Soothing Sleep Sounds

Health & Fitness
4.8 (31.5K)
92.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Phase4 Mobile
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Soothing Sleep Sounds

4.76 out of 5
31.5K Ratings
4 years ago, #1FanOfThis!
I’m so impressed and pleasantly satisfied with this app. I got it a few hours ago (maybe 2), and ALREADY LOVE IT! It has a nice variety of sounds, and a simple and yet beautifully organized and formatted. I am even playing music from it right now! Just as I write, however, I realize some area to improve. Or, should I say, add. Perhaps a flute music category, knowing it is proven to help with sleep as much as the most helpful other sounds. ( It’s such a gorgeous sound too. ) And, perhaps more sounds to each category. A bigger variety of softness and firmness to each sounds’...sound. Otherwise, this is a completely satisfying app. It’s so easy and well formed, meaning it is perfectly set up and developers visibly put hard work in to it to make perfect looking. It functions well. You can even exit the app with music still playing and you can obviously, use Bluetooth with it, but without any hassle. This app, already, is changing my life. It’s a “must-get!” Thanks developers!
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2 years ago, dont kill me gor this
🧘🏽‍♀️😴🥱🧘🏽‍♀️amazing and calming
This is the best app I’ve ever seen. I get the free version and still benefit from this app. You should totally get it they have sounds for free that really put you to sleep (just takes a bit getting used to the sounds) I do wish though that there were more sounds FOR FREE though… whatever I honestly don’t really mind. Thank you to the creators of this awesome app for years I’ve struggled at falling asleep- just lying there on my bed wide awake for hours until morning. This app makes you fall asleep nicely and you can also mix up to 6 sounds to fit your liking. It also makes you really calm when your upset😉(- trust me) Anyways this app is definitely a keeper. Thank you for the best sleep in over 5 years!!!!!!!!!!🛌💤
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3 years ago, GRISSOMZ
Would be a five star…..but….
I really like the sounds and ability to make my own mix. But…I don’t understand why the price isn’t up front!! I have no idea if it’s a one time payment, or monthly…🤨 After I downloaded it and I got the quick message, payment was made, I was surprised that the option to decline wasn’t available. I read through the info and I did not see a price. Then I look at other apps and none have prices. I don’t mind paying for a great app, but I’d like to know HOW MUCH, and is it a one time payment? I don’t like this trend. I’ll probably cancel this app before the month is up. 😒 Update! Thank you for your response! I’m happy it’s free! But I’m happier to have a quick response! Thank YOU. 10 stars!
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1 year ago, doglover40
Love It !!
I hadn’t slept well for a couple weeks and the last two days were only an hour each. I have taken 5 mg of melatonin every night for years and it’s helped a lot. But this had become a huge problem so I looked for a free ap to help by providing soothing and comforting sounds to help me sleep. I found Soothing Sleep Sounds and tried it out and I was asleep in less than 10 minutes and it continues to work well (except for one night). What I believe it’s doing is to kinda high Jack my brain so it won’t keep thinking which I believe was keeping me awake. I’m not sure but it’s my guess. Either way, this ap works for me and my wife are using it each night for both of us to sleep better.
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2 years ago, DerryDaddy
Great sleep enabler
I recently received a double blow to my respiratory system. It started with “Asthmatic Rhinitis” followed by pneumonia. Plugged sinuses and weakened lungs brought me to 2 1/2 hours of sleep a night. My Doctor put me on oxygen which helped while I was awake but the memory of awakening, fighting to breathe, kept me from falling asleep at the end of the day. I came across your app and now use it on a daily basis. I credit it for my ability to overcome my fears. I fly fish and plan, this spring, to make a trip to France so I was drawn to the French river with frogs. I cannot thank you enough for my return to sleeping 7-8 hours a night. My pneumonia is over and my oxygen generator returned but I wouldn’t try sleeping without it! And my wife enjoys it, too!
