Smiling Mind: Meditation App

Health & Fitness
4.7 (1.9K)
39.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Smiling Mind
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Smiling Mind: Meditation App

4.72 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
3 years ago, E Loogie
I think that overall it does a great job of making mental health tools accessible to all ages and creates a simple and adjustable format for those who have never engaged in mediation or those who regularly mediate. My instinct would be to give this app 4.5 stars because I think there could be more visual pieces not only to make it more inclusive of those with hearing impairments, but to also diversify the ways which people engage with mediations. In my exploring of the app, I did not discover breathing visuals or other short videos explaining how to do certain tasks. It is not a necessary feature but would make the app more inclusive and accessible. I think the app should also expand the pool of the cultural and linguistic options, to better include those who do not speak English. A recent study found that “nearly half (48%) of school-aged children experience sleep disturbance that results in less than the recommended sleep duration, which may negatively impact mental health and behavior”, in the United Sates (Puzia, et al., 2020). Puzia et. al. researched children under the age of 18 using the Calm app to help decrease their sleep troubles. More than 96% of parents, whose children used the Calm app when lying down to go to bed, believed that it was helpful to put their child to sleep. Similar to Calm, Smiling Mind allows for access to mediation tools not just for sleep but in dealing with stress and other life challenges individuals face.
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4 years ago, Kaytearose
Fantastic app but not therapy
I love, love, love this app. One thing though is that the music doesn’t shut off automatically after a meditation, which is a little annoying for the sleep ones. However, the programs are great, a wonderful mix of options, and the narrator is lovely and just the right amount of guidance for my and my kiddos (9 and 11). The only changes that’d be awesome are if it integrated with health, and the dashboard showed the actual length of each day. All that being said, meditation and mindfulness aren’t panaceas. They’re great for you and they help a lot to reduce day-to-day anxiety and manage stress, but expecting a mediation app to stop panic attacks with no other interventions is kinda like expecting jogging to fix a broken wrist. It’s not that jogging isn’t good for you or that you’re doing something wrong when you keep jogging and your wrist keeps hurting. It’s that it’s probably not the intervention you need to fix your wrist. And if your wrist is broken, or you’re suffering from panic attacks and really debilitating anxiety, you deserve the care that can help those things truly heal. Check out DBT, CBT, or the Work of Byron Katie—all interventions that can help greatly with anxiety and racing minds and integrate really well with mediation.
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2 years ago, chlo3138
Wonderful App
i LOVE this app. it’s easy to use, has dark mode, you can easily see your progress, and it walks you through step by step. most of the meditation apps i’ve seen require a purchase to gain access to more than one super short meditation, but with this app you can do multiple meditations and select meditations for specific areas you’re trying to be more mindful in. i did want to mention this piece of advice (i know it wasn’t requested so take it if you want, leave it if you don’t) to the app developers: i would suggest you change the color of your app logo! red is often subconsciously processed as an alarming, high-energy color. when i was scrolling through meditation apps i almost didn’t download this one because of the red compared to all the other apps, which i noticed are mostly calming, cool colors like blues and purples. the calming colors just makes the mediation app seem like it would be more reliable. i do love the little smiling brain for a smiling mind thought :) i’d HIGHLY suggest this app to absolutely anyone trying to get into meditation!
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3 years ago, GettnTired
Download/Favorites sections don’t do much
I would hope to go to my download section and be able to use it to begin using the meditation(s) I liked enough to download for use offline and not have to return to the app to find the meditation within its module to use it. So it is helpful to have the list when you use more than one, but not especially efficient. Favorites are the same, in that, it shows a list of the meditations I enjoy the most. However, if I use the meditation 3 times it appears as though I have 3 favorites with the same name. I can’t access the meditation from the favorites module, so again, it’s fairly useless. Meditations are very good and I have donated to this excellent program. I read some 10-11 year olds who have anxiety and are not finding relief with the recommended meditations. For mine, as an old woman I use the body scan and it helps me. So try some other meditations it doesn’t have to be for kids, or anxiety. Just try stuff, it’s just people saying nice stuff. You are probably smarter than they realize. When I have to fly I listen to the drumming for the “Master and Commander” soundtrack. Lol Keep trying don’t give up.
