Sweat: Fitness App For Women

Health & Fitness
4.6 (40K)
145.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Bikini Body Training Company Pty Ltd
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sweat: Fitness App For Women

4.62 out of 5
40K Ratings
1 year ago, Sunny5596
BEST fitness app for women 🫶
I’ve been using this app since 2020 and it’s still one of my favorite things ever. It’s super user friendly and tailored to women with busy lives. I feel like they made it just for me😂. I’ve tried a lot of fitness apps, but this one is hands-down the best. Everything is intuitive and it makes staying fit so simple. The programs have everything you could ever need - good descriptions and clips of trainers doing each exercise, the option to schedule all your workouts each week and get reminders, the ability to follow a program but still pick workouts from any other program you want, and my favorite - you can sub any and every exercise in your workout (and they give you a lot of sub options). My favorite program is Kayla’s High Intensity (BBG). I like that you can do it in your living room or at a gym. Let me tell you - if you stick with it for 6 months and eat a healthy diet, you will be in the BEST shape if your life!! I started out in pretty bad shape and half a year later I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror, and I was just doing my 45 minute workouts ~4 days a week. When I fall off, I always come back because I remember how good I feel when I’m following my program and how rewarding it is. Kayla and team - thank you SO much for this app please never change it it’s perfect and a gift to women everywhere ❤️💪🏽🔥
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1 year ago, Wendy Florentino
Great App and Program!
Edit: I still like the app. Some other areas of improvement is to allow swap exercises to happen eg the day before doing the workout. You can only swap exercises the day of. On the day of it can take sometime as you try to figure out the exercise you want to swap. I have been using the app for 6 months and still get confused ln finding the programs etc. I wish that the cardio days the app would populate options to do from trainers too if you don’t want to walk, run etc This is a really good app. The features I really like is the: ability to swap exercises, the timer included in the app, ability to record weight lifted, and the ability to swap programs between fitness folks (I have not yet) and even incorporate a workout from another program under different fitness folks to your calendar. How to strengthen: initially I was just a little confused when I began using the app, because of the layout ( I saw different sections for programs, then challenges and was not initially sure on what to do but eventually figured it out), Really appreciate the meal plan, would be nice if in the future they can consider adding food swap features with similar food macros. One other improvement is to maybe change up the cool down exercises and allow swap features for those too. I love the app and am glad I invested in it and am absolutely loving chontel Duncan’s program, which is really my style of training!To me it has been worth it!
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5 years ago, pemager
Love this app!!
I absolutely love this stupid app. It’s got me excited to go to the gym and setting up a schedule and I’ve never had that before. I don’t use the meal planner because I’m a poor college student, so I don’t do much grocery shopping, but the option is there and I really like the meals it offers. There are a few things I would change, but the pros so outweigh the cons that they’re easy to pass over when deciding between 4 or 5 stars. One, I wish that it gave you the option to change the default warm up setting. Sometimes I forget to change it and it jumps right into the workout and I don’t want that. Also, as someone else said, the mile tracker is wayyy off, but I’m not super concerned with miles right now, I’m just trying to build a cardio base, and I could always just use another app. Lastly, all the tapping is annoying at times, but so sometimes I just don’t do it. I just remember what exercise is coming next and I do it. For the supersets I just use the clock at the top to count my 30 seconds. Overall, such a good app. I can’t keep the subscription going because, like I said, poor college student and I’m trying to afford a trip to Japan this summer, but holy cow I’m still debating paying for it. I really do love this app. The workout counter keeps me motivated and on track and the workouts are so much fun. I’m really seeing changes and I’m really happy. Thanks Sweat Team!
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4 years ago, naggiemishka
Absolutely amazing app
I love this app so much! This is an amazing way to work out. I started working out with Sweat since end of February. It’s very smart and very convenient and you can work out at the gym or at home. There are tons of different programs you can choose within Sweat that suits your current condition and goals. I never liked working out but with this app I became obsessed. What I love the most about it is the instructors that I can find on Instagram. The connection makes me feel that there is a real person who is leading me through this. When I said it’s convenient, I meant it 100%. So first of all, if you work out at the gym, they built it the way you can find everything you need for each activation in one place. You watch a short video for each exercise which is showing you how to do it. You don’t have to run from one machine to another with no break in between. They thought of the adequate breaks in between each activation set. Also I love the built-in timers within timers. I am telling you, it makes it so much easier to do it right. I tried a couple more apps before and my experience wasn’t as efficient, pleasant and great as with Sweat. Amazing work, guys! Honestly, my life has changed since this app. Since I am hooked to consistently working out now, I became more fit, confident, healthier, and just more positive!!! Thank you!
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6 years ago, KHavey
Great app but needs work
I would love to say first that this app is like an awesome combination of mapmyrun and myfitnesspal. It gives you the option to track what you eat, gives you recipes and shopping lists, and allows you to schedule your workout week and plan your workouts. The workouts are high-rep, body weight exercises but if you do them, they’ll wear you the heck out!! My legs were more sore after the first leg day workout than they have been in quite some time. After only three weeks of training I’m already seeing results! One issue I have with the app is you have to keep it open for your entire workout which totally drains my phone’s battery. It would be great to have an option to flow through the circuits without having to pause and press on an arrow, which stumps my motivation as I’m pushing through the last few reps of one exercise and starting the next. You also have to keep the app open during your entire cardio workout (ESPECIALLY during HIIT days) and doesn’t voice how far you’ve gone, when you’re done, or for HIIT, when to work/rest unless you’re looking at your screen. This is just my opinion as I don’t like being very hands-on with my phone when I’m dripping with sweat! 😜 The last issue I have is with the mile tracking. I’ll have both mapmyrun and sweat open at the same time and sweat will have twice the mileage I actually ran on mapmyrun. Like I said before, this app is really awesome but with a few tweaks, could be absolutely incredible!
