Strava: Run, Bike, Hike

Health & Fitness
4.8 (275.5K)
240.8 MB
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Current version
Strava, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Strava: Run, Bike, Hike

4.8 out of 5
275.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Cool breeze 12345
Latest iwatch 3 update
Previous version worked well for running if auto-pause was disabled because the watch would pause if you looked at the screen while running. I thought that was fixed with latest update because the timer keeps going. I tried to run four miles two different days and I begin looking at my screen a lot at 3.8. The timer kept going but the distance was stuck on 3.8. I finally stopped looking at the screen at hit 4.0 eventually. This has happened last two runs and kills my average speed and try distance. I’m pretty sure the app stops counting miles when the screen is active. I don’t know if this is related to auto-pause or not. I’ve turned auto pause off and don’t look at the screen anymore. The app is definitely buggy. Strava creates a great social network that is the standard for cycling, but stick with Your Garmin and then upload. Not sure why it’s taking this long to build a stable watch app. I never had problems with the phone app.
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6 months ago, KiwiWatermelon🥝🍉
Annoying premium model
I've been using Strava for years now, and it's served me pretty well. For a free user, it has all basic functionalities and a little more: tracking, mile splits, and even some social functions. However, as of late (or just always as it appears from earlier reviews, the app has become increasingly in your face with the demands to get premium. You would think that having had this app for so long, I'd encounter new features, but aside from challenges, whatever new ones are there are premium features, and some old features become premium only. I don't really need any of the features locked behind premium that much because the app has all the basic functionalities I want from a fitness app, and it does a way better job tracking than my Fitbit, but it's just so obvious how much getting users to subscribe is the app's priority. Recently, there was another update to the profile section, so when I go there I see a page that just shows blurred out premium features. I have to tap my profile picture again to see what was previously on the premium tab, like my activities and statistics. Having premium features' previews underneath my activities is fine, but putting a page that is literally useless for me is just overly intrusive. I wish the features that weren't premium would come back at least if Strava decides all new updates are solely for the premium plan.
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9 months ago, RLSinSF
Pretty good but not great
To be clear, I am reviewing the free version. This works pretty well but has some areas for improvement. They put out app updates way too often (once recently three days in a row), which is inconvenient for me as a user and makes me think they issue glitchy updates or their development efforts aren’t very well coordinated. Mileage accuracy is highly questionable — I often ride with my partner who has the same phone and carrier as I do, yet our mileage can be as much as 10% different. From a usability perspective, a couple of the tabs could be combined for more efficient navigation; I suspect they don’t do much usability/layout research. On the plus side, I love the feature that figures out who else I was riding with (but I don’t love that it combines my ride maps with theirs when the rides didn’t exactly match). The step-counter for walking is highly accurate…better than my iPhone’s native counter…which I figured out by actually counting my own steps, then comparing my count to Strava’s(!). The ability to “add media” (share photos & videos) is great and I’m pleasantly surprised it’s available on the free version since those media must hog a lot of server memory. Overall I would recommend the free version to bikers or walkers, but I won’t be subscribing until the mileage accuracy is better, because that’s the most important feature to me personally.
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4 years ago, Hair_david
Functionality is going downhill, not that strava can measure it
Okay so this is a bit of a rage review. I've been using strava pretty dilligently for about 2 years. It's been mostly great, showing timed splits and elevation gain to give a good granular sense of what happened during a workout. It's really all I wanted, since I don't intend on getting heart rate monitor. However, lately strava has been goofing up on time elapsed, distance gone, maybe my actual location? Not sure. But it'll take a good half-mile for the app to figure out that I've started moving, even after manually starting a workout and confirming that my location is correct. It will also just stop registering that I'm still moving in the middle of a workout, paradoxically showing my location way off of the blue line while the timer is still running. This throws off all the calculations for timing and honestly is pretty disheartening that I don't have an accurate record of my efforts. I know strava gets is revenue from user data, but why am I using this broken app if it isn't even giving me the data it has advertised? How reliable is the background data being collected? At this point, I might as well go back to using the timer and maps apps built in to iOS, since I'm already using them to figure out what strava did wrong in the first place.
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6 years ago, Aaron Macom
Needs work
I tried Strava a few years ago and didn’t love it. I’ve used several running apps over the years. The one I have used consistently over the last 4 years has been Runkeeper. I have a few friends on Strava and I thought I’d try it again because I like the social aspect of sharing with friends. Strava has a lot of nice data and it seems that their paid service revolves more around training plans rather than focused on just giving you more data. This makes sense to me. I really want to like this app! I use an Apple Watch but also carry my phone. The watch app starts up pretty fast so that’s a plus. My main issues with Strava is that I have to go to the website in order to add my shoes so I can track the mileage. This seems silly. I can’t find a reason for it. I don’t want extra steps to get the app set up I also have a big issue with the app not showing me two decimal places for mileage. This is beyond silly. It’s just dumb. Runner like stats. We don’t want to have to log on to the website to get info that should be available on the app. Isn’t the entire point of an application to be self contained? The app is good but be aware that setup will take you 10 extra minutes and that viewing stats will be something that you will have to set aside time to do AFTER your run.
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4 years ago, hannnah18000089797
Love it but bummed out
I love strava & will continue to use the app but am disappointed with recent updates. I really enjoyed the leaderboard & monthly comparisons, which can now only be accessed through subscription. I would consider becoming a subscriber because I am a huge fan, but the cost has been a deterrent. I can understand their decision to try & make the app more profitable. However, I think they should have given longtime users the option of buying those features at a lower cost. I am simply someone who loves running. But I am not training for anything & given the surgeries I’ve had it is unlikely I ever will. Some of the other subscribed features may not suitable for me because of that. I want to support the app but I just don’t think the price is that accessible to everyone. I understand $60/year isn’t much, but when you’re a newly unemployed college student it’s difficult justifying that extra expense. I still really enjoy the app, I just hope these changes don’t alter how much I use it. I think if i never experienced those features I might feel differently. I am sad to see them go. Wish there was more of a middle ground for less competitive individuals.
