Simple: Weight Loss Coach

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User Reviews for Simple: Weight Loss Coach

4.72 out of 5
213.4K Ratings
4 weeks ago, AnnaDrummond
Awesome system
To begin with the most important thing to me was figuring out what foods were healthy choices because I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what was good and what was not so good because all of the information I read was contradictory to each other. I started out strong on the program a few months ago, but due to a medical situation I had to stop fasting for about a month and I had to eat carb heavy foods for a couple of weeks. Now, I am back on the program and I really think that it is something I can do for the rest of my life. Getting back on the program was a little bit harder than starting it, but the AI system encourages baby steps and it counsels you and gives you tips and tricks the whole way through your journey. And I feel much more comfortable with the AI system than I do talking to a person because I have so many questions that if I had a real person, I would feel bad If they were assigned to me because I ask the AI system questions constantly day or night. It even helps me meal plan for my family of six with different dietary needs. I’m even able to tell Avo what I have in my fridge and ask her to give me a recipe for it. The system is much more than a diet or a fasting program. It’s a dietitian, counselor, a coach. Once I lose this weight (because I’m confident that I will. I am receiving the rewards.) I plan to use it to help me LEARN how to maintain my weight as well.
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4 years ago, A.Smith83
Turned my life Around
I’ve been struggling with weight loss and getting in shape for my entire life. I’d lose weight and gain weight all the time. Less than two years ago I was 240 and I got to 300 and I knew I needed to change but I didn’t know where to start. I downloaded Simple because why not after I got an ad for it and it helped so much. I rarely write reviews for apps or anything but I just want to say thank you. I’ve lost 10 Pounds in the last month. For the first 3-4 weeks, I struggled with building my habits so I didn’t lose as much as I may have wanted but I’ll get there. I’m eating a lot more nutritious foods, have cut out food after 9 PM completely through willpower and convincing myself to not do so, have learned more about how to stay full and motivating myself, am now drinking about a gallon of water a day and that’s amazing, and I’m exercising almost every day getting cardio in paired with the Fitbit I have. All of this is because I recorded this stuff down. And ITS FREE. You don’t need the premium which is the best part. Just to log ur weight, what you eat, when you drink, when you exercise (don’t even need to if you pair a Fitbit), makes a huge difference. Pair that with motivation to do intermittent fasting and I’ve lost 8 pounds in the last week and a half. I’m gonna keep going and I’ll come back to this review and update my progress every 10 pounds. I’m at 290 right now
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12 months ago, Ounaboella
Was more motivating before
Hi makers of Simple! I wanted to share with you that this app was very helpful the first year that I used it. It was the only way for me to lose weight and when I travelled with a group for half a year, I was the only one who could maintain my weight and I felt super proud of that! I renewed my subscription but then 2 months later I got pregnant, so basically I couldn’t fast anymore. I changed it in the settings, that I was pregnant, but that didn’t do anything to the app. No recommendations or anything. I did some very light fasts by myself now and then for health reasons but I basically didn’t use the app for the rest of the year. I did renew the subscription because I was exited to lose the baby weight. But I see the option to say you are pregnant or breastfeeding has disappeared. I know some don’t recommend to do it while nursing but actually a lot of people do light fasting and have a lot of benefits from it without it affecting their milk! But I also see that the interface has changed… I really liked the visual circle of time tracking. It was very encouraging and motivating. Now it’s just a line that doesn’t move… I also liked clicking on pictures of what kind of food you ate and the effect it gave on what articles you get. This disappeared too. Just typing it… but then I don’t feel it does anything for you. I don’t know… I feel it's not as engaging anymore. But I still want to five it 4 stars because the app has helped me so much before!
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6 months ago, RawManna33
So far so good on iOS
I’m currently using the free trial and have been tinkering with the app and have successfully finished one day of logging food, water intake, and weight loss, etc. I have now started my first fast and I am loving this app. It shows up on the Lock Screen and shows your timer for your fast, it also tells you where your at in your windows for eating depending how many meals you choose to have during your day. Logging food is interesting because your literally just typing what your eating in a paragraph form or even in bullet points like I’m doing. The more details you put the better (like quantity, name of brand,etc) And the AI will interpret what was typed and grade it with a score and give you macronutrient information. I wish the macros were a little more in depth as it only gives percentages. Still I’m not complaining. The chat feature with AI also has been on point with answering my questions really well with great information that’s more then what I even expected (even includes a summary of our conversation at the end). It has not missed a single thing that I have thrown at it. Really excited to finish this trial and see if I should become a subscribed user. Thank you guys for creating a wonderful app to help me create mindful eating habits instead of “winging” it day by day. 🤟🏾😊🙏
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5 months ago, Hmusic
Great app, but has some issues
I have really benefited from this app. It has made me more aware of my eating habits, as well as making feel accountable to my health. The AI help is, for the most part, is great—providing recipes, food nutritional information, and the like. The articles and other resources are very helpful. However, there are some problems. Because the app doesn’t look at specific nutrients of foods entered, it will make judgments about some things entered without knowing what the truth is. Two examples: I had eaten pizza twice in a week—once the day it was purchased, the second time was leftovers. The app said I had logged “junk food” multiple times. The pizza I buy is carefully selected for its quality of ingredients and would not be considered junk food. Second example was just yesterday: I had a bowl of air-popped popcorn that has three ingredients—popping corn, organic extra virgin coconut oil, and Himalayan pink salt—yet the app flagged this as being high in saturated fat and gave it a low score, despite being high in dietary fiber. I love the simplicity of entering foods generally, but feel like it doesn’t have a full understanding of those foods as a result. I wish there was a way to have the option of including ingredient lists or nutritional information to have a better result. I also wish the app had an option to include more specific macronutrient information rather than the generalized versions included in the app.
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1 year ago, AlbannachLass
After an inauspicious start
After an inauspicious start, mostly the poor reviews about different screens for different users and phone types, trouble with customer service and getting refunds, being double charged and a few other issues… I have had a remarkably good 33 day experience. I did buy a 3 month subscription at a not unreasonable price, though I canceled so as not to be recharged at the end of my 3 months, July 7 for those who asked. After reviewing the help section and “how to” tips I dove right in. The result was 10 pounds down in that time, better sleep, lost all need to snack, drink water like it’s my job, became more cognizant of what type of food I eat, the list goes on. Of course the app is helpful in reminding me of tasks, offering food suggestions, advising me to switch up eating windows to fit my life rather than never deviating from the strict 16/8. Sometimes I reach 16 other times 17, 18, 20 and my best a 22 hour fast. I never had the calorie counting option some users had and enjoy not being a slave to those numbers. All that being said and being very skeptical about bad (and good) reviews, I will wait and see what transpires at the end of my 3 months. I hope that customer service will improve for those who are dissatisfied and the makers of the app will listen to what the customers want/need in the app. Otherwise the app helps me to do what it says it can and I am happy but watchful.