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4 years ago, spookymarena
Love This App
I love this app because like allot of people, I’m really bad motivating myself while I’m in the gym. Two factors; I like my own specific Dj sets to listen to which I’m so glad I can still listen while using the app, but I also prefer someone telling me what to do and timing me or giving me rep count so I don’t have to look at a freaking notebook or scroll through my phone to find some article with a workout plan thus just wasting time and spending even more time in the gym. This app just makes the process easy to understand and keep motivation through out as it literally walks you through step by step. So if you’re worried about your phone being on the entire time then just keep in mind you might need this app for the motivation, time management, and seeing the movement itself for proper form (as not everyone knows what every exercise looks like. For example did you know a proper squat needs you to focus on pushing your knees out? I see so many people letting their knees buckle in and then wonder why their back and rest of the body hurts from misalignment.) So just shut your phone off if you’re doing cardio, you can always go back and mark it as complete. The food options are amazing and so easy to make, no excuses on “I don’t have time” ! I’m just overall really impressed with this app, thank you so much !
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2 years ago, Alissarcost
Affordable and lots of content
Love this app. I love it even more because I got it on sale during Black Friday a few years ago so I’m locked in for $10/month which is an amazing price for all the content. Even their usual pricing is worth it in my opinion. So many different programs. Used to have a lot of bugs but works seamlessly now. Love the ability to sub out and modify separate exercises before starting the workout - really useful postpartum with diastasis and certain exercises aren’t as safe or are too difficult. The modification suggestions are exactly what I need so I don’t have to stress about what to change myself. I would love to see a prenatal program. I was so lost trying to exercise while pregnant. I believe i heard this may be in the works by Sweat which is super exciting! I wish the app had better nutrition and meal plan ideas. I love the idea of this feature within the app, but it falls short. The ingredients are odd - not typical things I can find at my grocery store - and doesn’t offer substitutes if I’m remembering correctly. I find it to be the least useful part of the app. It makes eating healthy seem more difficult than it is. I need a nutrition planner that makes eating healthy seem “easier” (every day ingredients, one pan meals, kid friendly meals, etc).
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1 year ago, Jules_00
Great Program
I’m not one to go out of my way to write a review, but I love this program. I was very hesitant to buy it because I didn’t want to waste my money on something that doesn’t work. However, the program is designed to work with beginners either at home or in the gym depending on your comfort zone and you go from there. It builds each week and it makes you confident in yourself. I’ve been doing this program for about a year and a half and I look forward to working out because I feel strong. I used to hate going to the gym I would have to drag myself there and then once I got there I didn’t know where to start. I love this app because it tells you exactly what to do so you feel confident walking into the gym/ walking up to a machine you wouldn’t normally use because it shows you how to use it correctly. The weight loss wasn’t the thing I was looking for out of this program however, I lost about 8 pounds (I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose starting off) and my body is so much more toned. I am way more confident about myself than I ever have been before. I got my sister to join and she loves it too. They have so many different styles of working out all wrapped into this one app that you can choose from so spending the money is worth it!
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4 years ago, Hxnxlei
changing my life
This app motivated me to start working out again after 2 years of inactivity. The workouts are amazing, they have great beginner options, but I went into it at an intermediate level and they're killer! They are tough, but I've found that my strength and confidence has grown tremendously from doing BBG and trying several workouts from the other programs, which is another thing I love about this app. The variety in programs make it suitable for any kind of workout goal. I can see how the intensity and difficulty of BBG might be unmotivating for some though, so it's great that Kayla has recently added more beginner weeks! he community tab is filled with supportive women! The only thing I've never used and probably will never use is the meal plan because there is just a way too many different ingredients and meals (which might be a good thing for other people, but for a broke student, I'm not really looking to buy a full-sized product or unit of produce to use only 1/2 a slice of and then not use for any other meals in the week.) The app has some bugs sometimes but Sweat team replies fast and takes suggestions! My only wish is that it was better compatible with the Apple Watch which is one of the reasons I got the app in the first place, because I saw it could pair to my watch.
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1 year ago, casskr92
Very much worth it!
I have had this app twice now. It is amazing for so many reasons, but for me I love all of the options available for at home workouts. There is only one thing that i would really like to see updated with this app and that is the Apple Watch connection and tracking calories burned. When i open the app on my phone to start my workout it doesn’t connect with my watch and same for the other way around. It doesn’t connect with my phone if i open the app on my phone. That being said, at the end of a workout it does show up on my activity with the amount of time i was active but does not record calories burned during workout. Lastly, when i open the app on my watch, it doesn’t give me a warm up option at all. It just jumps right to the workout. So i always just use my phone. Once i finally leave the comfort of my home to begin working out in a gym again I’d love to just be able to do everything on my watch. Overall, i love the workouts and how the app is set up. It makes it easy getting back into the swing of things and offers different levels of intensity. I just started back at the beginning of December and have lost a little more than 10 lbs just doing this in my living room!
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6 years ago, Bekkilli
Puts this gym rat through her paces
I’m in the first week of the workout and wholly cow! Let me start by saying I was already in good shape, particularly aerobic wise. I downloaded the app to see if I could use it in place of my expensive gym membership. I also wanted to tone up a bit more. This app puts me through my paces! I love how flexible it is and how the workouts are only 28 minutes each. I’m a busy teacher and mom of six-year-old twins so it needs to work around my life. I can fit in a 28-minute workout in the morning or after they’re in bed. After only a week, I’m feeling more toned already. I’m not following the eating plan because I already track macros and calories. So far, I love it! I can’t wait to see my progress pics in three weeks. Update 8/7/18: I’m now on Week 19 (+4 of Beginner). While I haven’t been perfect, this program has gotten me into the best shape of my life. I was always fit aerobically. However, I couldn’t do burpees and push-ups to save my life. Now I can!! They’re not perfect but I can knock out 15-20 or each in a row. I love that the program fits around my busy life and I can even take it traveling. So happy I found this app!! I would like it better if I could add friends so we could challenge each other and track each other’s fitness.
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3 years ago, k.h.slice
Good App but needs some improvements
The exercises are good and there are varieties of trainers but the price paid, it really should allow the users to work out offline. It seems counter-intuitive for a fitness app to promote being able to workout anywhere but only if you have a Wi-fi connections or cellular service. A user should be able to download workouts offline or use the app offline as a feature. Also there seems to be very limited express workouts available on the “On Demand” section. the search option “On Demand” exercises are is also a bit limited in what you can search for (I.e. not being able to search for targeted areas like if someone wanted to do a search for abs, or shoulders , etc.). Another thing noticed was whenever you search and schedule an On Demand workout, the workout is added on the calendar and once that’s done, you’re taken back to the main page again and have to navigate 3 or 4 steps back to your on demand search to schedule other workouts. Wished the app was smart enough to bring you back to the screen right before you scheduled that workout instead. Overall a good workouts, but they definitely need to make some updates to their apps. Been using for a year now and not sure I’ll renewal given so many other workouts apps that would allow offline workouts.
