StepBet: Walk, Get Active, Win

Health & Fitness
4.8 (18.6K)
106.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
FitnessAI Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for StepBet: Walk, Get Active, Win

4.81 out of 5
18.6K Ratings
9 months ago, nmbrsgrl123
Gets You Moving!
I joined a couple months ago and love it! I have a desk job and sometimes work 10-12 hours a day. I used to notice the rings on my Apple Watch would show if only stood up 3 or 4 times a day during my busy periods at work. I’m not a big fan of working out but I’m trying to get healthier habits mixed into my routine. Since joining StepBet I find myself getting up just to speed walk through the halls at work every hour or so. When I get home exhausted from the day at the office I used to plop on the couch and turn on the tv. Now I find myself pacing the floor and moving as much as I can while going about my evening. This isn’t an app to make a ton of money or anything; it’s meant to motivate you to get moving more. It works for me. I’m just competitive enough to not want to kiss my goals! I feel happier and accomplished when I hit them. The goals are going up and up with every game. I may do a recovery game or two to get them back to a number I can do or I may keep going until I hit my limit. Either way, I’m winning because I’m healthier and having fun!
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3 years ago, thelasara
Love It...For the Most Part
I joined my first StepBet 6 weeks ago and have really enjoyed using the app! It’s easy to use and navigate, syncs well with my FitBit, and overall is visually appealing. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of an email they sent out a few days ago that I feel like had an unhealthy and potentially triggering message. The email subject line was “Earn That Extra Stuffing” and the message implied that food (specifically food during the holidays, a time of celebration) should be earned by participating in physical activity. It was off-putting after I had just enjoyed 6 weeks of using the app and successfully completing my first bet. I know not everyone shares the same opinion but I hope the developers understand how this mindset can be dangerous to those who have experienced disordered eating. I won’t detail my opinion on why this is harmful, just wanted to make the developers aware. I think the email (which was advertising the membership plan...totally fair and understandable) could have been effective without pairing the idea of earning food with it. Maybe something along the lines of motivation to move and be active during a time that we tend to do a lot of sitting and stay indoors a lot because of weather? After all, it seems like one of the overall themes of the app in general is motivation.
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10 months ago, Xwave500
A lot of effort for little money back
This program feels like such a scam because of the little amount that you can win and the huge amount that they take from the pot. In my game they took 45% of the amount that all players lost. If they were to take 15% of the remaining pot, players would have gotten about $15 in additional winnings as opposed to $9.44 which is around what I got. The first week was a trial with no elimination, the second week until the six week was the real game. For the last five weeks of the game I took time from driving Uber to be able to meet my step goals. Yet on multiple days, I would end an hour early to meet my goals with StepBet. In an hour I averaged $20-$40 with Uber. In the time it takes me to do one or two rides I earn more than what I earn over the six week period. this should be like a step fitness membership not a bet. Realistically you get back less than two dollars for every week you complete. This app is better designed for those who have wanted to spare hours of time 5 to 6 days a week keeping in mind, they will likely make less than two dollars per week unless they pay for a nearly hundred dollar subscription to remove fees. I estimate you would have to play between 3 to 6 games to recoup your hundred dollars from the Subscription. Each game takes 4 to 6 weeks. To complete and you can do up to three at a time with the subscription.
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4 years ago, ::RyRy::
Best Motivation
I started using this app about four months ago. I’m now totally addicted. Before this app I would maybe fill up my rings on my Apple Watch a couple times a week. Now EVERYDAY my watch tells me I filled all my rings. The thing I like most is it uses your Apple Health app data to calculate your steps needed each day. The goals are achievable for yourself. So, there’s a hike in my town, it’s only one mile but ALL up hill. The last .25 mile is even carved out steps in the rocks. This hike used to defeat me, I’d have to rest multiple times. Now I’m able to go from the bottom to the top without resting once and I even feel fine once I get to the top. It’s amazing how getting active everyday can change your life. And if you’re like me and have a busy life and need something to hold you accountable to hitting your daily goal, this is the app for you. Just try it.