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6 years ago, SG 🌻
Apple Watch Series 3
I’ve used Strava for many years, I’ve been running for about 9 years now and I always use it to train for my races. I love the social aspect and I’ve never had an issue with the GPS when using my phone. I recently got an Apple Watch series 3, the main purpose being for exercise. I wanted to ditch the heavy phone and run with something lighter. I also was excited about moving to Bluetooth headphones to avoid the phone/cord situation and the hands free aspect was really appealing. Not to mention the Apple Watch also tracks heart rate and other things that my iPhone didn’t do. However, I’ve been really disappointed in the connection between my Apple Watch and Strava. My runs are totally off, it often gets the distances wrong, misses huge chunks of my runs, and records my runs as if I had gone way faster. I thought that this was a flaw in the watch but I have friends who have tried other apps with success. I also thought this was a matter of having the data plan, but I switched over to the one with data and I’m still having issues. I would love to see them make improvement in this realm. I’m so excited about the convenience of my watch and I want to keep using Strava, so I’m hoping to see some upgrades soon!
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5 years ago, Shmarmychaff
Has ALMOST every thing I want but...
Seriously, Strava you have just about every conceivable feature and aspect of a great running/biking app. Great social interaction, widespread usage, which makes the segment portion great almost everywhere I run/bike, and the BEST analytics. I have been waiting in vain for years for you to add ANY sort of interval training with distance, time, and heart rate. I would accept just a simple timer in the app, but audio cues for speed/HR/timers/distance and customizable training plans would be preferred. People might think with the paid version they would get it, but they would be wrong. Since this MAJOR OVERSIGHT has been noted by people on your forums, you know about it, but are willfully ignoring us, your users. I have almost reached my breaking point and am about to give up hope and switch to Runkeeper or Nike. It feels like the Benedict thing to do, but I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU FOREVER! The saddest part will be leaving all my Strava friends behind for literally any other app that has this, simply because you refuse to add such a staple of training: INTERVALS. This is my last ditch effort to get ANY SORT of interval training in Strava, but if you don’t add it soon I am done with you 😢. Seriously Strava, DON’T MAKE ME LEAVE YOU!!! I LOVE THE REST OF THE APP TOO MUCH!
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2 years ago, Cant Post Review No Names
Buggy/Limited Gear Tracking
Downloaded Strava primarily to track mileage on gear since MapMyRun discontinued this app/feature. Strava fails to save my selection for mileage alert… I keep trying to select my preferred mileage alert (for a pair of runners, for example) and save it… but every time I go back in to look at the gear via “edit item” it either shows a completely random number (that I never selected) or fails to show a mileage alert? I feel this feature has been falsely advertised if you download the app to find you cannot even use it appropriately. I am pretty loyal to MapMyRun as it has my entire history logged plus it syncs to MyFitnessPal… I’d rather not have to download an additional app (like “GearTracking”) just to keep track of my shoe mileage… I liked that Strava works like MapMyRun (without media limits) combined with GearTracking… but I’m annoyed the gear tracking is acting buggy and doesn’t offer as much as the GearTracking app (ie consideration of prior mileage, pie chart progress graph on gear mileage, etc.) Not sure if I will continue using Strava as a result? Minus 1 star for a buggy gear tracking performance which is what I came to Strava for.
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2 years ago, calfeerider
Wonky integration with Apple Health
I suspect the fault for this lies in iOS, but cycling distance received by Apple Health from Strava is often truncated. For example, yesterday’s little neighborhood ride of 15.2 miles initially appeared in Apple Health as being 10.2 miles, which is probably where I paused for a long telephone conversation. Today, that same ride shows up in the Health App as being approximately 13.1 miles, and Apple shows it segmented hour by hour. One day earlier, a 9 mile climb of 1650 feet, followed by a short pause, then a 1.5 mile cruise along the shore of the alpine reservoir, then another pause at the end of the pavement to share our trophies (delicious cookies), then a downhill rush ended up segmented into 3 adjacent hours with the total distance recorded in Apple Health about 1.5 miles less than recorded by Strava. Strava’s data source for this information is NOT the Apple Phone’s or Apple watch’s GPS (I wear each), but my Garmin Edge 1030, which exports to the Strava app on my Apple iOS and macOS devices. I know that Strava doesn’t reveal the precise start and endpoints of activities beginning at my home address, but that’s not the issue here.
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4 years ago, 808Seb
Slap in the face to long time users
Extremely disappointed with the most recent update that puts subscriptions at the center of their business model. I understand the need to stay current and keep up with user demand which has exploded in recent months. My issue is about long time users such as myself (member since March 2013) who opted in to giving Strava our data for free in order to develop better cycling infrastructure and freely share safe routes with new users. Routes never became freely accessible, they were instantly subscription only. That stung but I accepted it. Now with the newest update we can no longer compare our segment stats with friends on Strava, besides the standard top ten, all comparisons are subscription only. This was one of my favorite features, I love seeing how I stack up against friends and it was a great selling point for me to get friends to use Strava. I have a suggestion, as unfortunate as it is, for new users this is just how it will be. However, for long time users it might be fair to let us keep our free features that made us love Strava. You gave us an incredible app that motivates and challenges a lot of people and it’s a wonderful service. I thank you for that, now please return some of the basics that we all know and love.