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5 years ago, aydenangel
Best mindfulness/meditation app out there and it’s free!
We seriously love this app. My kids love it, my husband, myself... I have recommended this app to a pediatric occupational therapy group (and they downloaded and use it), to my friends, to my family, my coworkers, my kids teachers... I mean, they teach you meditation and mindfulness, give you coaching, guide you through an array of different meditation, give you exercise, tools... they have them for different age groups, school grade, activities, different emotions... AND IT’S FREE?! My only wish is that my app would download from onto my phone or iPad so I can listen to my favorite guided meditation if I can’t use WiFi or cellular (airplane or out of network type of situations). They offer that service as well but for some reason it’s not working on my phone or iPad (but I rarely am out of network or on an airplane so it hardly makes a difference for me). Awesome app. Love it. Keep up the good work. Keep on spreading the happiness!
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3 years ago, Gncx
A wonderful app!
I love this app! I chose this app to try because of it being completely free, and I so appreciate that it is a free app for listeners. I was skeptical of meditation, but after giving this app a try, it has changed my mind. I listen to these meditations every night to help me unwind from my day and fall asleep. It has a great variety of programs to choose from. Personally, I really like that the meditation music continues to play even once the meditation ends, as it helps me to continue to relax and fall asleep without the abrupt ending. Instead of getting rid of this option, maybe have a sleep timer setting option so that listeners can choose if they want the music to continue playing or shut off immediately when the meditation ends. (Similar concept to a sleep timer that many music apps have). Thanks for having such great options for meditations, and keeping it as a free app for listeners!
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2 years ago, RSpire
App blocks login…
Just downloaded on my fully updated iPad and was looking forward to checking out the features/benefits of this mindfulness app. Unfortunately, when attempting to create an account using the “sign up with Google” option, I am repetitively blocked from doing so by an error message stating that I need to “fill in all fields.” Frustratingly, this message pops up after the first account creation page (on which you accept the apps terms of usage and choose to opt in to emails) on which there are no fields to fill. So…at very least the automated account creation tool for Google users is broken and barring entry to the app. Not at all what you’d want when aiming for a bit of mindfulness… (sigh) RE: “developer’s response”: Wow. Only took over 6 months for an unhelpful and overly general response to a very specific problem THAT IS STILL NOT FIXED. I’m guessing that someone was hired specifically to add responses given that the last year’s worth of reviews have ALL been “responded to” on the same date. It appears the developer is still absent, but the social intern is large and in charge… How mindlessly (un)helpful! 😒
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1 year ago, disneybear3
Really helpful for me
I’ve been using smiling mind off and on for a few years now and I think it’s a great resource to have when I’m feeling a certain way. I have anxiety and depression as well as sleeping problems, so I use their “sleep” and “mindfulness” sections most. Each session is 5-10 minutes long and is very relaxing, the narrator lets you know that it’s okay to get distracted and brings you back to the meditation/activity. There’s a lot of quiet sensory stuff, like “think of your feet, how do they feel right now? Are they touching anything?” And it moves up your body, it’s really grounding and has gotten me out of many panic attacks. I highly recommend this app to anyone who’s looking for a mindfulness app :)
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3 years ago, The Hot Sexy Taco
Just one complaint
I love everything about this app itself. As an American, I seriously love the Australian accents featured in each meditation. And I immensely appreciate the services being offered for free. However, I do have one (and only one) complaint and that would be that my app crashes - quite literally - every time that I try to open it from the notification screen. By that, I mean that whenever I receive a “you have not meditated in ___ days, click here to do your next meditation” or a “it is time for your daily meditation” notification and I click on the given notification to open the Smiling Mind app, the app crashes and takes my phone back to its home screen every time. If this slight bug could be addressed, I’d absolutely change my rating to a 5-star and be happy to do, and I’d officially have no complaints left. Regardless, thank you for a great app and I am a big fan of it!
