Sleep Machine

Health & Fitness
4.7 (2.7K)
107.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
SleepSoft LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sleep Machine

4.72 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
9 years ago, Doc Ricardo
Fantastic update
I travel extensively, a significant portion of which is international, so sleep issues are something I take especially seriously. For years I relied on this app as indispensable but it became nonfunctional as new iOS updates were rolled out without a corresponding app update. I nearly deleted it from my iPhone but left it there in hopes an update would come. In the meantime I tried other apps including the ridiculously expensive SleepGenius, none of which were near what I got out of Sleep Machine when it was functional. Last night I couldn't believe it when my phone indicated an update for Sleep Machine was available just before I was heading to bed. I immediately downloaded it and all I can say is FANTASTIC! This update is incredible and represents an amazing amount of thought and work. I am grateful to the SleepMachine team for version 4.1.2. It is a "gift" at its current price and worth much more. Well done, guys, stay with us on future updates - we need you and this fantastic app. Lookout sleep - here I come.
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5 years ago, J-Sh
Best Sound App out there.
Let me start by saying I have/had several "white noise" apps on my phone and iPad, both paid and free, and this one is the tops, no doubt about it. Of the top rated sleep apps that i have tried, including White Noise and Relax Melodies, this one has the absolute best sound quality and most intuitive controls. It blows the dedicated white noise generating stand alone machines out of the water. When I travel, the normal hotel noises are drowned out pretty good by mixing several styles of white noise, or sometimes I will mix in a comforting rain or the relaxing sound of the shore to help me get to sleep in a foreign place. Now, I get home and am disappointed by the fan we use in the's just not the same as the perfection you can tune with this app. Guess its time for a docking station in the bedroom! I highly recommend Sleep Machine if you won't settle for anything less than the best.
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2 years ago, BlankinBlankin
My favorite for at least 6 years
I can’t remember exactly how long ago it was that I downloaded this, but I have used it consistently for at least 6 years. It’s the oldest app on my phone. I have dabbled with similar apps but I keep coming back to this. It’s the easiest one to use and it has an enormous selections of sounds. I enjoy creating mixes. More popular apps that do the same thing have fewer sounds, in-app purchases, and the interfaces are awful. Small issues: I might improve the search feature a bit, although it still technically works. And the task flow for creating and saving a mix isn’t very intuitive, but one can still figure it out after a couple of tries. But I still love this app and I hope it sticks around for many years to come. I want to be listening to my mixes on my deathbed when I’m 120. Keep up the good work!
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8 months ago, Bricalhoun
Hands Down The Best Sleep App
I’ve tried at least a dozen other sleep apps and I keep coming back to this one. Reasonably priced and works the best. Best variety of sounds and I love, love the deep sleep sound. When I don’t have that on, my deep sleep time drops by over 45 minutes a night! I’ve been with this app through all the updates and I can say the developer listens to feedback and makes changes and improvements accordingly. I know I sound like I’m being paid to say all this but I assure you I’m not. I’ve been on a journey to improve my sleep for the last 8 years and I track it closely with my Fitbit. My sleep apnea has also improved significantly thanks to this app, which was a big plus for me due to afib. In summary, get this app, you will be extremely happy you did!
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10 months ago, Mooses123
Unreliable don’t waste your money
It used to be a good app. This app is now useless. Do not pay for the upgraded version as it will be money down the toilet. It has not been updated for two years, which is sad. I paid for the paid version. Wish I could get my money back. Hate it when app developers have a good app, get you to turn over your cash for upgrades and then they ditch the app and run with your money. I go to bed with it running in the foreground and screen on like it says to do. The alarm never fires when it’s supposed to and when I looked to see why I find the app has moved itself to the background and shut the alarm off or I set the alarm for 8am and 30 seconds after I set it it starts firing. What good is that? Last night I decided to forget trying to use the alarm since it never works anyway and just decided to play cricket sounds. It did great until 4:30am, then for some reason just stopped. I looked at the app, it appeared to have the same settings I went bed with and should have been doing cricket sounds but no. I swiped the app off the main screen in disgust and as soon as I swiped it away the crickets started again. I gave up and just shut the app down completely. It’s a big fat tease because there are sounds on here I can’t get anywhere else but I can’t use them because the stupid app decides when the alarms will fire in the middle of the night or when the sleep sounds will be turned off to ruin my night of sleep. 🤬
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7 years ago, tonkinite
Excellent sleep aid, needs work
I have serious insomnia, so I use this with a custom mix to help get to sleep at night. And it helps, a lot. Overall, it's very good, the loop tracks are excellent, but the UI needs serious work and upgrade. Developer has not updated in almost 18 months now and is unresponsive to feedback. For these items I deducted 2 stars. Suggestions/Complaints: • The UI is very confusing, it needs to be simplified. Some of the settings should be in a Settings panel and the App currently has none. The mix panel seems to appear and disappear for mysterious reasons, perhaps because the App needs to updated for iOS 10. • App appears to assume all sleep activity is preplanned, which is ridiculous, if I take an impromptu nap in the afternoon, it takes minutes for me to trick the App into engaging. • Some of the clock screens are nice, but most are mediocre or just silly. The developer can do much better, trust me, I used to do UI work for a living. • Six weeks or so ago I asked the developer to consider a tvOS version (and so far no response), I encourage others to do the same. If I need to nap in the family room, I'd like my Apple TV to handle the sound and display. All that being said, this seems to be the best or a top sleep App in the store. In many ways, this App has what the Bedtime feature of the Clock App needs, and vice versa (hint to developers and Apple).