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5 years ago, Newtothefitnessthing
User friendly and helpful!
I'm new to fitness in general, but so far I'm a huge fan of this app! I read a bunch of reviews here and it seems like the app has made a lot of improvements since some of these were posted. You can pause any workout and then continue, and if you decide to restart a work out, you can do that any time. There are even other options for workouts to substitute or try in addition. You can also play your own music while using the app- it's easy to connect. There is a tab at the top that tells you exactly what equipment you will need for each work out, and you can preview each move of the workout before you start. I don't consider myself super tech savvy but I find it very easy to use and understand. It does reset every Monday, so you are kind of locked in to a Monday- Sunday schedule, but you don't have to go in a specific order and you can space the workouts out over the week however you want. If you are trying the 1 week trial, definitely download it on a Monday. I started it on a Wednesday and then on Sunday the trial ended. I didn't mind much because I was sold on the program and was planning to get the full version anyway, but if you want to get the most out of the trial, start on Monday.
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5 years ago, meg4eva
Could be a lot better
I really wanted to like this app but I find a lot of problems with it that are more frustrating than helpful. For one, you have to have the app open to use the timers, ie. doing the warm up or a cardio workout. I prefer to watch a show or videos when I do cardio so it was kind of annoying that I couldn’t. Also, the app crashed several times when I was in the middle of a weight training workout and when I re-opened the app all my progress was lost so the only option was to re-start the workout, again, super annoying when you’re more than halfway through the workout! Also, there is no option to swap out an exercise for something low impact. I have an injury that prevents me from doing any type of jumping and I had to research alternatives for jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc. on my own because the app didn’t provide any guidance. And my least favorite thing about the app is that you can’t skip a specific set and come back to it. My gym is relatively busy with limited weight equipment and there were times where I had to wait almost 20 min to do a set because the app wouldn’t let me skip and come back to it. Overall, I like the concept of this app and enjoyed the weekly calendar and the exercises, but I found a lot of flaws that I couldn’t look past and annoyed me, which made using it less enjoyable. Maybe if the app was free or less than $20/month I would have stuck with it!
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3 years ago, Sam@4321
Love, love, love this app!!
I’m updating my review from several years ago. I still love this app and in fact love it even more. I started doing Kayla’s app on and off years ago, but my daughter and I have been doing this app regularly for the last year and a half. We started with Kayla’s HIIT program but that was just too high impact for me. We did Stephanie’s weight training at home & finished the full 15 week program and loved it! We’ve done some challenges in between. We’re trying out Kayla’s low impact program now, going into week 5, and we really like it too. I like this one because it’s only a 1/2 hr long and it works into our schedule right now. We will eventually try to do the extra weeks that Stephanie just recently adde to her weight training at home program. I’m really starting to see results and I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress. I love that Kayla has added so many different trainers and exercises for all fitness levels. Anyone should be able to find a program that suits them and their needs. I also like the trainers philosophy on eating: eat a well balanced diet and don’t deprive yourself of things that you like to eat. I would (& have) recommended this app!
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5 years ago, vslater26
Helping me get fit for my wedding dress!
I love love love this app! I have been using this since the fall to get in shape for my wedding and I can’t wait to show off the results in my low back dress! I actually look forward to going to the gym and enjoy every part of my workout (even when it is tough!) Kelsey’s program is awesome because it changes every week so you never get bored. The gym equipment portions are great and accessible for those who don’t feel as confident using them. The flexibility between programs is also perfect for me with a busy schedule. Sometimes if I can’t make it to the gym I will do a Kayla Itsines BBG workout at home, and be sore for about a week after!! I am also really excited that Kelsey has come out with a home workout program as well! The one thing I would change about the app is on Monday’s it automatically changes what week you are on and you have to manually go back and change it if you weren’t finished with that particular week. I like to finish all the workouts in each week before i move on, but most of the time I only can get to the gym three to four times a week so it is hard to complete all the workouts in that time. If the weeks didn’t automatically update, this app would be perfect!
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5 years ago, DFGN 1803
Just be consistent and the reward will come sooner than you think!
After having my second baby my weight has been a big concern for me, and cardio was very hard because I was breast feeding and I don’t really like running. So, I found sweat. This app was my life change. I got back in shape before my maternity leave expired (with a diet of course). When I got back to work I kind of gave up on working out and I felt guilty about it. But luckily sweat promoted the 12 week challenge and I knew this is the time for me to get back on track so now I don’t miss my workouts and instead of running on a treadmill when the weather is nice I take looong walks with my kids. I don’t do a lot of cardio but I do the daily workouts. I definitely recommend this app, but if you think you won’t be consistent don’t even think starting because you’ll blame the program not yourself. I believe that any workout is good if you’re consistent. If working out is new for you and you don’t know where to start I think sweat is a good start. I have my sisters and my friend on sweat now and we make sure to post our work outs and keep accountable each other, which is fun:) if you want to feel better and look better, then this is for you, too ✊🏋️‍♀️🏆
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6 years ago, Reader rasa
It’s good but needs improvement
I got this app bc of all the buzz and great reviews! This app is very confusing, I’m very tech savvy I used to work with computers and cell phones so I’d say I know more about technology than the average person. When you first open the app it has all these sections ( post baby, flow resistance, power, etc....) I thought I had to do all of those as part of the program. When I first signed up I chose the BBG so I was so confused as to why all these other workouts were coming up! So I figured that out and then the workout program I chose is specifically for at home where you don’t need equipment . So when it’s telling me to jump rope I don’t have that and I’m in my house, and telling me I need a bench I can’t do those workouts either. And then I press for alternatives and all of those include the equipment I don’t have too. This is very frustrating so I have to do complete alternatives. Lastly, some of these workout don’t have easier options. I hurt my back recently and some of these exercises I can’t do yet and it gives no easier or back friendly alternatives. And sometimes this is the entire workout so it’s really a bummer. I mean even if you guys included a Pilates based program that would be great for the back. So on those days I go on the Fit Radio app which is an amazing alternative and have multiple different options so even if your hurt they still have a workout for you.