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1 year ago, 16gram19
Things I never imagined
I started this on a whim after seeing a social media post of a friend who had decided to try intermittent fasting. Then I saw an ad for simple. I decided to try your app then had serious second thoughts and canceled before I even started. A few days later I decided to use it for the period of time I had already paid for so I wouldn’t feel like I totally wasted that money. Wow! I went all in and with Gods Grace was able to really take advantage of all the information the app provided. The weight started coming off quick. I was impressed. But what I found with those nutritional changes was a new lease on life. I had gone through breast cancer recently and didn’t feel like myself, had really given up on ever feeling normal again. I thought the medication was making me feel the way I did, I was taking ibuprofen by the hands full for body pain. After starting this fasting and mindful eating the inflammation left my body (in3weeks!) and I no longer need to take anything for pain. My pain level is 95% less now at least, just the old age stuff left now (I’m soon to be 55). To date I have lost 42lbs. I started this on 1/6/23 It’s worth every penny, the information provided is priceless. I am so thankful for this app and God for giving me push to continue what I started and prayed for.
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4 years ago, ARom88
Great App!
I just started using this. I didn’t see the option to do the trial, but would have probably ended up committing anyway because I love it so much. Putting money behind my commitment motivates me to stick with it so it’s worth the cost. I have seen zero free apps so it’s silly for people getting on this app for not being free, especially if you have a trial. I think this was really affordable. I agree with a previous review about our body being exhausted, sugar up, etc. It does worry me when I see that but I’m new to this so it’s hard to really judge that. I think there should be more choices for food. Twice I’ve had cereal and don’t know how to record it. For such a common food choice, or even snack choice, I’m surprised to not find that but find seaweed. Maybe add a feature where you can add a food choice to be approved by admin or something. I’m all about details. I don’t know if serving side vs how much you actually eat is important, but I think it is. Portions are important. Maybe add a feature where you can edit or add the food choice and manually enter calories, fiber, carbs, and sugar per serving. Other than dying for more detail with food choices, this app is amazing and I’m so excited to use it and start seeing results! Thank you for such a cool and easy app for beginners along with seasoned fasters!
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10 months ago, KiNGBeezy1124
This App is amazing!!
I love how interactive this app is! I love the plan it calculates for you personally based off your answers. Omg it’s really cool and now I’m excited to try a different way to lose weight. I’ve been a bigger person all my life. Since a child. So weight has always been a struggle in my life. At age 25 (6 years ago) I lost 120 lbs on my own without a program or any supplements. I changed my diet and counted my calories. I only was eating about 1500 calories or less. I was in the gym like crazy for 8 hours most days. I felt so worn out and exhausted though. I drank lots of water and developed a habit of eating the right foods and only drinking water. It took me about 3 months to lose 80 lbs with this method. Eventually about 7 to 8 months in I was down about 100 lbs and then it got slower. I went through a divorce and child custody battle with my ex wife and it stressed me out so bad to the point where I gave up on losing weight and maintaining the weight loss & routine. Eventually I became to bust with life and rebuilding what I lost to focus on that lifestyle. I gained most of the weight back the last 6 years. Now I’m ready to try again. A different method though. Hopefully Simple can help me lose the weight again but more importantly keep it off this time.
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5 months ago, Not Using Instacart Ever Again
Very Nice App! Needs a few (small) refinements
This is fastically friendly well designed intermittent fasting tracker app. Most of the apps in the category are simple timers, useful but who cant read a clock? Simple takes intermittent fasting to the next level with food intake, water intake, exercise and activity monitoring. It also comes with a handy AI chatbot feature thats on demand. After purchasing the app I realized I still had other subscriptions and didnt need this one, but I’ll be back if/when I ever need this type of app again. They also have excellent customer service. A few small things needing improvement: when I reboot my iphone it prompts me to login all over again, this is small annoyance but I wish the app would just open. Also some of the AI notifications take up the entire viewport area and that X in the upper right hand corner cant be reached on an iphone12, its the dead zone with the iphone wifi and battery percentage icons. Either way, instead of tapping an X icon make the tap to close easier. Honestly no real complaints about this app. I gave it a 5 star rating because the helpful reminders to log food, water, and to start fasting are important. Almost like living with a fasting coach. Well done.
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2 years ago, Hzievshxkajz
Ironic name, data overload
The name of this app is ironic given the amount of data that it expects you to enter. I spent some time comparing 3 different IF apps: Zero, Fastic, and this one. For me, this one is the weakest of the three. Perhaps the biggest issue for me is that this app expects you to log everything happening in your life, all day every day, and when you don’t log those things it sends annoying notifications. How much food and which food, who did you eat with, how much water did you drink, how much exercise, how much blah blah blah…this app would be perfect for some kind of data scientist. For me, though, one of my struggles with dieting is all the time some apps force you to spend cataloging your life. I don’t have time for that, and it makes me feel like I’m spending my whole life tapping on my phone instead of living. There are some other issues with this app as well. They really, really want you to sign up for the paid memberships, and there’s an annoying ad/icon on the home screen that never goes away. UI issues. Of the 3 apps I compared, this one had the most overwhelming/cluttered/confusing UI. Even little things like the fact that the fasting period is a flat line instead of a circle. So many unintuitive things. Finally, the other two apps did a better job of providing short articles and educational material about dieting, IF, hydration, etc. by comparison, this app just feels like a colorful Excel spreadsheet.
