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User Reviews for Sleep++

4.12 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
1 year ago, JaredHylton
Great App! Some “Screen Sizing” Issues Within App (iPhone 13)
Hey 👋🏼 Dave! So, one bug I’ve noticed recently is the formatting of data within the viewable space of the iPhone’s screen. It is slightly stretched out, so you can’t see some information, and it almost looks like it’s just a framing issue (almost like an i-frame with some data too big for the space allotted for it) but otherwise, app works 100% as advertised and I’ve never been happier — Apple could take some hints (paid for with royalties to you of course) but man, your App usability and editing capabilities plus the Apple Sleep app would be a combo made in heaven. I wish they would offer you hundreds of millions $$ already and integrate your great functions with Apple Sleep. Seeing what the Watch THINKS it picked up is cute, but sometimes it’s wrong. Edit abilities would be nice. 🥰
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6 years ago, LoyalSage
Seems Pretty Good
The app is nice and simple, and it seems to be fairly accurate. Obviously it’s not perfect due to limitations of what data is available from the watch, but it’s good enough that I can track when I fell asleep, how quickly I fell asleep, and how long I slept accurately enough to see how more/better sleep impacts my day in other ways, which is really all I wanted. I think a majority of the low-star reviews come from a lack of understanding about what information the app can really check. To be fair, there are some things that feel a bit lacking, like when you view a past night on the iPhone app, it feels like you should be able to slide your finger along the night overview to see what specific time things happened. I’ve been working around that by clicking trim, moving the start/end to the event I want to check, checking the new start/end time, and then moving the trim bar back to the original start/end. Another example is that there’s no way to quickly view the legend from within a night (without backing out and going to settings), but that’s only really useful the first time you use the app. So it’s not perfect (what is), but I’d take the clean interface and lack of general annoyances in this app over anything else alternative apps might offer.
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7 years ago, POTSyNurse
Great Concept Poor Execution
I used this app on my Series 2 Watch for the 2nd time & it is not consistently recognizing when I wake up, get out of bed, walk to my bathroom, to the kitchen for water & back to bed, etc. It actually shows that I am restfully asleep during 2 of the 5 events from last night, and shows I'm only restless on 2 other occurrences that I went to the kitchen after using the bathroom. In fact I was still awake for about 2 hours after I hit start sleeping as I watched a movie while in bed & it shows that I was restfully asleep & stayed asleep or over an hour immediately after hitting the start sleeping button. That's not even possible when I was still awake & fidgeting & watching a movie! I can't believe that I can rely on this app to be accurate in its assessment of me having a 15% rate of restlessness. Also I hate that it doesn't automatically track your sleep start & stop times but I guess that isn't possible when it can't seem to do much except track how long you are in bed, when & if I remember to hit the stop/start buttons. Wish this app/watch combo was even slightly as accurate as my old FitBit Charge HR or my even older FitBit Flex! Time to find a better sleep app that takes full advantage of the watch's heart rate tracking and other functionalities or better yet for Apple to add this & the analysis of the data it already collects as part of its health kit.
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2 years ago, Llalpacat
Love this app
I’ve downloaded a couple of different sleep tracking apps, and of all of them this one is the most useful. The data is presented in clear, easy to understand, intuitive graphs. You know when you fell asleep, when you slept well, and when you woke up. The other features like blood oxygen and breath rate are easy to read as well. It’s also the most accurate (more so than the built in health app as well, which frequently doesn’t know what to do when I nap). Overall this app is awesome. Highly recommend. All the info you need and none of it you don’t. The best part is that it’s free to use fully in all aspects. You can pay to remove ads to support the developer, but you don’t miss out on any features by not paying and the ads are non intrusive little banners at the bottom.
