Stupid Simple Macro Tracker

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Venn Interactive, Inc.
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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stupid Simple Macro Tracker

4.61 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Cabin573
Great app but....
I absolutely love this app! I’ve used it for almost 3 years and is it easy to use and makes tracking my food and keeping me honest on a keto diet so much easier. Unfortunately, over the last month or so it has definitely been having problems. Foods that I use frequently are not there and I have to go search for them to bring them up again. In addition, over the last week or two now almost all of my foods are showing up even though I have the settings set at 30 days to hide foods that have not been used. I was told that they were working on a fix for all of this but so far nothing has happened. I am hoping they can fix all of this so that it can go back to the way it was so that I only see the foods that I use regularly instead of having to scroll through multiple multiple foods to find what I want. I don’t want to give up this app at all because I have so many food stored in it and I love the ease of it. Hopefully it will return to this.
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4 years ago, Tanklet
Accurate and easy
I google the food values when I first set up and click on the most accurate choices for my permanent Icons. I love how I can title an icon and set portions from my favorite recipes. Now, it is a breeze to click my foods I eat. I like that I can preview a choice and if I shouldn’t eat it I can delete it. No more scrolling through endless food lists on diet websites. Before I got this app I would ruin my diet because I would be too tired to look up everything I ate and lose track. Now it only takes a few minutes a day. I love how I can bank calories for the next day and it shows my overage if I went over. It keeps me from slipping. It teaches portion control and has a positive psychological effect. My desire to over consume is gone because I don’t like that overage staring at me the next day because it makes I harder on my own self. Easier just to stay within boundaries and I’m not hungry. Only thing I wish it had was a trackable graph on blood pressure and blood sugar. I wish it was easier start and stop diets. Some times I skip dieting days on purpose but it calculates that as fasting and skews my actual number averages which I don’t like.
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8 months ago, App stores customer review
Amazing app
This is without a doubt my favorite macro tracker! They give you the ability to “quick add” carbs, fats, and protein for the cases you don’t have exact macros, or just want to keep it free and input it all yourself. However I am running into one problem. It seems to me there is some sort of issue with what I input in a “my food” item and what gets tracked. For example, this morning I went to input my stores brand of Greek yogurt. I put all the correct nutritional information in and when I went to “eat it,” the macros were different. I put in 17 carbs, but when I would put it in to the system as food I ate, it would only count 2 carbs. That and sometimes the calories from quick adds, when added up from a food item, are different than what is on the nutritional info of the food item. Nothing crazy different, but sometimes it can be up to 40-50 calories in difference. Overall, I still recommend the app very much, but it would be super helpful if those issues were either fixed, or explained to me if it is me doing something wrong!
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5 years ago, superman_13fu
New versions just aren’t as good
The original version of this app was excellent. Quickly loaded, easy to enter macros by just tapping the food, then hold it down to be more specific about portions. Maybe it wasn’t exact in its method, but the app even says that most macro trackers are estimates. Idk why they made the app sync to the cloud (slows loading the app enough that I end up clicking out of it), changed the selection of a food to bring up the portion size (you could adjust this if you needed it, but most of the time I just needed about a single serving), then made the icons larger (makes for even more scrolling which is what I hated about other apps). They made it almost as tedious as every other app out there, I loved the simple macros idea but now it’s much less simple and much slower. Also, I bought the Pro version because I loved the app so much but it’s now lost a lot of its utility.
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2 years ago, iSnuffleupagus
This app has everything and no subscription :)
This app has everything I was looking for. It’s really versatile. Including tracking for weight, workouts, intermittent fasting, calories, carbs, fat, protein. You can look up food in the app or add your own manually or via UPC scan. It was easy to jump in right away although taking advantage of all its features required a few days of exploration. That being said, customer support is very responsive. The app recommends macros goals based on your profile or you can set your own. The greatest feature for me is that you can purchase the app outright, without a subscription! I’m so tired of apps and software requiring a monthly fee! Thank you for this amazing tracking product :)
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1 year ago, VChang1
I have tried to track macros in the past and it’s always been a pain, until now. I’ve been using this app for the past week and it’s been so easy to use. I had one issue and submitted a question through the app which was answered literally in minutes, so plus one for great customer service. It’s also nice that they have a repository of foods that others have inputted so setting up the correct macros for each item is extremely easy. Conclusion, I loved this app so much that I paid for lifetime full unlock and I don’t regret it a bit. I’ve only scratched the surface of this app and I’m sure it has more to offer!!!