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2 years ago, Simply Hopeful
I just started a few days ago. Immediately I began to be more aware of the situation with My health. As soon as I signed up I read everything up to the videos. I had to stop to go to work. I began the program then. Just knowing that Simple is on my phone seems to make me more aware of what I am doing Before I would eat things and not even remember I was trying to help myself through diet. I remember to fast even before my Program tells me to. I admit I haven’t taken time to record my intake however that changes today. My app had 4 reminders when I woke up. I am going through them now. This has helped to change my behavior already. I find myself thinking about how and what I will do to improve myself. I was recently diagnosed with onset diabetes, stage 3 kidney problems and liver problems. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t get motivated. Just the name Simple got Me to read the initial program. I don’t think I would have even considered it otherwise. What’s in a Name comes to mind. That’s exactly what I needed, Simple, to get Me going I’m not perfect at it by any means But I have Hope and that is exactly what I needed. Extraordinary I must say What’s in a Name. Thank You SIMPLE
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7 months ago, Ceyes007
Good tool for serious people
I use that title for a reason. The app has many very good tools, including: meal/food tracker/evaluator/feddback tools, hydration tracker, exercise tracker (intiegrated with some smart phones/watches/etc.), weight tracker (integrated with some smart scales), and helpful feedback/articles on food logged. The other key to this system is tracking and notifying you of suggested fasting times which is a huge help in this diet process. The reason I say "serious people" above, is that the food tracker/feedback mechanism is based simply on foods entered and does not require or give feedback on you entering food QUANTITY/portion sizes. So, self-control on portion sizes by the dieter is required. But the commitment to enter your meals and to lose weight should compensate for that. And the only other reason I gave only 4 stars is that there are a few times that the food feedback mechanism doesn't understand your entry. So, you have to edit your entry one or more times until the system understands it and so it can properly provide feedback. That can be trying. But overall, this is an easy-to-use and helpful tool to help you manage your diet through better food choices and better use of fasting periods. In the first month, I lost 10 lbs and I intend on using this method for a while.
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1 year ago, KFillen
Used to be great. :(
This app used to provide continuously updated content and education catered to the users individual eating and fasting habits. It was great. Each new day opening the app was like Christmas morning. However, I renewed my premium subscription about 6 months ago and there’s been… nothing. No new insights, no articles, nothing. I’m not sure what I’m paying for anymore. It’s sad because I really did love this app at one point, and I would love to come back if they ever start putting work into it again. Below is my previous 5 star review for reference: Intermittent Fasting (IF) makes weight loss and health simple and easy. This app makes Intermittent Fasting simple and easy, so it works out well! The app makes it easy to track your eating and fasting windows. I especially like the Insights—simple click thru slides with tips and even short lessons in biology so you can get an idea about how your body is changing. I find it all fascinating! Only reason for the 4 stars is that it is a tad buggy at times. For a while it was not changing when I went to edit my goal weight. Also I’ve noticed that I’ll get alerts that new Insights are available, but they won’t be there. This are minor things that I can deal with. I’m just pointing them out. Basically if you’re trying to get control of your body composition and health and you feel bogged down by calorie counters, IF is a great thing to try and this app is a great way to try IF.
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3 years ago, kiwigk
Good App
Overall, I really like this app. At first it was really difficult to see how you could get to the workings of the app without subscribing, but if you click enough “x” buttons you eventually get there. I used the app daily for about a month, until the fasting schedule I programmed for myself became habit. It gave some great insights into when I should or should not be eating or snacking, and it really has helped provide the missing boost my body needed to start dropping weight. What I really liked about the app was that it gave you a good idea of the stages your body was in during your fasting period. It provided the extra incentive to see that you were only an hour away from the fat burning stage and if you could continue the fast just a bit longer you’d do better for your body. Also, it was a great reminder that maybe you weren’t hungry but actually bored or thirsty. There were a number of days that I went for a snack, but paused and checked my app first, it suggested that I wouldn’t need food for another hour, so I grabbed a carbonated water instead. I would always end up getting busy and wouldn’t end up snacking for another couple hours or I would skip the snack until it was time for the next meal. Great app for a gentle reminder without being overly detailed and a calorie counter!
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3 months ago, truthnlove
Frustrating and Glitchy
I looked forward to downloading this app and being a premium customer. The first few days were great, it kept me on target, gave me helpful alerts and logging my food really made me contentious in a positive way regarding what I was eating. One day I decided to turn my phone off while I slept. In the morning when I turned my phone back on, the app kept saying that I had to sign up and pay. Well I had already paid for 3 months and had only been using the app for 4 days. I attempted to sign in. It did not recognize me. Long story short I had to contact their customer service department to reset my account. Which was hard because I kept getting the run-around from their digital customer service bot. It wasn’t until I asked for a refund that someone (a human) reached out to help me. Since then the app has proved consistently glitchy. If you make a mistake on the time you ate and try to fix it in the so it throws the whole app off. Currently I have to not enter my food intake today so that I can get it back to the current fast regime that I selected (8/16 ratio). I wanted to love this app. I really really did. In fact I’m frustrated that after my 3 months are over I will have to look elsewhere. I am glad however that I’ve been introduced to intermittent fasting. That practice will stay with me forever. But the SIMPLE app is anything but .
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8 months ago, QuickDrawMom
Keeping Track
Simple is pretty simple. It’s a place I go to several times a day. I always log the food I’ve eaten, good or bad. I get lots of tips and tricks on how to make my meal or snack plan better. It points me in a the right direction keeping me on track. I enjoy tracking my foods and keeping focused on why I signed up in the first place. I do weigh myself everyday but only track it in the app when I have a weight loss. I set my first goal to lose 100 lbs. In 7 weeks I’ve lost 20.2 lbs. I’m elated with myself! It just took me about 4 days to not crave sugar anymore. I usually fast for 18 hours which gets me a good 6 hours of fat burning time. Around 1:00 PM is my first meal which is a smoothie made with 1 Cup frozen mixed berries, 1/2 banana, a hand full of fresh spinach, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 scoop collagen powder, a teaspoon of cinnamon, a tablespoon of chia seeds, then 10-16 oz of Dragon Fruit Juice from Costco. Then I will have a regular dinner only eating until I just start to feel full. My snack after is usually a grapefruit. I make herbal iced tea that I drink throughout the day. Im very determined to keep going and be a success story. I feel great and have a lot of energy for being 65 years old.