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6 years ago, CSharpster
Hard to use. Constant ads to upgrade.
A lot of my riding buddies use it and have asked me to install it. I just want something for free and can track my rides with elevation profiles and speed. Strava seems to do that and a lot more, especially ads that keeps hounding you to upgrade to the premium version. Cool thing is that it can record your movements with GPS and can be set up with privacy in mind. Here are a bunch of thing that bug me about this app: 1) the Feed is kind of confusing sometimes. It takes sometime to get use to on what is what, especially the stupid ads are mixed in. 2) the header part of the app where you have links or buttons. They're hard to press and a lot of the times, the don't work. A good example is the bell on the Feed. You have to press it numerous times or just let your thumb sit there for a few seconds to get you to a notification screen. 3) settings and other setups require so many steps to set up the app or to start a recording process. I wish there's a non-paid app without any advertisements that can give you GPS tracking on a map with speed and elevation without all the bloated crap that comes with Strava. To bad there's none out there at the moment.
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1 year ago, Jackson Wangensteen
Great App. Except they take away from free users
While I love that in Strava I can share my runs with friends and my coach while doing challenges, I have noticed that they like to slowly take away the things you can do without buying their overpriced subscription. I have to say that I joined when segment leaderboards were still all free, routes were free, and you got a year in review of your activities at the end of the year. This was great, made me love the app, but since then it has become an app that only lets you see top overall on a segment and men and women best times. It has also made it necessary to pay for the ability to use the number of routes freely created by other users and inputted into their database. And finally very recently they made the Year in Sport exclusive to subscribers. In the end it is just a Facebook for sharing activities and adding up numbers. Many other tracking apps have uh more available for free than Strava. Just know if you want to make sure you will always have access to something on the app, but the subscription. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the whole app only available by subscription.
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4 years ago, ornellagreg
Trying to love you Strava...
Wanted to find an alternative app for tracking my running miles (and the occasional bike ride) and decided to give strava a try. When I first downloaded the app, I still had access to leaderboards and all that jazz, but since then Strava has thrown the subscription model at its users like so many others. ($60 a year is pretty wild if you ask me). Although I was bummed, I still enjoyed the challenges and still preferred the overall interface over Nike’s. However, over the past few months I feel like I’ve been seeing an uptick in the amount of runs that don’t get tracked properly. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to finish a long run, only to get back and look at Strava saying I’ve only run 2.8 miles. Like what?? Sometimes the app won’t even track my movement at all during a run and I’ll find myself on the sidewalk messing with my phone trying to close out of the app to reset it, and at times that doesn’t even fix the issue. I would rather not go back to using Nike’s app (for reasons I won’t go into), but at least their gps tracking system is solid. Strava if you see this, please address this issue. (Currently on iPhone X)
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4 years ago, Wonderland@@
Heard the app was great but...
I am newer to running and kept hearing about this app and decided to download it. I uploaded all my workouts for the last month and then went into my dashboard excited to get started using the other features. I saw that every one of my workouts included a highlighted map of my route and where I’d been. I attempted to hide this only to find out through researching it that there is no way to do so completely. I can hide it from my dashboard by selecting “treadmill” but it still shows up in other areas of my profile. I am not the first person to be concerned with this feature. There are concerns stated in the help section with a response from Strava that this issue would be addressed in 2018! Obviously this issue has not been resolved. It is a major safety concern when people you do not know on a social media app can see exactly what routes you use to workout every day. I could set my activity to private but that kind of defeats the purpose for me to connect with others. Unfortunately because of this I cannot use this app until it is resolved. I hope they actually address this soon like they stated they would two years ago because I would love to use this app to connect with others and log my workouts.
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3 years ago, Arcm99134
Best gps app for the outdoor inclined
Best app for tracking your walk, run, ride, kayak, backcountry skin tour. The amount of sports that it has and the data generated is bar none the best. I also use trail forks as this doesn’t really have a map option of known trails like Trailforks or all trails but the free version gives you insights those other aforementioned apps do not and the paid version(subscription based) has a few more features(always coming out with more) that I found quite interesting and slightly more insightful. Also for those solo shredders, walker, hikers, and anyone using the app, the community based competition is also very inviting and allows you to ouch yourself against other people and against the clock. This allows you to use this also as a training aid and or just to see how your personal fitness stacks up from year to year, week to week, day to day. I love this app and find myself using it everyday. Stay stoked and I highly recommend it!!🤘🤙
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3 years ago, katie173
Awesome but some problems
I love this app because as a beginner runner it’s helped me figure out my stats and all that important stuff so I can see areas I need to fix on. But there is one minor issue, I have been using this app for over a year and it’s been perfect for me but just recently over the summer I have noticed some issues with how the app tracks. It will record everywhere I’ve ran in one run but it won’t actually start timing it or start the distance tracker until i’m more than half a mile in. Which is a very big inconvenience because when it doesn’t track my distance for a little while it effects my time which then effects my pace messing the whole run up and making it look like I did bad. Therefore I don’t actually know how far I ran or what my pace was or what amount of time I did it in. So then i’m not sure how well I did on the run or where I need to improve on. So I just wish they could fix that problem before I decided to go and buy an apple watch and be done with this app.
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4 years ago, ir1shboy
Only a fraction of what it could do...
As a I’ve been using Zwift and training indoors for the past year. Have made healthy eating decisions as well but overall has helped me lose 25 lbs and pushed me through the terrible part of the cold season where I can’t ride. This app is amazing. stand-alone the app is fine. If all you want to do is record your ride it does that. I own an Apple Watch 4th gen and as stupid as this is you can’t record on your watch in order to get heartbeat and have your iPhone mounted on your bike to use simultaneously giving you access to your mph, trail position, length or ride etc. The only thing they offer are workarounds. Until there is full integration between apple watch and the iPhone the app is only really half complete because they don’t compliment one another. Really is unfortunate because if they worked as one unit for a single recording it would be a fantastic app. Now it’s just cumbersome and annoying.
