Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer

Health & Fitness
4.8 (72.8K)
28.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Anuj Seth
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer

4.82 out of 5
72.8K Ratings
1 year ago, WJHyder
Tabata for Body Building
I am 61 years old and I build and sculpt my body. I have been working out regularly during this phase of life for at least six years. I started with standard body parts or muscle group exercises, with dumbbells, bands, cables and free weights. I have always felt the need to WORK and not waste time between sets and as my routine evolved, I moved to interval training using an electronic timer. I saw a vast improvement and found out about the Tabata method, began employing it for body building movements and vigorously improved stamina and muscle growth. I keep a training log and take pictures regularly. Now, I am not Arnold, nor do I want to be- but I want to be healthy, mobile, and ripped. This Tabata app works great. For phone and Bluetooth use, it does the trick.
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4 years ago, Rlimpach
Easy to use, but not perfect
I started using this app for home workouts when I couldn’t make it to the gym. I prefer group fitness classes, so home workouts need to be shorter with more intensity for me to be motivated to do them. That being said, for the few times that I AM motivated to work out at home, using this app (along with my own list of exercises that target what I want to work on) gives me the structure to get it done. However, the “rest” periods between exercises are also right before the 1-min recovery between sets, which is confusing if you don’t know that beforehand or don’t really know how Tabata works. Also, they put a 1-min recovery period after the last set, which is then followed by the cool down period; again, this is fine if you know Tabata format and just think of it as a longer cool down but can be confusing if you’ve never done Tabata before. I haven’t played with it enough to see if I could eliminate the extra “rest” periods before recoveries or the end recovery before the cool down, so maybe that’s somewhere in the settings that I didn’t see. However, for a basic timer to get you through a workout, this works for me.
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5 years ago, WapitiSpokes
Features in pro version don’t work
Useful timer but fairly basic with limited ability to customize functions such as the timing of alerts. Most alerts are also somewhat obnoxious, they would do well to include a selection of clear, identifiable alerts that are more subdued. I do have a gripe. I paid for the pro version after using the basic. The improvements were minor. Which I suppose is what it is. HOWEVER many of the functions flat out don’t work or function improperly interfering with basic features. For instance, the option for a tone three seconds prior to the end of an exercise repeats itself with one second to go. There are similar problems with other functions. There appears to be no option to increase the sound volume on voice announcements relative to music playing simultaneously. There is a function to reduce (or turn off?) music volume during voice announcements BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. In conclusion this is a good basic interval timer that is a few tweaks away from being awesome. Which suggests to me that the designers don’t care / they just want folks to buy the pro version. I hope they prove me wrong by fixing the “broken “ functions first, then improve customizability.
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7 months ago, Rob DeLancey
Sleazy business tactics
The app is very good, or would be if they didn’t engage in sleazy and deceptive business tactics. Even though I bought the full version, it still shows ads, and won’t work without an internet connectivity to get the ads. If anyone knows of a similar app that isn’t made by dishonest sleazebags, please let me know. Update: Responding to comment below. That seems to work. It’s not as bad as I thought (see above), but the fact that they took it on themselves to change something about how an app that I payed for, on my phone, works, which made it freeze when it didn’t have internet access, is not an acceptable way to treat our customers. Unless I make a specific change on my phone( update OS, etc., the functioning of apps that I’ve payed for should not change. The vast majority of apps that I own that don’t inherently require an internet connection to function work this way, and the decision to mess with functionality on a customer’s phone is a *decision,* and one that is hostile toward your customers.
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2 weeks ago, TheSouthIsHot
Unbeatable for My Physical Therapy
I use Tabata Stopwatch Pro to do my physical therapy exercises for my knees at home as prescribed by my doctor. It really helps me stay committed! The time flies and I know each interval is exactly right without counting. When I do therapy outside under a tree, I can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and let the app remind me to switch knees. That all makes the purchase worth every penny. 😊 UPDATE: It switched back to showing ads even though I purchased Pro 6 months ago! UPDATE: Every time I finish an exercise, it asks me to update my rating. I rated 5-stars 8 months ago! Down to 1- star now.