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3 years ago, PugslyPuppy
It was great until they updated it
I have narcolepsy and this app was *fantastic* at tracking my sleep intervals, more so than any other app available; and it was absolutely worth the $2.99 donation they asked for. Then the latest update changed everything. It stopped tracking my awake time, and not only that, it went back and retroactively changed my past entries to show solid nights sleep which really upsets me as I was going to share the data with my new sleep specialist. Last night I woke up, went to the bathroom, gave my dog cough medicine, and had brief a conversation with my husband. I woke up at least 2 other times, briefly. It says I had zero awake minutes, which is not at all accurate. Two other apps that I have downloaded this week to demo did show me to be awake during those times. The developer said it was due to their new algorithm and that they aren’t willing to change it back. Should they decide to roll it back, I’ll update my review and leave it the 5 stars that it did deserve, but unless that happens the app is completely useless.
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5 years ago, nightly92
This works
It works for the automatic sleep tracking, however, it will only upload the data if i open the app on my phone and watch. Even then i have to close both and reopen them both a second time before it will sync. The problem with that is i will forget to sync it. Which is an issue because today my watch somehow got locked while i wasnt wearing it and it had me unpair and set up my watch again. It said my data was all saved for my watch from the same day so i was like cool! Lucky. Only to find out it did not save my sleep data that i was going to sync. Now im missing about 2-3 days worth of data. Otherwise I normally dont have any complaints or problems. I usually will adjust the time if it thinks i was asleep or awake at times where i wasnt. Not too bad
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2 years ago, Babydollll25
Excellent Sleep Tracker
Excellent sleep tracker at a very affordable price. It gives me a comprehensive look at my sleep and where I can improve... It gets info about my heart rate and everything, which given the recent issues with my heart.... Is super important to me. I enjoy using the Watch app as well. It's really easy to manually OR automatically track sleep/wake periods and what's happening during them. I have cerebral palsy and using some watch apps can be difficult for me to correctly operate them.. Sleep++ is designed in a way that even with my disability, I can reliably operate the watch app (this is super important to me). I find it a valuable asset to my health app(s). I can and have used information recorded in Sleep++ to show my Dr(s) what's happening at night with my sleep and my heart rate during those periods. It has greatly increased my understanding of my health during periods of rest. The edit feature is well done and easy to use and understand how to use. Very intuitive. Paying for it was an easy decision. I feel like the developer(s?) understands that not everyone can afford a huge sum for a sleep app. Thank you Dev(s?). Great job! All around...10 stars!
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6 years ago, Memphis Willie
I like it!
I seen others make the same comment. The addition of the automatic sleep detection is what brought me back. I tried using this in the past and pounded interesting but a little bit of a novelty because I would forget and not consistently track my sleep. Now I don’t think about it and just go to sleep. The next morning it tells me how well I slept. I like no brainer applications like this. The other thing that helped me was I finally broke down and upgraded from to the new Apple Watch. Considering they won’t give you any return value on first generation watch, I kept it just for my sleep monitoring. I put the soft rubber watchband on the old watch and transferred my stainless band to the new watch. The old watch stays on the charger during the day and at night I swap watches. Perfect setup!
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5 years ago, Tzofee
Not sure I get it
I follow your apps since beginning I think also your podcasts etc. and this is the reason you get 5 stars. I don’t get the app actually. Feels like not having any value for my sleep in comparison to other sleeping analysis app I experienced with (such as up24 had etc). On top of that, the app detect me as sleeping even when I’m working on my desk 😀 I wanted to pay for the app just to contribute your efforts and the other great content that you provide but I’ll find another way. I know you read that and hope my feedback would have some kind of value for you (it’s not to make any bad feedback but to show that even though I want an app like that it is completely not what I expect it to serve). Thank you for your great apps and content over those years! 👍
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6 years ago, GregH
Very impressed
I opened the app and suddenly it showed weeks worth of sleep data from my watch, analyzed. After using it a few weeks, it still seems to work pretty well. Auto sleep/wake detection is ok but I’m sure it will get better. If I manually tell it to sleep I must manually tell it I’m awake or it will just keep going in sleep mode. It’s probably better to just use it in auto mode all the time to avoid that. I haven’t checked to see how accurate the auto sleep detection works but it seems pretty accurate. In auto, when I get out of bed and look at the watch, it shows the night’s summary right away (awake detection works well in auto). Watch displays data nicely the same way as on the phone. Simple and nice! I’m very happy with it.