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3 months ago, Poppa Don
Not as good as no longe available Velopal
As the title says the no longer available Velopal was a far superior App for Bikers. Even after it was no longer supported and unavailable on the App Store I was able to use it until I upgraded to an iPhone 15. Then it would no longer load. What made it better? Strava folks I hope you read this. Here’s the scoop: It had 6 windows on the screen while riding. In the windows were: moving time, distance, speed, total ascent, average speed, calories burned, climbing ratio and average pace. It also saved routes with maps and had the miles road on a calendar with a total at the bottom on separate screens. And it’s “live” speed was consistently accurate unlike Strava which I have used for over a month in different locations. And it was free. But it was so good I would have paid for it, if the price was reasonable. For what Strava offers and how it performs I would not pay for. Please do better. I went to your website to see if I could send screenshots of Velopal but you don’t offer an email. That counts against you too. Hopefully my description was adequate. You can do better.
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5 years ago, house_of_ALT
Inaccurate GPS tracking
The social aspect of the biking got me to use this instead of MapMyRide. I love the badges and how motivational it is to beat your PRs and place in the top 10s. However, this thing is SEVERELY glitched. Granted, I’m using an iPhone and I keep it in my under saddle zip bag (could affect tracking?), but the times are heinously inaccurate. They have guys getting .03 seconds for a trail segment that’s 1/4 mile long, IN THE WOODS, on single track between trees. This isn’t even paved, and it’s physically impossible for a human to get those times, or even finish it in .10s for that matter. There are multiple people logging these ridiculous times. It’s important for me to know how I’m actually doing relative to the truth rather than fictional, glitched data. Completely deflates me when I put in maximum effort, easily clock under .30s on a trail segment and it reads 1:54!? I know I’m in the woods, but it’s absurd that in 2019 this data can’t be tracked with the utmost accuracy through some tree cover on a perfectly clear day. The features are really fun, but if the data can’t be trusted, this app is no better than a calorie counter.
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6 years ago, CrumpyLady
Lagging data
I’ve been using this app for a couple years now. Haven’t had one issue...until now. My last two runs it doesn’t connect to satellite perhaps? I don’t know, but it sure doesn’t take me 34 minutes to run 1 mile and I’m not running through fields. The GPS is all jacked up and its really frustrating. Good thing I have a Garmin for back up. Maybe fix the problem before I give up on the app. **UPDATE** It’s been over 6 months since I wrote this review. Shortly after I wrote it I linked my Garmin to Strava and solely began using Garmin to track my runs, because I couldn’t rely on Strava to do it. A couple weeks ago I went out of town and forgot my Garmin. I thought I’d try Strava to track my long run that week and see if the issues had been fixed. Unfortunately, it did the same thing. Somewhere it loses me, and my run that I know from past experience is almost 8 miles, clocked in under 6. So disappointing. I don’t understand why it suddenly changed at the beginning of the year. But I sure wish you guys could fix it. I know several people who have this same issue, so I know it’s not just me or my phone.
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5 years ago, LEDbaby81
2 MAJOR problems with this app - first when using the app with my Apple Watch it shows my distance only to the 1/10 mile instead of to the 1/100th. Really?? How does any runner find that acceptable?? Makes the app completely useless for any kind of interval training that does not involve a track. Second, it shows my average pace. I couldn’t care less about my average pace. Most runners I know what to see their CURRENT pace! I don’t see any way to change that. Other more minor problems - 1) when it registers my splits and I want to glance quickly at my time, this app has to show me the stupid Strava logo for a second before it shows me my time. So annoying! I’m often trail running and need to pay attention to my footing so I don’t step in a hole or trip on a root. So having to keep my eyes on my watch for that extra second could actually be a problem. 2.) the walk setting only shows mph. Why would I want to know that?? I want minutes/mile just like for running. 3.) No splits for walking?? Just because I’m walking, Strava thinks I don’t care about my mile splits? Like I said, to me this is a useless training app. Back to the basic Activity app on the Apple Watch for me!
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4 years ago, SNSH86
New Update - May 20, 2020
Very disappointed to see the focus of Strava move from a community based fitness app to a profit driven cash grab. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here but the reality is I don’t have money kicking around for a Strava subscription. I accept that there are going to be aspects of the app that I won’t have access to, however I would maintain that to this point the [free] app was of 5 star quality and a must have workout tracker. After the update is an entirely different story, however. The free app has been stripped to the bare bones, no more access to segment leaderboards...I can’t even view my own previous times on segments. Honestly I leave a 3 star rating because I have loved using Strava for the past few years, in reality I should really leave a 1 star review. If you are able to afford the cost of a subscription to Strava, then by all means, it is a great app that is a fun and useful tool for tracking your workouts...BUT, I would not personally recommend the app as it currently stands unless you don’t have any other option available.
