Stickman Hook

4.7 (774.2K)
215.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stickman Hook

4.7 out of 5
774.2K Ratings
4 years ago, TheStickmanGuy
I have some suggestions: There should be modes like endless mode, story mode, or just levels. You can also add a map creater that the player can create for him/her or others to play. That can open a lot of other opportunities like an online gameplay. If you ever made a story mode out of this game, I have a few ideas. There would be a bunch of other stickman at the left side of the screen chasing the original stickman and the originals stickman are trying to run away. You can make something else chase the stickman like a monster or a spaceship. The OG “original stickman will lose (or you) if the chaser catches up with you. You should also add more details in the background like a city. Endless mode is basically endless and I don’t think that’s going to be useful because there will just be levels. But also another mode in mind, which is the hard mode. The player can activate hard mode when the player had reached a high level. The level will be harder, longer, and INTENSE music. Overall I hope some of this ideas will be added to the future to this awesome game, Good bye!
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1 year ago, CatLordOfCatHeaven
I love it but…
I honestly love this game is so much fun and I really don’t want to offend the game devs with this review. So my first problem with this game is that is extremely repetitive and they really have to create more levels. Once you get farther into the game, you eventually see that they’re just reusing the same exact levels and changing up the layouts of the levels a bit. No I would honestly love it if the game developers actually put in some more levels for the people who have gotten farther in the game. I also want to bring up the outrageous amount of ads this game has. I know this is a free game I’m not complaining that much but it’s just extremely annoying to see an ad after every single level. I mean sometimes they get so much in my way that I will turn on airplane mode just to take the ads off my screen. I know it’s a free to play a game and trust me I’m speaking for everyone on this platform no one wants to pay three dollars to play this game, but may be cut down on the ads just a bit because they’re getting way out of hand. A small suggestion that I do have is for the developers to make a part where you can create your own levels and go to other peoples levels. Almost like a level creator. I did have to deduct a point for the amount of ads but I really do love this game and if the developers are reading this I hope they know that I do. ❤️
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6 years ago, TheLegend27777777
The shop
I love the overall mechanics of the game and it runs smoothly. There are only two problems I have. The first problem is the new shop. I was on level 296 when the shop first came out. However, it said I must teach level 5 to unlock the shop. So I played 5 levels and got to 301 but the shop was still not unlocked. So I deleted the game and played till I got to level 5. I unlocked the shop and started earning skins. Then when I was at level 32 i went to go change my skin. It said I must reach level 20 to unlock skins. I played another level and when back to the skins. Now it said I had to reach level 5 to unlock skins. The second problem is the ads. The amount of ads in this game is unbelievable. There is an ad almost every time I beat a level. Or another ad every couple of times I die. I know you are trying to make money off of ads because this is a free game, but there is no point in this many ads for a game like this. I can tell this game didn’t take as much effort to make as much as other free games. So there shouldn’t be as many ads. The ads just show how greedy you are. I know there is an ad removal in-app purchase, but, speaking on behalf of a lot of other people, nobody wants to spend $3 on a game like this. If you would fix these two problems it would be excellent. The game would be worth playing and I would have a goal to reach and I wouldn’t have to watch 20 ads every time I played. Thank you. I love the idea of the game.
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3 years ago, the penut queen
Fun pass time, but huge problem
So, about 2 or 3 years ago, my brother got this game. He recommended it to me over texts, and to say the least, I was intrigued because of the way he described it. “A fun stickman game, sort of like a platformer and you can change your skins, and it’s really fun!” So I decided to give it a chance. Come in, and the first thing I see is my level count, 1, (My brother had played 1 level on my phone before I actually checked it out) and an ad. No biggie, I know it’s a free game so y’know whatever? I play the second level, and it’s really fun! But after I beat it, that cool cutscene and the dance scene made me laugh really hard and I think my brother heard me. But after that, when I clicked the play another level button, another ad. And I was like “no biggie, again, i’m sure it’s like maybe every other level you get an ad, which’ll still be annoying but the game is super fun so whatever,” Play another level, another ad. Another level, another ad. And the cycle continues! So, overall, pretty good game, fun past time, would play again, but still- the ad thing is pretty annoying. Again, great game, I understand you are trying to make money, but I feel it’s a little much. Anyways, thanks for reading. Bye-bye.
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6 years ago, Layth_is_honest
Fun but...
First I just wanna day I love your game and I use it to pass time all the time! But there are a few things I would like to improve. First About the level generation I think that it just pastes pre made level parts to make a level I don’t mind it and it can get really fun but it’s kind of repetitive. All I want is more level parts that are more challenging and interesting. Second this kind of relates to the first one but the levels are just to easy I really want a harder difficulty setting with its own shop or instead of skins it could give us trails. Third this relates to the second one, I think there needs to be more shop items or tails or custom trampoline blocks or something new to the shop. Last but not least I don’t really like the animations, Now it’s not like I don’t like all the animations it’s that I don’t like the curl into a ball in the air animation. First it’s not smooth, second it’s just bland and third I feel cheated because I don’t get to see the skins I work so hard to get because it’s just a ball most of the time. I really hope you don’t take this the wrong way because I really like the game and I’m not sure if this is helpful or not because this is like my second time giving a review and I hope I helped the development of the game.