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7 months ago, Dax117
Good app be aware might have restore purchase if suddenly get ads
I paid for the pro version and overall a solid offering. A couple UI tweaks could take it from good to great. First there is no help in the app. This became frustrating as I couldn’t figure out how to save a set of timings. Eventually I accidentally swiped in settings and realized it scrolls and there were ton more options but I couldn’t see them and there was no scroll bar or other visual indicators there were more options off screen. Finally it would make it really useful if I could label each set with the exercise for that interval. Most people using this will have different exercises for each time and if that could be labeled and appear on screen with countdown timer it would take it from good to great.
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2 years ago, RunBing
Basic but gets the job done
I’ve been using the free version for a a couple years. I finally upgraded to pro because- A. I wanted to save my presets. B. It said I can have custom audio through the workout. C I thought I would be able to make more custom intervals. A. Is good, I now have saved presets for my stretching routine, boxing, and“murph”. B. It has a very limited amount of things that the audio will say, there are no custom options. Example: I want to have it call out the name of each stretch on my 32 stretch variation so I can stop reading from a list. But that was misleading. C. I wanted to go pro to be able to make a more complex interval list for swimming. Example 20 rounds of sprints descending 2 seconds less every round. But the $20 upgrade to pro really doesn’t add much and that is not possible to do. So it works really great for basic interval counting. and I can have my music playin from my phone and the audio does great at not interrupting too much while still allowing me to know when the intervals start. It’s a good and basic app. But the $20 upgrade was not worth it.
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2 years ago, BigDUUD
Love the motivational quotes!
This app does what it is supposed to do and some. It keeps up with your workout times and it’s easy to work with. It’s got everything you want and need and more but it doesn’t get all complex to where you have to spend a day reading the instructions in the help menu. One of the best things I like about it are the quotes on title screen. When you open the app to workout it will show a random quote from a sports icon or historical figure that helps to get you in the right mind set. Great app! It will help you as long as you do your part.
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4 years ago, Mae_zee
Overall a great app.
I’ve been using the free version for a year and decided to upgrade to Pro. I love that the app still works in the background without pausing when I check my workout app for next move. I was also excited that my heart rate would be measured during workouts in the Pro version. Only I couldn’t get it to pair with my Apple Watch. I wrote to the developer and received a response that the app wasn’t compatible with Apple Watch yet. I really hope they change that soon because if it wasn’t for that, I’d definitely give it 5 starts. Also, the recovery period after workout is over is unnecessary. I wish I cool somehow turn that off. But it’s not a deal breaker.
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7 years ago, pinkie frog
Glad I found this app! It works right out of the box. It's preset for the 4 minute (8 rounds of 20second/10 second) Tabata times, all you do is click one click to start. To do another Tabata you have to click the x first to clear the old one. I didn't realize that at first and thought it had quit working. Very simple screen, the numbers are big and easy to see, and there is a small 3 beeps to alert you to change from exercise to rest, plus a woman's voice. There is a banner ad across the top, I guess that would go away if you get the paid version. Try it, you'll like it!
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7 years ago, TonyBabarino
Excellent and clean interface
This time or does everything you could possibly imagine. Paid version even better!! The only one thing I wish they would do, and that should be an easy fix, is that we should be able to wind back/forward the timer with a slider in real time and/or with "short taps" or 3D hard press on forward/rewind buttons by 5 seconds per tap or press. Ex: press PER 5 sec (fwd or back) or hard press for fwd/back one full set. Currently forward/rewind taps move you COMPLETELY fwd/back per tap. Add feature for moving in small chunks of time and this timer will be King!!!!!
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7 years ago, Gilbro
Excellent Tabata app
This gives you just about everything you want in a Tabata app. You can use the standard settings of 20 seconds on it and 10 seconds off for eight rounds, or you can customize those numbers as well as enter the number of sets you want to do and the amount of recovery time between sets. You can also set the "warning" sound to let you know when your interval is coming to a close, and you can also set a music playlist, if you want to listen to certain songs while you exercise (or none, if you prefer).
