Sesh Fitness: By Katy Hearn

Health & Fitness
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User Reviews for Sesh Fitness: By Katy Hearn

4.77 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
5 years ago, jcrow1224
I wrote my previous review below just shortly after purchasing the 2018 Spring Promo. Since then I have competed in the 2018 Summer Challenge and purchased the Workout Generator. I still love the app and use generator every time I go to the gym. I do wish the workout generator had a feature that would allow you to indefinitely ignore a certain workout if you’re physically incapable of doing it so that it won’t pull that into your mix again. It seems like the “Choose Another” gets stuck on pulling in the same workouts over and over. For example, I probably had to randomize 20-25 times until it finally pulled in the cable hamstring curl I was looking for as part of my workout. Or, it would be so cool if you could scroll through a list and pick the combination of workouts you wanted instead of the random selection. I saw they are working on a way for the app to track amount of weight used as well, can’t wait!!! For a startup app I’ve been really impressed and can’t wait to see what new features come this year!!! Spring 2018 Review: Absolutely love the app! I purchased the spring promo workouts and I love the organized workouts and video access. Makes for an easy transition to the next workout. I only hope enhancements come in the future to note weight on each workout and hold your place as you complete the weeks and relaunch the app each time. Overall, this turned out to be a great app. Thank you so much Katy & Hayden!
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1 month ago, Mdc18
Here since 2018
I started my first challenge ever when Katy Hearn still had printable PDF’s. I did the first challenge that ever rolled out with the Sesh app and it changed my life, formally known as “Fit By Katy”. This app has changed my life. If you’re wanting a workout program that is easy enough to follow through but hard enough to really challenge you and get you lasting results - this is it. The premium subscription gives you access to all past challenges and a workout generator for those days you just need a quick plan. With challenges, you can do coached or uncoached - giving you an easy check in process. The app has a macro calculator where you can calculate your macros too. And not to mention the support community behind this app - the fb group alone is enough of a reason to get this app!! The support is unwavering and you’ll never feel alone. Intimated by the gym? No problem. The app has a built in “at home” replica of the gym material so you can do solely at home, at gym, or switch it up as needed. Seriously this has everything you could ever need - workouts are geared towards women too so don’t be worried that this is a strict bulking program. You can choose your goal from lose weight, maintain and gain muscle too. Don’t let the pink pretty colors and layout fool you though - this app will get you right! Go ahead and check out the before and after pics and download now!
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1 year ago, natasharomero
I am just finishing up my first 8 week coached challenge through this app and it has been life changing! The way I eat, see food i.e. relationship with food, move, and feel has all changed due to this app and the challenge. This app’s functionality is great and they are constantly updating and looking at their user’s needs and suggestions. I think this is amazing and there are many updates to come that I’m really excited for. If I wasn’t doing a challenge there are subscription options too, and you can get so much from those. This app and the Fit By Katy team are top-notch. If you want a healthier life style change and accountability, this super easy and excellent functioning app is where it is at! May Update- FBK started daily check in which has been awesome! At first there was issues but the team actually cares and worked hard to fix everything quickly! Now it is super reliable and a great way to track progress and stay accountable. They’re always making new changes and will soon be coming out with a different type of program I’m excited for! They’re always using evidence based plans and constantly upgrading to the best. I feel like they really take into account what their girls want in their reviews/surveys and the science that gets results and the best health possible. I’m so excited to keep going with this app/programs/community.
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3 years ago, Senior Womp
So easy to use!
I just finished the Summer 2021 challenge. It was my first FBK challenge and I saw a lot of progress. I felt stronger each time I worked out, I lost 7 pounds, and I lost so many inches. I love this app because everything is so easy to keep track of. You’re able to track how many sets you’ve done, how much weight you lifted, and how many reps you’ve completed so you don’t get confused or lose count. When you’ve completed the exercise it automatically switches to the next exercise which keeps you working out and you don’t have to click around to figure out what’s next. I did notice that some of the videos didn’t match up with the descriptions, but I used those videos as modifications of I couldn’t quite do that exercise yet (spider flys 💀). Otherwise I love how everything is there in the app. I love the short video tutorials for some of the exercises as well, it saves time looking for explanations for the moves. Giving others the ability to purchase past challenges is so great as well because it keeps people busy between the challenges and it gives them something to follow. I love that there are different subscription levels as well making it so people still have the ability to complete Katy Hearn workouts at different levels of affordability. Overall, great job Katy and team!
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2 years ago, Lynsuuyyhh
A beginners dream!!
I don’t give 5 star reviews often, but FBK absolutely deserves one. I recommend this app to any of my family and friends who are looking to start their fitness journey but they are nervous/unsure where to start. There’s options for everyone within the app and everything is self guided. Being a fresh mother of a newborn, I needed the extra accountability and signed up for a coached challenge. This app was SO incredibly helpful with beginning my fitness journey post partum. Not only does it provide you with both in home and gym work outs, but it also provides you with videos of each work out and additional proper form videos if you are lifting in the gym. As someone who is easily intimidated, this empowers me in the gym as I feel that even if I’ve never completed a work out on a specific piece of equipment I have a personal coach in the palm of my hand to guide me through it whenever I need to. I also cannot say enough praise to my actual coach within the challenge, Coach Shae! She is incredible and is wonderful at working with a newly post partum mother who is breast feeding. She continues to make sure I’m getting enough macro intake to help me with my milk production and has given me extra pointers on rebuilding my abdominal wall post delivery. I’m so ready to continue to be a challenger with FBK for the years to come!