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4 years ago, Collierules
I like the app with some minor reservations
I tried the app then bought a year subscription because I liked having the app on my watch, that works great, and I like the journal feature, I could go back and see what I ate and how long my fast was, as well as if I was drinking enough water, being able to add a picture of your meal is a nice addition. It works great in iPhone and although trying to edit my fasting time if I forgot to hit start or stop has to be done through the edit feature in the journal of my phone, I still really like the features of watch app and journal that I haven’t found as useful in other apps. However after 4 months( 120 fasts and 2556 hrs) I tried to download the app to my iPad, big mistake! It doesn’t work on the iPad, and somehow I wiped out everything I had logged for 4 months when I tried to log in with my iPad. I ended up deleting and restoring the app and have now started over. I may have skipped the step of signing in with Facebook or Apple when I signed in initially, which may be my problem. So yes it’s a really nice app, but sign in with email, Facebook or Apple and save your sign in info so you don’t loose it like I did, and not for iPad.
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3 months ago, Jessie Girl 36 anxiety lover
User friendly
Before simple I struggled to eat consistently during the day then found myself starving at 10pm, then waking up with acid reflux or indigestion. It took me a couple of weeks to get in the swing of things but I just kept logging and not beating myself up. I didn’t even weigh myself for the whole first month till I got the hang of the schedule. I love it now. I never feel bad about eating what I want and notice I feel my best when I’m mixing up the foods I eat. Some days I have optimal healthy days some days good, some days fair. But it’s a healthy balance for mind and body. This app has helped me focus on the process and routine instead of results and it is SO user friendly. Now I’m about 2 months in. I have started weighing myself in the last month, when the app prompts me on my to do list and I am down 8lbs! It has helped me habit build and I am consistently walking the neighborhood each day and love it! I’ve just added some easy strength training this week. I love the daily articles and insights. I don’t read every day but they’re always helpful when I do. If you are looking for user friendly, habit building, “slow and steady wins the race” then this is your app!
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2 years ago, pknorman2017
It works!
I've tried every diet and eating plan out there. Nothing lasted. I do a 17 hour fast. I feel so much more energetic. My stomach issues have disappeared. I have rheumatoid arthritis and after a month on this plan I don't have hardly any flare ups, in fact I've been able to stoop my medication for it. The weight loss is slow but steady so i know it will be a permanent solution for me because it's very easy to follow. I could cut out my wine consumption and I'm sure it would go faster but ehhh i like wine so I'm happy with the pace I'm at. The app has been awesome because it reminds me to drink water and log my meal times which keeps me mindful of my goal and keeps me accountable. I eat what i want but am finding that by keeping up on the app and reading all the little daily educational notes the app gives i am slowly changing the foods i choose for the most part. To anyone reading this, i can tell you it's worth a try. It was my last resort and i cant say enough how thankful i am that i gave it a try. Sure you could do it without the app but i think it would be way more difficult trying to remember it all and you wouldn't have the benefit of all the educational stuff.
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3 years ago, @KitKat11
Great App! Get it and use it!
This is a great app and I highly recommend it. That said, with a couple of tweaks I think it could go from great to perfect. All the developers need to do is read all of these reviews and optimize it based on the feedback. I agree with most of it. In my experience with it there are only two issues that should be fixed 1) the food choices are bizarre.I understand if it is more general than exact, but it’s kind of a mix of very general and very specific instead. I am annoyed every time I go to choose foods that should be on there and they aren’t, when so many are on there. that shouldn’t be. 2) you enter the time when you eat a meal, but there is no accounting for the duration of the meal (unless I am missing something). So if you eat a meal at 12 noon it says you started fasting at 12 noon. It should ask how long the meal was or at least give each meal at least a 20 to 30 minute radius. If you’re eating a social meal, sometimes the meal could take an hour and a half. Then what? Aside from those two fixes. I love it and think it is a great app, for a great price. I only use a select few apps religiously and this is now one of them. I have recommended it to all of my friends.
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8 months ago, I'll shank your Nan
I was slightly overweight at 5’5”, 151 pounds and do a strenuous uphill 2 mile walk most every day, but having a hard time losing weight (I really love good food! & my husband is a great cook!). Friends of mine tried intermittent fasting and it really works for them so I wanted to try it. I started using the Simple app about 6 weeks ago and it is working for me- it’s not a “quick fix” - but I have lost about a pound/week, I don’t feel deprived at all, my mind feels clear and my waistline/muffin too seems to be shrinking. I like the reminders on the app to drink lots of water and document what/when you’re eating. There is good nutritional advice offered. I can have my early morning coffee (with just a splash of milk) and I go to work. I eat breakfast at around 10:30-11:00 or lunch at around 1:00 depending on how busy work is. Then dinner at around 6:00pm. We cook most of our meals at home and eat lots of salads with a protein (fish or chicken or steak) but we eat what we want. So my fasting window is usually around 16-17 hours. Other people may be able to eat one meal/day. That would not work for me. Simple has made my journey into intermittent fasting feel “Do-able” and comfortable. 😊
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3 weeks ago, Seashell-Ski
Support A I
SIMPLE has two major components: 1) AI which is interactive, supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable, and holds me accountable. 2) Tracker which is data gathering. Providing measurements, personal statistics, and comparisons to goal. The BEST is Avo who I know will make me accountable and who presents a positive, supportive, and encouraging role. Often asking me what can I do to meet my goals. Next I LOVE the information that is provided. I’m 71 and now feel in my 20’s. In a good way. Women weren’t in sports. Women aren’t accustomed to “exercise” that’s why I LOVE that you call it activity. The PLUS is the information that is provided by experts based upon MY own experiences. Food, Activity, Hydration, Fats, Carbs, etc. SIMPLE dispels all the hype and noise that is out there. At a time when skinny ppl on the internet tell you you can eat whatever you want. At a time when they’re selling “Miracle Pills” that make you shed weight in weeks. At a time when there are so many fads, and so much misinformation. SIMPLE whittles all of that down to the truth about personal wellness and personal health. I’ve already lost 13.7 pounds with SIMPLE, learned so much about wellness, and have a positively motivated self care attitude.
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4 weeks ago, f ooo sh
Love it But…
I have done very well with this app. I have lost 58lbs. I started in middle January 2023. Then they did an update when I fist started they listed the amount of calories, protein, carbs & etc. when I signed up they set me with an appropriate amount of these things to help me stay on track!! It was great specially the confidence boost… as long as I was in my eating window I could eat basically anything I wanted as long as I stayed within those limits. I talked this app up to anyone I knew who was trying to lose weight and get healthy. In the app it tells you no matter what you eat you should NOT feel bad about it. If you’re craving something you should eat it obviously your body is telling you what you need! Then the updates came… you took that away and have Avo. That makes me feel guilty about everything I do! And I gained 6 lbs back 😢. I am walking more and really trying to get an optimal reading but very seldom do I get it. It gives you that nasty face and I’m totally disappointed in myself! I don’t know why they thought this was going to help but it certainly doesn’t for me. I didn’t renew my subscription mainly because of that!
