Sleep Cycle - Tracker & Sounds

Health & Fitness
4.7 (386.4K)
336.6 MB
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Sleep Cycle AB
Last update
3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sleep Cycle - Tracker & Sounds

4.72 out of 5
386.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Claire Bear Gleek
Reliable, User Friendly, Absolutely Fantastic
I recommend this app to anyone that is remotely having trouble sleeping. I’ve legit been using this every single night for 5 years. I absolutely LOVE that I can set it every night. I use it as sort of a personal check in with myself before I sleep by including some sleep notes about my day to determine the quality of my sleep. The sleep notes are just a a check box that you can select if it applies to you that day. Examples might be: alcohol, tired, sick, worked out, period, traveled, etc. and you can add your own custom sleep notes options! It’s perfect for my short attention span so you aren’t obligated to actually journal sentences, but will have a short reference of the day to look back on months from now. I also love the quick check in with myself after I wake up! I wake up smoothly over 30 minutes and reach for my phone which gently fades out the alarm which I pick up my phone, no button or bright light required immediately!! Once I actually decide to wake up, the app says good morning and shows me the weather once I stop the alarm, I get to select how to slept also choosing between just three buttons. Bed, medium, or great! I highly recommend this app and I barely ever review anything unless it’s worthwhile. I pay for the annual subscription but I also used the free version for years. Both are extremely worth it. The premium allows me to keep my sleep data stored forever (or as long as I want).
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8 months ago, A. B. Meyer
Worth the subscription!
I pay for very few subscriptions but I use this app so much and it is so incredibly useful that I’ve just renewed for the second year. The statistics you can compile on your sleep are very useful and you can even compare to the national average of your country! I have struggled with sleep for over 10 years and this app has helped to figure out a cause and find a useful treatment option! I could find out the relationship between how much I snore or talk in my sleep and my stress level and sleep quality. The sleep quality percentage even feels accurate so I know the data is real. If I wake up and feel really rested the sleep quality matches how I feel and is always 89% and up. And it’s not all about how many hours I slept! I might sleep the same amount of time and feel very tired, and my sleep score matches that too! In addition to the data, I use the sleep stories and sleep ambiance every night and while I have my favorites, it’s good to have quite a few options when I want something different. And my favorites never go away so that’s great too! My absolute favorite is “Scents” - I highly recommend it! The guides have a mixture of counting down, guided breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and soothing descriptive storytelling. The subscription is a fantastic value as all of this is available for less than $10/month and for a drastic improvement in sleep quality it is well worth it!
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1 year ago, aleeskinkis
i love sleep cycle
I literally use sleep cycle every single night. i’ve been using it since 2014 (i was 11 at the time) and have never looked back. i fell in love with it immediately. i remember when there were only the four alarm noises, i still use the same alarm noise i did when i was 11, the sunrise one! if this app ever leaves the appstore i will die 😂 no but fr i love this app and it’s so fun to look back at all my nights of sleep. right now i have 1,237 nights, but i suspect there is a lot more that’s been lost between the switching of phones. the current tally of nights is from 2019 to present. i wish i had all my data from before but oh well! i use premium and it’s definitely worth it for me, but i can understand where others might not feel the same. it is expensive but as a long time user i rely on it heavily and really enjoy it, it’s part of my routine. a feature i would really love to see is the total time spent in each sleep phase (i.e. deep sleep, sleep, awake) there’s the graph that kinda shows you, but i would love it if there were numbers to break it down (i know it wouldn’t be 100% accurate numbers lol but just an estimate would be nice even) otherwise, i am really happy with the app. thanks for all the years you’ve put into it, developers!
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4 years ago, Mahadevi9
It’s ok, more for entertainment
I like the program, wish it were more accurate. I sometimes suffer from insomnia and wanted to track how much sleep I was actually getting. This program doesn’t register that I’m waking up in the middle of the night. I’ve taken to taking with me if I get up and walk around, just to have it show up as awake for a minute. When I watch movies for an hour it thinks I’m asleep. I’m watching the movie on the same phone as the app - you’d think it’d realize something. Apparently according to this app I get a great nights sleep almost every night. It also thinks I must be doing great on minimal sleep since that’s what I get many weekdays. I wake up most mornings not feeling rested, and don’t sleep through the night, but this app isn’t going to help track that. Amusing, for that I’d give it 4 stars. I’d give it 5 if it actually tracked when I was awake , and tracked the weather correctly ( massive storm all night doesn’t even show up) and if the air pressure tracker worked. Yes wifi and cell signal on. They need a feature to plug in how many hours of sleep I need at night- I wasn’t born yesterday- and set my own goals for sleep, instead of deciding 6 hours is my ideal, which is unhealthy information to give someone who may not realize only few people need less hours. Tried a couple apps, this one still seems the best at tracking anything.
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3 months ago, JHesidenz
Won’t be using until they revert the constant “premium” pop-up.
Allow me to preface by saying that I have used Sleep Cycle for about 8 years or more. I’d also like to mention that I am a Senior User Experience designer in the web and app space. Sleep Cycle’s new strategy for monetization seems to be a constant pop-up asking the user to upgrade. It seems the pop-up is scheduled to appear when the app is opened after 24 hours of it’s last appearance. The problem with this strategy is that people only use sleep schedule once per day, right before bed. This means that the user will see the pop-up every time they open the app - something that is horribly frustrating. There are often two routes to the monetization of free apps. The first is to improve and provide more than enough value to convince your users to subscribe. The second is to implement annoyances so that the user will pay to make them stop. It seems sleep cycle has gone with the latter approach. You may lose users in the process, but who cares right? They weren’t paying anyway. If there was enough value for the cost, I’d happily pay - but instead I will not even be using the free version of the app. Edit: Not long after this review, they went ahead and lightened the annoying popups. But now they are back and worse than ever. On top of that, we (early adopters) have lost feature we’ve been using for a decade. Absolutely disgusting and greedy business strategy. Uninstalling.
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3 years ago, carlywearspradax
Overdue Review
It’s long overdue that I write a review for this app because I’ve been lucky enough to be grandfathered into Sleep Cycle’s pro version. I downloaded the app back when I was in high school when it was 99¢ and continue to use it almost every night (10 years later), mostly with the intention to utilize the alarm. I always had at least 2 or 3 different alarms that all failed to wake me up until I bought Sleep Cycle. I absolutely love that I have access through the app to different sleep sounds, like ASMR or story telling, because when I listen to things through my laptop instead, it reads me as being awake and talking. I’ve picked up on numerous hilarious sleep talking incidents with the ability to share the sound recordings with my friends and family, and I love being able to see which days of the week I need to work on getting myself to sleep more consistently and tracking the triggers that lead me to sleep better or worse. Most of all, though, I appreciate that the company has included me, as an initial investor, in the updates throughout time. Having had the opportunity to realize what the app does for me makes me think that the least I could do is write them a good review!