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2 years ago, Ye Olde Phart
Track Your Fitness
I have been using Strava since it came out. For years I only used it for cycling then later I linked my Peloton. A couple of years ago I had a back injury and wanted to track my fitness during rehab. Initially I could barely walk. When I did walk I added the walks to Strava. I was able to track how I was progressing. I moved through rehab I was adding all Strava and my strength workouts to my Google Calendar. One day I went through all the activities you can track on Strava and saw workouts. I added them every time I went to the gym, did core or went on a hike. My last step was wearing my Galaxy 4 watch during my workouts so I could track my heart rate while cross training. Now I have a record of all my fitness activities in one place. My wife said, “Next thing you are going to want to track is your heart rate and time having sex!” Hmmmm………..Naw, doing the “horizontal mambo” is not a Strava activity but I guess I could just log it under “workout”….😜! Anyway… I am a 62 year old athlete. At my age, if you don’t use it you definitely lose it! I need a record to see if I am back sliding with my fitness program. Now, when I hit my yearly physical and my doctor asks what I have been doing to stay fit I show him my Strava activity log. He’s like , “DAAAMN!!!” Anyway….LOVE MY STRAVA!
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3 years ago, dylan4248
Feels like it’s missing some things
My biggest complaint with this app is that it seems like it was purpose built for run, bike, swim, but the functionality and usage has evolved beyond that for any sport- unfortunately the UI hasn’t kept up with the evolution. For example- why does my main page only give the option to display my run, bike, swim stats if I only use it for climb, ski, and hike? It would make more sense to default to your most used 3. I don’t know anybody on the app whose main 3 are bike run swim, so there seems to be a disconnect. Also finding local routes seems pretty buggy, I’ll get different routes every time I search somewhere, half of them missing, never any really long routes even though I know they’re there. Wish it had better ui for climbing tracking, but it’s nice that so many other apps will plug into it. Other than that, enjoyable community, challenges are cool, and overall more motivational to use than I anticipated.
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4 years ago, natval82
Charged unknowingly, bad customer service
Given this is a COVID era, I was quarantined and encouraged my my friends to get the app. It was good and all but I used it 4-5 times in two months. If I were a triathlete, I’d probably have gotten more use. The problem is I am an unemployed student and need every penny to make it right now. My credit card showed up with 2 declined payments one night and as soon as I made some money from selling art I was charged $60 for “summit”. My account still is listed as free, I did NOT ask for Summit (or was unaware) and their customer service is completely dehumanized to try to answer your questions with links. There’s no number, only tickets that are listed as “solved” when no one did anything. I seriously need to get reimbursed, like this is a financially unfortunate situation where $60 is all I have, and Strava all of a sudden is a name that fills me with anger because it feels like $60 was stolen from my wallet when that’s all I had. I wish they would be more prompt with customer service and more up front with cost if $60 is really what it costs. But even then - my account says “free.” Strava, PLEASE get back to me and give me a refund.
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3 years ago, CramerRy
Just 1 (major) thing that’s missing…
I love just about every aspect of this app! However the Apple Watch app is lacking any way to actually view or follow a route that you’ve saved from the iphone app. If only there were a map view on the strava Watch app! No one with an Apple Watch wants to carry their phone while running!! Right now after discovering or creating routes in strava, I’m forced to then write the route out onto a piece of paper like it’s 1980! That is still preferable to me over having to carry my phone on a run as I have an Apple Watch which is perfectly capable of navigation/mapping. If only the app offered this. Another option would be to export the route and use it in another running app that offers map views; but at $60 a year you’d expect strava to offer this basic functionality in the Watch app. Here’s hoping! Otherwise another competitor will offer this soon, and I’d be willing to pay for it!
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1 year ago, Nerea007
Wish this app had better swim tracking & pregnancy mode
Love this app in many ways, but I wish it had better swim tracking. I wish it had: - open swim - lap swim - a setting for when you are wearing flippers - the ability to tap your iWatch when you completed a lap - pregnancy mode It was also very hard to figure out how to get it to display detailed heart rate data. Even my husband who uses Strava a lot and is a software engineer involved in UI design couldn’t figure it out. It’s a solid app, but it could use some better UI and improvements with certain sports. Seems heavily rotated towards biking & running with not enough attention on swimming. Wish they would purchase or parter with a better swim app like MySwimPro to get better swim data. Extra extra cool would be better integration of tides, swells, currents, and weather data for open swimmers. In 2022, 12 people died near me open swimming and I wonder if apps like this could help people make more informed decision when making choices. Strava could also advertise safety gear like a $20 swim buoy to open water swimmers. Perhaps even with Strava logo on it…it could save lives. Also wish it were easier to connect with other people doing my sports in the area. Surprised the social aspect is so focused on existing friends. Seems like a nice way to connect with others. Also wish it were easier to become aware of in-person competitions, races, clubs, and training opportunities.
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5 years ago, Melting clocks
Autopause doesn’t work for hikes or walks
If autopause is on, it immediately pauses if I’m walking. That means I have to disable autopause if I’m tracking a hike or run/walk/run type training, so I’m always having to go back into the settings and switch it back and forth. I’ve lost tracking on parts of my routes because of this. I don’t understand why autopause isn’t sensitive enough to track walking/stopping. Other apps seem to handle this just fine. Units and splits: why does the display only show tenths of miles and not hundredths? Maybe since this started as a biking app, 1/10 of a mile made sense, but as a runner I think more in terms of 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 mile distances for pace training. I am unable to do this on strava because it doesn’t display the data (that it is already gathering), and because there is no way to select a different option for audio feedback frequency (like every 1/4 mile). So, there are many things to like about the app, but the bottom line is that it has limited usefulness and versatility for training.
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2 years ago, ArtsyAmy2
Subscription issue solution
My husband & I share my Apple ID for a number of things. We both downloaded Strava but I am the one who actually uses it. I decided to pay for the subscription, but when I clicked to subscribe (from my phone, within my Strava app), the subscription got credited to him. I tried to contact support but didn’t receive a response. After a few days I decided to try & delete my husbands account to see if that would free up the subscription. This worked. I was then able to hit “restore purchase” from my account. For the people who are frustrated with the cost, this is a complex application. If a product is free you are the product…. The price you pay is the freedom of not having your data sold, and having an ad free app that runs smoothly. The reason I gave it 4 stars was because I felt for the price it would’ve made sense to actually get a response from customer support.