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1 year ago, *a funny nickname*
Not perfect but great
So far it’s been great, and I appreciate that it’s free and because of that I have little to complain about. There are just three main things that bother me in order of least irritating to most irritating. 1) I wish meditation programs for children wouldn’t show up in my home page given that I am not a child. I should be able to ex out of suggested meditations that I don’t want to do at the very least. 2) a mode where I can just time myself to and log that I have meditated today would be nice to have. You can have music, rain, or any soothing hypnotic sounds as such. Many might leave the app for other meditation log keeping apps for this reason alone. 3) [MOST IRRITATING] in the home page there is some sort of “stats” and charts of my relationships, sleep, awareness, focus, responding, and stress. What exactly is that measure? And how? It seems very arbitrary and there is no explanation on how these “stats” are correlated with me. How exactly are you measuring my “relationships” or “responding”? Is it based on what kind of meditations I use through you? If so that’s not much of a stat of my own well-being but of how much I use your program. Over all it seems arbitrary and annoying.
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4 years ago, Leaz77
truly amazing :)
Wow, first off - this app is 100% free! No “free trials” then having to pay a ridiculous amount of money or only being able to use some tracks. Secondly, since having traumatic brain injury, depression, and anxiety I have always heard people (medical professionals too) say “try meditation” and I just never was into it. It always bored me .. and I was a bit scared. But, with this app being absolutely no cost whatsoever, I finally get to practice and practice and go as slowly as I want and it has paid off! Even though I am new to this app, it has already done wonders for me! I have stopped taking melatonin at night to help me sleep because I always do a meditation from this app before I go to bed! Wow, I really just cannot say enough about this app!
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2 years ago, grose motose
Great app!
This is a wonderful app. I have a mental illness called Tourette’s Syndrome and my therapist directed me here for a distraction. I used it for a day or two to see if I would like the app. I really clicked with this app, as it has wonderful lessons just for you. I was originally supposed to use this app to distract me from my tics, but I gradually got happier, and more confident from using this app. Now I use it to boost myself when im stressed, or when I am about to do something big. This app has really improved my life. PLEASE download this app. Not to mention, it is FREE! And one of the best out there! (To the devs: THANK YOU for creating this wonderful app. I hope to see it improve in any way it can, even though I think it is perfect as it is.)
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4 years ago, KatieI70s
I needed this in my life
I just started using this app, along with my child, and I don’t know what I would do without it. We both have ADHD so sitting is hard, but knowing I can start off with 1 or 3 minute sessions is not overwhelming. They are so useful and help me to stay calm or more focused. I do want to build up to longer ones, but baby steps. I just used the SOS because I was agitated and I needed to calm down and it worked! Yesterday I used the gratitude one and felt happy. Also, thank you for making this app free. I can’t fit more money into our budget currently so I can’t thank you enough for this. My daughter just started yesterday but I think it will help with her anxiety. Also, the daily check in is a great feature
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3 years ago, Joe from Wakanda
Actually changed my life!
Having just started medical school in the US this past year, I became stressed out and started taking a negative outlook on life. I was also not treating those closest to me with the respect and love they deserved. After breaking up with my girlfriend, I decided to actually give myself time to meditate and reflect each day on who I was and how I could change. Doing Smiling Mind meditations regularly has made me more mindful of my emotions and how I don’t have to react to them immediately. I’ve also enjoyed the sleep meditations because the soothing Australian accents usually knock me out before the recording is even over. Thank you guys for making this app and making it free and available for everyone
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3 weeks ago, Molly Powers
Much Appreciated
I’ve tried a handful of meditation apps and I have a specific reason for enjoying Smiling Mind: I’m american and commonly fall into an america-centric mindset, the fact that this was developed in Australia featuring Australian vocals and spelling preferences is a small but profound thing that keeps me in a more global headspace. That helps me zoom out and find perspective and, to me, that’s invaluable. I get everything I would from other apps; well thought out guided meditations, adjustable music/vocals, a variety of topics to explore, all in a beautifully developed, user-friendly program. Thank you to everyone involved with keeping this platform running up to date!
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1 year ago, Jeopardiva
Really helpful for lots of people!
I have been using this app for myself and with teens and found it really useful, especially for specific situations. My only issues are with the background music and the tracking feature. I find the music to be mechanical sounding (like a buzzing that increases and decreases) and would much prefer something more natural and soothing. I just turn it off for now. And in the section that shows my daily progress, the dates are wrong — it’s a full day behind! No idea how to fix that. But those are slight issues; overall this is a great app that has helped me to meditate more regularly and effectively!