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3 years ago, Elaine W Lawson
Best sleep ever
I was going through a period where I could not sleep when I found this app and figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. I really didn’t think it would work but stilll worth a try, afterall it was free. I installed in my phone and turned on raining in Oregon Rain Forest, to my surprise I went to sleep. I thought, wow I can’t believe I actually went to sleep. The next night I thought I don’t need this it was probably just a fluke but as the night went on I was tossing and turning and I couldn’t get to sleep again. I reached over and pulled up My Sounds on my iPhone and put on the peaceful sea, again I fell asleep. I have been using my sounds now for about a week and have slept soundly every night.
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6 years ago, Frosty 😈😜
Soothing Sounds
Kudos!! I saw a commercial about your app so I right away looked up the app & downloaded it. Understand I have M. S. & get very little sleep, I’m always totally exhausted without my R. E. M. Sleep. I choose Crickets, Birds ( great ) a running creek & rainstorm. To be honest I was Desperate for sleep so I put them all on just adjusting the volume for each. It was already 3 am. I set the clock to play a hour, I figure if I wasn’t asleep by then forget it. Few minutes went by & I heard my dog snoring loudly so I know she heard it. It was wonderful to listen to & that’s the last thing I remember 😲😃 I slept the rest of the night without waking. FANTASTIC It’s been years ! Thank you so much and I would recommend this to anyone A Great App !!!! 😃😃😴😴😴
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5 years ago, Moonchild1912
Has plenty of sounds for FREE. It even. has a purring cat, images that switch on a loop as it plays on a loop. You get unlimited mixes you can create & save. I have some for daytime when i sleep and some for when i am awake. I have downloaded many and explored many sound apps and SO FAR THIS ONE IS TGE BEST! I upgraded paid the 3.99 & it is well worth it with the entire sound catalog. Very easy to use mixes can be saved and edited volume control for each sound individually. I just wish i was able to make a mix and select the same sound 6 times like a cat purring i tried but you can only add a sound one time per mix. GET THIS SLEEP AP! EVEN IF YOU DONT PAY A FEW BUCKS TO UPGRADE YOU WILL LOVE IT BECAUSE ITS THE BEST IVE FOUND.!!
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5 years ago, VirgoEm
Absolutely wonderful
A couple of months ago I started a medication that messes severely with my sleep. I was going off of 3-4 hours of sleep and almost fell asleep while driving several times. Used sleeping aids for a while until they started to give me nightmares every single night. But this app is absolutely wonderful! I use it every single night and it just provides such a calming and relaxing experience that you just can’t help but fall asleep. I especially love the opinion to create your own mixes and to set a timed play. I use rainforest, thunderstorm, frogs by a creek, and one of the tropical bird sounds. Usually set it for about an hour and I’m out within around 15 minutes.
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3 years ago, Chae B
Good app overall
I appreciate the soothing pictures and variety of sounds in their library. Sounds quickly fade out when you stop them (as opposed to an abrupt stop) which is surprisingly nice. There are a few ads, but they aren’t videos and honestly aren’t intrusive. Edit: I previously said I wanted a way to combine sounds, but just realized that they have a fairly intuitive system for that which I just hadn’t found- eg: I like falling asleep to a water sound (ocean or rain) with crickets, so I put both on a list together. Excellent app, and this lets people personalize it in a cool way. Great app and I use it almost every night.
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1 year ago, Lady Blah Blah 1
Tell a friend😴!!!
With all the stress and anxiety in the world today - a good night’s can be impossible. Thank goodness I found Soothing Sleep Sounds. It was so easy to customize the sounds that were reminiscent of my childhood. I grew up in the South but have lived in the Pacific Northwest my adult life. As a child we lived next to a creek and I fell asleep to the sound of crickets- It was so easy to replicate those sounds. The calm and comfort I receive once I click the App is like magic! Solace washes over me and I drift off easily. I’ve told dozens of friends and family about the App and they have fun tailoring their own personal comfort sounds. It’s really a game changer!!!
