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User Reviews for Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now

4.77 out of 5
56.8K Ratings
4 years ago, 3inlinetobequeen
I’ll NEVER have a cigarette again
I’m 36, and I’ve been a smoker for about 24 years. I’ve quit a few times in my life, no longer than a few months at a time, and I’ve always picked it back up. I quit May 4th, 2020, I lasted 3 days and started again, I smoked for a week and a half more. Now, I’m approximately 17 hours away from one week smoke free. Yay! I feel great. Now, here’s where the app has helped me. I’m still in the free period, but I’m definitely paying to keep the service. This week I’ve been tempted twice to have “just one”. I kept telling myself that I’d just have one cigarette when I got there, and that would be it, I’d be ok.... on my way to my first outing, as I was driving there telling myself that crap above, I remember that this app said, somewhere I read you just have to commit to never having one again, you have to just tell you’re self that... and I did when those thoughts came in... and I didn’t have one! Then my friend came over one night, she’s a heavy smoker, we always smoke together, I told her that I’d unlock the door so she could just come in, so I didn’t have to meet her outside with smoke, and she did, and it went great, and I’m proud to say that I’m a non-smoker!!! I’ll NEVER have a cigarette again. Thank you to the app for the help, the mental help was exactly what I needed, and every time i say I’ll never smoke again, it feels really good, and ok to be done with that chapter. Good luck guys. YOU CAN QUIT TOO!
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3 years ago, Stepperhj
Nice app
I’m using the app in conjunction with a medication, bupropion, and trying to busy my hands and positive tastes with peppermint sticks, as well as listening to the audio book “Allen Carr’s The Easy Way to Quit Smoking”. I’m really enjoying the app, but I will say it was impossible for me to quit with just the app alone. I’m still getting a ton of cravings, but the app is helping me see how much positive progress I’m making. Before, I was chain smoking, and I never before thought I’d get this far. I’m using a ton of tactics at once, but I think the biggest part you need to understand is in the book. The instructions are 1- stop smoking NOW. Recognize how much nicotine is keeping you enslaved and vow to stop being a slave to that nicotine. 2- be happy about it. Don’t mope that you can’t have another, but rejoice in knowing you can have your life back! The second part is why I have failed so many times in the past. I used to worry about being able or not to keep off cigarettes, but now, it’s only been 4 days and 13 hours, but I KNOW NOW that no matter what, not one more cigarette will be poisoning my body, and I’m very happy about it 😁 this app is very good about staying positive with the newfound freedom from nicotine 🥰 thank you
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4 years ago, JasCk3726
Decent app
Pretty good app. Helped me quit on January 14, 2008. It has been nice tracking the health benefits and money saved but the app isn’t very intuitive. There’s no way to sign out and then in again. I don’t remember how I signed into the app two years ago. I got a new phone and the app continued to work just fine but now all of a sudden I am logged out. Well, I thought I used my Google account. So I try to “sign up” “again” to see if I can get my data back, and it was apparently not my Gmail account that I used. No problem (I thought). Maybe it was my Facebook account. Well, good luck. The app doesn’t even have the option to try another login method after you reset the app. It stays stuck where it asks you the basic questions again like how many you smoke a day, pack cost, etc. The only way out was that I had to completely uninstall and reinstall the app to even be able to attempt a different login method. And even more frustrating, there is no clear way “Logout” or “Sign Out” option. Or maybe there is. If so it’s incredibly unintuitive. Unacceptable. I have to reinstall your app 4 times to even have the chance to login with the correct credentials just to see how long I have been quit and how much money/health has improved. Come on guys. Fix your slopping authentication system and you’d have a five-star app.
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7 years ago, L.A. Read
Your achievements right in front of you....
This app gave me accountability when I felt like I was on the fence about quitting. I found out I was pregnant (very early, around 5 weeks or so) and knew I would need to quit. Tapered off to the best of my ability, until the 8 week "morning" sickness kicked in and smoking wasn't even an option, could hardly eat let alone smoke! Made it all through my pregnancy fairly ill so that wasn't the problem. It was AFTER I had my son. I immediately felt better and became obsessed with wanting to smoke again. In the meantime, I had downloaded this app at the early 5 wk mark as a way to track my progress. I began to use it (resist a craving? Have a craving? Mark it down on the app!) I was able to see how long I had gone without smoking. (Yes, I had a great head Start due to pregnancy, but I really only paid close attention to afterward) Anyhow...this app gave me accountability. If I have an appointment and the doc asks me when I quit smoking, I have the answer. This app tells you how much money you have saved (which is a brilliant addition, though I'm not really sure where all my new savings have gone lol!) how many days of life you've's just a really nice tracker, easy to use, and FREE!!! Highly recommended, best of luck.
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2 years ago, ieatmousetraps
Update: 3 days away from 6 years smoke free because of this app.
