, more oxygen may cause a fire, but not in your brain. 3) Use the SeizAlarm app. I’ve been a loyal user for several months now. It’s quite discreet, no one needs to know you use it, and fully automated. I use it with the Apple Watch, which is waterproof so it goes in the shower with me. I really like that it’s on a timer, so you have a minute-and-a-half to turn off any outgoing help messages, before the system kicks in and texts/calls/emails (your choice) anyone on your contact list. There’s also the “get help immediately” button, in case you feel an aura. Honestly, I think people without seizure disorders could use that as a panic button or emergency button, but that’s getting off-topic. Anyway, thanks SeizAlarm, not only for me, but for the sense of security it’s given my family too! Cheers, Allan H
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4 years ago, HawkMcleod
Does not alarm on phone.
If you think the very good alarm sounds you configure to play in the App will be made on a phone that a parent can monitor, prepare to be disappointed. They play on the watch itself, which your child will be wearing across the house somewhere. You’ll get a phone call from god knows where, so I hope you don’t screen your calls/texts, or worse, god forbid, accidentally set your phone on silent, or activate sleep mode that turns off notifications. This does not make any type of emergency or uniquely identifiable sound or alert on the phone itself. We are a still using it—we’ve now invested hundreds of dollars into the hardware, but underwhelmed by this discovery. I’d have thought a push notification would have been sent to the phones of contacts to set off unique unsilencable emergency alerts, at least as an option. That is not the case.
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2 years ago, __ashleybabyy__
I love the app and the peace of mind it brings my family. I wish they did have a choice for a lower motion detection. I have a toddler so constantly moving does constantly trigger the alarm causing me to have to stop and click “false alarm” quite often. I was able to get over that. I understand it may need to be more sensitive than I want just to be safe. My BIG ISSUE lately is the fact that I won’t even have the app turned on and it’s notifying the people on my contact list that I had a seizure. It’s happened multiple times. My emergency contacts now know to ask “false alarm?” because this has happened too many times. Great app. Great concept. Just please address this. I don’t want to have to delete it but I’m not willing to pay $15 a month for constant false alarms when the app isn’t even turned on.
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5 years ago, Themusicman08
Don’t bother purchasing this app
So I am a bit confused when it comes to this application and looking at all that it does with in the App Store and it’s so called description of the app. When you get the app, it says that it’s free. When you sign up, you better look at the FinePrint especially those who use voiceover. It informs you that you get a two week free trial of the application and then have to pay for it. Why in the world would you get an app that supposed to be free and then turn around and pay for it? There should be two versions of the app. There should be a free version with in app purchases, then there should be a paid version of the application. I am very dissatisfied at what the developer is trying to do. You’re trying to get money for a free app and in the sign-up process you’re basically scamming people. In my opinion, this is not good business. Especially for those who have seizure disorders.
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4 years ago, Alld48
Helps me out so much way easier than texting
This app really helps me out by making it easy for me to notify my parents when I’m not feeling well and having partial seizures. I’m able to just hit a button and have my parents know I’m not doing well so that they can come give me medicine and watch me. It’s so much easier than having to try to type out a text or go try and find them while having partial seizures. If you get really bad seizures and have people around who assist you when you aren’t doing well I really suggest getting this app. It makes it so much easier for people to come help you sooner.
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5 years ago, Sue Byczko
A true lifesaver!
This app is AMAZING! I bought this app for my son who is non-verbal and has epilepsy. His seizures vary between convulsive to tonic so the heart rate feature is exactly what we needed. This app alerts me via phone calls and texts (user defined) to a change in his heart rate, either high or low (user defined limits) and/or convulsive movements recorded on his Apple Watch. This app is peace of mind for every parent whose child has seizures! The cost is more than reasonable for the services it provides! I purchased the whole year as I am that confident that it fit our needs. Thank you for an amazing app. Here’s to a full nights sleep.
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3 years ago, futuregaming26
Pretty good app but quickly became a nightmare
I just downloaded the app so we could keep track of me and incase an actual emergency it would let someone know. After setting up the app I was worried about it going off at the wrong time but I decided to give it a chance. I was in the car and the second I moved the alarm went off and I had to quickly disable it cause I didn’t know who it would call and I didn’t want emergency services to show up over using an app. So I automatically deleted it less than 5 seconds. I don’t hate the app It’s just not for me cause I wouldn’t want to get in any trouble over using an app and prevent someones life getting saved.
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6 years ago, tcmtravel
Best app for heart rate seizure alerts
My daughter takes 4 epilepsy medications that keep her convulsions low during seizures however does not stop the actual seizures. Her seizures are caught by the increase in heart rate. This app is the only one I have found that reliably alerts me when her heart rate begins to increase at night. We have been able to step in and administer medication for seizures we otherwise would not have known were happening unless we were looking at her at that moment. The Apple 4 watch battery life is lasting 8-9 hours where the series 1 and 2 were only about 4 hours.