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6 years ago, MaliLisa
Easy and adaptable
I tried as much free-ness as I could get out of every nutrition or macro tracker I could find, and this app won me for on-going sustainable use. I wanted something easy to use and personalize for my Keto eating without additional investment. It does help if you take a little time to input your information or meals as you prep them when the info is handy. Then when you eat them, it’s just 2 clicks to record it. Scanning barcodes is a breeze and then you categorize where you want. Tracking daily weight progress and taking selfies or making additional notes on the day is easy, and then you see your progress visually.
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6 years ago, Icupkn
You made loving you easy!
I hadn’t been counting my macros as I started my path to a healthier lifestyle because really, what the heck are macros anyway?!?! Found this app, the name seemed to fit my mentality, so I downloaded it and in the first two days found it to be easy enough. I enjoy the pictures, I like that I can type in the search bar and match options to what I’m eating and tag favorites. The categories make it so easy. I did pay to upgrade bc I wanted to scan barcodes. I think it’s worth it because I think I’m worth the 10 bucks. Thanks for this app. I recommended it to a few friends already.
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4 years ago, Onlygirlinthefamily
Love this app
I have used this app for over 200 days. It’s been incredibly helpful keeping track of my macros so I can stay focused on my health goals. I tell everyone about the usefulness of tracking macros. Lately, I’ve considered deleting it. I’m looking now at other similar apps. I’ve moved it to my library for now. It’s not syncing and bringing up my food grid since yesterday. I’m super frustrated! I’m hoping someone reads this and looks into possible glitches. Maybe the latest iOS update has caused an issue. I have to turn my phone off and back on again to get the app to open. It’s not feasible to continue using it like this but I’m reluctant to move on to a different app. All my custom foods are stored and so easy to access.
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4 months ago, Bsampi Money ID
So simple - definitely not stupid!
I have tried many calorie and fitness trackers and this one definitely takes the cake and tracks it too. I love the easy interface and simple reminders which make it quick and painless to use consistently. Under the hood it has all the advanced features you might need like reporting, progress update photos, custom foods, meal building/saving, formulas for weight goals, and integration to Apple Health. It also comes with bonus features to track intermittent fasting and exercise routines if that’s your thing.
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6 years ago, atkv
It really is easy
I used the free version of this app for a couple days and liked it, so I decided to buy the full version. It is definitely worth it. I like how easy it is, how you can scan barcodes and enter your own food. Plus it’s a one time charge! I ran into one glad glitch with how my daily percentages were being calculated and contacted the developer. They responded quickly and fixed the glitch! Amazing customer service response and excellent app. I would definitely recommend this for anyone tracking macros.
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1 year ago, Earthrisers
no user guide or instructions: good looking but confusing
The interface is good-looking, but there are no instructions or tutorials about how to use the app, and it ISN’T self-evident. Also when you first install and open it,it brings up a LONG high-pressure sales video for something called “G-Plans”, allegedly a personalized coaching app for your diet. The video features a “special offer” for $39, allegedly 50% off the “regular” price. Not until you enter your credit card number and are on the brink of placing your order does it tell you that the price is $39 PER MONTH, not a one-time price for buying the app in full. Pretty shady sales pitch.
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5 years ago, Mengeljr
I absolutely love using this app! The visual ease of tracking my food and summarizing my overall daily intake is keeping me on track! Choosing the right foods and staying within range couldn’t be easier. The little flashing reminders when a food choice will put me over my limit is extremely helpful, and has helped me rethink my food intake. No counting macros, keeping track of fat/protein/carbs or stressing over eating the rights foods, knocking me out of ketosis. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals and empowering me to stick to the plan.
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5 years ago, GvnSkw
Better than you think.
There are many apps popping up out there, and to honest I actually started, stopped, started, stopped...because it took me awhile to learn how to use this app. But once I figured it all out this app quickly proves to be in the top three every time. My only complaints: 1). There is a learning curve, they do give a tutorial but it could be better. 2). While this helps me track my carbs, fats, and proteins...I wish it would also track sodium and cholesterol. 3). Their food grid feature does provide a lot of options for quick logging, but eventually you will start using the favorites feature the most. And there really isn’t a good order to your additions. Even a simple alphabetical order would be very helpful. Also if you accidentally add the same thing twice, removing it a serious pain.