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3 years ago, WomanoftheWord
Using this App for About 2 Weeks
I have found intermittent fasting to be just what I need to get a handle on my weight and eating habits. Since starting the program I have seen a marked change in my cravings for unhealthy foods. I have been so addicted to sugars and bad fats and lots of processed foods. I was always a late night nibbler but that has stopped. So far I have lost 7 pounds and feel so much better. As far as the app goes, there is a lot there to help you and keeping track is pretty simple. But there are also some problems with the app. For example, after tracking my food for a week, I opened the app the next morning to begin my day and all my data, except for my name, etc , was gone. All my tracking, weigh-Ins, and plan information was gone. The app treated me a a new member and I had to start all over. I reported the problem and they finally reached out by email but they said I needed to give them more information. I did that but I have not heard back from them. Today my pictures would not upload and all the tips they provide were blanked out. I signed up for 3 months but if these kinds of things keep happening, I might look elsewhere. It is always a pet peeve with me that these developers never give you a way to contact them directly like a phone number. You tend to only interact with a computer.
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4 months ago, Palermo425
Just what I needed
I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. Recently I began to notice increased blood sugar and A1C numbers at the doctor’s office. I am a 68 yo female with rheumatoid arthritis who takes lots of meds that help keep my weight on and sugars high. I saw this app and thought “ I’ve tried everything else let me try this”. I’m glad I did. The beauty of IF is each person decides where to place their eating hours and their fasting hours and how many hours of each. I decided to start wit 16:8. While I’m usually not hungry first thing in the morning I begin my fast about 5 pm. And then the “kitchen is closed” until I’m ready to eat the next morning. I used to snack continuously in the evening but due to fasting I no longer do that. Sometimes I am able to push my fast longer to 18 hours. It’s been a little over a month and I’ve lost 7 lbs. Also the artificial intelligence “AVO” is like having a human coach who pushes you to eat better and get some movement in your life. The app constantly sends articles that corresponds with your logged meals that give you dietary info to help you eat more healthy. I’m glad I invested in the app.
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2 years ago, Sillydemon467
How do I rate this company a zero?
Started my 3-month subscription in December 2021. This app is not managed through Apple subscriptions so after a while a normal person will forget they establish the first subscription cycle and have no way of keeping up to date on their active subscription with Simple. Simple is quick to capitalize here by auto-renewing your subscription, and to be honest, I don’t recall a moment in the process of purchasing the original 3-month sub where I was prompted to agree to auto-renewal. Nonetheless, they take your money and will continue to do so without your knowing — especially if you’re not frequently monitoring your PayPal activity. So I contacted Simple’s customer service a day after the most recent auto-renewal to state that I didn’t realize I was having money deducted through PayPal over the last two “billing cycles” (as it turned out they were, unbeknownst to me). Their solution was to cite their refund policy and tell me that I was not qualified, even though I haven’t used the app since February nor did I originally—knowingly— agree to auto-billing. Simple is in fact not unwitting to their methods and will very readily take YOUR money, too, if you let them. Please be very wary of this company’s unscrupulous policies and horrifying customer service. They really should be ashamed of themselves for their dishonesty and greediness. But hey, capitalism!
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4 years ago,
Self control is rebuilding ⭐️
Someone may benefit from this story, but I know they can be annoying so skip to the end if you’d rather - A little over two years ago I had finally started to lose some weight and went from weighing 150 to 130 in a couple months, gradually dropping pounds. I felt great mentally and physically, and thought I was doing a good thing; only to have my significant other break things off with me because according to them I had developed a destructive eating disorder, and they “didn’t want to watch me destroy myself”. It crushed what I had achieved, and in a naive attempt to win them back I started eating 3x what I was in a day. I quickly not only gain roughly three times more than what I weighed, I also developed an actual eating disorder that wrecked my body and my life. Because of this person I lost all of what I worked hard for and the last two years have been an uphill battle to control my calorie intake. This app is helping me rebuild the self control I lost and gives me the opportunity to deduct whether I’m eating because I’m hungry or because my emotions are out of control. Full five stars from me, no complaints yet. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, runawaykat
a few fixes would make this app even better
for their weekly bot check ins, they don’t give an option for “it was fine, i had no issue weighing in” all of their answer button options make the person answering feel like they should be stressed or feeling bad about weighing in or like it’s some big accomplishment to “feel better” or “be easier” than weighing in the week before. they should have an answer that is just “it was fine”. everything else they offer as an answer choice assigns a negative connotation to weighing in. that’s not only unhelpful, but could be highly triggering to anyone with previous or active body image or eating disorders. it would also be great if there were more pre set options for logging food, like nutrition info from National chains & such. as well as having cups & oz as an option for everything, not everyone has a scale to sort out how many grams of something we ate & some of us could more easily guesstimate portions by cups or oz. just a suggestion. i also can’t seem to find anywhere that it tells you how many calories you’ve consumed when you go through all the hassle of logging everything you’ve eaten in a meal or a day.
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2 years ago, Arcee723
Not worth the $1 trial
The app is completely useless if you have even the most basic understanding of nutrition. The articles and tips on the app address topics like the importance of drinking water and the difference between good and bad fats - not information that is difficult or confusing to learn about. So no added value there. The program description mentions a customized health plan - don’t be misled. A custom health plan will not be created for you - you just get to choose how long you want to fast for. There are no features in this app that you cannot get for free on your phone or through other apps like My Fitness Pal. If you want to true custom nutrition support, you’re better off signing up for a program like Hybrid Nutrition which connects you to a real nutritionist on a weekly basis and a community of other users for support and recipe ideas. Finally, be careful when signing up for the trial. After signing up for the trial, you’ll be immediately presented with multiple screens prompting you to upgrade your account before even opening the app for the first time. If you accidentally hit the wrong button, like I did, you will not be issued a refund even if you notify the company right away. To receive a refund, you must demonstrate that you used their useless app for 15 days and did not see any results. Customer support is useless as well.