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7 months ago, bbbbbbooooooooonnnnnnnnnn
The best sleep companion I know
I’ve tried several apps and actual sound machines that I set on the night stand. The sleep machine app offers me the most soothing ‘cool’ sounds that are not shrill and most importantly, there’s no audible looping. I like the ability to combine different options or double up on the same for a ‘deeper sound’ (there might be more appropriate terminologies). I’ve had insomnia for years. The type where I wake up and I can’t go back to sleep. With other sound options, while trying to sleep, my ears and brain (without searching for it) easily identify the ‘recurring’ rhythm or sound. It becomes very distracting. Wth sleep machine, it’s just a cleaner sound. Kind of like having a fan on all night which I can’t in Northern America! Thanks sleep machine!
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6 years ago, Swhoskins
Great white noise app
I travel a lot, and it seems like I end up next to noisy “neighbors” or kids running in the halls a lot. Now, I can flip on my Sleep Machine app on my phone and block out a lot of the annoying ambient noise of a hotel. I use it at home too when I need some rest from my odd work hours and the rest of the family doesn’t feel like sleeping during the day. The choice of sounds is quite good. I am positive that you can find something you will like. You can layer multiple sounds, and with this latest version, there is a “master” pause or play button. If you are happy with the sounds you have selected, just hit play. In the morning, just hit pause and all of the sounds stop playing. I am very happy with this app! Keep up the good work on enhancing this product!!!
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7 years ago, shedoom
Great app!
I used to have a sound machine, then a couple apps. They were good, but the waves were obviously a loop of sound, and sometimes my alarm didn’t work with the apps. Because, with this app, you can mix up to four sounds (and actually, some of the sounds are already mixes of two or three sounds) and can change levels for each sound, it doesn’t seem like a sound loop. The app doesn’t drain my battery and doesn’t overtly advertise or try to sell me a better product. It’s already great. I run it through my bluetooth speaker at home, and just on the phone on the road. My regular iphone clock alarm works fine with it. No issues. Highly recommend this!
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4 years ago, tmssac
This is July 3, 2020 and the app does not work.
The app was last updated in 2015. There’s a number of features that do not work. On several screens you can’t press the “done” button to close the screen. On the share button a window pops up that is gobbledygook and ghost images. You can’t select a recipient to share and you can’t close the window. For these features it is only possible to close and reopen the application.I tried to fix these problems by deleting and reinstalling the application and restarting my iPhone. However you can use the application, create and save new mixers and load a mix you’ve saved however you can’t close the window on the “SAVE” screen so you can only do that once then you’ll have to close and restart the application. I tried to send the developer an email using the email address that is shown on this page but my email was rejected because it said I didn’t have access. So you can’t contact the developer.
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3 years ago, Gtw1000
Latest update drops a star
I love this app and have been using the paid version for years. I totally would give this five stars before the latest update as I use it every night and it has been so much better than ear plugs or pretty much any other option. Why did you change the app so I now have to search for the sound I use every night instead of keeping it where it was continuously saved from the night before? That is a terrible change and so easy to correct. What possible benefit could it provide to now have customers need to search and load every night. Even with the save feature I have to go and search for my save. This sounds so petty but it is just an unnecessary inconvenience that could and should be corrected for your paying customers.
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3 years ago, Cscrimp
The best and most realistic!