It works. It helped me keep track of what I needed to help get me through every craving and every struggle. I only brought the pro version because I wanted the creators to get a little back for helping me so much. Thank you guys. From the bottom of my heart. My mom died of lunch cancer in 2010. I'm glad I could finally quit smoking so that my son won't have to go through the same pain of losing his mother so young. Thank you. Update: January 16th 2022 (three days away from me writing this) and I will hav even smoke free for SIX YEARS. I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for the team that developed this app and gave me my freedom and my health back. I can’t imagine where the health of my lungs would have been coming into the pandemic a few years ago. Three weeks ago I tested positive for Covid over Christmas and I was just so thankful that I had quit smoking all those years ago and gave my lungs a better chance against infection- not only against Covid but from the flu, pneumonia and even the common cold. I breathe better. I feel better. I am better. Thank you for being a tool of strength to get me through the cravings and stop smoking for good. ❤️
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5 years ago, Cassius_Dio
Powerful App
This app speaks the truth to you, often and redundantly, and forces you to open your eyes and see the damage that you’re inflicting upon yourself. On the flip side, it also provides you with all these wonderful statistics & numbers in relation to the duration of your quit date. It also encourages you to be proactive in your approach to quitting, leaving no stone unturned, and document as much as possible, so you can go back to a moment in time and recall what helped or what triggered a craving etc.. The “Quit Coach” bot is truly a huge help, provides motivation, information and most importantly it hits you with the hard truth about smoking. After 15+ years of smoking, after trying to quit at least a dozen times, I’m 3 months 26 days smoke now, downloaded this app on day 1 and still check in with it, because it held me accountable and praised my accomplishments as time went on.. If you’re truly ready to quit, if you feel powerless to your nicotine addiction, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility of failure, as well as the possibility of success and the temptations that will always be there.. but with the right tools and support system it’s a scourge that you have the power to expel from your mind and body
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6 years ago, Girlbiogeek
Best of the best!!!
This app has been great! So much information, I can track my cravings to see a pattern and that helps me start to recognize when I crave a cigarette the most and start to plan other things to do when I know it will be coming or a rough time! This app also tracks the changes in your body that improve hour to hour or minute to minute now that I have quit. I find that information motivates me! Also if you were to cave and have one cigarette one day this app will ask you if you have smokes and just readjust for that it does not wipe out all you have achieved and it understands some people have set backs and will tell you that! That has been amazing that feature makes me not feel like I have failed and just start smoking again but instead I can see what the one slip up has done and still see how good I’m doing despite that and keep going to stay smoke free! I have tried so many apps in the past and I’m very picky when it come to these types of apps as to the features I want and this app hand down has been the best! You will not regret giving this app a try! Good luck to you all who download this app and on quitting smoking! You can do it and this is here to help you succeed!
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4 years ago, CatalystFF
Freedom from Drug Addiction
In addition to this app, I also read Allen Carr’s Easyway to stop smoking that was recommended by a nonsmoking friend. I cane to realize and truly understand that smoking was not just a mere habit, but a drug addiction. I was hooked and trapped for almost 25years!! That was a huge awakening for me. The realization I had been an off and on again quitter for that long was horrifying and nauseating!! I refused to be enslaved/addicted to anything and allow for ANYTHING to have such control of me. This app helped me keep track of my success and provided great suggestions and feedback and goals which made the effort to quit quite easy. BUT, one thing it is missing emphasis on, is the mindset! You HAVE to change your mindset and see/truly know the truth about cigarettes/smoking-the addiction and see it for what it is. With that, you don’t EVER have to “watch your back,” plan hope you’d “deal” with cravings... they’re just gone. You’re truly free and actual HAPPY as a nonsmoker!! The desire/temptations become nothing more than a bad dream/memory!! Thank you Smoke Free for helping me get started, watching my progress, and seeing how far I’ve come. “Seeing” the results/efforts/success makes it even more exciting quitting!!
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3 years ago, SheGoesto11
3 years 2 months & 16 days...
I smoked from the time I was 14 until 45. I had two successful quits prior for a couple of years each before starting again. The biggest impact this app has for me is that I can see my progress and the numbers are truly astonishing. I went about 5 days when I first started the app, but then had a couple cigarettes one day and had to reset my progress. That was an awful feeling and I swore I wouldn’t put myself through that again! I completed some of the missions and tracked cravings in the beginning, but soon realized being able to see the progress was all I needed to stay on task. When I see the number of cigarettes I *haven’t* smoked now, all I can think about is sitting down at a table with those cigs on it and having to smoke them all - it makes me feel ill! As of today it would take me about 75 days to complete that task 🤢 In just over 3 years, I have not smoked 21,000+ cigarettes, saving nearly $5300 and I’ve regained close to a year of my life! I don’t open the app often now as I rarely think about smoking anymore, but I’ll never delete it because I love being able to whip out my phone and show anyone who is thinking about quitting.
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6 years ago, Sydney's Secret
Wowza you don’t know what you’re missing
Little review of my experience this far: 7 days ago I began using this app, haven’t smoked since. Journaling my day’s experiences in this app helps me relieve the strong + weak cravings. This app makes cravings feel like nothing. That’s all there is to quitting smoking—ignoring the cravings. Week 1 I’ve only had 2 strong cravings. I’ve quit before & haven’t experienced this much ease. I’ve been running each morning, so that releases endorphins + really helps my mood. IN A NUTSHELL: never seen an app this effective, never used one like this either. This is next level, I’ve been smoking for YEARS & haven't ever felt so happy being smoke-free. This app makes your new, smoke-free world possible + interesting. It teaches you how to create your own happiness, no matter your gender, age, religion, political stance,... Won’t hurt trying it, give yourself a chance. You can live a better life, even though smoking feels like a really really good one right now. You don’t understand how much you’re missing from a smoke-free life. Even 1 week into it, holy sh**, I feel so good. I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt so dang amazing!!! Please try it, do this favor for yourself. Best luck friend
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6 years ago, Lady Elizajane
Costs less than a pack of cigarettes/worth every penny
This app has been an effective and useful resource in helping me quit smoking. I’m 3 days smoke free and feeling more motivated than I thought was possible. The various ways of displaying benefits/progress during my quit (the amount of money saved, my health improvement over time, tracking the amount an severity of my cravings, analyzing triggers, completing missions) is motivating me to stay smoke free. It’s been so helpful logging my cravings; the log itself serves as a distraction and a motivator to overcome the craving. The craving record displays cravings on a variety of charts/graphs to provide different methods for analyzing your cravings and triggers which can assist you in overcoming them. The diary option makes it simple to input money spent on NRT products so you get a truly accurate picture of how much money you’re saving by quitting. The missions and badges have also been helpful in keeping me smoke free. The missions provide strategies to use while quitting as well as motivational content. I absolutely love the gif rewards upon completing my daily mission. Smoke Free cost $5, less than a pack of cigarettes; yet, unlike a pack of cigarettes, Smoke Free is worth every penny.