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7 months ago, Ava Dance monkey
Nah jit its good.
Hi I'm Niko, this is my opinion of this game. The adds are pretty annoying, but I understand why u need them. I'm giving a 4 star because of the adds but other than that it's great! It's kind of hard to get coins and sometimes when I'm gonna jump to the next dot it brings me back to the one before and it's pretty annoying and I keep raging😐. I just want u parents to read this. This game does have adds but not any inappropriate adds. So don't worry. But I aware u to not get some of the games on the adds because some of them are scams. For example, the free robux one u won't actually get robux ur just gonna get asked for ur ID and get scammed and hacked. SO DON'T DOWNLOAD IT. Also to be safe for ur kids pls make sure they don't download the add games. Also the gamepasses r kind of expensive so maybe could u make them cheaper? Also can u remove the adds? Because u can buy to remove the adds but why not just do it for free?. Anyways I like this game and I recommend to download it! Kids and parents pls don't think of this game as a bad game I love it! Also if u don't like the adds they put adds to keep the game free and keep the game available. Thank you for reading ❤!
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2 years ago, oryci
My name is Aria
Hello nice to meet you well I’m not really meeting you in real life but whatever I like this game and I just figured out there was a tournament if you get first place you’ll get a lot of coins and a new skin if you can’t do it just yet then you can do the normal levels I think you need tickets for the tournament so you kind of got your get yourself Lucky. Sadly I can’t😢 I hope you can though. This game is really good creator I won’t ask a question in this one usually I would. Behold this game! Welcome welcome 🙏 I love this game already! Here’s a favor. Can you complete 10 levels? If you can’t I’ll give you a shout out which means thank you. Cannonball that’s kind of how the stick man goes in my level. He’s just going so fast in my level. But the Stick Me On can go slower. Which is not good. Siri: what did you say? Are you saying about this game I think it’s awesome too! Aria: OK I’m back🙂 I don’t really know what else to say honestly🙃 well I can say is this is-Siri: I am awesome I know Aria: I was gonna say this game is awesome not you but you’re still awesome Siri. Meow on my way!
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5 years ago, GalaxyGirlImaDonut
Ummm what’s this data sharing?
I love this game I don’t care that it’s repetitive but something odd just happened... I was going on and it was like “thanks for downloading madbox!” And first of all this struck me as odd because I downloaded this app almost 6 months ago. Then it said “check if you’re over 15” and I’m not but typically with data associated things you want to be an adult. They wanted me to “share my data” to make the app better. I was a bit suspicious so I kept on reading and it never specified what sort of data. Like the data usage I have on my phone or my personal info? So I chose not to share my data with them. The app said that because I hadn’t I would have a “degraded viewing of the game” and I was like ok sure. The game is fine. It is exactly the same as it was before the whole data sharing thing came up so I wonder if the game degrading was a threat so we would share our data. I don’t know I’m under fifteen I don’t know how this works. All I know is that if you don’t choose to share your data that is ok everything should work just fine. And game makers ummmm whats up with the data thing? How is my data going to help you make the game better? Totally confused.
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6 years ago, A_App_User
Fun, but WAY too many ads
While this game is very fun and addictive, I am highly disappointed in the quantity of ads in the game. An ad appears EVERY time you begin and finish level (or die). On top of that, I would say that about 1/6 of the time an ad appears DURING the level, cuasing you to die and having to watch yet ANOTHER ad! While I understand that these ads are what allows the game to exist, I think there are far better was to present them. For example make half of them a CHOICE in exchange for an extra life/chance for a failed level. I often find myself leaving the game in frustration over the advertisements. The ad issue is extremely unfortunate becuase if it where not for this, this game (in my opinion) would be at 4 or even 5 stars! It is extremely simple yet entertaining! And it is these types of games that make great “on the road” games or simply to pass time. My only other complaint is that the level out of 40 that displays is simply not true. The levels continue forever and you receive no reward for completing level 40. It’s not the fact that there are infinite levels that bothers me, its the fact that the game is deceiving the user. For the most part this game is great, there just needs to be some tweaks to it.
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1 year ago, Cool guy694748858
The best game ever
The game is so fun funner then any other game that’s good at the moment I think it would make it more enjoyable to have more people to talk about the games that I have to do with my family I think it will make me happy I think it’s just the game I have a little more money than it used out of the box but it’s a good way of doing it for the people I want and I’m not gonna waste my money I just don’t have to do anything to get it done I just don’t wanna do anything else and I’m gonna have a little more time and then I’m not going back and I’m not doing it because I’m gonna have a little more than I have a little more than what I’m gonna be spending time and I’m not going out for a while so I’m not going anywhere so I’m not going nowhere so I’m gonna have a little more than a lot of things are going on in my mind I don’t want you know what I just don’t know how much I don’t want you to do that you know I don’t know how much time you have a little more than I don’t want you don’t want you just like you the end
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5 years ago, Lukav08
I have about 4 problems here.....