My husband and I both have tinnitus, so a quiet room is actually the noisiest place to be! We use Sleep Machine whenever we sleep, even if it’s just a nap. I love to use the sound of the clothes dryer and the crackling fireplace together. Cancels out that high pitched noise that both of us hear (from tinnitus), and let’s us go to sleep and stay asleep to comforting sounds. Each sound has it’s own volume control and you can choose up to 4 sounds at a time to truly customize your experience. This app is the best we have tried and we have stuck with it for several years. Thanks for making a great product!
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7 years ago, MioGio
My Nightly Trips
When I went looking for a sound application, I never knew I could find one that was this perfect. The mere fact that you can select various sounds and work with their levels in a mix put this application far above the others. Amazingly, I could picture in my mind where I would want to be, and I could mix the perfect sounds. Every night, I hook my phone up to my sound system and put myself to sleep with a mix. I'm afraid to say I might be addicted, because I use it every night to go to sleep. And they have answered my emails and have added sound requests. These people are great! And the application is even greater!
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2 years ago, Baekids
Best White Noise App!
I used this app every night until it was no longer supported by the current iOS. I tried using different apps, but nothing ever came close so I slept with only my humidifier. I’ve not been sleeping well these last few weeks as the temperature rises. I’ve started sleeping with the window opened for fresh air and have been disturbed by the birds in the early morning. In desperation, I decided to try the app again. I was so pleased to see it was updated, and I slept better than I have been able to in a long while. Thank you for updating!!! I cannot recommend this app any higher!
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9 years ago, Rattlehead1973
Love the look of the new update but has issues
At first I loved the new update but after the first day of use it locked up the sound on my entire phone. Had to reboot to get it working again. The next day it made me late for work as the alarm didn't even go off. Giving it 5 stars anyway as the developer is working with me to fix the issue. Plus this has been an outstanding app for years and I seem to be only one of very few having issues with the new version. Could be something limited to a setting on my phone. It's a top notch app with top notch support.
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9 years ago, Aviator19
Good work!
I recently had to delete this app due to the newer IOS making it obsolete. I was sure that it was no longer supported since the previous update had been 2011. (Which is actually pretty fantastic considering how long it worked without an update...) Anyway, after trying numerous other sleep apps to no avail, I was ecstatic to see that it is still supported and has been updated!! Seriously though, I use this frequently with noise cancelling headphones when traveling (more than 2x per week.) No other sleep app/white noise product compares. An essential app for sure.
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6 years ago, videoblogger
Great reliable that I use nightly
This app is incredibly useful for me and my family. I use it just about every night to help my kids fall asleep. I also use it to block our background noise when they are napping during the day. The pay version with the run in background feature was worth it for me given hours much I use it. I’m not sure if this is possible but it would be really cool if the white noise could come out of the iPhone speakers while my headphones were plugged in so that I could watch something on Netflix (without white noise audio) at the same time.
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2 years ago, Ococo14
The Pinacle of Sleep Machines
As to be clear I have been using this app for over 8 years now (Starting with an iPod Touch and eventually an iPhone) and, despite it not being updated to fit my screen, it works more than 100% of the time. I use it every night and I never recall having it crash and stop working. Over the years I have customized the sounds to fit my needs. As per new users, give yourself a week to work and customize what exact sound you like. This is the best app on the app store.
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4 years ago, practex
Easy to use, great sound collection, easy mixing
This app is great on its own and even better when used with a small Bluetooth speaker (like the compact smart speakers from a well-known online shopping site). It’s easy to combine multiple sounds and adjust the volume of each The only downside is that the app doesn’t appear to be actively maintained at the moment. It could stand to have a minor update to fit the screen aspect ratio of modern iPhones, and some screens within the app appear glitchy on the latest iOS. Fortunately, as a self-contained app with no need for a remote “cloud” component, even abandonware is still mostly usable.
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12 months ago, lbkl2
Sleep Machine rating
I have had this app for a number of years. It looks like they have a new updating, which is good. Hopefully it will include new sounds. The feature of being able to mix sounds is something I appreciate. It would be nice personal sounds could be added to the sound list with being able to export them elsewhere. It is a good product that has remained reliable and functional for a number of years. I would purchase it again for a one time fee.
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2 years ago, 007byday
What a great tool for sleep time!
