Show Box & TV Movie Hub Cinema

4.5 (18.7K)
49.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mai Dang
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Show Box & TV Movie Hub Cinema

4.51 out of 5
18.7K Ratings
3 years ago, thegirlwhotellsthetruth
Some people are saying that your not able to actually watch the movie just the trailer so they are giving it one star, but that’s what this app is for to watch the trailers and discover new movies!!! I think the app is great I have found many of new tv shows and movies!😁
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4 years ago, wwendbbdhxhz
Read the description people!
For all the people saying they can’t watch movies it says in the description that it’s not for watching movies and shows. The app is good for what it does. Have a great day or night to anyone reading this. 😀
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4 years ago, puffyunicorn❤️
It won’t let me watch anything
So I downloaded this to be able to chill and watch a I typed my favorite scary movie of all time it’s called “animal” ok it showed up I clicked it all it said was trailer I watched the trailer and I did it with all the others too and they said the same thing it would not let me watch any of my favorite I say if your gonna have a app made for watching movies the least you could do was add a play button so we can watch the movie😡😡😡
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4 years ago, allllllwl
Same thing I can’t even watch a movie this is cap and I don’t know why u will even tilted it movies and ShowBox when we can’t even watch nothing
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4 years ago, fun fm b
Look at the description
Well I am a little mad 😠cause I wanted to watch a movie but it was only the trailer but I went to the app again and read the description it said watch the trailer to see wats new not watch movies so don’t get mad at the app cause it didn’t make movies it was helping u look for a great movie to watch on another app so yeah😤😫😕😏😛😘🙃😄🤣🤡
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5 years ago, Sofia 🌸🌸
Kinda bad experience
So I never write reviews but I’m going to so I downloaded the the app and I thought it was going to be a really good app but then ads stared popping up every time I click on something and when I was going to watch some I was turning up the volume and it didn’t work. -So I recommend not downloading the app.
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5 years ago, Nub_
I’ve downloaded this app thinking that I can watch movies and shows whenever I want to but that isn’t the case.. i’m not just looking for theatres i’m looking for ways to watch movies on my phone whenever and where ever. it only shows you ads and trailers, speaking of ads? there’s SO many, I got 5 within 2 minutes and it wouldn’t even let me skip it. definitely do NOT recommend this app.
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4 years ago, sh**heads
READ THIS: Literal crap the app is just a money puller
The app has ads every time you tap something. I was trying to find power rangers S.P.D and has nothing of power rangers. Literally just like a pile of garbage do not get this trash don’t get it it will make you get premium and still has ads. A lure for money. Same with ads. Get ads every tap on the screen do not get.
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5 years ago, 78bas
Don’t get it
I purchased the premium version for the sake of seeing what difference it would make, and it makes no difference. The app doesn’t show up in my app list in my iPhone settings so I have no idea how to cancel the premium version. There’s no useful information pertaining to the app or it’s function. Kind of pointless, annoyed that I even bothered to download it.
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5 years ago, David050289
It's wonderful! Good Movie Box
This has an easy-to-use and eye-catching interface, it attracts me. A wonderful app to find the top and upcoming movies/ tv shows
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5 years ago, vanillaBurp
It wont load the movie
I have a problem, why won’t the movies load? It just stays at a percentage then does nothing. If you know how to fix this, please let me know.
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4 years ago, Unicornsnstuff7
I don’t usually write reviews but I was like this looks like a really nice movie app so I wanted to watch birds of the prey and it took me to the trailer and I was looking on haw to watch movies and i couldn’t find it like why? If u wanna make a app about movies than make it movies not trailers I am sorry but I rate this app a 2/5
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5 years ago, JACKALPA
This must be fraud or hustle angle
I don’t like to be asked in before even doing anything when I first time starting up his website app already asking me for money join premium I haven’t been properly registered my account here it is already asking me for money I have invested nothing I knew my name the hundred percent fraud the website no good is garbage
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5 years ago, Tuan_Neo
Yeahhh good app out there
I've used serveral times and I liked it. So convenient and quick to find top movies or tv shows.
Show more
5 years ago, JaredMidoriya
Has the movies I like but it won’t let me watch them
How make my account on show box?
Show more
5 years ago, Mr Thor Hammer
Best ever
The best finding movies/tv shows app I found by far. Simple to use, quick and convenient 🥰🥳🤩
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4 years ago, Munchkin /
Show box option
Show box is the best you can Watch all Of these movie that are so cool
Show more
5 years ago, P.Warlock
My favorite app
Movie & Show Box is an all-in-one app for movie lovers as me! Thanks for giving it to us!
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5 years ago, KLVNHRNDZ
Idk If it’s me but I can’t find a button to play the actual movie
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5 years ago, Trumpetboyy
Only trailers.
I was told I could watch basically any movie on this that has been out a while. Nope. That’s a lie. Every single movie I click on only has a trailer. And I’ve been trying a good 30 minutes. I wish there was an option to give 0 stars cause this is garbage.