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6 years ago, DCpdx
Really solid
The app is great, I’ve had it for years. I don’t have a ton of confidence in the accuracy of their claim for your sleep efficiency each night, but it’s probably not far off. What I love most is the senses you tapping the phone to activate snooze! So you don’t have to grab your phone and try to find a brightly lit little button in a dark room when you don’t want to b opening your eyes—just physically tap the phone anywhere! In fact, I just tap my nightstand and that is enough to silence the alarm for the snooze! My one big complaint, however, is a change that was made a couple months ago. Now you have to unlock your phone to turn it off. It used to be that the screen would dark all night, but it wouldn’t be locked, so when the alarm goes off in the morning you just see the app with an off button. But now, the phone auto-locks, so in the morning when it’s time to turn off the alarm, all you see are all the notifications on the lock screen that came in all night. So you have to fight those to get to the unlock, where you can get to app to turn off alarm. Super annoying. It ruins an otherwise nice experience, and does so at the worst time: when you are waking up in the morning. (The developer said this due to a change in policy from Apple, and they’re working on a fix. Let’s hope one comes soon!)
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2 years ago, Machineies
Disappointing and mediocre
I’ve been using sleep cycle consistently for over 2 years now, and I’ve had premium for a year. I’m disappointed to say that even though I’ve always been optimistic about this app, it’s just not that good. The time in bed compared to time asleep is always inaccurate. The sleep recordings record way too much static background noise. The most annoying thing is that in the last few months the app has been crashing overnight, so you lose all of the data for that night and it ruins your sleep report. It’s gotten to the point where this app only works 3 or 4 days out of the week, it’s always really spotty and is no longer reliable. As for the premium features, there is not enough content to justify a 30 dollar price tag. Seeing your data on the graphs is nice, but they are too general and there aren’t enough tools. I want to be able to see biweekly data, compare sleep statistics between months, see different groupings of data besides what’s currently available. I would suggest sticking with the free version of the app since the data is lackluster, and the nighttime audio recordings never work well. It’s very upsetting having to write this review after using this app for so long, but it’s ridiculous. Add more content to premium or lower the price. Most importantly, stop your app from crashing.
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3 months ago, Ashprender
Great app but missing user friendly opportunities
This app offers numerous benefits that I enjoy. This includes a soft wake-up option, sleep analytics, and optimal wake-up windows. The reason I am giving this app 3 stars is it lacks critical alarm components. The app does not offer the ability to set a standing alarm. I need to wake up everyday at the same time, yet I have to set it nightly. What are the odds that I’ll forget…often enough to knock a star off the app. I recognize the alarm is likely a secondary feature but I still wish I could use it more effectively. For me, the soft wake up alarm is the reason I use this app. I’m not banking on sleep analytics accuracy since I sleep in the same room as my husband and baby. For me, this is more of an added bonus feature. Secondly, it seems, if you touch your phone, let’s say 10-20mins before your alarm is set to go off (this is when I use the “no wake-up window function”) it de-activate the alarm, as far as I can gather. There have been a handful of times now that I’ve touched my phone to check the time before my alarm is set to go off, when suddenly my husband is the one waking me up?! Hence the 2nd star gone from my review. These few alarm components are too critical to not function appropriately when using them daily. It’s so close to being the best option I’ve found but I can’t trust it.
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3 years ago, PaleoClipper
Not for couples- sadly
I used to use this app when it was just myself and my cat. Which was rather hilarious when it would mistake her purring for snoring. Hehe. But now that I sleep in the same bed as my partner, who has sleep apnea and thusly snores-a lot-, and also wakes up a lot, the app isn’t working so well anymore. It’s mistaking their sleep habits for mine. I am a very heavy sleeper and for the most part sleep right through my partners snoring, tossing, getting up multiple times a night (though the app has recorded me talking in my sleep a few times). But this also means I can, will, and have, slept through **dozens** of alarms. We set them on multiple devices, scattered around the room and even some in the bathroom. I will yell at them, and on occasion simply unplug the device in a half dazed stupor. Then go right back to sleep. For hours. I regularly sleep 14 hours, sometimes more if there’s nothing scheduled the next day. So—when it was just me and the cat this worked wonderfully! I actually would indeed wake up refreshed, usually, and pretty darn easily too. Perfect for a night owl who was scheduled to get up at 4am for work. Ugh. Perfect for that. Just…not when your partner snores and gets up every 3 hours and can get back to sleep without watching TV for a while. The poor app thinks I’m awake.
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1 year ago, GBurkhardt
Helpful but could use more features
I purchased the paid version of this app. While I have enjoyed it well enough over the past 6 months or so, I don’t think I’ll renew. I purchased this app to get data that would point me towards ways to improve my sleep. For example, the app tracks your step count. However, there is no graph or tab where I can see how my step count impacts how well I sleep at night. Similarly, I can mark off experiences I had during the day (e.g., drinking caffeine) but, once again, there’s no part of the app that tells me if drinking caffeine makes me fall asleep more slowly, increases my sleeping heart rate, etc. If the app had these features, I would renew it. One other thing: it would be great to have a notification feature that checks in to make sure you haven’t forgotten to turn off the nightly recording after a certain number of hours. I have had to delete full days of my journal because I forgot to click “stop recording” and ended up with 18 hours on my sleep log. As I understand it, the app currently turns off automatically if it believes you to be awake. This hasn’t worked at all for me; there have been some days where I’ll wake up and find that it only recorded half the night. Other than that, though, the app is great. I love the sound effects, the fun facts, and the journal. Thank you!
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7 years ago, MiSteve1
Alien technology!!!
I love waking up early but I struggle so much actually doing it. I literally set about 5 alarms to try to get myself out of bed. And if I don't set an alarm (because I read your body will wake itself up when it has had sufficient rest) i sleep for 10-12 hours. My first night using this app I was a little weary about if it would actually work. I set a few other alarms after when it was supposed to wake me up just so I wasn't late. BUT IT WORKED! It went off about 6:20 because I said I wanted to get up between 6:15 and 6:45 and I woke up turned it off and was expected to fight myself to stay awake like norma. This didn't happen. I felt perfectly rest and felt like I had energy all day. I fell like this app is some kind of alien technology used to give me more sleep in order to prepare me for a study they are doing. Or that this is the technology Batman used in order to only have to sleep 2 hours a night. Even if you are skeptical I would say try it out. I haven't used the premium features that you have to pay for, and with only using the free section this is my opinion. Try it! Just seize the opportunity to easily wake up in the morning. Or spend thousands of dollars on a new mattress. I guess it's your choice.