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4 years ago, iLOVEtheEARTH
No flexibility
Careful about joining a game if your plans are subject to change in any way wether you can foresee it or not. There is absolutely no flexibility on getting a refund if for reasons out of your control you can no longer participate in a game unless it’s a medical emergency, which is apparently the only good reason to not be able to participate in a time consuming activity. Also don’t expect professionalism from any customer service agent as I was lied to and patronized when I reached out for help. I explicitly let them know I couldn’t participate in the game and didn’t know until after it started and that was why I was requesting a refund and the response I got was they couldn’t issue a refund but I could earn my money back by completing the game. The thing I specifically said I couldn’t do. And for a game I had already failed out of because, as I said, I couldn’t participate. And apparently it’s perfectly fine for them to lie to you because I wound up speaking to someone else hoping to find someone who’d treat me with a modicum of respect and they didn’t even acknowledge that I was lied to or treated the way I was. The customer service is a joke. Don’t use the app unless your ok with giving your money away for reasons outside of your control.
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6 years ago, budgetbae
Great motivation, but...
Stepbet is a great motivation to get moving. When I really get into a funk with my workout routine, the possibility of losing $40 gets me off the couch more than anything. However, I’ve had Stepbet for a little over a year and my step goals have gotten out of control. I live in NYC, so naturally I’m walking a lot without trying. I understand that the goals are calculated based on your step history, but it seems unfair that other people in the game will have a stretch goal of 9,000, while my stretch goal is 19,000, and we’re playing for the same reward. It takes me twice the amount of time to get those steps, and really hinders my opportunity to add strength training or more varied workouts into my routine. So while I think Stepbet is great, I’m going to have to stop using it until the system is changed. It would be great if there were set goals, such as everyone having to get 10k steps a day, or 15k steps a day like Spryfit. It would be more sustainable in the long term, because I know I’m not the only one struggling with their ever-increasing step goals. There are only so many hours in a day.
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3 years ago, sbook
Consistent sync issues
Scroll the challenge comments and you will see that there are consistently sync issues with tracker and StepBet app. I personally have the Apple Watch. StepBet syncs from Apple Health, not your tracker or Activity App. In two instances (separate challenges), Health did not sync the correct steps from my watch/Activity app. Interestingly enough, another step app that I use synced the correct number of steps even though it’s connected to Health. That happened to me TWICE. While I understand some of the burden of the issue lies on Apple, I think StepBet should evaluate how they capture steps when there a numerous participants with sync issues no matter what device they’re using. I often see FitBit and Garmin users in the challenge comments complaining about sync issues as well. The first time the sync issue occurred, a StepBet rep said she knew it was a known issue because of the iOS update and updated the steps on their end accordingly. This second time I reached out (after have installing the update), a StepBet rep said too bad. 🤷‍♀️ Cool...thanks for the help. I would not recommend this app until StepBet rectifies syncing issues that are discussed in the challenge comments.
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3 years ago, Zdorova
Huge glitch in app
In the middle of a game somehow I was logged out and when I tried to log back in the app suggested I log in through Facebook. I did this and suddenly my game was gone. I sent an email asking for help and the automatic response said they would get back to me in 3-5 days. Meanwhile if I miss a day I lose the competition. The email indicated if you lost your game it may be from a duplicate account, which is what happened, but all is suggests is logging out and then trying again, which doesn’t work. So meanwhile I will lose my game because they can’t respond. It would be very helpful if they would inform us of this issue as we first sign up. Hopefully they will at least refund me my original $40 that was used to sign up. Update: they contacted me and were able to find the previous account. It would be really good though if in the log in page they built in a warning telling everyone to always log in with same account to avoid this issue
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4 years ago, Busy mom 1977
Scam? Wrongly out $190, can’t find anyone to talk to
Would give 0 stars if app would allow. I signed up and the program got me moving more, great! Then one night I worked hard to hit my goal by midnight and somehow it didn’t register. I have searched and can’t figure out who to talk to, how to get it fixed and I’m out a bunch of money because I was confident of (and succeeded at) following through on my goals so I signed up for the membership and three programs. Now I’m out $190. Because there was a bug in how my watch talked to my phone, or because it’s a scam, or both. Not sure how many others this has happened to?? It was not the first time the app didn’t easily synch to my watch, but the other times it was earlier in the evening. I am a runner, a triathloner and an honest person and am worried this company is taking advantage of people. I’m a busy mother of 3, who works full time, so even writing this post is pulling energy from places I don’t have it to spare. If magically the company gets back with me about this ‘hack/bug’ in the software gets resolved I’ll take down this review. Until then, feel I must warn people.