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5 years ago, Cool face emoji
This app is actually the best app ever. At first, I tried a few other meditation apps. THEY ALL had in app purchases. They were bothering me and you basically couldn’t do anything on those apps. So I found smiling mind and it didn’t say in app purchases. Trust me, it doesn’t rip you off because you don’t pay anything. It has made me happier and I’ve only taken one class. Now I love meditation thanks to this app, and vow to do it everyday. I felt happier after taking just one three minute thing. They have lots of classes to help you with anything. This app is awesome! THIS TRULY is the only app without in app purchases and still gives you everything you’d want. PLEASE GET!!
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3 years ago, victoriaolsen1
My mind is smiling
I have been using Smiling Mind for about a month now and it is amazing!! It is the first completely free meditation/mindfulness app that I have found and it is very well put together. There are different sections based on who is meditating and there are so many different sections. I have done the Intro and am now doing the foundations course. This app has really allowed me to learn how to practice and incorporate mindfulness into my life even when I feel too busy to sit down and pull out the app. I think that this app is perfect for anyone who is interested in mindfulness/meditation, but doesn’t want to pay a lot like most of the other popular meditation apps!
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5 years ago, Jessica, PhD
Clinical Psychologist-Approved!
I have been looking for an app just like this and FINALLY FOUND IT! I am a clinical psychologist working with people of all ages (2 years through adulthood). All the other mindfulness apps I have found only provide a few free options, but you have to subscribe for full access. This app provides EVERYTHING for free. I will be using these mindfulness exercises in and out of my therapy sessions. I will be encouraging my clients to download and use it. It is AMAZING. I really enjoy the rating your mood feature- it’s interactive for kids to enjoy and a nice tracker for adults aiming to improve their mood. Thank you for this resource!!
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5 years ago, lilyklowe
Don’t recommend
I’m 12 and I have anxiety, and the app has session for 10-12 year olds and the app developer(s) are not really expecting for a 10-12 year old to have trouble sleeping, having anxiety, depression, etc. (or that’s what it seems like) Update: I have been using it for a couple weeks now and nothing has really changed for me or the app, I still get incredibly nervous on trips that take over a couple hours. Another Update: Still no change I’m going on a 12 hour car ride soon and this app has done nothing, I still hyperventilate when I go on trips, get worried at random times. I have a feeling that the car ride is not gonna turn out well. I have and will still try to turn the other cheek on this app but I don’t know if it will do anything more for me beside bring my self esteem down.
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2 years ago, alienwithagun
Recommended as an adjunct to therapy
I am a psychotherapist and have nearly all my patients use this app at home and in between sessions. Some of them love it so much that they will also share it with their friends and family, and some will even use the app together with their family. I’ve been using the app for several years and while I have seen a lot of other mindfulness apps emerge in that time, I keep coming back to this one. I just have a couple usability issues to point out. It would be really nice to be able to change my email. I recently had to create an entirely new account because this option wasn’t available. Although I’m used to it, many of my patients have difficulty navigating in the app to find the programs. I wonder if it could be made a little simpler. I would love to be able to make the videos full-screen for showing to other people. This used to be an option. The iPad version was unusable for several months, but it has been fixed; thank you!
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3 years ago, Wolffjesswolff
I love this app!
This is the best mental health/check in app I’ve ever come across. I was so tired of mediation apps bombarding me with ads and the pressure to pay more for better services (it’s like.. the last thing I need when I’m trying to relax...) But Smiling Mind truly makes me feel like the people who created it actually care about the practice of mediation and not about making a buck. I find the directions to be clear and grounding, and I appreciate the wide variety of lessons and tips—they even have a series dedicated to relieving stress during quarantine. I highly recommend this app if you struggle with anxiety and/or depression!
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5 years ago, unknown6780
Best App Ever
Ok first of all let me tell you that they do not give your information to 3rd party company’s. I love this app so much. I have been searching for a free meditation app for over 2 years now. I couldn’t find one until now. This is the only meditation app I have ever seen that it is completely free. It has over 50 courses with about 70 meditations in each course. This app is great. You don’t need to pay for a premium. The meditations are great after just a week I am so much happier and stress free. However I would not recommend this for serious anxiety or depression. But I still love this app and would HIGHLY recommended.
