Stretch & Flexibility at Home

Health & Fitness
4.8 (2.3K)
145.7 MB
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Leap Health
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stretch & Flexibility at Home

4.83 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
3 years ago, hzhsiakqwbjsnscssp
Best stretching app that I can find
The best app ever if you want to get flexible!!!!! I love it. It has beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There’s a little short thing at first that basically asks you if your new to the splits or great. You answer those questions then you open it up and it picks one that suits you ( they picked advanced for me) but if you feel like that’s not your level feel free to change what level your at. The only thing about this which I won’t take a star of for is YOU MAY NOT GET THE SPLITS IN THIRTY DAYS. It’s just that some people may think wow 30 days that’s so quick! But when 30 days is over and they still can’t do it, that can get them and other people discouraged, that’s the only downside about this app but besides that great app. That I consider you downloading.
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1 month ago, Lily56784
5 star stretching app!
Today I was at home kinda bored and I decided to start stretching. I am twelve and I don’t know what type of stretching to do to get the best results. That’s when I decided to try and find an app to help with this. First I found bend which was a good app until I found out that you had to pay twenty plus dollars after your first week. That’s when I found this app. I soon realized that this one was free but, you still have to watch ads. I am completely fine with this as long as it is free. I already almost have my middle splits down which is something I need to learn how to since I’m a cheerleader. I also feel a lot more energized. I will be using this app whenever I am available.
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1 year ago, Walla Walla MLV
Poor support and usable on only one device
I downloaded this on my iPad and began using it. During my seven day trial after giving my Apple store information to purchase it for a year subscription, I discovered that I could not use it on my phone as well. Only on the original device that it was downloaded on first. If I try to use it on my phone there is no place to login as my self and the phone asked me to initiate a new subscription. It also does not share with family so my wife cannot use the app on her phone unless she pays for another subscription. Plan on paying $20 for every device that you use it for for every year. I like the app and would be happy to keep it but nobody responds to any of my questions from feedback or help or going to the website. I’ve left questions at three different locations and nobody responds. I noticed the app has not been updated for 10 months so maybe that tells her some thing.
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2 years ago, Kala lily dog cat poop girl
Would Recommend
I got this app to help w my middle splits! This app has amazing features like you can customize your own workout, choose between intermediate through advanced providing great stretches I never thought of using and have definitely seen lots of progress throughout using this app. It throws how many calories you’ve burnt and has many workouts and stretches for pain, height, flexibility, and tons more!!! One of the greatest decisions I’ve probably made, because it actually makes me feel excited to wake up every morning to exercise 😆
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1 year ago, GratefulMomFromTX
A couple of small changes would make this perfect
I love the feature where you can create your own exercise even though - It is a little buggy: not all exercises are listed in the menu you can choose from (jumping jacks are missing for example) - not all exercises show up under “ all”, some are only accessible through the subcategories. - a few more obvious options would be: regular squats and seated forward bend with legs spread. - Another occasional bug is reordering working weird. Some more features on my wishlist - editing an existing exercise plan and saving that under your training - more plans for each category - a little consultation with a kinesiologist (starting your morning stretch routine with a bunch of crunches and planks does not seem like the best option) All in all I actually like it a lot and will keep my subscription. The most impactful and also simplest fixes from my perspective would be to fix how the custom training builder accesses the database of exercises already created. That seems like a super simple issue just having to do with not having assigned attributes to each exercise correctly.
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8 months ago, woltab
Almost there.
This app uses a text to speech voice generator that could be updated. Also, some of the statements are sloppy, eg the countdown will go “3, 2, start” or even “3, 1, start”. And if you let the app sync with Apple Health it will log the exercise as Functional Strength Training, which it really isn’t. Given that I strength train regularly, it’s a little annoying seeing these workouts in my statistics. I’m considering manually logging my time using the app as Yoga, but I really don’t want to have to do that as it defeats one of the key purposes of the app. Overall, this is a decent app with a low annual subscription fee that helps me get my morning stretches out of the way without taking too much time or mental effort. Devs, I would strongly recommend you change the exercise type to Yoga, as that’s closer to what these stretches are. Stretching is not even close to Functional Strength Training. Update: I got a response! How nice to know they’re listening. Hopefully they are able to implement these improvements.
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5 years ago, Abdomina
A good way to implement new stretches and start a healthy routine
I work a 9-5 desk job and was looking for something to help my back and neck. I didn’t expect much from this app but after a few days noticed a significant difference in my comfort level and work and my posture. I started using it before and after weight lifting every day and these short little exercise routines became a part of my daily schedule. For less than 20minutes a day I was able to drastically improve my posture at my desk and generally just feel more comfortable. I would absolutely recommend this app to anyone.