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4 years ago, COACHJB
Good app but shuts itself off
Update 8/6/20 App work great. Can set interval training like 20 seconds exercise and 40 seconds rest. It talks to you and you can set warming signal beeps to notify you when your exercising / test period is up. This is great for training for a 5k where you run 20 sec then walk 40 sec. The only thing holding me back from 5 stars is the app must remain open at all times so in my pocket it’s actually shut itself off or accidentally ended my workout and I had no idea what set I was on while training for 5k. My suggestion is to have a message that pops up asking you “are you sure you want to end this workout?”
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6 months ago, ato yonas
Decent, but needs basic improvements ASAP
OK & easy to use app, but I have some big bones to pick: 1) Once a workout preset is created, it cannot be edited. If you want to edit it, you have to create a new one and then re-save it. Very frustrating. 2) You can’t name individual exercise intervals! If you’re doing the same exercise for each interval, then it’s not a problem, but if you’re doing a routine with different exercises, you need to know which type of exercise is next. Instead, you either have to have your whole routine memorized or printed somewhere else for reference. 3) The “reset” icon during an active workout needs to have a confirmation dialog before it actually resets the workout!!!!!!!!!! I accidentally tapped it during a workout and it reset my 10-minute workout entirely. That made me really angry. Honestly, these are all basic features that should’ve been released with version 1.0 and I don’t know why they weren’t. I should’ve waited before paying for this app. Now I regret it.
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3 years ago, eatyourvegetablesdude
Unreliable, inconsistent. Glad I didn’t pay.
This timer works most of the time. I’ve had it for several months, and have noticed some pretty significant bugs with it: - it will stop music at random playing in the background -it doesn’t always give you beeps for counts 3,2,1. I think this is a great feature when it works as you don’t have to keep the timer in eyesight, but it often fails to give you this indicator. - the app will sometimes freeze up as soon as you open it (seems like it prioritizes ad loading and this freaks it out sometimes) and be unusable. This has only happened to me once or twice, but when it does, I have to restart my phone to get the app to work. All in all, it’s ok. I still use it because I don’t want to pay for anything better and I haven’t bothered to look. If it craps out I just use the iPhone stopwatch and do math in my head. You get what you pay for. No idea if the paid version is less glitchy, but I’m not confident enough in the free one to find out.
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4 years ago, hottepink
Perfect for motivating!
This makes exercise so much easier on your mind. You realize how fast an exercise is and it makes you want to continue with more sessions because the first was over so quickly. So excited I found this and added it to my fitness apps. It connects with the Health app also, which calculates everything for you, plus I have a daily reminder scheduled on my calendar app and it marks it off for me after I workout! This has made my daily routine so much simpler and organized!
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7 years ago, Ertf6
Fantastic! User-friendly!
Fantastic app! Very straightforward and simple to use. I love that I can customize the timer for whatever I feel like doing for that workout. I can leave it at the standard 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds for a Tabata workout. Or I can adjust any of the times for work intervals/rest intervals/number of reps/number of sets for other types of interval training. The countdown timer is spot-on, lets me focus on working instead of keeping track of time. Super helpful in my fitness journey! Highly recommended!!!
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10 months ago, Your Village Mate
simple and effective.
Simple and effective tabata counter. I purchased after the trial period. In addition to the app's versatility with interval settings hence superior usability, I also liked the maker's buy-one-time-and-done/ yours-for-a-lifetime purchase policy. I find it convenient and significantly more reasonably priced than you get with the monthly subscription apps. On a new device, I simply go to settings and hit Restore Purchase. I've it on all my mobile devices now. Highly recommended for Tabata enthusiasts.
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1 year ago, karvelasj
Great app!
I have been using this since before Covid as a way to get some exercising in at home or when I’m traveling. I’ll choose four different exercises ( ie: high knees, jumping jacks, push-ups & mountain climbers for example) and just rotate through as it tells me to. Then I’ll even choose four different exercises and do it again- bam, 8 mins of strength with some cardio in. It’s great- and I can listen to my music while I do it because the voice comes in over the top of my music.
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3 years ago, FireAnt27
Great App and Service
I’ve been using this app off and on for a few years. When I’m doing a HIIT style workout this is the app I prefer. Their last update made the app complicated to use on my iPhone but it was a glitch due to screen zooming. I contacted the developer and they provided a temporary workaround and then within a few days had the glitch fixed and now works great again. They got on the problem quickly as soon as they were aware of it.