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4 years ago, Kma711
No customer service
I started using this app about 4 weeks ago. I was really impressed with it and will be honest that it motivated me to walk more than I ever have. I had joined as a monthly member was thinking I would become a yearly member. Then about 4 days ago all of my games and all I paid was wiped off my account. I thought this was just a glitch and would be easily fixed. I sent in an email to costumer support and received the auto return saying they got it and were working on the issue. Since then nothing, except the auto emails telling me I was being kicked out of games because my steps weren’t syncing. Tried emailing support again, and not even the auto response. I will continue to bug them but have little to no hope of getting a response.
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3 years ago, Alynnclark
App is good; choose team wisely
I joined StepBet because I thought it would be a good way to join in with others for team support, motivation and/or fitness camaraderie. If that is what you’re seeking, find your team carefully or join with those you already know. I joined a team by myself. I post motivational messages regularly, like their comments and comment on their comments. I get very little interaction from them. There’s no connection at all going into week three. Some of them are posting about their pets vs. how they’re getting their fitness activity in. Initially, I thought I’d just keep doing these challenges, one after another after another, but I don’t think I will unless I have my own group join with me or if I see a group that is interacting as a real team. If you’re looking for help with motivation, you may not find it here. I can use my FitBit for my stats, so don’t need StepBet for that. Good luck with your fitness! You can do it!!
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4 months ago, Sookey2
StepBet Keeps me Active!
I have been using StepBet for 8 years to keep me active and stepping. It is easy for me to talk myself out of exercise and stay on the couch. StepBet has given me motivation to stay active even when I don’t feel like it. I have done some funny things to make sure I hit my goals (walking late at night on my block, taking a walk when I wouldn’t have otherwise) and I wouldn’t have done that or been as active if I hadn’t joined StepBet games. I signed up as a member because I could do multiple games at once and this has added to my resolve. Its an investment in my healthy and wellness that is more than covered by the winnings from completing my challenges. I highly recommend the games to others looking to stay motivated to be active.
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4 years ago, g Gx shk
It is great until it isn’t
It is pretty cool app but just be sure that everything works out in your favor and you do not have an emergency or any type of bad luck that will result in you not making your steps, even by a few! I missed about 50 steps that would have taken two minutes to complete. I work at my Retail job til Midnight, if anyone knows when you work retail you cannot be seen charging your phone or using your phone. To not get written up, I could not charge it during my shift. I had the hope they would understand because it was such a small amount of steps. I got no consideration at all. They will not budge which is unfortunate. Not sure why they have referees “to make tough calls” it is more to show you the highlighted part of where you messed up and why you won’t be eligible to continue your game. I planned on buying a membership to participate in more games but I will go with another app.
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7 years ago, Love2Run330
Brilliant motivational concept!! Really works!
Ok. I don’t write reviews. However, I am compelled to write one for this phenomenal app. This app has transformed me from sitting at a desk / travel 70 hours a week working to looking for every way possible to get my steps in every day! I LOVE it! I feel amazing and I’m losing weight. What more can I ask for?! It is incredibly motivating to bet against yourself. Jillian Michaels also has a great app that has a diet bet challenge that can be used with this app. Try it! What have you got to lose? Nothing but increased health and happiness! This really works! I love the motivational reminder nudges too. And when you reach your goal you feel rewarded. The community is extremely supportive and I find ideas for success every day reading fellow steppers posts. Did I say I love this? Lol
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6 years ago, violetrae1
Fun concept but read the fine print
I like the app; it delivers exactly what it promises. But there were two things I wish I had paid attention to before diving in: 1) they take 15% of the pot right off the top, so 15% of the people in your game have to fail before you even make 1 cent. So in terms of actual money earned you’re looking at..not much at all. 2) if you do make any money, they don’t just put it back on your credit card. You have to have pal pal and if you don’t you have to request they mail you a check- for which there’s a fee that’s close if not more than what you made in the game! So this really isn’t for people who respond to positive motivation (“if I workout I’ll make money!) but in actuality, it’s for people who respond to pain avoidance (“if I workout I won’t lose my 40$). It is effective if you’re in the latter category but not much if you’re in the former one.
