SleepWatch - Top Sleep Tracker

Health & Fitness
4.7 (328.6K)
371.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bodymatter, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SleepWatch - Top Sleep Tracker

4.66 out of 5
328.6K Ratings
2 years ago, FearAndLoathingABC
SleepWatch Review
My combination Apple Watch and my SleepWatch application are my favorite health and athletic performance evaluation tools. I have found that a balanced program of biking walking my dog, swimming and biking maximize my nightly SleepWatch score. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea almost a year ago and my Sleep Doctor prescribed nightly use of a CPAP machine. My first reaction was that the CPAP machine was a giant pain in the neck. I got great SleepWatch scores without the CPAP machine. After a few weeks without using the CPAP I reasoned that if I continued my athletic program in combination with nightly use of my CPAP machine my Sleepwatch score should be even higher. I was delighted to find out that my highest Sleepwatch scores were obtained when I continued my daily workouts in combination with nightly use of my CPAP machine. The net benefit was that I now had a method of monitoring my sleep quality combined with monitoring my athletic performance in combination with the performance of my CPAP machine. I was so excited with this discovery that I made an appointment with my Sleep Apnea Doctor to share my SleepWatch Data. MY DOCTOR WAS IMPRESSED AND AGREED WITH MY ANALYSIS. Bottom line - I am “HAPPY AS A CLAM” and my cardio vascular health health as measured by my “doctors” is outstanding.
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5 months ago, NancyinFL
Confusing and inconsistent reports
I’ve been using this app for close to a year, I like that it tracked my oxygen levels and my pre-bedtime behaviors. I think it identified clearly that I sleep better after I’ve had physically active days. Other behaviors seem less important after tracking. But I’m confused with the number scoring system. I can have a similar number of hours of sleep, both restless and restful, with a similar change in heart rate and interruptions, and my score will vary between 200 and 500. I don’t understand the wild swings in the score after similar data in the various categories. It is frustrating when I wake after 8 hours, feeling rested and ready to tackle the day and then see my sleep score was “poor”. I am discontinuing my subscription, because, while I did learn that physical activity makes me sleep better, no surprise there, I don’t like the negative feedback even when I “feel” like I got a good night sleep. I have gotten some of my best scores when I neglected to wear my watch to bed. Or when the battery died partway through the night and it recorded only three hours of sleep for which I got a 600 score rather than seven hours sleep, and a 300. I am going to work on consistently increasing my daily physical activity and quit tracking my sleep. I did try it briefly for the snoring function, but it picked up our dog’s snoring, so not effective for us.
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4 years ago, annydarling
Like it but need to fix issue..
Update: After trying so many time to get the app to show the reports on my watch it finally worked. I had to make sure I download the UPDATED version and that it’s the one for the watch NOT the phone. (When you search in the Apple store for the app, next to it should say Apple Watch) So I reinstalled it again, it started working. Still keeping at 3 stars due to me being patient enough to keep trying to get it to work on my own. I like this app it. I have tried a few and this seems to be the most accurate one that tracks my sleep with me wearing my watch to bed. My only issues with the app this is that I can’t see my reports on my Apple Watch (series 5), hence the only 3 stars. It still say “Setup Required. Complete setup on iPhone to continue.” I even uninstalled and reinstalled every way possible and restart my phone and watch still nothing. I even gave it two days before writing this review just so it can show up on my watch. I have tried everything that they recommended on the website for it to work but nothing. I even try clicking on the “feedback and support” in setting and it said that I don’t have an account, which is weird because I do and I’m logged into it. So I’m out of options. Please, please fix issues so I can fully get the best experience and report with this app. Thank you.
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3 years ago, DeanH.
Great app. 1 suggestion
I really like the sleep app, and it’s really help me improve my sleeping patterns by building awareness. I have no issues with would it does or how it works, but I do have one suggestion: it seems that it takes a while to generate the report, and one additional thing I would like is an instant reference in the morning, right on my watch, as to how many hours of sleep I got, rather than having to wait a while to get the report generated after I get up. The reason I want that is that I have a relatively dynamic lifestyle, and I work with clients in different parts of the country in different time zones, so sometimes, I have the option to sleep in a little longer and just want to know right then and there “how many hours of sleep did I get.“ when I scroll over to the sleep app on myApple Watch, it can’t give me that instantly, but instant access to how many hours I’ve slept would let me know whether it would be a good idea to sleep an extra hour on the days that I can. But by the time I go through the effort that it takes to generate the report, I’m wide awake. Usually this app presents the information at around noon.
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5 years ago, SandeeF
What’s in it for me?
Like so many businesses / products / services today, we are often asked for our feedback. Human nature is to be helpful; we obligingly fill out surveys or answer a few brief questions. To what end? I’m giving my time and opinion for their benefit. I don’t mind doing this occasionally — on my terms. DAILY alerts to “tell us more about yourself” besides the “how rested do you feel today?” All while, I do not see a reward of my participation in these queries for the data crunchers and bean counters. Of course (I assume), if I pay for the extra features, I might gain some insight from my routine do-gooder helpful and honest responses. Please add a setting / option to opt out of the survey pool. On to a fresh complaint: the sleep detection is losing accuracy, reporting far less sleep than I actually get. Nearly every day for this week, I’ve needed to manually set my sleep times. What gives? One more thing, if I fail to charge my watch or just plain forget to wear it for one night, then comparison data returns “ not enough info, please wear your watch at night” when there is clearly 783+ days of info on me with only random single night gaps” surely a trend greater than 3 days would yield a far more accurate picture off sleep health. Can you compensate for the occasional fall from grace wherein the user bares all (wrists) in the boudoir?