We live across the street from a disco. It’s very difficult to not concentrate on the bass and drums while trying to sleep. Even our own relaxing music won’t stop our minds from trying to perceive the disco beats! Here’s where the app really helps- the soothing sounds have just enough irregularity to them, which together allows our concentration to shift away from the disco, allowing us to sleep- and stay sleeping well! Dance all night, but when it’s time to quit, turn on your sleep app! Thanks!
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8 years ago, KyulNine
So happy it's back!! Thank you!!
So my first Apple device was an iPod touch and this was probably the first app I ever paid for. This app and it's sounds have sentimental value to me, as I have listened to them for many points in my life. My surprise and sadness when this app no longer worked on my new iPhone made me quite sad, causing me to reach for my old iPod Touch when I wanted to use it. Thank you so much for updating this application. I can't tell you how happy I am to have it working on my device, and even with new sounds (and brainwaves!). Again, thank you so much.
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8 years ago, 4lablover
Can't sleep without it! Most sound options
This is the best sleep out there. It allows me to mix and match my favorite sounds to help me fall sleep and stay asleep. And there are so many different sounds to choose from, many more than other apps have. It's easy to use and even has a timer and alarm. I prefer to keep the sounds running all night but you can set to fade out. If you use earphones there are so cool ambient sounds (heartbeat). Highly recommend this. And if you run across any questions and contact SM, you get an immediate reply!
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2 years ago, MrsMarTay
Great and Free
In a day and age where it seems that every app is charging for its use, this is a wonderful option. I’ve had the app for MANY years and it has been consistent and great quality. I tend to like the music over the sounds and would love to have more options available, but what IS available is sufficient to get the job done. At home or away, it helps me quiet my mind to drift off to sleep. The options to personalize u to your sleep session are just what is needed. I highly recommend.
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8 months ago, GreenTree412
Great selection of white noise & nature sounds!
I’ve been using SleepMachine for about 5 years. Love the ability to mix various sounds and make one sound louder and another softer. Up to 4 sounds at once if you want. I believe you can even mix in music. Easy to use, intuitive. Have occasionally downloaded other sleep apps, just to see, but return within a few nights to this one. Also useful for blocking out noise at office occasionally! Works equally well on iPhone & iPad. Grateful for this app!
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9 years ago, Raggyroo
Best sleep aid app on the App Store.
Update: Just got the updated version of Sleep Machine. The new interface is great and now you can mix up to 4 sounds. The preset mixes are make it really easy to use if you don't want to come up with your own. I think the sounds are even better than before. This is a big step up for an app that was awesome to begin with. Sleep Machine is great. It is so easy to use and I love the ability to mix different sounds together. After years of leaving the TV or radio on for a little noise as I try to fall asleep, this little app makes it easier and gives such variety. The timer and alarm features are great and easy to use. The best part of this app over other sleep apps out there is the sound quality. These are very high quality recordings which make the experience that much better. Great app! I can't recommend it highly enough.
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9 years ago, ndc81
Great customer support, superior app
Recently updated my iPhone 5s with the latest software and my sleep machine app would no longer play any sounds. I emailed customer support and received an almost immediate reply and update of the app. I just updated the app to 4.1.2 and it's working beautifully again. In the mean time I had downloaded a couple of other sleep apps to try and none compare to the range and quality of sounds and functionality. I really appreciate the update! Makes a world of difference in my sleep!
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1 year ago, Clayton C…
Like no other.
This is the only sound machine that my mind won’t pick up the sound track loops and drive me nuts trying to sleep. Just mix the different sounds in a customized personal mix and sleep like a baby. I’ve used it for years and just now reviewing while I reinstall it on a new device. Just get it. If this one isn’t for you it’s probably just because sound machines aren’t for you and nothing wrong with that. To each their own. Sleep well.
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3 years ago, Fuzshy
Best Sleep App Ever
I have had Sleep Machine since my first generation iPod touch and have been loving it ever since. The sounds are high quality and the selection is amazing. Dozens of sounds, the ability to integrate music from your iTunes library, and volume control makes any combination possible. It is awesome to save sound mixes for playback later and use the nighttime clock feature. I will continue to use Sleep Machine as long as it exists. I love all of the current sounds and can’t wait to hear more new ones.
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9 years ago, elainevdw
Can't travel without it
I am so thrilled with this update. The new features are great, and everything that started to break down in the last version is up and running again. The addition of a clock and alarm is super handy. The fans preset is great for hotel rooms, muffles the noise of people in the hallway. I have a spaceship theme mix that really knocks me out for plane trips too. I checked out a couple other white noise apps but this one is by far the best. Easy to use, good selection of sounds, and awesome features.