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2 years ago, ShannonPoole
Life changing in more ways than one
When I first started Fit by Katy I had no experience working out. I decided I wanted to make a lifestyle change but didn’t know where to start. The app helped me immensely in more than one way. I had 0 ideas beforehand how I would create a weekly workout for the gym. This app gave me exercises to follow along with videos on how to do them properly! After a few weeks I decided to join my first ever challenge. Because of Covid I did the at home uncoached version, & in doing so I lost 53lbs within 6 months. Not only did I lose a lot of extra weight, I gained a new lifestyle physically & mentally. I was able to go from never working out to 5X a week. I was emotionally & mentally in such a better place when everything was so dark. After getting pregnant with my last child & being sick the whole time I had fallen off the bandwagon. I have decided to start up another challenge & I cannot wait. I am not focused on the numbers on the scale this time. I know by the end of the 8 weeks with a coach (though it’s possible without) I will see & feel a difference physically & emotionally. To be the best mom & version of myself for me, this is what I need to do. I highly recommend any fit by Katy challenges or using the app to generate workouts for your week. It’s life changing!
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3 years ago, HannaB23
Worth the money!
I’ve done 3 challenges with FBK now and they all have been challenging. I’ve been at different fitness levels each time and they cater to such a wide variety of fitness levels. I did one challenge about 3 months postpartum, coached, so they could adjust my macros. The coaches were wonderful and so helpful and encouraging. I also did an uncoached challenge at about 9 months postpartum and was much stronger and in-shape but the workouts were still challenging. During the challenge, you have the option of home or gym workouts, which has been very nice during the pandemic and with being a first time mom with a husband that works 24 hour shifts. Even when you’re not doing a challenge, the app is super helpful and user friendly. You can enter your weight, rep, and set count, which is shown the next time you do the workout so you remember what you did the previous time. You can also choose home or gym workouts here. On the app there is also a forum to post in, helpful tips and tricks, and a nutrition guide. All of which are helpful in your fitness journey. Weather your a beginner or an expert, this app is diverse to meet your needs. I will definitely be doing more challenges in the future. Thank you for such an awesome app and for continually improving it.
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3 years ago, ErinChrisla
First Time Challenge
This was my first FBK challenge and I will definitely be doing another one! If you have been on the fence about this app or the FBK challenges don’t waste anymore time and do it! I was hesitant starting this challenge at just 6 weeks postpartum, but ultimately purchased for the flexibility. The option of at home workouts gave me a work out plan feasible to stick to with a new baby at home. And did I mention the workouts are yours to KEEP?! The app keeps your workouts organized and easily accessible for you to use whenever. You can repeat the previous challenges/workouts as many times as you like. The app is so user friendly and makes tracking progress, nutrition, and workouts a breeze! I also loved the option of coached vs uncoached. I wasn’t familiar with counting macros so I purchased the coached option. My coach was SO helpful during this challenge! She was full of great information, tips, and tricks, especially regarding nutrition and modifications to the workout plan. I lost 16lbs during my first challenge and the before/after pictures are amazing! More than that though, I gained so much confidence in myself which is priceless! Thank you FBK Family for helping me on the journey to a healthy, happier me!
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2 years ago, Sanam fergas
Used to be good
I’ve been following Katy since she was selling her online plans for $80. So I’ve been a big fan of her products for a while. I used to love this app but I just feel like the exercises are grouped so weirdly now. Like why are we working 3 muscles for 1 session with only 4-5 workouts? Doesn’t feel effective. They’ve even grouped super sets for two opposite muscle groups with two different machines. Ex) superset hip extensions and cross cable tricep extensions??? It just doesn’t make sense and isn’t convenient if you don’t have a private gym or the gym is packed. Most days in the newer challenges are like this and it just doesn’t seem as effect or Efficient as whoever was putting the challenges in the past. I understand you don’t have to follow the superset format but for beginner lifters this can be intimidating, confusing and annoying. If you do want to try this app I suggest starting from the older challenges back in 2019. Where they are separated between upper and lower body days or the sessions would group only two muscles max which made the most sense to me. Although, the interface is the best work out app I’ve used (which is what brought me back) Simple and easy to navigate and understand. But feel like the quality of the work outs went way down and the price went up to $20. Not worth it in my opinion anymore. I’ve cancelled my subscription again. 2 stars for quality of workouts but 5 stars for the interface.
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2 years ago, kales222
Beginner to Boss with this app!
I started the challenges in 2018 and have done at least one a year since then for a total of 7 challenges plus the build a booty program! When I started I had never lifted or gone to a gym by myself before and was very nervous 😅 but having the exercises/sets/reps all planned out along with the videos of each exercise helped me to become confident in the gym and make it part of my routine. Whenever I have fallen off this routine I start a new program for motivation! In the meantime, it’s nice to be able to redo any already purchased program. In 2020 when I got Covid and had to quarantine and miss a big chunk of the challenge they kindly refunded me which was a big relief and great customer care. I’ve loved the updates of tracking the weight since the app launched as it is nice to be able to see the progress made. I only wish they had a little check box for each set because my ADD mind gets distracted and loses count of what set I’m on easily (but I think that’s more of a personal problem.) Overall, I would definitely recommend this app, especially if you’re new to lifting and looking to get your foot in the door with fitness.