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5 years ago, Isa💕💕😍
I got this app yesterday and I already LOVE it! This app tells you about how many calories you burn for every stretch you do. They have lots of choices of stretching they ALL feel amazing. There are only about 4 stretching that you have to pay for the rest are completely free! Also you can make your own workout or stretching routine with TONS of choices they give to put into to make your own routine that is specifically for yourself. This makes YOU better! This app is definitely going to make me feel better. I already feel some of the stress going away.
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3 years ago, Cherryonthetop
I LOVE this!!!!!!
I’ve only used this app for 9 days, and I started out not even being able to touch my toes or get my legs anywhere near the ground on butterfly stretches, but now I’m already able to reach past my toes, AND I can almost do a butterfly stretch!!!! This app also is soooo great because you can track your weight, height, and even how many calories you’ve burned! There are stretching routines for all parts of your body!!! I ALSO love this app because it has coach tips for each stretch and helps you know exactly how to get a nice stretch in your muscles!!!! USE IT!!!!!!
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3 years ago, MustardMan (IGN)
Great app with many different stretching routines
I have really tight hamstrings combined with rounded shoulders and forward head posture. This app has a stretching routine for each concern. Sometimes I do the full body routines instead of targeted ones. It feels good and I can even sit cross-legged again - something I haven’t been able to do since I can’t remember when. I still have far to go and I need to be more consistent with dedicated stretch time, but this app has helped guide me to noticeable improvement - it’s worth the yearly subscription.
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5 months ago, jocie1221
This app was amazing guys but there are some sides to it that aren’t shown in the picture. I need to get flexible cause I am a dance competitor, so I thought this would be a good app cause it says flexible in the title. There is A LOT of stretching things to do, but only two things for flexibility and thats spilts. Is that the only bone in your body that can get flexible? no its not. for people who wants splits i would totally recommend this app. For people who want there whole body flexible i wouldn’t necessarily recommend this specific app. hope this helped!
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2 years ago, devil_girl 211
I love this app so much, most stretching apps have like you know “feel your inner strength” if you like that well good for you but I personally don’t, if you think it won’t explain well, it does. It’s just a click of a button! Also, another bonus is this app got a stretch for everything! Are your shoulder hurting? If so, there’s “shoulder tension relief” and a million others! Need a break, get a break! Download the app RIGHT NOW! P.s. I was not paid to write this awesome review.
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4 years ago, qwiyette
Great exercises, but some things to fix
I set a goal to increase flexibility in my legs, and this app has some great stretches and sets. There are two things though, that I think require an update: one is the narration. I have other workout apps that have such pleasant voices narrating the workout, and this app has the most unsettling, robotic voice telling you what to do. Additionally, the length of workout as advertised isn’t accurate. It took me 18:30 to do a 15:00 workout, and that was with skipping all the rest periods. This app has great potential, but needs updates in accuracy.
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5 years ago, helenaut
great no fuss timing based app
I love this app. It's in the form of countdown exercises, so it shows a stretch and you do it while it counts down the seconds until the next exercise. A set of exercises make up a routine. The cooldown/rest times are customizable. The ads are relatively unobstrusive. There's no trainer fluff you'd get from a video with a living person; you can actually mute the app entirely. But I for one enjoy the robotic woman's voice telling me to "do the exercise" and "this stretch is for your lower back half the time".
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4 years ago, Jpjenks8
Digging this app!
Have been trying to get myself into a stretching routine for months to help my posture and muscle tension from sitting at a desk all day. But My ADHD makes it almost impossible to stick with any routine I’ve come up with. This app takes all the mental energy out of it! Now I don't have to count in my head or remember what stretches I’m suppose to do in what order. And I don't get distracted since the rest times are sort and voice guided. Absolutely love this app so far!!
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7 months ago, Layan2468
Needs improvement
I was very excited to use this app. So I downloaded it and started creating my own exercises. Unfortunately, some of the exercises glitch and don’t play so you’re sitting there with a frozen exercise that’s not starting. Sometimes the voice and the music doesn’t work so it’s really sad because this app has such great potential and I would probably purchase it once my trial is over but because so many things don’t work I’m sad to say that I probably won’t be purchasing this app!
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9 months ago, GC PC
Really helpful!
I think this stretching app is very helpful and has a LOT of options…but I wish they had more for flexibility. As a dancer, I focus mostly on that so I was hoping to get more things for splits and extensions. But overall, I love how I can make my on stretches and I love waking up and going to bed with a stretching routine. I feel this has really helped my dancing!! Great job! 💕
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1 year ago, Khloe p.