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7 years ago, MathChicklet
There are a variety of sounds and pre-made mixes. I like that I can create my own special combination (up to 4 sounds) though I have a fav go to, wind with rain and lightning. Why I like this, I have no idea as I honestly don’t wish for the real thing. You can even separately control the volume of each individual sound. Works great for meditation, sleep and just plain relaxing after a stressful day at work. Easy to use. Bring some peace into your life and get this app. You’ll thank me later. 👩‍⚕️
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9 years ago, alinevesmom
Wow! Best update ever!
I love this app! New sounds are great! Love the addition of brainwaves and 4th track of sounds! The clock is amazing too! So versatile! And the look and ease of changing the face by a simple swipe is great. I really like the option of dimming the clocks brightness too! I have had difficulty getting my music to play on this app with the other sounds since the last iOS update, but this update has fixed that and was well worth the wait! Now it remembers my music too! Love it! Well done Sleep Machine!
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1 year ago, Spurgeonsbud
Sleep Machine is by far the best
I have tried tons of sleep aids apps and most contain artifact or identifiable sounds that my brain identifies as a sound loop. If I think the sound is just a loop, I’ll notice it over and over again and guess what? My mind is no longer at rest. Sleep Machine is reliable sounds with many many options. I use it with my Shokz Open Run Pro headphones at night and the rain surrounds me and I’m off to dreamland! Best app available!!
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1 year ago, Chicago-Mike
Spaceship problem
Hi Sleep Machine team. First, love this app. Great sound palate. Very easy to use and customize. Been using it for a long time. Want to report a problem. One of my favorite sounds is “Spaceship.” It’s fun and surprisingly soothing. Lately, whenever I play it, after a few seconds I get a strange clicking sound. I tried deleting and reloading the app but the problem is still there. Hope you can fix. Again, love the app overall. Thanks!
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7 years ago, SparkyAnn
life saving app, love it!
I do not rate stuff but I have to tell you how much this app has saved me. My tinnitus started about 6 month ago and has never stopped. Sometime it is so loud it hurts. I put my headphones on with some mixed sounds from SleepMachine and I can breath again. I purchased it (I cannot stand ads) and it is worth every penny. I love the way it lets me add my own music with other sounds. Classical music works well with it. I cannot believe people have to live with this, tinnitus, it is sad and scary.
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4 years ago, dancin'66
This app is so awesome! It turns your phone into so many different gadgets! It is a clock that you can fully customize (24-hour time, alarm, Etc), A music player, a sounds-for-meditation player, a brain wave stimulator (very interesting), and a machine that makes an almost infinite number of ambient sounds, including such unusual things as a heartbeat (maybe good for infants), a cat purr, a humidifier and so much more. When I travel, my phone becomes my alarm and my go-to for comforting sounds and music. LOVE this app!
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8 years ago, Lcbby92
The BEST sleep app, hands down!
I've been using this app for a few years and I can't sleep without it! I've always used the white noise and now I use the brand new addition, recently added in the last update--Brainwaves for deep sleep! AMAZING. My husband has PTSD and had terrible insomnia until I introduced him to this app. We never go a night without using it now. So thankful for this app! It's worth the purchase for sure. It's also great for masking noises such as snoring, loud neighbors, etc. 100% recommend.
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8 years ago, Titanium Creative
Best Sleep Machine and Alarm of all!!!
I have used The Sleep Machine for a few years now and absolutely love it. I have tried others, but when this one came available I have only used it! I use my phone for everything so having a nice big, readable, alarm clock on my iPhone is perfect. You have many colors to choose from and scenes. You will not be disappointed with The Sleep Machine. They also respond quickly to any questions you have. Download it today!
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4 years ago, Jpatrowicz
It used to be a great app
I’m really disappointed that I have to write this review because this used to be a great app. However, the last updat was 4 years ago and there is previous functionality that no longer works. For example, if you want to set an alarm you cannot go back to the main screen. The “back” hyperlink no longer works. So no longer can you use this app as an alarm clock with the time showing. I’ve contacted them and complained about this issue with no response at all. There must be better solutions in the marketplace now. I will be searching for them soon.
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4 years ago, 20frose02
Best app of it’s kind
I’ve had this app for a number of years, at some point in iOS update was in compatible with it, and I didn’t realize how much I relied on this app until that happened. The developer got it figured out and I’ve returned to being grateful. This most recent update is amazing, much cleaner UI and so many great sounds. I love being able to create combinations. Often I’m sleeping in a place that isn’t quiet and the constant sound covers that so I sleep sound.