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1 year ago, Riverjay28
New mom getting used to her new body
I had a baby during covid time period when everything was shut down. I became a mom of 3 in 1 year. (1 of my own and my 2 bonus babies) I let myself go transitioning into this new role. I never thought I would get back into working out again. I’ve follow Katy on Instagram for years and always admired her hard work and dedication to not only the gym but also her family. This inspired me to finally take a leap and sign up for a challenge. In the past 7 weeks I’ve been astonished at the little changes in my body. I didn’t think I would ever feel comfortable in clothes again and now I can fit into pants I haven’t worn in 3 years! As somebody who struggles with severe anxiety and major depression disorder the challenges and the app really help set you up for success. It takes the thought out of coming up with your own workouts and encourages you to keep going with the motivational quotes and community. I’m so happy I took the leap. I would recommend the app and challenges to anybody I meet. It truly has changed my life in 7 short weeks. Looking forward to hitting many more milestones!
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1 year ago, Savvvysmiles
My opinion
This app has honestly been great. A friend recommended it as I had been looking to workout but wasn’t sure how to. The amazing videos and descriptions have helped me to become stronger and more confident in myself and workouts. I recently have taken on doing a challenge, and let me tell you, you WILL be challenged. They offer coached and non coached. I chose to do coached and I truly do feel the support. They give you recognition, recommendations and overall offer support like I have never had. The app itself is super user friendly. It calculates your Marcos based off how active you are, what your goals are and how your day looks. Along with that community that you received when you become part of this app is empowering, so many people just like you cheering you on is amazing. My only suggestion is, offering in app ways to track your foods and offer recipes. When you do a challenge you receive a nutritional handbook but keeping everything all in one would be ideal!! Thank you for everything FIT by Katy. I am so proud to be on this journey with you!
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2 years ago, Kriiis4
Favorite Workout App!
Love the Fit By Katy App - especially after the new redesign update. The app is very clean, organized, and user friendly. The challenges offer at home and gym workouts so it really is designed for everyone. You get to keeps all past challenges/workouts that you have purchased. I have been doing the uncoached challenges and they have given me the structure and the accountability that I need which in turn has given me great results. Your check-ins and progress is saved within the app so you can look back on your fitness journey. This is the only app I use now! You don’t have to write anything down in a notebook - all reps/weights can be recorded within each exercise in the app so you can track your progress each week. Super convenient!! Currently, the only issue for me with the app on iPhone is the workout videos will sometimes freeze- not a huge deal. Also the app used to not load when on WIFI and I’d have to turn WIFI off, but it seems this issue has been corrected. This is a must have workout app for everyone!
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3 years ago, Megmegmegmeg201648
Coach Jasmin
This was my first FBK challenge and I was super happy with it. I had coach Jasmin and she was beyond amazing and continued to show up for me each week especially when I struggled. This challenge helped me in more ways than just the physical change I got from it and I am so thankful that I signed up!! I have followed Katy and Haydn for years and always wanted to do the challenge but never had the courage to sign up. It took me going through a really hard time to finally say ‘you know what, I’m going to do it’. I am eternally grateful that I did because I would have never met Jasmin nor would I be where I am at right now. The only suggestion I have is to be able to check in with your coach more than just once. This was my first challenge and I didn’t know what to expect and I had questions that I forgot to write down and then forgot to ask. I know the coaches have a lot of girls but being able to submit questions when I have them would be so helpful. All in all I loved it. I loved the workouts and my coach and I can’t wait to sign up for fall, coached!😍
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4 months ago, CaseyGrodrian
Best app for accountability and workouts!
I have been using this app since May 2023. Sesh (aka Fit by Katy) has helped change my life in so many ways. I hadn’t been in the gym or lifted heavy weights since before the pandemic so my sister and I joined B That Girl and I’ve been going strong with this app and the challenges since! I love how it keeps me accountable on a daily basis. Tracking my macros, workouts and weight has been incredibly helpful and motivating. I didn’t do coaches this challenge but I have in the past and being able to get personal feedback on my goals was eye-opening. I will continue to use this app even when challenges aren’t happening and look forward to going back to past challenges and repeating them since I have access the ones I have done in the past! I will be participating in the next challenge for sure and look forward to tracking more progress in my strength, physique and mind! Down 25 pounds since May and feel so confident and strong and also just happy these challenges and this app exists!
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3 years ago, Lorrenxo
Great design and easy to navigate
Gym and home exercises = No excuses I’ve completed two of the Katy Hearn challenges since she released the app, and for me it does exactly what I need. I recently just signed up for the premium which gives you access to all of the challenge programs and the workout generator. The app also has a macros calculator and nutrition/supplement information to help you reach success. The app gives a detailed description for each exercise as well as a video showing how to preform the exercise. You can also track the weight you use and the reps you were able to complete for each exercise, which is something I love. I hate planning out what I'm going to do at the gym and using this app takes that stress away. Katy has always had signature exercises that I’ve enjoyed doing and I suggest this app to anyone trying to change their life style. Whether you have experience lifting weights or never touched a dumbbell this app is a great choice. I’ve had the app since 2018 and it’s never given me any issues. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, Kaida33656
The best ever!