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4 years ago, mblling
Really good
I like it’s softer alarm sounds to wake me up. It’s nice to know if you snore while sleeping, and most of the time the sleep cycle thing looks accurate. I find that it’s really off in when you fall asleep (saying I fell asleep immediately even though I stayed up longer) or in waking up (says I was sleeping soundly until the alarm but In reality I was just awake and relaxing) I’ve never really found it to follow any scientific knowledge to wake me up, it just gets me up either at the first minute of my window or the last minute, but that could possibly be due to the fact that I don’t have a bedside table and sleep with it on the windowsill next to my bed. There’s also, I haven’t figured out why, this thing it does sometimes where the alarm doesn’t go off at all, and it just gives you a little silent “good morning!” Notification if you set it up to wake at a certain time. Obviously this doesn’t wake me up. I’ve been lucky enough to just naturally wake up about 10 or so minutes after my alarm each time, but it’s dangerous if you wait until later to wake up. I also haven’t found a way to set it to just repeat on its own every night, you have to manually tell it you’re sleeping now and set an alarm every night. So, I would say this app is good if you want a gentle alarm to wake you up for things you want to do in the morning sometimes, but not good if you need it for important things you’re waking up for.
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6 years ago, AgathaRex
Doesn’t do the job.
After a month of premium (paid) service this ‘Sleep Cycle’ app isn’t working, and there isn’t any way to contact the app developers. I set the app to start recording my sleep and set down my device in the very specific way requested, with it plugged in even, and at some point during my sleep it turns off and records nothing. Last night it recorded 1.5 of the 8 hours I actually slept. I can’t edit to correct a specific sleep cycle. I can’t create records that have only basic information, like how many ours I slept. I have many night that have gone unrecorded and that is the information that goes into their stats. Stats based on incorrect information are useless! So what exactly does ‘premium’ service get me? Nothing. Who cares if I have bad and incomplete information backed up? All the other stats I can easily look up on my own, for free. Don’t buy the premium service. It is a complete waste of money. I also tried ‘Life Cycle’. It doesn’t track well. You have to fill in a lot of information and that is pointless when the map location is incorrect and, again, the app doesn’t allow you to edit or correct their mistakes. Incorrect information is useless. Neither app is worth paying for. Response to app developer response: why would you think I hadn’t already tried the simple ideas? I did that. I rebooted my device as well. None of the easy-fix options have helped. If they had a review like this would just be petty instead of helpful to others.
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2 years ago, jjohns32
Not as easy to use as it looks
So it’s not DIFFICULT but I have it set to automatically record but it doesn’t seem to or at least I can’t tell because when I open the app in the morning it automatically has me set my wake up time and sleep alarm and then stop it. So then I check the sleep journal to see if it recorded at night at it ALMOST looks like I did except I can’t fully see it or access it. There’s a little blurb at the bottom that won’t go away about the journal being there to show what it recorded with the information faded in the background. It makes me feel like maybe that’s just sample information, plus I can’t get the blurb to B go away to really read it or click on anything and everything else is premium. I can’t see stats because that’s premium to figure out if that’s my sleep info or not. And I can’t really read the journal and when I open the app it looks like I haven’t even started sleeping. Yet somehow my profile says I have records that I can’t find or access…. So is this app for strangers to figure out my sleeping Pattern via some weird remote monitoring through an app???? Or can I actually use it for my own knowledge? I’ll try this app for one more week on the chance that it’s user error but if I’m that time I haven’t figured out hope to use it not only will I not subscribe to premium I will uninstall and lower my rating to 1 star. Really hoping I’m just a dingbat because I like the over all look and set up
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4 years ago, ElJefeTX
Was the Best, Now Sub Par.
I purchased Sleep Cycle several years ago and WAS a long time Sleep Cycle premium user. Sleep Cycle’s functionality has fallen behind competing apps that have emerged in recent years, many of which have a power nap option built in. The separate Power Nap app this developer sells was last updated FIVE YEARS ago, making it supper buggy and unusable (unless you’re still using an iPhone 3G). Also, the Apple Watch and iPhone apps work independently of one another. So, if you set an alarm on your phone, it will not sync with the Apple Watch app and vice-versa. Sleep Cycle WAS best in class for a long time, and Sleep Cycle still wins on UX IMO. If you read the developers responses to reviews they seem like a great group... the type of company you want to see beating the competition. Also, they deserve BIG props for allowing their early customers who purchased the premium app to maintain premium functionality after switching to a subscription model, excluding cloud backup. I actually added the subscription service, partly for cloud backup, but mostly because I was so impressed with the way they respected their early customer base when moving to subscription service. I would go back to Sleep Cycle if updated with the integration power nap functionality, Automatic sleep tracking, Apple Watch heart rate tracking, Apple Watch/iPhone apps sync, and other key functionalities now commonplace in the best sleep apps.
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2 years ago, YahwehAllDay
It’s become standard!
What can I say other than I have use the app consecutively every night for 1671 days.. that pretty much speaks for itself. There are constantly adding new sounds as well as sleep audiobooks among many other things. People are paranoid about the government spying on you but I don’t mind that the app does it all night long listening to my sleep habits has helped me understand a lot about myself that I wouldn’t have figured out otherwise. It has an option to very subtly and gently wake you up and I have fallen in love with it! I used to go from the standard iPhone alarm blasting waking me up and wondering why I’m anxious and have a fast heart rate, Half of the time I’m awake and silencing my alarm with Sleep Cycle before I even hear the alarm just because of how subtle it is and I’m used to hearing it. I have it set to cycle random premium sounds so it’s almost never the same sound to wake up to every day which you think might get confusing but it’s actually a welcome change!Just give it a try for a week and if you don’t love it it was only a week but if you DO you love it then I have hooked you onto something amazing!