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2 years ago, gilruin
Privacy concerns; not recommended for trans people
Claims to "value your privacy" and then buried about ten pages into the privacy policy, reveals "Cookies and similar technologies help us to recall things about you [...] to enable our partners to serve ads for products and services". The attempt to hide this by burying it pages and pages down did not impress me. Granted, this portion is for the website and may only be referring to using Google Analytics, but if they are so committed to privacy they should find another analytics solution that doesn't potentially give users' private medical information to Google. The app itself also says it "may" use IP address as a proxy for location even if you deny the app access to your location data, which is not something a company truly committed to privacy should be doing, ever. And an unrelated issue for trans people, the app requires you to input your biological sex (fine in itself, it's potentially medically relevant) but then gives no option for people on HRT to indicate so despite testosterone level being more important than birth sex for heart measurements, and then continues to list the user as their biological sex on their profile. The word choice of "biological sex" on the signup screen also seems to imply the devs are fully aware transgender people exist but feel they should be referred to and medically treated as their birth sex.
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4 years ago, WhyBeNormal64
I’m Impressed
It is rare for me to give a 5 star rating as there is almost always room for improvement. Having said that, I’m so impressed with the accuracy and data this app provides that I also bought an annual membership. I couldn’t care less where/how I rate with other users, but do care that people who have done a good job at something get rewarded. I use this app a bit off script in that I’m not using it to learn how to improve my sleep, but to learn about how my sleep patterns affect my chronic pain. For example, just in the last month I’ve proved a theory that I’m much more rested, awake in less pain, and maintain deep sleep longer when I don’t sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time. When the pain would awaken me I’d stay in bed and try to sleep more. Now I know I’m much better off if I get up for a couple few hours and go back to bed for more deep sleep. Support folk have been very patient with me in my attempts to get the app to work for my abnormal needs (although I think I may have made them a bit defensive) so kudos to them! My fingers are crossed that they may implement an enhancement request I recently made. Regardless, I’ll continue to use this app and tell my friends.
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4 years ago, DevoBillado
One of the best apps. I hope the new update problems can be fixed.
I’ve loyally used this app for several years now and these guys are awesome. I know what developers have to deal with when Apple updates things and I am certain that the recent bugs from Apple’s update are a real challenge to circumvent. I might need to temporarily delete the app and check back later, but this does not warrant a “one star” review — these guys have been consistently too good for that. I guess I’ll check back later, you don’t have to give them low ratings to hold them accountable. Trust me, they’ll get it fixed, and it’s not their fault — Apple tends to really throw developers under the bus when they redesign iOS and also want to push their own app of the same function. Their stats are way better and far more thorough than the sleep app Apple just introduced, and Apple doesn’t allow you to compare your stats to other users. This app is just too good to fail. I wish the developers great luck with overcoming this problem, and I’ll definitely check in later.
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3 years ago, ClanChest
It’s good
I tried it last night for the first time. Make sure you give it full permission to access your health setting for it to work with your watch. I couldn’t figure out this morning why it didn’t work but then I realized I hadn’t done that. It seemed to work okay. I woke up when my husband went to work though and it didn’t register that at all so it makes me wonder how well it is calculating. I woke up and spoke with him and the app said I was in restful sleep at the time. That’s a bit odd. But overall it does work well. I was disappointed Apple watches didn’t track sleep like my old Fitbit for this app is good for those who had that same issue and want a sleep tracking app. Reason for four stars is what an outrageous price for premium! Just make it a one time paid purchase but 30+ dollars a year. Mine currently says it costs 30 but says that’s a limited time year. All for a couple extra features like your watch waking you up when you’re not in a restful sleep. Waste of money, it for sure shouldn’t be subscription based. Just charge like 10 bucks once and more people would probably do it. Overall it’s good though, going to keep trying it out. Maybe it will become more accurate with additional data.
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6 years ago, Arizona cactus cowboy
This app has taught me to log sleep
It’s a nice app when the app’s servers are not down. When the servers are down, like today again, it tells you that “you don’t seem to have an internet connection” and you can keep trying for a long time, if you want to waste time doing nothing. But there is a “plan B” backup for when that all too frequently happens: look at the paper notebook you keep by the bed for the purpose of jotting down each time you enter or leave bed during the night and tally up the total times you slept during each time in bed. The app requires you to confirm sleep times each day for the sake of accuracy so I’ve found that such a sleep log notebook is far better than trying to rely on my memory for which times I was actually in bed, sleeping and which times I was sitting in a chair reading, with my Apple Watch wearing left arm motionless for long stretches of time. At first, I rated this app 5 stars. But now, because of its frequent “you don’t seem to have an internet connection” silly statements I’ve reduced it to 3 stars.
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7 months ago, spliceguys
Good info but painful experience
So, the developers have finally run me off. This went from a five star app to a one star. They added ads to the app but recently they are full screen video ads for other applications and games. This makes the app unusable without paying. I’ve had this for a few years and have liked but not “needed” the information. It was a great program. I have the “free” version. In the past year the developer has turned the simple experience into a terrible experience. Every time you open the app, a splash page opens to encourage you to upgrade. The interface is now littered with blurred out placeholders for all the options you don’t have. Recently, they added in-app ads. When you try to scroll in the application, it will snap back to the ad to make sure you’re seeing it. Obviously the free plan makes no money and they’d like to make some. I never had a need for the pro features though. I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for the application with its current features but I’m not going to subscribe for an ongoing payment. The experience has gotten so bad that rather than upgrade, I’d rather look for another app to replace it.
