Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow

Health & Fitness
4.9 (80.8K)
173.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ipnos Software Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow

4.87 out of 5
80.8K Ratings
3 years ago, doctora dee
Super app to chill with
All of us live crazy busy lives, mostly through our electronic devices. Apparently, research shows that milenials “multitask,” Zooming away with their work colleagues, (pandemic times,) while also furtively texting their friends on their iPhones. We all do that. We’re all multitasking. We’re all working from home. We’re all spending too much screen time. I love this app. I need to unplug during these stressful times. I take a daily break from my devices, my work Zoom gang, my besties, and just do me. Sleep Pillow a) allows me to play DJ: has a sound mixer so I’m feeling chèvre in the studio; b) has a timer: very cool, so I’m reminded to stop the chaos and just zen out for an hour; c) offers a wake up to whatever water music I select: so blissful. I take Sound Pillow for granted. I shouldn’t. The app has saved my sanity and compartmentalized my scheduled Zooms, conference calls, into those times when I need to stop everything and just self reflect. I’m the CEO of my own journey. I’m grateful for the options of the app. When I need to unwind, I’m zoning out for awhile with this app or my binaural beats collection of bitchen electronic boings.
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6 years ago, YouGetWhatYouNeed
I fall asleep in minutes with this app!
I absolutely love this app!! I fall asleep in about 10 minutes when I use it (and it used to take me over an hour), and then I sleep a full night instead of waking up all the time. The sounds in the app are terrific, and there are not too many of them which is great - they just have the best and most effective sounds that work. I also like the images that they put on each sound - my way is to look at the image for about a minute or so while the sound is playing, and then put the phone aside. when I close my eyes, I still have the image of nature in my head and then while listening to the sounds it feels like I'm there. my favorites are the different water sounds, those are the ones that make me fall asleep the fastest. I even think that it has improved the quality of my sleep - I sleep really deeply now and have these really realistic good dreams. this app is literally a lifesaver! love it love it love it
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7 years ago, Bob Peterson BPS
Great ap
I route all that below before they get an update. Now that they’ve done update you cannot listen to the sounds anymore because it puts a commercial in when you try to go to set it to sleep mode where it goes to sleep after 15 minutes. As soon as you touch the app turn on the sound and then touch the sleep mode goes to commercial which makes a huge racket of noise which shuts off the sound and wonder commercial is over with the sound no longer works. So having tried to do that over and over with shutting off Commercial when it ends in the center enough I just give up on it and now I will have to delete it and find someone else to listen to. I have no problem watching your commercials for these things because it is a good app well correction It WAS a good app. Now it’s just advertising platform that doesn’t work anymore. Before The update: I like this app I've had others that were pretty terrible this one is very nice! Unlike the others this one does not have the sound of the loop. you don't hear the ends of sound loop. It had a constant flow as if it is never ending. I also like that you can mix multiple sounds and that you can set favorites these all make it the best app that I found for helping me fall to sleep each night. No I would say don’t waste your time on this piece of crap.
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11 months ago, hehnsnen
Great app!
This app Is absolutely awesome! The sounds are so relaxing and they made me fall asleep so quickly! I love how when you turn your device off, you can still hear the sounds. The only thing is that I wish they had more selections of noises, although I like how they didn’t put to much selections. Thank you to the creators who made this app because the second I layed on my bed it would take me 1/2 hours to fall asleep, But now with this app it takes me less than 10 minutes! I mostly suggest getting this app if you take a long time to fall asleep. Lastly, I love how when i play a sound I always feel like I’m in the area the sound is in, for example the sound of the waves coming in on the shore at the beach, whenever I play the sound I feel like I’m at the beach! I think this app is great overall!
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6 years ago, CLG GAMING
Sleep Pillow Review 10/28,/2018
I love this app! I have been using it when needed for the past two years or so, and it’s always extremely helpful. I don’t have premium, but I find default to be enough for me, especially because I mostly use the raindrop sound effect. If you routinely have troubles with sleep, then maybe you should get premium, or if you are a person who likes extensions. So far as I can tell, leaving it on all night doesn’t use much more than about 3%, but this could definitely vary. The user-friendliness of this app is very good, and the sounds themselves (rain, waves, wind, rainforest, fire, message, and lullaby) are also extremely appealing, at least to me. Again, I love this app and suggest it to everyone, no matter how successful (or poor) their sleep schedule is.