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5 months ago, Freyamur15
Unable to use programs when sleep tracker on
Update: 17-Jan-2024 I listen to podcasts at night to ease me into sleep, especially because the sleep cycle programs previously weren’t available to listen to if I wanted to simultaneously also track my sleep. I noticed that the sleep cycle programs were recently integrated into Apple’s podcast list of options. Yay!! So I used it for the first time last night and the program I listened to was exactly what I needed to push me into dreamland. However when I woke up, I noticed it stopped the sleep cycle tracking! So once again like my previous feedback, it doesn’t let you use the sleep program and track sleep at the same time. I don’t know why it stops tracking your sleep when you use the programs TO HELP YOU GET TO SLEEP?!? It makes no sense and is beyond frustrating. Previous review: When you’re not using the app, they have programs to help you sleep, a journal of your past sleep, and statistics. The programs seem awesome and I would love to listen to them when I’m trying to fall asleep but for some baffling reason none of those options are available to view if you turn the sleep tracker on. It makes no sense. For that reason I have to give 3 stars. If all of the functionality was available while the tracker was on then this would be a 5 star app.
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5 years ago, Olushka
Used to be great, but went to garbage
I have had this app since 2011. I loved it and recommend it to everyone I knew. Regretfully, starting with the last major update, it has gradually undone all the things I fell in love with. 1. User Interface. It’s been about a year since it was changed, and I still cannot get used to the new clunky cartoonish UI, which apparently was designed by a toddler. The sophisticated slick and polished user interface, no more. I figured OK, it’s just a form, let’s focus on substance. Well... 2. The reliability of the analysis and features went down the drain. The app shows me as being asleep, when I am not, and vice versa. In fact it will show things like snoring and being awake at the same time. Really? 3. Woke me up randomly at 3:30 am instead of 6:30. I kept snoozing it, wondering why I just can’t wake up, to finally open my eyes and see 3:45 on my alarm. HOW? I know I did not make an error. The alarm still shows as being set for 6:30. The only thing I can think of is that I came home from a location with a different time zone (3 hours early) that day. Was this the cause of screwed up internal sleep cycle clock? But cmon. When I set the alarm the night before, the current and the wake times were shown correctly. Needless to say, I could not go to sleep after, and was off my game the entire day. Ironic, that the app you get to help your sleep, ruins it for you. I am uninstalling and moving on to other apps. Done with this nonsense.
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3 years ago, Ice-Bound
Neither accurate nor reliable
It doesn’t seem to be aware of when I wake up and get up to walk around (I have Parkinson’s disease with a large helping of restless legs, plus sleep apnea). The wake-up window has never worked for me. The alarm goes off at the earliest possible time, even when by its own metrics I am in deep sleep. Lately it has also frequently stopped tracking my sleep during the night - did it last night , in fact. Simply closes at a random time during the night. Fortunately I’m retired and don’t need to get up for work, though sometimes I do need to wake up for a doctor’s appointment. I’ve started relying on my Apple Watch for actual alarms. The only message I ever get from the app is something about sleep efficiency. It always gives the same number, and I can find no explanation of what that number means or how it is derived. My sleep is not so consistent that anything should be absolutely the same every single night. I keep using it for the tracking, though I’m not sure why, since it is obviously inaccurate. Also, the labels it gives for sounds are comical (for instance, baby crying, when I am single and in my 70s and live alone). But hearing the sounds is a premium feature, and I’m not about to pay for this, given its shortcomings, so I can’t “improve “ the labels.
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5 years ago, Asdfかう
So disappointed
I’ve had this app for years and relied on it to wake me up on time and give me insights on my sleep quality with little to no problem. And it did just that, until recently. I set the app’s alarm one night, as usual, and went to bed. When I woke, I realized that I overslept when this app alarm was supposed to wake me. I briefly considered the possibility that I set the wrong time for my alarm. So I open the app and what I found bewildered me. Not only did it seem like the app wasn’t tracking my sleep at all the previous night, but ALL of my sleep data was gone. Erased. Years of insights wiped from memory. But I thought, “this app is still a good alarm to wake up to” so I used it to set an alarm for the next day. I fall asleep that night and wake up. The sun is shining through my window. That’s my first clue that something is off. I set my alarm for 5 am, when the sky is still dark. So obviously, I overslept again. I open the app, trying to find some acceptable reason for me not waking up to it, hoping that I was doing something wrong and that this app that I’ve trusted for years wasn’t suddenly malfunctioning. Unfortunately, it was the app. Once again, it didn’t seem to be analyzing my sleep patterns and no insights from my recent rest appeared. To top it off, this was the second day in a row that I woke up late for work. This app has disappointed me in so many ways. The only positive thing is that I didn’t spend any money on this. Do not download.
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3 years ago, suzyQ3210
Should have read more reviews
I can probably count the number of reviews I have given in my life on one hand. It’s just not something I do. But as I’ve aged, I realize the importance of quality products and the need to celebrate them. Or, in this case, the need to express disappointment in something that was once great. I’ve had this app for about a month and up until the last few nights it has been working really well. So well, that after the first few days I felt I just had to upgrade to the premium version at $29/year (paying for apps is also something I rarely do). Zoom to this morning to me taking the time to write a review even though I’m already late for work, since I woke up for the third time in a row on my own without a peep from the app, the notification silently displaying, “good morning!” as if it actually did its job. No, you didn’t do your job, app; instead you only captured a portion of the night, or recorded my coughing/snoring but didn’t tell me how long it occurred. Of course my quality was subpar when you think I’ve only been asleep for 3 hours. I could deal with it messing up the recording/data a bit, but when I can no longer rely on the alarm clock *that I paid for*, what good is this app? This used to be such a great tool. I think that’s what makes all of this worse. Two stars for what it used to be. I guess I’ll be looking elsewhere.
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6 years ago, DigitalDCH
Changes with Sleep Aid and Alarm Flaws
I generally like this app, but there are certain flaws that drive me crazy! One of them is that occasionally (1/75 nights at most I would guess) the alarm never goes off. My phone did not restart during the night, and the screen isn’t even off. Once I wake up and move my phone it will start going off, but nothing at all before that, which is incredibly annoying, and has now forced me to add another alarm to make sure that at least that one will go off if SleepCycle fails. The second issue is more of a minor annoyance, and although I don’t claim to know anything about app development, seems super fixable. The sleep aid option used to have an “all night” option, but now the longest you can have it on is 90 minutes. That’s not a huge problem at my dorm because I have a white noise machine, but whenever I go home or travel anywhere it’s super annoying because I either have to use a different app to produce white noise on my phone (which interferes with the microphone-based sleep tracking) or buy a white noise machine to travel with. It just seems like an issue that is so easily fixed, and such a no-brainer, because some people (myself included) will wake up in the middle of the night and not know why, only to realize that the noise turned off!