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6 months ago, MTshef
Well…I loved this app until they started adding noisy ads. I chose not to pay because I didn’t want additional features. But if list ads slowing my tracking down is going to be part of the basic I’m probably just going to find a different app. The developer keeps pointing people to their PAID ad free experience…I had a free ad free experience until recently…no thank you! Do better! Let’s respond to the problem that you took away our ad free experience. You want to give us ads for a free membership then I will most likely be saying goodbye. Edit -to your response… You seem to have missed the point that for the almost 2 years I have used your app I have not had ads and certainly not the in close able, unsilenceable full screen ads that we have now. This is a recent annoyance. It has made the app not worth using. EVERY recent review of your app has been negative because of the ads. If that doesn’t move you to make them less intrusive…pictures on the main page are fine…video ads that we can’t exit and can’t silence make the app unusable as the app cannot be opened at work, school, anywhere that the noise would be disruptive. So thank you for almost 2 years of a great experience. Goodbye!
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6 years ago, Me1yssa
Great app!
I love the accuracy of this app. It’s very simple to read all the information that it takes during my sleep. I’m a stay at home mom and I’m always the last one in bed and the first one up. I bought this app because I knew I wasn’t sleeping enough and it was affecting my health. My doctor recommended I track my sleep so I gave this a try. I like that it showed when I went to bed and how much sleep I actually got while in bed. The longer I used the app the more it learned my patterns. I also like that it knows when I’ve had a really bad night of sleep and I receive the questionnaire asking why I did so bad sleeping. For example last week my son was extremely sick running a fever of 103.7 all night so I was up all night checking on him and changing out ice packs to help keep him comfortable until I could get him to the doctor the next morning. My app detected a total of 1 and half hours of sleep. I was able to tell the app I was “disrupted by a sick child”. Thanks for creating this app and continuing to make it that much better! 😊
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3 years ago, 초보둥둥이
Tried 4 apps, This is the best one
I’ve had sleep challenges for awhile at my age and have experimented with several apps and devices to try to figure out to maximize the sleep my body will allow. I am really thankful for this app. The subscription is not cheap, but I think it is worth it. Between the apps I’ve tried, this is by far the best one, easiest to use, and the metrics it gives has really helped me learn things and prove the things that help me sleep better. Things like: how to tweak my exercise cycle (morning HIIT every 2-3 days + walking in the evenings) and eating (Intermittent Fasting 2x/week) and (Few carbs early in the day, but more carbs at dinner). Etc. The results are all numerical and I see them when I check the app each morning. You might be different for what you need to do for your season in life and for your body, but I think everybody will feel tremendously better getting enough quality rest and sleep at night. Wishing everyone the best in their journey too….
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4 years ago, ClayPress
Best Sleep Tracking App I’ve Used
I wouldn’t say I did an exhaustive trial of all the available sleep trackers out there when I decided SleepWatch was for me but I certainly tried a few and none came close to matching the elegant simplicity of the data and insights that this app offers. I don’t feel any need to look for or try any other sleep trackers because SleepWatch does everything I need better than I hoped for. Thanks to the insights SleepWatch has provided about my sleeping habits and how rested I report feeling over time, I am consistently sleeping much better and feeling more rested than ever before. The only problem I have is remembering to take my watch off early enough in the evenings and in the mornings to charge it enough to last me all day and night, but that’s a user/hardware issue, not any fault of SleepWatch. I love this app so much that I tell everyone I know with an Apple Watch to download it and can honestly say most of the people I’ve shown it to have been impressed enough to download and start using it themselves!
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2 years ago, mama-mow
Sleep much improved after 10 months
You never know how useful an app will be until you’ve used it, and I’ve had buyer’s remorse after subscribing to other apps, but not this one. I’ve found it very helpful to have not only the daily sleep report, but also the sleep report that assesses my overall sleep for a longer period of time. This app has helped me change my behavior and improve my sleep rhythm and duration! When I started using the app, I averaged 6h 25m a night of sleep & had an overall sleep score of 285 after 15 days of use. That was in September 2021. My most recent sleep report showed that I’ve averaged over an hour of sleep more each night - 7h 36m & my overall sleep score is 548. I’ve almost doubled my sleep score since subscribing to Sleep Watch. The last thing I do before getting into bed each night is to set my Apple Watch to sleep, and start tracking my sleep and snoring sounds by tapping the track button in Sleep Watch. The combination of this app and my Apple Watch make it easy to harvest the data that’s helping me improve my sleep. I rarely slept 8 hours a night before, but I regularly get 8 hours (or very close to that) of sleep a night. I rarely submit reviews for apps, but wanted to for Sleep Watch. It’s worth the $4.99/month to improve my sleep because sleep is critical to good health. Now, if I could just find an app to motivate me to exercise consistently and improve my resting HeartRate….!
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2 years ago, GGarvin
Avoid this app
It is okay - I was premium subscriber for 3 years but no more! There are similar competitors out there and I’ve had a terrible experience with their customer service department. For some inexplainable reason the app requires an internet connection to tell you how your sleep was. No one can answer why but when I really need to calculate my sleep and vitals accurate while climbing a mountain internationally, I didn’t have signal to connect to the internet. Their customer service couldn’t answer why - I can only assume because they are selling the data. If my phone and watch are connected by Bluetooth why do I need to connect to their servers to register my sleep? Plus I find it is a battery hog and I would look at the competitors first! Update: they say their customer service team responds “swiftly” - 1-2 days between messages is not swiftly. And the response attempts to misdirect. None of the reasons listed here are justification to require internet connection as a mandatory requirement to confirm sleep. They don’t even explain why it is required. And I don’t wish to do without connectivity as a rule just in the rare times I don’t have internet, which I explained but they don’t listen to.