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6 years ago, DTSmith22
Would Recommend to Anyone
I love this app! I have struggled to find the motivation to work out consistently but this app makes it so easy to do. You can choose to do a program that is home based (BBG) or at the gym (BBG Stronger), and there are other options as well such as a post-pregnancy program. There really is something for everyone. I chose the home-based program and I love it. It requires minimal equipment and only 30 minutes, 3 days a week plus a little cardio. The only equipment you really need are dumbbells and a bench (I literally use a wooden chair, not a fancy workout bench). You can make it work for you! As if that isn’t enough, this app also provides a meal plan that takes you through three meals a day plus two snacks, and even includes a grocery shopping list for each week. The recipes are simple (and delicious) and can be customized to a wide variety of diets (vegetarian, vegan, etc). Also, for ingredients that you may not have on hand there are often substitute options provided. Lastly, remember to take pictures! I cannot stress enough how amazing it is to look back over your progress week by week and see your body changing. The scale may be deceiving, but those progress photos are not!
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3 years ago, CF631
Exactly What I Needed
I’ve been using this the Sweat App since May and I love it. I’ve followed Kayla for a few years on Instagram, but always thought I was too much of a beginner to do her HIIT programs. Once the low intensity programs launched, I finally took the plunge. The workouts are perfect for where I’m at in my fitness journey. I love the way the program is laid out in the app. It’s easy to see what I need to accomplish each week. I like the built in timers in the workout because they make it easy to transition between exercises in a set. I like that the moves are shown and there’s a detailed description of each move. It’s also easy substitute exercises, if needed. Im not following the meal plan right now, but I like that it’s available and have been inspired by the suggestions. The only thing I would change, and it’s really minor, is the timer for the cardio. Instead of counting down from the selected time, I wish it worked like the Map My Run app where I start the timer and stop whenever I’m done. Overall, I love the app and highly recommend it. It’s so easy to use which helps me stick to my program and actually makes me look forward to working out.
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4 years ago, C&G&S
Schedule feature is off, everything else is great.
The app is so much better than working out from the BBG e-book! Especially love having videos of the exercises. Every feature I’ve used so far is great...except for the scheduling. I hate the automatic scheduling feature and there doesn’t seem to be a setting to turn it off. For example, I might have completed most, but not all, of my BBG workouts in week 12 before the week got too busy at work or home and I had to take more days off than usual. Automatically, the app moves me to week 13 on Sunday! But I wasn’t done with week 12...so I go to “Manage My Program” and set it manually back to week 12. Now that I’ve done that, it doesn’t show which workouts I completed anymore. It’s all reset. What it needs is: - a setting where you mark a week completed, rather than it automatically moving forward. Life gets in the way and I’m sure many people aren’t ready to move on every Sunday. - at the very least the app should keep record of which workouts you’ve completed even if you backtrack to a previous week. Maybe there could be a “reset week” option for those who want to erase what they did and do it over. But it seems like most people would benefit from their progress being saved.
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1 year ago, LoveChase!!!
App Crashes/Will Not Open Constantly
Whatever updates have happened recently make the app slow to open, if it opens at all, and crash without warning. I have been using the Sweat app for over two years and since the iFit buyout, the app has presented technical issues for me. I looked online for a fix to this issue and it seems to be a known issue with no resolution outside of making sure your phone is updated to the most recent IOS (which mine is). Paying monthly for this subscription, I expect the app to work when I am ready to work out. Additionally, I do not like the automatic substitutions that the app makes based on assumed equipment in the “My equipment” section. Sometimes I work out at home, sometimes at the gym. It varies as I have a little one. This feature seems to only be targeted to people who work out at the same place all the time (which I feel is counter intuitive to the purpose of the application). I LOVE the programs and want to use this app when I am ready to work out because the workout programs are wonderful and the community is very supportive. However, some technical improvements need to be made for the end user experience to be what it used to be. If this issue persists, I will most likely choose a different app for my workouts.
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4 years ago, SammiD.
Great app, great price
I’ve been using the Sweat app for about a year. It works so well for me and I recommend it to everyone I know! There’s something for everyone here. Beginners, gym rats, and everyone in between. I don’t use the meal plan feature; I only use it for working out. Most of the workouts can be completed in 40 minutes. If you don’t have that much time or you’re not feeling up to a full workout, you can use one of the MANY “quick workouts” that are 20 minutes are less. There are “workouts” for stretching, too, which is so nice if you’re feeling sore or just need a refresher. One of my favorite things is that you can use the app on your phone, laptop, tablet, and you can even cast it onto your TV with the Apple TV! Also, you can schedule your workouts and sync it with your calendar. I will say this: I don’t like doing yoga with this app. I tried the 3 yoga “workouts” and it just wasn’t great. The instructor seems good and I definitely got a good workout, but I just don’t think this is the right platform for yoga. The countdowns always end with loud beeping which brings you out of that zen moment. I highly recommend the Sweat app and I’ll definitely be renewing my subscription!
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2 months ago, Hannah L123
Got me active again!
I have been using Sweat for 15 weeks (and I know that because it tracks how long you’ve used it and tells you how consistent you’ve been). I’ve finally found a way to make sure I am active at least 3 times a week which was my goal. I work full time and felt like I didn’t have time for long workouts. That’s why Sweat is great because most of the workout programs offer 20-30 minute workouts with options for longer workouts if you want. They also have both gym and home workouts with options to substitute exercises based on what equipment is on hand. It works out great for me and has gotten me active again. I am so proud of myself for working out 3-5 times a week very consistently now. There’s also a step tracker, water tracker, etc to stay healthy and a meal planner. I don’t really use the meal planner feature but I have made a few of the recipes so it’s nice to have for smoothie and snack ideas that are a better alternative to some of the junk food I was eating before. I am feeling stronger than before and like I have far more stamina and energy because I’m moving my body a lot more than before.