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7 years ago, davdB
Great interval trainer
This is perfect for any kind of interval training workout. The only tip for new users, and it is nitpicking, is that remember it adds the "rest period" after each exercise period during the cycle break, so you may need to shorten the cycle break by the same amount. Really easy to set up. Do change each of the tones for different times so that you can do this by ear and not have to look at the screen I love this. Keeps me honest as it is merciless in pushing your times. No taking slightly more breaks!
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4 years ago, 100secondworkout
Greatest Workout with Greatest Timer
This is Mike Barretta the inventor of Static Impedance of the Spine. With the 100secondworkout the only 5 minute super intensity training that is Free for everyone! Even the injured can do it and it actually heals injuries with blood flow but requires no movement if you so desired! I only require a stick a stone. and a mirror to do my discovery and most Important This Wonderful Timer for my time controlled Breathing and 5 minute sessions! I have used them all in regards to Timers and This Timer is Simply the GREATEST! Thank You So Much !!!!!!!! Your #1 Fan!!!!!!!! Mike Barretta
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2 years ago, MamaJVN
This is a great Tabata app. My son and I are using it daily to complete a burpee challenge. The timer is large and easy to view. The sounds alarm you but aren’t annoying. My whole family gets a kick out of hearing the timer start because the voice on the app staying “exercise”; hence the reason for the title. Sometimes I don’t realize they are paying attention and then from around the house I hear everyone say “Exercise”. Great app!
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7 years ago, Electroforesis
Good app
I've been using this app for months and has helped me to exercise well and lose weight, the thing that I don't like is its intrusive advertisements, there are other no intrusive ways to show advertisements. The thing that I would suggest is to allow all application to work on unpaid users with advertisement , like so many applications do, instead of giving a half application with advertisement, thing that I find injustice, there's a little of app on your advertisement. Adjust volumen beeps doesn't exist, these beeps sounds louder than my music and my alarm, I just can adjust general volume (music, notifications) and I lower general volumen so I can't listen to music well.
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4 years ago, GRaniteBOYz
App ( free) not working properly
I like the format, the only problem I have is the number selection at the bottom of the screen when your setting up your times to work out is not visible. The app worked for about a month properly so that’s the only reason I know how to adjust my workout time . Other wise You would think the app doesn’t work . Not sure if that’s on purpose so you pay for the up grade. If this glitch was fix it would be worth the up grade .
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3 months ago, ttocs nomar
Worth the Investment.
Great App and worth the investment. I rarely buy apps and when I do I usually regret it but not here. This app Helps with Tabata or HIIT Workouts if you are a minimalist and need the core features to be successful. It you tend to procrastinate on exercise or allow you to setup custom intervals like 20 on 10 rest x8 sets to get started and then once you start you pick the interval you need or you can stop knowing you at least got your heart pumping.
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2 years ago, _ro.b
Avid user for 5 years
Simple app, simply done. The three second notifier before your next break or set is amazing (just don’t stop before the voice says rest!!!). I’ve used this app to lead 40 person HIIT classes, as well as alone in my room at 5AM, and it does its job exactly. And the bonus motivational quotes when you open the app? Perfect touch. Good stuff, keeps you on your game instead of messing with lapping a normal iPhone timer
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2 years ago, mpm3cr
Constant ads make this unusable
The only reason this is 2 stars instead of 1 is because the tabata timer itself actually works great and I like all of the pieces you can customize. However, any time you make a single adjustment (change the reps, the time limits, the cycles, rest amounts, etc.) you are forced to watch at least one ad, if not 2. Since I use this for multiple exercises I end up watching ads constantly just waiting to be able to start my workout and I hate it. Deleted this app in favor of Smart WOD timer which works SO much better and offers less invasive ads with banners.
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3 years ago, conductor/singer
Best workout timer
I’ve been retired since July 2010. Started working out regularly. I’ve tried almost a dozen different timers. 9 months into the pandemic the best I’d found just wasn’t doing it anymore. I’d gained 10 pounds. This was the best of the new ones available. You can set any sequence of times with any number of repetitions. I love the spoken “work” and “rest”. No trying to remember whether one or two beeps is which! A week in I’m working out more and have lost 2 pounds.