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2 years ago, bookWormMomTCU
Satisfaction! Amazing app! 💤😴
I like this app it is a good app but there is only 8 sounds for free. other wise you have to pay. But it needs a sleep timer other wise it’s great 👍🏻! I can fall asleep to the sounds 💤❤️😀😸🤟🏻👍🏻love it so far! I think it’s a great app with great potential! The only thing is that you have to pay (me) I don’t want to pay I just want sounds. It’s a over all good app, but more sounds please without having to pay. I would like 5 more sounds maybe good sounds, and I I think it should be free to make your own soundtracks because we only have 8 sounds. This is a good app! I love it and think it’s great 😴💤💤! Over all good app and again recommended. I got this beacuse I love sound when I sleep and it’s perfect! Thanks for making a good app. Here is only 2 improvements 1.) lower the premium price please 2.) add more sounds for non premium please
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4 years ago, hi, hello!
er..not really that great..
Hi, so I have trouble falling asleep every night, so I thought this app would be perfect! But really it didn't have as many sounds as I thought it would have, and if you did want more, then you would have to pay. I think this app DOES have potential, but for me it didn't satisfy me. I'm not sure what everyone is saying about its so great. It is good..just not great. And it isn't a background sound thing, so you can't turn off your phone to just drift to sleep. So these are my problems listed: 1). Not that many sounds. As I said before there isn't many sounds, and if you do want you have to pay. Which many people (including me) want a free app. 2). The sounds AREN'T background sounds. Apps like these should have there sounds as background sounds. So you can fall asleep without your phone turning off. 3). These apps should have sounds to help you with other stuff other than sleeping. I know that these sounds can help you when you need to sleep. But I would suggest like you make the app a little more customized for you(as in the user). Those are all of my problems! 😕 I did rate this app 3 stars, because it ISN'T a BAD app!! 🤗 It just needs to add more things. Also I get if you don't add the 3rd one because this is a sleep sound app. Thank you for your time! 😄
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5 years ago, *69 :D
It let me sleep again.
I tore the labrum of both shoulders playing high school football. Recovery from surgery required that I sit upright in a stiff chair so that my arm could be supported by the rests on either side, preventing me from turning over and aggravating the injury again. As you could imagine, I could not sleep. Worse still, I was developing insomniac sleeping tendencies that would see me up until sunrise before I could even manage to drift to sleep. This app helped tremendously. I chose the crackling of fire mixed with the sounds of waves crashing, winds blowing, and whale calls. The sound has put me to sleep for maybe 4 years now, and helped me sleep through 9 months of rehab. My friends have even reported sleeping better with the app playing. I couldn’t recommend it more.
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6 years ago, Moonchild1912
I love sleep pillow
I like that you can combine a couple sounds and make your own sound. White noise fan sound would be a nice addition or a purring cat sound. But I usually use the crackling fire to sleep. And I sometimes add in a slow metronome slow timing combined with fire sometime. The rain and water sounds are also relaxing. The whales also work to put me to sleep. My cats like the sound with the birds and frogs. I don’t care for the sound with the baby image or the massage image sound. Wind would be a nice option Sleep pillow has a timer and that is great I set it to as long as it can be on for and I sleep soundly and it helps me fall asleep faster especially when I am stressed out and have a lot on my mind. Thanks Sleep Pillow !
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5 years ago, Gemaolao ZAO
Already purchased all sound under their previous app that is exactly the same
In 2016 I purchased Fitness22’s Meditation and Relaxation app. After my iPad updated recently all sound (which I paid to unlock all of them) were missing so none of my custom sounds would work. I tried to restore all the sounds the app failed/crashed and hasn’t worked since. The Original App no longer shows up in the App Store even though it shows up in my previous downloaded app list. So then I discovered that Fitness made a completely new App that is exactly the same as the original. Of course I can’t restore your purchases because it is a different App, even though it really is the same App. The only difference is the name and the thumbnail image, otherwise once in the App it appears and functions exactly the same. So a new way to screw people who have paid to fully unlock all features of an App is to terminate that App and develop a new one to make people pay all over agin.
