StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

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User Reviews for StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

4.87 out of 5
72.2K Ratings
2 years ago, the old hick
Finally the program I dreamed of
I have tried many workout routines starting at 14 and going till I was 24. I was always trying to find a good fit. I spent a year just sitting at my computer playing games and eating garbage, I am now very out of shape at 25. I wanted to find a workout that made me feel like I was really doing something with my time and that made me stronger and better in daily activity’s, one that will hopefully help me turn my health around. I work in air conditioning sales and installation it’s hard sometimes to fit a good workout in. That’s why I like the 3 day a week setup this program recommends. Also the 45 min to 90 min workouts are not too intense with the rest cycles, but are tough because of the heavy weight. If you are like me you will get impatient the first two months because for that time it felt like the weight was too easy, but I stayed with the program and at the end of the 3rd month I was benching more than my old max weight for 5 sets of 5 not many programs are that fast I tried the 4 day split for a long time and made those kinds of gains in twice the amount of time. So I like the efficiency of the program and the app is so easy to use anyone can do it with less than 10 min playing with it. I also like that this app allows for anywhere between 2 and 6 work days a week so if I don’t have 50 min 3 days a week I can try for 20ish min all days but one instead!
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5 months ago, TheBigJim357
All You Need
Bottom line up front, this app is all you need. It’s obvious it was made by someone that actually lifts. The interface is clean and workflow is set up in such a way that maximizes the weight moved as efficiently as possible. No more endless typing in sets, reps, and weights. You just tap and move on to the next. You literally don’t have to think. This lets you stay focused on moving weight. All that said this app has plenty of customization. If you can build a program with pencil and paper or a spreadsheet, then you can pretty much build it in stronglifts. There are plenty of 5x5 variations built in with each having multiple templates. You shouldn’t get bored. Your workout data is stored locally or can optionally be synced with the cloud. You can also export the data and do all kinds of spreadsheet metric and chart analysis. Every exercise has both text and video instructions of how to perform with proper form. There are also plenty of supplemental exercises to utilize to work around injuries or issues. In addition to being a great app, you also basically get a coach in your pocket. You can choose to receive Mehdi’s daily email, which I highly recommend, that covers all aspects of lifting with actual reference scientific studies from his decades of experience. He will also personally respond to questions and offer advice. Overall, subscribe or buy; you won’t have regrets.
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5 months ago, b_hagan
Phenomenal app. The best there is!!!
This is a tremendous product that just keeps getting better and better. Additionally, the support and service from the StrongLifts team is outstanding! I’ve been using this app for many years, and it does exactly as promised. It does the thinking for you and allows you to focus your time and energy on lifting and getting a better workout. I have been lifting for more than 40 years and I received daily emails from the StrongLifts team that are both educational and inspirational. I just can’t recommend this app enough. Even after using the app for many years I signed up for the one year subscription last year because of all the flexibility, it allows you. Not only flexibility in regards to the workouts that are provided but in customizing your own workouts, so that you have everything in one place to include workout history, notes and your next workout planned and ready to go. if you’re trying to decide between the subscription or the lifetime membership, I would recommend saving money and going with a lifetime membership. This app is just that comprehensive and will serve you for many many years to come.
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2 years ago, Dugster1949
Excellent Workout Plan and App
The StrongLifts 5x5 protocol is the most complete, most effective, easiest to follow, and most rewarding workout plan I’ve ever used. At it’s core are the fundamentals. The fundamentals are exercises considered to be fundamental because they have always worked to build strength, and always will. Heavy weights and basic compound movements are fundamental to strength. Every exercise is compound in nature, maximizing the effectiveness and minimizing the time investment. This program can easily be done in a weight-based home gym environment with minimal investment for ease and safety. The supporting exercise guides and videos are the most complete and comprehensive I’ve ever seen or used. Very well done, and I review them often to ensure that I maintain good form. It is well worth every minute spent reviewing them. I have not experienced any weight lifting related injuries in the 2-3 years I’ve been using it. The app is fabulous. Great guide and tracking tool. Very well done, and Medhi is continuously improving it. I add pull-ups one day, and chin-ups and dips the next. Add some ab work behind each workout if you wish. Under an hour for everything 3 times/week. I strongly recommend StrongLifts 5x5. Doug
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5 months ago, bluegrassBolen
51 male with little experience
I was very active as a kid but not necessarily an athlete. I never squatted before and was concerned about starting at 51 years old with a history of back problems. I smoked and drank myself to 260 lbs. This program has gotten me into the best shape of my life. I’m squatting 275, benching 225, and deadlifting 285 currently. I keep making progress and can’t wait to challenge myself with the next work out. I utilized the de-load feature a couple times but come back stronger each time. I have found it has taken my joints and smaller muscles more time to catch up to the larger muscles so the slow and steady pace has been perfect for that as well as having control over the weight progression settings. I wake up eager to work out and PR again. I have never woke up eager to run any distance. Lastly, there is a real person on the other end of this app. Mehdi has answered my specific concerns personally. He’s worth every dime of the subscription cost! His advice is backed up by credited studies instead of trends and advertising. I trust him and his program has made me stronger.