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5 years ago, rogerthebutcher
Feed back!
I was really excited to get this app. Unfortunately when I turn on the monitor on my watch it does not able to view my home screen. The only thing that will show when I turn my watch up to look at the time is the seizure app screen. I have not been able to fix this issue. The only way to get my Watch to work normally is to turn off the monitor. That kind of defeated the purpose. I like my watch and would like to use it as well as the app any feedback would be wonderful I hate to have to not use it
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2 years ago, haleysalami
Major questions!?
Hello! I am confused when I select “start monitoring” on my Apple watch it tracks it as activity, showing I’ve been standing all night long?! Do I need to click “select monitoring” for it to pick up a seizure? Or can I leave that off so I’m not tracking a “workout” for 8hr while I sleep!? Excited to use this for peace of mind. Diagnosed with epilepsy this week after my first grand mal… I’ve been having auras / partial awareness seizures almost weekly for YEARS now. Update: I am no longer using due to activating fitness while monitoring, I track my sleep through my watch so I cannot leave this on or it won’t track my sleep quality, and quite frankly ruins every other metric on the watch (my calories burned is off by 500cal+, my stand hours shows I’ve stood all day, and have been working out all day/while it’s on… this defeats the purpose of an Apple Watch…). Somehow my watch can perfectly track my sleep (with an app!) without showing as a workout. Why can’t this app?!
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5 years ago, Bizco17
Bought it 1 day before a seizure
My wife was skeptical and we were deciding between this and a competitor but so glad we went with this. I bought an Apple Watch specifically to help if I had a seizure alone and the next day I did. My wife was alerted right away and called me and came right home. This app and watch give me confidence that is hard to come by with epilepsy. Any doubts that I had that it wouldn’t catch my seizures is gone. Never will I be without it again. It does drain the battery pretty fast but it shows exactly where you are via GPS which is crucial so that will improve with future Apple Watch versions and possibly updates. Thanks Seizalarm!!!!!
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4 years ago, Mdclvr805
Breath of fresh air
Our family loves this app for our son as it brings a sense of relief for us at night. However, after the recent update, we’ve been having trouble with it going off even when he hasn’t moved at all. Also, the disable manual help request button seems t not be working. I have it turned on, but when I’m swapping his watch with mine, to avoid battery dying, i accidentally press the help now button and it goes off. We didn’t have this issue before.
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2 years ago, a.well1008PDN
Detect a seizure.
I keep trying to renew my subscription for the month to month payment and it keeps saying that the month to month could not be found. How can I do the month to month payment when it keeps telling me that it can’t be found? I like this app. But I can’t wash my hands without it going off, I can’t put my phone in my pocket without it going off, put my phone down, pick up my son or toss and turn in bed. I like that when I actually do need help I can just press a button on my watch. It sends help signals without giving me the option to stop them or without even letting me know that they have been sent. I can’t walk fast without sending off a signal that I am having a seizure. How do I fix that????
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5 years ago, Crzymom24
Drains battery
I would not recommend this app to anyone. I wish I could give it a better review. I am epileptic, I have an alert service animal but I wanted this as an extra line of security. I have a series 5 Apple Watch and I went to bed with my watch at 73% and I woke up to a dead watch. That pretty much defeats the purpose since mine are nocturnal mostly. Wish I hadn’t shelled out for the whole year because now I am out all that money and I have an app that is basically useless to me. Would not recommend if you want your series 5 to last more than 4 hours with it running. Live and learn don’t pay the year because then you lose a lot more money!!! If you are going to use this for nocturnal seizures DON’T!!!
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5 years ago, Rick Pompa
Very interested in buying this cool app
I like what I’ve seen in the screenshots and read in the reviews. The only drawback to buying this app are how people says it drains your battery. I am pretty active and taking the transit system from place to place. I would hate to purchase this app and have it kill my battery while I’m out and God forbid, I seize with no way to alert any of my contacts. My deciding factor to purchasing this app is when will this issue be fixed?
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5 years ago, Dmartinez1990
Watch detects but not communicating
I’ll change my review but there isn’t a phone number to call and it’s kind of an important app for people, you would think you could talk to someone to help you. My watch is registering my seizures but it’s not communicating to my caregivers and they aren’t showing on the phone either. I live alone and specifically bought the watch and the app instead of empatica watch, but I’m giving this about another month and I’m going to another product. When i came out of my seizure and stopped the watch from communicating, that’s when my caregivers finally found out I had a seizure, 20 minutes too late, I then had a second seizure 20 minutes later, more of the same.