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6 years ago, eyv
Five-star app with one small shortcoming
What can I say; it’s the best sleep tracking app in the App Store! Great set of features, very VERY accurate (audio tracking), good HealthKit integration, heart rate support, etc. A few minor bugs linger, mostly due to daylight savings time (UGH!), but not a big deal. One suggestion: why not allow heart rate optionally when falling asleep as well, rather than when just waking up? I know there are other dedicated apps for this, but seeing as the functionality is already built it, it seems like a natural extension of the sleep-wake “workflow”. One real complaint (and the reason I rated 4 rather than 5): the inconsistency in the subscription model. I don’t mind paying for continuous cloud service, because it is a continued investment to run. However, for us early adopters, charging full price for sync seems odd — we paid for the app when it came out, so if there’s no discount for sync, it’s as if we wasted the money buying the app, and have to pay the same yearly amount as those who got the app for free. Again, I don’t mind paying for a service, but I would prefer a discounted price. I know early adopters are only a small part of the user-base, but we do still exist! ;)
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7 months ago, HeadHunter
Fairly accurate now. iPhone & Watch very accurate
I first used this app a couple of years ago. I bought a premium version for a year. Then I found that the free version was sufficient and gave me the information I was looking for. I have used it every night for years. The microphone gimmick was fun. Listening to me talking in my sleep or when I snored after forgetting to use my CPAP. But, over the last year I found that it is completely inaccurate. I was awake just about entirely last night. I slept between 8:45pm and 10:45 PM. From there, unfortunately, I was awake from 10:45pm to 4:45 AM. I got about another hour of sleep then woke for the day prior to 5:45am. It now being just after 9 AM. The app showed that I was sound asleep, in a deep sleep, through that period when was wide awake, up and down every 30 minutes or so and rolling all night in bed. I will say that last night was the worst I’ve seen it do. Nonetheless, it’s an accurate description all the time. I know my Apple Watch and iPhone give me terrific and very accurate information that melds with the rest of the Apple health app. I recommend you stay away from this app. You really don’t need it. Sure, try the free version, if you like. But definitely don’t buy it. There is no value whatsoever.
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6 years ago, Axominster
Bye bye Fitbit
My biggest complaint is I wish the buttons to snooze and turn off weren’t so tiny on the watch. I love the silent alarm but when I’m awoken from sleep (even if it is light), I’m still so fuzzy that it’s easy to cut my alarm off and go back to sleep. Either make snooze a big button and you have to scroll down to reach off, or not allow cutting it off via the watch, just from the phone. The phone should be next to our beds anyway. If nothing else, just make this an option in the settings for those of us who sleep a lot harder. Otherwise, I love the app. I LOVE the silent alarms and snoozes. My wife and son love it, too. Now I don’t get them up before the sun rises and I can sneak out to work without waking them. The insights are pretty cool. I did turn off the recording, though. There’s no company I’d let record me sleep. Cool feature if you want it. When I first got my Apple Watch I was sad about the battery life and that I didn’t have my Fitbit to track my sleep. I love tracking my sleep so much that I was actually wanting my Fitbit back. This is so much better than the Fitbit. The silent alarms are pretty powerful, and the full screen gives you so many more options than a Fitbit ever could. This made me love my Apple Watch. Bye bye Fitbit.
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8 months ago, My Pants
Essential sleep app
I use this app every night. I am a super light sleeper and any alarm I set startles me awake no matter how quiet or ‘soothing’ the sound. Enter this guy. The wake-up window is like fairy magic or something and wakes me up during the optimal part of my sleep cycle so that I’m not jarred awake. It’s amazing. I really do love this app. That being said, I have two small nitpicky things that have to do with AirPod usage: If I wake up before my alarm and forget to cancel it, then pop in my AirPods and start watching something with audio, when the wake up alarm finally triggers, the audio of what I’m watching switches back to the phone SUPER LOUD. Yikes! And the second thing happens if I’m having trouble getting to sleep. Sometimes I need the aid of my AirPods to fall asleep and I have to turn on noise canceling. If I do that, though, I will not be woken up by this app. For some reason the sound of the ‘alarm’ will not be played through headphones, only the handset. Both of these scenarios play out very rarely for me so it’s not the biggest of deals, but the app response to them is consistent and I hope they make a change to fix them.
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4 weeks ago, plaintiger
Naggy & too much going on
I've relied on Sleep Cycle to wake me up for probably over 10 years now and it's never failed me. Unfortunately (*I* think it's unfortunate) it's undergone a lot of feature creep; it's clear from the full name of the app that its gradual alarm is not even the app's raison-d'être anymore, as far as the developers are concerned: they seem to regard it primarily as a sleep tracker and sleep sound recorder, with the gradual alarm function just there as an afterthought. Personally, I want a simple and straightforward gradual alarm clock that does not offer nor attempt to do anything else, while Sleep Cycle's gradual alarm has become obscured by all kinds of functions that don't interest me, and worse, I go to set the alarm at night and the app often throws up a screen between me and the functions I'm trying to use that nags me to pay for a subscription in order to get all these features I never wanted in the first place. This state of affairs has caused me to go looking for a simple and straightforward gradual alarm elsewhere, and I've found it (for now, at least) in Progressive Alarm Clock. Thank you, developers of Sleep Cycle, for many years of waking me slowly and easily. Now, as the man wrote, we've come to the end of our rainbow and I wish you luck on your path while I will go follow my own.
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3 years ago, Aw3someS0cks
Good alarm, some glitches
I really like the flexible alarm. It works pretty well, and even though it isn't perfect at detecting my level of sleepiness, I like it better than a regular inflexible alarm. I also like having the time I go to bed and time I wake up recorded, as it's nice to reference, although there are times when I will sleep in after the alarm woke me up. I don't like the snooze feature. I wish it wouldn't snooze automatically when I touch my phone. I found that encouraged me to snooze, so I haven't had that feature on for a while, and sometimes I'll put on a regular alarm on my phone to snooze if I choose. I guess that works just fine for me, besides my wake time being inaccurate. But the biggest reason I decided to leave a review is that it seems to have stopped working well. Every time I go on to it, it will load really slowly when I scroll and then just freeze. And last night, I set up the sleep cycle and everything, and then it just buzzed at me (a single buzz) this morning with its little Good morning! message five minutes after the thirty minute windows I gave and zero sleep analyzed or anything recorded for last night. It is not really working anymore.
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4 years ago, Rowan..
nice app!