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1 year ago, jsanzart
Consistency is key
I’m 49 y old w a dad bod. I’ve been a semi athlete most my life. I jumped onto programs only to peter out soon enough with little to show for it. I’ve an expensive indoor bike, a bunch of old dvds promising to make me shredded and pdfs in my phone full of all kinds of workouts (all just half done and again not much to show for it) I’ve heard of SL for a while and thought that it too can probably end up in the collections. Not true!!! The ease of the app and the program itself is exactly what I need. No extra bells and whistles but pure meat and potatoes. AND it is structured perfectly with just the right amount of intensity that honestly keeps me wanting to come back for more. The duration and choices of exercises are perfect for my busy schedule and by now my muscle soreness is predictable and easy enough to recover from that I can jump into the next workout w no problem. Also my clothes are fitting a bit better and my posture is on point! I feel great. 5 stars for sure. No woke persons’s feelings were intentionally hurt during the writing of this review
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4 years ago, jaysundiego
#1 Favorite; love Apple Watch app, my 2nd year renewal of premium
Overall great app and I love the Apple Watch app too. If I have my phone in hand I will get distracted by other things during a workout. It’s best for me to review the lifts, start my workout and music, put the phone down, and run the workout on my watch. I won my first amateur weightlifting competition at age 44 after using 5x5 for about a year. I was the only guy that showed up to the YMCA for the contest, but I still got the trophy. So, literally I was only competing against myself! Haha. But my point is this isn’t an exercise app, this is a training program that increases weight on each workout until you finally fail some reps, then pauses until you can can complete all reps, and increases the weight again. The library of videos with proper form are amazing training tools. It’s highly customizable. During lockdown i cobbled together a garage gym, first with only dumbbells. All the dumbbell exercises were there. When I finally got a barbell with only a few plates I adjusted those exercises to higher reps for lighter weights.
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5 years ago, JDF233
The best weightlifting app ever
I love this app and have recommended it to multiple people. If you want to really increase your strength, overall fitness and balance (with added benefit of looking better), this is your app. I’ve been weightlifting for 30 years and this is the program I come back to anytime I’ve been injured, coming off a running cycle or to switch up my workouts to focus on strength increases. The plan is simple but the app makes it very efficient and easy to track the progress you make. And you will make lots of progress. Give this a try for at least 8 weeks and then reflect back on how far you’ve come and you’ll be blown away. I’d also recommend reading the long explanation of the program on the author’s website. It’s very helpful and you’ll find yourself more motivated the better you understand the science behind why this works and avoid a lot of common missteps people always make when they pursue this without expert advice and a disciplined plan.
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4 years ago, jimbobourbon
Clunky Garbage - now I see why they don’t offer a trial
Immediate buyers remorse. The ads led me to believe the subscription would open a ton of extra features. Nope! Only allows two workouts with a very limited number of exercises. Granted, you can create your own, but for a recurring subscription, this is hot garbage. The workouts are not easily modifiable. Based on my previous lifts, it gave me the weight to lift for my workout. The weight was comically light. The entire workout didn’t even make me break a sweat. It was a fraction of my normal warm-up. Maybe this stuff is changeable somehow, but I don’t have an hour to figure out a poorly designed, clunky app. They don’t offer a trial, because nobody would ever subscribe after. The only legit feature is the plate “calculator” for those that can’t do basic math. Hoping I can get a refund. R: Yeah, thanks, but I’m already familiar with the 5x5 method. In fact, I’m already doing the 5x5 method, which is why I was so excited to find this app and why I was so disappointed to waste money on this clunky garbage. Your workout isn’t the end all, be all of workouts. Mine might be better. What if I want to rotate between 3 workouts or what if I want to deadlift every day. The lack of custom options for a paid subscription is wicked frustrating.
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5 years ago, Chodey Angley
It's a good program for anybody. I've been lifting with compound movements since I was 13. 36 now. The old programs I did had a lot of the same exercises but were split a little different. I've gotten out shape due to injuries and a career change from physical labor to a desk job. This seems like a good way to get my base strength back and avoid injury or overtraining. I'm about a month in on Stronglifts and I'm optimistic I'll see some good gains. I think the key is starting very light and just being patient until the weight adds up. I used to squat 400 lbs and bench 300lbs. I started this program at a 125 lb squat and a 110 lb bench. I think I'll surpass my old personal bests in 6-8 months. The app is very user friendly . I really like the way it's set up. The advice is sound too. Big compound lifts, stay consistent, eat right, rest, ignore all the complicated advice from magazines and the www, you don't need supplements because they're mostly garbage other than plain creatine monohydrate and whey isolate. Right on bro.
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11 months ago, Crist!
Keeps getting better and better!