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2 years ago, rblake237
Love it!
I never write reviews unless a product/company wows me. I recently needed to contact customer service to restore my purchases after the switch to iOS 16. When I contacted them, they were incredibly responsive, professional, and friendly. I had to track down my receipt from literally 10 years ago in 2012 and once I sent in my proof of purchase the team made sure to just wow me. First off, I was amazed when I realized I have been trusting this same product almost nightly for the last 10 years and secondly, I was even more amazed by their customer service. Download this app if you want to end your search and fall asleep fast. Thanks sleep pillow and team!
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7 years ago, Meggers1288
Works for what I need (Free Version)
I want to start off by saying that I only use the free version and I only use the storm sound. I have a balcony door in my bedroom and when it thunderstorms I like to leave it slightly open and listen to the sound. The setting on this app simulates that sound very well. I love the fact that it has a sleep timer so that your battery doesn't drain by having the app running all night. But honestly, that is as much as I use the app. To be honest, I do not understand what more the users who are posting negative reviews are expecting. But if you have simple needs like I do and just want something soothing to help you get to sleep, definitely give the app a chance.
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6 months ago, G,Dub
Excellent Resource
This app has saved me so many nights, and so many occasions under different conditions. Whether it be at a hotel that makes a little bit of noise, or if it is your mind that just needs a little bit of a change of pace because it keeps repeating the song that you heard on the radio earlier that day, or if you need something to put you to sleep all the time because that’s just who you are. No matter what the situation is, this app has really helped me in so many ways to get the rest that I needed desperately. Thank you for the good work. You did putting this app together and I’ve enjoyed using it for a long time.
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2 years ago, vibjokchovjb
One of the best!!
Hi, so this app is pure AMAZING!! I love the sounds I have used this sense I was 5!!!! It STILL puts me to sleep. I used to have sleeping anxiety but it’s gone with some medicine and a nice flow of these sounds! I usually like to use the first sound (water/rain) to some people it’s a terrible but to me I love it!! I also love the sunset water thing ( like beach water) sometimes but it is amazing, all of them! My parents and some friends are like “why do you use sound to go to sleep?” Well guess what it’s peaceful, stress relief, and easy to fall asleep with! This is the most amazing app, I’ve had it for so many years! And I most likely will continue! Thank you
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5 years ago, sammiiesunshine
THIS! Get this!!
A sound for every occasion, every need, and for any person! I never thought I needed to hear water softly hitting the side of a boat...or the windshield wipers of a car during a rainy ride. My kids especially enjoy the animal noises like birds chirping in the forest, or frogs croaking at night. They also really enjoyed the sounds of distant trains and city streets. And of course, all the fan and water sounds (why I got it in the first place) are incredibly on point and soothing! I do not enjoy the sounds where there are voices in the background. But that’s just my personal preference. They’re actually pretty cool. I downloaded the free one week trial, wish I could keep it forever! -sam
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4 years ago, r gh y thnbhbuu
This is great!
This app has let me sleep nice and well for 5 months! It really helped me with staying up, and it puts me strait to sleep. I think you should definitely get this app, if you are having sleeping problems. And also, there are no adds, and even the sounds you don’t have to pay for are relaxing. I always listen to the fire or rain. It also helps with dreams. With all of this stuff going on, it really just calms you down and puts you into a nice cozy place where nice calming sounds are. I really hope you get this app because it will really help you. And don’t worry about it. I was a test run, and here’s your feedback.
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4 years ago, Snow_flake8975
This is the BEST app ever!!
So I always had trouble sleeping even know my bed is comfortable and I didn’t know really how I was going to sleep but....... I went on a search to find an app to help me sleep and I found this one! So let me tell you about it!!!!!! So you can mix the sounds or you can leave it how it is and you can by sounds FOR ONLY 10 DOLLARS!!!!!!! And it helps you sleep everyday ever night and well anywhere!! It’s SUPER calming and relaxing..... oh! And by the way there’s barely ANY updates! So you don’t have to wait! And this app takes like 20 seconds to download!! It’s AWESOME so what are you waiting for?! You can sleep in seconds! Have a nice night!