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4 years ago, KristinaEE
Thank you.
It was a little over twelve years of smoking and time to quit. I’ve had multiple, multiple attempts to do so in the past and I kept going back after a few days. Earlier in the year I downloaded the app, then forgot about it. Three months later -cigarette in hand, I went to delete it and saw how much money quitting would have saved me -rent. After scrolling and investigating every stat- I knew it was time. Numbers. The numbers held me accountable for my actions. Every bit of data was exactly what I needed to see for encouragement, motivation and the reality of how detrimental smoking was to every aspect of my life. 9mo 15days &20hrs later, I am cigarette free and could never imagine going back. Thank you again, I found your app to be truly beneficial and I recommend it to everyone that is ready to end this chapter in their lives. UPDATE- over 17 months cigarette free. I still periodically check the number on the app, especially when I’m having a difficult time or need a reminder of something I have accomplished. Downloading “Smoke Free” has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.
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4 years ago, macdaddygraziano
When you’re ready- great support system!!
Found this app to be very helpful and leverages all of the tools successful quitters use and presents them in a fun and informative interface. I’ve been quit for 24 days; 9 hours and 13 minutes. I’ve quit before; I’ve used other apps before; I’ve gone back after days or even a couple of weeks. I’m an addict; and this app can’t keep you from going back. But- it’s gives info; it tracks your time quit; it has daily missions to help you stay quit (tips; mantras; things to distract you and encourage you). It’s got a cool dashboard with rewards (my wife says “why do you care if you get a 2-week badge...are you that attention starved?”). Some people strive for the little badges mark their success! It’s got a vision section to think about what you’ll buy with your smoking savings. It’s a good app. If you’re ready to quit- it’s got other cool features; but best is that it’s interactive and keeps you accountable. Now if only it would call me at that party when I get tempted to bum a cig..... Ha!!! Addicted no more...just need to download the willpower app!!! Good luck!
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2 years ago, Marie4204
It REALLY works!!!
I have been an on again off again smoker for over thirty years. I have quit before only to pick smoking back up because of stress or whatever. I made a promise to my kids a couple of years ago that I would quit. About a month ago I realized that I needed to stop now because it was obviously affecting my health to where I was having to use an inhaler. I came across this app and thought that I would try it. I can say with 100% confidence that this app actually works. I made a quit date and started using the app to make myself back down on smoking. I considered using nicotine replacement but decided I would try it without it. I have now been a non smoker for almost two weeks. The cravings are gone. I can actually smell and taste things. I feel incredible!!! Seriously I have no much energy and my body feels good. I’m not saying this is easy because nothing is ever truly that easy but it definitely helps and has tons of good tips, diaries, missions, etc to help you on your journey. I highly recommend this app. Thank you creators for making it.
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3 years ago, Socalsurfy
Good so far
I haven’t quit yet. I tried a couple of times but I kept talking to the advisors and they gave me a plan and now I’m starting on Monday and I’ll use a patch. I only smoke a couple of cigarettes a day so I’ve avoided using anything to do it but I think I need to. They gave me a plan. The only weird thing is they seem to have the chat go out to anyone because I’ve had more than one person respond which is fine but they don’t read the whole conversation so I either have to repeat stuff or they are speaking as though I’m a heavy smoker. I thought they didn’t have the history but then I didn’t respond quickly so one of them said “Nevermind I looked through the chat history”. Why aren’t they all doing this every time? I also wish I could talk to the little AI bot instead of the prompted replies because sometimes I just want to say it’s hard and hear you’re ok without having to bother a real person. Overall a great app though and I feel good about having a quit plan this time which I didn’t before. (I didn’t know that if I kept talking to the advisors they would give me one so the first couple of quit attempts I didn’t have one.)
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6 years ago, 19pghguy86
SmokeFree Review
I have been thinking about quitting smoking on and off for the past few months and last week I finally did it. I was on the fence for a while but when I was walking to the bus stop the one morning and after walking up a slight hill I was huffing and puffing, that was the final straw. I knew at that point I was done, I was going to quit. I am 31 years old and that’s not how I wanted to feel, so after I made up my mind I smoked the last of my cigarettes and then I was done. It’s been a little over a week and I feel great! Among several other things, quitting smoking has been another stride I’ve made in taking my life back, I refuse to be controlled by anything. Quitting smoking was a lot easier than I expected, but with the Smoke Free App I’ve been able to track cravings, watch my milestones and also see how my taste and smell sensories as well as many other things have been slowly coming back. This app has been a great help for me to keep on the road to stay away from cigarettes! I would definitely recommend this app to future people who make the choice to quit smoking! Great support system! Thanks!