I started using StrongLifts back in 2016 and keep coming back for more. Honestly, it was an amazing app even back then when it had more limited features simply because it’s a solid program. It’s quick, it’s easy, and all you really need is access to a power rack and and a bar. This app is AMAZING for complete beginners, and the programming is suitable for both sexes alike due the customizable nature of it. I do feel like the form videos could be better by including safety tips (such as how to know when you’re doing it right, and how to safely drop the weights in the event of failure), but I can’t fault the app in the slightest as that’s the guidance you’d normally get from a trainer. I will add that I don’t currently have the pro version, but I’m very excited to get it once my household decides on whether or not we want to jump on it together. It unlocks what looks like at least 100 exercises, which is incredible.
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6 years ago, Dan929292
Best weight lifting app no exaggeration
I did stronglifts before years ago before my fitness life took a detour into crossfit. But recently I've concluded that for most schedules and budgets stronglifts is all that you really need. It's blindingly simple, easy to start and stick to, and most importantly IT WORKS. Now, in the past I tracked my progress with a clunky spreadsheet on the phone. It was fine but not ideal. This app has transformed that. There is no typing involved. No planning ahead. Just show up to your gym, open the app, and start checking off completed sets. If you're a novice let me tell you: exercise is actually the easiest part of working out. The hard part is getting started and then sticking with it. At least for me, this app has made those challenges way easier to overcome. Oh and always remember to warm up. The pro version of this app will help you do that too and if you're already paying for a gym membership the additional cost should be basically negligible.
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4 years ago, FastPilot1
Worked great for years, now it's even better!
I’ve had the app for at least three years, and it has always been rock solid, worthy of 5 stars. However, with the latest updates and features available to the new Pro subscribers, it is absolutely the best fitness app out there. I was hesitant about an annual subscription (I'm not a fan of reoccurring bills) but the one time lifetime fee seemed steep, so I decided to do the annual to try it out. Simply put, I wish I had bought the lifetime to begin with. NOTHING can touch this app. I alternate between the apps default 5x5 program, the Ketogains 5x5, and the Beaxst Program from Jeff Cavaliere (I switch when I plateau). The app allows me to perfectly replicate any program I want, with the set timer to keep me focused, the history to review, and the awesome graphs to kepp me motivated and pushing harder. I can even track my Interval HIIT training that I do a couple of days a week. This is the only fitness app I will ever use.
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2 years ago, 6lathes
Weight lifting after many years absence
I’m 75 years old and haven’t lifted weights in many years. Always liked it, but just got too lazy to do it consistently. Weak points are my shoulders, arms hamstrings and quadriceps. I fall down a lot and I needed a cane or some other device to help me get up. I really struggled to stand up. Realized how thigh muscles had atrophied and decided to see if I could do something about it. I have three herniated discs in my lower back since playing high school football at the age of 16. I also need a right knee replacement placement from serious trauma back in 1992. This is an excellent program for beginners and intermediates. I eventually plan to purchase your pro version but I want to make sure that I can stick with it first using the basics. Thanks for making this available for free. Has helped me a lot in the short time I’ve been using it i.e. less than one month. Thigh strength in particular has greatly improved.
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1 year ago, Siturnal
Focus on the work yourself, this app takes care of all the rest
This app has everything you need, set up intuitively and laid out accessibly. Easy to use, easy to customize workouts, and excellent for tracking progress. Warm up weights and sets are all calculated and increment automatically as you progress; all you need to do is lift the weight. There is also a great wealth of resources including form videos and the stronglifts guide. My workouts and progress tracking have never been so efficient. I can’t recommend this app enough! I wish I had found it much earlier in my fitness journey. As for the program itself, I am just starting week 9 of Stronglifts and I have gained ~15 lbs of muscle, have had to start buying medium shirts instead of smalls, and have noticed visual gains on my body already. The program is tried and tested and will definitely make you gains if you follow as suggested and eat plenty food! Go make those gains!
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5 months ago, jshot2227
Excellent lifting tracker
Near perfect, no nonsense, customizable lifting log/tracker. I love the versatility of workouts and sets numbers and how it tracks. The interface is easy to use and read while in the gym. It’s not overly complicated but has almost everything you need. I would like to see more customizable adjustments to workout info from the ones pre loaded and the customized workouts. Being able to to easily adjust plates vs dumbbell vs machine etc. Also, I’d like the addition of cardio based machines like rower, ski, Xebex etc. Last thing I can think of (after only using the app a little over a week) is a distance category in addition to timed (also the time should be able to go higher than 5 minutes with cardio workouts added) and sets. Distance would allow like running and rowing etc but also some weight exercises like farmers carry, lunges, and sled push. Otherwise it’s an awesome app and love using it!