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3 years ago, dudysjdhehegs
A Very Good Noise Maker App
I have used Sleep Pillow for years now and have found it a versatile and effective mobile alternative for a noise maker. It has many different sounds for free and many more for purchase, though I have never spent the money on these myself as I found the free sounds wholly satisfactory, and has helped me sleep many a night. I do have to say I have never tried another app like this, so I cannot compare its services to those or any other app, but it is a compliment to Sleep Pillow that I have needed no other app. I would recommend this app to a friend in heartbeat.
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6 years ago, Enigma1986
Amazing for insomnia
I have had to take a melatonin supplement to help me sleep for nearly a year, but I still have a lot of trouble falling asleep. I also noticed that I had started to wake up earlier than necessary. So I I gave the app a try; not only do I fall asleep quickly (I set the timer for an hour but it never takes that long), I sleep deeper and wake up more rested and I no longer need the melatonin supplement. I also don’t wake up hours before I need to be up anymore. I don’t know what it is about the sound of rain falling (my preferred sound), but it puts me right out! I plan to try other sounds as well. Great app!
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3 years ago, The Only Constant in My Life
The only constant in my life
I’ve used this app since 2011. Since I was 11 with a one direction phase and the kids used to bully me for being chunky. Through the ups and downs of my life, my several mental health issues, this app has been the one constant in my life - I guess other than the pencil case I’ve had since 8th grade. Men will come and go, but this app is forever. There is a great variety of sleep sounds and honestly you can just whip out your phone anywhere and fall asleep anywhere. If this app ever gets deleted, I think I will officially have abandonment issues.
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3 weeks ago, irishguy1978
Keeps crashing with latest version of ios17
First off this app was awesome when it came out. I’ve had the old version of this app since 2012. I PURCHASED the lifetime to get rid of the ads at the time and so I could use all the extra functions and sounds. Now you decided to make it a yearly/monthly subscription and us early adopters are just left hanging in the wind. Now, you’ve changed the name (instead of sleep pillow it’s SLEEP SOUNDS by sleep pillow), want us to pay more money, and nothing I do can get it to work now. I’ve used this app to help me sleep for a long time and now when in open it the app just crashes and closes itself out. DO NOT PURCHASE. Unless the developer restores all of our purchases I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS DEVELOPER AGAIN. Look at the most critical reviews. Many people mention this problem.
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2 years ago, kcormeir
Read this
This ad is 10 out of 10 it's amazing it helps me go to sleep every night you should buy it it's free and amazing you could sleep so so so so so good it makes you feel like sleepy and tired it's amazing if you want to get amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing sleep then download Sleep Pillow it's the most best apps ever in the world it's so so so so so so so so so so so so amazing this app is 10 out of 10 help me go to sleep every night you should buy it it's free and amazing you could sleep so so so so so good it makes you feel sleepy and tired it's amazing if you like to sleep like me it is the best app ever
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3 years ago, valkryja228
Doesn’t turn off
I have been using this app for many years now... I absolutely love it. Except about a year ago it changed something that now makes it stay on no matter what other app you open... like video or voice memo or phone call... gotta go into app to turn off... it’s SO ANNOYING!! It’s like that rude drunk guy that never knows when to shut up... this app used to have better manners and turn itself off when other apps or videos started to play... which made more sense than what it does now... Please, sleep pillow... fix this issue... go back to how it used to be...
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6 years ago, Jmorgan209
Good at first, but...
I payed for the $20 version. It claimed to have over 200 sounds...or something like that. It does have a few really good rain/water/fire sounds, but if you are looking for a decent thunderstorm sound, you won’t find it here. In fact, there are only really 20ish sounds that could be used for sleep (IMHO). The rest are songs, animal noises, odd frequency sounds and someone saying silly “inspirational” phrases. There are some good things though. You can mix 3 sounds together, putting each a varying volumes to create your own “mix.” If they lost most of the silly noises and added different variations of certain sounds, ie thunderstorms, this app would be 5 stars. Until then, you’d be better off getting a much cheaper one.
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3 years ago, Happybunnybri21
Best Sleep Helper
I can honestly say this is one of those apps that I will always have on my phone. I like to have white noise in order to sleep, and this app gives you a variety of noises to choose from. I typically go for the standard “rain” but they also have a “blue whale” sound. I didn’t purchase anything from this, but it’s a classic favorite of mine, and so I just might have to because it’s been so helpful. There are no ads in this and you can set a timer for the noise to stop. It’s truly worth downloading to try if nothing more.