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2 years ago, badkitty_
Love this app
I love this app. It has many great sounds and you can combine them. The only thing I wish is that I hope the developer will make an iPadOS version. I am using this on a 12.9" iPad. My eyesight isn't great and it is somewhat difficult to see the app. So please consider making it a universal app that works in full-size landscape mode on an iPad. Thank you, and I love the sounds! If it had a universal landscape mode on an iPad I would probably get the upgraded version. Also folks, this app thankfully does not have a subscription mode, which I really appreciate. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Allie 🌈
So relaxing you must get it👏🏻👍
I love this app I had trouble sleeping and now I am Impressed have more energy and I feel well rested I sleep like a baby this first for everyone even my dog in my guinea pigs like it and it’s all free yay free this can work for babies animals and grown-up + kids like me thank you so much for making this app I recommend it for everyone I even use this when I have a at home spa day it’s not just for sleeping but it does make you sleepy and relax thank you 🙏 😻 dear developers can you make a meditation all free if you do that that would be great 👍 please and can you please reply back OK bye have a great sleep if you download this app which you should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all free you won’t regret it Bye thank you so much🌈🤗🙏👍
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2 years ago, Hahner2010
Sleep Best Friend . . .
This app has absolutely SAVED my sanity. My Husband works very hard & unfortunately on those extremely hard days he tends to snore, very, VERY loud. With this app running on my nightstand I know I can still get a good nights sleep without the stress of waking him up every 15min asking him to turn over (which HAS to affect the sleep HE’S getting as well, something I know he ALSO needs in order for HIM to be able to be well rested for his day). The Australian Thunderstorm is my go to sound. It’s absolutely lovely. Just loud enough & the perfect “compliment” to my husbands natural symphony.
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4 years ago, BøbaDevil5346
I’m in LOVE!
Okay so I have been having lots of emotions lately so I decided to use a app that is calming and also I can use while playing games and stuff, so I see this and says it’s free so I download it, I play my first sound on here and I fall in love. It is seriously the best calming app EVER! I recommend to anyone who wants to listen to peaceful sounds or like me I just get angry easily and whenever I’m really angry I don’t take it out on someone like I used to wanna do but I come to my phone and listen to this, I’m actually listening to it while writing this, lol.
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5 years ago, Kathy Tay
So I don’t usually review apps this early, but I just had to for this one. I downloaded it late last night out of sheer desperation because I knew I wasn’t getting sleep anytime soon, and these apps don’t really work for me but I needed to try it one last time. I came across this one and shrugged before downloading it. I was very apprehensive at first because it didn’t have the noises I enjoy (white noise and pink noise) but I went with the “blizzard” sound, which was the closest thing. I was put to sleep in maybe 10 minutes, and that’s a straight up miracle for me! My only suggestion is adding more sounds similar to white noise or just adding white noise.
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3 months ago, ToxicAma
I love the app and use it nightly. My husband snores horribly and has sleep apnea. He started using the c-pap and the noise from it kept me up. I downloaded this app and have been sleeping. I personally love the sounds of Thunderstorms! The thunderstorm raining sounds have been wonderful to hear and relaxing to fall asleep. However I would love if you could add more of a thunderstorm lightning storm without the rain. We have what they call dry thunderstorms in the summer and they are so beautiful sounding. If you could add some of those sounds that would be awesome!!
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1 year ago, tigerwoods❤️21
Soothing Sleep Sounds App
It is amazing and helps me sleep and you can create mixes that just suit you and when you do create mixes you can control the level of sound and can do whatever helps calm you, meditate, or fall asleep. I think it’s truly the perfect app and it’s free but you can pay if you really don’t like any of the sounds for a lot more sounds!!! I am just one person so if you don’t like it then you can just always leave a review about how you feel about the app like I did.
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4 years ago, Emma Veliz
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got this app only like 10 minutes ago! And I already love it! I haven’t used it to sleep yet but I listened to the sounds and I almost already fell asleep! That is how great this app is! There are different categories like oceans. And in it, it has different ocean sounds! (There are different categories as well) And you can make your own music playlist thing! You can pick 5 or less sounds then, it combines them all and you can listen to them! This app is amazing and I totally recommend it! ❤️😎😱😁😆😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
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2 years ago, jjkkllmom
Good app
Unlike other apps that are supposedly “better” This one is free I downloaded an app that I tried for 3 months free to compare it to this one, but this one is much much better, so don’t let other apps trick you into thinking their better bc they are so high quality that they need to be payed for. Because this app helps me get sleep and has many go sound options, so do something good for yourself by not having to pay for an app that you could find for free. THANK YOU!!!!!