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4 years ago, Felicia008
Easy to Use: More Motivated
Before having a kid I was in great shape, worked out daily, and strength trained. During my pregnancy, I had to stop doing all that because my pregnancy was a rough go. After having my son I didn’t work out much anymore because I was no longer what I used to be and it was disheartening. I felt unmotivated and had a hard time getting back into working out. I wanted to go back to old routines but it was a lot made me feel like I would never get back in shape. I started this app because of a friend recommended it. I like it now because it’s easy to use, sets a rest timer, and calculates your progress. I may not be seeing physical results right now, but I can definitely see them as my workouts get tracked with this app. It’s motivating to workout more and it feels good. Having something simple to start off with has really made me feel like I can get back to my former levels of lifting. I can’t to see where I’m at 12 weeks from now!
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3 years ago, a mom 29
Motivating and adaptable workout app!
My experience with many workout apps is that they lack customization and have a one-size-fits-all approach. When my husband and I originally used the StrongLifts app two years ago, the app was helpful for me as a new lifter. After a hiatus, we are using the app again, and it has several new features that enhance its adaptability, making it even easier and better to use in my opinion. :) New feature request for the developer: now that I’m more aware of how I lift/how my body responds to lifting, I’m noticing some trends that correlate to my menstruation cycle. Can you add a feature that allows for loading/deloading based on a cycle to optimize training for all the menstruating individuals that use the app? This is a weightlifting issue that is often discussed in women’s groups and the StrongLifts 5x5 for women FaceBook group. (: Thanks for considering the idea and for continued updates to the app!
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5 years ago, desert wander
Great program
Between the app with the Pro upgrade and the awesome website, you can’t go wrong unless you don’t follow the program or you lack the drive. I’ve been training for over 20 years. An injury took me out of the gym for a while. Using 5X5 StrongLifts got me strengthened again to the point I was back to weight training with no problem. I started at a low weight. A weight that could. E considered embarrassing at the gym. I mean 95lb squats and bench press. But I followed the program and I was up to bench pressing 315 lbs 5 times and squatting 405lbs 5 times in a matter of 6 months. It’s only three times a week. If all you can do is Saturday and Sunday and one day during the week, then you’re doing the program. With time, I added assistant exercises. I grew bigger and my body fat decreased. I love 5X5 StrongLifts and recommend it to my friends and people on Facebook bodybuilding groups I belong to. There’s a reason it has the high review score that it does. Enough said!
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2 months ago, Akv1k1ng
Stellar service!
My dad and brothers have been long-time users of the Stronglifts app and I was attracted to its features the moment they showed me the app. Still I wanted to take my time to check out what other fitness apps had to offer. I could not find anything close to the Stronglifts Pro Family Lifetime subscription for value! That’s a big deal for our family of 7! Some of the other apps had a ton of features or a broad focus on many different aspects of fitness. Stronglifts on the other hand seems laser focused on improving strength in the most effective and efficient way. I like the focus and simplicity of their app and programs. But the real reason I’m writing this 5-star review before my first workout with the app is because their customer service team has been unparalleled in their quick and clear instructions about how to navigate the confusing process of family sharing and getting accounts set up for multiple users. They consistently responded within hours, not days allowing me and my son to get on with lifting rather than spending hours reading blogs and FAQs trying to figure it out ourselves. Out of the hundreds of apps I’ve used and PC software services I’ve used, Stronglifts’ service has put them all to shame! Thanks to the Stronglifts team - I look forward to using the program and offering a more complete review! -Ross
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6 years ago, Steve Graff
Great app, highly recommend it.
I downloaded this app a long time ago. I finally got around to using it and I’m kicking myself that I took so long. I had been a member of a gym, attending small group sessions with a trainer performing a circuit of mostly machine exercises. A change in jobs made this option inconvenient and expensive for me. I knew that I needed the structure that this kind of program offered, otherwise I would just get bored and frustrated with the experience. This app provides a well-defined, easy to follow plan, with a great interface. Following the program and using the app really simplifies my whole gym experience. Personally, I don’t like having to decide what exercises to complete for how many reps, at what weight, etc. I got the structure that I needed from StrongLifts. Tapping the screen after finishing a set is a helpful mental milestone, the rest timer between sets keeps me focused, and after completing a StrongLifts session I feel like I’ve accomplished something. Far from dreading the experience, I’m already planning my rest, nutrition, and schedule for my next session. My iPhone case has a “steelie” magnet (for a car mount) stuck to the back, allowing me to stick my iPhone to the power rack that I’m using. Very convenient and helpful for keeping track of sets. StrongLifts interfaces with Apple Health to log workout time. I’d like to see interaction with my Fitbit app as well.
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11 months ago, superstango
Best weightlifting app!
I’m a Powerpack user, which has evolved into Pro and has some Pro features. At some point, I will be buying a lifetime Pro subscription because I like the Pro features I have and I want to fully customize my workout beyond A and B programs. Keeping track of a workout routine on notebook paper or a notes app is cumbersome, especially for a beginner. The StrongLifts app is perfect for you if you’re starting up or starting back up a routine, you have the motivation to lift, but need some simple guidance. I’m assuming you know the 5x5 program if you’ve found this app, and it’s a great routine, but what makes the app great is that it evolves with you and is can be used a lifetime. For example, I was running 5x5 with a few accessories until the weight got so heavy I could not complete the workout in the time I had available in my schedule. Five sets with 3-7 min rest became too time consuming for me. The app has allowed me to customize and run the program in a 3x8 and tracks my accessories all in one place. It also runs a progressive load with plate images so I know exactly how much to load the bar each workout. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. While you can argue the merits of a 5x5 vs something like StartingStrength (you can run an SS routine in the app with a Pro membership), the StrongLifts app is supreme.