This is a pretty good app, I don’t regret downloading it. I don’t have the premium subscription, but it’s still good and everything works fine, it’s not like those apps where they give you one feature for free and make you pay for the rest. I’m not sure how effective the wake up window thing is... I often wake up at the very beginning or very end of the window, and I don’t really notice a difference in how I feel waking up using this vs a normal alarm. More often I just use the sleep tracking feature without the wake up window. My only other complaint is the alarm sounds. If I’m not already almost awake (I’ve noticed when I’m on a schedule, waking up at the same time everyday according to this app I sleep very lightly for like half an hour before) I can sleep right through it. Like, we all like nature sounds but they put me to sleep more than wake me up. And there’s no option for a normal alarm sound or some random jingle in the the Apple clock app. But other than that, it’s pretty great. The graphs are very nice, it tells you how much time you were actually asleep vs in bed, you can even look at a calendar and see your sleep quality over time which is really interesting. Would recommend!
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3 years ago, Torpedo Tortuga
Very useful
I have been sing this app for about 2 years now. I really enjoy the ability to compare various nights sleep. I really like that I can make notes about elements of my day and see how my sleep changes. I also like that this app is continually improving. I am a part of something that is getting better. I’m not quite ready to wear my watch all night, but my iPhone next to my bed seems to work very well, even with my wife next to me. Suggestions: could there be a better way to make a suggestion rather than writing a review. I can’t find an obvious way to contact the developer within the app itself. Maybe it’s there, but not obvious. Also, sounds have improved but need a couple of tweaks. Since sounds have improved there is now a regular electronic buzz that is annoying. Sometimes louder sometimes quieter, but always there. This is new to the update. Also add dog barking to the list of sounds. Our dogs are often in the bedroom at night and at times they bark. It doesn’t wake me usually, but it would be good to identify it so it could be subtracted from snoring. Keep up the good work.
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9 months ago, kccruiser13
Best alarm ever! But now I can’t use it??
I have loved this app from the minute I found it. The alarm is my favorite feature, as I have a sleep disorder and find the alarm super easy to operate when I’m falling asleep, and set it up with shortcuts to turn my phone on do not disturb when the alarm turns on automatically! It still goes off regardless of whether I have my sound on or up on my phone! I used the app to track my apnea also, even just the free version in the beginning! But I accidentally deleted the app for a few days while on vacation, and now I added the app back, and can’t get a free version, can’t sign back in, says my log on expired?! I wouldn’t mind paying some for the app, but now that I use a cpap I don’t need to track the sounds of my sleep anymore, because there are none! I just wish I could use the alarm without having to pay the full price of $40/year. I know it’s not a terrible price, but not needing to use the full service of the app, I find it hard to justify! Please come out with an alarm only app! Or have a reduced feature price? I miss my alarm so much!!
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2 years ago, Quirked Out
Lacking in Meditations
I like this app in a lot of ways. I like how it records when I snore, although I am embarrassed that I do snore, and I like hearing the funny and sometimes strange things I say when I talk in my sleep. I like how it tracks my quality of sleep. HOWEVER, I really miss not being able to listen to my other meditation apps when I use this app because the guided meditations, stories, sounds, et cetera selection on this app are very lacking. There is only one voice for the guided meditation section, and I would prefer to have more variety. Additionally, there are not that many tracks to choose from in any category. I personally like guided sleep meditations that last for close to an hour or more, but there are none — and again, there are not many choices at all, and it’s the same woman’s voice for the guided meditations. It would be great if somehow this app could collaborate with Insight Timer or at least get some of the content they have. Basically the features of this app are cool, but the things that are provided to help a person actually fall asleep are VERY limited and not very good. I’m hoping they will improve in this aspect. Otherwise, I won’t continue to pay because I NEED things to help me fall asleep.
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4 years ago, sunriseon65
It is nice when it works but....
Tried this out for a few weeks and tried to primarily use the Apple Watch instead of the phone to see how the watch app works. First, there is no option to change between hours and minutes so you must twist the crown for an unnecessary amount of time in order to change your alarm from 6 AM to 11AM. Second, you cannot use it WITHOUT the alarm which bothersome when you would rather just track the sleep and not use an alarm. Finally, it does not sync to Apple health consistently if using only the Apple Watch. I never slept to the alarm that I set, which was usually set to 11 AM so I would switch it off before the alarm hit. Sometimes it would sync to Apple health but most nights it would not. I would even get an alert on my phone saying it did sync to Apple health then I would open the app and find that there was no information for that night. Kind of a big strike against a sleep tracker for the watch if it cannot stand alone from its iPhone app when it advertises as such. The app for the phone works fine by itself. I didn’t really see a noticeable difference in tracking when using the phone app versus the watch app, however, with all the issues I mentioned above, I am not sure how this ended up an “editor’s choice” when there are some obvious problems with both the design and operation of the watch app.
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6 years ago, ReverendDude
Heart rate at wake-up still unreliable
For the most part, the app works pretty well. I was dismayed to see that when they updated the app to work with inductive charging positions (I.e., the phone is face up), there was no clear indication to not put the phone to sleep. I put it to sleep the first few nights because I wasn’t used to seeing the backlight on constantly (I have an 8 Plus) and awoke to see a slew of notifications saying I needed to wake my phone. While that’s not a huge deal, I found zero documentation. Also, the update for 8 Plus heart rate monitoring at wake up still rarely, if ever works. I will sit there for at least 90 seconds with my phone starting to heat my finger with the flash because it still won’t accurately pick my heart rate up. My display will go to sleep at least three times all the while, which is useful when I’m super groggy. Needless to say, I turned the heart rate feature off. It’s been smooth other than that. One remaining question is that when searching the help docs on the app, there’s no link to contact the developer. I’d never noticed that until I tried looking for ways to alleviate the problems noted above. That seems pretty “meh” for an app I have to pay for every year. I also pay for the Life Cycle app too.
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7 years ago, Windwaves77
Great potential but no support - update
When trying to add a sleep note using the "edit" function after the sleep session has been completed the app rejects the note due to a "network error" -- the app doesn't provide a way to obtain direct online support even for a premium user, which I am. However, I went through the process of submitting a query and there was no response until I posted this negative review...then I received a nice email from the developer suggesting that "I needed a wifi connection and to restart the device" lol Well he didn't know what my knowledge base or that I was a "power user" so that's a minimal response but understandable... I guess. He did offer to follow up if I still had a problem and now I have a direct email address to the developer. Awesome right? Great service and was about to give 5* to the app and kudos to the developer. I responded that I'd already checked both out right away before contacting the company. No response again a month later. So I'll keep the one star rating for absence of responsibly addressing a functionality issue, though admittedly a minor part of the utility of the app.