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7 years ago, Jess3857
Can't sleep without it
I have barking dogs all around me and a train that sounds all times during the night. This app was recommended from a friend who used t while we were on vacation. I got so used to hearing it every night that I downloaded the free version once I got back. I listen to the rain/storm/wind one and I can't fall asleep unless I have it on. It drowns out the outside noise and lets me get that deep sleep I desperately need. My body relaxes and I fall asleep instantly after starting the sound. Definitely give it a try to see if you like it. You won't be disappointed.
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1 year ago, Sassyjose
Thanks for the rest
I have loved this app well for many years. Recently I had some app issues and the customer support team helped me restore my features. Great help, great app, very happy customer. I use the mixes feature often to get just the right sounds for me. The pro version allows for multiple mixes within the app for nights when I need different sounds. I have also used this when having heightened anxiety for some calming sounds as a tool to keep me grounded. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thanks for the app.
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2 years ago, Dec 19
Amazing I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok so I got this app because I can only sleep with a nose maker on. And so when I go to a sleepover (by the way that’s y I got this app) I don’t have to lie awake in bed because I can’t sleep because I don’t have to nose maker. So I was going to go to a sleepover and all my friends hate the sound of rain when they are sleeping or any nose in general. So I got this for myself and put in my earbuds and went right to sleep!!!!!! It has sooooooooooo many amazing noises that you can lesson to at night... I love ❤️ this app get it... please!!! Thank you for an amazing app!!!!!! Get it! It’s AMAGIN!!!
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2 years ago, panda girl!!!
Zoning out༄༄💤⚡✌🌀
I totally recommend this app! Great sound, noise. No does it have to be just for sleeping better, you can set whimsical alarms, and more! there are even melodies, morning sounds, fire, birds, frogs, home sounds! So if your get this app, Think about zoning out for an hour, then when your alarm goes off, do you know when to stop! and there are a lot of sounds, my favorite, morning sound, Which is perfect for an alarm! so, when I first got this app I just wanted to sleep better. but I found out, it’s way better!💤#𝟷 Best noise app
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8 years ago, Mrs. McBain
I have purchased several "sound" devices over the years, but something always happens to them. I was so happy when I found this app for my iPhone! Now I can listen to the sound of rainfall all night and when the alarm on my phone is set, this app will go silent while my alarm goes off. It works perfectly! There are several choices of sound for free, and others that can be purchased. If you are the type that likes or needs some kind of soothing sound for sleep, I definitely recommend you download this app! It's truly awesome:-)
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4 years ago, 🍪Cookiezzz%🍪
Wonderful... just one thing
I absolutely love this app, it helps me fall asleep at night & I play it on my water speakers. It used to take me hours to fall asleep and then I stumbled upon this app in need of good sleep. I downloaded it and boom. Life. Changing. I love the timer so that my battery won’t run down while I’m sleeping and it will automatically turn off. About the timer, I wish it would have a longer time limit. I am not interested in buying a $9.99 add on just for an alarm. I am content with the sounds. I wish there was a 4.5 star rating but otherwise I suggest downloading this app if you are in need of sleep. I promise, it’s worth it.
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7 years ago, meister88:) 56
Not worth the money
I liked the app at first, the the preloaded package left something to be desired. All of the sounds on this app sound very synthesized an echo you like they were done in the studio. The one sound with the ocean waves I was looking for has a bunch of seagulls in the background which is less than relaxing. A lot of the ones that are supposed to sound like rain sound more like water dripping in a basement. Some of them that are supposed to sound like a waterfalls sound like someone poured a glass of water down the sink. There is another one where the picture looks like it's going to be a windy plain, but it sounds more like wind between two buildings in Chicago. Overall, there are only 3-4 sounds I like enough the use. I wish I would not have upgraded this app. It was A colossal waste of money.
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1 year ago, Cecilia R2
Love this app
This is a purely selfish review based on my love of this app and desire to keep it around. I’ve had this app for what seems like forever - over 8 years for sure. I use it whenever I travel or need to create a little sound bubble around myself, or my kids. We each have our preferred mix with our favorite sounds layered over each other. ❤️ I would be truly sad if my personal sleep sound mixes went away, so sharing my review in the hopes new people use it and it continues to be an app the owners support.