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3 years ago, Cd3po
Excellent App! And customizable!
I have been active in the weight room and part of a training program before. Mostly in HS and college. And since then I have had trouble keeping track of my workouts, where to start, how to progress, etc. This app has completely taken care of all of that. It allows me to completely customize several workouts through which I rotate. I can also make and add custom workout exercises. If you are at all apprehensive about this app, please just try it. And if you think you can do more with the app- buy a subscription. I bought a 1-year subscription, to try it out. It has kept me on track, motivated, and accountable to my routine. I began with the bar and have slowly progressed to some serious weights. This app will provide you with everything except getting you into the gym, but by tracking your progress it sure helps.
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2 years ago, Coolio McGee
best workout app/tracker by far
Been using this app for years on and off. You get so much from the free version, and even then the premium membership cost is super reasonable. You'll only want to upgrade after using the app for a while anyways because the program it comes with is fantastic. It's so nice to have my whole history tracked and helps me get back to previous bests and push through them when I'm ready. There's so many customization options and features to make it so you really don't need any other resources outside of it. Support has always been top notch as well. Truly have nothing bad to say about the app, it's everything you could want from a lifting program and tracker. I'm planning to buy the lifetime membership once my current subscription runs out. Haven't ever done that with any other app but it's worth it without a doubt
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2 years ago, Nate Abem.
Good for lifters of all kinds
If you’re a novice or if you’re more advanced this app makes it easy. You have 3 exercises 5 reps each. 3x per week. That easy. It tracks your progress And helps you deload appropriately when you plateau. You can customize workouts. Add filler workouts on off days or even do two+ a day workouts if say your coach is pushing you in preseason training. Amazing app. I’ve been using it for 2 years. In year 1 - total novice and I got to lifting amazing volumes of weight. Seriously an amazing app and cannot recommend it enough Year 1 family paid for the app subscription as a gift. Year 2 I paid myself because it’s so good I didn’t want to go without. Also, since starting there have been some amazing improvements in the app. Development just keeps going and this is quickly becoming more and more amazing for anyone to use.
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2 years ago, PBKnuckleSandwich
Do it for yourself
A superficial view of this program would be one of ignorance, as it goes deeper than pure muscle gain. The 5x5 not only strengthens your body, but if you follow through, it promises to strengthen your mind as well. While this sounds cliché, the amount of time it takes just to get to a 100 pound squat will definitely test your patience. When was the last time you’ve made a year-long commitment to something not involving love? Sticking with this program gives you the drive to continue to look forward in life and expand upon your other goals farther than next week, month, year, etc. to the point where your main focus is to be a better you, no matter the timescale. If I’ve learned this only three weeks in, imagine what you can learn about yourself in three months. So do yourself a favor, and commit to your future.
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3 years ago, Kieferds072591
Just keeps getting better
I’ve been on and off this app for years - I often will break to go do 6 months of CrossFit or some other different program. Every time I revisit this app, I’m always impressed with the improvements the team has made. Apple Watch support is a game changer, and the library of movements is so vast now that you can customize your programs about as much as you could hope for. It would be cool to have some more pre-built programs for intermediate and advanced lifters, but until that happens customization is easy enough that you can find any program online and build it in the app. The interface is hands down the best I’ve seen, and the app is all about progressive overload which is the best way to get those sweet gains. Looking forward to seeing the results from my next 12-week cycle. A+++
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6 years ago, Ahiddenagenda
Highly recommend!!
I am a 47 year old man. I’ve never lifted before in my life. I was out of shape and overweight. I started the StrongLifts 5x5 workout four months ago. My personal results have been phenomenal so far. The transformation of my body has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve gained way more muscle than I expected in this short of a time. I still have stubborn visceral fat that I am trying to lose so I recently added HIIT on the rowing machine on my off days. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in another four months!!!! Thank you for this workout!!! And the App makes it so much easier than trying to keep track of everything yourself. Do yourself a favor and start the StrongLifts workout, download this app, and once you see how awesome it is, upgrade to the paid version. Very well might be the best ten bucks I’ve ever spent in my life; literally!!
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1 year ago, Kingjeep23
Simple, effective and informative
StrongLifts has changed the game for me. No more wandering around the gym figuring out a plan. After taking some time away from lifting it was easy to get back in and just follow the 5X5 program. When you get the app, you’ll get informative e-mails daily from Mehdi with insightful tips and research based knowledge on why the program works, how to stick with it and more. These e-mails help keep you from overthinking and making the program complex or trying to go to fast. My strength has increased, my overall health is better and it just works. The app has images of how to load the bar quickly so no brain work to try to figure out which plates to load. Each movement has a quick reference for form. The app is so simple and the results are great. Just keep it simple.
