Start Simple with MyPlate

Health & Fitness
3.2 (307)
85.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
USDA Food & Nutrition Service
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Start Simple with MyPlate

3.16 out of 5
307 Ratings
10 months ago, kuuchanda
Offers great guidance but could be better
The app offers great information on food groups, portions and ways to incorporate into daily diet. However, I think there could be more productive features in the app that help build a balanced meal plan for the day/week. It should give users the option to create a meal plan based off of the daily goals they set, as well as options to create a grocery list that accounts for the amounts of each food group needed in order to fulfill daily goals and prepare correct serving sizes, so if a woman needs 3 cups of fruit each day she will need to add up to 21 cups of different fruits to the shopping list, and if shopping/meal planning for a family it should allow ability to account for the dietary needs for each member (21 cups fruit mom, 21 cups fruit dad, 7 cups fruit baby, etc.) weekly meal plans should account for breakfast lunch dinner and snacks so it is easy to spread out servings of each food group across the day.
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3 years ago, EVR78
I would love for this app to have the ability to set goals for each food group based on your age and gender and have a food diary option where you could input 1 cup milk at lunch for example and have it deducted from your food group goal. Also, an option for calorie counting for those who are trying to lose weight. Another idea would be to build a breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal plan by selecting options from a menu that meet each food group recommended amounts. Selected items could be automatically added to a grocery list. I would love to use this app more but right now it is more informational than practical.
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3 years ago, hlycowpaty
Function Request
I need this app to use the daily plan generated on choose my plate (uses my hight, gender, weight, age, and activity level) to put my food groups on a dashboard (just like it looks now) so I can tap a category to show it was eaten. With a goal of getting all my groups in at the end of the day. If a group is clicked on the heading, serving sizes and exaples of that group with options for more information would be included (this is already there, and useful). Syncing with an app like my fitness pal would be ideal. An app like this could be vitally usefu for parents feeding their toddlers, teaching healthy eating to kids of any age, and teaching my tween about healthy eating and calorie tracking that includs appropriate nutrition. As is, this app is pretty useless because all it does is give mini goals for selecting food within a group without any tracking of groups eaten. The group's information is useful, but without the tracking of daily groups eaten, I wouldn't use an app just for that. Please include the above functions and make your app awesome!
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3 years ago, PamIsFrustrated
Not very helpful or accurate
I teach HS Nutrition and was hoping this would be a good resource similar to SuperTracker that was removed from the MyPlate site a couple years ago. This is just clicking, no foods tracked, no accountability, no nutrients, no tips for dietary restrictions and so on (I just clicked through the entire day’s goals before breakfast and earned my “badges”). It also does not take into consideration anything put in the quiz. For example I put in vegetarian and it suggested more protein, this app has only suggested meat items in the tips. I don’t see that it will be of any value to my students...I give it a solid “meh”. Disappointing... Downgraded to one star. Went through the 5 days just to see if something more worthwhile showed up. Nope. Deleting the app. Bring back SuperTracker!
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3 years ago, Counselorlady
Room for improvement
This is a good app, but has lots of room for improvement. 1) at least one of the goals is written as a weekly goal, but the goals are daily. This is confusing. 2) i cannot find a way to save recipes for meal planning 3) it bounces back and forth between the app and the website and the website doesn’t always let me log in 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️and 4) could you put something to help with weekly meal planning? I like the recipes and the daily goals. The recipes are simple as well as culturally diverse. I just discovered the tips; those are good. The website is colorful and appealing. It’s a great start, keep improving!
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2 years ago, Adri .A.
Improvement needed
I like the app because it helps me understand what food groups are needed for a balance daily diet. Also, I like the challenges. However, I need more engagement and accountability. I would like added a daily diary food tracker that counts calories. Also, a fitness calorie used tracker and a weight goal with more challenges.
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3 years ago, undrthrdr
Great informational app!
This app set me on track to eating healthy. It’s not like all the other food tracking apps that count calories and macro nutrients. But what it lacks in that area it makes up for it with letting you know what whole foods to eat and what counts as a full serving of each food group. It even tells you what to shoot for in terms of how many servings are right for you. I would use this app in conjunction with any other fitness app as the goals section is kinda useless. Overall great app. Very informative.