This game is really good, and I love the style, but I have one problem, well, more than that. First of all, I love the new update where you can race, but my game constantly crashes out of nowhere and I have to go back on the app and start playing again. Second of all, there’s WAAAAYYYYYY too many ads, so much, that it’s ridiculous. You still can fix this by turning off your WiFi, but it’s still annoying. And I won’t get rid of ads by paying 3 bucks, that RIDICULOUS!!! Plus, with the ads, there’s so many that I spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game!!!!!! Third of all, it’s too quiet. I think that the developers should add some sounds, ambience, and music on the main menu, and without sounds the game is basically crappy. And, finally, the levels. I hate how the levels repeat and repeat, and they’re too simple. I want the developers to fix this so that the farther you get into the game, the harder it gets. And I want the levels to be way longer, too. Plus, I also want the developers to introduce new game mechanics, which would make the app SO much better. So, please change all of this developers, because it would make this game SO much better.
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3 months ago, Chris Stockton
First levels last 3 seconds, ads last 15-30
Like most mobile games I download, ads “are” the gameplay. I encourage the developers to download their game from a fresh device and ask themselves: did they have a chance to discover the games mechanics and appreciate the time and effort (if any, never got that far) that went into designing it? I played one little map, it involved about 3 seconds of gameplay, you hop one time and done. I was already interested so I clicked the symbol that looked like a play button and said “play” immediately. Disingenuous dark pattern turned out to be a 30 second ad. The same infuriating ads that open the App Store, have contrast that hide close buttons and so on. Miserable. I was still interested in the game, even though I was annoyed I did the next match. Another two seconds of gameplay. I was smarter, clicked continue this time. Straight to next match which was another 2 little hops and over in a few seconds. I clicked continue and played an entire 3 seconds and then once the round ended I was forced to watch an ad, with no confirmation of any sort. Then after the round I had the play button which would of course be another 30 second ad. 1.5 minutes of ads per 15 seconds of gameplay. Nice. Uninstalled.
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4 months ago, 📌📌📌📌🖤🖤🖤
It’s good…sort of.
(The only reason i had given this 5 stars was so people could read this!!) The second i downloaded this app, i was having a blast. After a few levels, it started to sort of glitch and lag. For instance, when i was about to start a level, it would lag, and it would appear to say “Claim x10” and it would keep on saying that until I had to restarts my whole phone! Also, the ads get very annoying. After each level there is at least one ad. And i understand that to get extra money, they need to apply ads to the app. But, me personally I think the app doesn’t need ads. Next, I don’t really understand the tournament. I win 1st place a lot because i’m against bots. (At least I think they’re bots) But, once i win, it does not give me the correct prize. Which frustrates me. Every time I win it just gives me coins. It doesn’t give me a new skin. I would highly recommend that the company removes ads, applies more levels that way it is less repetitive, and lastly to explain the rules to this game more. If you enjoy games that have ads every minute, and lag a lot. Then this is the game for you! But, if you just want to spend your free time on an app without ads, and no glitches. I would find a different app. For instance, you could find offline game apps. Which do not include ads. And may I mention I am only 12, and this app is not the greatest thing you think it might be. PLEASE WRITE BACK!!!
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4 years ago, Reptilzum
Don’t buy unless you really enjoy watching ads.
I had stickman hook on my phone a few years ago, and I was bored so I decided to download it again and see if I liked it. It was really fun at first and the swinging mechanic is really cool. It’s a good game with a cool concept, but the developer’s immense greedyness ruined the game. There is a 30 second ad almost every time I die. I have literally spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game. This is a fun game, but it is completely ruined by the insane amount of ads. I know this is a free game, but this many ads is just too much. There is a way to stop the ads by spending three dollars, but then there’s another problem. There are only about 50 different levels. You can get to super high levels like 500 or 1000, but there are only 50 levels and they just repeat. There is a challenge mode with unique levels and cool prizes which I think is cool, but I beat the whole thing in a day. It wasn’t challenging at all. There is also a racing mode, but it’s not even online, it’s just against terrible npcs that are super easy to win against. Don’t buy this game unless you really enjoy watching ads. And replaying the same levels over and over again.
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5 years ago, AnotherNormalUser
4 Stars
This was a great game at first! 👍🥰I found this super fun. The only annoying bit was that there was an add like every other time you would beat a level 😐 . Another annoying thing that I found at about level 100 is that the levels started to repeat, so it would be like level 80 and 100 would be the same thing😔😤. Of course I did not go back and check, but I could tell there was a repeat here and there. Aside all the dislikes I have on this game, this game was great! Simple but fun. 😜I enjoyed that you got a skin every about 25 levels🤗. The levels were slightly challenging here and there. Unfortunately, due to the adds every other level made me stop playing this game. The VIP was 2.99, which is really not worth it. The reason why I am giving this game a 4 star is because it was fun, aside all the adds and level repeats. I understand that it is hard to make a lot of levels, but that does not mean you get to slack off😫😩. Sometimes I wish that this game had no level repeats or adds! Overall, I enjoyed this game and I’d recommend it! ( You can turn on airplane mode while playing so that there are no adds)🤗🤔
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4 years ago, Enter Nickname12345678910
Fun game!