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4 years ago, Lex🤟🏼
👍🏻Very Good👍🏻
Today is my first day with the application and it is definitely very good. The only bad thing is that it is very sensitive. I recommend that you lower the sensitivity a bit because already in 5 with any movement it is activated (you can do it manually.) In my country there are some earthquakes and this confused it with one😅. But, emergency calls and messages to a family member (or more) definitely works. I recommend the application.😄
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3 years ago, DrIMFubar
Great product; exceptional service
Adult onset tonic – clonic seizures had me worried about nocturnal seizures because of the severity I experienced. When I understood what the app was measuring and how the interface worked, I was relieved and very happy with SeizeAlarm. If the online help hasn’t explained it for you the customer service reps are extremely helpful. Well worth it for the peace of mind, easy to use app, and superior customer service.
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6 years ago, Party Shuffle
Worked very well
My adult daughter installed this app having very recently had her first seizure. We installed the app on Tuesday and got her an Apple Watch on Wednesday with the sensitivity set at moderate. That night at midnight she had her second tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure in her sleep . SeizAlarm detected it and I immediately started getting notifications via phone, text and email. This has already given me a great relief knowing I can be aware and that she needs assistance. Well done.
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1 year ago, 63Fast
Seize-Alarm is the Boom!
My son got me an Apple Watch and the Seize Alarm because I was having seizures quit often and was at home by myself. It has been a life saver ! I would recommend it to anyone that has seizures. It will alert your family members when you are having a seizure! Thank you Seize Alarm for always being there for me and my family!
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2 years ago, Theamarie89
Great concept, lots of bugs
I absolutely love the concept of this. I have POTS and Epilepsy so I set my heart rate alert to be over 130 as my normal resting rate is in the low 100s medicated. I have so many false alarms every day and despite me hitting the false alarm button, the alarms would not shut off. My emergency contact kept getting calls and my watch and phone were going off while I was driving. It was extremely overwhelming and unsafe. There needs to be a better way to dismiss the alarm BEFORE people are alerted and worried. Just a simple button right there! If there is one, it did not work at all.
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4 months ago, 07sidearm
Excellent and very reasonably priced
Adjusting the motion and heart rate sensitivity eliminated false alarms. My daughter turns it off if she’s doing vigorous activities. Customer support was very quick and helpful. Allowed me to sleep at night knowing I would be alerted to seizures.
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6 years ago, hcolvin1
Connection to Location Services Turns Off
I liked the features and the fact that the Phone/Watch would pick up seizure activity, ie: shaking. However, when I tested it the app was not staying connected to the location services so my location was not sent to my contact. The developer told me to re-install the app. No luck! After over an hour on the phone with Verizon and then Apple it was determined to be a developer issue that needs to be resolved. Pointless for me to have an emergency notification system when I’m having a seizure if nobody can find me! I hope the issue gets resolved.
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2 years ago, Asandler
You should be ashamed of gouging
The price on this is not affordable for some of the people who would benefit from this. I know you’re going to reply with a canned response that it’s cheaper than wearables, but difference is, insurance can pay for those. $150 a year…really? Make it affordable and help save lives and not make it about extracting as much ROI from customers as you can. At the very least, work with organizations like the epilepsy foundation to bring this to those that may not have the money yet could benefit from this.
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5 years ago, Concerned Expert
This app is NOT cleared by FDA and it falsely claims seizure detection when it has not been able to demonstrate safety of use or accuracy of detection to the FDA. There are two proven safe and accurate seizure alerting devices on the market, Embrace by Empatica and Speac by Brain Sentinel. While no alerting device is 100% perfect, The FDA has done MUCH more extensive testing than any person reporting a review, who may be largely employees of SeizAlarm. FDA clearance reports are publicly available. Also the other devices have MUCH better battery life and many other nice features. Please do not trust your life to this non-validated device!
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11 months ago, mmm22222222332
Doesn’t Work
Downloaded this for my husband, who was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. Just the other day, he had a tonic-clonic seizure, during which he fell, hit his head, had significant movement during his seizure, and had a heart rate spike of 126. Despite having the app on his Apple Watch set to the most sensitive levels (with a heart rate notification of 116), no alarms went off and I never received any sort of notification whatsoever that he was seizing. Unless I’m missing something, that renders this app entirely useless.
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5 years ago, Lover of dogs and this game
Alarming me
The app has worked great so far and is really reassuring when I’m home alone but I wish that it would alarm me whenever I accidentally hit the help now button. Because as everyone else was freaking out about me needing help I was sitting on the couch watching videos on my phone completely clueless. And if it does alarm I wish there was a way to make it more known to myself
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1 year ago, CanadianRabbit
Do I have to keep the app open at ALL TIMES for it to work? That’s very frustrating if that’s true. Can it not just be on in the background? When I click out of it I hear a loud ding, and get a message that says “background monitoring shutting down, restart app to continue.” Why is that? Please respond to let me know.