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5 years ago, buchem
Works well and simple
Not perfect, but pretty good. I mainly use Sleep++ to monitor my CPAP performance. It is very easy to see the effect of CPAP by looking for the large blue blocks of good sleep. However, Sleep++ sometimes does not automatically detect my sleep, and rather frequently gets my wake-up time wrong. Which is surprising given that I wear my Apple Watch to bed, and taking that off should be a good signal that I am done sleeping. But the issue is easily fixed by adjusting the end time manually, and it is easy to see from the shading what to do. I also use AutoSleep, but honestly it is just too much information for me. I prefer the simplicity of Sleep++, particularly when used with my Apple Watch.
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4 years ago, mjdindc
I’ve tried at least 6 sleep apps and this is the best, but that doesn’t say much. App presents data clearly. But there are limits on data available. Getting up during the night shows as awake but not that you got up, and then shows you awake for much less time than you were. And no way to edit to show that. Going to sleep and getting up time are usually quite wrong. I have problems falling asleep and app shows me asleep before I actually am and same thing in the morning. At least there is the ability to edit. Does not include any data on heart rate during the night. Ability to export to cvs file is good. Any app that works based on your movements is going to have limited accuracy. They provide interesting data but you need to view it as such.
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2 years ago, Bmwsmity
Viable alternative to Fitbit and Whoop
I like having a “daily readiness” score to guide my mountain bike training. It’s made a huge difference in my fitness and overall soreness. I’ve found the Series 7 Watch is far more accurate when it comes to reading HR data than Whoop 4.0 or Fitbit Charge 5. So, I wanted a viable alternative app for my Apple Watch that would give me a daily score along with sleep data for my REM and Deep stages (also something I use). Sleep ++ has been a decent app for a while now, but the latest update finally brings the graphics and UX up to a high level. Great job! 👏 (I almost never write reviews…so, this is high praise… get this app!)
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4 years ago, SleeplessInCreek
Awake time inaccurate
This app continuously tells me that I have been awake for less then 5-10 minutes (approx 1%) every night. I know this is untrue. I am a very light sleeper most of the night. I wake up in the middle of the night every night and lay there staring at my clock for sometimes hours, but never less than 30 minutes. For example, it stormed most of the night last night. I was awake for better part of the night, 3-4 hours if I had to guess. The app says I was awake 6 minutes and restless 27 minutes. I actually got out of bed several times to look outside and check the basement for water. I had a Fitbit and considered their sleep app very good. Sadly Apple doesn’t have such a built in sleep tracker so I purchased this one. I am quite disappointed in its performance and sleep tracking ability.
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2 years ago, AlissaWi
Women: Readiness Score influenced by cycle
This app is helpful but not overly accurate in some respects (sleep vs. wake). However, what I found fascinating is that my monthly cycles are directly influencing my sleep score. The pulse rate in women is several points higher during times of fertility and menstruation. For women looking at their fertility, this might be of interest. And for women of reproductive age, it’d also be helpful to have the app share that these fluctuations are normal. Perhaps this is one of those times when it’s especially relevant to have women involved in development, since I’m pretty sure my sleep isn’t abysmal for 1/3 of the month because my body is going through normal hormonal changes. I’m not sure how relevant the algorithm is as a result.
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8 months ago, PFloyd2011
Kind of okay app, dev seems asleep
Have reported issues to developer but never received any acknowledgment/response and issues are still there. You can’t easily/properly adjust your sleep times to reflect when you were in bed/asleep (it blocks a 5 minute window from your alarm time from being used) and the sliders are way too sensitive. This has been true the entire time I’ve used the app for the last 2 years. Now, with ios17, I now get large magenta blocks on the screen (where I should see graphs) when I open the app. Minor annoyance, but there for awhile now and hasn’t been addressed also. Would be great for dev to respond (at least to acknowledge!) to submitted issues…
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4 years ago, strawberryfawnx
Great Sleep Tracker
I love this app because it’s simple and unlike a lot of sleep trackers out there, it’s actually free. It’s pretty good at automatically detecting when you’re asleep as well as when you wake up in the night or keep tossing and turning. You can also adjust you start/end times too if the detection was a bit off. Overall, it’s easy to use and does what I need it to. The only thing I’d like would be a way to track naps as well because it seems to only be able to track sleep per night. Even if nap detection wasn’t automatic, I’d still like to be able to log that along with my data.