So it’s not the most crazy game but it’s still a great game in my opinion there is the fact that you can go super speed using the bouncy bumper things and launch to the end but honestly I actually like doing it so no problems there and generally a really good game no real problems I have! Only idea I have to make it better is add other mini game things or challenges like you have to make it in a certain time etc. but overall a good game! I should also say about the adds it’s not that bad like I could also turn off my internet since I do not care much about the add rewards so unless you want the add reward things turning off the internet works for me so the only problem it does kind of has its very repetitive and there isn’t a ton of new things so it would be nice to have other things other than just the main game but besides that I have no other complaints!
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4 years ago, Sallyb713
Pretty nice!
I like this game a lot. It’s a great way to waste time 😅. It’s got good graphics, and it’s so simple that my little brother can play it. I like the skins that you earn too. I always like games where you earn the skins. But there’s not very many that you can get, and you go through the levels pretty fast. Most of the skins you just watch ads to get. I would like more skins (that you can earn) please! Also, there’s not a whole lot of levels. This game is endless as far as I know, but when you get to a certain level, the stages start to repeat. It’s still fun though. The game doesn’t take up much space on your device, and it’s quick to download. Like with any game, you can delete it whenever. But your progress doesn’t save. It’s really just a mindless activity, but it’s still kind of fun to play. So if your kid is asking you to get this game, and you’re looking to see how good it is, honestly just get it. It’s pretty fun. And you could try it out too! 🤣 ~thank you for reading this!~
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4 years ago, weasly4life
Great game but....
First of all I want to say I love this game! It is fun to play when you are bored or just looking for something to do. I have have it for maybe three months. I found the game on an add, and playable adds are fun, so I decided to try it out. The game was fun at first, but then I realized that every two levels, there is a 30 second add! You can click out of it, but still! Super annoying, but I don't think there is anything you can do about that. Second thing, I am on level 1,515 and it's the same levels over and over and over again. I think that if you added more levels the game would be a lot more fun. Third, I NEED you to add more challenges! They were really fun, but there's only 30, and I beat them all. Finally, I would like there to be more skins. I have them all and so I basically beat the whole game. Overall, I think it's an entertaining game, that could use a few updates. Thank you!! ~A
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6 years ago, tbh this is true ha gottem
This is a great game... it has a good concept but there is a few bad things in this game but I’m am only going to list 2. The first one is that it has way to many ads. If I die two times it goes to an ad. If I complete the level once it goes to an ad. And if I hit pause in the top left corner it goes to an ad. I know that there is the option to pay $2.99 for no ads but no one would want to basically waste there money on a game like this. My second reason is that there is a lot of glitches. Most every time I am doing a level it glitches out and takes me to my home screen. Or if I had just completed the level and it is time for an ad it glitches my screen black and then takes me to the home screen. And then when I get back on the game it goes strait to an ad. In conclusion I think this is a really fun game but I do think it has a few problems. I hope you can fix these problems because I would have a lot more fun on this game.
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5 years ago, write a by Taylor
Stickman .
Hi my name is Taylor and I just wanna say that I love this game and whoever created it is an awesome awesome person and a girl who reads imagination because this game rocks I love stick man because I love all the characters in it they’re also funny especially the unicorn and the hamburger and I also love that there’s challenges and races in it it’s so much fun it’s for the most part easy but when you get a harder level of course it’s hard but it’s just a really fun game I hope you download right now and buy it and it’s a totally kids family game I mean it’s great I hope you buy it because if you don’t well then you’re missing out on a lot of fun stuff even my brother plays it and believe me he’s very picky so I hope you buy this game please please please please please please do please do and don’t forget to comment on below to Mom I write a review stick man channel by do you have
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3 years ago, Thisistaken.
Look at me
This game is getting old. I know it’s hard to believe how much time has passed, but it’s true. This game is getting old. It’s starting to glitch out a lot more and there’s literally no updates, and the amount of ADS is getting way out of hand. I know it seems kinda mean, but you/everyone is going to have to leave this game behind. And soon enough it’s going to be marked off as one of those “Boomer games”. Yea, that’s gonna happen very soon. And it’s sad just thinking about it. But the mane reason I’m posting this is because many of my friends and my brother are playing this game, but the game keeps glitching out and some of them are deleting it now, but some of them including my brother just won’t let go of it. It’s going to go out of date with how much technology has been increasing, it’s not going to last much longer. (I’m so sorry for kinda acting like a Karen, I did not intend it but at least try and comprehend what I’m saying in the paragraph)
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3 years ago, Kittamon
Fun until…
So at first this game was kind of fun. I was enjoying swinging around until I realized I was playing a level I had already played before. I thought nothing about it and kept going but then I got another level I had already played. Here is when I realized the the levels were not random and just repeat them selfs but I have nothing against that so I kept playing. I played for awhile maybe 3 more weeks because I am a 7th grader and have nothing to do on the bus, eventually I got bored and ran out of storage on my phone so I deleted the app. It was fun while I had it and I hope things become more challenging later on, who knows maybe I’ll re download this app later on. I hope if you thought about getting this game well, go for it! But if you expect it to go on forever than the sad truth is that it won’t. Have a nice day and ( if you have the app) enjoy swinging on those ropes!