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6 years ago, marysaka
Just Bite The Bullet and Do It
I have always struggled with motivation to work out consistently. I would exercise 6 days a week for a month or two, then lose drive and stop. My weight and motivation have yo-yo’ed for the better part of my adulthood. I would always work out at home because going to the gym intimidated me. I started BBG workouts at home and finished the 12 week program. I felt great and was in better shape than I’d ever been, but wanted to start lifting and toning with weights. Now I lift 6 days a week thanks to the PWR program and feel confident and good in the gym because I no longer feel like I have no idea what I’m doing there! This app has programs for home workouts or gym workouts based on what you want to do. It lets you log progress and actually makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something every time you finish a workout. It has meal plans, alternatives for moves you may be unable to do, special postpartum programs and yoga programs. It’s comprehensive, challenging, but doable and has made me feel 1000 times better about myself and my abilities. If you’re on the fence about it, get it! It’s totally worth it. I can’t recommend it enough for beginners!
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5 years ago, VEBN
free trial isn’t free
Dispute canceling in under 7 days I just discovered that I have been billed even though I rec’d confirmation in the app that I had cancelled the FREE trial - I even did it before because I realized I wasn’t able to find the time and couldn’t justify the monthly cost. I work. I have kids. I know with completely certainty that I canceled and got the app even telling me that it acknowledged my “free” trial was canceled - now I just discovered they have been charging me. Not only are they robbing budget I don’t have they are robbing me of time tracking down the refund. If you were proper you would make it a true FREE trail and ask for credit card info only after the trail period if someone willingly opts in and don’t cheat and trick!!!!! The customer service reply is that they can’t issue a refund because of the sneaky way they require you to opt in for auto renewal through the App Store. I canceled in app and it gave me with completely certianty the sense I had been canceled and wouldn’t be charged - after discovering I was charged they say they can’t refund. What they can do is issue a free trial and then have you opt in to pay - this is a total scam and they are thieves that created a very sneaky and unethical free trial. I can’t believe not only have they charged me I have to keep pushing for a refund. Customer service isn’t acknowledging how sneaky they are. I have 3 small children. They are robbing this budget from them.
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5 years ago, Mcmanuea
Great workouts, app quality needs attention
One the one hand I absolutely LOVE the workouts in the sweat app. The PWR program is incredible and the variety of other kinds of workouts when you can’t get to the gym or don’t have a lot of time is great. I never have to think about what to do at the gym, I just open the app. On the other hand, as a software developer myself, I am constantly baffled by the number of glaring bugs in every single update on the phone app as well as the watch app. I don’t think I have ever gone through a workout without encountering an obvious bug...just an an example in the latest release, I listen to google music and every time the timer stops and the next exercise starts the music pauses and I have to hit play again. On the watch app right now, the timer display stops updating if I look at it! So it will get stuck on a number and I have to keep track myself. Then when I hit next, the timer for the next exercise has already been counting down so I have to restart the section. I wonder if what seems to be the lack of concern over app quality is just because enough people keep paying for it that they prioritize new features over bug fixes.... I’m going to keep paying for it so I guess you could argue why does this feedback even matter?
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5 years ago, kdiddy74024
I’ve managed a gym, I’ve been a trainer, I thought I had it down. But this app have SO MUCH variety for whatever type of work out you are feeling that day. If you like structure: stick to a program and it really helps you keep track of your progress and motivate you. If you like variety and get bored easy: you can bounce between yoga, powerlifting style training, HIIT training for days with less time, full body workouts and specific area driven workouts! The coaching in each session makes it timely and easy to follow with explanations on each exercise, and a good playlist to follow. You can track your water intake and your food map is planned out for you! The ONLY change I would make is that you can track what you actually eat vs the meal plan set out for your program. The community and trainers are amazing on social media to keep you motivated, encourage you on your good days, yet convince you to go in and try your best on your bad days! The congratulations with confetti at the end really are satisfying! And when you’re sore, there are recovery days and stretches they guide you through to help out! Thank you Kayla, from your first book guide years ago to the app you and Tobi made,I feel inspired and flexible in my fitness routine.
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6 years ago, leoni_
Love the programs! App could use an update
I love the concept of this app. Essentially, Kayla and the girls serve as person trainers, providing users with weekly workouts and showing us how to properly execute each movement. This a huge, because I used to do some movements incorrectly, which meant not only was I not properly engaging my muscles, I was also putting myself at risk of an injury. A+ in this aspect. The app itself though could use a few simple updates. First, if you start a (let’s say 30 minute) cardio workout, but you finish your desired milage early (let’s say 27 minutes), you cannot “end the workout” without losing your time, mileage, and distance. The entire workout is erased, and does not count towards your weekly cardio goal. Seems silly, but as a former cardio-addict, I think cutting your mile time is something to be celebrated. Also, in the comment section of the app - a really awesome, inspirational feature I must say - the comments on posts are in descending order as opposed to ascending order. This means that the first comment ever posted on a chat always shows first, meaning you need to scroll and wait to load new comments. When I look at transformations, I want to see updates! Over all, though, a really great app.
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5 years ago, pennylane_10
Can’t track past workouts correctly
I’d like to be able to add past workouts of any week on the exact day/time of my workout to track what I’ve done. Right now I can only mark my Resistance Trainings as completed and if I miss tracking one day, I have to go back to the previous week and lose any progress on the exact date/time. It shouldn’t be so complicated. I’ve been using more my Fitbit app that has this feature. I can track any type of workout any day at the exact timeframe. It works flawlessly and it’s easy to use. I’ve ended up using Sweat only for the Resistance Trainings, but I also have the PDFs so I’m not seeing a lot of added value in the app. The only added value I can see is the menu/food section which is really good. The down part is that I do meal prep once for the entire week as I don’t have time to cook separate meals every day, so I end up not using it a lot either. I also find the “share” pop-ups annoying after every workout. I’m working out for me (for my health, strength and benefit) so I don’t understand why there’s so much sharable content within the app. It’s a fitness app, not a social network. I get that there’s a “community” factor in there but maybe the pop-ups stay in that tab for the people who need that sort of motivation/engagement.