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3 years ago, restless roller
Needs better watch options for sports other than cycling and running.
4 stars for the phone app - has tracking for many activities. 2 stars for the watch app - should mirror tracking options of the main app. It is frustrating that the watch app does not offer the same tracking options as the phone app. The watch has options for bike rides, runs, & hikes, but pretty much every other activity is excluded from the watch app. Everything else is generically lumped into the “workout” option, which has no way to track speed or distance. This means that if you want to track anything other than heart rate and workout time for an activity that isn’t a run or bike ride using your watch, you will have to bring your phone to do so. 😕 This is disappointing since this is one of the few apps that will track roller (inline) skating. Also, there should be some way to integrate the heart rate features from the watch into the phone app, which apparently only works with third party heart monitors.
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4 years ago, Que Moi?
App is garbage-Do not subscribe
I am a paid subscriber, my Fitbit Ionic is verifiably paired, and I have allowed access to my heart rate. Any documentation is years old and irrelevant, customer service takes it’s sweet time. None of the subscription features have ever worked except for the route maker. Despite rigorous trackable daily exercise over months, the app still indicates no weekly intensity. If the purpose of the Strava app is to combine data from multiple sources, it’s a total failure. To use Strava to ride, you can’t also manually activate the Fitbit or you’ll get 2 records-If you use only Strava app, you get no Fitbit activity credit-If you use Fitbit only, you can’t use the Strava route tracker. With my Smart Rower, the app still fails to pull in the heart rate data from my Fitbit. There is nothing this app does that the other free apps (Fitbit, SmartRower) don’t already do. I’m no longer sure what the point of this app is besides ripping me off. Also, I have communicated with feedback and I have not heard an answer-as of this post it was 14 days ago. Bu-bye Strava, you’re off to the land of deleted apps that failed to live up to their advertised expectations.
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3 weeks ago, Zephward
I had not used Strava the entire winter season so this weekend was the first time using the app for a number of months since last fall. Since that time there have been updates to the app. The other day, I used it for the first time since the end of last summer and I noticed upon receiving a kudos, that I also received an email notification of said kudos in addition to the push notification from the app itself. I promptly entered the settings within the app… found email notifications… observed that it was toggle on… then proceeded to toggle it off. Today I again recorded a bike ride. Shortly after completion, I received a kudos. I additionally received an email notification of said kudos. Feeling… Confused, I entered settings once again, thinking perhaps email notifications somehow turned itself back on. Nope! it is still set off… yet I am receiving email notifications. To correct this, I opened the email notification and at the bottom, followed the link to unsubscribe from kudos email notifications. This in itself is a ridiculous extra step when there is a designated email notifications toggle button within the settings of the Strava app. The fact that I still receive email notifications despite having toggle that specific switch to off, essentially makes that feature within the settings menu pointless. Perhaps this is a bug? I honestly cannot imagine that it is by design.
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4 weeks ago, Arturo Jr
I love it… but…
1. I wish it has a way to share it with a friend from within the app. 2. I wish the Apple Watch app has more customizable. For example, I would love see different stats, as I am running. 3. When I start my run, using the Apple Watch, I would love for it have a 3 second countdown, like the RunKeeper App by ASICS. 4. When I finish my run, using the Apple Watch, I wish it didn’t tell me every time to wait to sync my run with my phone. Too many clics for me and is pretty annoying. (I loved the warning the first time, but not everyyyyyy time) 5. When I finish my run, using my Apple Watch, most of the times I don’t bring my phone, but I still would like to post a random picture with my run later on. But this feature, as far as I know is not available on my phone. I would love to be able to upload a picture on my run, even though I didn’t take my phone to take a picture during my phone.
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5 years ago, Levi2u
Excellent fitness tracker
When at the age of about 55 I started a more serious fitness regimen I looked at the available apps and chose map my walk. I used it for about 3 years, and over the course of time it just became too needy, and required to much of my time to maintain it. I had sort of become aware of Strava, but I thought it was more for bicycling and really serious athletes. Anyway I decided to give it a go and have never looked back. It gives me all the data I need, and has been 100% reliable. I like the way it finds and keeps track of routes I regularly complete, and finds ways to give me badges for accomplishments on days I don’t expect it. It’s helped me log over 100 miles a month for the last 4 months. I have considered upgrading to the paid version but I really don’t like subscriptions. I would consider paying a onetime upgrade for a few more features.
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4 years ago, Jeno258
Steals your money
Horrible company to work with. Signed up to try the app after it had been recommended to me. It informed me that I would need to cancel before x date in order to not be charged for the subscription. As that date approached I tried canceling me free trial but it didn’t seem to be working. I googled how to cancel the “automatic renewal” but the instructions were not clear. Anyway I couldn’t figure out how to cancel it. I tried finding a number to call for help - no number. Only an online “help” submission form. I filled it out two separate times and got no response either time. I told them specifically that I wanted to cancel before I was charged and to please help me. No response. Today I was charged the $64 for the subscription that I did not want. I have tried submitting the form for a third time and still haven’t heard anything back. Absolutely horrible customer service and really not happy with their lack of support. Now more than ever, when people are struggling financially and using exercise as a form of release, I’m really disappointed with the way this company operates. Would not recommend them to anyone.