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7 years ago, Janebrainthegenius
This app really helps me be calm and relaxed. I love it! I do at least one every day, but it ends up being three! I hope that they make more soon, because I might run out of sessions! Also, it is hard to believe that people did all this work without having to pay for anything! It was very difficult to find an app that was 100% free and this good! A lot of people say "Well, why do they have to have a log in?" But it is honestly no work at all to make a login, especially if the app is so great! And what do you expect? To make the sub accounts and save your sessions better, it needs a login.
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2 years ago, DragonAbbie
I recommend
I have tried to sleep and meditate for a long time but now I can do it! I memorized the meditation(s) so I can do it alone! I love this and without it I had never been able to fall asleep before but now, I’m feeling great! Thank you to whoever that made this and took me into a journey. I wish though to motivate me is that maybe you could add like jewels in there so you could motivate people and/or kids to come here to this app everyday. I’d also like more of a reminder to come on here to start a good habit. Other than those I’ve been doing great. Thank you.
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3 years ago, midnightxday
Best meditation app out there
I’ve tried a whole bunch of different meditation apps, and none compare to Smiling Mind. The guided meditations are thoughtful, relaxing, and engaging. I never feel bored during a session, and there’s always a session that feels right for my mood/day. I’m looking for relaxation in my meditations, and the way the sessions focus on my breathing/the motions of my body helps me keep my focus and really feel the benefits — no other app I tried did this. Thank you to the developers, I have used Smiling Mind for years and plan to keep doing so!
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4 years ago, Pic colage nerd:/
It’s completely FREE
This app has changed me and I am so happy that I discovered it. I am 16 and I love the kids programs they let my imagination run wild. The teen and adult programs are also so amazing. It is completely free!! I was expecting costs but I got on the app signed up and no costs. Most of the other meditation apps cost money but this one doesn’t. The people talking seem like they are talking personally to you even though they are talking to millions of people. Their voice is so calming and I fall asleep in 5 minutes with an amazing sleep experience. I don’t know how they do it! I love love love this app!!
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4 years ago, ILoveCalmApp
I love love love smiling mind! I was first introduced to mindfulness when I downloaded the app Calm. I loved it and it was a great introduction, but you had to pay money for the full experience so I knew that I needed to look for something else. That’s when I found smiling mind. You don’t have to pay, and there are like hundreds of meditation sessions! It doesn’t even matter what age you are. There are sessions for kids, teens, adults, and everyone else. The voices in the sessions are soothing and engaging. I recommend smiling mind for everyone! It is an amazing app!!
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1 week ago, Ugh12346
Very Pleased !!
I started listening to smiling mind today and I am pleased with the overall content. The process of this meditation App is simple yet well thought out. I like meditation programs, broken down into “small chunks” and not overwhelming. Basic, yet is spot on. In one of the reviews a person complained about the music extending beyond the meditation. Actually I prefer this as I can continue to meditate after the meditation exercise is over. So many meditation Apps shut off the music and it’s annoying and frustrating as I prefer to continue to meditate and practice that skill that is being taught in the exercise. Is it possible to please all and offer a toggle switch so those who want the hard shut off of music can do so, while others can contine to listen to the music? Thank you so much for offering this App for free !!!
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2 years ago, LMI21
Works on iPhone, but not on IPad
This app works well on my iPhone and has helped my 7-year old daughter tremendously. However, I can’t get it to work on my daughter’s iPad, which is problematic because she’s unable to use it during night wakings. When I try to sign in or create a new account on her iPad, I just see a white screen. I have tried restarting the app, deleting and re-installing the app, restarting the iPad, and updating to the latest app and IPad software. This is so frustrating. Nothing has worked. I hope the developers can help me to resolve this issue.
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4 years ago, Gym Rita
Great alternative + new user friendly
So I started mediation after a little bit of brief interest and my first pick was Headspace bc it was the only one I knew of, but I didn’t like the paywall of it so I looked for alternatives, and found this. 100x better than Headspace first and foremost, very user friendly, and I love how it’s a nonprofit! I’m getting more comfortable with the program and I love how it’s set up. I would give it five stars, but I was hoping for a dark mode, lol! I have eye strains and it helps a bit personally so if that was a potential feature to be added then great! Otherwise, amazing app! Nice job developers!