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2 years ago, halliemundt
My Go To
I follow this program religiously. I love the variety of workouts and I know I’m following a safe and organized program. It’s a million times better than doing random workouts from Instagram and a lot easier than trying to create a journal or program of your own. It’s easy to follow and makes going to the gym on a busy schedule that much easier. I love this program and the women involved that partnered with Kayla to create this. They keep adding variety so I don’t think I’d ever turn to another app. The way it keeps track of my progress is great too. All the work-outs cater to different tastes and they are really effective. Totally worth the $20. Occasionally there are app issues but that is usually solved quickly and with app updates. I’ve used this app for years and it’s the best one on the market. I think the way it explains moves and shows how to do them has really helped me feel confident in the gym too. Most women I think are a bit timid to go into the weights section of a gym for fear of incorrect form and some dude coming up to tell them they’re doing it wrong, this app eliminates that!
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2 years ago, BPP
I decided to try this app based on Chontel Duncan’s instagram profile and I can say that overall I’m very pleased with what I have access to. I’ve tried 2 other instructors and their classes were good too. I have been using since Dec 2019. You need a decent home gym to do these at home but it’s totally worth it. It’s cheaper in the long run and you’re not competing for equipment like you would at a regular gym. I have what I think is bare minimum - squat rack & bench press combined, Olympic bar and plates, and dumbbell pairs in 4 sizes, skipping rope and 2 homemade boxes for jumps. Other exercises I just find alternatives for. I like the set up of the workouts and that there are many to choose from. Sometimes advancing to next exercise is tedious especially for supersets that are not timed exercises. My only peeve is that the app is only compatible with Apple Watch and devices. I wish it had the option of syncing to Garmin watches as all my strength and cardio sessions are recorded on that. It’s annoying that I can’t sync my sessions on the Garmin with the Sweat App. Also I wish there was a voice prompt feature where you could move to next set without physically touching the >> button.
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6 years ago, slacy91
Dishonest and misleading when canceling
I loved that this app offered a free trial before having to pay for the subscription, because in my opinion, it’s a pretty expensive subscription. The app turned out to not be a great fit for me, so I canceled before the trial was up so I wouldn’t get charged...or so I thought. I went to “manage my profile” and scrolled down to the bottom and clicked “CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION” at which point a big pink pop-up said “SUBSCRIPTION CANCELED” and then asked me to choose a reason for leaving. It then took me to iTunes where nothing on the page indicated that I needed to do anything further. Today I saw on my bank account that I had been charged for the first month’s subscription, so I did a little investigating, and even though the app has a big pink pop-up telling you “SUBSCRIPTION CANCELED” it turns out you have to scroll all the way down on the App Store page to CONFIRM the cancellation. Yes, it’s my mistake for not reading the fine print beneath the “SUBSCRIPTION CANCELED” but I feel it’s extremely misleading and dishonest wording on behalf of the Sweat app. How about “CONFIRM CANCELLATION THROUGH THE APP STORE” or “BEFORE YOU CONFIRM ON THE APP STORE, tell us why you’re leaving.” Or even a simple “ALMOST DONE” would have worked. $20 may not be a big deal to some, but it’s still $20 I could have happily used elsewhere in my budget. But now I’m just out $20 for an app I won’t use this month. Very annoyed.
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5 years ago, soDovahkiin
Changed my life
Awesome app; WELL worth the money. Not an easy fix to fitness; you have to work for it, but Sweat does such a great job of holding you accountable. You can track your progress, chat with the community, change programs in the middle, they offer a meal plan. The workouts take an average of 30 minutes; it’s not a huge chunk out of your day. I work out at home during nap time while my kids are asleep. If you need to you can do a quick workout or choose one from another program; you’re not shackled to ONE Monday workout, a Tuesday workout, a Wednesday workout, and so on. You can change it up if you get bored or if your circumstances change. I bought it four months after baby #2, and my life completely changed. I don’t have a gym membership and can do my workouts at home. But should I get a gym membership, they have programs that require equipment. If I miss nap time and have to work out while my kids are awake, I can opt for cardio so I can jog behind the stroller or yoga so my two-year-old can workout with me. It can be strict cut and dry or flexible, whatever you need it to be. SO worth the money; you won’t look back.
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3 years ago, TathianeKF
Pricey but quite good.
I keep coming back to Kayla Itsiness’ original high intensity program because it has been the most effective workout plan I’ve ever done. The app is great at giving you a GREAT workout plan that keeps challenging you week over week. Areas of improvement/ cons The only two reasons I don’t give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ are: 1- this is quite pricey! Although they offer a discount for the annual plan, $20/ month for a plan that doesn’t offer any sort of live classes, where instructions for exercises and guidance on form is quite limited to text only, this is a LOT. 2- I wish this would account for a few seconds to allow for transition between exercises especially on those where you’re counting time vs number of repetitions. Oh and I also miss the little water drop that would fill up to mark your weekly progression. That sounds silly but I used to love seeing that drop filling up, used to give me a small sense of accomplishment (I told you it could sound silly). Last area of opportunity for this to get even better is to give an overview of the following week’s workouts on Sunday — that would be super helpful to allow for better planning.
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7 years ago, Vnessquikk
I’m in the best shape of my life
Ever since I started this app, my body is the most toned it’s ever been. It’s engaging with videos that show how exactly to do any exercise and details written in case you need more clarification. It makes you SWEAT for real. I’ve never used an app to work out before but this is engaging, rewarding, and makes working out fun. I feel AMAZING after each workout because it’s intense and it encourages you to take pictures afterwards which helps with documenting your journey. I also get to work out from the comfort of my own home which makes me sweat and move and push myself with no inhibitions which makes me work out harder than being in any gym. You save time and push yourself more and sweat like crazy and you feel amazing and get to relish in it afterwards. I have a very busy schedule and would never be able to workout with this intensity without this app. And it helps you out with meals too if that weren’t enough! I love my body and alot of this confidence comes from this SWEAT app that a friend randomly recommended to me at a Christmas party last year. Who would have known it would change my life this much!!!!
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5 years ago, lopsided
I’ve been rotating through a bunch of different workout programs for the last year and a half and I am almost mad at myself that I didn’t just start with the Sweat app. Oh my god it’s every good thing about all the other programs all in one convenient place. The food is delicious and it’s never the same thing over and over. The workouts are AMAZING. All you need is a half an hour to guarantee a sweat and sore muscles the next day. The weekly challenges also make it fun! I love that they have options for weight loss or strength. I’m using the strength training one and it’s just 😍 I also love all the information easily accessible in the app - everything about why the program is structured the way it is. And if is SO EASY TO USE. The timers are perfect - really keeps me on track with every workout. The only thing I would change is that it would be good to have an option to swap meals out for certain days of the week, because some days I have time for a certain recipe and other days I don’t. But overall, if you’re considering this program, just do it. You won’t be disappointed. I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did!