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3 months ago, Taranoel17
ETA: finally found the support email. Super fast and helpful response. Game has got me moving a lot more than I was and I’m really glad I joined. Now I just need to win! I started a game in 3/25. I synced a bit ago and then got logged out. I can’t figure out how I logged in. I tried FB and now it says I need to login via FB, but that is not where my game is. I can find no way to contact anyone to help me get back in so I’m trying this. It seems to be a great app and has definitely motivated me, but if I can’t get in and I can’t find a human to help and I lose $40 and the chance to win more, then it’s terrible. Happy to give more stars when/if someone helps me get back into my game.
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3 years ago, Nike27
Don’t bother!
I have been using this app for almost a year. I really enjoyed it and raved about it to my friends. I’ve had two instances where there was a syncing problem and my steps were not recorded correctly. The first time it was a quick fix with a couple screen shots to verify I made my goal. The second time was a nightmare. I proved the goal was met through my Apple Watch app and apple health app however because step bet didn’t receive the correct information they disqualified me from the game after giving me the run around for an entire week. I jumped through all of their hoops sending countless screen shots, spending hours on the phone between them and apple, requesting official correspondence from apple saying that the steps are verified but just not syncing to their app and they took my money regardless. I will never trust my money in this app again. Fix your bugs and get your app to work correctly!
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4 years ago, shellychester
Not happy, must be a scam.
So i started a “game” and payed the amount that was due to join. I started to realize the app had a different count of steps than my Apple Watch health. At first i though wasn’t updated so i waited and tried the next day. Well today my Apple Watch said i walked over 11,000 steps. I was excited because i hit my goal! I open the app to be disappointed when i saw i only walked just over 6,000 steps. I tried to reload, redownload, restated both my phone and Apple Watch. Nothing changed. So the next thing i could do was hit the “contact us” button. it went right to an email. I wrote the email explaining my situation. And i receive and email back, yet again excited bc this will hopefully get fixed. Well it was an auto email stating that i won’t get a response back for 3-5 days. Well guess what. That means i failed my week because according to the app i didn’t hit my goal. I’m extremely disappointed. And i will advise everyone that the app is a scam for money.
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7 years ago, cheryleparrish
Love it!
I checked sync from Apple Watch to STEPBET app daily. But for some reason 2 weeks ago, 3 days at the end of the week showed me with zero points at the very end. Of course I was disqualified from winning the bet. I was very sure that STEPS were synced daily and not sure what caused this glitch, but it appears to be an issue with the APP. When I contacted SUPPORT they were adamant that they could not do anything once I was disqualified (which I don’t believe) even though the glitch had to have been on their end. They offered no solution, but SORRY. I also asked to cash in on the on used portion of my membership since they evidently don’t work very well with customer satisfaction and they refused to give me any type of refund. I am done, I never missed a day of syncing and for there to be 3 days in a row, there is certainly and issue. Then I noticed 2 days after I complained to them, there is a bug fix update. I WILL NOT be using this APP any more.
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6 years ago, Sue_Husky_Lover
Keeps you honest and motivated!
Great little app that keeps you motivated. Become a member for 50 bucks and you won’t have the 15% admin fee pulled out of your winnings. Once you are a member you’ll want to play member only games and you can play up to three games at a time. You won’t get rich but you just may get shape! It’s really a lot of fun to watch your earnings build up. Very supportive community. There’s always someone from the community that posts a detailed winning chart showing how much we’ve won to date based on the number of people still in the game. I love it! Supports multiple devices. I use my Fitbit, no issues ever. You’re going to work out anyway you may as well get paid for it! Now get Steppin’ people!
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6 months ago, ninafromcharleston
A fun way to get yourself to move !
I love StepBet ! The way it works is your betting on yourself to complete the required step count (based on your step history thru your personal platform (mine is Fitbit ) which StepBet connects to ! There are games that require 6 “active” days and some only require 5. If you complete the required weeks in the game , you get your money back (your “bet” ) plus a share of the pot which grows as people drop out ! The whole concept is very motivating ! And they have customer support that is really supportive ! I had a minor issue and they kept at it til resolved with constant communication with me !