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7 months ago, Deevs333
Great… except for one thing
So I’ve been loving this app but there’s one flaw I’ve come across. I decided to make my own home cooked meal and added up the values on the food nutrition labels of the ingredients and put them into the food tracker. When I was finished adding up all the values I thought I would be able to weigh out the food and put however many grams it weighed as the serving size. I thought it would give me an accurate measurement of the amount of protein, carbs, and fat but there’s no option for measurements under foods you’ve made? Could someone help me with this.
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4 years ago, Carolcclark
This app is easy and teaches me portion control. I’m still learning. Just make yourself log in your food and success Will come. The first week I ate what I wanted but logged it. I learned that I needed more protein. Macros is teaching to be more aware of my food intake and too make better choices. I have been in several trips lately so it’s been tough eating the healthiest but that’s where the awareness comes in and I try to make better choices. Thank you.
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8 months ago, The nickname Ian was taken
Love it. Just want more clarity
Best app ever for tracking macros. Takes a little time to learn how to use but it’s great. Only thing I want them to change is to clarify which quick buttons measure based off raw weight or cooked weight. I had to look up on cal king to see if the stats they were using for chicken breast were raw or cooked and they use cooked. If you guys could label that in the title of the button that would make it perfect
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5 years ago, Darren Tabor
If you like to keep it simple and set your own macro goals you can simply just put them in (not have to literally search for food items that probably don’t even have the right macros). So easy to keep track of your daily macros and as you eat the macro bars will go down and let you know how much you have left of each macro. Also for each day you can add notes to look back on and your weight. Awesome.
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11 months ago, Carmk1334
I wish it had calorie and carb cycling options
I do really like the app, it is super simple to use and affordable for a lifetime subscription, which I appreciated. The biggest downside is that you can’t set your calorie/macros up by the day. I could imagine that many people using this app change their intake daily like myself. It would be nice to have the ability to set a calendar to our intake cycles! That would make it sooo much easier to set up meal plans days in advance.
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5 years ago, Middle age mom
This is a great app! I have been using it for several days now. Trying to get my macros right, and this makes it so easy. Lunch today was grilled cheese fried egg sandwich. I weighed the butter, scanned the barcode for the bread the cheese and the egg , presto all macros present and correct! I seriously love this app after four days of use. Knowing what you are eating is the first step and this takes away so much of the pain. Cheap, and so worth it.
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3 years ago, Frustrated94
Not so simple
It’s good enough that I paid for the premium upgrade and I will continue to use it. The scanner is pretty cool when it works. Adding a custom food is pretty easy. I think more thought needs to be put into making the overall navigation more intuitive. Also, there’s too much clutter on the Logs and Grid pages (the most used pages unfortunately). I’d love to see them having the same clean look as the Progress page. This app is an easy “5” when that happens.
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5 years ago, corbettgran
Won’t work unless you pay for the upgrade.
Apparently the app is set up to require that you buy the Pro version. It repeatedly brings up the prompt to buy the upgrade and then gives me no way out of the prompt that entirely fills the screen. You simply have two choices... buy the upgrade or close the app, reopen the app and repeat the entire frustrating cycle. The free version will not fully complete when adding foods. Extremely frustrating!!!!! It simply won’t work without the upgrade. I will never buy an upgrade when I believe the entire thing is set up as free in order to force me to spend money.
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6 years ago, Janesz57
So easy to use
I love this app, just like the name says stupid simple to use, makes tracking your macros a breeze. If you are eating whole foods you don’t need to look up brand names, fresh foods don’t come with labels! Just tap on the icon of the food you ate and you can adjust portion sizes up or down in small increments. Your results are displayed in a pie chart for a good visual of of your daily and overall results.
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4 years ago, OhFukOff123
Not worth the time it took to delete it.
Highly inaccessible and inaccurate, with a poor design. With the large, bold letters and the cartoon images of food, this app looks as though it’s marketed to six-year-olds. The calorie counts are completely off, and it’s too much of a hassle to try to change everything by hand—you have to click through the numbers, one calorie at a time. When I tried to search for “spinach” I kept getting a pop-up that blocked the search box, asking me to upgrade. The only positive thing about using this app was the absolute pleasure and vindication I received from writing a NEGATIVE review.
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8 months ago, wtc1979
Carbs not calculating correctly.
After I edit the carb count on individual food items for some reason it reverts back to the default number when I enter it as eaten. Only have this problem with the carbs. No matter what I do to try and change it, they always revert back to the default number.