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5 years ago, sillybdawg
Level 1000
I’ve had this game for over half a year and have beaten 1000 levels of the game, overall I feel as though this game is amazing but it could definitely be evolved upon. The key problem with this game is the ads. The ads are incredibly annoying and take up half of the experience of the game and make it unplayable. I understand that this is a free app and the ads are the only way for them to make money but please, could you at least tone it down a bit. Another problem with the game is the height exploit. If you keep bouncing on on a bounce pad sideways and hold on to one of the grapple balls, you are able to get exponential speed and shoot your character straight to the finish line and win the games very easily. This exploit basically defeats the purpose of the game and could easily be stopped by putting barriers like on the bottom of the screen but on top. But overall I’d give the game 4 starts because of how fun it is.
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3 years ago, twinkeley
It’s OK it’s OK it’s just there’s so many outs and most of the ads are like a minute or two long and it just needs more like there should be a way that you can I know there’s a way that you can challenge and you can race but there should be a way that you can like explore more to more stuff it just is missing something I guess it’s there’s not many characters in thereAren’t many backgrounds and stuff overall the game is pretty cool but the only thing that I would add to the game is make it like I would put more stuff into the game I like it because it’s a free game but what I don’t like about it is that in the game there are these three characters that are 2.99Like that doesn’t make sense it’s three characters and they’re not even that cool it’s just three characters do you like a robot and two others that I can’t remember it’s just so many ads and stuff like 3/4 of the characters you have to watch out for and it’s in sometimes they don’t even give you the characters for the ads
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5 years ago, xcxjxsx
Great game with a few problems
I have played Stickman hook for almost one year and it is great! I really love how you made something as simple as getting a stickman over to the finish line by swinging through the level like Tarzan and made the game so much more interesting! The concept of the game and the cool and funny characters you can get really make the game exciting and captivating. I would have given this five stars if their hadn’t been some issues. First the commercials are too many, I usually get an add every other level. It can be frustrating and annoying. Next, as I like that this game is not pay to win, there is a questionable that I have about it, every time I load the game a screen pops up that says buy this or that to get three free characters! It is quite annoying and sometimes causes a lag on my phone. Overall this game is great but it would be perfect if you could fix the problems. Happy holidays!
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8 months ago, Yeah 😐
Pretty good for a mobile game, but cant replay levels
I rarely write reviews but hey I actually thought this was pretty fun for how simple it is, there is a main game-mode and a grapple mode to mess around with so a lot of levels. The only critiques I have are 1 ads, which Ik you have to make money somehow but its a little much enough to make me buy the starter pack to remove them which i guess is your goal and just rewards that but oh well. And 2 my bigger suggestion, you cant replay a level, once you finish a level you move to the next and cant go back. I mess around with making games a bit myself sometimes and as long as the levels are not auto-generated(which they don't seem to be) it should be pretty easy to implement a level system for all game modes to replay old levels and see how fast you can beat them or how few ropes you can use. Alr thats all bye
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1 year ago, izinudcudb osmoansub ismhs
Good game but...
This is a good game but it has way to many adds. And it just keeps repeating levels. When I was going to get a new character, I found one that said I could get it with NO adds. But when I got it, it made me watch an add. Then when I finished that add I made me watch ANOTHER ADD! And like I said, it just keeps repeating other levels. Sometimes they are WAY to hard and sometimes they are WAY to easy. It’s very annoying. I hate it when it tells me I finished that level, then, it makes me do that same thing again but on the next level up. When I first started this game. It was easy but when I get on level 5 it was very hard. Then I get to level 12 and that was very easy. Not I am on level 78 and level 70 and 73 were so easy, but like level 3 easy. I don’t know if it it a glitch. But is is weird. Then it told me I passed level 65 and 68 , but I made me do both of those again. So please try to fix it. Have a good day!
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3 years ago, GoneFreecs
I really had nothing to do so I got over level 2,000😬. And I realized that I’ve played the same levels OVER A MILLION TIMES 😤😡. So I stopped to say don’t play this it’s time consuming and like the next week you play it it’s boring. AND THEN THE BOUNCE GLITCH IS JUST THE TOPPING ON THE CRAP SUNDAE. Like I skimmed through literally half the levels by using the glitch. And then the other half was just doing nothing. If a game rewards the player for doing nothing there’s no way this game is valid and wasted like 20 of my megabytes. Yeah so I don’t recommend mobile games like there’s the RPG games that have you grind and you never have the luck to get a good character from a scout/event and then people flex on you in lobbies that they have the character with a 0.25 summon chance. And then there’s the infinite games the just recycle levels and then you realize after level 69 that you realize “Hey I did this one before and that one .. WAIT”. So just don’t get this game. I got all skins and wasn’t worth. It’s just so plz no get eet
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5 years ago, monkey Real name Leighanna
The greatest creator
I love this game so much I’ve read some of the notes about this game and then I saw a said you’re missing out all the fun so I decided to join and he was right the greatest creator he is the best of creating games you are a really cool creative person I would never of thought of this game the best game ever this is my very first time even doing this writing a note and by the way my name is leighanna I have a pug named peanut he’s cute he knows how to play fetch and he knows how to play games on my tablet and he just did Best game of my life my favorite game wa Roblox you should play it it’s a good game just like your game the best guy ever creating this game I kiss you five stars for this it is really fun I have made it to level 20 my favorite character is the unicorn and the angel by the way I love you do you like kiss you if you’re a boy🥇🥇🥇👑🥰🥰🥰🏆🏆🏆🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🧬🧬🧬🧬🧬
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6 years ago, Creeperking678
Needs Ambience
I really love this game, I play it a lot whenever I’m bored, watching tv, waiting in line for something, or when I’m playing games on my computer I play it while waiting to load, etc. But the thing that I hate is there’s no music, or sounds, no sound when you cling to a circle or a boing off the bounce pad, no General music in the background either, the game would be so much better with those added in, honestly, we didn’t need skins, skins are mostly pointless in my opinion. If there’s ambient sounds and background music the game would be much nicer, and maybe if you could fix the lag that happens whenever I’m using WiFi or Data, I don’t have any clue why but playing this game on WiFi or data makes it lag unbelievably, it stops lagging after I go into airplane mode, but I don’t wanna be in airplane mode constantly. Add music and other sounds, fix the lag, it will improve the game three fold.