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1 year ago, Hello kitty lover 1986
Issues with Tracker
*i wish i looked a these reviews prior to getting the app. * Please report them to the BBB and to Apple. Apple support has been lovely in reporting this scammy app. Don’t waste your money or time on this app. Their customer service team is horrible and this app is a scam to get money. Was in a challenge for 4 weeks. One night my apples watch was syncing with Apple health. This has never happened before and my Apple health was short by 185 steps. I contacted step her right away and all the screenshot to support my step count were not sufficient. After dealing with Apple health customer support they proved that it was not issued on part and emailed them this. I was not refunded and was offered to compete in another challenge. 4 weeks of stepping days gone- I was walking 8-10 miles daily. Be aware, if you have issues they will not refund you and ask you to compete in another challenge
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1 year ago, cassierae28
I wish I could give the Step bet app ZERO STARS because that is what it truly deserves! I have used the app for approximately 2 months and I have constantly seen other members as well as myself struggle with getting the app to even work properly causing a majority of people to become disqualified from challenges even though it was not their fault but step bet’s poorly updated app! Instead of valuing their customers they make poor excuses for their app never working properly! Ali James needs to find a new app to do these step challenges on because I really love them but the poor customer service and poor app quality really ruined the experience! StepBet has no problem taking everyone’s money but won’t put any of that money into improving and updating their app that is in fact causing the problem!!! 🤦🏻 StepBet you are losing customers by the minute!!! 😬
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3 years ago, K. Crim
Trouble Syncing w/Apple Health
I despise fitness trackers because I just think they’re hideous. So I use Apple Health to track my steps and am very diligent about keeping my phone on meat all times. Step Bet wasn’t accurately recording my steps so it looked like I wasn’t meeting my daily goals. Customer service is useless. They just copy and paste info from their FAQ section if you reach out to them. Obviously I did all that before I contacted them and I even included screenshots of the inaccuracies between the app and Apple Health. Then support asks for more screenshots. I’ve had to delete several other health and fitness apps I use just to get Step Bet to accurately record my steps. Now support is asking for the more of the same screenshots I’ve sent to them twice already. At this point I want a refund. It shouldn’t be this much of a hassle and I shouldn’t have to delete other apps for this to work.
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2 years ago, Jacob Hantla
They’ll take your money even if you walk the steps
It’s a great idea and is indeed motivating. However, I’ve lost my money one too many times even when I walk the required steps. This most recent that made me drop my membership and now I will be recommending people do not join happened when I’m the middle of a 6 week step bet I apparently didn’t open my app until Wednesday to sync up my steps from the week before. They all synced and were valid but because it was late in the week they didn’t qualify. There is no reason for this other than to take our money. The app doesn’t notify you to open; the first notification you get is “you lose.” It’s sad because I love the motivation and the concept is ingenious. The company and its policies ruin the whole thing. Subscription canceled. Done
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3 months ago, Bella Señora
Excellent Customer Service
I highly recommend the StepBet app! It is an easy method to count your daily steps and win prizes! Customer service goes above and beyond to help answer all your questions and concerns satisfactorily. I recommend the app 150%! Without getting into the specifics, Frank from customer service quickly resolved my concern when I emailed regarding a death tragic event in my family. He understood the shock, the grieving process and my current pain of loosing a loved one. I will rejoin as soon as I am done grieving and continue my health journey by tracking my steps. I love ❤️ & recommend the StepBet app!
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4 years ago, LynStacee
I’ve completed 2 step bets so far and was happy with the basic idea of it as extra motivation to get my steps in. However, the fact that your payment turns into points and you can only get the points payout through PayPal is disheartening. And you don’t find out that the payment is turned into points until after you make the payment. And if you’re not a member, Step Bet takes 15% of the pot before players get paid out and if the group is large, with lots of winners, the payout is small. So you’re basically banking on others failing so you can make more money! And I got kicked off the app...a lot...trying to sync up my steps. I get y’all are in it to make money, but so was I...not just to make sure I didn’t lose $40.
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4 years ago, Johnnyswife13
Do NOT WASTE your money on this!
I wish there were zero stars to give! I am beyond frustrated with this app. I have had problems with games since the start of November. I have NUMEROUS emails to support full of back and forth screen shots to prove I hit my step goals because the app is so buggy and can’t keep steps and won’t even allow me to log in right now! I asked more than once for a refund of my yearly member $50 fee. They refused and gave me tokens to join another game—oh joy, more tokens to use on an app that doesn’t work! I waited three weeks for them to “fix the app” and used the tokens to try another game. I’m on the first week of the game and ALREADY having issues with the app not letting me log in!!! Ridiculous! I want a refund of my yearly fee that I paid in September and am not able to use through the year as the stupid app doesn’t even work! Huge ripoff!!!