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3 years ago, ETpnnnnnnoPPwwjsnja
This app you have to pay and that’s ok , and you have to wait 7 days to see the results and I don’t get how it can know what’s wrong. I’m 11, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night no idea why my therapist says she think it’s because of my anxietu it may be that she said but it never started and she said it could mean you have to use the bathroom and I do but I never use to wake up so I’m trying to find why and my mom doesn’t think I can go to a sleep test in person because that’s for adults and not for kids. And with covid it’s probably not open I would have to wear a mask when I sleep. So I don’t know what to do I do take sleep gummies to help me fall asleep but I don’t think that’s the case and it does make me tired becaus sometimes I can’t fall bavk asleep I was up for 3 hours. And I wake up different times it depends. So please help thanks. The app is not really helping me and I know people say it’s good but please give me a overall of This app because I don’t understand it I’m trying to find ways to help me. And it’s very hard during a pandemic but I apprieavge you making this up but I just need a understanding. Thanks
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4 years ago, sarah_mariiee_
Great App but one thing could make it better
I absolutely love this app. It’s very very efficient at what it does. I track my sleep automatically through my apple watch on the free version. This works amazing and I haven’t been disappointed yet. The only thing I wish this app had was the ability to sync with apple health. I also wish it had a smart alarm that could wake you up with a window of time based on how deep of sleep you are in. Other apps have this feature but require you to have your phone listening. This seems inaccurate to me and apple watch data would be the best way to collect this information for accuracy. There aren’t many sleep apps that use the apple watch and this alarm could be a big boost for you. I also wish it showed your REM sleep. I realize it shows your deep sleep but there is a difference between light, deep, and REM. Because REM is what matters most it is the most important thing to know but this app doesn’t show it. Overall I really like the the app but these were just my few suggestions that could make me love it.
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3 years ago, Frank J Policastri
A great investment
I have had severe obstructive sleep apnea for over 30+ years now and always had to use a machine. It was always very difficult for me because my job required me to travel most of the time. Within the last five years I had some major dental work done including 13 implants. The doctor told me that after the implants settled in I might want to try some mouthpieces. About two years later I figured that I would try them. My Dentist did not make them and I had to be referred out. My only reluctance was to see if they really worked I would have to be referred to a sleep lab. That is when I decided to get this app.. Not only is it easy to read but I am able to get everything the sleep lab would offer in the comfort of my own home. It showed that the mouthpiece was just as effective as the machine. I am now able to measure my sleep every night and walk around with the device I am currently using in my pocket.
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5 months ago, Scam ShutEye
Really really bad app!
I don’t usually write reviews but I feel scammed so I want to help others not pay for this app. I use Apple Watch SE 9 along with the iPhone app when going to bed. The data it collects is not accurate more than 80% of the time!! I have to manually adjust or add the sleep times. On the iPhone it stops tracking my sleep for unknown reasons. On the Apple Watch it doesn’t allow me to end sleep if I accidentally press “continue sleeping”; it just continues to count until it thinks I am asleep again and then I can end sleep a few hours later; so the data is all messed up. I am frustrated because I paid good money for this app to do something simple; I let it know when I am going to sleep and when I wake up so all it has to do is calculate the time in between I press 2 buttons but it can’t even do that! I chose this app over other sleep apps because of the amount of reviews but I will not trust that anymore! Sorry Sleep Watch I am beyond annoyed. I would give you -5 stars. This app is supposed to be helpful for my state of mind not make it irritated… bye! I have a few months left of my one year sub but I am not testing this horrible app anymore!
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1 year ago, Tbad100
Thank God— Apple, please adopt
I am so relieved this app exists. Apple’s idiotic sleep mode is exactly the kind of complication that prevents me from tracking my sleep consistently. This app is so perfect I’m mostly using this review to complain about how stupid Apple’s sleep solutions are. I’ve even complained that I just need the Apple Watch to function like my 2010 FitBit did, lol. This app is everything I hoped to have and even expected from paying for an Apple Watch to track my sleep. I don’t have to think twice about it or worry about it interfering with my alarms/notifications. It’s just there and does it’s job. I wish Apple could just integrate this app into its features as a toggle “Use SleepWatch” then we could get over this Sleep Focus nonsense. Turning my phone off and tracking my sleep with pen and paper is more consistent than the convoluted settings and constraints for Sleep Focus. Anyway, thankful that SleepWatch is a solution!
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3 months ago, ThenThereWereEight
Great app. Super useful.
I began using SleepWatch a few years ago, and while wearing my watch to bed is really not my favorite, my ADD brain is helped tremendously the data it collects. The app is intuitive, nice-looking, and easy to use. There has been some inconsistency lately on HR dip % (sometimes it just never shows up?), but everything else has been ROCK solid. The only reason it didn’t get five stars is I really need higher granularity on restedness. The current 3 options (completely rested, somewhat rested, not at all rested) don’t map well onto my actual experience. My answer is always somewhat rested—even though I’m usually mostly rested or mostly not rested. (Due to health issues, I only hit the Holy Grail of completely rested once or twice a year.) And having raised a large family, my mark for not at all rested was set from being up in the night with infants for many years—total exhaustion. So being able to accurately track how I feel in the morning would be highly useful.