I’ve been consistently lifting weights for two years now. I had thought I was lifting and eating like I was supposed to but hit a plateau. I was led astray as far as what to eat, how to lift, etc. and I was at the point where I didn’t want to lift and had zero motivation. I decided to try the LevelUp challenge in hopes it would boost my motivation and give me the guidance I need. I didn’t have high hopes (not because of FBK or the app) but due to hitting my plateau I thought I couldn’t lose more weight or tone any more and it was just the shape of my body. I was so wrong!! I may not see a big difference on the scale but my measurements are drastic! Visual changes are drastic as well! I’m eating more, making better choices and the workouts are so fun! I love going to the gym, not because I have to, but because I get to! This app and the LevelUp challenge has completely changed my mindset and lifestyle. I think I’ll continue to do every single challenge now. 10/10 recommend. Great guidance, explanations, fun workouts and great community!
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3 years ago, Jvsminemcknighttt
Love this app!!
The Fit by Katy app is such a great app. I love that they include videos with each workout so you can see the proper form & be more confident in the gym especially if it is your first time. I love that you have the option to build your own workouts (especially if you’re super busy) or join any of the challenges they host. The challenges are my favorite because there is such a huge support team behind it all, and i love that you can communicate with your coaches weekly and they can assist when your having problems or stuck. The app is very user friendly and easy to navigate which i love. The team is very fast at responding when you’re having issues with the app which is truly amazing because other apps could care less. They added a new feature to track your reps and weights which i love because now you can always go for that extra push in the gym. I’ll always recommend this app to anyone trying to start their journey and even stay on the journey. Thank you Katy and your team! 🤍
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6 years ago, Leelee3060
Amazing inspiring.
First of all let me state that Katy Hearn and Haydn Schneider are absolutely amazing incredible trainers that truly care about the client experience. She clearly states that you have to purchase a challenge in order for the app to be available for for use, never pretended like it was anything different. I am so grateful to have these two as my trainers and I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me the app is absolutely incredible i’m so grateful to have these two as my trainers and I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me the app is absolutely incredible and so easy to navigate. You’re putting in so much time and effort to continually update the app and make it a better experience for their clients ** please do not listen to the trolls that one star this app because they clearly have a personal issue. This is a client experience it’s not a YouTube’s videos... yes you have to pay money to have accountability from your trainer and have them update your macros on the weekly basis**
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3 years ago, Triciya
Challenge Flop
First of all, I respect Katy and Hayden and the amount of work they put in to succeed. I did a few challenges when Katy and Hayden coached. It was money well spent. I felt their grind and effort to be the best coaches while doing their challenges. I joined the winter challenge 2021, coached edition. I am not a fan of the coached challenges now that Katy and Hayden are not the coaches. I went in with a positive attitude because of the positive outcomes from previous challenges. My coached touched my macros and cardio once during the challenge. I know moving into a new house, renovating it, and prepping for her own show is a lot which affected the coaching. I felt like I was the last priority, which would be fine if the challenge was free. The response I got where short and simple with little feedback. Paying $200, there should be more coaching. I am disappointed, and hindsight I wish I spent money on the uncoached. I think the challenge should implement a better form of communication on top of the once a week check ins. Also, maybe capping the amount of clients a coach takes on, especially if their prepping for their own physique show.
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5 years ago, nsfit
Good but could be better
I want to start off by saying that I absolutely love Katy and the empire she’s built. I’ve been following her on Instagram for awhile, which prompted me to get the app. The workouts are great, it’s easy to use (I have the basic package, broke college student here🙋🏼‍♀️). For the most part, there’s a little note below each of the video with more instructions, however, on many workouts, there’s not. I’m by no means new to the gym, and so it hasn’t been all that hindering to me, but I think that that could use some updating. Now for what might actually be a deal breaker for me: when choosing at home for the workout generator, it assumes that you have dumbbells and multiple kinds of resistance bands. I know that these aren’t expensive necessarily, but it’s tough to be in a dorm and try to make it work without these things. I have to do a lot of make-shifting to make it count. I wish they would make it so you could filter out workouts that require equipment you don’t have. Ex: I have a full set of “booty bands” (the looped ones) but not a long band. So if I could filter out the workouts to only include body weight and bands, it would literally be the perfect app.
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1 year ago, MelissaT2391
Missing Features
This is by no means a bad fitness app, but it’s missing some key features which was a deal breaker for me. I came from using Whitney Simmons Alive app (her fitness plans/app are great, I was just looking to try something different, which led me to Katy Hearns app). The biggest miss for me on this app was the lack of alternative exercises. I have a home gym with a squat rack, pulley system, barbells, weights, etc but I don’t have big items like a leg press. The home workout options were too easy and didn’t include movements I wanted to do, but the gym workouts included lots of equipment I didn’t own, so I fell somewhere in between them. One thing I really liked about the Alive app was that it included alternative exercises if you didn’t have access to that piece of equipment. The rest timer was also glitchy and didn’t work if you left the app screen. I also didn’t love the tracking method for weight/reps but that’s just personal preference. All in all, the app almost feels like an after thought now that hasn’t been updated in a while. Just my opinion, but I’ll be going back to the Alive app.
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1 year ago, LoCady11
Best Lifestyle App for Health & Wellness
When I first got into my career of marketing, I didn’t know a thing about fitness. Everything I learned was from social media & the internet…at the start of the “igfit” wave. Wow, how far we’ve come. I can single handedly say this is the BEST app for a complete, overall lifestyle change. Especially when I’ve tried so many others over the years. Perfect for every fitness level, I got FBK on to even my 59 year old Mom! The new updates are unmatched and truly help even the least tech-savvy user. The workouts themselves are just an added bonus. Constantly challenging myself, with variety to toggle between. And the community! Fit by Katy can best be described as your #1 Hype girl in your pocket, ready to bring your goals to the next level. As someone who once believed everything the “igfit” girls first told her, I’m SO glad to see the Fit by Katy brand evolve into what it has become. It’s truly the leader in spreading the utmost SUSTAINABLE focus on overall health and wellness.