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3 months ago, sarawileyxo
Not very helpful, needs work!
There’s a bunch of prefabricated goals but no real point to using this app. I deleted it right away as I found it pretty useless. It would be better if they overhauled it and turned it into a servings tracker instead based on quiz results. Yes, we know how to divide a plate properly, but having a calorie/serving type/size tracker, including a visual of what those sizes look like would actually be useful. It would be great to have multiple profiles to track a family and have all of that information in one place Vs having to measure and scour the internet to find it. Please fix this! There is potential in the idea it’s just not there yet.
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2 years ago, Chimmypayne
Scam likely.
So, I used this app once and it was not very good. I was going to cancel before the trial was up but I couldn’t find where to do that. I figured I would come back to it in a few days but I never did. This was in July 2021. Well, it February 2022 and I forgot all about this app until today when I noticed I got charged again. I have looked all over the app and my email history and the website. There isn’t a way to stop them from taking money from your account once you sign up. I have sent multiple emails and have not received a response yet. I’m going to have to cancel my credit card. Ugh.
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4 years ago, Car_ Fem
Amazing!! Love it!
This is such a perfectly designed app! So many apps make you read through their unnecessary rambling before finally getting the info you were actually looking for. Not this one!! This is straight and to the point. Many healthy food ideas/choices, daily amount recommendations, and how they benefit you, or not. This is exactly what I was looking for... thank you
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1 year ago, Jimm6378
Impossible to change values
If this tool behaved like it appears it would it would be great but it doesn’t allow you to track what you’ve eaten. It doesn’t allow you to change. What your goals are. It gives you challenges that you can do like eat a sweet fruit instead of candy and you can check off that goal but it’s not useful for actually tracking what you’re eating on a day-to-day basis feels like the design was good, but the product was not well thought out or executed on.
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3 years ago, Audreality
Great App
Thanks USDA! So far I am digging the way that this app is set up. The Tips icons for easy ways to meet goals are fantastic and offer more than one option to help with meeting those goals. The only thing I would add would be an area for keeping track of water intake. It would also be great to have recipes for infused water and other beverages to aid in reducing consumption of processed drinks with added sugars, fats, and sodium.
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4 years ago, Marie502
Great app
I love the simplicity of this app as opposed to other calorie trackers. Counting calories does not work for me. I become too fixated on the number and don’t pay attention to the nutritional value of the food I eat (I can eat total garbage and still stay within my calorie limit!). This is a simple way to improve my overall nutrition without getting hung up on a stupid number.
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3 years ago, VivaMuse
Too Simple
This app did not work for me, here’s why. I just started a special diet, with specific foods I’m supposed to avoid or consume in smaller amounts, and I needed to know some alternative options to replace them, to have a balanced diet. For example dairy, the only other choices this app offered were lactose-free milk or soy. What about almond milk that’s enriched with calcium, other nut or grain milks, or the great variety of plant based cheeses. Overall, there were not enough options for the different food groups. Not enough explanation of why and how to balance the basic food groups. I have studied food/nutrition most of my life, from popular non-fiction cooking/diet books, and at community college and university food service management core classes. I was hoping to learn something new from this current version of MyPlate, but little has changed in format, food choice diversity or with new food science.
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3 years ago, dummed out
Couldn’t do ANYTHING 😡
I was looking forward to using this app after the many times having to log in and be told my password doesn’t work. Then resetting it twice I finally had the chance to look at this app. I followed the guidelines on how to get started. What happened it didn’t give me ANY option for choices. So I deleted and restarted thinking maybe something happened on my end, but yet again still NOTHING AT ALL!!! USDA this is horrible and needs to be fixed. I will be unsubscribing and will be using a competitor instead.
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4 years ago, VKF60
Great App to start a life change journey !
The goals part of this app is a great feature. It’s a good way to start making small changes that will then become life changing habits that will have a huge impact on improving your health. Start small with one goal at a time. Enjoy the journey and how it makes you feel.