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6 years ago, TexasJJ
Not Good - iPhone X with an Apple Watch which I wear each night.
This is my second try with this app. The first time I tried it I was put off by the fact that I had to tell it when I went to sleep. Now that it is “automatic” I wanted to try it again. The first night I used it it seemed that my memory of the night and the apps data did not sync up. The next night I woke up at 3 and stayed awake for over an hour. The app only registered that I was awake for 9 minutes. One would think that if I was using my phone to watch a show and play games that I’m not asleep. I have serious sleep problems and trying to keep up with those issues using this app is suspect at best and totally a waste of time. Don’t use this app. It’s still needs a lot of work.
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4 years ago, Flugrey
It’s ok, but not very accurate
Been wearing the Apple Watch for a couple weeks now, and tracking sleep with sleep++. Recently, I went on a business trip and had some trouble sleeping due to the poor hotel conditions. I’d wake up several time a night, for minutes or more at a time, before I could get back to sleep. After checking the app in the morning, it recorded that I slept all night with minimal “restless” time and nothing recorded suggested multiple times awake. This was clearly not the case as I was flipping like a fish out of water. I was at the hotel for 4 nights, and every night was the same, short bouts of sleep with waking every couple hours. The app just didn’t catch it.
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2 years ago, D24592002
Decent app
While this app isn’t perfect it is certainly worth paying the price for. For those who are complaining of inaccurate sleep and wake times, I suggest that you use the manual mode for tracking your sleep. It is much more accurate. If you forget to start it you can edit it when you wake up and your watch tracks you activity wile you sleep so the information between sleep and awake is pretty close. I’m satisfied. The information is only designed to help you not be your doctor.
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1 year ago, speedemon688
Great for tracking my sleep
This app does well to detect when I fall asleep at night. I also think it’s great at determining what stage of sleep I’m in throughout the night. My one and only complaint is that when I get up to use the bathroom and go back to sleep, the app doesn’t seem to track the difference. It thinks that I got up at whatever time and does not track me going back to sleep. Other than that I love the app and the details it provides about sleep.
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5 years ago, Sportna
Doesn’t work
I got this app when I first got my Apple Watch and thought it was pretty cool. But it was inconsistent. Didn’t always record correct information, if at all. So I deleted it and tried some other, similar apps and they didn’t work either. Now, about a year later and several updates and a new iOS, I decided to try it again. Upon downloading, it showed me sleep data from the last couple of weeks when the app wasn’t on my iPhone or Apple Watch. I think this strange...creepy even! It still skips nights completely. I manually started my sleep one night and it gave me 2 data records, 1 manual, 1 automatic and different. Last night I didn’t start it manually and it recorded nothing. What is this app for other than spying in the background and showing ads?
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2 years ago, Josey86
Does it’s own thing.
This app would be great if it didn’t do its own thing. I literally have an alarm on my phone after I wake up to remind me to tell this app I’ve woken up. When I tell this app I’ve woken up before getting out of bed, I turn off the alarm. Somehow, this app still records 200+ hours of sleep (so obviously multiple days) that would be literally impossible unless I were in a coma (I can guarantee I was not in a coma). It has individual days in between when it’s claiming I’ve slept for over 10 days at a time. All it serves to do is totally screw up the information on Apple Health Kit. I used to love this app, but it’s gotten impossible to use. I’m looking for a different app.
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6 years ago, SophiePepper
Great App!
I have really come to rely on this app for sleep data. I believe it is very accurate. It generally matches up perfectly with what I remember each night about my sleep. I use it with my Apple watch series 3. I highly recommend this app for anyone trying to get an accurate picture of their sleep habits. It goes a long way in improving health when you can really see what you are sleeping over time compared with your sleep goals. I’m very thankful for this app in helping me work towards my health goals, of which sleep is sooo important!