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4 months ago, Kflggbkvk
Love all the options!
Having access to every single past challenge has really helped motivate me to continue working out knowing that I can start a new workout once I finish one. The workouts themselves are great as they really challenge me and I feel so accomplished at the end of each workout. I hurt my wrist mid challenge but I like how I can still use the workout generator to come up with workouts that I can actually do despite that, keeping me motivated. When it comes to all the challenges I like how you can pick one based on difficulty and how they all vary for different goals. I do wish you could switch out exercises sometimes like when I’m unable to do a specific exercise, it would be nice to pick something that is similar but the more challenges I do, the more I learn about how to switch them out myself. The macro calculator is also great and really easy to use! Overall it’s got lots of great features, it’s easy to use and keeps me motivated!
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4 months ago, PrisRent
Great workouts + great app
I’ve followed Katy and Hayden, the owners of this app for many years. I love them and knew when they came out with this app it would be great! I’ve participated in several programs and absolutely love the exercises. I’ve been working out for years and every challenge I learn a new exercise or technique. The exercises not only have a video but also a description of the exercise. Tracking your rep count and weight used is super easy, has a built in rest time timer and ability to add 15 seconds to your rest time. I love the NSV (non scale victory) prompts to remind you that there are many more victories than the number on the scale! The prompt for your reasoning to move your body is awesome - it makes you reflect on why you are wanting to move your body. I’m addition you can save check in pictures, add notes and check off if you are on your period to track progress. Overall the app is well built, extremely mindful of the users.
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3 years ago, Meeegggggsssss
Just do it
I had been wanting a change for a while. I was unhappy with the way I felt and looked; everyone is their own worst critic. I had tried looking up several workout and nutrition plans in the past, but nothing ever stuck. I’ve done two challenges with Katy now and could not be more pleased! The app makes your workouts so easy to access and follow. Each day you know exactly what body parts you are working. You then just click your day and click each exercise. Each time you click, it will tell you exactly how many reps and sets you do and also has a very helpful video showing you how to perform the exercise to ensure proper form. You continue clicking through each exercise for that day, marking when complete and Voila! You’re done. I am a Fitbykaty fan for life now and will continue to use the app and complete her challenges. I could not be more grateful to the easiest app and lifestyle change that has made all the difference!
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3 years ago, Hsutton4
Absolutely my favorite workout app
This is the only workout app I use now! The app has workouts for both the home & at the gym. Each workout has a detailed description of how to do it. If you need a visual image of exactly how to do it, you can click on the video clip to see a video of the workout. You can track both reps and weights for workouts. This is so nice because you no longer have to try remember how many reps or what weight you used last time. I also really appreciate the other little features the app has such as a macro calculator, nutrition information & suggestions, and also updates from both Katy & her team. They do 8 week challenges also that you can buy that are released seasonally (but soon to be more frequent per the creators of the app). The app also is very user friendly & I’ve never had any issues with the app such as things freezing or not working properly. I really enjoy this app & it’s the only one I use now.
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4 years ago, corsello1
Good app but Impossible to get a hold of app developers
I love this app in a lot of ways, it’s not perfect but it really helps me to stay on track with my workouts. I love how there is a video of each workout that is presented; makes going to the gym much less intimidating! However...I was having some trouble with this app. There were tons of glitches - it force closes all the time (which is extremely frustrating when you’re in the middle of a workout and have to go back and find it again) - one of my workouts suddenly changed to a home workout half way through the challenge and completely threw me off... Just to name a few. I figured I could email the developers at their support email, but to my surprise no one answered. I sent multiple emails. I got NO response. I saw later in some of the comments on a photo Katy posted that this is a common problem. Some emailed up to 5 times and never got a response. The app is expensive and should be better for what we are paying for it. All in all, I love the idea of this app but I won’t continue paying for it if problems are not solved, or at least addressed!
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3 years ago, Binksley45
Great App!
This app is definitely the best I’ve used for working out so far and it’s helped me to be the most successful and consistent I’ve done with any program EVER!!! I love the challenges and how they give you a separate workout for home or gym; every set and rep organized with a thorough description and video so I can really know how to get the best form! I love that you can get adjusted macros through the nutrition tab whenever it suits you in your weight journey whether it’s loss, maintenance or bulk! I also love the forum and community that is there on the app because support is important when trying to change your lifestyle! I even got to share the challenge experience with my sister and we daily kept each other accountable and rooted in with the post workout messages available to screenshot and edit/“markup” after each and every workout! The FBK app really knows how to keep you engaged and confident on your road to a better body and mind!
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1 year ago, SoCalGirlMama
Working Mama- now Working Out 🤩
I’m a wife & mama of a toddler and exclusive breast fed 6month baby, who works full time from home😅😅… life is crazy busy & this mama needed help! I needed to make time for ME. I wanted to make that time effective so I decided to dedicate it to working out. I downloaded the FitByKaty app and I use it every morning to help me follow a workout plan. It keeps me on track! I’ve been following the suggested macros and I feel amazing & my pre mama jeans are now fitting! The videos of each workout are so helpful and informative, truly helps me understand the importance of form. The app is super user friendly and quick to access. What I absolutely love about this app is that you are able to join challenges with an awesome community of women who encourage & motivate you everyday! It’s more than just an app it’s a village of women on a mission towards better health and all things good! Don’t sleep on this, get up, get active and join the FBK community 🤩
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1 year ago, The great heartscape
Definitely helpful!