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3 years ago, Jaws2468
Trying this app again - still has issues
I've tried this app once before (premium) and cancelled it because I felt that the tracking wasn't as accurate as I wanted. I am trying it again now because my sleep is not great and I hoped I could try tracking again for some insight. Right from the start, however, it failed to indicate that I had gotten out of bed. When i looked back it showed that I was awake only after I had turned off sleep (gave up falling back to sleep even though it is too early to be awake...). Also, every single snore recording is of my sleeping partner. He is a massive snorer, and I know its him and not me because I know how he snores and he has describes my snoring to me; they are very different. He is possibly suffering from sleep apnea and is scheduled for a sleep study soon. His snore is loud and distinctive. This happened before, and IMO, snore detection in this app is an absolute waste for anyone who does not sleep alone. It is just a microphone listening for snore sounds; it can't tell who is making them. Consider this before you try it and understand that this app has limitations. The gentle alarm feature is ok, but I more often than not wake up before it, so I am not sure how effective it is or might be for others.
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3 months ago, C. Gryphon
I’ve been using this app since around 2015, and was an early-adopter who paid for the app as one flat fee. The developers of this app are now aggressively pushing for me to pay monthly, to the point where my original investment feels disrespected. There is now a giant ad in the middle of the sleep journal screen after I wake up - an ad that was originally 1” tall, but has now grown to 2” tall, with MASSIVE amounts of empty space around the text to make it larger, and faux-friendly cutesey language trying to get me to click on it. “No, really, see for yourself!” the ad begs. Upon clicking the user is pushed to pay for a subscription. The ad has become so large that it’s pushed the sleep journal graph partially off of my screen, so I have to scroll down to see it at all. Over the years the devs of this app have introduced new features that do not interest me in exchange for a monthly subscription - cloud storage for my data, which I don’t need. Sleep aids, which I don’t need. I have been 100% satisfied with the experience that this app has provided me up until the last year. In the past I have evangelized it to friends, who have in turn paid for the app. At this point, however, this app is extremely annoying to use because the interface reeks of the developers’ greed, and I cannot recommend it to anyone.
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6 years ago, GalacticVol
Almost perfect
I’ve used Sleep Cycle for almost two years now and I can’t imagine my life without it. That being said, your recent Apple Watch update really needs some work. I’ve used the Apple Watch app for two days now. The first morning after, I noticed my battery was at 66% even though when I went to bed it was at 100%. Last night it was at 80%, and I woke up to my battery at 29% this morning. This is unacceptable. What is the app doing that is destroying my watch’s battery? It seems to me like my phone is still the device doing all the tracking, and the watch just reacts based on what my phone is sensing (i.e., my phone detects I’m snoring so my watch vibrates). The only thing the watch app does independently is measure my heart rate, and any of the other sleep tracking apps do that as well without this huge battery drain. I’ve been using two separate sleep tracking apps because no app did everything I wanted until you released your companion app for the watch. Until you fix the battery drain, I’ll have to go back to that, but I really look forward to any updates you have for this issue.
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6 years ago, Themanserg
Absolutely positively Love this APP !!!!
I always wake up at night close to hourly, I couldn’t figure out that I was never satisfied in the morning with how I slept or why I woke up exhausted every morning . So I was browsing through just App Categories to find something new to pique my interest when I came across this type of alarm clock that will gradually wake up over the course of 45 minutes instead of just being woken Abruptly and it makes an amazing difference . Every morning when you wake up, you’ll have a sleep report explaining how deep of sleep you were in throughout the night . It tells you why and how many times you woke up and it’s sooo cool that it can do that . There’s so much more too it but the last I’ll mention is that, the App is not only an alarm clock, it will also pay ambient sounds to help you fall asleep . You used to have to keep your phone under your pillow for it to be an accurate report but now it can be accurate while just being on the dresser next to you . I completely recommended whole heartedly . It’s so well worth the small amount of money you pay to get it .
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2 years ago, JskaFL
Fix Apple Watch UI
For people who understand sleep, the Sleep Cycle Apple Watch app is not designed to be used by groggy people who just woke up. There have been many days my nightly data gets erased simply because I hit “stop” on the wake up alarm instead of “open” and then “stop.” Every morning it’s most natural to hit “stop,” my built-in Apple Watch alarm is turned off with a similar “stop,” function, but I’m supposed to have the level of executive functioning after just becoming conscious to resist hitting “stop” on this alarm or it will erase my data. This is a huge flaw that has made about 20% of the nights I wear the watch useless because the most natural way to turn off the alarm makes my sleep data disappear. Please fix this and record data no matter what! If someone wants to delete a night of data, they should be able to do that later. Also, if I wake up before my alarm window, the Watch doesn’t record my true wake up time, and if I ignore the alarm and keep sleeping, it doesn’t keep recording after the end of the alarm window, so for another ~20% of nights, my time asleep and time in bed is inaccurate. With 40% of my data missing or inaccurate, I don’t know how valuable it is to keep tracking my sleep with this app.
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2 years ago, Ed burtner
Crashing recently. NOT Reliable
Update2: still crashing. Canceling my subscription. You should be more open and clear about this problem. An alarm app that doesn’t reliably go off in morning is completely unacceptable. Update: The comments of wanting to look more closely are bogus. I emailed so they could look at my case. The canned response:”we are aware of issues. Set a backup alarm”. Please fix, I will cancel my premium if no definitive stated fix soon. One job for alarm: Wake me up at the time I set. All else is pointless without this being reliable. ****++++previous review++++****** Used for a couple years with no issues. Recently, past couple months has crashed in middle of night thus no alarm. Thankfully no early flights but the app crashing is a BIG PROBLEM. Previously would have rated 5 stars but this needs to be fixed. Note I’m a premium user but if not fixed soon I’ll need to move on. Need reliability first. Please fix and state what was wrong, not the typical “bug fixes and stability improvements”. This isn’t a garbled font this is a core issue.
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6 years ago, Esther Ople
Like a Fitbit, but you don’t need to exercise
I know lots of people use fitbits or apple health or step counters or whatever to keep track of the exercise they’re getting, and they can dedicate their life to that. every day they look forward to breaking their personal record. Now imagine putting that kind of motivation towards something just as important- sleeping well. We all “want” to get a good night’s rest, but few of us consider it a goal to actively work towards. This app makes it exactly that. being well-rested is now measurable like being fit, or eating well. Since I got this app, I’ve been going to sleep excited. I actively work towards getting that rare and magical 100% sleep quality, which is so hard to do sometimes, but so worth it. I downloaded the premium at a reasonable cost, and I love the feature which lets you keep track of daily habits and how they influence your sleep quality. For example, reading before bed on average boosts me 15%. Also, waking up is no longer the worst part of my day, thanks to always being woken in light sleep with a pleasant alarm sound. Actually life changing.
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5 years ago, Get it together BOSE!!!