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4 years ago, e-hutt
I was skeptical!
So, I was skeptical when I first saw this but the reviews (in app and outside resources) seemed I gave it a shot. It’s SO easy!! Make your goal for the day, sync your phone before bed, and there you go! I always check the app after I sync just to make sure it’s registered my steps and I’ve had no problems! So far, I’ve bet $90 and seen it all come back to me. The best thing is the accountability. I was feeling lazy one day but I had already used up my “break day”. I was so tempted to fall into old habits and just relax but then I remember that I had $40 on the line... I wasn’t about to lose that! So I got up and pushed through the 5,000 steps I needed. Happy I did, too! I think if you’re looking for something to hold you to your goals, this is a great app. It’s easy to understand and keeps you motivated. I’ve met my goals for six weeks now and I don’t feel like stopping yet! Especially because you can pre-plan some future bets! Tl;dr - great app, easy to use, keeps you accountable!
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3 months ago, Aruba Mamaw
Great customer service
In the past few years, I have participated in four step bets and I find them extremely helpful to keep me moving. At age 70 it’s very important that I stay physically active and this app really helps me to do that. I got Covid this week and was in the middle of a StepBet and I sent them an email containing a photo of my positive Covid test and they immediately refunded my $40 fee for this StepBet. I really appreciate their fast and helpful customer service in this matter. As soon as I am well, I plan to begin another StepBet.
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5 years ago, Marieleighfloraldesign
Membership scam
I started using Step bet when it was first unveiled. I have the first group t shirt hanging in my closet to prove it. I’m very disappointed I was continually charged a membership fee and there is no way to delete my payment information in the app. Basically I was charged $50 2 years in a row for a service I’m no longer using. Support was no help so I will be filing a dispute with my credit card company. I’ve used their customer support in the past and they’ve always been helpful. This is a big disappointment and they’ve lost a long time customer. Update: I did receive a refund because the developer reviewed this review. As a customer you still do not have the ability to remove your own CC information. My customer service experience was not pleasant on the matter and I will not remove my initial comments as requested.
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3 years ago, Meeroom
Can’t see step goals are unrealistic until too late
I was really unhappy with this app and experience. I joined and it seems like you can only set up step goals using your fitbit or other fitness tracker. My fitbit is new and after signing up for a game the app told me it didn’t have enough data to set my goals. I had to check every day to see if I finally had enough data. It doesn’t tell me how much was required so I just had to check every day. Once it did have enough data the goals were so unrealistic there was no way I could’ve met them and had any sort of life. I would have to walk an extra 5 miles just to do the “low” day. There was no way to change it. I’m so angry I wasted my time and $40 to join a step bet I could never have made it through.
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3 years ago, King Octavius
Gamble Your Health
StepBet is a great way to incentivize you to stay active and healthy. For people who are normally active every day, it’s an easy way to make money and compete with friends. My biggest complaint is the fact that this game is heartless to a fault. 3 times now I have lost my bet ($40 each) because I was short LESS THAN 100 STEPS FROM THE GOAL. In fairness, StepBet is very clear that it is your responsibility to get the steps in. But $40 for 20 steps—less than it takes to get up and go to the bathroom—is harsh. I wish there was SOME forgiveness for this. I want to stay in the game. But now I’ve lost $40. There’s no reason for me to continue.
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4 years ago, ndnfkjrb1
Great idea but App needs bug fixes
I love the idea of StepBet. It gets me moving and makes me be more intentional with my activity during the day. The App however needs some work. I have experienced multiple instances of the app not syncing my steps when trying to log for the day. I’ll spend upwards of an hour refreshing, reinstalling and manually syncing to get steps logged. I was disqualified from a game on the LAST day due to this issue. Day one of a new game and I’ve already had the same problem. My first day is logged as a test day because the app wouldn’t sync. It’s incredibly frustrating and based on reviews, I’m not the only one having this problem. You’d think they’d update and fix this “bug”.