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7 months ago, CanuckGurlInNYC
Was Great, Until It Wasn’t…
Update: November 2023: I’ve used this app for well over a year and really liked it until a recent update that completely changed the fasting schedule interface. It’s completely useless now, and no longer user friendly. Sad, but I’ve deleted the app today. I want the freedom to set up my schedule how I please and they took that function away, forcing you to have at least a 1 hour eating window. I regularly do longer fasts so this app no longer serves its purpose. Too bad. The developers made a big mistake with this last change. You lost me. Original Review March 2022: I downloaded about four of the leading fasting apps to try and see which I liked best. The startup on the others didn’t make a lot of sense to me as a newbie to fasting. After a couple days I chose to go with Simple because it is exactly that, simple. The interface made the most sense to me, easy to navigate, and I liked the helpful tips and graphics. The only thing I would say needs improvement is their weekly recap with the wellness bot, it’s information is usually quite off for some reason. I’m not sure what’s going on there but it’s a small thing and not really important. I’d say if you’re new to fasting, and looking for an easy helpful tracking app, this is the one.
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1 year ago, Eater2.0
Shady business practice
DO NOT BUY. DO NOT TRY unless you’re ready to deal with their headache! No one appreciates deceitful people yet this app does it all. Clicking on “trial” means monthly subscription of $79. Don’t even try, because it’s difficult to cancel. Conveniently doesn’t show in your iPhone settings Apple subscription list. Not sure how they got away with that but they’re that good at stealing people’s money. Unauthorized charges monthly $79. There is absolutely NO customer service phone number or address anywhere that I can find. After contacting Simple through their only method communication (non-responsive email!) and receiving ZERO response, I disputed w/ my credit card, which worked for the month, but Simple keeps charging me the following month! I’ve never used their app! I know how to cancel subscriptions but Simple intentionally makes it impossible (to cancel). I NEVER signed up for. I suspect their 14k positive reviews are bot generated and not real reviews. Business is shady. After months of frustration and $237, my next attempt is to file a complaint with the BBB before they charge me again, against my will! I’ve never filed with BBB before and I hesitate because I LOVE intermittent fasting and believe almost every adult, especially the sickly ones, should be regularly fasting at some points. But stealing money is completely unacceptable.
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7 days ago, Kats and Jammers
Taking my time. Not punishing myself.
Because I have done the hard diets lost 100 pounds three times in my life to only find myself gaining it back in the following two years I was tired of dieting. I did a quick trial of intermittent fasting about 6 months ago. I liked it but it didn’t hold my attention. I was only restricting my hours of eating and not looking at the amounts or choices. Now that I am logging my food I have a better understanding of what I am eating . I get helpful and encouraging information and can text chat my concerns and get real answers and suggestions. I am making better choices, and slowly understanding my choices. My energy level is rising and I don’t feel like I am being punished, shamed, bossed, or bullied over my choices. I can’t even understand why it feels so right but I’m actually excited to be working this program. Nothing is forbidden. I don’t need a warden. I feel respect and that I’m going to change my poor choices without feeling bad about them, but instead because I am ready to understand my relationship with food.
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1 week ago, Megggggz & Baecon
One star is too many for this app. I was looking for a more “wallet friendly” option to Noom and from all the websites *raving* about this app, I decided to give it a try. (I found out after that the fact that the “raves” were paid promotions.) For starters, the concept here is “starve yourself and you’ll lose weight!” WHICH is an eating disorder waiting to happen because it most definitely has. This app is cheaper than Noom, but your “coach” is an AI Chatbot so that’s…. NOT helpful??? Then when you decide you want a refund, if you paid $23 for 3 months thinking it was better than it is, you HAVE to log/track things in the app for 15 days before they’ll even acknowledge your refund request. And when you want to talk to a human, SO SORRY BUT “we are experiencing higher than normal emails, but your email is important to us!” so good luck getting your money back! The app pushes you to “fast” for 16 hours, eat for 8 and has some extremely manipulative - and biased - articles (written by the same few people) to convince you that “your brain is making your body think it’s hungry” and “your body should TOTALLY withstand not eating for 36 hours” - all in the name of losing weight quickly? As the title of my review says - save yourself and just get Noom OR talk to your doctor about references to a nutritionist.
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1 year ago, Stacyspacey
Kinda of surprised
I saw this app on a Facebook ad, and I clicked on it with skepticism. They wanted me to pay for it and of course I think it’s a scam so I go to cancel after putting a $7 dollar membership on but something told me to keep it for now. I’ve done Weight Watchers and Noom and all sorts of other things. I have actually been pretty surprised in a good way about this app it’s only been a week and I’m not good with staying consistent but I do find myself really enjoying the articles and my favorite part is watching my blood sugar levels based on what time I ate last. I don’t know why I find that fascinating but they are always a line with my hunger level which- to me I feel like every weight loss app should send that out like “go eat some cucumbers before you make bad choices!”. Anyways, it inspired me to do a 24 hour fast and I’m down four pounds in a week. I dont recommend such a large fast for everyone, but I probably wouldn’t have done that without this app. guiding me through the stages. Good luck on your journeys. Hope this review helps.
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1 year ago, livelyvc
Great Ap—terrible billing, payment and customer support
I love the app. It works. It’s easy. I signed up with a free trial for a week. Every time I turned around. I couldn’t use something because a pop-up asked me to subscribe to the best of my knowledge I never did. After a couple days, I received an offer via email offering a free month of the premium app. I excepted this offer assuming that it was related to the offer I had previously accepted , apparently not. When I loaded the new offer all of my history from the previous version disappeared. I didn’t give it too much thought and figured it was some sort of glitch. After a week of using the app I’ve lost 7 pounds. I’m pretty happy then I noticed that I have been charged not once, but twice the whole amount for a subscription which wasn’t supposed to happen until after my free trial. I bring this to the attention of customer service and they tell me that it’s not refundable. We will see what PayPal has to say about that. I would actually like to subscribe and continue using this app after the month trial. It is too bad they’re billing is so messed up. Also, a little advice to the developers. You have a good product you don’t need to engage pushy, annoying sales tactics. They actually detract. I am hoping we can work this out.