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5 years ago, KieraLoveStarbuck1@
7 years a smoker, and I quit.
I am 4 months without a cigarette, after smoking half a pack a day since I was 12 years old. I had no plans to quit, until I got a cold that forced me to not smoke for about 2 days, so I decided to download an app and try to just not smoke again. When I stopped feeling so sick, and the cravings and withdrawals similar to my last quit attempts started coming up, I was worried about my willpower. I am almost certain that if I had not been using this app when I was quitting, I would have relapsed in the first week. This is my first time recommending to pay for the pro version of an app, because the “quit coach”, although it’s just a bot, truly felt like having someone to vent to 24/7. Full of truly helpful tips, and further more, just using the app was a great way to curb cravings. Following the daily missions is another contribution to my success. I never thought I would be a nonsmoker, my cravings were constant and ravenous. now, every time I stop to think about the fact that smoking never crosses my mind, it’s an amazing feeling. 10/10 would recommend to any smoker.
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6 years ago, HG1324
The most useful quit smoking tool I've ever used.
I've "quit" smoking many times. Haven't we all? This time around, I feel like having this app has made a world of difference. I like having a place to log when cravings/withdrawals happen. The health improvement timeline is awesome and keeps me motivated to stick to it. The app also offers achievements for various accomplishments relating to your quit. That's definitely motivating, especially when we're so used to failing at our quits. Overall, it's very useful and has helped me A LOT. My level of addiction is no joke, and I don't think I would have made it this far without the app. Thankful to have such a thing. And by the way, spend the five dollars on the full version! The makers have to make money somehow, and it only costs what a pack of our nasty cigarettes costs us on the daily. It's so worth it. The app analyzes the data so you don't have to. It makes it easier to avoid triggers and also provides awesome support for those of us who struggle. It's absolutely the healthiest and smartest five bucks I've ever spent. No joke, guys. This is the app you want.
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5 years ago, ASHMAGAR
I find the smoke free app to be extremely beneficial. I love that it gives you achievement badges, even though it’s a small thing.. to ensures support and makes you feel excited and proud of yourself. I really love the percentage countdowns for your health. Breathing, heart rate, heart attack risk, lung cancer risk, gum texture, taste and smell senses. It’s quite motivational. I like that you can make journals because it’s an accurate way to track yourself, by monitoring your cravings and self diagnosing your triggers. And of course the most motivational of all, it monitors the monitory value saved by not smoking. Both normally and annually. The reason it got four stars and not five is because, first off.. you have to pay for some special things within the app, like an actual trigger tracker/ journal. I understand it needs to profit but it should be motivating people to quit. And secondly because it is not catered to those who smoke Juul’s, NJoy’s, or any type of vape. And it also doesn’t have an option for you to input whether you’re utilizing any type of nicotine replacement therapy. Which is definitely something that I think should be tracked and accounted for while trying to quit smoking!
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6 years ago, quit after 16 yrs
I have shared this app with so many friends and it has worked
Downloaded the app once and smoked a few days and in didn’t try again for a year. Then opened the app and set my quit date and this time it worked for me, been smoke free for almost 2 years! Also worked for my boyfriend 6 months later, following the app and watching the goals my body is hitting the longer the negative effects of smoking leave my body. I still refer back to this app. It’s all a mind game, but it’s one that worked for me! I didn’t want to have to hit “reset” on my quit date and start all over on all the obstacles I’d already achieved and worked months to get to that 100% level. I still check back to see where my “risk of heart attack” and “risk of lung cancer” is (take multiple years On this but I’m proud to be closer) and I look forward to making those 100%. There’s a personal satisfaction that comes with hitting the goals that show your body improvement. I tried quitting a bunch of times previously, and somehow a silly app helped me. Whatever works, I truly suggest giving it a try! Good luck!
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5 years ago, Lizzie Sue
Such a great tool!
This app has helped so much. First, it validates the difficulty of quitting smoking. Second, it provides tools to help me stay away from a cigarette, and third, it provides positive reinforcement by giving the user badges for health, time away from cigarettes, and money saved milestones. Furthermore, it has a diary feature, a place to log cravings, daily missions (they sometimes seem silly, but they help). These tools keep the user engaged, motivated, and validated. My biggest critique is the “quit coach”. It glitchy and a thinly veiled attempt at A.I. I think the idea is great, but the execution is poor-I have no doubt the developers will improve it as time passes. Note: 5 years ago, I successfully quit smoking for 18 months, and this app got me through the worst moments-so when I decided I was truly serious about quitting again after many failed half-hearted attempts, I re-downloaded the app, because it was a huge factor in my success during my longest period of non-smoking since I started smoking when I was 18, and so far I am almost a week smoke free, and the worst has passed thanks to this app.