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5 years ago, firefighter vic
There is no replacement for hard work.
Full disclosure, I’m a life long skinny guy, 6 feet tall and 155 lbs. My friends hate me because I can eat whatever I want and never gain a pound. This has its draw backs though. True raw power requires weight. As a firefighter there are things I need to do that require raw power to get done. These tasks would take me longer to do. I have tried for years to put on weight and gain that ever allusive raw power. 5x5 was the answer for me. I would never dodge the hard work and commitment of lifting free weights. I just didn’t know the proper way to put on mass. (And I hated squats). The 5x5 program worked for me. After one year I put on 19lbs. My squat went from a very uncomfortable and awkward 135lbs to 260lbs with perfect form. I am much faster at my job now and my recovery time is a lot shorter. Thank you for putting this app out there for guys like me.
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3 years ago, OkieFireMan
Great for those that need help working out
This app is great for those that need extra help working out. I’m 35 years old and was very athletic when I was younger. I was so athletic that working out came naturally and I didn’t have to pay attention to what I was doing. Now I’m an adult and my body doesn’t exercise it’s for me. I also don’t remember what I did when I was younger. A friend told me about this app and it’s great! Better than most personal workout instructors. When life keeps me from working out the app notices and lowers my weight so I don’t injure myself! I have a coworker that has a personal workout instructor and they don’t do that when they notice they haven’t worked out a particular muscle group! I stared with the free version and upgraded just to send them money to show how much o appreciate this app.
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2 years ago, Tbone11_11
Very buggy
Overall the app and programming is good. I like the customization you can implement to the workouts. The software itself is very buggy. The Apple Watch and phone connection sometimes does not transfer completed sets. I don’t workout with my Apple Watch anymore because I would sometimes use that to track workouts to stay away from my phone. I later discovered while reviewing my workouts some things did not transfer from my Watch to my phone. Also, the app has a tendency to complete your workout and erases all logged sets for that workout. This is frustrating because I have to start a new workout and now my workout timer is off. And then, the automatically completed workout cannot be deleted for some software malfunction reason, and messes up my tracking. I like the app, but unlesss the software is improved, I won’t renew my subscription (which I paid for 1 year).
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6 days ago, Markmadewell
Best app out there
I had let myself go for several years sense my now ex wife left me. I made the decision to put myself back together for my kids and start moving forward with life. So I purchased a bench press,squat rack and some dumbbells. With this at over 300 pounds I started. I’m down to 200 and lifting 4 days an week now. My youngest son comes over and is lifting with me now along with my oldest daughter who is now getting ready to try out for her high school cross country team. So now I run with her also. This has helped me turn my life around and brought my kids and I closer. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a great support system with my kids to keep going and try app keeps me on track. Pushing me to lift more and heavier as I go. Also love the RP diet app to help track what I eat to stay on the path
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4 months ago, t0pgun
Best of the Best
I haven’t lifted weights for decades, long before phone apps were available. I started lifting again to lose weight, gain strength and become more fit. I started with a different app but didn’t like it. I much prefer StrongLifts for several reasons. The developer has several very informative articles to help me get started. I had not heard of the 5x5 lift program, so I read the background articles. The developer explained that I don’t need to spend hours working out every day and why the 5x5 works. So, I am following the beginner program. It is easy to follow and easy to fit into my schedule. I find the whole process to be inspiring. Also, support is excellent. They have responded to every email I have sent in less than 24 hours with detailed easy to understand answers.
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1 year ago, Bare Bear
Great Workout, Great App, Incredible Support!
I really like the 5x5 program a lot, and this app makes it so easy to confidently move through the program. I warm up well, rest appropriately between sets, and continue to confidently make gains like I never would have using my “pull a workout outta my hat, and make an educated guess at what weight to do” system I’ve used historically. This is particularly true as I, in my mid 50’s now, strive to stave off looming sarcopenia, and revive my lapsed strength and fitness. Not only is the app very well developed, and continually improving, but I am astonished by the incredible responsiveness of its support team. Not only will they assist, but they (Mehdi) has entered several detailed discussions with me on ways to improve the app. I’ve never experienced anything like it on any app store. Thank you!
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6 years ago, AB excited lifter
As a lady...
As a lady it is hard to find a weight lifting program that isn’t too technical but still gives you a good workout (male workouts vs women’s). -I am so sick of the suggested workouts magazines say women should do. Nothing but body weight, lame! The true key to weight loss and maintaining everything is having enough muscle to burn your fat and food throughout the day. Finally a comprehensive program that hits all of the main body muscle groups in an easy to use format. The app is a breeze. The goals are reasonable (if you cant make a lift weight, drop the weight by 10% and try again) and easy to manage and track in the app. Meanwhile, a few clicks on my phone has me zipping through the work out -takes 20-30 minutes- and looks like I belong in the gym with all of the male gym rats! Love this app and love this program!!!