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5 years ago, LindsBe
This app is extremely frustrating and not worth the money when you can easily go to Instagram and find a workout routine. I love that I can see the demonstration of the workout. However, it jumps immediately to the next workout with the clock still ticking meaning I’m wasting time watching what I need to do and trying to grab equipment suddenly. You can pause it, but how is that helpful to cover up the workout I’m trying to watch before completing it myself? I’m sure it’s great when you’ve been doing the program for awhile and know the routine. Also, I’d assume that while it has a trainer talking and a timer going it would notify me when 30 seconds is up on a certain workout like a plank? When I look to start the cool down routine, it just starts the workout over! The workouts are hard for beginners even though it’s ‘beginner’. I have terrible knees and I look for alternatives when it comes to knee ups, so I waste more time on the clock trying to find something else to do. “Alternative” just suggests something more challenging. You definitely have to figure out on your own how to guide yourself through the app as well as the workouts. The community board is useless trying to search for specific questions. As for the ‘progress’ not everyone cares to take pictures, it’d be great to track weight progress and measurements w/o requiring a photo.
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3 years ago, au88ie
Such an amazing program!
I have been using this app for a little over a year and I love it all. The app is clean, easy to use, and the software updates always seem to be enhancements, not bug fixes! This app offers sooooo many different workouts to choose from but I’ve stuck to the same program. The workouts aren’t ever exactly the same and they build off each previous week, so I keep getting stronger without ever getting bored. I reached out to the support team once about 6 months ago, because I was frustrated and struggling with some injuries. Told them it would be cool if they offered some low impact substitutions. While at the time they didn’t have this available (but was something they were already working on) they came back with 3 or 4 different ways to adjust my workouts to avoid further aggravation. The substitution enhancement was released a couple months ago and I love it! It’s so easy to sub out workouts due to equipment restrictions, or because it’s too easy, or too hard. The videos and instructions for each workout are spot on. I really really love this app!
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4 years ago, beswick.jessica
Love it.. but needs a couple tweaks
Love love love this. I’m doing the PWR at home and it’s great! I’m in my mid 30’s, haven’t worked out since my wedding ten years ago and definitely not in shape at all. I have 3lb dumbbells and a set of bands and i feel that’s enough to get an excellent workout. I’m sore most days but in a good way!! I’m definitely modifying moves to make them easier so I feel like i could keep this app for a LONG time and still feel really challenged. And most workouts are a TRUE 25-35 minutes, warmup to cool down, so awesome for a busy mom like me. I also love that there aren’t 700 billion programs. Just enough for variety but not feel overwhelming. And they don’t feel gimmicky. The tutorial videos are amazing because I can see a quick preview right before the circuit and I love that it shows it throughout so I can keep my form. My FAVORITE part is the ability to add my own playlist. It’s so fun to make my own Hype playlist of songs I love and I don’t have to compete with the crappy track from the a program. I would love to see the app for Apple TV, though. I hate having to air play it. Also, the ability to record workouts that you might have missed. Sorry, solid Type A here.
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6 years ago, Winfl
Not user friendly
This app frustrates me to no end! I have the original Kayla pdf workouts so I’m already familiar with the program and decided to try the app because of the timing feature and demonstrations of the workouts but the app is SO CONFUSING. I started my workout on a saturday but the app is set on a monday-sunday schedule. I decided to work out and record it anyway and on monday it reset itself!! So annoying. This makes tracking my progress virtually impossible unless i work out on their schedule. There is also no option to pause the workout and the app doesn’t tell you what equipment you need beforehand. So when the next workout comes up and I need to go grab that dumbbell I can’t pause the app and lose time. I also wanted to restart a specific workout because I ran low on time and I wanted to complete it but the app forces you to move on. Also during the warm-up if you don’t keep the app open the timer pauses so if you ate listening to music and forget to go back to the app it doesn’t time and during the warm up you can’t see what workouts are coming up next without exiting. This is just such a poor user experience I would rather just time it myself and cancel this subscription. There isn’t enough value here and too high of a learning curve and it just doesn’t work as expected. I’m so disappointed. The app needs to be redesigned.
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5 years ago, amandamandyg
Could use a few small tweaks
First let me say, I LOVE this app! It is truly life-changing and so inspiring being connected to so many women on similar fitness journeys!! If you’re thinking about trying it out, DO IT!!! However I do have a couple suggestions I think could improve the app. One is that during certain workouts within circuits that are timed, my phone only vibrates to indicate the time (ex. 30 seconds) is up. But when I’m sweating and breathing hard, I don’t really pay attention to this and have to keep my phone on me or in my hand to know the time is up. It would be nice to have a chime or something go off, similar to the buzzer that sounds when you finish a full circuit in a workout. The other suggestion I have is to add more customizable amounts of how much is water consumed during the day. For instance, I have a 20 oz. cup I sometimes use for my tea, which I add to my water consumption, being that it is unsweetened with nothing else added. But I only have the option of 16 or 24 oz., neither of which is correct. These additions would be helpful in the app, however I cannot complain because I think Sweat is incredible and will continue to use it regardless.
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3 years ago, run! it's a trap!
I look forward to going to the gym every day!!
I love this app!! I’m finally excited to be back in the gym! I suffered a torn ACL last year and wasn’t able to work out very much for the majority of the year. When I was finally able to regularly get in the gym, I lacked the motivation because I felt like I had to start back at square 1 and had no idea how to incorporate variety into my routine. I’ve had this app for over 2 months now and haven’t missed a week of at least 5 days in the gym!! Some workouts are harder than others, but I really love the way it keeps track of my daily accomplishments! It really helps to have a set plan of what I’m going to focus on for the day - not only does it keep things interesting, but I feel like my whole body is getting stronger!! There are minor things I would change - including manual input of cardio times/distance, and there doesn’t seem to be a stair stepper option in the cardio counter at all - but at the end of the day, I can’t imagine getting back into shape without this app. It has truly transformed my New Years resolution into a lifestyle change.