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1 year ago, Andhahdkcbrjagckdk
A helpful supplement to a decision to quit
I had made a firm decision to quit smoking before I downloaded this app. The personal reasons underlying this decision were the primary factor in my not having smoked in the past 6 days. That being said, this app has been a very useful tool in supplementing the gap between my reasoning and my nicotine cravings: having this app available to serve as a reminder to me of my decisions as well as the (progressive) benefits thereof went a long way towards helping me sustain non-smoking. That it offers a fully usable free option is great. I don’t believe there’s anything about this app that will lead you to making the decision to quit smoking, nor will it bridge the gap if you aren’t actually committed to quitting, but if you just need a little extra something there that you can open to remind yourself why you quit and how much progress you’ve made in health benefits since quitting - ie why it isn’t worth it to give into your craving - this app has been very helpful in that regard. :-)
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4 years ago, DaneJTrain
Best Quitting Aid Ever
It’s well known that nicotine cessation products are owned by the same companies that make cigarettes and tobacco. It’s also well known less than 1% of people who quit smoking after five years do so with nicotine cessation. 99% of people who quit do so cold turkey. I wasn’t a turkey, unfortunately. This app saved my bacon! It puts quitting into terms I can understand and milestones I value, such as improving my health and exactly how my health is improving. The most important part of this app is that it shows you all the short, mid, and long-term goals you’re achieving every day. It shows you results and that your efforts to ward off cravings are working! It also provides numerous resources and groups of previous smokers to non-judgementally help you on your quitting journey. That’s hard to come by in this world. Most don’t understand how powerful nicotine is on the brain and how addictive it truly is. If you need to quit smoking, chewing or tobacco in general, here’s your solution or at least a large part of it: but this app!
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5 years ago, bcstxboi
18 days and counting
There’s a lot to this app that I haven’t explored or really care about, but I like the large time display telling me how many days, hours, minutes and seconds I haven’t smoked. It also keeps track of the money you’ve saved. Seeing the time display as soon as I open the app has been the biggest motivation for me because when I see that it’s been 18 days since my last smoke, I really ask myself, “Do you really want to throw those 18 days away and start all over again?” It hasn’t been easy, so the answer is heck no! I smoked for 33 years, and I just got tired of the rising costs, and having my car, my home, and my clothes smelling like smoke. Quitting only works if you really want to quit. Having your spouse or other loved ones nagging you all the time didn’t work for me, in fact it only made me want one more. Anyway, like I said, I just look at the clock and say “18 years is a really long time, and I don’t want to throw that away now. I’ve made it this far without killing anyone, so I know I can do this.” Best of luck to everyone. You can do it too.
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4 years ago, Mrs 722
Very helpful.
This app has been very helpful. I am just a few minutes away from the 48 hour mark. Seeing everything laid out and broken down has been helpful. Even the automated quit coach has been helpful. Until today when it suggested I get an e-cig. I get it. Those are helpful. But I don't want an e-cig. I want to be done. I haven't broken once in this 48 hours and I think it's because all of the breakdowns, financial, health, time, etc. Soooo when the app suggested I get an e-cig, that felt like a betrayal to me and my progress. I have tracked my most severe cravings and it asks "did you smoke?" I've answered no truthfully even when I've been on the verge of tears... So it's been hard for me to remain smoke free and I've fought for these almost 48 hours... To suggest an e-cig, for me, just felt like a betrayal. I enjoy smoking. It was my relaxation time. My me time. When I would reset... Night has been the most difficult. I know I'm overly sensitive right now... But the e-cig suggestion definitely hit me wrong.
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7 months ago, reviewrevirw
simple tools make a big difference
I would recommend this. I smoked for 5-6 years, and this app gives you some of the essential things to power through a cold turkey quit, which is what I did. I am coming up on 2 months without a lick of nic (56 days since my last one) and I owe a lot to this app. It gives you a clock counting time since your quit, notifications reminding you to write abou your progress, like in a diary; it has acheivements for the big milestones, daily goals, resources for a community of likeminded quitters; there are encouraging words everywhere you look. All of it is centered around respecting the user, and most importantly, training the brain to focus on the good changes one has accrued post-quit, rather than to simply stomach the discomfort and soldier on. I also found the option to create and remember a mantra en lieu of my last cigarette very important. Probably this app should be some kind of public service.
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2 years ago, walnut451
How is this real?!
I have tried quitting so many time. So many. Today is 1 month of not smoking. It sucked, obviously, but at the same time it was somehow easy. I honestly had very low expectations when I downloaded the app based on past quit attempts. I read the reviews and I didn’t believe. But by golly, turns out those people were flippin’ right! It’s so annoying to hear “x will cure you of your addiction.” Read this book, take this drug, bla bla bla. It used to just make me angry to read positive reviews bc I would have bet serious money that NONE of those methods would work on me, including this app. Fast forward one month… humble pie is my new favorite food. Give it a try, it could truly change your life. Good luck if you need it, pass this on to people you care about if you don’t. PS the fb group is one of the best parts. It sounds absurd coming out of my cynical mouth, but connecting with people who understood was invaluable.
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2 years ago, EMDiamondMom
I’m a non-smoker
I smoked for over 25 years, and tried to quit numerous times (including using pharmaceutical help) before. I am now approaching 1.5 years smoke free, using this app in conjunction with NRT. I read every article, I downloaded every recommended app, I did every recommended activity and earnestly pursued quitting. I certainly struggled in the first few weeks, but I practiced the 4-Ds strategy and that was a LIFESAVER for me. I had to set aside my pride, drop my skepticism and trust the quitting process. I acknowledged and accepted that I’m an addict.. and just like an illicit drug user, my brain tried to falsely “trick” or “convince” me of all the ways and instances where I ‘needed’ to smoke. Once the worst of the withdrawals passed and I learned the mental acrobatics I had to get through, it was much easier. I will remain vigilant against potential relapse, but credit this app with contributing significantly to the strong foundation I’ve utilized to start and stay quit. 5 stars!