I’ve been working out for years on and off until I had a baby two years ago. I couldn’t get back into the groove of working out or creating the consistency. So I caved and bought the challenge with coaching. I absolutely loved it. The breakdown of the weeks and workouts is what I appreciated most and the macro counting (which I’ve never done.) I’d definitely do another challenge because this has made me consistent and given me a plan to go in and attack the gym at my most confident. I wouldn’t do the coaching version but only because I didn’t really need the encouragement or accountability, but I’m glad I tried it. The guide is in depth and they cover everything you can think of. After two years I can now say I’m a avid gym goer! Mind you I’ve tried so many guides and challenges before but I never was consistent. I recommend at least everyone who struggles with eating or the gym to try this challenge.
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2 years ago, sbunk
Great App
This app is a great tool for anyone from Beginning to continuing your health journey. Pros: You decide which program you want to do and that’s about all the thinning you need to do. It shows you the way to preform the move, reps, and rest time. Just follow along. It also brings over your previous weight you used. So you can increase if you’d like. You don’t shave to go back and look at a paper sheet. You can enter your reps and weight in the app under the exercise, for each rep. Cons: The home version is the same as above however it only has you use bands. Not much of dumbbells. It’s be great if you could select the home equipment you have then based off of that, pop in those exercises with the dumbbells etc. I totally understand that would probably be more way more programming. But it’s just a thought. As of now, I do the gym version (at home) bc I have dumbbells and a TRX as well as some other equipment. If I come to a exercise I can’t do with one of those, than I google how to do it with what I have. I also, would love to see more details about each program. Example; 3 day arms, 1 day legs and 1 day full body. If there’s any HIIT. And the average amount of time it’s takes to do the exercises. Granted everyone’s different on time but an estimate would be great For those that don’t buy the live programs it’s be great to have in the programs what cardio you’re supposed to do on top of the program. I didn’t know till I was told in the FB program.
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3 years ago, R4Wiggins
I have had this app and have been a premium member for a few years now. It is a really great app all around, it has many options for everyone, this includes those who want to casually workout at their own leisure and on their own time and for those who want to do an intensive 6-8 week program. There is a lot within this app, so definitely explore it! I have done two coached challenges: this includes a 6-8 week workout program, a coach that you check in with on a weekly basis. The coach monitors, your cardio, water intake, and macros. Of course it is tailored to fit each persons personal needs and lifestyle needs, such as breastfeeding, vegan, vegetarian, etc… There are also winners chosen at the end of each challenge!! It’s great being held accountable by checking in with someone weekly, it’s added motivation to do your best for the maximum results possible, however this is available with additional costs. As a premium member you’re able to access precious programs that have been released. You’re also able to just select what muscle groups you’re wanting to focus on and it will select a workout plan for you. I highly recommend this app, it has great (an endless amount of) workouts, it is user friendly, easy to use, does not glitch or crash. It is overall a really great layout and worth it to be a premium member!!!! 🤩
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6 years ago, Atip07
I wanted to love it
I was very excited when the workout generator was released, as Katy is one of my favorite fitness gals on instagram. Unfortunately, when I made the purchase through the app, it didn’t reflect in my account. I heard that several others were having the same issue and an easy fix was to delete and reinstall the app. I did this multiple times and when I signed in, it still showed nothing. I emailed into help, they got back to me quickly letting me know this is an Apple issue and to repurchase through the website, and then to request a refund from Apple directly. I was going to purchase through the website once the refund from Apple posted, but when I reach out to Apple they told me to contact the app developer which brought me back to Katy Hearn’s website. I reached back out letting them know it will not allow me to request a refund under “my subscription isn’t showing” and to contact the app developer. Delaney’s reply was to select a different reason and they should be able to help. When I did that, it states that I’m not eligible for a refund. I informed Delaney on what Apple was saying and I haven’t received a reply since. Very frustrating process, I wanted to love it.
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1 year ago, theconceptofsandy
It would have been 5 but….
Amazing workouts! I would recommend this app to anyone. I travelled and I was still able to do my workouts! I normally wouldn’t but the challenge really helped. The only reason I’m giving this 4 stars is because 1. The app crashed on me a couple of times. 2. As some said in the fbk group, the instructions said one thing and the video demonstrated something different. But that could be worked on. & 3. Working with a coach is great for an 8 week challenge but they need enough consecutive information (3-4 weeks of consistent tracking) in order to change your macros. 4 week challenges mean they may not change at all bc your coach doesn’t have enough information. As a person who hasn’t worked with a coach and was excited to… 3 check ins felt like it wasn’t enough. Overall though, this is a great app and my coach was amazing! She even helped me with some hydration tips! I highly recommend a coach for longer challenges.