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7 months ago, Bears&frogs123
Amazing app, love it - just one thing to suggest
So, before i got this app, I would usually just play rain sounds on my Alexa to go to sleep. But then I went on vacation and I didn’t have an Alexa in my Airbnb, so I looked for ambient sounds apps and found this app which proves to be great. I do want to reccomend that you add some smooth jazz sounds along with everything else, just because I enjoy listening to that to go to sleep and was disappointed when this app didn’t include that.
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4 years ago, Lottie cotton candy
I have trouble sleeping because I think so much. That sounds odd but it mean I think so hard and deep on something that it makes me start worrying about what I’m thinking about. I’m stuffing so much into my brain it’s an overload. This makes it very hard to sleep so I’m always tired. But since I got this app I sleep so fast my thinking slows and I stop worrying. This app really helps me relax and sleep. Thank you so much for this app and all the hard work it must have took!
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6 years ago, hi hey hahhaha
Amazing! Awesome for people with babies
It was difficult to get my son to go to sleep in his own bedroom he kept waking up in the middle of the night some how always getting out of his crib, but when I download this app it changed mine and his sleeping schedule, one because of course he sleeps through out the night without any discomfort, or distractions with the sound, I have to keep my phone on a higher shelf because sometimes he will want to play on it but 10\10 for baby and your sleep!
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2 years ago, hpfan0916
I LOVE this app 😍
I really love this app because I had a lot of stress and anxiety that kept me from getting a good nights sleep but when I downloaded it and started using it at night I started sleeping better and longer. I love how you can make mixes of different sounds to help you sleep better. I totally recommend this app especially if your like me and have a lot of stress and anxiety on you that’s keeping you from getting a good nights sleep. 5/5 stars ✨
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5 years ago, turbolarry52
Giving it a try
I'm glad to see a sleep/relaxation app that's totally free. I guess you're revenue comes from other resources, but I hope it is working out so you can keep this app available. I'm encouraged by the other reviews and will be happy to post a review as an update to my intro. With having sleep apnea for almost 10 years, while I realize the cpap is another ritual I dread having to do cleaning, maintenance and upkeep, I'm sure there are reasons for doing so- if you want to avoid infections. I hope this will be an incentive to finally get more than 2-3 hours of sleep each and every night- meaning not going to bed at 3-5 am, and being a zombie the rest of the day. Structure and discipline = due diligence= best practices and better health. I presume there is some form of tech support you provide, if necessary. Thanks for developing and providing this app. Looking forward to finally getting a good night sleep!
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Crashing when I try and open
I’ve been using this app for about 4 years now and all of a sudden when I try and open the app it crashes. I’ve restarted my device and even updated it! Nothing works. I’m disappointed because I love this app and it helps me fall asleep but now I can’t use it. (Update) thank you guys so much for updating the app I can use it again finally! Thank you for also responding so fast 😃
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5 years ago, CrystalAdkins
So Relaxing!!!
I absolutely LOVE this app!!! I downloaded it to help me fall asleep. I was so used to sleeping with a television on, but the light would wake me up sometimes, and I didn’t really sleep very soundly. I decided to try this app out about a week ago, and it has been a life changer for me, because it lets me decide the different sounds that are relaxing and soothing for me. I love the create your own sound mix option, because you can edit how loud you would like each sound you choose.
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3 years ago, e christiene
This app is amazing! It helps me sleep at night and really makes it much easier to go to bed. If I have something on my mind this just helps me got rid of it. The one thing I would do different. Is maybe have some more options. The upgraded version has it. But you have to pay... the one feature that just sells this app for me is the fact that you can make your own mixes with customizable volumes and sounds! That makes it amazing! I would really rate it a 4 1/2. Great app! 100% reccomend if you have trouble falling asleep!!!