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9 months ago, ComposeIt59
Functionality and Usability Waning
This app is slowly losing its functionality. I see from the Apple app store that it hasn't been updated for 11 months. This is becoming a huge concern for me due to the fact that this month is Apple's release of the next iteration of phones and watches, which usually comes with significant updates in the OS. For the last year, the sleeping heart rate trend has been stuck, the "Nights" detail screen doesn't always fit on the iPhone screen. I have reported the sleeping heart rate issue previously and others have reviewed and given info on the screen size in the app reviews. I have received no response from you and the app seems to be sitting dormant. Please do the kindness of a response. If you are no longer updating the app, I would appreciate knowing so I can determine what app I want to use in its place. Since this seems to be your day job and you still advertise this app on your web site, I would think I could expect support or at least a response. Thank you.
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2 years ago, cjenns
Automatic Sleep tracking a must have for Apple Watch users
If you have an Apple Watch and wear it to bed to track your sleep you may have been disappointed to discover that it doesn’t do a good job of recording your actual sleep. Sleep++ solves this and does a great job of automatically detecting and recording your sleep and adding the data to the Health database. It also provides great visualizations of your sleep patterns. Excellent app that fills a big hole in the default Apple capabilities.
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3 years ago, diptutod
Stopped tracking my sleep
This app was working pretty well for months. I would have to make manual adjustments to some nights where it either said I was awake during the night when I wasn’t, or that I went to bed earlier than I did, but for the most part it was really solid and I appreciate that I got a lot more info than Apple Health will give me. But it completely stopped tracking about 2-3 weeks ago and nothing I do will fix it. I’ve tried all the suggestions in the app multiple times, tried uninstalling and reinstalling it (losing all my data in the process), nothing works. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.
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6 years ago, Luby123456789
Not accurate
I tried this out for a few nights. After the first night, I noticed it never registered when I was awake. I know I got up to use the bathroom at least twice and those showed as restless moments. I gave it another try the following night and the same thing. I couldn’t fall back asleep at one point, but again it only showed restless times. I figured I’d give it a few more chances, but then I checked my stats for last night. It registered that I was asleep ALL day yesterday!! From the moment I put my watch on at 7am until I actually woke up this morning at 6:50. And you guessed it, I wasn’t awake for a single second yesterday, but registered as restless. While I was at work, eating meals, doing chores around the house. Yup, I was sleepwalking. 🙄
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5 years ago, Crzy4u4evr
Not Great!
After paying the fee for no ads. I continue to get them. Have complained several times and all I get is restore the purchase..still doesn’t work. Also it continues to skip nights. It records one night than can skip 2 to 3 nights. I still get the same answer to restore and it makes no difference. My watch is pretty much glued to my wrist and doesn’t reason for the skipping. Company had no answers just BS. I’m sure there are better sleep apps at this point. I’m going to find one. I suggest you all look elsewhere. I was being nice giving 3 stars. That’s just for the nights it did work.
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3 years ago, TBR2019
Mediocre at best
I used a different tracker before and it NEVER failed to track my sleep. This app misses the mark at least once a week. Since I’m used to having it tracked automatically, I don’t think to go in and check the app more than once a week and you can only enter a missed night the next morning. It’s very frustrating since I waited to get an AppleWatch until I knew it could track my sleep - I didn’t know it wasn’t able to do so reliably. I haven’t found a better app for my Apple Watch so I suppose I’m stuck with this for now. Please, keep working on the app. If it gets better, I’ll change my rating!
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6 years ago, Azcycle
Not accurate
I just received an iWatch for the holidays and wanted to start tracking my sleep. This is the first app I tried due to the positive reviews. I’m not overly impressed with it. I have an infant and am awake and walking around multiple times per night, but this app says I’m sleeping deeply through those periods. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I have to turn this app on/off manually? But I’m not about to turn it on and off every time I wake in the night. I also know that I’ve had nights of very restless sleep and the app shows unbroken “restful” sleep. Just feel it needs to be more intuitive and accurate.