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5 years ago, Steve Busby
I want to see this pushed further
Hello, I love this game to death and it’s arguably one of the most underrated games. I love how simple the game feels and how easy it is to start but hard to put down, which is a kind of game I like. However I feel it is a little underutilized in game modes and graphics, not trying to be critical. I definitely think it’s missing one major thing that catches people’s attention, that being an online mode. Io games took this to the next level, but this game seems like the perfect game to do so. I want this game to be pushed further instead of just major repetition. That just makes games fall flat. If you people on the dev team want to make the game more interesting and fun, a good place to start would be online modes. With that all said, I love this game and I just like games to be truly fun for everyone. 😉
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6 years ago, Spitzer87
Good, Not Great
This game is good but it could be so much better. There’s two things that I feel need to be implemented: one, a replay button in the pause menu so I don’t need to close out of the app to retry a level when I get stuck, and two, an endless mode. I’m confused as to why there isn’t one already. However, for an endless mode to work, there would need to be more freedom vertically. Instead of a set camera that just pans to the right or left, there would need to be a dynamic camera that follows the character up and down, as well as right and left, much like in the game toss the turtle. It would be so much more fun to see how far up I could toss the character if I built up enough speed, and not have that speed wasted on a tiny level, and with a camera that won’t even follow the character. If those two things happened, especially the second thing, this would be an amazing game and the only game on my phone that I would play.
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2 years ago, Risen Axis
Too many ads
Ok so as many other people say this is a really fun game the only problem I have had is the crazy amount of ads. So I got to level 343 and every time I finished a level there would be an ad. I also had ads during the level and when I opened the app. This game was really fun until I noticed the ads. There are so many its crazy. I finally had enough and deleted the app. Yes I know there are add blockers but some of my friends have gotten add blockers on different apps and they didn't even work so I don't want to pay like 3 dollars for something that might not work. Please fix the crazy amount of ads like people say because this is a fun game but I won't recommend it because I don't want people to get frustrated over the stupid amount of ads. This game probably didn't take a lot of time to develop so I don't see why you would need so much money for a little app.
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5 years ago, Cuban Eight
The Unicorn Glitch
You know the unicorn character, It’s been glitchy lately. Today, I use the unicorn so much that I wanted to choose a different one, but when I got to the characters they were all unicorns. I went into my next level but when I got to the next level it was a black unicorn with red hair. I was worried, So I went back to the characters but they were all locked for good. I went into my photos and I saw a photo of the unicorn saying “IM WATCHING YOU”. I did not remember taking the photo. Please fix it. Yesterday the background was not the same. It was a dark forest with bloody hands. Please oh pls fix the game then I will give you a better rating. Me and my dad went to the store but I noticed a glitch on my whole iPad. All my games were locked but not this game. Then I went to eat dinner, But when I got back my screen background had that black unicorn holding a bloody knife with bloody hands. That’s my review now. Remember to fix the game. 🤘
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5 years ago, Ally Rae S.
Way Too Many Ads!!!!
I understand that Ads are how the developers get paid, but I do not want to shell out $3 for a game on the App Store that should be free just so that I don’t have to watch Ads. After every 2 consecutive level clears, an ad pops up on my screen. After 1 death and 1 level clear, an ad pops up on my screen. I shouldn’t be watching ads more than I play the game. I spend more time pressing the x button on the ads than I do on the actual game screen. The ads are not short either. I get 20+ second long videos. I would give this game a 5 star rating, but the ads alone make me want to give it a 1. I almost deleted this game several times because the ads are unbelievably overwhelming. I need you to do something about this: maybe move the ads back until the 5th or 6th consecutive level clear. If the ads are as prevalent in the near future, there is a great chance that I am going to delete the app.
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6 years ago, Cortscott
Levels are too quick!
This game is very fun, however the levels only last about 15 to 20 seconds. The levels doesn’t seem much of a challenge but more to keep you satisfied for time to pass. The downside of that aspect is I eventually grow tired of the game after about 5 levels because of how easy the levels are and how quick they last. Rewards for passing the levels aren’t that much of an issue but having a much longer lasting level with different sets of difficulties would boost the ratings on this game and number for people downloading it in my opinion! Both of my children(3 years old and 4 years old)play this game and they easily beat the levels and grow tired of it. But adding these concepts and modifying this app a little bit will make this really fun app!