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2 years ago, Yoga Cyclist
Excellent for beginners, free
I’m completely new to meditation, but wanted to try after I realized I was having a difficult time responding instead of reacting to strong emotions I was having. This app has really helped. They have a wide range of types and lengths of meditations and it all has felt very easy to start. My favorite have been the bite size - the “comma in your day” meditation is less than 3 minutes and helpful to do when I just need a small reset out in the world. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, alpacasRus
Changed my sleep, Amazing
I have been using this app for about 3 years now and it’s never let me down! I have adhd and severe anxiety and using this to help me get to sleep never fails. I’ve never lasted through a full session without falling asleep during it playing because it’s so calming! I always recommend this to anyone and everyone there’s different meditations for everyone and different subjects. I love this app! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Chuck icududuihhfgtgh
good concept, wasnt my thing
the bell sound after exercises stressed me out, and the instructions were said a bit too fast for me to obey them before the next one was said. the intro exercises used very biased language which promised me great things, and the first 1-minute simple meditation tried to tell me “this is it”. im stressed right now and dont want my feelings to be dictated to me. it rubs me the wrong way how badly this app wants me to love it. in addition, there are accessibility concerns. its all audio with no captions or transcripts. i struggle to process sound sometimes and it was hard to follow. i cant imagine how much worse it would be for someone hard of hearing. and someone Deaf would not be able to access the content at all. on the plus side, the voice is friendly, the exercises are good, the interface is simple and nice, and the animations are quite cute. kudos to the devs. it’s a good concept, it just didn’t work for me very well personally
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4 years ago, Pulsibaby
Refusing to open? Other than that it's great
I've been using this app for a while now and have never had this problem. It won't open! I tried deleting and re-installing and I'm still having the same problem. It normally works just fine. Were it working normally my review is that I really enjoy this app. I use it most often for falling asleep at night and for a quick reset when I'm overwhelmed or stressed. I'm fairly new to meditation so I feel like it has been perfect in getting me accustomed to it. It gets five stars from me once I can open it again.
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10 months ago, kida232
Excellent App but can no longer log in.
For the last six days this app has been 5 stars. Easy to use, friendly UI, & actually practical. However, today when I used the app it signed me out & would not allow me to sign back in. I’m actually living abroad right now in Vietnam, so idk if that effects anything. Even with 2 different VPNS, resetting the app & reinstalling it I still could not sign back in. Just the eternal error message “there was a problem signing in.” I’m on iOS 16.5. Any help would be much appreciated. Will update review to 5 stars if situation can solved. Cheers!
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2 years ago, Thejockinator
Doesn’t even work
My therapist recommended this app to me and I was pretty excited to look into it! I downloaded the app and started with the signup process. I got to the point where it asked my age, once I put it in I pressed the “next” button, and it glitched out and wouldn't let me continue to the next signup question. I closed the app and tried again, and the same thing happened again and again. I even deleted the app and started all over (three times) and it continued to glitch out after the age question. I'm disappointed since I was really looking forward to seeing what the app offered :/
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4 years ago, Vol4Life27
Good mindfulness app but very buggy lately
I’ve used this app for 2-3 years now, but the last 2-3 months it keeps alerting about network errors and I have to manually tap the screen (sometimes multiple times) for the bubble (loading) screen to disappear and be able to select anything. Which after almost every time I select anything I have to manually tap the screen to dismiss the bubble loading screen. It’s been quite annoying the past few months when I use this app. Once they fix these issues, I could change rating to 5 stars
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3 years ago, Chrisobs13
Update is huge improvement
I've used this app for a while. The content was always great the but layout/design was a bit confusing and overwhelming. Not anymore. I opened the app recently dkr the first time in a couple weeks and was excited to see a whole new design. It's a huge improvement and much easier to use. I feel like this is now on par with the big paid apps like Headspace or Calm.