This app is incredible
I am a morning person who does not like my sleep disturbed. I have always found alarms to be horrible and to make me grouchy. When I found this app I didn’t really believe it could find the best time to wake me, but it has....EVERY DAY!!! Everyday I am delightfully shocked when I hear the quiet alarm start to play, because it is the perfect time to wake up. I actually wake up smiling and thinking, “Yep, this is the right time to wake up”, and then start my day. The recent upgrade claims that you can use your speaker or play music through an external speaker. Unfortunately this is not true which is why I had to take away one star. I actually woke up late after following the apps suggestions and barely made it to work. The next day I set my regular alarm and super grouch was back when the alarm went off. I was actually mad that my alarm didn’t know the exact time to wake me as this app seemingly does. It would be a great addition to the apps greatness, to be able to listen to my music while I sleep; and wake up in the beautiful way this app wakes me up. Am I asking for too much? Because honestly, I will forgo the music to have this app in my life forever.
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6 months ago, IFGESL
Question Accuracy
I have been using the app regularly for 3-4 years and just assumed it was accurate based on the fact I have made a habit of using it and accepted the results as accurate and wanting to believe in it. Lately, several things have caught my attention. I missed an occasional night by leaving my watch on the charger rather than putting it on my arm after activating the app. When I realized this the next morning, I viewed the app graph to see basically the same results I get when wearing the watch. It even indicated I fell asleep in about 4 minutes, which does occasionally actually happen. I have also noticed numerous times that when I think and feel like I had a good nights rest, the app shows otherwise. Same thing happens when I think I had a bad nights rest. The app indicates a good night. Last night was the incident that caused me to finally write a review. I had some outpatient surgery yesterday and was in a little pain and discomfort and couldn’t get to sleep. I tossed and turned all night, had to get up and go to the bathroom about every hour and half. Finally went to sleep about 4AM after taking a pain pill. The app indicates I had a good night and fell asleep 9 minutes after activating the app about 10 PM.
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2 years ago, Eminent Oreo
Love it! Love it! Love it!
I have been using this app every single night for a very long time. Like 8-10 years?? Time flies! I am a huge fan and constantly recommend it to friends and family. I purchased the premium version back before it became a paid subscription so I am grandfathered in on the features that were present at that time. So I can’t comment on some of the newer updates, but I will say that as an alarm clock, white noise machine, and a way to reference and track your sleeping habits— it is excellent! I have a tower fan next to my bed and it still records clearly and tracks my sleep schedule within an acceptable range. The alarm clock works very well. I really appreciate that it gradually gets louder. I also love that to snooze it all I have to do it nudge my phone. No pressing buttons or looking at a bright screen. Really great work on this app and thank you for keeping up with it. The fact that this app has been consistently reliable for 8+ years is remarkable and really speaks for itself on the hard work that has been put in to it by this team.
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3 years ago, ARoss298
Why isn't this built into the iPhone!?
UPDATE:(This review is about a three and a half years old and it still is holds true) I can't imagine not having it now! It really really does work. An essential app! Very helpful if you feel tired after waking up, or need help going to sleep. It also quiets notifications while it's running, which is great. All the charts it gives you are awesome if you like stats! It's especially cool to see how your stats have changed over time, and where and how you slept in different locations. I've also learned how different things affect my sleep, such as even drinking tea or coffee; exercising, having a stressful day, or eating late. If you have an important thing to wake up for in the morning, set a few backup alarms, because although this app has only not woke me up perhaps 10-15 times out of about 750 nights using it (a 98.5% performance ratio), it might happen on an important day. If you don't have this app, get it immediately and use it every night! It's the first and last app I use every day, and I'm glad I'm hooked on it.
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5 years ago, Natsuki-Liturature
The best!!!
I heard about this app from a YouTuber and so I decided I would try it out. Best choice of my life! It helps me wake up feeling refreshed and shows me how I slept last night, although I would like it if you didn’t just not give me an alarm after my wake up time, because I might oversleep. Now I can wake up at 7:00 in the morning instead of 10:40. This app really helped me be more productive during the day and I highly recommend it, even better, it’s free! I honestly don’t think I could ever go back to waking up to a regular alarm clock anymore. I feel a tiny bit tired but that’s just because I woke up early and I didn’t get enough sleep the previous night. Apart from that I feel much more awake using Sleep Cycle than without, it also records your snoring, just to let you know it uses your microphone to monitor your sleeping, but ignores all noises. If you sleep with someone else don’t worry, it won’t record them. Know that you should just try this app out, and I’m not even on the premium and I still think it’s the best alarm app so far! Thank you so much for saving my mornings Sleep Cycle!!!😊
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5 years ago, Yabooooyyyee
Why I love sleep cycle.
Sleep Cycle is amazing app to see how well you sleep and it’s good for your health. It supports you throughout the night while you sleep and it’s reliable. The one down thing about the app is you have to pay a lot for th premium but the premium is amazing. It gives you all your information about how you sleep what you do when you sleep and ways to make us sleep better. This app is an app to live with for the rest of ones life and could be enjoyed all the time. One of the amazing features is when you set a time to wake up it is slowing preparing you to wake up, it doesn’t just make a noise and keeps snoozing itself till you wake up, it makes a first noise, stops gives you five minutes and make another soft noise and the later the time gets the louder it rings, until the time you have to wake up. The one main thing that I love about the app it monitors how deep you are in the sleep and it records your snoring, which is extremely helpful and I think it is extremely accurate. Everybody should download Sleep Cycle that is going to the best decision you ever make.
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2 years ago, small hobbit
Has gotten WORSE since I first started using it
I first started using this probably way back when it first released in 2009. There were issues, but it still worked fairly decently. Flash forward to now and I redownloaded it because I knew it has a progressive alarm, but IT ONLY PLAYS THROUGH THE DEVICE SPEAKER! (I wear headphones to sleep, and THIS APP screws them up) The recording aren’t helpful. Half the time I’m not even sure it was actually me it picked up (I don’t live alone) It somehow DOESN’T properly pickup me GETTING UP OUT OF BED and laying back down in the middle of the night as being “awake”; it’s still registers as low enough to be sleep. Not only that, the way it tracks sleep doesn’t properly measure sleep cycles. It just shows a flat graph for most of the night. It doesn’t tell you how well you sleep till after 4 nights, which isn’t really a number I need guessed at (plus, having used it before it was often wrong, saying I slept horribly on nights that I woke well rested or that the night was great when I woke up feeling tired still, and if the tracking has gotten worse then I suspect that has as well) I’m just going to look for a different app, one that isn’t going to suggest joining premium for features that really don’t add anything to an already broken glorified alarm.
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