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2 months ago, You’veGotToBeKiddinMe
Disappointed e-bike rider
I switched to an e-bike last year not to set any speed records but so I could ride longer and farther. And to ride more easily with my younger friends and keep up with them on group rides. I am disappointed that I cannot earn segments or legend status. I get that some people could kick up the speed on an e-bike to be faster, but even with “regular “ bikes there are various differences that can give some a speed advantage over other bikes. AND why not let e-bikes earn legend status on a segment? it’s about “how many times” a person rides on a segment. An e-bike or regular bike should not make a difference to earn this. Or why not make an e-bike category. That might be less effective if you live in an area with few e-bike riders; you would only be riding against yourself. I do still use Strava for some of its other features but I think Strava needs to be a little more inclusive of its e-bike riders.
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5 years ago, goodkarmadude
No Sensors?
Been using Map My Ride for a long time now and am a paid subscriber. MMR works well and connects to my speed, heart rate, and cadence meter so easily. But the app is a lil - ugly. It also is geared more towards runners. So I thought I’d try out Strava and see why all the fuss is about - I signed up for the 30 day summit trial and everything looks - well - amazing. Keeps track of the miles I put on my bike and a myriad other brilliant things. Guess what though? No Bluetooth sensor connection - none. You need other supported devices to do that THEN upload that data to your Strava account. Guys, guys, nope. I’m going to cancel my 30 day free subscription. I’ll keep my dumbed down free account for now but won’t actually use the app for recording rides. If the Bluetooth sensor availability is changed I will definitely be forking out the $2 a month for the analysis pack. Until then - forget about it.
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3 years ago, NeptuneCA
Activities no longer fully recorded.
I’ve used Strava for years and love it. Unfortunately the app is now failing to completely record activities. The first portion is recorded, usually either halfway or even a quarter of the way. When I finish the activity, I check the app and hit stop (I obviously never close the app while recording). Only when I finish do I see that the activity is incomplete. It’s not just a GPS issue, the time is hours off. This has been the case for hiking, biking, and running. And has failed in Texas, California, and Colorado in places with reception. Meanwhile, AllTrails always successfully records my routes. I am using an iPhone XS on iOS 15 and a mainstream carrier. I’m assuming there is a bug or an unintended increase in RAM usage that causes the OS to kill the app. I hope the dev team is able to address this in the next update!
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3 years ago, Heythere81949
This app is simply amazing
This app has 100% enhanced my workout experience. First of all, I don’t record the run using the app... I ABSOLUTELY recommend using your Apple Watch (or whatever gps tracking watch) when completing a workout and downloading an app called, “HealthFit.” That app will automatically upload your workout to Strava. It’s incredibly reliable. Trust me, I ran over 1,400 miles last year and every single workout was incredibly accurate and correct. Next, the amount of depth and detail gone into every workout analysis is, like I said, simply amazing. The app is incredible and reliable and I have been more dedicated to running than ever, ever since I started using this app and getting to analyze my runs and, literally, see my progression over time. It’s incredible in every way and I am a paid subscriber and am going to use this for years to come.
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3 years ago, LouPalm37
Worst running app
Very disappointed about Strava. I just deleted my account. This is the worst running app that I have tried. The distance recorded by this app per activity is inaccurate. It always gives a smaller course that the one you really run which changes your overall pace. If you are serious about training to maintain your pace, this app will give you a hard time. It doesn’t either allow you to correct your distance ran in your activity. I really don’t recommend this app. Also if a user wants to create a course or a segment, it requires to subscribe first which basically means having to pay for subscription. No reason to do so because other apps let you do it for free. This app doesn’t either have hot badges or levels to reach based on miles accumulated, which is a motivational factor for runners. Other apps offer that such Nike+Run and Garmin. MapMyRun is way much better, and even though it is a subscribing app as well, some features are still available for free such as the tool to create a course, adjust a run, among many others.
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2 months ago, JT Stally
For Social, Not for Athletes
Strava is a social media platform designed for sharing workouts with friends. It is not designed for serious athletes trying to track workouts. The GPS on Strava is absolutely abismal. I used Nike Run on the same phone for years with almost no issues ever. As I’m writing this, I’m trying to get Strava to begin tracking distance for my run. I’ve stopped it three times as it doesn’t start its tracking. This is a normal occurrence. It often picks up somewhere half a mile in and reports my time as some absurdly slow pace. This is a common complaint among many users. It also has no useable stop feature, if you get stuck at a red light, etc. The stop feature if turned on, stops and starts at any given time in any given place. Again, Nike Run gives a few seconds to confirm movement is indeed stopped. Strava shows no interest in fixing this because they’ve managed to make this a fun, social app and has no need to function like an app for real athletes.
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4 years ago, Nick DiVona
Greed is ruining this app.
I’ve been recommending this to friends to track their activity simply because most people can get away using the free version of the app. The paid version previously had some solid features that were great, but the free version wasn’t lacking and didn’t feel intentionally crippled by the developer. The new version does. The free version was essentially stripped of all features besides base tracking. All of these features were moved into the paid tier. All of this, especially in a time where tons of people are out of work feel incredibly greedy. I’ll still use this app as someone who has paid, but it’s going to be harder to recommend it to others. Also this decision on Strava’s part has left a bad taste in my mouth towards a company that I otherwise liked.
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4 years ago, I just like fitness
This app could be great with tweaking
I’m overall disappointed because the ride, walk, and run activities only sync from my watch about fifty percent of the time. The rest of the times I tap ‘save’ after I ‘finished and they disappear forever. No recorded information to be restored. Ever. I also don’t like that you can not record specific water sports (like kayaking, swimming, windsurfing) without having your phone on you. For me this defeats the purpose of using the watch app. These sports seem to be ones you would very likely rather leave your phone behind. If you begin an activity in your phone (not the watch) it does not communicate with the watch and gayer any heart rate information, which for me is the primary reason I bought the app to begin with. And finally, when you do receive recorded analysis of a workout you can’t go in and pinpoint exact moments on a graph of your heart rate information, it would be nice to have a chart that you can scroll the exact plot points. It could be good, but as it stands I won’t be renewing.