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4 years ago, MarisolMeows
ok but WOWWW 🤩
Ok so I’ve been not able to fall asleep at night, and it’s been hard to find apps to help me fall asleep. But let me tell you, once I found this app, I tried listening to it at bed, and it helped SOOO much! I fell asleep in seconds. DEFINITELY recommend this app if u have trouble sleeping! Thank you so much for this amazing app! And the best part is, there is so many choices of noises to listen to! My favorite recording is the ‘Small River in Scotland’. So peaceful! 10/10!! 💛
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2 years ago, Jaymes!!
I have been using this app for over a week. I normally have trouble falling asleep, or insomnia all together. This app is the best one I’ve ever used! I fall asleep within 15/20 min! You can adjust individual sounds and create up to a three sound mix! No need to get extras! I can’t say enough about this app for myself. My roommate who is a combat vet has been using it for 4 nights now, and was amazed at his results as well! Worth the download!
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2 years ago, PBJ 👩🏼
😍 I love it!
It’s true I do love it but I gave it a four star rating because some sounds require me to get another app, some of witch cost money but the ones that don’t need any apps are just fine. You can adjust how loud you want each one to be and you can name them. One more thing witch is super cool, you can put a timer on it from 30 min - 12 hours! But there’s more when your phone turns off it won’t stop instead of you staying up all night you can sleep with ease.
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4 years ago, Essence Lucille
Best sleep app ever
Definitely try out the app , It’s the only thing that can go to sleep with I use it every night even sometimes in the week days in the morning time I would and will recommend it i probably already did i can remember ,I think it some how improved my sleep there is different sounds that may help you I am using the sleep mix’s with the coastal rain and forest pebble beach and I think one more this is my awesome review hope you like it 😴😴
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5 years ago, Kyle Patricks Dad
This is the only app of this type that you need!
This app is amazing! Twenty times better than the other apps which you have to pay for! There are ads... on the SCREEN so who cares!!! NOTHING interferes with the beautiful sounds which are totally free and you can blend together to make amazing combinations. I’ve spent the last three hours trying to find this app and now that I have, all the other ones are getting deleted because they aren’t necessary.
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5 years ago, Balzac Starfighter
Good Sleeps
Very helpful!! I struggle with insomnia, largely because I have tinnitus (ringing in my ears) and found that sleeping with background noise really helps me fall asleep faster. I love this app because it lets you create your own mixes of various sounds at different volumes, and lets you play it in the background even when leaving the app to do something else. Also, you can set a timer for how long you want to let your sound or mix play. Very simple and helpful
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2 years ago, Kris060585
Beautiful soothing sounds
I have trouble turning off my thoughts and falling asleep. This helps so much. It calms my mind and relaxes me after a few minutes. I like that there is an option for a timer so I can set it for 20-30 minutes, l can lock my phone and not worry about battery drain. I just do the free version but there are so many options with the paid version. Love this app
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3 years ago, sleeper .
Amazing !!!!
I couldn’t sleep for 2 months doctor and I have tried everything even medication and nothing worked. So I tried music to relax it always worked. I thought of sounds and went went to the App Store and sense I like the outdoors I found this, i downloaded it and set it to the sounds I like and it was AMAZING I fell asleep in minutes and stayed asleep. Ray T.
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4 years ago, Jaye is my name
Amazing 10/10 would recommend
I love this app! There no no in app purchases making this app 100% free there are many options and it’s completely customizable. The ability to create your own playlist is amazing. I love the sleep timer because I will k ow my phone won’t be dead and continuing to play sound when I’m asleep unless I want it to. I would recommend this app for all ages and anyone would get a good use out of this
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4 years ago, uuv hbkhbkhbkbhk
Insomnia Cured
I suffer from insomnia every night and sleep at 3 A.M . I was looking for a free non-subscription sleep app to help me sleep easier. I tried this and fell asleep with the hour (I fall asleep after 4 hours of trying). Very pleased and it’s also easy to use and free! Great app overall, one suggestion for future if you get popular keep it free (most people don’t wanna spend 12$ a month just to sleep)
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2 years ago, JOINT WORKS
Bit more sounds
If it’ll be ok (but I’m only asking) if it’ll be ok if you could add some more sounds to this app. I know this is only the “small version” (if you get what I mean) and I get that. If nothing else though, could you please add some more snow sound effects (if that works with you). Thank you so much for this app. It’s helped me so much (even though I haven’t got the “full version” it’s still really helped me. Thanks and have a wonderful day.