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4 years ago, Eyeluv2go
Re: This sleep app is the best
I am a person that has had a sound devise for years that I used at home and wherever I went. It only has a few options that you can listen to, and I wanted to try something new. I checked a couple of apps and they were either expensive or did not include much. I then looked at this app and saw a huge library of sounds. I listened to several of them and really liked the diversity. I now use this every night and am looking forward to using this when I do yoga or just trying to relax.
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7 months ago, Need-Mo-Sleep
Use it every night.
I’ve owned this app since 2016. It is my alarm clock and my sleep aid. I use it every night. Plus, it comes with great customer support. I’ve only had one problem in seven years. The app was failing to open or load. I simply accessed customer support by pressing the question mark on the app, notified them of my problem, and within an hour, I was emailed a a link for a free download of a new version of the app with all the current sound files. The only drawback in the process was that I lost my preset sound mixes in my initial version of the app. But I can reproduce some of those mixes and even create more. That’s half the fun of the app. It has a pretty good selection of sounds from which to choose. By the way, this is the only “sound app” I have on my phone. So I don’t have any others for comparison. But it serves me well. I like it and recommend it.
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5 years ago, TimmaySP
One fix would make it 5 stars
This app does exactly what you want it to do when it comes to sleep sounds. I use it on the train every day and I’m out in seconds. BUT, if they would just update the timer to utilize different time settings it would be 5 stars. Right now you can only do 15 minutes as the longest amount of time under an hour. Why not 30? 45? For someone who uses it on a commute, I have to turn it on before I even get on the train depending on which train I take so I know it will go off and wake me up before I get to my stop. Add support for any combination of time and you have my 5th star
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2 years ago, jojo looooooover
Best app ever!
Tried so many other apps to help me sleep. I cannot fall sleep leak without the sound of rain or some soothing sound, but I have not been able to find it anywhere. This is the only app, again only app, that is perfect for this. They also let you get a free mix of two different sounds so I like to do the campfire and rain sounds. If I can’t fall asleep and I turn this on I will be asleep in an instant. You should get this app too if you want to have as good of sleep as I have had with this app.
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7 years ago, .seren
Easy to use
I love the options for sounds in the app, there's a great selection. You can individually control the volume for each sound in a mix and make mixes perfect for napping or deep sleep as well as morning wake up and relaxation or meditation in addition to individual sounds. It allows you to mark your favorite sounds and mixes for easy searching as well. Just highlight the heart sign and only your favorites will appear! Volume control in both the app as well as your device makes it easy to find that perfect level.
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1 year ago, MarBar97
This is all you need
If I could give this ten stars I would. I’ve always had trouble sleeping. Sometimes I’ll lay in bed for hours and I would regularly go a night on only two hours of sleep. White noise didn’t help, nothing really helped. You know what does? The whales. It’s so silly but the whales 100% of the time. I’ll set a 15 minute timer and I always fall asleep within it. I don’t know what it is but when I feel I’ve had enough and I want to sleep, the whales go on and I am out. Download this app it’s worth it.
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7 years ago, Dragonheat2234
Best sleep, meditation, concentration app ever!
I love this app. The sounds are high quality and sound like the real thing. You can even buy additional sounds for it. You can set the timer for as little time as you want and turn it off before the time's up, if you need to. When the timer is done, the app turns off so you don't waste your battery. I enjoy combining the sounds how I like them, so I don't have to have a water or wind sound with my combination plus you can adjust each sound. It's very easy to use. This app is a keeper.
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7 years ago, Mrsccbburton
I cannot begin to express how satisfied I am with this app. It is a little frustrating that you have to buy most of the sounds when you download the app for free, but I believe the money is well worth it. It has helped me sleep as an insomniac, helped me to calm a fussy baby and keep them asleep and the positive affirmations pack has even helped me during anxiety attacks. It's an excellent, helpful app for me and my life and whenever my phone changes, it's the first app I make sure is loaded back on to my new phone. I love it and I'm so glad I tried it out.