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4 years ago, griffinmj
Software Issue
DISCLAIMER: This app is great for guided meditations. I love the programs and the voice and the actual use I get out of the app. With that in mind, I have been running into loading issues as well as the app refusing to open even after turning my phone off or even deleting the app. I get lots of “timed error” messages which is confusing because the WiFi/data work for every other app on my phone and load just fine. The main reason I wanna give this review is so that hopefully someone will take notice and fix the issue I’m running into. I love the content. I just think the software needs tweaking. Thank y’all!!
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5 years ago, Rainbow223455564466
It is good but...
The same track every time unless you sign up. The track really calms you down but still there Is no use to rate your feeling if it's the same. Uplate: I got an account. I’m 11 and was hoping for some therapy because i have OCD and Anxiety but it assumes 10-12 year olds are all happy and have no worries. Like most apps, it doesn’t have a panic attack relief track for younger kids. That’s sad. But it’s okay. I’m glad i have it. I use it every morning
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3 years ago, scryer99
Great app, despite occasional bugs
Really solid range of meditations, including developmental tools to get started with little commitment and to gradually see the benefits. It’s been part of my routine for years. New app has some nice enhancements and the usual bugs with a major upgrade (won’t let me change voice gender at the moment) but the apps track record on fixing such things is good. Stick with it. The benefits are worth the investment.
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2 years ago, GRAHAM!!
Decent but not great
This app is amazing in that it is free and without ads. Promoting mindfulness means promoting Neuro development and I am all for that. However, it just doesn’t have the eye-catching features of other meditation apps like Calm. There is one person who leads the majority of meditations. His voice is bland and it would be nice to have other people with more soothing voices. There are no real fun aspects to this app or things drive me back to it, but for a free meditation apps without ads, it is worth a try!
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2 years ago, NO RLY. WHAT IS THE POINT
I actually rate this app a 4.9/5. only .1 of a star becos i would not use this as a sleep meditation lol the woman's voice is nice but she speaks much to loudly and properly and the music isn't rly all that relaxing for me to even dream about falling asleep listening to the mediation LOL but it's still nice to prep for sleep and then switch to another app! if for the sleep meditations, they were to speak in a more soft, hushed tone and the music was more like those binaural beats tunes, i would say this app was 10/5!!
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2 years ago, kmn#🌪
I think this app is beyond great, I use it every night and feel refreshed in the morning. The thing is, I have a schedule and need some shorter night time meditations. I love Starry Night and listen to it every night. I would listen to other ones too but they’re too long. PLEASE get some shorter ones, I also have a lot of friends who feel the same. Other than that this is one of the best I’ve ever tried! Keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, MindfulEd
Great App. Just one suggestion.
I have been using this app extensively and I really enjoy using it. However, I’d love for there to be an option that shows how many minutes a day you’re actually meditating for since the “meditation minutes” are just the total time used. I’d like to see an option that tells you the actually number of minutes done daily. Besides that, this app is amazing! Thank you!
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2 years ago, hiiiiiiiiiiiioii
I love it
This is the first meditation app I have found that does not force you to start a subscription. There are multiple sessions you can try for free. So far there have been no requests for payment. Which I greatly appreciate because we shouldn’t have to pay to improve our minds. Great sessions. Very calming. Teaching me many techniques I can use by myself. Amazing app. I am so thankful for it.
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7 months ago, NonstopRug
Good but one thing
When using the app, on the main screen there is a section called Up Next in your current program. The problem is this section only shows the meditation I recently completed. This is obviously not the NEXT meditation I would be taking in my current program and it’s frustrating to not be able to utilize this section for what it’s actually intended for.
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4 years ago, lillytunes7890
THIS is it!!!
I never write reviews but this app is definitely worth the five star review. Every meditation app I have used always had in-app purchases for me to gain the full experience. This app is AMAZING!!! Don’t waste your time gaining the partial meditation experience or spending money on the full experience when this app gives you the full experience for FREE. It is so versatile I can’t can’t wait to finally be able to meditate on a daily basis.
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2 years ago, RyanPearsall
Great app if you struggle overthinking
As someone who struggles with anxiety and overthinks every possible situation having an app like this, that is also completely free, is absolutely amazing. The interface is simple and the meditations are very useful. I hope this app stays in the app store for a long time to come. I have recommended to many others who are either sleep deprived or over anxious!
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