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1 year ago, Cml20
It has potential…
I live alone so I wanted something that would help me especially when I’m sleeping. I found this and decided to give it a try. I only used it a few times during one month. I was using the app on my Apple Watch 8 and it would drain my battery so much I would have to charge it twice a day. You’re able to adjust the sensitivity. The app does have potential. For the price, it’s not worth it.
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4 years ago, czhao90
Had a seizure while wearing my Apple Watch and iPhone in pocket, heart rate in the 150s and it didn’t alert at all. I looked through my data and saw my heart rate in the low 40s to high 140s multiple times and those are way below and above the parameters I set it too on high sensitivity and again, for the entire two months I’ve been using this as a safety net it’s never alerted anyone about any of these things it was supposed to. Customer support didn’t help at all either.
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1 year ago, Sabbie Cat
I love this app not only does it give me some of more freedom to be on my own but it give family and friends peace of mind.
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5 years ago, sollife20
Battery life
I was excited to get this app for my seizures! But I have nocturnal seizures and the watch dies even if fully charged when I go to sleep. I wake up and the watch is off. So this is useless since my seizures happen while I sleep! Will you be able to fix this problem!! I really hope you can. If not I will probably return the watch!
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1 year ago, Jbu420
Did not detect seizure
The idea of this app is great, it did give me peace of mind knowing if my daughter did have another seizure that we would immediately be notified, except, we weren’t. Fortunately her dad was with her but we both quickly realized that no alert came with her seizure. As much peace in mind it brought initially doesn’t matter anymore, just like the disease, there is no peace of mind. No point in having the app if it didn’t detect her seizure.
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2 years ago, FancyLudwig
Always going off for me
Too many false positives to be useful to me. I haven’t had a real seizure in a year, but this app was going off 3 and 4 times s night as well as through the day to the point that my wife just stopped checking on me when the alarm would sound.
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2 years ago, JHasovic
Using the sick to fill their pockets.
I had big hopes for this. I need an app for my kid that recently started having seizures. However the price is ridiculous. This company is using the sick for their own greed. I am not getting this for the reason that my Apple Watch won’t fit on my 5 year old. But I wonder how many people have to get this because they have no choice. Shame on you.
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7 years ago, Ladygagagagaa
I love the idea of this app. But after it was working for 2 days for me, it has stopped working completely and won't turn on the motion sensor, the app just shuts down. I actually bought a iWatch for this app to give my family a sense of security and me some idea when a seizure is coming on since this is all new to me. Hopefully they update the app and soon :/
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4 years ago, Heather. NY
Kills your device quickly!
I downloaded this and within 8 hours I deleted it. This drained my battery on my watch very quickly, and my watch was dead when I woke up and it usually last a day and a half. It can’t help me if it drains the battery so bad my device shuts off while I am asleep. I guess back to the old way that is fool proof. My husband watching, timing, and logging these things for me. Disappointed.
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4 years ago, ireviolin
Never worked correctly
I had multiple seizures while running this app on my Apple Watch and it never sent out an alert. It did, however, send out an alert while I was buying ice cream (my heart rate went to low) and other activities, like washing dishes, because of the rhythmic motion. After multiple misfires and non-fires I finally downloaded Inspyre. It hasn’t misfired so that is good, we shall see what happens with the next seizure.
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1 year ago, MistyS_TN
Didn’t Even Get to Use It
App on the watch will not sync with the phone app. Just spins forever. Not sure if that’s just a flaw with the free trial but certainly not paying for the app if I can’t even get it to work. Bummer - was looking forward to using this for piece of mind but will go with something else.
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1 year ago, Kale Potter
Won't let you cancel the trial
It isn't considered a subscription unless you're finally charged for it. I like that the one time I remember to cancel a trail of a subscription and it actually will not let me until they take 15 dollars from me. I expect this from a terrible game on the app store, not from an app that has to do with someone's health. I'm very disappointed.
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4 years ago, simon the train guy
Doesn’t work
My son had a seizure for another 15 seconds and the app did not register this from his watch—when I looked into it I needed a subscription (?) After setting up the subscription my son had another seizure in front of me. I cared for him—the event lasted about 4 minutes and the app recorded NOTHING. I literally watched this event happening and the app recorded nothing on his watch. So not waste your money
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3 months ago, John4455
Good, but drains battery.
This app is very good. The problem is that it will drain your phone overnight, so if you have an early. Morning seizure you are out of luck. I’ve contacted the company a couple of times but they were not much help.
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2 years ago, algomes85
Closing app
The app was working ok until tonight. I can’t monitor my son because the app keeps closing as soon as I open it. I have re started my phone and also uninstalled and re installed the app
Show more
2 years ago, Latinogpd79
Sensitivity Levels
No many how many times I adjust the levels the alarm still beeps when it shouldn’t and I have to put it as a false alarm. I sent a request to cancel my trial before payments start but no response to my emails. They need to have a phone number to call for this reason.
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