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5 years ago, DiscoWarrior29
Going well so far
38 year old smoker since I was 16. Prolly a pack a day, some days more, some less. Pretty much been trying to go smoke free last 8 years. Could put some months together but always ended up buying packs again. Tried chantex, patches, gum and always went back to smoking. So far I've been 20 days smoke free. Wearing patches and things are going surprisingly great. My wife put this app on my phone which I thought was stupid but it actually is nice to see facts in front of your face and some health highlights. I feel sorry for people I seeing smoking as it is a terrible habit with health and the smell of a smoker. I come from a smoker family so it was always hard to not smoke at holidays and I have a very stressful career choice. My main issue w smoking was it was a stress reliever so it's an adjustment finding healthier ways to deal w stress and conflict. Needless to say my lungs feel great and the lebedo of a 16 year old haha here's to another 20 days of being smoke free and just taking it one step at a time. Thanks A sincere hopefully ex-smoker
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4 years ago, Ted9740
6 weeks smoke free
I downloaded and read through this app before quitting. The information is thoughtful and deliberate. The badges, trigger chart & diary, support options, health info ❤️help you track your progress and give you encouragement. It also tracks the $ your saving and let’s you save for special things like a new bike and shows you your progress each day. You can share to a friend or social media right from the app which is convenient to create your cheering squad 👏🏼. You get a lot for free but for $4.99 you can get the pro which if you need the extra help quitting is WELL worth it!!! Great app, thank you!! Keep it going! The only thing I might recommend is offering different pay options. Like maybe 1.99/mons for pro or 1.99 a 1st month, 2.99 for 3 months, and 4.99 unlimited or 6months, cancel anytime thru the app. Idk 🤔. I like options and it would let people try Pro when they want and it might make you guys more $ if it was a subscription. And I’d love
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1 year ago, babycakes
Saving my life
This app you’ve created is saving so many lives. It definitely saving mine. I love the support on Facebook and everyone is so supportive with their comments. My favorite things about the app is not just that you can see how well your doing as soon as you go into the app. I like seeing my hard work seeing the days and hours to the minute! I love using the save up for something you’d like to buy that’s so motivating. I also like seeing how my body is healing I had no idea so I’m always looking at that. It’s drives me. I can’t get my word right but I do find this app extremely helpful and useful! It’s a life saver and it’s ok to start over if you slip. It’s nice to get the support from others in the groups. I know there’s many more things I find useful. I like my notifications telling to write in the diary and keeping track of my cravings and working through them. I just love this app! Thank you!! 🙏🏾
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4 years ago, AnnaRM67
Probably the best $5 I've ever spent
I am a 30 year smoker who decided to try to take a break from smoking last week because I had the flu. I downloaded this app on a whim, and I'm now on my seventh smoke free day and feeling highly motivated to stay that way for good. I've tried to quit on my own several times in the past, but this app helps so much with structure, encouragement, and motivation to get through the tough times. One of the best things is that it also gives you a substitute activity when you are thinking of falling back into the habit: check the app instead, log your craving, and see how much better your health has been getting by not smoking. It has already paid for itself four times over in just a week. UPDATE: Almost four years later, after some challenging cravings in the first several weeks, I am still free of cigarettes, and believe me, I do not look back! GOD BLESS THIS APP. I don’t think I would have succeeded without it.
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5 years ago, green music kitty
Really does help!
Wanting to quit is the first step... which is already decided otherwise you’d never even look at the app! Committing to quitting is the next step, which we all know is the hardest part... but this app really does help! I have found the part that helps most is seeing my progress percentage and knowing that if I lapse, it all starts over. During a craving, I’ll sort of chant the golden rule to myself (not another puff, no matter what) while I busy myself with the tips that I created for myself and added to my favorites and a couple of the preset tips as well, and it really does help! I like being able to log my cravings as they happen too, it’s nice that the app is actually interactive, thereby actually giving you something to do in and of itself. I never thought that an app would help, but this one does! It surprised and delighted me, and I feel like I can actually do it this time! Best of luck to you, you got this!!
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3 years ago, KallieM08
Track your health return to normal
One of the largest downfalls (in my opinion) regarding tobacco cessation education is the shock and awe/fear of horrific consequences tactic. It has always been a black lung brought into a facility or a guest speaker speaking through a tube and discussing their medical journey brought on by smoking that is meant to deter or encourage quitting. For me, that has always seemed to deter me from quitting. More of “if I’m already done for, if there’s no fixing the damage, why stop something that soothes stress?”. While this mindset is admittedly totally off kilter and a perfect example of the addiction, the one thing I’ve found most helpful about “Smoke Free” is the rings that track your bodies return to “normal” after smoking. Each time ive felt the need to smoke I’ve opened the app and reviewed the rings. I’d seriously consider if I was ready to reset that “breathing” or “bad breath” ring. Personally, showing me that with time my body can repair itself, has helped me the most.
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6 years ago, Axsisdnied
Could Have More to Help Those Reducing
Very nice app and the interface is great. Would be great if you could add and remove what you were doing, and how you felt and also people you were with. If I say I’m with partner even if I’ve answered in the past they do not smoke it keeps asking. It would also be able to set a target date to quit and be able to see how your doing. I do not get the money saved. Even though I’m smoking less it still shows I’m in the negative if in 3 days I’ve smoked 2 packs and I use to be at a pack a day, then I’ve saved the amount I entered in per pack, but doesn’t seem to work that way. PLEASE PLEASE add something for those trying to cut down and quit. Also a quick button you could hit in the widget to log that you smoked and a running time of time since your last cigarette. Then you could see a graph of when your more likely to smoke. Maybe even to be able to set a goal to smoke only so much by certain milestone dates. This app could be the complete solution.