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2 years ago, 🅾
Used to be great, now constant spam to buy subscription
Update: response from the developer just further cements why I’ll leave this as 1 star. I bought it in the past so now I should spend 10x more to buy it again to “unlock” a different variation of 5x5? What a joke. I do 5x5 workouts for a few months at a time at most. I haven’t been using this app for 5+ years straight. I wish I could make my rating even lower for this cash grab nonsense. I bought this app about 6-7 years ago for $15 to unlock the pro version. Since then, they have removed the option to buy for $15 flat and switched to a subscription model. Even though I’ve already paid for the app once, I still get spammed every time I use it to subscribe to the plan. If I were a new user coming to this app, I would’ve deleted it after the first week. But since I’ve already paid money for it in the past, I power through it. A simple workout tracker is all you need for 5x5 programming. So yea, not happy with this app anymore.
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1 year ago, TinkerBillMad
Wonderful App for 5x5 workouts & Great customer support!
I am brand new to the 5x5 workout regimen, and I researched many apps before choosing StrongLifts. I am already finding it an invaluable aid in helping me monitor my progress and guide my workouts. I also had reason to write the developer with a question, and he responded almost immediately, and over a weekend – – major points for responsive and supportive customer service! I am 62 years old and not a complete novice to the gym, but I haven’t worked out with the guidance of a trainer or a fixed program in many years. I am only two weeks into the program, and I’ve already seen amazing growth in my strength and stamina. I don’t think I would be experiencing the same success if it weren’t for the StrongLifts app. Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, sayethTheDude
I hope they keep improving
If you work it on workout days only and back it up and shut it down, works good with no bugs. Sometimes I want to look ahead, which is trickier. It admonishes you for starting the next workout too soon and it will delete your previous logged workout if you forget to hit “Done” before doing something else in the app. No biggie, there is a way to re-enter a workout on a specific day (this is good also if you started 5x5 before getting the app). It also doesn’t remember the google login I use to back it up but instead defaults to my main account so I have to enter everything over again each time. Still gets 5 stars because it does everything it’s supposed to do and the extras like the videos and progress graphs really help and make it fun.
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2 years ago, Joe.lewis
Used to be 5 star
I started using this as a free app 3 years ago. I liked the features and ease of use so much that I bought it. I wanted to support the app developers. At some point they converted it to a paid subscription, again cant blame them. Jump on the band wagon of people being all about fitness. An they have a great app that I enjoy. Now for the 1 star: every single time I finish a workout and log it. I am spammed with three screens that make me refuse the subscription service. That adds absolutely nothing I need. Again I paid for the app, allow me to opt out of seeing this every single. Its making me want to search for a different app provider. I get it if I was using the free version, make me click past the adds. For a paying customer though ? Shut it off! Update: stop ignoring the problem in every review. I dont do the same program, I rotate apps. The problem is I paid for the app and yet I get spammed to upgrade after I click finish on every single workout. Fix it. Thats the problem.
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6 years ago, AVA77777777
Updated review.
This program is simple and easy to follow. I started working out at 35 years of age, and gained about 1 lb muscle/month, until I added about 15 lbs, while becoming lean as well. I don't think there is another program that is as straightforward as this, free (the advanced features you don't really need- I started using them after two years or so). Most programs just give you confusing "bro-science" instructions, complex routines, while also trying to sell you things you don't need. If you read about the creator of this program - Mehdi - he is genuinely passionate about lifting, and teaching people how to do it right. He goes over the technique of each lift in detail, so you don't get injured. Follow up the program and do NOT modify it! No need for assistance exercise for a while, until you gain decent strength.
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7 months ago, Tominatorzzz
Weightlifting made easy
So I was never a big gym guy. I was more of a marathon runner. The lone runner you know all that. And then one day this guy shows up in my training group and he’s an absolute beast. I don’t usually comment on the appearance of others for obvious reasons, but I could not help myself. I said, where did you get the body and he said StrongLifts. So I looked into it. Then it was a website and a program you on paper on the computer. He didn’t have the app back on. But when I started it, it was amazing. I was doing it during Covid and I ended up squatting 180 pounds. I couldn’t squat the bar when I started. But what I love about the program is it’s very addictive because you see results. When you successfully perform your lift, you add 5 pounds the next time. This quite quickly adds up. Also, it gives you something to do. It tells you exactly what to do every day. You work out three times a week you only do five exercises. There’s videos so you can see exactly how the lift is supposed to be done. The form. And I used to go to a gym and not know what to do. Now with this app, I know exactly what to do every time. I love this app and it’s made me so much stronger.
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6 years ago, 69moonmouse
Very Buggy
Before I went Pro I had about 3-4 weeks of saved workouts. Went pro and it deleted everything(?). I’m constantly* having to resubmit my assurance exercises, I’ll get the same Workout A twice in a row with no way of changing without uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, having to sign back in, then out ALL the information back in because for some reason it doesn’t remember even when I have a Pro account. Please fix these bugs, Mehdi. Even when working out I can’t focus cause it’s filled with so many bugs that often times I’m stuck trying to resubmit my weights into my workout plan and having to plug in my information again. Or it goes BACKWARDS in weight. Which doesn’t make any sense. So many bugs but unfortunately this is the only workout app I like to use.