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7 years ago, LarryTheLlama
One of the best user experiences on the App Store.
I’ve been using various “sound machine” apps since the birth of the App Store. I’m not a great sleeper, and when I travel it’s even worse. This app is by far the best of the best— and if I could shake the hands and personally thank the UI (User Interface) team I would. They get it. The UI is perfect. Not too much, not too little. Easy to get quickly. Brilliant. And the sounds... the mixing... the clocks... wow. Nailed it all. THANK YOU. I am absolutely sleeping better.
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8 months ago, Scarlett1854
A Lifesaver!
I’ve been using Sleep Machine as a sleep companion for years. I love the variety of sounds as well as the fact that you can mix them into something custom made just for you. Probably one of the best apps ever made for the sound- sensitive people out there. The quality is there, too. Most of the “loops” are seamless, so if that is a distraction for you with other sound machines, this is the one to go with.
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8 years ago, KatiePirkle
Back and Better than Ever!
Oh my goodness, I'm so happy! I had to delete this app last year after having it for YEARS, because it didn't work after one of the Apple updates to my phone. I just thought I'd check on it again after about a year, and BOOM! Updated! This is BY FAR, the best ambient noise/sleep aid sound app out there. The variety of sounds is awesome, and this girl is so happy it works on her phone again! And now there is even MORE variety! THANK YOU!
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4 years ago, Lagonavebound
New glitches
I have loved this app and in the past when I have questions I received a response within 24 hours that resolve the issue. Now I have a new problem with it and I am not sure if it is because of an update on my phone or an update with the app, but my emails have not been answered after a week or two. I am very disappointed and at the current time cannot use my app for an alarm or to schedule sleep sounds to go off after a certain amount of time like I used to be able to. Hoping things get better soon.
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9 years ago, Sqfny
Great support, fantastic app
I had been using this app for years. When ios9 first came out the previous version stopped working on my phone. I tried other sleep sound apps but they all sounded fake or had patterns in the sounds that would keep me awake. I contacted sleep machine support and they told me they were working on a fix. They even allowed me to beta test the latest version. I am very pleased with the new options with this latest version.
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6 years ago, DGS53
Listen while programming
I am a computer programmer. I love to listen to SleepMachine while I'm writing programs. I find listening to music distracting, but SleepMachine with its binaural beats and terrific Contemplate background sounds drowns out the chatter of the office without the distraction of songs. I like to plan out my day by selecting which binaural beat I'll need to get through the day, Positive Mood is usually my Monday morning go to. Anyway, it's a GREAT app! I simply can not say enough good things about it.
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8 years ago, Stuartxoxo
Great app - horrible update
I've used this app for years and it's been great. This recent update has been terrible. I use this on my dedicated iPhone 5 and since the update about 2-3 hours into sleeping the app does this click thing constantly. I've tried to close the app and re-open but that doesn't work. I have to completely reboot my phone in order to reset the app. It then works again for a couple hours until it does it again. I find myself rebooting my phone usually twice every night, disrupting my peaceful sleep. This kinda defeats the purpose of the app. I hope the developer fixes this problem.
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8 years ago, Gnatbuggle
Best white noise app out there!
I was pleasantly surprised to find an update to this app after having it for I don't know how long. I got it when my daughter was an infant and we needed white noise on the go. Now my husband and I are also accustomed to having white noise to sleep so when we travel we like to use an app. I tried many other apps after this one stopped working, but none of them have the variety or quality of Sleep Machine.
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6 years ago, BorisNatasha@@@
Love the sleep machine.
The variety of sounds available range from things like thunderstorms, ocean waves, morning birds, train, city sounds, babbling brook, you name it, it’s available. Use it every night. I set the alarm to wake me up every morning. The sound quality is outstanding. I dock my phone on a Bose sound dock at night and have the SleepMachine play white noise overnight. The alarm fades in over five minutes time, so I’m never abruptly wakened by an obnoxious loud alarm.
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4 years ago, nook562
Disappearing selection
I’ve been using Sleep Machine for a couple of years. I made a selection of the sound I liked for going to sleep, and every night that selection would still be on the main page when I accessed the app, just waiting to be turned on. With the latest update a week ago, that selection now disappears every day, and I have to search for it every night. Could we please keep the selections that are made and not clear them every day?
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