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11 months ago, §_%
Could be better
So I really like this app and i think it has helped me really think about my decisions but there's some complaints I have. First, I don't like when I log my food the app not only assumes that everything I eat is a meal it also assumes whether or not im eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner based on the time of day. I really don't like that because I think I should be able to eat breakfast at 11am and dinner at 4pm without the app just assuming that it's a "late breakfast" or an "early dinner". I think there should be a feature where I can state whether or not what I ate is a meal or a snack and if I ate breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Second, I think the app should ask us how we feel after eating what we ate and if we liked the food. I know we can just write it down but it's not the same as when it asks you how you feel after working out and it has the little emojis. Third, there should be more milk options. Today I drank chocolate milk and I had to put it as hot chocolate because there wasn't a chocolate milk option. These are all of my complaints and I really hope you could at least take them into consideration.
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5 months ago, ansky44
The app is good for structure. It does provide some nutritional details about the food you consume written by experts. Some pretty big negatives are the app not keeping time well enough. I’ve logged food and beverage and then realize the app thinks it is yesterday so I am logging items for the previous day. It also doesn’t like it if you start your fast outside of your normal fasting window. I work overnights so I will flip my schedule for the weekend to eat normally with my family. So I sometimes start my fast on the weekend around when I would normally would end my fast. I will start my fast and everything reads like it accepted at the start. The next day it doesn’t recognize I started the fast at all even when I have made sure the time and day were correct when I started the fast. So it’s like the fast never happened. I wish it learned about my overnight schedule as well. I have my normal eating window from 7pm-3am. Yet when I drink coffee during that time I will sometimes get an article about drinking coffee after 3pm. A lot of my complaints may not happen to people who live day schedules. As for me, I doubt I will be renewing this subscription.
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12 months ago, Risa2727
Do better- customer service
I can not speak to the app quality as after the incident I describe below, I immediately deleted the app. The customer service was abhorrent(awful). I had to contact my credit card company to stop payment on this charge. I am unsatisfied with your customer service. It shouldn’t have taken me having to contact my credit card company to get this resolved. This was bad company practice. When I was looking into a trial program, it popped up and said that I would get 12 weeks of the app access for $36, nothing about a workbook was mentioned. Unfortunately, I took the promo for its word and purchased what I thought was 12 weeks of the app service. I contacted customer service the same day as I realized I wasn’t getting what I paid for. However, the customer service did not listen to my complaint, instead confirmed delivery of a workbook and refused refund. My specific inquiry was ignored and subsequent replies followed different agenda about the workbook. I don’t appreciate this gaslighting behavior saying I purchased one thing when that was not what was authorized. I am unhappy with this correspondence and will not be doing business with your company ever again and will tell others that may be interested in this program of my awful experience. Do better!
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7 months ago, Eikuu
This app has been a game changer for me!
I’m glad I decided to give this app a try since I have been successively on IF since July after realizing I’ve gained too much weight after our wedding and from stress eating due to work. The app is easy to use, tracking of food has made me more conscious of what I eat, and it’s made it easier for me to visualize when I should be eating. There is one thing I ask the developer to add to this app in the future: I know it’s a psychological part for me, but I wish there was a “sick” mode that temporarily puts a hold on your IF tracking. Every time I get sick and can’t commit to IF because I’m prioritizing getting better, I feel like I’ve failed a little when it shouldn’t be an issue. If there was some kind of “pause” or “sick” mode for whenever you physically have to not IF without feeling judged for it, I think it would be great for people like me who get discouraged so easily over something as small as this. Otherwise, I’ve loved this app and I will continue using it until I reach my target weight!
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3 years ago, SammyJagar
Waste of money, got ripped off!!!
I got suckered into this app by an advert on Instagram. “Try for $1 for a week! Satisfaction guaranteed in first 30 days!” Well, I ended up paying for the fist 12 weeks up front for $35 because it was a “discount” offer and I figured if I didn’t like it, the guarantee would cover me. Well, I was absolutely WRONG. I start the app, and it is super cheesy. Not custom tailored to your needs at all. It’s basically an over glorified timer to remind you when to eat and stop eating. Logging meals is annoying, you have to search through a bunch of emojis that match with what you ate. I used this diligently for about 4 days and I hated it. I honestly was already intermittently fasting before this app, without even trying. This will not be helping me with my weight loss journey, so I contacted their support team to help me with my refund. I was told that I have to use this annoying app for 30 days and then, I’ll only get a 50% refund. They don’t stand by their guarantee, so BEWARE. Don’t fall for it like I did. You’ll surely be disappointed. Just set a timer on your phone for a window of 8 hours to eat, and that’s basically what you’re paying for. Not to mention the app is super buggy, I had to constantly re-log meals twice, the app on the Apple Watch does NOTHING. It’s total garbage.
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1 year ago, Zeloskun
Great app, bad update
Overall this has been a fantastic app that I use daily to help me with intermittent fasting. And normally I would highly recommend! But the new way of tracking food defeats the entire purpose of intermittent fasting. Previously, you would pick from a list of general categories for food and also include information like where you ate, why you did, etc. But, on top of being simple information it was all options! Now, they want you to pick from an exhaustive list of very specific food items (think like, what type of sandwich are you eating, plus what types of sides, etc.) that still managed to exclude things. But worst of all, they want you to include the exact measurement of how much of each item you ate! Part of the appeal of intermittent fasting is being able to eat what you want, within reason, in the time period, and this feels like intense calorie counting. Worst of all, you can’t choose to not log anything, so you’re forced to input something, resulting in me often just clicking the first option available to avoid the hassle…which means I have nothing useful to look back on. If this doesn’t change soon or give the option to go to a more ‘simple’ version of Simple, I’ll likely be moving to another fasting app. Please update this!
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4 years ago, coletranetracks
getting back to normal
i am a person who did not have a weight problem the majority of my life. i wanted to tone up a few years back and this person suggested the eat-every-two-hours calorie breakdown. worst mistake of my life. yeah, i was in great shape, but it started to affect me mentally. i went from a person who never thought about food and just ate when i was hungry to a person who thought about food and calorie intake all the time. it was awful. ive been with Simple for 133 days of this review and my god, the turnaround. i feel mentally healthier which if more important to me. everything else (lean body, good eating habits, etc) is the cherry. i still have some food habits that need refinement, but im taking my time bc i know i will get there. this app is gentle with you, it gives good and practical information, and the few times i have broken my fast a bit early i did not feel bad about it and got back on track. this app is helping me recover. i cant express that enough. i hope this review helps someone. peace.