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3 years ago, thereal_jsamuel
Has gotten worse
When I originally used this app it would work properly between my Apple Watch and iPhone. It would track my sleep accurately when I wore my Apple Watch to sleep, the data would display in my iPhone app. Lately though I have been finding that when I wear my watch to sleep it appears to track my sleep. But when I go to check the data on my iPhone app it is not always displayed. So it has often now said no data tracked. But how when I have been wearing my Apple Watch to sleep daily? I am not impressed and will be looking to use another sleep tracking app. This is disappointing because I have been using thissleep tracking for a while and thought of it to be accurate and reliable. I hope that some attention will be made into making sure the app works properly at transferring data from Apple Watch.
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3 weeks ago, Dum Sim
Woulda like to know how long and well you slept last night and every night through Sleep Watch? So would I! Say you’re in bed for your night’s rest and sometime later (could be 1/2 hour, could be 2-1/2 hours on…). If you move around at all, the Sleep Watch app won’t recognize the sleep before that movement; it’ll merely start your sleep time from the point you fell back to sleep, ignoring the productive sleep you enjoyed from your first time after hitting the hay. You’re left with a truncated sleep time. Say, 6 hours; not the 8 full hours of sleep accomplished. No…Sleep Watch registers 6-1/2 which is skewed, which for a sleep tracking app, is SCUH-RUED! This app design is faulty and needs a fix of the algorithm STAT!! It is otherwise USELESS! By the way, I’ve already complained to the developers and they respond, “Meh”. My Fitbit watch actually reads pulse, blood oxygenation and respiration and showed last night’s sleep as 8-1/2 hours which gibes with my own experience. Further evidence of efficacy of their instrumentation over Sleep Watch, which I’m keeping ONLY to use as a joke.
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3 years ago, 02272019
I doesn’t keep good records of a nap. After I’m awake for two hours and I take a short nap for 45 minutes. It shows asleep disruption in my sleep pattern which is totally stupid. I will be watching it for the next couple weeks if they don’t fix it I will be switching apps. I used to use Fitbit and it worked fine with naps even after being awake for a half an hour if you lay back down and took a nap it showed a nap not a sleep disruption. You would think with the programmers they would be able to figure this out when writing software but apparently not. Fitbit must be the only one that can figure it out or maybe just this companies too lazy. I just looked and there’s several apps in the App Store that do a better job tracking your naps and your sleep time. For the fee they charge you would think they would care more. The response I got is we will look in to it. Really look into it!! So I will be canceling my subscription for anybody for future reference I would refer you to a different app if you do naps in the middle of the day. This one is worthless!!
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2 years ago, bbcmph
Still trying to decide
I talk in my sleep so I wanted to see if it would catch that by wearing my watch to bed and have the recording on my phone at the same time. It has recorded a bird outside of all things, but never of me talking in my sleep. Which I know is loud because my husband tells me. The other day I responded to him for the first time while trying to get “info” on what I’m talking about and it still didn’t pick that up. I do forget to hit the “track” icon at night sometimes depending on how tired I am. I think this app would be great for those that snore, think they may possibly have sleep apnea, breathing issues, heart issues though! Even those that don’t have a newer watch. I can say that once it gets enough data to create a sleep pattern, that’s helpful. It gives you tips on what may help or hurt your sleep, along with other helpful tips. Guess all in all it’s a great app, I just wish it would pick up the sleep talking.
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4 months ago, Lorax Chelize
Awful! Loss of accuracy in recent versions
Update: I held out hoping the developer would fix the bugs, but the accuracy has gotten even worse. It seems like the focus is on generating ad revenue using the most ridiculous full screen ads for what looks like 90s-era games nobody would waste time with. It doesn’t even make sense to advertise such nonsense, but here they are. They have no basic ad-free price and the app is not worth the annual subscription fee, so I’m joining other long time customers and have deleted the app. What an absurd business model. This app is getting less and less accurate in its tracking and more annoying with the ads onslaught. I have to edit the sleep/wake times every morning, and recently its not tracking sleep correctly at all. This morning it has me down for a 3 hour awake time and 2 hours of sleep. That’s not correct at all. Clearly the focus is on advertisers at the expense of users. Pro tip: add a reasonable one time ad stopper tier, your premium is too expensive for those of us who don’t need those features. Stop being so greedy, your product isn’t that good.
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5 years ago, hdufid
Good but not perfect
I’ll start with the fact that I love this app. It has really helped me better understand my sleep and how it affects my overall health. But this app seems to track every period of low activity as sleep. For a few months I wasn’t using it because I didn’t like wearing my watch at night. When I recently started again I found that it had inputted whole weeks worth of incorrect “sleep” data from when I wore my watch during the day that was either naps, or times when I was reading, watching movies, sitting in a car for long periods of time, or just relaxing in any way. You can’t edit data that’s more than a week old, so I can’t delete these days and all this bad info is factored into my “average” scores. Now I have to check the previous night’s data after every day to make sure it didn’t count some relaxed period as sleep and throw everything off. This app is really good in a lot of ways, but it’s not for passive use.
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1 year ago, LisaR55
Much better than AutoSleep or Apple’s sleep
AutoSleep was changing my amount slept seemingly randomly and throwing off my average. You couldn’t go back in time and correct. This app seems steady. It sometimes logs resting quietly as sleep, but it’s easy to edit and I can turn down the sensitivity if I’m bothered by it. I like that I can log almost all the things I try to do to improve sleep (though taking a sleep aid like antihistamine is strangely absent). I wish there was a way to get into that data to see trends on what is helping. I assume if a clear trend emerges it will notify me? Tracks your sleeping HRV. I wish it also pulled in my waking HRV and gave me a readiness score like AutoSleep did. It would also be cool if we could tell it when we are trying to go to sleep so we could calculate how long it takes to fall asleep. Overall, my favorite sleep app and I’ll be keeping it. Edit: thank you, the Me tab was exactly what I was looking for!