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3 years ago, courtloops
I have had the app for awhile now and pay for the membership fee to have access to the workout generator (which is AWESOME - takes all the thinking out of the gym and for me that can be the hardest part) and all past challenges. I just finished a challenge (#fbkcelebr8) and I have the best results - I can’t even begin to describe how I feel. I saw insane physical and mental changes in 8 weeks. I am so grateful for the coaching staff, Katy, Haydn and their team that create and update the app. Some things I love about the app itself - I love that I can see how heavy I was lifting last week so I can push myself to lift heavier and heavier. I think the nutrition guide is incredibly helpful. And the blog that loads right into the app? Always great tips! I love the workout generator but I’m stoked to try out the build a booty workout plan while I wait for the fall challenge to open up. I can’t say enough good things about the app.
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2 years ago, Evan Millz
First Time User for Challenge
I’ve had the FBK app for a few years and used it a few times for the workout generator and really liked that I didn’t have to figure out what exercises I was going to do on my own. Definitely took the guesswork out of it! More recently, I signed up for my first coached challenge and the app is the platform for everything (check-ins, coach responses, work outs, macros calculator, forum, etc.) I love that everything is in one place. I don’t have any prior experience with the challenges, as I know some people have, and complained about the new app in regards to the challenge. It definitely had a lot of glitches in the beginning like any app but support was quick to get the updates out and work out the kinks! I feel the app is really straight forward and user-friendly. There are a couple things I would like to see change though… 1.) The pictures that get submitted in check-ins are SO small and I would like if we could click on them to expand them and be able to see the full picture. 2.) I love the feature to log weight and I know it brings up the weight used for the very last set when you previously did that exercise, but for me personally, I want to know the weight that I started with on the first set. Being able to see that would be helpful! 3.) I saw someone else mention an in-app timer for rest periods. I agree! This would be an awesome added feature!
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7 months ago, kaaamdm
Perfect all-in-one fitness app
This app has been life changing. I’ve been apart of 4 challenges since summer of 2020 and it has been fantastic. I’ve seen such huge changes in my body. The app calculates your macros depending on your goals and the app helps explain everything so well if you’re new to tracking or working out. Each workout has a short clip to show you how to do a movement. The challenges come with meal guides to help you on your journey and a huge handbook with all the tips & guidelines! Not only is the app great, the coaches/mentors that come with it are fantastic and the FBK community is great and SO helpful. You’ll have access to a Facebook group for additional motivation, conversations, meal ideas, tips & tricks, and it’s a great place to ask questions or get inspired by others completing the challenges! Not to mention when you compete a challenge you get a free t-shirt :)
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11 months ago, SamanthaL822
Great app!
I’ve been following Katy for since I started my fitness journey back in 2016 and have always admired her passion for health and fitness, as well as the amazing community she has built. After eyeing her app for awhile, I finally decided to download it for the most recent YOUvsYOU challenge and let me tell you that I am very impressed by this app! I’ve used several other fitness apps that were clunky and not user friendly, but this app is neither of those things! This app is user friendly, visually appealing, and makes it easy to track workouts, macros, your progress and NSVs. I had been in a workout rut for a few months prior to downloading this app and joining the challenge, but I’m happy to say that a spark has been relit and I’m excited to go to the gym again! Thank you for this amazing app and for the community you have built to support me every step of the way!
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2 years ago, mk_2306
Glad I finally joined a challenge!!
I’ve been following Katy Hearn for the longest and when she came out with the app I purchased it. I did the cheaper monthly one for the longest and loved it. Then just recently bought the challenge #mindovermatter and currently doing the #freshstart challenge. I love it! I’ve gotten great results (my waist is getting so snatched) and I now have a healthier relationship with food. I’ve learn so much within having the coach version for the last challenge and the current one. If you need to start I say give this a try I’m loving my results and I can’t wait to see how much I will accomplish. Coach Tish has been a great coach and mentor and honestly friend now 💕always has great advice and adjust my macros according to my goals. If you need something to help you stay accountable this is it! I also feel like cooking healthy is now a part of my life not just a challenge.
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1 month ago, caitiev1006
Absolutely LOVE sesh!
I stumbled upon Katy Hearn and the SESH app and it has been transformative in my health and wellness lifestyle. As a mom to a four year old and a newer mom to a one year old, it has been difficult putting myself first, but with this app, I am able to make myself a priority without having to leave my house. What truly sets this app apart is the dedicated coaches and the meticulous attention to detail with planning the workout programs, I feel so strong and confident after each workout. The app is easy to use and easy to track and record nutrition, workouts and communicate with coaches. I don’t have to guess when trying to adjust my macros or the next workout I am going to complete. Either way the help of my coach, I am able ask the questions and receive feedback in a timely manner. Love this app and would recommend it a million times over.
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1 month ago, KeiRah2507
Great App, Can Be Better
As far as the programs and seeing results this app is great I have followed Katy for over 10 years and even have the handbook of the first program I bought in 2015! The sesh app is pretty amazing! I did however find the check ins to be a little difficult as far as submitting measurements there’s is a a space to upload your pictures but I didn’t find where I could submit/upload the sheet for the measurements or if it could be something that can be arranged to just fill that information in the app. I also know there is a Facebook group but for people who don’t have fb I think it would be super cool if the chat could be though the app, for navigation purposes it would make things so much more user friendly. Saying all of that I do hope to sign up for the next challenge because I do believe in the method and results if you follow the directions provided by the Sesh team.
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1 year ago, mantha N
thankful for this app!
