Slow Carb Diet Toolbox

Health & Fitness
3.8 (17)
7.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ajfek Software
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slow Carb Diet Toolbox

3.76 out of 5
17 Ratings
7 years ago, Ebaynator
Great for weight and food tracking
I don't normally take pics of my food, his app wants you to, it's great though because you can track what you eat and correlate it with the weight you input. I like it, I just wonder if all this data is backed up incase my phone craps out...
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5 years ago, mswallace
For me the only thing valuable about this app was the ability to search a list of foods to see whether I can eat something or not. The diet is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. I could probably get by without this app. One of the things I was hoping would be valuable would be the meal selector. It’s not valuable it all in my opinion. All it does is randomly select a protein, vegetables, carb, and a filler. I was hoping for more recipe ideas then just randomly selecting things that don’t really go together. Also I get a lot of repeat “random” selections from the list. The Developer commented that this app would constantly be updated because the developer would be using it personally. I think this app could be a lot better thought out and the developer should look at some other dieting apps and maybe get some suggestions and add those types of features. A suggestion would be looking at something like platejoy. Also it would be awesome if you could integrate it with Instacart.
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8 years ago, RNTBag
Works well
Works well for weekly measurements. It'd be nice if it had some kind of tracker for the weekly workouts as well (kettle bell swings, etc). Otherwise it really helps to track measurements!
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8 years ago, mkemad1
Good app
Good app for tracking everything you need to track. Has an allowed foods list which also a very good guide as well. If it is not in the list don't eat it. Pretty simple. It works for what I want it to do.
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7 years ago, talk-to-myself
Super helpful
Love the allowed foods list and the water tracking progress bar makes it really easy to hit your goal
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7 years ago, Taleatia
Very Helpful!
This app's photo journal, cheat day list and list of allowed foods is very handy! Would highly recommend for any slow carb dieter.
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5 years ago, Bigboto46
Not worth the cost
Like other reviews here this app is very disappointing...only tracks food you consume thru photos. No list of what you ate or calories or carb counting or anything. Also won’t let you track weight loss without also requiring you measure yourself with a tape measure! Avoid this app, it’s pretty worthless!!
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11 years ago, Cinephile914
A few more bug fixes and updates and it'll be perfect
It works for what I need it to. It includes a handy guide to low carb foods and a nifty meal idea generator that has actually helped me when I got bored with the Tim Ferriss menu. Is it perfect? No. But it's functional and it helps me keep on track. Definitely need to add a tutorial and an "edit" function on the next build. I've tried to adapt several other apps to the Slow Carb diet and failed. This one is the best I've found. And it's the only one that has worked for me. So, I'll look over the minor imperfections.
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8 years ago, wlloydw
Easy to use
Great app that is easy to use and makes logging simple.
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7 years ago, PurpleEm633
Waste of $2.99!!
Total crap. Tracks nothing. I did not need an app to give me a list of acceptable foods and a review of the diet. That's free all over the internet. This one tracks nothing but water, and I don't need a 3 dollar app to do that, either. give this one a pass.
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5 years ago, celi1281
Don’t waste your time and money
taking a photo of your food does not create any kind of traceable tracking method. And this is glitchy and doesn’t work most of the time.
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8 years ago, Buffnic
Nice app
Great companion to the 4 hour body-slow carb diet.
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7 years ago, takk4ever
I thought there would be more features provided. There are not many tools provided in this app. It would be great if there was help with protein and portion control.
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6 years ago, macguyvin
Love it!
Love the app! And thank you for a very good app!
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11 years ago, Desert Dweller 345
Love this App!!
I have been doing this app for about three weeks. I have lost inches and about 5 pounds so far. I love that you can take pictures of all your meals, as it really keeps you accountable of what you put in your mouth! I have done the low carb for long periods of time. But this is the first time I have tried Slow Carb. I love that you can have beans! I feel great on this diet and it also gives you one cheat day a week. So one day a week you can have anything you want. Slow Carb is a great way to eat and this App is a wonderful tool! Thank you for this app!
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11 years ago, Chrissyb12D
Good app. Wrote in with a question and got an email back which is nice. Only problem is not being able to see your actual measurements of where you started and then how you did the next week other than how much you lost or gained
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10 years ago, Manahatta
Needs work
I've been on the slow carb diet for some time now and I think the app needs work. I was hoping for a graphical progress graph, which would help see spikes in weight or measurements. Writing in the actual day of the week would let people see how things fluctuate around cheat day. Instead I have to go back through my list of dates and calculate where I was in the cycle. I have stopped using the app bc I don't find the other features to add much value. I do record my weight and measurements in from time to time but its more as a record log.
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11 years ago, GuitarGary
Great app!
Loving this app. It's helping me keep on track. I really like the tracker for water. Suggestions for improvement: I have to quit the app in order to set the water reminder again. Other than that though its great!
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11 years ago, Lintonjh
Great Slow Carb App
Reminds you to water, logs food pictures, keeps track of weight and measurements and has recipes. What more would you want for slow carb.
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11 years ago, RiaMills
Tracking my food has never been easier. I love taking the pictures and quickly reviewing what I've been eating. I Would suggest allowing the user to review previous measurements. Great app!
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11 years ago, Jessvjf
Great app
Very helpful for my diet Wish they had a better way to record meals, should just be able to pick from allowed foods list.
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11 years ago, BlueInfo1
Get the app and lose weight
Love this app. Wish I could share my picture food diary On my social network.
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10 years ago, QsGold
Good app!
I like the water reminder and the meal idea generator, which is great when eating the same lunch four days straight gets boring.
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11 years ago, HrdRckCafe27
Great app - wish it handled a few things Slightly differently, but I talked to the developer and they said they'd implement the ideas :)
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11 years ago, Fitnessfarm
Pretty good
Would like to see previous measurements. Other than that, pretty good!
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11 years ago, Eugene Moggia
OK, I really WANT to like this app, but can't even figure out how to use it. I've been doing this diet for 5 days and it still says 0 days. How do I change that?
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10 years ago, Solo_penguin_
Don't waste your time or money
It's nothing but a picture journal of your food. Compared to actual weight loss apps this one doesn't keep track of food or calories it just has a do & don't list. I just want a good low GI app that tracks calories.
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12 years ago, Vegasbaby08
I swear I read there were recipes, maybe I'm wrong. It's an alright app. Was expecting something more I guess!
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10 years ago, Mrfantastikk
Complete waste of money. Better off making a list of the allowed foods on your own and using a real meal tracker app.
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11 years ago, Yes Do upgrade
I don't get it
What is the point of this ap?
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