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5 years ago, recolor gamer
Great fun love it so much 😍🥰😀😀😀😀😁😁😉😁
Love it I am in love with this game supper fun haven’t had any problems at all ever since I started it until now and still nothing bad. I’m only doing this review to ask a question that probably won’t get answered cuz I don’t know if these actually get sent to this app cuz every time I try to send these I don’t know if the go through and I look at that reviews and can’t find mine but whatever. Ok this is super fun but dose the levels ever end because in a couple of days I got to level 280 and dose the levels just stop or no I know this isn’t a very good question but I don’t really care so if you answer yah if you don’t I’ll see for myself but this is a really fun game no matter what the other reviews say get this and if you don’t like it review but love the game bye 😍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
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1 year ago, Justone. orething123
One problem with the ads
Alright, this game is REALLY fun. It’s just that when you die, there are ADS ADS ADS. And maybe for you it’s fine but for me, I just want to play the game. And I know like the tournament’s cost an ad when you finish the 2 tickets, that I get. But endless ads aren’t very fun. And if your like me, you know what I mean. It’s like you want to play the game but then stupid ads come in the way EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I would recommend putting ads the 4th time you die just to give you NOT endless ads. And for the Easter Event, (yes I’m writing this after Easter) I get that too, since the levels are kinda in the middle. Over-all, I give this game a 5-5 stars because this game is very fun, just a complaint about the ads. Love the game, thank you for making it!
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2 years ago, CyberKid999
Flawless Game
Overall, this game is perfect I absolutely love it it is a perfect game to play whenever you are bored, and there are not a absolute truck load of ads like most mobile games, and it has tons of variety in the form of a ton of characters, and they are not hard to get either. Overall 5 stars is no where NEAR enough to say how good this game is, the mechanics are simple but fun, the levels are not ridiculously hard, and it’s fun! Don’t listen to negative reviews (unless that person had a bug in the game then maybe you should listen to it) that say this game is “annoying”and “not worth their time” (unless this game is not their thing then it’s perfectly fine if they don’t want to play it) But anyway the game is great, bye ✌🏻
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6 years ago, cooliogirl111
Good game overall
I love this game. It’s very fun, and honestly is kind of easy. Now I downloaded it after the update so I had no issues. There are two wishes I have for the game. One: less adds, like every time you die you get an add or every time you pass a level you get an add. And it’s not like the adds are entertaining because they are usually the same adds!! Now I know there is a no adds in game purchase, but who wants to spend 3 dollars on a game? Not me. Please just lower the add level My second issue: the characters. They are great amazing and funny!! But there is one issue. There is not enough! Now I know they just released the new update, so mainly this is just a suggestion not a issue. But I hope they’re adding more soon!! Overall this is an amazing game and you should really download it aside from those issues! Sorry this was really long.
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3 weeks ago, Hdjdkdoeuebd
I suggest this game
This game is amazing! The best part is that the adds only come up every few rounds instead of every round like most games. I recommend this game too. They also have a cute dance every time before you start a round of the game. You can also battle other people. I’m not sure if it’s AI but I think it’s other people because the players aren’t dumb lol. I also like the add to get this game because I don’t know why, but when someone does an add and acts like a dumb person and makes everything worse I get mad. It just really annoys me and I wish that they wouldn’t do that. But this add doesn’t do that which I am thankful of. The add is similar to the game unlike most adds as well. I hope you consider play this game too!
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2 years ago, I cant find a
One reason why I rate them high is because I am a sarcastic man. Their ads are consistently showing up, and show you way better apps to play without that many ads. The game itself is solid, but the only smooth thing I see in a 3 feet radius is my brain for getting this game. It is just a load of ads. Even in Stickman 2, they didn’t update a lot. The only things they added were water, ice slides, and some new skins. No new game modes or anything. Adding the water and slides are like basketball adding a 4 point line. It’s not necessary and it over complicates things. Back to the original Stickman Hook, I do enjoy getting new skins, playing tournaments, and completing challenges. They are all very fun but still don’t make it worth it that much. Please just remove like at least 75% of your ads. There will still be ads, but just take most of them out
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4 years ago, Nintendude666
Fun to play on the toilet
This game is simple and fun I guess, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you want a challenge. I think the people that made this were probably thinking, “We need to make a game that two-year-olds can play!” Because that’s what I think of when I play this. 2 seconds in and I was zooming through level after level as the two characters I like, either the original or the Dino. I agree with the last guy when he said that this game needs a story mode. Or at least make the game a little more detailed, or people will just ignore buying this game without a second thought. Seasonal updates would be interesting, like a special stage that’s timed to make it harder. If you add all of this, a lot more people would wanna get this game.
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4 years ago, littlefox_13
Don’t understand??