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5 years ago, ismellripe
Always a good workout
I’ve been using this app for almost 2 months now and I’m loving it. The workouts are as good as you make it. Meaning, you get 7 minutes to complete a round of 4 workouts. You do what you can within the 7 minutes. You can push harder to do more or you can just do what you can. In total there are 4 sets of 7 minute workouts with a pause between each 7 minutes. I feel more in shape and I’m now starting to see results (age/weight/workout type/diet all play a role in results). There are plenty of different workout options for different levels of fitness and desired results. I have been doing the bbg at home (at home workouts require minimal equipment such as dumbbells, jump rope, and small bench). I might switch to another workout type that requires gym equipment. There is also a lot of support within the app from other users for questions, affirmations, and suggestions on many topics. I made an Instagram account and connected with users from the app and they are always positive ( another outlet for support and affirmations). I recommend giving this app a try.
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5 months ago, Animal-Bethanimal
Best workout app!
This is the absolute best workout app out there! Geared to women, but suitable for anyone, it offers exercise plans for EVERY fitness level! I have done BBG Beginner, BBG Stronger, but I am currently doing the new BBG Power Post Pregnancy. I love that I can choose a workout based on time I have, and/or what I want to focus on physically for the day. I have done workouts at home, and incorporated BBG Stronger in my local gym. It’s great everywhere! It doesn’t require much equipment, and I always feel like I’ve accomplished something after each workout. when I first saw the app I thought there’s no way I’m going to get a good workout in 28 minutes. Boy am I glad I was wrong! I was so surprised at how much I could sweat in that time and how sore (good sore) I could feel. The program is so easy to incorporate, and it’s amazing to see progress. I’m so happy to have found this app. I have definitely had my share of poor gym and at home workout experiences. This is not one of them. If you fully commit to trying for a month you won’t regret it, and you won’t want to stop.
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5 months ago, Marge Guadalupe
Excellent for moms!
I love that I can do this workout anytime, anywhere! I don’t need the sound on, or I can wear ear buds. It’s helped me, as a new mom, to get back into a groove of staying active—no gym, track, or TV required. The variety of workouts is great because there are workouts for all situations, whether I have a lot of time or 15 minutes, whether I’m at home or traveling, whether I have equipment available or not, and whether I want to do full body or target a specific muscle group. The programs are amazing too! … I like that each move has a mini video, description, and visual of which muscles it targets. I also like that individual moves can be subbed out for moves that target similar muscle groups, and it takes into account available equipment, exercise levels/abilities, and high/low impact preferences. I like that it incorporates recovery days with a foam roller and stretches. And finally, I like the badges. Honestly, I laughed at them at first, but now I look forward to texting my friend every day with my badge of completion and receiving hers. This app is great!
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2 years ago, NWS1990
Such a great deal!
I have been using this app 4+ times/week for over 7 months now and have never had to repeat a workout. I’m so impressed with how much you get for less than the price of one in-person fitness class per month. I started off with Kelsey Well’s PWR program, then decided I wanted more high intensity worked into my workouts so I switched to Chontel’s FIERCE at home as soon as it came out. After 12 weeks of that, I decided I wanted to change things up just for fun so now I’m doing Kayla’s BBG. Add into all of those programs the fact that they have regular sweat challenges and publish all NEW workouts for you to do for 6-week chunks before switching back to your regular programming- basically, the choices and workouts are endless! I’ve always gotten bored with workout programs after a certain amount of time and repetitiveness, but the amount of choice you have in this one, all included in the $20/month, has kept that from happening with the SWEAT app. I am a huge fan and so thankful to have this app to keep me feeling my best.
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1 year ago, Laserflash
It’s Amazing - Room For Improvement
Ive been using SWEAT since it was only a PDF document. So, I’ve been around for every iteration of the app. The App is very robust in amount of workouts so you never feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over. I love that they've brought on more trainers and their is such a variety of workout styles to choose from. This app makes it easy and ideal for me to work out at home and still push myself. A few things I’d love to see improve: the recipes recycle every 4 weeks. I'm paying $20/month for the app so it would be nice if they would give new recipes each week. The recipes haven’t changed much in 5-6 years. And, the grocery list only calculates your recipes for the week for a single individual. I’d love to see an option to choose how many adults and children you’d be cooking for and for it to calculate the grocery list accordingly. Also, I'd like a variety of types of music. There are a lot more playlists that are available with the new trainers joining the program, but there still aren’t very many that have a variety of song choices.
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5 years ago, SoleilMarcella
Wonderful app!
This app is hands down the best fitness app! I have been training for several years and have used and tried so many different apps/guides and this one offers so much! While bbg itself is enjoyable, I truly enjoy heavy weightlifting and was thrilled when they added more weight based guides and trainers on the app. The nutrition portion is helpful too; they provide step by step on the recipes and even a grocery list that you can tap to cross off the items you have or buy while shopping. There is so much detail in every last aspect in the app that it is honestly impossible to not know what you are doing while using it. Each exercise has explanations, modified for easy or more difficult versions, a voice guide, and an animation that goes with it to assist you with learning the exercises. The online community in the app is great too! Everyone is very supportive and there is so many posts and tips to read on the forum. Kayla also offers challenges in the app as well as includes stretching/from rolling to help with post exercise soreness. I would highly recommend this app to anyone!
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6 years ago, kturg09
Good, but could be better
I had the BBG book and I knew the workouts were going to be tough but quick and that’s what I loved about Kayla’s program. I downloaded the app and I love the format of the workouts and I feel challenged by them, but other areas of the app could be better. For example, I have several food allergies (nuts and fruits) and it makes it pretty close to impossible to utilize the nutrition aspect of the app. I wish there was a way to eliminate those foods from the diet plan. I got one of my friends to start the program with me and we both agreed it would be fun since we’re doing it together if we could set it up to send each other a notification when we completed a workout. It’s motivating to see she’s done a workout! Also, I wish there was a way to shuffle playlists within the app not just play them top to bottom. I usually have to start music up before getting into the app because I want it on shuffle. Also I have found when you’re doing the LISS the mileage tracker is WAY off. I genuinely think it might be in kilometers and just labeled with miles. It will say I did 4 miles when I actually only did about 2.
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