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2 years ago, Zoid3000
Ready Support
I tried quitting before with this app and went back to smoking after 3 mos from being around smokers. This time around, I tried the app again but utilized the journal entry notes section this time as well as actually read the tips (ie. don’t be around smokers, lol). Taking just a minute to jot down notes about cravings I had and what was going on around the cravings really made it obvious to me there were links and triggers for my cravings. The notifications are also encouraging and helpful, and I like seeing the percentage progress back to a healthy state. It’s nice to learn things like your circulation is improving. Definitely give this app a try. Everyone is on their phone nowadays anyway, so instead of taking a smoke break, try a journal entry break using this app. It gives you the space and opportunity to learn about yourself in a new way. Highly recommend 👍
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2 years ago, megan weed
Worth it.
I knew I would that once I stopped buying cigarettes I would begin saving money but not wasting money so I honestly felt like this was a good investment. I like how I get notifications of my progress. I love how it shows me where I’m at with my health improvements. Although I feel like smoking weed must cancel some of these out by a certain percentage, but I feel like my health has greatly improved! Well worth it i.m.o It took me a month after purchasing to tell myself to officially start the quit journey but I did enter a date initially to make it more real that it was overdue time to begin. I’m so happy I’m continuing on this journey and this app really does have some nice motivating factors. If you’re already wasting money, why not try it? It nice to see the progress♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ just my opinion though!! Wherever you are in your journey, I hope you make it to where you are going to!!
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4 years ago, alicati91
This App Is A Life Changer And Saver
I have Tried To Quit Many Times In The Past(cold turkey) and always Relapsed. I wanted to quit. I needed to quit. I was missing out on to many things by smoking. My husband didn’t like the smell or even Like kissing me. Things had to change and it was on like donkey Kong. I found this app after seeing a friend on Facebook had posted a milestone (5 years) with this app. I was amazed and decided to download it pay the one time fee and give it a try. I’m so truly thankful for this app. It made quitting so much easier and I’m proud to say I’ve reached one year and I’m no longer a prisoner to the cigarettes. I feel so much different and better since day one it was hard but knowing the app was there made it so much better with all it helpful tips and badges even a quit coach. Please download this and take the chance I promise you won’t regret it. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain -Alisha M Mccormick
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7 years ago, Me 1979 2012
The best quit smoking app!!
It was amazing. After the last updates it won’t even open. I couldn’t find a way to contact them anywhere... so here’s my new review. Please update the app & debug it. The best app to stop smoking for good. I paired this with a no smoking hypno recording i listened to every night for a month. It's been eight months w/o a cig. I still use the apps occasionally for refresh, and to keep in-check. I smoked for ten years, quit for three, then smoked another 10 years. I'm now eight months smoke free. I can/will not ever take on that burden again. I hated how it controlled my life... my time, money, smell... it even controlled my dating & social life... not easy to find single smokers in SoCal. Also, not easy to find places to go out that doesn't mind smoking around the venue. Now the entire city of laguna beach is smoke-free. If you tired of smoking controlling your life... stop! Now! This app will help you get through it.
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4 years ago, GinnyBB8
This app helped me stay quit when after a couple weeks I found myself struggling. My son suggested downloading a tracker to keep me motivated. I’ve now made it to day 27! You can check in - log cravings- you can even log if you screwed up and smoked a cigarette. I was fortunate enough not to give in but other reviews said this was helpful to help them realize that a screw up doesn’t mean you have to start smoking again. You can get right back on track. It helps to see the cravings get less intense and further apart. It helps remind you that you have actually made a lot of progress even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. It’s a reminder that things are better and will continue to be better and better! It’s good to have that reminder. There are also a lot of great ideas that actually work to get over a craving.
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4 years ago, Vjk1211
Smoke Free
I am one month and 15 days smoke free today. I have tried to quit like a million times. I did also take chantix this time. But for whatever reason me seeing not one more puff rings in my head. I know if i take even one puff, i will be back to smoking again. And the cravings have at this point gotten way more manageable and less often. Do i still want a cigarette? Yes. But i just breath deep, and think wait 10 min and see if i still feel the same. And i keep going. This app has been wonderful to keep track of days, cravings, and body changes that happen during quitting and after. Tells me how much money ive saved, how many cigarettes i have not smoked. And gives me drive to keep going! Ill be going to Mexico in a couple months to reward myself lol. Good luck if you are trying to quit. I smoked a LOT and i can do it. So can you!
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5 years ago, Insidious_V
Outstanding App
I personally haven’t tried to many Quitting Apps but I have tried a few and I’ve found this to be the best quit smoking app yet. Other apps continually flash dumb memes in hopes they might make some inspirational mark in your life that’s so profound you’ll suddenly quit over night. This however is realistic it motivates you instead of flashing red signs that make you feel like you’re a failure for some slip up. It gives you plenty of tools and incentives to keep you motivated and focused. It gives statistical progress graphs so you can see what obstacles your body is or even has overcome through real time progress tracking. The other side is that this app is completely easy to use no guess work involved which is a feature I enjoy as well. It’s like $5 for the life time subscription (No ads and unlimited missions) to be honest it was well worth it to me though.
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6 years ago, 6od
great to see your progress
I've smoked a pack a day for the past 12 years and I'm not even 30 yet. I tried to quit once 5 years ago and only made it two months. currently, I've been smoke free for 16 days. the first two weeks are without a doubt the hardest, but this app has helped me by showing me my progress both in terms of health and monetarily. I would upgrade to the missions if I could, unfortunately I blocked myself from being able to make in-app purchases (candy crush is the second most addicting thing to cigarettes, I swear) and had a friend set the password, which they forgot. however I love this app. as far as I can tell its the only legitimate smoking cessation app I've found. I'm very thankful for it. best of luck to everyone. you can do it (it helps if you have time off from work and lock yourself in your own house for over a week - drastic, yes. but effective).