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4 years ago, iPhone/iPad integrator
Informative and great at data collection
I’ve been using the app for years. I like to occasionally look at my tearfulness patterns and HR drip patterns. Most of all, I like how it works to get the information it needs without you haven’t to remember to do anything. Auto start/stop sleep cycles (with easy corrections if you were crazy in the middle of the night), a couple prompts during the day to see if you are STILL feeling rested. They will even ask questions (multiple choice) as to why one day might have been bad and give you reminders to not do something. But garbage in/garbage out as with anything. Watch app is super easy to use and quickly start a sleep cycle (if you want to get a more accurate time of how quickly you fall asleep) and the “wake me up in this range of time” is nice because I guess I’m woken when I’m at my stirring point and not after I’ve mentally committed to being a SLOTH ;) Enjoy!
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4 years ago, New To True Crime in Virginia
It’s okay if...
The reveals are fun for a month. Then one starts feeling evaluated. You begin to feel tested, scrutinized, judged. And finally, chastised for partaking in happy hours with neighbors, glad you escaped another week not catching what could be a fatal virus—chastised for celebrating a victory with wine with your meal in good company. But mostly chastised for not living like the regimented monk lifestyle that retires at 9 pm and awakes 6 am every day who rigorously exercises. One has to be okay feeling these psychological pressures. It's like being tested while sleeping while wearing a relentless non-compassionate machine that allows no leeway for life's unexpected calls of nature because you drink the appropriate amount of water a day. You awaken and worry you're not drifting off fast enough, so what will this do to your score!? And, people behind the scenes know it all. In that case, this is the app for you. Because it never fails to deliver judgment all the time.
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5 years ago, Terminator XIV
Doubt’s to Believer
At first I was like “this won’t work” but after using it for a few months I found the app very useful as well as helpful. The app will basically gather your sleep information, over time, and set up a plan based on your sleep patterns. I am pleased with how accurate the app is at taking information and setting a plan you can follow to help you improve sleep. An example, for me, is that if I burn 350 active calories a day my heart rate dip is greater. So my daily goal is to reach that 350 mark because it does drop my heart rate. Also, this app continually updates so it just keeps getting better and better! My suggestion is simply to download this app if you want a great study of your individual sleep pattern and want a better nights rest! You will look forward every morning to see how well you slept. You have nothing to lose, the app is free, and a good nights sleep to gain!
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4 years ago, NGL1
Cheaper than a hospital stay..
I don’t know what I would have done without this app. As a Night Owl, I’ve always had trouble with daytime drogginess (I shine at night).. I’ve been waiting and hoping for years that I would find something that would help me. Forced to live part in the daytime world, it’s something that I’ve struggled with for years. Up till now I haven’t had a resource or a way to help me understand what was wrong with me. Thank You so much for making this service available. I use it every night. Now I finally have the tools to calculate how much sleep I need and what supplements are helping me. Your app streamlines everything and makes it almost automatic. The ‘almost’ is just the user’s effort and time investment. This product delivers. I rarely ever write reviews for products or services, but I made an exception here. You folks are amazing.
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5 years ago, DerickL
Best sleep app I’ve tried
I’ve probably tested 5 of the top sleep tracking apps available. This is by far my favorite for a few reasons. I find it to be the easiest to use, while also offering the most features. All I need to do is wear my Apple Watch to bed. The app automatically senses when I’m in bed and starts tracking sleep and heart rate. I don’t know how it calculates and figures everything out, but it is always shockingly accurate. Highly recommended free and paid versions. I tried other sleep apps and was unimpressed with the limited, pseudo-sciencey data tracking abilities, such as the app that claims to gauge your sleep quality using only your phone’s internal microphone located 2-3 away on the nightstand. This is silly and obviously inaccurate. This app analyzes data from Apple Watch to record body movement, heart rate, physical movement (ie. walking around vs relaxing in on the couch vs lying in bed) to determine what time the user starts trying to fall asleep, when they lose consciousness, and how deep their sleep is every night. I don’t bother with so-called “smart alarms” that claim to wake you up at the most optimal time within a 30-60 minute time window. I want to sleep as long as possible each morning. There’s no way I’m getting out of bed 40 minutes earlier just because some app *claims* I’ll be at optimal in my routine
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2 years ago, buddy21.4
Great app but suggesting a add on
Hello I give the app 4/5 it is very easy to use and does exactly what it says, great for tracking routines and figuring out what works best for your body. I hope the Devs see this in the section where you can put tags for why you had good or bad sleep it is lacking any medical reasons for you to wake up. For example half the time I wake up is diabetes related from low blood sugar to high blood sugar with multiple bladder movements. At the bear minimum have medical issue. Considering the chronic health issues a large part of the world deals with limiting it to only a few such as osa, Covid, pain is really limiting the episode. If you keep have medical issues in the middle of the night this could be a good way to document them to understand trends which could help with preventative medicine and improving sleep
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6 months ago, Rosenfritz
Probably the best Sleep logging and reporting app!