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12 months ago, ul
Developer has seemingly lost interest in fixing bugs
This app is great and presents almost all data needed, except for the Sleeping Heart Rate data on the Trends tab. The Sleeping Heart Rate graph has never updated itself since mid September when watchOS was updated to the version when sleep stages were analyzed. There’s no known way to reset the graph. Tried reinstalling. Even tried permanently deleting heart rate and sleep data from September in the Health app. Despite repeated emails to the developer’s support email and Twitter, and literally waiting many many months, I’ve received no response at all.
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5 years ago, DeafGirl1993
Needs Some Improvements
I really like this app because it is an automatic sleep tracker for the Apple Watch. Recently I have been wearing my Apple Watch to bed so I can track my sleep automatically. This app is behind at sending me notifications of my sleep summary after I wake up. Also the Apple Watch complication time it displays is 2-3 days behind and when I click on it it doesn’t show my information from my most recent sleep cycle, it shows the data from 2-3 days ago. If those things would be more accurate and up to date then I would continue to keep using the app on my watch.
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6 years ago, Eileen Landreth
Sleep is very important
The quality of sleep is a huge factor in your health. I spent the majority of my work life working nights. First with my children then to be able to make and attend course work and other appointments. After retiring my body was so used to avoiding a circadian rhythm it was a struggle to adjust back. This app has been so helpful in showing me how to readjust my schedule by becoming aware of my peaks and restlessness. I now am able to cope, I feel better, am overcoming insomnia completely and I am much happier. Eileen P. Landreth
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6 years ago, 5993388
I feel like this app would be good for a normal sleeper. As a person struggling with insomnia and watching the clock at night, I am seeing the pattern that the app doesn’t recognize my tossing and turning and moving around in bed as “awake”. Even when I get up and move around my house it still logs it as ‘light sleep’. The pattern I’m seeing is that it only logs my time as ‘awake’ if I’m actively using my phone at the time, and I try not to do that for insomnia reasons. I had hopes that this would help me break down my usual times awake and how long it takes me to get back to sleep, but unfortunately it seems to be more limited than expected for my personal condition.
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5 years ago, SmithyGirl77
Not very accurate
I wanted to track my sleeping patterns because I occasionally sleepwalk, and I would like a log of these events. I noticed that this app is not accurate. One night recently I got up and was wide awake and moving around the house, and I even got a end sleep notification from this app. After going back to bed and waking for the second time, I went in to see how I slept, and the app logged sleep straight through, with only 9 minutes of awake time. That’s a pretty serious discrepancy, considering I was up and moving around for three hours. There have been several instances of getting out of bed that never log as awake.
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6 years ago, LDelSanto86
Great for the price (free)!
I mean, it's a free app, I don't expect it to be perfect. But I'm trying a different paid app tonight. I woke up last night around 1 am, sat up - took my airpods off - fumbled in the dark to find the case on my nightstand - took my time putting them back in the case - and then checked the time on my watch before trying to get back to sleep. All of that registered as a few minutes of restlessness. Maybe it's hard to discern between awake and restless, I don't know, but if they only time it will register "awake" is if I'm doing jumping jacks or something then this app is not useful to me.
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2 years ago, EdV9240
Great Sleep app
I have been using for well over a year and it is very accurate in tracking my sleep patterns. i use both an Apple watch 6 and an apple watch 2 at times spending on which needs a charge and it works equally well with either. I like that I can edit the night on the rare occasions when it credits TV watching time as sleep. Data also feed my Cardiogram app so I have accurate sleep data.
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6 years ago, v from midlo
Automatic sleep tracking puts this app over the top
I have had this app for a while and the only shortcoming was that I would forget to shut it off in the morning and sometimes for days and I would show 100’s of hours of sleep. So based on this it was of little value to me. With automatic sleep/wake detection it will be a great app, my expectations are high and I decided to get the paid version. Great job addressing the issue of having to manually terminate a sleep session.
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2 years ago, Alexey Tokmin
Inaccurate data read
I switched from Fitbit to Apple Watch 7 8 months ago. First I noticed a different sleep data. I thought maybe it’s just me, but about a month ago sleep++ app started to display really weird results, like I slept during the day, when I was actually driving. Later, if I didn’t check my sleep phases in the morning it shows that I slept for 17 hours or so. I’m not sure if my Apple Watch is loose on my wrist. When I wear it too tight it’s uncomfortable. However results are better. I hope, guys, you will fix it.