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3 years ago, Blurry8
Incredibly helpful!
I was a smoker for years on and off, but never made it longer than 4 days without breaking and starting up again. My family started to laugh whenever I’d say “I’m quitting for real this time” because they knew I wouldn’t. But this app totally changed the game for me. Because of the option to see my “health improvements”, it really pushed me to stay clean of cigarettes. I have been two months and two weeks off of cigarettes. I don’t crave them anymore at this point, though sometimes I do feel a nostalgic longing for a smoke under the sunset or late at night watching the stars, I won’t light one up or ask for drags. I can be around smokers all night and easily refuse and ignore the fact that they’re even smoking. I never thought I was going to stop before I found this app! Thank you creators!! ❤️✨
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5 months ago, ashled16
Free of smoke!
I absolutely love this app!!! I typed all my information in and wow!!!! It’s amazing to see how much progress I have made!! And when I get a notification everyday, it’s the high light of my day! I get to see how well my health is progressing and how much money I am saving, and best of all, I get to see how much time as past, as a smoke free individual!!!! This app is just another motivator for everyday that I do not smoke a cigarette and also allows me to keep track of my hard work! I quit for my overall health, but Smoke Free helped me get past the mind games I faced when first quit smoking. A couple of my family members use this app as well, and they agree that it’s a necessary resource you should be using when you decide to give up the cancer sticks. Lol. Take care and thank you again to the brilliant person who created this app!
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5 years ago, Hard Ways Roller
Have quit twice using this app!
I started smoking when I was 15 years old. Smoked because it was the co thing to do. By 18 I was already at a pack a day. I’m 34 now and just completed my 90th day of not smoking. I tried the Nicorette gum, Chiantix, vape pens, dip and cigars to stop and was unsuccessful. Once I decided what day I was going quit, I enter it on this app and begins the countdown. As stupid as this sounds, for some reason I was actually able wake up and not start my day with a cigarette. Never thought I’d ever be able to quit. As a father of 3, last thing I wanted was to cause harm to my kids because of my bad habits. This app keeps track of the money saved and days smoke free. Don’t like two cents on reviews but this is important and want people to know that someone like me quit using this app. Well this app and a crap load of sugar free Mentos gum. Get yourself them big bags at Walmart. Good luck!
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7 years ago, Dharma3869
Very helpful
I'm going on six days now. This app has been great for helping me keep track of how many days I've not smoked, how much money I've saved and the health benefits I've gained. It also allows you to keep track of your cravings and you can easily check off the things that make you crave a smoke, so later you can go back and see times that your stressed and need to make a plan for. There are lots of tips on how to quit as well. It's like having your own personal coach 24 hours a day. They also don't discourage you from using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and after having smoked for over 30 something years the last thing I need is someone telling me I'm doing it wrong lol. It's a very positive app and gives you lots of badges along the way to encourage you. All in all it was worth every penny! Thank you devs for helping to save my life with your app!
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6 years ago, mmh11111
Supportive of health Benefits
I have smoked since I was 14, I am 38. I never smoked “a ton.” But I did smoke at least one or two a day. Some days, it would be 10, if I was drinking or really stressed. I am a mother, wife, and nurse. I saw people dying young from their social habits. I also, get really bad, physically, with daily headaches and pleuritic pains when I would wake up and take my first breaths in the am. I felt really upset that I was robbing myself of my future good health and potentially robbing my children of a mother and grandmother to their children. It’s day 19. It’s really hard. But when I see my dashboard and all the cigarettes I haven’t smoked, the health benefits I’ve gained, I am encouraged to push through the cravings. I’ve smoked my whole life, essentially. I’m not sure how I’ll see myself through, but This is one piece. There’s also some really great TED talks about physiological tricks to use to prevent your brain from spiraling down the rabbit hole.
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3 years ago, bgrams7
Helpful App
I’ve only been using the app for a week, but it has been very helpful thus far 5 days into successfully quitting (the longest I’ve gone without a cigarette in the 14 years I’ve smoked). The app has provided some good information in regards to my health improving (my biggest reason behind quitting), the amount of money I’ve saved thus far (saving a couple grand a year sounds rather nice), and tips to quitting successfully and dealing with inevitable urges to smoke. For some reason my quit has gone much easier than I anticipated, part of which is probably me being ready physically and mentally to quit, but I probably do owe 10-20% of my success so far to the app. Every little bit helps, and even the premium version cost is quite reasonable given how much a month’s worth of cigarettes costs in comparison.
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7 years ago, Kaa kaa king
Eternally grateful
I’ve smoked cigarettes for nearly half my life and found it excruciatingly difficult to quit. With an addictive personality and a highly addictive drug, I’ve not paired well with tobacco products, and figured there wasn’t any hope of quitting before inevitably getting cancer. I’ve finally had enough and made the choice to quit one way or another, and with the use of this app it’s made it rewarding to track my progress and helped me to make it to five days smoke free. It isn’t much at this point but I’m beyond happy with my progress and I fully intend on staying quit. I only wish I could use all the features of this app without payment, but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to living a healthier life. Many thanks to the developers and best of luck to others struggling with their addictions. It isn’t easy to quit but it’s not impossible.
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