I’ve used the app for years, and it has performed as it should (great!) Recently, it stopped correctly logging my sleep, up to 2-3 hours off. In correcting it manually, the app now doesn’t try to go back and see if the logged data makes sense. It just gives you blank bars. I tried the resetting procedure, and it didn’t help at all. Also, the ads have ramped up, and are now full screen, with no way to stop / get rid of them until they are done. These ads have audio, and it’s really an annoyance. Got a few recent updates, and there are the “feature” mentioned above, and more ads. I was seriously considering paying the reduced yearly fee to remove the ads, but the above problems were too much. You folks lost a potential customer. Yup, I hadn’t paid. But I have recommended it to many people. No money from me, no more recommendations.
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6 months ago, jimtally
I’ve been using the paid subscription for almost a year now, and with that said I can thoroughly say that I’m not impressed. When I first downloaded the app, I thought it was really cool so I decided to pay for the subscription for one year, to get the full effect of the app, but after using it for short period of time, I quickly seen the flaws. When you click on your report to listen to what sounds or noises were played throughout the night as you were asleep, by the way to me, which seems to be the most important part of the app, then you will quickly see how bad it is. So if you’re snoring it cuts off within mid snore or if you’re coughing, it will cut off within mid cough and some of the reports are 6 seconds 7 seconds 16 seconds. It is just so random and not accurate at all. It could be a very very important sound that you need to hear and it will just cut off on you. And for that reason, I canceled my subscription!
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6 years ago, Aspen Tree
Not reliable
I am super bummed about my rating and this app. I bought the app after reading the reviews. While I understand that nothing will be full proof and 100% accurate with recording my sleep by just wearing a watch. However, I’d be more accurate knowing my sleep if I just looked at a clock before I went to bed and when I woke up. I could manually calculate my actual sleep. Here is the background. I have a newborn, so I wanted to see how much sleep I was actually getting. Figured the reviews were good enough, the app wasn’t is worth a shot. Well, it was recording 7+ hours of sleep a night. Anyone that has ever had a baby knows you don’t get 7 hours of sleep in the first few weeks. So, I realized it was wrong. Twice in the last two weeks I haven’t even worn my watch at night and the next morning it told me I got 7 hours of sleep one night and 3.5 hours another. When I opened the app, it showed time of restful sleeping and not. I am guessing my watching charger got a good nights rest one night and not another. Clearly, the app doesn’t work correctly. Save your money folks.
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4 years ago, Haydukeii
Fine until today
Update: The issue below was one caused by an IOS update and not Sleep Watch. Apple promptly sent an update to fix the issue and has since worked fine again, and I didn’t lose any data. This is a great app and is helpful in tracking sleep and things associated with good sleep. The support folks at Sleep Watch were very helpful by contacting Apple so they could send me a fix. This app was working great since February until this morning when it quit letting me open the app on my iPhone XR. It says the app is no longer being shared with me and I need to download it in the App Store. I went to the App Store and it shows that I have it and that I can open it. When I try to open it, same story. I can see my data on my Apple Watch 5, but can’t open app on phone. Very frustrating. I don’t want to delete the app off my phone and reinstall it as I don’t want to lose the last 4 months of data.
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6 months ago, Former subscriber 2023
Once best, now the worst
I was a subscriber for about a year with SleepWatch. On many occasions, whenever they updated the app, something always broke. Data was either missing or not recorded, there was difficulty entering manual time, and a host of other problems, which were eventually corrected. Many times you can’t even connect to the server to update your sleep information. So I canceled my subscription. Now, the free version is basically unusable. The developers must be bleeding money since people are now being bombarded with fixed and forced video ads at every turn. Their subscription pricing is all over the place because I got an email for one price and a different price in the app itself. It appears that most users are experiencing the same issues with this app. The only way to send a message to developers is for all users to rate this app as one star. And I’m sure the developer will post their useless, identical, standard AI response as they have done in every other post. I think it’s time to find another sleep app.
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2 years ago, outglobal
Not convinced this is very accurate
I am sure this app works great for people who have normal sleep patterns. It certainly is not accurate when reporting my sleep score. As an example, last nightI was particularly restless. My watch reports at least one minute of standing/walking around at 1 AM, 2 AM, 3 AM. This app reports light sleep during the same period. I have been in contact with support about the problem with the app and all they suggested was changing the sensitivity to high then changing the sensitivity to low when that did not work. Honestly it seems their support is merely there to use automatic replies rather than actually listening to the customer issues. As an update to this review. Heard from support again and honestly they are simply unwilling to listen to their customers. I only wish I had not subscribed for a full year as there is no way to get a refund. I have now deleted this app and downloaded one that costs a fraction of the cost and provides highly reliable data.
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3 years ago, Shann0n332
LOVE 💕 but one concern
I have been using this app since September 2020. I enjoy checking it and using the tips to help me work on better sleeping habits. I love the fact that on Sunday nights it pops up with a tip to remind me Mondays are my most difficult day. I alway report feeling somewhat fatigue or very fatigue on Mondays. I have two dogs and most nights they wake me up to go outside around 3am. “Sleep disruption.” It tracks that, which is very cool!! Now my concern is, and this has only begun to happen since December, it does not track my sleep correctly. Example; I’ve gone to bed at 8pm, known I’ve fallen asleep within the hour but the tracker does not begin to track my sleep until hours later, like midnight. It’s very frustrating when I look at the tracker in the morning and see its incorrectly tracked my time. I pay monthly which I like because I don’t have a commitment and because of that I have contemplated canceling it which saddens me. Does anyone else experience this same issue.