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5 years ago, Cbreeze9292
Great app for the person who needs motivation to workout!
Great app. If you want to get a quick workout in and use at your own routines whether it be treadmill or elliptical or floor exercises this is a must have app! After your first Tabata you can rest a little longer and Taylor it to your expectations of how you want to workout then this is for you! I didn’t want to workout this am... so I convinced myself to do one 4 minute Tabata. After that I went to 5 Tabata’s of three different machines and 2 floor exercises. All on my timetable. Amazing!!
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3 years ago, KCM2265
Workout Randomizer
If we can already do this in the app, then pardon my ignorance. But it would be awesome if we could enter a list of workouts that can then be randomized every time the clock hits a new "exercise" countdown. This would help us get more out of our workouts because I would remove the ability to physically prepare for what's next, giving us that shock value that eliminates the monotony and makes it more fun.
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4 years ago, saylob
It is easy to use
I like it already and it works for the exact purpose I need it. The only feature that I cannot find is if I can set multiple different workout intervals and easily pick. For example some days I do cardio of 20 seconds interval, but other days I do upper body different circuits. Each circuit will have 60 second if exercise (3x20 second different moves) and then 60 seconds rest.
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6 years ago, jeffdmack
Great, easy to use Tabata Timer!
I thought I was doing Tabatas before I got this app, but boy was I fooling myself. My “10seconds of rest” was more like: Okay done set, take a few breaths, look at watch, start counting, get to 10, get back in position, a few more breaths and then wait for second hand to get to a round number, okay begin next set(35 seconds have elapsed). Now I know what Tabata sets should feel like. I’m dying but getting better each workout. Great App. No clutter.
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5 years ago, Sweeting1836
Great product for several HIIT workouts
You can make good adjustments to reps, rounds, rest, exercise in an easy format. I use the free version, so I have to sit through a 5-second ad once in a while, but definitely not a big deal. My only slight complaint is that I listen to Pandora while I use the app. Sometimes in the middle of a high intensity workout, my Pandora song stops playing, but the tabata counter keeps working. So, it’s a minor inconvenience, but that is the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars.
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5 years ago, ajdno3
Thumbs up
This has almost everything I wanted in a free tabata App. The main thing I wanted was to customize the alerts & sounds. This allows sounds to start each round, a halfway alert of each exercise round and a 3 second countdown of to end the round. A sound to start the rest round and the 3 second countdown to end the rest round. Allows warmup and recovery periods before and during the cycles with same alerts. The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is to how to save more than one custom preset work out.
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3 years ago, RockFitMaui
Doesn’t work consistently
I’ve been using this app for 6 or 7 years now. I teach Tabata at the gym. It’s worked perfectly until now. I play my music separately from the app because I like to start and stop the timer between rounds. Just recently it started to stop my music when playing the app. Here’s the kicker, it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m at the point where I might delete the app and find another one that works consistently. Up until this point this was the easiest and best app, but now, not so much. Any help would be appreciated since I really would like to stick with this app.
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4 years ago, .scot
Still seeing ads! Terms cryptic.
I paid for Pro but am still seeing ads even though I followed Help guidance from developer website suggesting that I re-download from AppStore. So.. I feel really cheated by Apple and this developer. Apple’s QA process should catch these kinds of issues — that’s the whole reason for them taking such a big chunk of each transaction! Seems like a decent app (if a bit cryptic, because there are ambiguous terms used in structure of app: what is relationship between “sets” and “cycles”? Is one comprised of the other? The app doesn’t appear to help you make decisions based on the nature of the relationships).
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5 years ago, Mysha13
Exactly what it is, no gimmicks
There’s no annoying pop ups you have to close in order to use the timer and it’s for the full four minute workout (with a 7 second “get ready” when you hit start) and has a 20 second count down in Orange, beeps for the final three seconds and then 10 second green rest period, also with the last three seconds being an audible count down!