I have used the FBK app a few times over the last 5 years. The newest version of this app is so user friendly. First of all, there are so many options available depending on how much you can afford. I am currently doing a challenge so I can still use the app and access challenge content without having to pay extra just for the app. I love that! The app is super user friendly and demonstrates the exercise while also provides a blurb about how to perform the exercise. You can log how many reps and weights you have used which is so great for monitoring progress! It will even tell you what weights/reps you used the last time you performed the exercise! I’ve used a lot of workout apps and this one is by far my favorite. I am a huge fan of Katy and trust everything and anything she puts her name on. This app and her workouts are FANTASTIC!
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1 month ago, krdraper
Loved the 2024 Spring Challenge!
I just joined Sesh, with the 2024 Spring Challenge. I do love the exercises I was provided and felt that I did gain strength. I also learned some exercises I wouldn’t have know to incorporate before, even though I have been lifting for a few years. This challenge did exactly that - challenged me. As far as the app, the only suggestion I would make is providing examples of alternate exercises in case someone is unable to do what is listed. For example, slide pikes were one of the exercises I can do if I have the correct equipment. However, at my gym we did not have slides and the floor was too grippy to allow slides. Also, when filling information in to calculate macros I was a little confused because of the options of exercise. I exercise daily, but I don’t always get 5k steps due to my sedentary job. So I was unsure of what to put. I do still plant to utilize this app, just trying to figure out what to do next!
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4 years ago, Ashley Laray
Love it but...
First and most importantly, THIS APP IS AWESOME!! I love the workout generator(brilliant).. and the ability to hop into any of the promos for a self challenge! BUT... The complaint I have is even after an update I still have problems with the workout generator closing out almost every time I swap out of the app, or the screen sleeps during the set. :( it is driving me absolutely insane!! Also, everytime I open the app it tells me there is an update, but it never updates. I checked settings- no update. App Store-doesn’t even tell me there is an update or that the app has updated. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.. also a hard reset. Still the same problem :( I tried everything I can think of, and I know this last update was to fix this problem. So I’m at a crossroads bc I love this app, but I’m having issues with it :(. I’m going to keep if for another month and see if it improves.
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3 years ago, ChyraO
App Opportunities
I have really enjoyed using this app overall. It is a great way for me to get workouts generated and stay consistent. When it comes to the challenges I would like to see the option for coaches to be able to see what we enter during the week when we are working out. For example: weight 60 reps 8. In addition, I think there should be a place during challenges for you to enter your cardio. I noticed when you submit a check in or you reply to a coach in the check in space you have to close the whole app and reopen it. For overall app use I would also like to see the option for lose weight and build muscle in the nutrition section for macros. I would also like to see a calendar of some sort where you can look back and see what you have done for the month workouts and weight lifting information. I hope this help take this already awesome app to the next level!!
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4 months ago, curlymcfly
Can’t Recommend Enough!!
Sesh has helped me tremendously! I love the workouts and being part of the active challenges. I have a lot of weight to lose and Sesh has helped me find a sustainable way to reach my goals, all while still being able to eat the foods I love. The workouts are challenging but totally doable. And the app is super user friendly. The app is missing a few features that would make it dang near perfect (like a notes section under each movement and having gym/home movements together since many users switch between both) but it’s still a great app! The community is what really makes Sesh shine. Motivation and support can be make or break factor when on a health/fitness journey and the private community is where you can find both! I’ve even made some new friends along the way 😊 So glad to have found Sesh!!
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3 years ago, Michigan summer
First time user
If I could leave 4.5 I would it’s almost perfect. The app is easy to use and navigate. I love that you can track your weights, and it carries to the next time you do that exercise. Helps you really have tangible improvements. Compared to most apps it have very little bugs, which just makes the experience better. Suggestions for improvement: 1) an option to add notes to the exercise so that if you have to modify or sub you have a place to remember what you did 2) text alerts would be great. Things to remind you to check in, mid week update, your coach responded, etc 3) when on the “how you do it” if you enter your set and it happens to be the bottom of the screen it does this weird scroll thing where you lose the example. ipad is where I noticed it the most. 4) I wish the coach interaction was actually more interactive. But I think that’s more personal choice!
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11 months ago, Shelby Mae Morgan
Truly Life Changing
If I could give this app more than a 5 star, I most certainly would. I have struggled with my appearance ever since my first child, and I’m just recently 5 months postpartum with my second. I always run away from workout programs and trainers, but I gave this a go! I signed up for the #YouVsYouChallenge and when I say it worked, I mean it. The app is so easy to move around in, keep track of macros and your workouts, and also progress pictures!! I can look in the mirror and tear up in joy of how my body looks only 4 short weeks later. I can wear the clothes I swore I never thought I’d get back on. I can finally wear a two piece bathing suit and not try to hide my fat. The trainers available are also amazing!! Some of the sweetest people ever. This app, and program changed my life! I recommend this to everyone!
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5 years ago, dee_d02
Loving it!
Great app all together, I use mostly the workout generator. I know my way around a gym and know what to workout for what body part but this is great so I don’t have to think. You pick home or gym, then body part and there you go, instant routine. Only 2 minor things I’d like to see added in the app: 1. Leg workouts are soooo long and I don’t always have more than 45mins-1hr to spare in the gym. Anyway to add length of time wanted to a workout or just have a shorter option to the workout generator? 2. I’d love for the workout to stay on my home screen as if it were a music app so I don’t have to open my phone to see the current or next exercise. I think that would also draw attention to it while at the gym and would help market it more :) Again awesome app! One of the greatest perks is that it has a loving family behind it. Love Katy, Haydn and their little Axel. Keep up the amazing work!
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