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6 years ago, Dy-Anne
No adjustment in auto mode
My only complaint is that sometimes my watch goes into locked mode while I sleep despite being on my wrist (I don’t know why this happens as it’s not loose nor has it fallen off) and I can’t adjust my automatic times when this happens and obviously I’m asleep so I can’t unlock the watch. The app seems to know the watch is locked but just can’t give me any data. I’m not even sure if this is a watch issue or an app issue. Otherwise I’ve always liked the app.
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1 year ago, curliegurl@gmail
Really loved this app until...
You made some kind of change on the update. Now the information about my sleep on Sleep++ is too big for the screen. Completely irritating. You can't toggle over, go you're just stuck with a screen that should show all the information but doesn't. And I have an iPhone 11 Pro, the screen is huge! Still the sleep data overrides the screen size so you can't see it all. Fortunately I have other sleep apps I can rely upon to see my sleep data.
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4 years ago, sydsyd21
I think it does what it says it’s going to do.
I’ve been using this app for over a few months now and I have to say that it works better than the other ones. It does what it is supposed to do without the “extra” stuff you would have to buy. It tells me how long I slept, how long out of those hours was my sleep the best or worst. It’s a really good app if you need to track the times you are asleep. I recommend it for anyone honestly.
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6 years ago, strangebirds
Works great once set up
I had a but of difficulty at first because I was trying to use it in conjunction with the iOS Bedtime function (why isn’t springtide available as a regular alarm sound?). It seems that Bedtime would write to the Health app right away and thus the data from Sleep++ wouldn’t show up. Once I started using a regular alarm it works just as expected. I really like that it can track sleep automatically without me remembering to start the app.
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6 years ago, SchaeffDogg
So impressed
Just updated to version 3.0 and it went back and used its “Auto” feature....and almost instantly - an analysis of all my night sleeping activity. I’m so happy to have the one feature I missed most when I went to Apple watch from my Fitbit HR. You’ve knocked it out of the park with this one. Worth every cent to finally have reliable, accurate, and consistent tracking of my (mostly lack of) sleep activity!
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2 years ago, Jaxwagon
Indispensable App!
I have been using this app for years. I can say that it is intuitive, useful, and reliable. It is of great assistance to track your sleep seamlessly between the watch and phone. I wore my original first generation watch at nite to track my sleep but have upgraded in the last year, still perfect. This app is indispensable. Thank you for updates, keep up the good work!
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12 months ago, Jws1014
Problem with the readings
I’ve been having this problem for a while now, when I wake up and look at the reading it gives me a red line basically all the way through the night and I know I have not been up all night this has been happening more often I’ve been using the app 9-10 years now with out problems
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5 years ago, Lorio292
It does a decent job of tracking sleep, although not super accurate. It will sometimes record me as sleeping before I’m even laying down for the night. Other nights it randomly doesn’t track anything at all. That data may randomly show up a week later. So I think it needs some work in those aspects. I am not sure why some nights it just doesn’t track anything with nothing changes in how I wear my Apple Watch and no settings are adjusted. Most nights it does okay. It’s easy to use on its good days.
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3 years ago, D.T. Dennis
One of my favorite apps
I absolutely love this app. It is the only app I’ve seen that makes such perfect use of all the datapoints afforded by the Apple Watch. Heart rate, O2 saturation, respiratory rate—it has it all. And on top of that you get really insightful trend charts. Finally, the explanations are EXCELLENT. I’ve never had an app that was so usefully descriptive! I say all this being an app developer of over 10 years myself. Bravo!
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3 years ago, JMFrey
I think the limitations lie with the device and not so much the app. I was hoping to see patterns in my sleep and awake cycles. I sleep pretty poorly and can lie awake or partially awake several times throughout the night. As I lie there and try to fall back asleep, the app believes I’m already asleep since I’m not moving. I’ve even read a book and had the app report I’m sleeping. It also doesn’t always see me as awake if I get up to go to the bathroom. It’s not clear if the app takes in the other data like heartbeat, position of the watch, etc.
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