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5 years ago, Dis121
It’s ok
After reading the reviews, I was excited to use this app seeing as there were more positive reviews. I even purchased the PRO to get the additional benefits of the app. I’m a bit disappointed by the inability to create a recipe. The PRO version has it but it doesn’t have ability to create a recipe by typing in the exact recipe then serving size after completion. I was trying to get away from using My Fitness Pal because I do not care for their interface and getting shamed for going over.
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1 year ago, Momspageddy
Love this app
I wish I could say I use this app every day since i downloaded it. If I did I would have my macros and weight under control! But when I do decide to do something about it, this is my go to app. I like everything about it, but haven’t been able to find a widget. That would make this app unbeatable.
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5 years ago, Stupid-happy
I LOVE this app!!
I have used a few different apps to track my macros, but this one by far, is my favorite! I love that I can just quick-add fats, carbs and proteins - that may be the thing I love most. It counts down my allowances and makes creating my own foods so simple! I have only had the app for a day or so, but so far, I’m incredibly pleased and looking forward to going the distance with it.
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2 months ago, Rissera
Great app
Originally I gave them 4 stars because there were some confusion for couple of thing but they answered my questions and honestly I think this app does what everyone needs about macros and paid version even offers more especially they have life time deal. Great work.
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6 months ago, Cutszs
Really Helpful Tool
I’ve never tracked my calories before. I’m 40 and wanted to cut some fat. I paid for the full lifetime usage and it’s worth the cost. I scan and add items in and track everything I eat. In 35 days I’ve lost 6 pounds and keep working to make healthier food choices. Thanks Sam Sulek for turning me on to this app.
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3 years ago, Thefirelion
Barcode scanner costs extra. Deleted.
This app has good potential, it’s laid out well and seems to be user friendly. Has a few good options other apps don’t offer like the weeks calorie bank. Where this apps fails, and why I deleted it is because it’s missing an absurdly basic feature, one that’s on almost all other apps free versions, and that is the barcode scanner. You have to pay to upgrade to get that feature. Sorry, that’s just plain silly. Plenty of other free apps that include that.
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6 years ago, Bouke360
Just what I needed
I have a very specific macro allowance for my weight training. I need the ability to change macro allowances depending on the day and even time of day. I was tired of tracking g everything by hand. All the other apps I tried allowed for only 2 macro profiles, Training day and rest day. This was perfect for my needs, thank you!
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5 years ago, CJQ62
Getting tired of it
I have had this app since beginning keto in November 2018. I have yet to have my data be correct, and every time I write for help, I am apparently just one update away from the corrected version. First was the fasting, showing I fasted for hundreds of hours at a time, in one day, then the calories that I have banked, apparently over 14,000 in the last 5 months, and yet my average, which is way off, is that I’m averaging 3655 calories a day!! I’ve written several times for these to be fixed, was told this last time that it was fixed and that Apple is behind in updating the app to 5.2, and that I am using 5.1. When I checked the App Store, its actually 4.2, and I have no clue as to if I am now 10 updates behind, or if my chain is still being yanked. I’m about ready to delete this app and find one that’s not so screwed up! I can’t believe I paid for this!!
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6 years ago, Adambnyc
Not easy to use!
This app is not intuitive at all. I don’t understand why I can scan a food, then I have to go searching for the food in the app, THEN I have to add the food to my day, THEN I have to go to the part of the (breakfast, lunch etc), THEN I have to find the food again, THEN I have to edit the food to the quantity. Terrible experience! I should be able to simply touch breakfast, add food, either bring up list of previously used foods or scan new food, adjust quantity and click add. Streamlined.... NOT how it works!!! I spend more time trying to enter a single food and edit than it takes me to tally up complete meals in other better apps. And the interface is extremely busy, cluttered and generally a mess. Avoid this app. I will be requesting a refund. Wanted to see if they paid for version was better. nope.
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1 year ago, smittysgirl0406
Been using
I have been using this ap a little over a month now.. I really enjoy how user friendly it is….. BUT I got a new phone yesterday and I had to redownload the ap and then it doesn’t give me an option to sign in, just create account. NOW it says I have 2 accounts associated with this phone, um nope and won’t let me do ANYTHING. So I guess unless you pay you are sad. So I’ll be looking for a different ap.