So I love this game and it’s great. Everything works smoothly. As far as I know there are no bugs. But, there is something that annoys me. If you made stickman hook 2, then this game is going to go down slowly, like any original game where a 2 is made. Couldn’t you just have added the new stuff to the old game? I know, I know, it would be problematic because old players would get bugs and such. But could you at least add the skins from this game into Stickman hook 2? Because that’s really the only problem I have with the second game. The skins!!! For example, I have a favorite skin in this game, but it was not added to stickman hook 2, and I’m a little disappointed because I really enjoyed how it looked. I know this review seems really “world’s smallest violin” but I would appreciate it. Thanks! 🙃
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5 years ago, Throdore S.
There are problems
The game is fine and runs smoothly. There are way to many ads though. Every 4-5 times I die I get an ad. If I win I get an ad. There are way to many adds for a game like this. I have played this game to level 425 and unlocked nearly every skin. It pushes ads to benefit more from a win but for me it’s a complete gamble. Over half the time towards the end of and ad it either freezes, kicks me out of the app, or both. That is even if it allows me to play the app. Seriously though the amount of ads really say a message about the developers. Yes you can pay 3 dollars for no ads and exclusive skins but this just isn't one of those apps you pay for. The skins don’t even feel that cool to me and just collecting them all is the only kind of happiness I get from them. If these problems were fixed it would make it such a better app and way more enjoyable.
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2 years ago, Aiden.died
Good game but there’s one problem
Ok look, I love this game and I used to play it on my old phone like a year and a half ago, and let me tell you. There are A LOT more ads than before. You used to get an ad every let’s say 3 deaths, now it’s every death! Also, when I played this game you didn’t have to watch ads for new characters! All we did was play the game, get up 10%, until we get the characters, now you have to play, go up 10% and when you do, you have to watch an ad! And we didn’t have to before so why do you want so many more ads now? For money? So people Buy vip so there’s no ads? (That’s kinda smart) but it’s so annoying, and I think everyone can agree that you should tone down on the ads, I’m not sure if I should keep the game or not bc or this. Your losing players because you have too many ads and people don’t buy vip! So please please please stop it with so many ads.
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5 years ago, 😄😁😊🙂😀
It’s fun but...
It’s fun but this app has some problems. They use the same levels over and over again so you aren’t really experiencing a lot. It’s says that you can watch ads to get new characters. When I tried the characters just kept loading to the point were you couldn’t even get Andy new characters. The only characters you can really get is the characters were you complete levels to unlock new characters. Maybe this whole issue with the ads and the levels is just a glitch and I have to re download it. It do recommend this game if you don’t not mind the issues stated up above. This app over all has some issues but is pretty funny even though you get the same levels over and over again. I’ve had this app for about 3 months and have not deleted it yet. I am usually very picky when it comes to games. But yes I don’t like this game overall.
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4 years ago, 😊💜💜
It’s Fun, But Not Good
I saw an ad for this game a while ago, and a lot of my friends play it, and I never had a chance to, so I decided to get it. It’s a good concept and all, but there are certain things that seem to be a problem to me. 1. The Difficulty Now, I don’t know if too many people before were flying through the levels, or what, but this game is very difficult for something that looks so simple. I mean, it’s good that there’s a challenge to it, but this kind of challenge just gets frustrating, and has caused me to rag-quit multiple times. Please, just dial down the difficulty a little bit. 2. The Skins I love all the cool and intricate designs on the character skins, and it’s extremely customizable. But some skins you need to watch an ad to unlock, there’s an entire page with just stuff that requires ads. And then, there are skins that require you to be at a certain level number. I haven’t played this game much, so I don’t know about the other pages of characters, but the level numbers are very far apart, and it doesn’t help that the levels are this difficult, I’ve had this game for weeks and I’ve only made it to level 21. The game has a lot of potential to be a good game, but these things need to change. 😊
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6 years ago, yaboiidankles
This game seems really cool at first until you play it for a certain amount of times. The later levels are exact copies of other levels but with a different background color. Some levels I didn’t have to press anything to win, and that was one of the levels that replayed. Some levels I just couldn’t beat. The game either beats itself with the help of a couple of clicks or is beyond rage inducing. The skins give a false sense of reward every time you beat 5-10 of the easy levels or 3 of the impossible levels. I had airplane mode on so that I didn’t see any ads, but I can’t even imagine how many ads I would be seeing after I either beat a level or died again. Don’t download this game, it’s not worth it. It is unfinished, borrowing ideas from old flash games that you can play for free online without ads every 2 seconds and copying level after level from previous levels in itself. Can’t these games that advertise themselves everywhere be actually good for once?
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5 years ago, orange 62
Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😝😜😛😝😜😛
So awesome game, guys buy this it is so cool you don’t even have to pay money for it, I mean if you really want a few badges and outfits like two outfits, you can get the VIP but that’s only like two bucks I mean this is the best game ever it is super fun!!!!!!!! I recommend this game buy it! I mean pick up your phone right now And buy it! This game is not like the others where you can only play a few levels and get only a outfit .this time you literally have everything except like two outfits, best game ever buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😛😜😆😝😆😜😛😜😆😝😝😆😜😛😃😛😜😆😝😃😃😃😃😛😜😆😝#best game ever!!!!!! And plus some people may say there’s way too many ads there is only like 2 ads every 2 minutes , Come on you can handle 2 ads can’t you???????🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
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