This app is overrated
App wasn’t as good as it seen. It was so much packed in the one but the thing is, the stuff that I needed to do I had to have a trial score. And I read the reviews and it was talking about how it was only suitable for one device. I can’t believe I almost wasted storage on this app lol. It’s not a terrible app but I don’t recommend to any younger people because you would have to have a trial for some of the things on that app. And I know majority apps have to have a free trial but I expected the app to be a lot better.
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2 years ago, Roxiegirl01
Wish list for creating routines
Wish you can make creating routine a but easier by allowing us to have option to select from the main list already instead of having to open one by one to add to list then when we go,back we need to look for where it was we stopped. How do we know if a stretch excercise or routine has been newly added? Thanks for this 7 day free trial! I had a good first workout routine today.
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1 year ago, Jmuss
I just got this today and did couple workouts. The workouts, for me, worked up a good sweat and I could feel the stretches. What bothers me is I started on my phone and then downloaded on the iPad. But on the iPad it is asking me all the beginning questions and is wanting me to subscribe again. Not being able to store the information and go back and forth between iPad and phone is what makes me take a couple stars away. Otherwise, so far, I’d be at 5.
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5 years ago, slackdawg00
The best I have found
I work out 4-5 sessions a week. These are heavy weight workouts: barbells, dumbbells, etc. I find that this app zeros in on the exact areas I next to stretch. The timers are good,too. I’d like to spend more time stretching but this app gives me just enough stretching letting me condense my time in a busy schedule. I’ve tried other highly rated stretching apps: this is my goto app.
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1 week ago, Aylah W.
Great for pain relief!
I just downloaded this app today and used the neck stretch. It took me only 8 minutes and I instantly felt relief. I can easily move my neck without pain. The only problem with this app is that I wish it would make you spend for certain stretches, but overall I definitely recommend this app for pain relief and athletes who are always on their feet!
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7 months ago, LeoPrincess68
Great & no frills!!
Hated the fact that I even had to find an app to stretch but I’m so glad I found this one. No extra crap to look thru, I can pick which one I want to do that day WITH other customizations like music! Quick and easy. I mean, 10 minutes to feel better?? I’m all in!! EXCELLENT APP & instructions
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1 year ago, vishuk11
Bless You
This is a masterclass app. I not only use it quite frequently but I have suggested to my friends and family as it certainly is a full package when it comes to stretching exercises and helping relieve bodily pains. I wish other apps could be like this app. A job well done, thanks for helping.
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2 years ago, D_TaiBlog
I have seen results within a couple of days of using the app.
Since I started, I believed last Tuesday, I have noticed changes in my body. My body doesn't sound like a bag of pork rinds when I get up anymore, lol. I feel refreshed and ready to start my day when I do my daily stretches.
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5 years ago, crazy busy mom with 4 kids
Comprehensive, easy to follow, motivating
After trying 3 other exercise apps, this one was the best of all! I love the variety and large selection of exercises, the timer, the communication, the detailed explanation and demonstration, ease of use, ability to schedule and remind me to exercise. I’m sure there is more to say! My kids even exercise with me! We all love it!
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5 years ago, SpeedKill202
This app has helped me so much. I have been using for 2 days and using it 2 times a day. One time in the morning and one time at night. I am able to my full split with my right leg and closer than ever with my straddle and left leg split. I have even Salish some weight that was much needed. One of the very best apps I have ❤️
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5 years ago, Hooliator
Going from Awesome to meh.
I used to really love this app when it was purely timer based. All I had to do was follow the prompts. If I wanted more or less time I could change it. But recently they have begun switching some exercises to a repetition count instead of a timer. So I have to count reps and tend to the app between sets. Which changes the feel of the workout from “meditative” to “work”. I used to look forward to the Morning Warmup. Now I don’t.
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3 years ago, JQ03041001
I rarely leave reviews but I downloaded this today. I had a bad habit of not stretching before or after running and wouldn’t feel 100 percent running unless I had warmed up with a proper warm up. This helps so much. Felt so good before and after thanks to the stretches. The other stretches in here are great too
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5 years ago, Shrupy
I love this app! I know how to stretch but after eleventybillion squats one day I wanted some guided stretching. I tried a couple other apps that paled in comparison to this one. I love all the variety, the countdown format, and tips. The ads are unobtrusive but this app is so great I’d actually be willing to pay a few bucks to remove them.
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3 months ago, grasprah
Customizable and Keeps me on track
I love using this app, I'm able to create my own customizable stretch sessions, change voices and music, and learn about new stretches. I also like that it tracks my stretching sessions and integrates with the Health app.