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2 months ago, Bundysmom
Deleted app
After YEARS of using this app - I’m done. These ads they’re now running, interfering in my ability to review my data…there is NO JUSTIFICATION for annoying the user so much so the developers think the user will subscribe to avoid them. Nope - we’ll just go elsewhere. In addition to the layout changes which seem to occur daily, putting data in different places or giving it a different appearance…I won’t go into constantly having to setup this app on a new device (as opposed to just logging into my account) & being forced to enable notifications I don’t want or need…done. It no longer captures an entires night sleep; capturing what it wants. My watch was fully charged & I slept for 6 hours yet it captured less than 1 hour. What used to be a really great free app is now a bunch of junk. I have paid for this app off & on over the years. No valuable information was ever shared. That may or may not be due to Apple Watch limitations, who knows, regardless…no value with the paid version, and definitely no value in the ad riddled free version. .
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4 years ago, Spike4886
This app was top notch until they got greedy
I’ve used this app for a little over 2 years. They use to let you view your week/month sleeping patterns up to a year then if you wanted to see more you had to pay, you also had to pay for more in depth features which I thought was fair and have paid for a month to test it out. Now they released a new update that makes you basically pay to see yesterday’s data (not really but it feels that way). You are very limited on what you can do with this free version now. You can no longer see your trends for the week/months that have passed. This update has made me realize it’s time to move on. There are plenty of free sleep apps that are just as good if not better. Don’t bother with SleepWatch the developers have gotten greedy.
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1 year ago, floridaStyles
Old Reliable!
I've had this app for years. Before sleep tracking was even a built in feature of Apple Watches. It's a good app and I use it everyday. What keeps me coming back are the 30 day trends and comparison to users like me. The raw data is available in every other app nowadays but the trends are not. App devs you should emphasize this as it's a pretty unique feature. One suggestion, sleeping heart rate dip calculations look like they could be optimized. I already have a very low RHR so there is sometimes not a lot of 'dip' to record. Also the dip calculation needs to look at overall trend. I just got a 2% dip calculation but looking at the graph I can clearly see a dip trend line except for some 'noise' at the beginning and end of the sleep zones. Probably need to look at enhancing the algorithm for that and removing outliers in hr timings in the very beginning and end stages of sleep.
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2 years ago, Tina&brian
Best Dad always said “in bed by 9:00 up by 5:30, bath early.” He still lives by it.
I love Sleep Watch because it gives me so much help and insight into tracking various aspects of my sleep. And helps me solve problems with why am I not getting enough sleep. And the snoring app that I can track with this app is good and it even records my talking in my sleep. I am learning by using the tags feature each sleep cycle to pinpoint behaviors that will affect my mental functioning during the day when I’m working. And pinpoint habits that affect a good nights rest and that can affect my brains mindfulness associated with my anxiety and my mood when I’m not feeling well. This app helps me be mindful of what I need to do to be prepared in the evenings leading up to bedtime and how to get to sleep at the same times every night.
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5 years ago, PapaGasket
Great reports. Annoying notifications.
I love using this app to track my sleep. It has given me some very useful insights to help me sleep better. What I don’t love is the notifications it sends me. For example: Every morning when I wake up, I open the app, log how well rested I feel, and then review its metrics for the night (sleeping heart rate dip, etc.). That’s the only interaction with the app I need. But five or ten minutes later, it pings me with my daily sleep report. But I already know what it’s going to say, because I just looked at it! Then there’s the recommendations the app sends me for improving my sleep. They were very useful at first: I sleep better on days when I exercise. I’d feel more rested if I got 8 hours and 15 minutes of sleep every night. Great. But it just keeps giving me those same recommendations over and over again. I don’t need to see them anymore. And then there are the ongoing inquiries as to why I slept particularly well or poorly the night before. My answers are usually always the same: I exercised the day before. Or I didn’t exercise. The app has already identified this connection between sleep and exercise for me. And it reads my workout data, so it knows how much I exercise. So there’s really no need to keep asking! I know. I can turn off notifications. And I probably will. But the app would be much better (IMO) if these issues were addressed.
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3 years ago, Joyful.noise4
Problems with Apple Watch series 7
A week ago I would have given this app a 5 star rating. It’s the best sleep tracker I’ve found and the information and tips have actually helped me improve my sleep habits, especially when I use the premium features…and here lies the problem. I upgraded from the series 4 to the series 7 last week and now there is no way to use the advanced sleep tracking without it COMPLETELY draining the battery. I tested it by charging my watch to 100% immediately before going to bed, it was still dead before my alarm could go off. I think it probably has to do with how it works with the 7’s new “always on” watch face. This is still a pretty great sleep tracking app even without the advanced sleep tracking but it’s a bummer to have paid for premium features I really can’t use anymore. Hopefully they can figure out a way to fix the issue.
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4 years ago, Ln6ec
Data is only as good as its accuracy
I got this app because I wanted to track how well I am sleeping while taking care of a newborn (not well) and while it’s fun to look at all of this app’s data, I’ve noticed inconsistencies in the metrics that make me question the validity of what the app claims to track: 1: In the morning when I verify my sleep times, the app tries to suggest that I slept during times that I clearly did not, and was active, talking, and standing. I can delete these obviously, but it makes me wonder what the app saw during that period to think I was sleeping. 2: The disturbed/light/deep sleep tracker is wrong and doesn’t track when I get out of bed. Last night, I got up to let my dog out twice, and the app only recognized once. If you’re going to offer all of these metrics in your app, people are trusting that they’re accurate, and not just guessing at when you’re asleep, which is what it feels like this app is doing.
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