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4 years ago, Phay Zarih
Horrible 😤😡
This app is up right horrible I thought I was going to watch the movies and tv shows I wanted all this app do is show you the movie or show trailer you can’t watch anything but that I recommend you not to download this app but try it if you want
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4 years ago, sassy mel65
I had show box in the past and I was very happy with it
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3 years ago, BlackMajesity!
For thosse with 5 stars who obviously know nothing
People are complaining because this an app where people use to be able to watch movies. If they wanted to preview moives thats what fandango and google and so fourth is for. You all are obviously new, this app is useless. 🗣BRING BACK THE OLD SHOWBOXXX
Show more
3 years ago, jay.pdx
Ok… but adds pop up on overt other page load
The developer has added to many ads to make this a useful app.
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3 years ago, 😣jess
I wouldn’t even give it half a star
You can’t watch the movies I was in the app for about 3 minutes trying to find a movie and got Two adds instead
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5 years ago, Jan_Joe
Goooood app
I've never seen an app which was so quick and convenient as Movies & TV Show Box & Theaters. I love this app 🙌🙌🙌
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4 years ago, xxmeisashortpotatoxx
Movie Box Pro
I personally like this app very much
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4 years ago, Hate s**t like this
EVERY time I try to click on something there’s an ad. Also, unlike another really good app I had there is some shows/movies not on the app. Not so good. 😕😒😐👎🏼
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3 years ago, Bren Bota
app crashes when i try to search by voice
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4 years ago, Amariaaaaa
I’m bad experience is that it don’t let you watch tv shows they just let you watch the trailers and two many ads I thought I could watch free movies but they wouldn’t let me honestly it’s just a waste of space
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5 years ago, patdyboss
Great but
The pics of the movie is a different from the actual movie. Add the trailer movie too.
Show more
4 years ago, such a hoot223
I don’t know
I got the app and when I opened it I tried to watch some movies and it would not let me watch any movie.
Show more
3 years ago, TV Buff 34
Show Box displays Ads & Movie Trailers
I spent an hour trying to watch an old movie and an old TV series. No success. There are no free movies in Show Box. You can only watch movie trailers and advertisements for free.
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4 years ago, hdixbxjhssj
Bad app
This app is worthless. I don’t mean to be rude but I downloaded this app thinking wow so many movies. But when I trues to watch a movie it went to the trailer and when I looked on how to do it on google it still didn’t work. I am disiponted in this app. 😤👎
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4 years ago, ToyToya$
This app isn’t it
This app only plays previews and not the movie. What a tease. It only works on androids. Why offer an app to watch previews. I know we are on tough times right now and in quarantine. But dang, I rather watch commercials on tv. Come on, do better.
Show more
5 years ago, Justinm352
Definitely worth the one star
I’m all for ad support but not every thirty seconds. That kind of ridiculous there you can’t even check out the app without dealing with the ads that appear.
Show more
5 years ago, Slimgoodie70
Shows the trailer but not the movie!
I’m a bit disappointed with showbox because all of the movies that I try to watch, friends most recent to the least recent only show the trailer.
Show more
4 years ago, flaming blade
Can’t figure out how to watch the full movie or tv show
So I can’t figure out how you can watch it full. 🤷
Show more
4 years ago, dubc3
Simply the best
The title selection is in matched on any other app The best one in exsistance
Show more
5 years ago, KyMumz
Well I downloaded the app and nothing worked! I couldn’t watch anything on it. It showed me what was there (I guess). I apparently don’t know how to use it because anything I pushed on just showed me pictures.
Show more
5 years ago, whathasntbeentakenthen
No updates
The app has changed twice in six months but no updates so it just suddenly just stop working and you have to figure out why so I just don’t use it
Show more
4 years ago, Sirstaxxxalot
Need movies
Show more
4 years ago, dragonra1
Shoebox app
Great app for mobile movie viewing.
Show more
5 years ago, no movies guy
You don’t actually watch anything on it
Just gives you previews , if you want peoples rating of movies the apps name should just be movies and tv shows rates or something of that sort
Show more
5 years ago, knsjdbfbc cd f f f
Can’t search for tv show
I want to look for specific shows like modern family and other things but can’t cuz there is not searching for TV shows
Show more
4 years ago, llllllktyhvvvvvdhg
The iPhone MovieBoxTheaters has some of the things the regular can do and nothing I actually wanted. Not fair because you have an iPhone you can’t see the best things
Show more
4 years ago, chillmyron
Unlock movies
Can u unlock all the movie fabulous APP
Show more
5 years ago, MrAlex567
Why not let me watch movie?
Why does it only shows trailers and the movie?
Show more
4 years ago, og_wero
Don’t download
This isn’t like the old show box where you was able to watch movies and all that this one just showed you the trailers
Show more
2 years ago, Matty777b
Worst movie app ever.
This app is a waste of time and space,it doesn’t play the actual movie’s or shows, but rather just a trailer of them.
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