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5 years ago, Ayo31
This app refused to count my steps and wrongly disqualified me twice. I contacted the app to get my money back because I completed all my steps and was basically stolen from, and I wasn't helped at all. This week, I was disqualified from a membership competition and assumed it was a glitch because two other competitors commented asking if anyone knew why they'd been disqualified. Upon contacting support, I was informed that my steps didn't "sync" even though the app clearly shows all my steps were completed. They are refusing to give me my money back. More than this, they take 25% of the pot. Even if you stay in the competitions and somehow don't get wrongfully kicked out, you make about a 5-8 dollar profit because the creators basically took all of the money. Absolute scam, headache, and waste of time. Save yourself the trouble.
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2 years ago, 313 421 175
Watch the stupid “rules”
I use quotes around “rules” cause basically they have an inferior product that can’t automatically sync your steps. You have to open it constantly. If you forget for 3 days and it turns to the next week they disqualify you for basically not opening their stupid app that doesn’t always work anyways. There are better apps out their. These guys are just creating ways to take your bets. Player beware. People will claim to love it, but they will eventually get you on a technicality. The Devs can say whatever they want. 24 hours after Sunday isn’t hard to miss out on. They will still steal your money for not updating the app even if you get your steps in. Honestly it’s probably how that make their money. Loophole rules.
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2 years ago, unwrittensofar
Phenomenal Customer Service
I did a couple StepBet’s over the summer and loved the motivation!! I had a medical setback and had a difficult time getting back in. I had problems managing the App for a couple weeks. I was very frustrated and became quite a project for the whole team with constant e-mails!! All of my questions were professionally, graciously and patiently answered and I am back in a StepBet!! User error was my main obstacle and StepBet was not deterred! Thank you, thank you for giving me this motivational option again!!
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7 years ago, Collegestudent17
Great concept, needs improvements
I don’t normally write reviews on my applications but this one is different. I work a sedentary desk job and this app really gets me moving and active more then ever! I do however have issues with starting the application, it freezes from time to time and i have to delete the application from my phone and completely re-install it. Also, they take a pay cut that is separate from what their other application “Dietbet” does.... why aren’t they the same? It’s the same type of thing?
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3 months ago, GreekYogurt1
Love this game
I've done five of these games now, and the motivation provided by the games and the community involved have really helped me achieve my goals. I've lost a significant amount of weight and changed from a sedentary lifestyle to someone who likes to move. My step goals increased with each game but at attainable levels--enough to provide a challenge without feeling overwhelmed. I'm not playing a big payout; I'm playing for an even bigger prize--my health, my self-worth, and an overall sense of positivity.
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6 years ago, popcorn22
Great idea, horrible app.
You know, I love the concept of this. I love actual stepbets and I’ve started walking a lot more because of them but this app is trash. I wish they had a website for stepbet because I would never use this app again. It is constantly freezing so you have to force close it and whenever I open it after it hasn’t been force closed I get a blank white screen. The developers have been working on a huge makeover of the app and it’s like once they started doing that the just ignored the app functionality. I thought maybe once the new update came out it would work better but it’s even worse now. If I didn’t have money in bets I would delete this app and never look back.
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3 years ago, very happy stepper
Best. App. Ever.
I never write reviews, but I had to leave one for this. StepBet is hands down one of the best apps I’ve ever had. It’s easy to use and motivates me to keep moving. You won’t get rich, but you’ll get paid just for walking! I had an issue with my watch not syncing correctly and the customer service was beyond fantastic. They helped get everything squared away immediately- and on the weekend at that! I cannot say enough good things about this app.
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3 years ago, HousewifeHacker
Scammy business
Consider you win 4 StepBets and then you mess up and lose one. You win an average of $5 for each win. So you spend $40 and then you win $20 and then lose your $40. So after about 5 months of working hard, you lost $20 for one mistake. It just isn’t worth the risk. If you get sick, sprain your ankle, having a busy week taking finals for school, break your Fitbit, etc... you lose money. You cannot switch your device during a bet. It’s also based on an idea that you need 9,000 to 20,000 steps per day which isn’t accurate at all. It’s pseudoscience. A quick workout with 5,000 steps a couple days a week is better for the waist and the heart.
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5 years ago, Mikimimaroni
It’s slowly losing appeal....