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1 month ago, juice duce
Too be fair I haven’t used abunch of macro trackers
Too be fair I haven’t used abunch of macro trackers but there is no need for me too because this one is so good. The best free macro tracker that I could find. All of the others are almost unusable without buying a subscription. This one does what it says and it’s simple. I’m happy.
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6 years ago, Doodleville Townshop
Smart enough to use Stupid Simple Macros!
This app has made losing weight & following the KETO WOE so simple it’s really brilliant! Even the basic version gave this KETO beginner everything I needed to track weight, foods eaten and even progress pictures (although not something I would do). If you’re looking for an easy tracker...this is it!
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3 years ago, 2bythesea
I used Paleo and loved it but I saw that restaurants were included and decided to try it. Restaurants are really just fast food, not even Subway or Denny’s. Does not sync between my iPad and iPhone. Lost some days and gave incorrect info for others. I contacted support and deleted app and reinstalled, still does not work accurately or consistently. Very disappointed I paid extra. However...I really do love Paleo which I think is made by the same developers so perhaps Macros will get the kinks worked out.
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4 years ago, Wonderwoman1327
Don’t update. Turned into a cash grab.
The original version of this app was so much better. I’m coming back to keto after 6 months off and the app auto updated while I was off...and I’m so disappointed. The date is set to 2018 for some reason and I can’t fix it..also all the paid crap used to be free which is freaking ridiculous. I’ll most likely be deleting this app and never using it again. So they lost a big user of this. I’d even recommended this to friends and now I’m upset that I’d sent them this way.
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2 years ago, qqeeieir
Best app ever!!
I’ve tried every macro app that I can think of. This is the only one, for me that was able to get me to lose weight quickly and efficiently. It tallies up the macros instantly and is very user-friendly. And I was able to select ideals when I got towards the end of the day and no I need it a certain macro.
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6 years ago, Tucsondon88
Excellent and super easy
I don't ever leave reviews because I think it's a waste of time. But this app is actually helpful and thought I'd take time to write one . This app will help u realize how much u are eating , or not eating . I didn't realize I didn't get enough protein or carbs. So it's helped me diet a lot better and eat the right foods
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6 years ago, Dhmack
Has helped me lose 14 lbs in first 31 days!
Love this App! You can search for foods within the APP, scan them in as your shopping etc! Just select your food and quantity and it will keep your fat, protein and net carbs (carbs - fiber). You set up your goal and it gives you a daily progress and remember to update your weight!
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4 years ago, YeOldeSage
So far so good
Got the hang of the free version over a couple of days then sprung for the full version. Haven’t tried the IM or workout functionality yet, but thought that the app’s potential to help me track calories & macros was worth fully supporting, especially in these days of economic uncertainty. Breathe deep but stay safe!
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2 months ago, Run Fast 78
The Best App Ever
I’ve used pretty much every calorie counter, macro counter, activity app there is. This is the first app that is so easy to use that I’ve actually stuck with it for 100 days and still going strong. So simple and straight forward.
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6 years ago, ChynaDoll77494
Great App
My boyfriend and I started our macros diet and this app helps us stay on track we both love it. We upgraded and paid to be able to use the scanner and it works great. I’m still learning how to use the calories bank I need a little help with that but all in all this is really a great app!
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5 years ago, MikieD04
Simple and easy
Fantastic app for getting started. I love the fact that it’s manual and easy to use. Have used it now for over 400 days and am down 50lbs in that span in large part because this app has made it so easy to keep track and not over eat.
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6 years ago, Gma1999
Love this app!!!
Very easy to use. It really helped me to understand how I was over eating and what I needed to do to change and be successful with tracking my meals and losing weight. My husband also has this app and loves it this is the first time he’s ever tracked any meals and finds it super easy as well.
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6 years ago, christinetag
Too many bugs
Loved the app for the first month until it stopped working. It wouldn’t stop refreshing for hours and when it started working again all my data was gone and it was set back to day 1. Very disappointing, especially since I paid for the upgraded version. No I have no weight loss history and all the custom meals and foods I created are gone. Never should have updated to the latest version on the app, that’s when all my problems started.
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2 years ago, Nyx-Nightshade
So simple!
I just started Keto and this app is so easy to use for tracking macros. You don’t have to spend forever on google or keep a notebook. It makes something difficult a little easier.
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4 years ago, JRMfireman
Great app
This app is great for tracking macros, fasting, and workouts all in one place. It’s a little complicated, but that makes sense considering all it can do. After a little getting used to this app, it’s incredible and is worth the little time it takes to get familiar.
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