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12 months ago, CillBosby
Awesome app
It’s the simplest app you need for quick and effective workouts! One thing I would like to see, if it’s not supported yet, is the ability to have a widget that starts a timer with all of the settings you have saved already. That would make it super convenient! And if you could see the timer on the Lock Screen! That would be super dope. Anyway, thank you for a great app!
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2 years ago, winning & winning!
Good for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
This app is designed primarily for interval training but I played around with the settings and got it to work with training BJJ. I bought the the Pro version for $20 but every time I go into settings I have to push the “Restore Purchase” button because ads start playing again as if I didn’t buy the pro version. This is really lame. Developers, please fix this.
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2 years ago, TKbassplayer
Even the free version is fantastic!
I have the free version and you can still customize your workout, for instance I am doing a jumps rope circuit and can program all 5 jumps, rest between jumps, and rest between sets. Plus I can tell it I want 5 cycles. Plus there is a count-in so you can set up your phone, press start, and have time to walk to your exercise area. Definitely suggest it!
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1 year ago, keyyyrruhhh
Has Potential to Be a better App
I loved this app, I had it for a while now and I finally had enough money to buy the full app. I was a bit disappointed with the pro features as I just spent $20 on it. For some reason I though you would be able to add the exercise name. That was the main reason I bought pro, so I don’t have to constantly switch to my notepad to check the next workout. I think adding in a feature to input the exercise name would be great.
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4 years ago, RH LMT
More than expected
So far after a week of use this app is great. Easy to adjust sounds, intervals, and screens. Integrates well with music player which might be the most important feature for those of us who use our devices for everything. No crashes. Not running heavy. All around great app with tons of features to make it personalized. Highly recommended!
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2 years ago, Andreaknj
Good but can’t use with Apple Watch
Love this app. Simple. Easy. No frills. I’ve been using it for over a year and love that it syncs my workouts automatically to my health and fitness apps. I recently purchased the Apple Watch and unfortunately this is not compatible. I wish it were. And I can’t find an app yet that I like as much that also syncs to my fitness app and works on the Watch. So the search continues. Please update to be compatible with the Apple Watch!
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5 years ago, White Noisemaker
Best Studio Interval Timer
I use this Tabata timer app on a tablet and my iPhone. Both work great without any glitches. I paid for pro so I can be a bit more selective in interval choices. When the app is the time keeper it allows me to spend more time with my students in their circuits. Less distraction means more class value! I can recommend this app to any exercise instructor interested in playing around with EMOM or science-based fun intervals instead of rep counting.
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2 years ago, Coachjimbo
The Perfect Timer
You decide on the exercise time, rest time and number of sets. Tabata is like a personal trainer talking you through your routine. You start it, set your phone aside, and exercise. You want to do a set of nine 73-second planks with 16 seconds of rest between each? Set it up and Tabata will talk you through and tell you how many sets are done and how many are left.
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2 years ago, Godfam1
Like it
I like the app. It took me a minute to figure out how to most effectively let use it but worked out in the end; no pun intended. Only feedback is that if I want to incorporate a longer set than another set, I can’t so I used the warmup, except warmup isn’t part of the interval so then I have to start my workout over as many times as I want to repeat that interval.
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4 years ago, fitchfang
Keeps turning sound off by itself during workouts
Thought this was a good app with customisable features until the app kept suddenly turning off sound by itself in the middle of a workout! The app is updated on my iPhone 7, and Couldn’t find the cause. When it happens it doesn’t stop until I restart the app. This has been happening on different days now and it’s quite frustrating if you’re trying to be timely with your workout and make sure you don’t rest too much between sets.
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2 years ago, Muffassa84
Best Tabata App
I’ve used this app for a few workouts so far, the ease of use and ability to adjust times are user friendly and allow for a wide range of different intensity levels. Great app, highly recommend for anyone interested in working out while keeping time and having fun with challenging themselves with different time settings.
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3 weeks ago, Jack Parlorman
My Tabata experience
I am 20 years old and am a professional hockey player. Throughout my career I was not able to find an app to combat my workout. Tabata changed that. Now I have a helpful app and great routine that I do every day. My skills have improved greatly and I have became a better player and teammate. Tabata has really made me a better player and and person.
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