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2 years ago, McPickCarp
As an eating disordered person I really appreciate knowing what the limits are while still giving me choices to make and responsibility in what those choices are. I know what too much and too little food is now. It is very helpful.
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1 year ago, Beth196119791984
Unnecessary difficulty
This could be a useful app but when I use it, there is no place to store my data. I have an account but it doesn’t seem to be linked to the app. It’s ridiculous to have a potentially simple app but not the ability to link to an account. There may be governmental privacy reasons for this but as it is, it’s useless to me. I’m willing to revisit this in the future.
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2 years ago, cricket3788
Great for reminders
This app is great for reminding you to eat healthy but I would love it if gave suggestions on meals and recipes. Or if a notification was added for “hey check your blood sugar, eat a snack, have you eaten any vegetables today” and it would be better if it was breakfast, lunch, dinner organized not just by goals.
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4 years ago, Ndubbs87
Doesn’t do what it should
What is the point of this app? It doesn’t do anything. Why doesn’t it track what you eat and tell you if you are hitting your goals? I want to be able to enter my meals, then it show me I’ve only had 1 serving of veggies so I should eat more. There is another app that does this but it’s doesn’t do a good job either. I would hope that the people who came up with the myplate idea would make something that actually helps people adhere to this plan 🙄
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1 year ago, Doç
Mediocre App
I don’t find the goals to be helpful. Calorie and macro goals would be more helpful. In the app, there is a link to “take myplate quiz again” and if you follow the link, complete the quiz, click ‘save results’, login after prompt: it takes you to “page not found” and results are lost. I’ve done this twice now. Waste of time.
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3 years ago, TurquoiseBleu
so dumbed down it’s useless
I thought this app would calculate your energy needs and reccomended exchanges and help track if you are meeting targets or not. also would help to ad hunger ratings and feelings/events/thoughts section for each meal. it currently only seems to have pre-determined goals like “ate fruit with dinner” which is okay but not nearly enough to implement a plan to meet dietary recommendations. disappointed again
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1 year ago, LadyFisc
This app is very difficult to use and not user friendly at all. Not able to set goals. Still working with it but the instructions in app don't seem to work in my app. I like the food categories and how much to eat.
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3 years ago, Namtsae
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work. Aside from the overly redirected convoluted registration and sign in process, after I think making an account it took 5 minutes for the app to take the login and then it just did nothing. Cant navigate, other than a link to the web site and information about food, nothing else works. Started and restarted multiple times.
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2 years ago, Honey Bunns 78
Love it‼️
I have been on a healthy diet journey since the beginning of February and I have been working on my meal planning and new ways to help me stay on track. This app is a great tool to have.
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2 years ago, NN4Ss
Start Simple
This should be billed as an informational app only. Adding tracking capability would be fantastic and is not impossible (Weight Watchers app. Is a good model to follow). From reading other reviews it appears that the prior app- Super Tracker- did just that so I am puzzled as to why it was discontinued! I would suggest it be brought back and added to this one.
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2 years ago, BroncoRyder
Fairly unhelpful app
This app would benefit from incorporating all the things from the website. Include the shop simple stuff, include the MyPlate plan, the recipes. That would be a great foundation for the app, then improve from there. But as of now this app doesn’t do anything useful besides give small challenges through the day.
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1 year ago, alexie in nnm
Good start but needs fixing!
How to change goals from 1 fruit or veg? Who knows! Why have a goal when you can’t mark your servings? Who knows? And why does it keep sending me to a new page in browser? Who knows?
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5 months ago, Meterorogist
Zero Privacy Policy
In order to create an account, you have to give up all personal privacy. Personal info required to set up an account to sync and track goals and use tools is not protected! Not only is it available to the government but also third parties including scammers and spammers!
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3 years ago, Jeremiah Brews
Needs work
This app would be successful if it had multiple meal ideas to follow, catered to each myplate. I do not need another app to not follow for goals, I want an app I can learn from. For instance, what kind of breakfast should I eat in the morning? Throw me a few options. Says eat a vegetable in the morning. Carrot? Onion? Garlic, potatoes? Which veggie is best for me? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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3 years ago, birdyxb
Amazing free nutrition app!!