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4 years ago, brainzmatter
Horrible robot voice
In addition to the mechanical monotone voice, the pictures are not large or clear enough to show correct positions for all body parts. If feet or hands are improperly positioned, injuries can occur. Also, there’s a constant barrage of upgrades and intrusive promos—ugh! There is not enough time to switch positions because the voice doesn’t give and details—just the name of the stretch. Ninety percent of these have been in my routine for 30 years or more. Deleted. Can’t listen to that inhuman voice.
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6 years ago, Soccer-mom
What’s Happened?
I love this app and the variety of stretches offered. Variety keeps me coming back. But after the last update the rest period changed to 30 secs which is too long. I can’t change the rest period or time to hold the stretches - there is nowhere to save the changes so it defaults back immediately.
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1 year ago, NeedsToLetMeKeep
Needs an option to adjust personal music
Giving it four stars instead of five since only option is to adjust internal music in comparison to the voice of the coach. Needs an option to lower personal music so I can hear the coach.
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5 years ago, OceanAthelete
I’m flexible!
I have greatly enjoyed using this app. The stretches are unique, and I like how you can choose different stretches to focus on different parts of my body. Through using this app, I have become much more flexible, an achievement I rarely looked at as possible.
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6 years ago, b041985
Great App
This is actually a great app, I like the different set to target different areas. Just please for the love of god offer a add in app purchase upgrade, I’d give 5 stars if it had that option the ads are annoying and take away from the user experience and take time if you accidentally click one.
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5 months ago, love farm vill 2
Hey I’m here
Hey guys do you guys actually read these I love y’all’s app and I can’t believe you guys are considering my request thank you get back at me and tell me how it is going if you guys see this and have a chance to see this.
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6 years ago, Lucylu44
This app is perfect for my condition. I was recently diagnosed with Dermatomyositis which leads to muscle stiffness, deterioration and so on. I’ve been using this app for a little over two weeks and my flexibility has improved tremendously. Thank you to the developers for providing this flexibility app.
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2 years ago, yulzrulz
The best
I have been using this app for years. Has good pre-set routines, calming music, great audio cues, AND the ability to create your own routines. The absolute best! Would be great to get more stretches added, but does the job well as is
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1 year ago, Leah1215
This is nice!
This app ok is really helpful and I’m so excited to try all the exercises it’s really recommended the only thing I love hate is that at the end it asks why I quit it makes me feel bad and I finish it so that’s good but why do you really need to know that I quit ?
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5 months ago, Ben BBC Zzv
Hi I’m a 10 year old and I have been using this for months. I do the morning warmup before school, In fact it’s 7:00AM right now and I just got finished doing it 😂💀💀, Anyways keep up the work I love your app
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4 years ago, leviit
Great neck/back pain relief
Love the app. Has all kinds of stretches and warm ups. It has really helped me for the past year whenever I had knee pain, shoulder pain, or neck/back pain it always had a workout they solved it. Never need a different stretching app again.
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3 years ago, PrinceJonez
Great mix of stretches
The only thing that would make this better is the option to change the voice and turn off the whistle.
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4 years ago, marcoisabella
Amazing app
I love this app. Helps a lot with my back pain. Easy, quick, free. Narrator need to switch to a more human voice but not a big deal. I will pay for more or new content with better quality videos.
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3 years ago, Crazy/kitty
Love this app but.....
I’ve had this app for awhile because it was free and it worked for me. Then I did an update and now they want me to pay for it. Very disappointed and still trying to decide if it’s worth $20.
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4 years ago, 구름빵매니아
This is wonderful! I am using this app to fill time during PE! Whoever to who made this, I will going to thank you!!! Once again, I really like this app, and great job coming with an amazing idea to make this app and help everbody! It is WONDERFUL!!!
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4 years ago, navayi
This app is amazing
I had many body skeleton problems so i had to do special stretches and it’s amazing they put all good stretches in one app thank you just thank you i use 1 year this app this app helped me to healing 🥺❤️thank you
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4 years ago, azarhria
How much I love Streching Exercises
I love Streching Exercises it has make me lose 4 pounds so far ( I am a recent downloader) bit so far I give it a 5/5🎖rating IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! (so far) CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎊🎈🍾 I hope everyone who reads this review would download the app and I hope you enjoy it GREAT JOB STRETCHING EXERCISES 😁
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2 years ago, London the app expert
1st can I get a developer response from this? And second I GOT MY SPLITS IN 1 WEEK!!! I recommend this app for allot of things like losing weight and getting more flexible and even getting stronger and I love the motivation!!!! YOU HAVE TO GET THIS APP!
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4 years ago, Jetski Dad
Healing my aching body.
Love this app. Easy to follow and there’s also an option to customize your own stretching routine. I’ve been using it for about a week and i feel great. Thank you.
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