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8 months ago, BeeNic87
What a Scam
I had this app in the past with a premium subscription and never had an issue. That was a little over a year ago at the time I shocked to see people leaving reviews about the app being a scan until now. When I recently re-download the app I restored my premium subscription and the company charged my card. However I do not have access on the app to a premium account. I reached out to customer service and “Augustine” has been absolutely no help, asking for screenshots of proof that I was charged and that I was not receiving the membership (both which were attached to the original email) and stating that I did not have an account under the email in which I sent the customer service request. So with my next response I sent a screenshot from inside the app where it lists the email explaining it is correct and it’s also the same email used on my Apple account (how they charged the card) and Augustine responded with an email explaining to me HOW TO PURCHASE PREMIUM. So obviously customer service and ‘Augustine’ are not reading or trying to fix the issue. At this point I was charged $50 and don’t have access to the product I was charged for. Will be finding a different app. It’s a shame because I truly enjoyed this one in the past.
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3 years ago, Kimmie.777
Love but would like to see a few changes…
I’ve only been using the SIMPLE app for a couple weeks and so far love it. I’ve lost 6lbs doing the 16hr fast. Yay! My sister is using the app and does a 20hr fast and has lost 12lbs in two weeks. Love the way you can track your eating, your time of fasting and also that it tells you how long you’ve been burning fat. And the articles are filled with great information. But three features I wish SIMPLE would have… 1. A search button to search articles. 2. A connect button to connect with family and friends. There’s no connecting. 3. More security put in place. You shouldn’t be able to login a paid subscription with just an email address. For me, protecting my personal information is important. This lack of security may cause me to end my subscription eventually. On a good note, I already feel better about myself because I feel more in control and feel like I’ve found something that works. I also find the articles very helpful. This is about getting healthy and I think as long as I follow the recommendations, I’ll do fine.
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7 months ago, ABHJjdhvxhzfjnfif
Hasn’t Done Anything
I’ve been struggling with my weight for almost 10 years. I’ve tried just about everything I could think of- restrictive diet, vegetarian, paleo, exercising like crazy, mindful eating, etc. All of it did virtually nothing- maybe lost 5 pounds but gained it back within a month despite me keeping up the exact same regimen. I was the same as I was when I wasn't exercising or eating healthy even when I was exercising like crazy and eating super healthy- there was no difference. In the last year I became physically disabled and can no longer work out safely because of my joints. I gained some weight because of that. I started restricting my calories and eating much healthier, which did absolutely nothing. In desperation, I signed up for simple. It also has done absolutely nothing. I cannot exercise safely without risking dislocations, so my food intake is all I can really control. Simple hasn’t done anything to my weight. At all. I left 3 stars because it probably works better for other people, but for those in tougher situations like mine, it’s useless. Probably gonna cancel my subscription soon because it’s just not worth it.
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1 year ago, imlittlerick
Been with the app awhile.
In fact I checked in the app and it says 1001 days with Simple. So I’ve been through many iterations of this app. The fast tracking is wonderful. Easy to edit and lots of different fasting protocols to choose from. But they change the food logging all the time. I appreciate they’re trying to improve the app and find what works best for their customers but the current food logging is awful. You just write in what you eat and that’s it. I prefer the previous food logging that at least tracked calories, protein and fiber. I was doing so well with a general overview and I hate using two apps to now track calories. The previous food tracking with the little pictures of food was better than what we have now but it was still lacking. Just let us track simply what we ate and add the calories back in. Maybe if you’re worried about people with eating disorders then give them the current tracking tool by default since the app asks that question anyway. Otherwise we should have tracking tools that actually help with our progress. Not everyone can ignore calories while fasting and lose weight.
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2 years ago, DevonJessica
Doesn’t work as it’s supposed to -stressful/inaccurate
This app brought me more stress than I needed, trying to be perfect instead of according to my own rhythms. Having to constantly log my food/water all day was a pain. And worse, you couldn’t log food/liquid accurately, so you’d get these articles to read that had nothing to do with how you eat. You could log coffee with one type, but not more than one thing. I drink decaf and I put non dairy creamer, coconut oil and cinnamon spice in it. You can only log decaf which doesn’t stop your fast or you can put regular coffee with non dairy creamer which does stop your fast. It’s really inaccurate and forget about logging food! You can try typing it in or using the scanner but the scanner never worked for me. Again, you’re not accurately logging anything because it was hard to find everything. And it says log meals or snacks but never let me log snacks so it looked like I had multiple meals per day then it would send me articles to learn about the difference between snacking and having a meal. Like I was stupid. Really irritating. I used it for 22 days and said no more. It changed my fasting schedule by itself and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.
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1 year ago, YanaSig
Great app, used to be better
I’m currently using the free version because it’s all I need for my purposes. They recently updated it to “simplify” the method for meals but I’m not sure that it’s accurately capturing my entries any more. When I add something the text turns blue to confirm that the app has that item in its database but it seems to be limited to one-word items. So foods like “hot dog,” “ice cream,” or “peanut butter” don’t get logged properly anymore because only the first word turns blue. This happens with even the suggested items at the bottom of the screen during this process, eg, “+ ice cream”. There’s no way to revert to the old way of logging food. Too bad, I miss being accurate. There’s also no way to log coffee with milk AND sugar (or cream AND iced). It can only be one thing. Also, I used to use this app several years ago and after logging a meal, it would actually suggest when I should have my next meal based on the IF criteria I entered on setup, eg, “try to not eat again for another 4 hours” or something like that. That was the most effective thing that worked for my weightloss through IF. I wish it was an available option.
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1 year ago, Mom of 5.5yo
Good app with limited food data
I had been using the Lose It app off and on for years- I like the unobtrusiveness of it while tracking macros. Over time it has amassed a giant library of food items so logging is easy and the nutrition data is pretty good. I thought I’d try the Simple app to level up my IF initiatives. Overall, I like the app for IF and general mindfulness of what is important (how you eat vs nitpicking every little thing you eat), but after a week it asked me if I wanted to get more granular logging food and honestly, no. The app has very very few food items I can match and I certainly am not sitting down and logging every tiny bit of nutrition info myself. I can’t log many vegan options, for example. If you want that sort of tracking this is not the app for you, but if you want to celebrate little wins, do IF, and get some fun tips (which you may not need- it doesn’t gather your nutrition know-how level upfront, and just because a person wants to get healthier doesn’t mean they don’t know sugar is bad), and track your water and activity, it’s good for that.
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