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1 year ago, AmsterQ
Good and bad
For the good part: it tracks your workout really well. It gives you useful stats. Great when riding in teams… For the bad part: impossible to see your stats with a custom date range. I wanted to see how many miles I have ridden with my new bike but had to do the math by hand… really? You have all the stats in the world but you couldn’t be bothered implementing such as simple function? I guess you get what they give you and you shut up. Why am I saying that? We’ll because when reach Inc. out to support asking if such a function is possible, just in case I missed it somewhere… no response. I have a paid subscription for the record. Furthermore, the in app, support doesn’t work. I was kind enough to take the time to report it with a screen recording… no response from support AGAIN!
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5 years ago, MrNYCO
Strava and the iwatch app
I’ve been using Strava for years when I (road) cycle. Then a few years ago after a total knee replacement, I started swimming. I bought a Garmin watch to track my swimming progress and was happy to see that the Garmin watch, used to share this info with the Strava app on my iPhone and automatically shared this info. It had my swim with all stats right on my iPhone. I recently was given an Apple iwatch as a gift and it has a default Strava app on it. It does not offer a swim tracking option. Furthermore, the Apple default activity app which I’ve been using for swimming does not automatically share this info with the Strava app and there is no option to do this. So, I’m kind of disappointed since I am “friends” with a few people and would them to see that I am still training. And I would like them to give me the 👍 after a swim. Now I have to explain that I’m using a new watch that doesn’t offer swimming in the Strava app. I suggest the developers figure out how to incorporate swimming in their iwatch app or at least “share” this info with the Stava app the way Garmin does.
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2 years ago, oonix8
Great Mertric Tracking
Strava is a great app to track your fitness and with a little more TLC can be amazing. Has accurate GPS and good integration with other apps. The challenges allow you to push yourself and set goals to achieve and compete with friends. I transferred to Strava from Adidas Run app due to its integrations however there are a few things I miss that I wish Strava had. 1. Importing your GPSX data is a tedious and manual process that restricts you to 100 uploads a day, it took me 5 days to import all my runs from previous years 2. Using the Apple Watch app, the audio cues for runs do not emit to your headphones, you have to make sure your headphones are connected to both your phone and your watch if you are listening to music with your phone 3. Even though Apple Watch can track cadence the strava app does not, so it’s a missing dataset. There are hacks I’ve found to work around this, but not without using a third party app. 4. One of the biggest things is custom trainings. You could set your own training sessions up so that you can do 30 second sprints and 1 min rest on repeat with audio cues. Instead I have to keep track of my miles or time to know when to do the next stage of my workout. I would love if these were integrated and would make the app an incredible experience for training.
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7 years ago, Running back to Garmin
Great tool, needs a few more features.
Converted over from Nike Run app to Strava a few months ago and I’m loving it! I use my Apple Watch 3 and pay for the pro version. I find that the app and watch work very well together. Overall very pleased. I do however wish there were more options for (a) goal setting and (b) workouts: (A) I do wish I could set more than just a weekly and yearly mileage goals, being able to reach a pace goal or a run distance goal would be great for motivation. (B) one of the features I miss about my Garmin was being able to set a goal distance or time or split pace for the run i.e. 6.5 mi or 60min or 9min/mi instead of having to constantly look at my watch to see when I have reached that point. I also wish there was a feature to set up workouts for the week I.e tempo run on Tue at various paces. This feature especially has me turning back to my Garmin when I train for big races.
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4 years ago, DutchMark
So, so for SUP
I wanted an app that can track my activity when I go stand up paddling. I tried a few that claimed to be specifically for SUP, but they were all mediocre. Strava is pricey but it seemed to have the best features. And it lets me choose SUP as activity. However, considering the price of the subscription I had expected a product better integrated with Apple Watch and with less idiosyncrasies. - My runs often ‘skip’ large sections. Strangely, this reduces the recorded distance but increases the recorded speed. - Activities/exercises on the phone do not count against the rings on the watch (I have a fitness app that does this, so I know it’s possible) - The watch app does NOT have SUP as activity. Why, oh, why not? Why would the list on the watch have fewer than the phone? If the list needs to be short on the watch, then at least make one of them customizable to my activity of choice. - When I use the watch and record it as ‘outdoor run’ it counts against the ‘activity’ ring, not against the ‘exercise’ ring. Makes no sense. - When I record my run both on the watch and phone simultaneously, the times and distance are considerably different. - The way a ‘run’ is recorded is different depending on the sport. Why can’t I customize it? - Updating activities or the training logs on the phone is suuuper sloowww. Sometimes the training log is days behind. I guess one-eye is king in the land of the blind.
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4 years ago, Crog801
Mileage wildly inaccurate
I’ve been using Strava for several months now and the mileage is wildly inaccurate. I submitted a number of reports on the app indicating the mileage is wrong but as of yet nothing has improved. Routes that I know are 4 miles long consistently come in at 3.5 and randomly sometimes will reach 4. I could understand some differential run to run but not that much. I’ve noticed that the app often doesn’t start tracking my run until I’m well into it. Recently I’ve been double checking to make sure that it says gps acquired before starting my run and even waiting a couple of seconds after hitting start to begin...still nothing. It’s really frustrating to have chunks of mileage taken off. Clearly the algorithms know there’s a problem because during my run the automated time announcement will say one time and when I finish the app has somehow adjusted it to a different time. I don’t get how the time adjusts but not the mileage. I may consider returning to MapMyRun since I experienced fewer issues.
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