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5 years ago, Brian willo
False information in emails
The app is not bad minus some wonky controls if you are an overachiever and want to do both the same day. I was playing around with this app here and there to see if it was recommending anywhere close to what I was actually doing. Along the way you get emails giving you advice while coaxing you to purchase the pro or full version. Then the email gave very misleading almost false information on barbell Vs smith machine. Can you do these exercises on a smith machine? Yes. The difference is in the bar weight and that you are on a fixed plain of travel, this is good for lower weight and beginners looking to get a feel for the exercise. The main difference is you will not work the stabilizing muscles since you won’t be “stabilizing” bar since it’s attached to a machine. Do some research and you will most likely come to the same conclusion. So if it’s feeding false information there it will feed it anywhere to get you to pay. Delete it and find a better app.
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7 years ago, Timbo0821
Great App
This is a really helpful app and I do recommend getting the power pack as well. I feel that I have had better gains using this program that going at it with my own way of doing things. This program not only guides you with what you should be doing each workout session, but you don’t spend as much time doing different things that were actually working against getting stronger. With the power pack I am able to add all of my weight equipment and the app calculates exactly what needs to go on the bar for each workout. Using the app also helps you to stay on track with your strength gain goals by automatically increasing the weights after each successful completion. With the power pack it will also feed Apple Health with your calorie expenditure for each workout.
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2 years ago, WordyAllen
Made it possible for me to keep lifting!
Why climbing gym went through a couple of strength training instructors and then had none. I had stopped lifting for almost 2 years, and missed it so much but didn’t feel safe doing it. Strong lifts gave me guidance and arithmetic out of it and meant that I was lifting a couple of times a week again and it makes a huge difference in my climbing in my life. It’s simple and easy to use and I look forward to my work out because I know what I’m doing. Your clear articulation of the effort involved in the motivation to keep upgrading and the excellent results I have made an easy decision to say yes to upgrade and give you the subscription commitment. It’s the least I can do in return for what you do for me. Judy
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2 years ago, leggomyeggroll
The thing that's kept me lifting for 5 years
I'm a petite woman and there was a point long ago where the weight rooms at the gym seemed intimidating so I would stick to cardio. I've been using Stronglifts for the past 5 years and it's been such a core part of my lifting routine and helped me feel comfortable and supported when I first started. Mehdi, the creator of this app, is also super frigging awesome and is quick to respond to all of my feedback every time I email their support. You can tell he reads through *everything* and really cares about creating a good experience and helping people build their best self. What's more is the app had improved constantly over the 5 years I've used it. It's never at a standstill. 10/10 would recommend.
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5 years ago, r3o DL
This is it!
First of all the exercise program works, it’s fools proofed. Take some time to read the website, anything that you’d like to know it’s there without fluff, just facts... lots of them. Then the app just makes it easy to implement. I just started working out after 15 years, this program has been perfect. First I did it all in my head, which was ok, then I started using the free app and it got easier (no need to remember weights or count sets, the timer takes care of itself) when I saw that I’ll stick to it, I bought the full version and the time at the gym improved even more, it’s like playing a record and dancing to the music, totally worth it. I’m leaner and stronger in a few months, lifting more weight than some of the longtime regulars at the gym I found when I joined.
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6 years ago, SiroccoDream
Great for the whole family!
My 17 year old son has joined the US Navy, but doesn’t ship out until November 2018. He’s a slender guy, and wants to pack on some muscle before he ships, so my husband and I got a set of free weights for him in November 2017. Searching the Internet for how skinny guys gain weight, I came across StrongLifts and downloaded the app. It was laid out so well for absolute beginners that it encouraged me (female, 40s, not skinny lol) to start lifting. Now my whole family, to include my husband (also in his 40s), our 17 year old son and our 15 year old daughter all lift weights 3x a week. We’re all getting stronger, but not killing ourselves. I’ve not lost weight yet, but I see more definition in my arms and legs, and my jeans are fitting looser, so I’m thrilled! I highly recommend this app to anyone that wants to start lifting weights!
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3 years ago, Newt pilfering
Great app
Simple and easy to use app for a simple no nonsense lifting program. Note: I bought the power pack, so everything is unlocked for me. Edit: After using this app for over 1 year: I have been using this app in tandem with some cardio work on the off days and I don't make massive gains progress, but I am happy with the results. When people ask me what routine I'm on, this is the app I recommend. It's is simple in execution and yet you can customize your accessory work to meet your personal goals in addition to building strength. Oly lifts, bodybuilding focus, any exercise you want to add can be made to work in the custom assistant exercise settings. Even with my running/rowing cardio I have had some impressive gains in strength over the last year.
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