The graphics are beautiful and the app is easy to use, plus they include recipes and other important facts while making it fun and easy!
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4 years ago, bhenning0915
Very good for people to be able to know how when and what is the best for them and there children to eat. So happy I have found this a important app I can use every day.
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3 years ago, WhitneyMk
A fact based proven way to get you through everyday!
Thank you for this mindfulness exercise.
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5 years ago, Jamie_Eighty
This app almost does what I’m looking for, i want to be able to input food that i ate and it can show me my progress on certain groups (fruit, veggie, protein, etc) so i can actually track how I’m doing in certain groups.
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4 years ago, urbanemu
Great app to track simple goals
Really like how this app is simple in how it allows you to track and set goals. Tips are a really nice way to get ideas on how to achieve your goals.
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11 months ago, Attemptress72
Why fix what’s not broken?
The old “MyPlate” app was much better. All I had to do was type in my food or scan a barcode on the old version. I couldn’t even figure out how to track my food and calories on this new version. It only gave me a goal to eat 2 fruits and add whole grains and a dark green to my diet. This is useless!
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8 months ago, the Herkemers
My plate
It is a fun website and it teaches good nutrition in the process of setting goals and by working to accomplish them on a daily process .
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11 months ago, Naturewood
Not What I Expected
This app was very disappointing. I thought it would help me track the food I was eating against the different MyPlate categories, but it doesn’t. It just has generic goals such as “snack on vegetables” and “have fruit with dinner”. Sure you can track these generic goals, but that doesn’t help people align with the MyPlate program.
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11 months ago, TexasTired
It’s an app to nowhere.
Just about everything you touch on the app takes you to a website, which is not integrated to the app. And the website looks middle-school-project-built. For example, there’s a table of suggested calorie plans, but no column labels. So for people 14 and up, there are six columns of calories. Which is mine, Marge? 1600 or 2600?
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2 years ago, Just a Getawy
Just a Getaway
This application has improved my nutritional habits. It has helped me be more mindful of eating a well balanced meal every time I eat.
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1 year ago, Darla20121949
Cannot log in
I created an account on the website. Every time I try to login on the app, the app takes me to the website and back to the app to the website then back to the app. Loops. Never ending. Cannot get in. It seems to think I need to REGISTER, no matter that I already did. That’s not helpful.
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5 years ago, Dave20005
Great healthy reminders!
I’m setting up these reminders to keep me on track. I’m starting with just one per food group for now. Thank you, MyPlate people!! 🍽
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3 years ago, Micaaa888
Good info but...
The application must include an option to place the calories needed specifically for each one and mark how many servings of each food group were eaten daily in order to keep a record.
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3 years ago, Klyssy
Not what I was hoping for
I had hoped this would be more like a tracking app that I could use to make sure I hit my food groups and possibly even calories. It is very user friendly though.
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3 years ago, Youngfitguy2
My plate plan
The my plate plan needs to be on the app just like the website. I would like to see exactly how much food I need to intake for each food group.
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1 year ago, lithezebra
You can’t set your true goals
My Plate gives you very limited options for goals. For example, I can’t just say that I want to eat a certain number of servings of fruits and vegetables, and a certain number of grams of protein.
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4 years ago, MariaCasaverde
Terrible app
There's no food tracker, how am I supposed to know how much to eat of each group. The articles are too long and not helpful or culturally relevant. It would be better to have something that you can add things to the plate so you can see what you can add to make the plate healthier. Totally disappointed about this app.
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3 years ago, QtContrary
My daughter is in 9th grade and we downloaded this to help understand portion sizes. I’m using it too!
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4 years ago, kisurej78
My MyPlate Opinion
I think MyPlate is a great app to start eating healthier, more fun! I think it’s fun, because you can get all kinds of badges! I love MyPlate! I gave it 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Dhhdfhv bob fhjfgjjgg
This is generic at best, able to click through the entire day in one go and not look at it again all day. Seems like the functionality is out there on so many apps, why is this one so bad.
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