I really loved StepBet almost a year ago when I first started using it. It was fun and motivational. However, there are two problems I find with StepBet. 1)the goals get much too high after awhile to be able to complete and 2.) the payout continues to diminish. I’m not sure if the app isn’t very popular anymore or if StepBet is skimming off too much of a percentage or what. It used to be that I could get a payout $12 higher than what so put in. The last two games so entered, I almost didn’t earn anything at all honestly and when I did, I only received $2 or $3 more. :/ I’m not sure what has changed but it’s different now.
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7 years ago, TacoPredator
Concept is good, implementation needs work
I really like the concept of StepBet and have been using it for a while. More transparency would be great. The fee recently went up from 12% to 15% without notice, you’d only know it if you re-read the small print periodically. StepBet’s fee should be made clear to participants at the time they join a bet - especially if it’s going to keep changing. They could also add some valid reasons other than medical for withdrawal. I lost a bet because my phone was stolen (even though I had documentation) and my SO lost hers when her father passed away. Neither of us could get a refund which seems harsh. The app itself is stable but could be made more user friendly. There’s no way to mute or hide people in the feed. The game directory is hard to come across and if you open a game to see more details you can’t easily return to directory. It would also be cool to have some kind of buzz when you reach your step goals!
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5 years ago, Kate368955
The motivation I needed
Over the past two years I’ve put on 15lbs due to my new desk job lifestyle. I signed up for gyms and just didn’t go, cause I could always “go tomorrow.” I tried StepBet and it turns out the threat of losing $40 is a much stronger motivator for me than the potential positive outcomes of going to the gym. Every day I have the choice of stepping onto the treadmill or losing $40 - the immediate, every day threat of wasting money works well! I’ve been doing Stepbets for 4 months now and I’ve lost 6lbs and counting. Very helpful app.
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6 years ago, saljbj
Can’t log in
*Update...Customer service answered my email. They helped me reset my login information so I could sign in. I’m very impressed with the help they provided. All of a sudden, I can’t log in. When I try to log in using my email address and password, it tells me to log in via Facebook. When I try to log in using Facebook, it tells me to log in using my email address. I haven’t been able to access my account or my StepBet game in a couple of days. Please fix!
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2 years ago, ozzy12312
So called refs
While I love the concept, they seem to care more about their creators care more to keep there share over a simple mistake. First time trying it out. On my second week, I forgot to upload my steps on the last day. I was disqualified and asked the “referee” to investigate. Sure the referee was able to see that I completed my steps but I was out of the refund period. Which I don’t understand because there’s still more weeks left. I’ve played multiple sports my life and even was a red part time for a short season. So I understand what keeping it fair means. Sorry but that I just very petty to keep my share of $40. Keep it. Looks like you need it more than I do.
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5 years ago, Stashersmad
Seriously flawed
The design is deceitful. The colors for a completed active day and power day are very similar, at least on my phone. The “to do” part of the game display is extremely small and hard to notice if you just want a quick look at your game. The worst part? You get awarded for and active day even if you’ve met your active day goals. Instead of your circle staying gray until you hit your actual, needed power goal. It makes you think you’ve actually completed your week when you haven’t. Be extremely careful when you look at your games, because they will use this poor design against you. They’ll accuse you of not paying attention and refuse to refund you for their design flaw.
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4 years ago, ughwhotookmyname
Doesn’t take shelter in place into enough account
My steps have drastically reduced due to the Pandemic. I live in a shelter in place city. I used to get 8,000 steps per workday, but now that I work from home and am tied to a computer for hours on end (far longer computer time than when I was at work), I can’t get as many steps. I waited awhile to join a new game. But my step count is way too high still. It’s obviously pulling from pre-pandemic data still. I want to get motivated to find the time to be active, but given the restrictions in place where I live, this app is still giving me unreasonable goals.
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3 years ago, gk8
Not that motivational
I set up a private group with 4 people for 8 weeks. The main reason I don't like this app is that there is no weekly leaderboard, nor a way to tell who is still in the competition. It would be a lot better to know how close the others are to finishing their daily/weekly goals. It made the experience feel isolated and boring. I won't be doing challenges via this app again. Due to weather, no one was able to finish the challenge completely. The whole pot was forfeited as a result which seems very scammy to me. The player closest to getting the goal of the challenge should have received the money minus commissions.
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