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5 years ago, InuNaruPokeAlchemist
Nightly user for over 2 years
I looked for a long time for an app with multiple sounds. This one has the best mix of available sleep sounds. From waves to bells to cities and white noise, this app has something for each kind of sleeper. Having the ability to make multiple mixes has made this app stand out. On nights where one mix wouldn’t help I was able to use other ones to help me fall and stay asleep.
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7 years ago, MissPistol2u
Look No Further! Best App!!!
This app is by far the best sounds/white noise app I have used, and I have tried many! A friend recommended it to me, and I thought it would be like all the others but it wasn't!! I was able to go in and create my own sound with many options to choose from. I was also blown away by the fact that I could choose the volume of each sound! Absolute best way to relax!
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2 years ago, w. colin mckay
Great sleep
Since using this app my sleep has improved greatly. I’m under a certain amount of pressure which made it hard to sleep well. Since using this app I get a wonderful sleep. I’ve tried all the available sounds but the North Sea in Denmark is the. One I’ve settled on. It reminds me. Of when I was a kid and went to sleep every night listening to the ocean in Southern California.
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4 years ago, LuckyGuess32323
Helps you fall asleep
It’s a really good app to use because it helps you fall asleep so often and you can make your own sounds it’s perfect but if you don’t like sleeping a good night sleep then this app is not for you , if you do like sleeping with a good night sleep then this app is for you it is such a good app and such a good opportunity to get a good night sleep I love It so much I Think you should try it so much if you read it thanks
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5 years ago, maddygirl04
1 suggestion
I LOVE this app, it is fantastic and I love all the options, besides the streams my favorite is probably the birds. Which is why I would like to make a suggestion that in the next update you should add Whippoorwill bird noises, that is one of the most calming sounds. The song of the whippoorwill would be great to listen to as I drift to sleep. I would appreciate it greatly if you would put this option into consideration. Thank you😊
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2 years ago, Bad boy Ted
Soothing sleep
This one is good because they did a great job setting up their app. The recordings are all really clear everything else on the app. It’s easy and simple. Another thing I like is being able to mix The different sounds that’s definitely cool. All in all there you go if you need to get to sleep this one works works for me.
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4 years ago, La Mariposa sonriente
Better Nights Sleep
Recently I was having difficulty falling n staying asleep being a former preschool teacher I knew music soothed even the most restless preschoolers so I decided to give soothing sounds a try. I had tried several apps n this one seemed to work best for me I love the timer feature n although I only have the free version it’s perfect for me. So if u need a better nights sleep try this app n 😴 away 😊
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4 months ago, katlean06
Listen to the rhythm…
Of whatever calming sound you might be seeking. I came across this app while our granddaughter was visiting with us. She was used to falling asleep with music/soothing sounds. This did the trick. Even though I don’t use it often, I find comfort in knowing it’s available. Impressed with the selection and quality of the recordings.
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5 years ago, jennyk1026
I stumbled upon this app while staying in a hotel in NYC. If you've ever been to midtown nyc you realize how loud it can be at all hours of the day and night. I sleep with a sound machine say home but that only stays on for an hour then automatically shuts off. This app is amazing. You can use the timer if you so choose but I leave it in all night and it helps me sleep so well. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, QueenieBig
Very, Very helpful and easy!!
I am older and took a fell down stairs. Hit my head twice. Much very loud buzzing and noise started and was so loud I couldn’t sleep! This app was so easy and FREE when others wanted a subscription fee! The app allowed me to mix sounds to help drown out the noise. One night I slept with headphones to help get to sleep. The apps allows for a timer and auto off! I’m not yet 1 week post fall, but I am SO GRATEFUL for this app!
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5 years ago, Camille_Condor
I love this app. It has helped me sleep better for 1 whole month now. I’m a teen so sleep isn’t that easy for me you know cause my friends text me or I want to watch my late night show, but this app helps so much. I usually use the sounds crackling fire or North Sea in Denmark. I put these sounds on when I get in bed and then set the timer to 1hour and 20minutes and I fall asleep so fast! Love this app!!!
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