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3 years ago, Sd4cats
So disappointed in new version
I have used this app for 4+ years to help drown out traffic noise and help me sleep. I have absolutely loved it. Now with the latest iPad update, the original version no longer works. When I downloaded the latest version, what a disappointment . I now find you have very limited sounds, cannot set the timer for more than an hour and a few minutes and have to pay multiple times to get the sounds I used to have. I’m not sure its worth the cost. Now my concern is that there will be more than a one time charge. Still deciding what to do. May go to another app. Will not pay for an annual subscription if that is what this is.
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2 years ago, Ekline55
This Pilot Loves This App
As a pilot, I work odd schedules. A lot time times, we depart super early, fly a couple of hours, hang at the airport for the day, then fly home. This app helps me block out all the noise at the airports and catch a good nap—-which means I kinda get paid for taking naps. For overnights, when the hotel A/C fan doesn’t have a “constant” setting, this app helps block out the demonic fan’s On-Off-On-Off-On-Off of that crappy hotel A/C. Get it. You’ll love it. And maybe one day, YOU can sleep like a pilot. By the way, did I mention I’m a pilot?
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5 years ago, Fisterace
Most purchased sounds disappeared after ios12
I note there are no recent reviews or updates. App was as advertised until the new update. Nearly all of the expansion pack sounds disappeared and left just a darkened icon. I contacted support twice by email but no one has gotten back to me. The white noise and fan sounds were the main ones I had used. They did the job but they are now gone. Given the lack of attention to updates and lack of response from app tech support, I would look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, coolgirl875
My favorite sleep app
This app is really great and helps you sleep. I was waking up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep, but now that I have this amazing app I sleep just like a baby. And you can do mixes of sound which is my personal favorite because I love almost all of the sound and I can here my two favorite sounds at once which is really great. Plus they have great deals! Hope this helped your choosing on whether to get the app or not to get the app 😁
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6 years ago, ButterHunter
Great app but...
I love the app, I’ve had it for some time. I really enjoy mixing sounds & saving those saved mixes for certain moods & settings. The only problem I feel worthy of voicing is how expensive the additional sounds & packages cost. I have a hundred other sleep noise & music apps, desk top devices & tracks on my iPhone. If you really want to become a household name, give it all for free or dirt cheap and focus on muted advertising revenue as your profit driver, not the handful of people actually considering using this app more than a few times.
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3 years ago, Mrs. Jaros
It stops playing when my iPhone alarm goes off.
My husband and I love this app!! We love that it plays all night long! Before the app updated my phone alarm would go off and the sound would continue playing! My husband and I wake up at different times for work. I’m the one who usually get the extra hour of sleep. Now it stops playing and I have to open the app and play the sound. I have not been able to find how to fix it so that even after the iPhone alarm goes off it still plays without me going into my phone and starting it again!
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5 years ago, Moi77
I really love sleep pillow. 🥰🥴💗
If there wasn’t Sleep Pillow, I would cry for 9 hours straight the night. When I have tests the next day and can’t stop thinking about the tests, I’m stressed 😩. But Sleep Pillow helps me. If you get stressed a lot like me, You should probably download this app. And if you have horrible days and a depression that you can’t fall asleep, Again. LIKE ME. You should also download this. If there wouldn’t be Sleep Pillow, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Before I found this app, I could NEVER sleep. Bye, I’m done. Thanks for reading. 🥴🤪✌🏻 -Kiera 💋
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6 months ago, jun3b
My honest review
Really easy app to use. There are 9 free white noises to pick from and you can even combine them by making a mix of any three you choose for free. The app is so easy to use because all you do is tap the white noise of your choice and it will play for however long you need. The white noise last the whole night when I use the app. You dont need to keep the device on and intact with the app when you need to go to sleep/relax, which makes me love this app.
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6 years ago, RyJessDJ
So helpful to a new mom
I have a two week old baby boy and he loves sleep pillow. The raindrops and waves are sometimes the only things to calm him down. We were running the shower and taking him into the bathroom to listen to it for a while to calm him down, but sleep pillow has really been a better solution all around. This way we are not wasting water and don’t have to sit on the bathroom floor with him. We can sit comfortably on the couch, listen to the rain or waves, and watch our little guy fall peacefully to sleep. Thank you!!!
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