Tabata Timer: Interval Timer.

Health & Fitness
4.9 (6.3K)
60.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oleksandr Serhiienko
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tabata Timer: Interval Timer.

4.89 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
2 years ago, IMO crazy
Great App!
I’m a trainer and love using tabata/exercise timers to keep me organized and sessions flowing smoothly. I always said I wished I had a TABATA timer where I could add text to it so I could stop looking at my paper to remember what’s next in our circuit. This app has exceeded what I wanted. Not only is it easy to navigate, there are many different settings. The fact I can add pictures to the session is so helpful when the client needs a quick reminder of what the exercises is. The cherry on top was the voice assistance. I have a blind client that partners with another client. Sometimes I’m quickly helping one client and the other is waiting for me to verbalize the next instruction. The voice assistance is going to hopefully make her feel even more independent in our sessions. Great app and great price!
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4 years ago, H9wbcod
Great App
The free version is good, not great. BUT it’s free! It allows you to save two workouts, but if you take five minute before your workout to edit either of the two, you can have any workout you choose. It takes a little extra time to edit each time, but it’s worth it. I think paying for the upgrade is probably also worth it because you would not have to edit every time. You could save numerous workouts and just start! I love this app. It provides bells and voice activated that tell me what’s up next. You can record positive messages for yourself too :) You can listen to music while using the app and it will lower its volume temporarily while the app tells you what’s next. The countdowns help as well with keeping me motivated. I love the workouts I’m getting with this app!
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2 years ago, Elisabetz
I get so many compliments during PT!
I got this to try with a neighborhood hiit group… but ended up in physical therapy (unrelated). I upgraded so I could use it as a timer since I’m HORRIBLE at counting reps!! So set up a few “workouts” for 2 part exercises/stretches and let it count my reps! Then a few are too rapid, so it’s timed to each set! I was able to put all my exercises together into a sequence and can go right through all my bodywork exercises myself- i put a “1 rep” exercise in for when I need to add/change equipment! The Physical Therapists and aids are so impressed with the assistive speech! I love that it TELLS me what to do when! The only thing I wish is that I could have it say “prepare for _____” and have it list the exercise/workout name. A not-as-important-cool-option (already found a work-around of a one rep workout) would be the option to manually progress through a sequence (it doesn’t start till you hit “go”) and third-probably-just-I-want-it, is an optional rep counter 🥰 Very low on the “improvements required” list and heartily in the “this would be cool” options. And AFFORDABLE!! ♥️♥️♥️ As an add on: I love that it’s highly customizable but without unnecessary bells and whistles!!
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3 years ago, youjustdonotlikeonestar
Works great for me!
I love it. Two saved workouts free are plenty for me. It is very simple to modify/edit once you get the hang of it. Also, love that I can have music playing on my phone and still hear the prompts. I had fun changing the sounds from boring fight bells to punches and laser sounds and to silly woohoo and yeehaw for rests and applause for the end of the workout. Also, was fun to change up the colors for me. Oh and I LOVE that I can arrow forward or backwards when one of my grandkids accidentally or purposely touches the screen. And it came in handy when I did my first workout and realized I accidentally swapped cycles and sets. I was able to fix it and arrow forward to where I left off without having to start completely over.
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1 year ago, mysteriousmountains
Love this app. I even paid twice but it’s worth it.
I had this app when I had a Samsung Galaxy, where I had paid for the full version: lots of workout saved that I assume I had lost. I switched to iPhone, and I did not know a full version was available for 1 payment: I wasn’t in the mood to pay for a subscription, so I gave up. Glad I didn’t! I found out how to export saved workouts (opened my old Samsung, saved the file to Google Drive, downloaded it to my iPhone). Although I ended up paying another $8 for the full version on my new iPhone, it’s worth it… and my old favorite workouts are back! Very pleased.
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1 year ago, seelnotsnhoj
Best Workout App on the Market
Been using for almost a decade and haven't found anything better! Totally configurable to your specifications. Works with everything from warm-ups to cardio to weights to cool-down. Take the time to set up your workouts, then follow along and make alterations at the end of your session. Two features I'd like to see in a future update : make it dual screen compatible on IOS and add a function to track reps during each iteration where the "reps" timer has been applied. (It'd be amazing to see how many reps were completed last time the workout was completed.) Don't hesitate. Totally worth it.
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4 years ago, KVH14
Reboots my iPhone - repeatedly
I like this app for a lot of reasons - big numbers for the timer, easy to see where I am in the workout, fairly easy to customize workouts - but I can’t get through a workout without my phone restarting. I’ve tried (1) closing all other apps and just running this one, (2) just prior to working out, restarting my iPhone after closing all other apps and then just running this one, and finally, deleting this app (and losing the workouts I built), reinstalling it, closing all other apps, restarting my iPhone and just running this one. To no avail. My phone rebooted three times during my workout today. In the dozen workouts I’ve done with this, there was one workout when I made it through without a restart. My phone has not restarted when this app wasn’t running during that time. I give up. Just FYI, I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the OS is up to date.
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2 years ago, We The People 🦅🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Good sweat workout
I’m glad my recruiter showed me this app, my Chief informed me to give weights a rest and work on this app which really works on your cardio. This compared to weights, this is a FAR better workout than weights. You use your body weight so it all balances out. With this workout I actually sweat like crazy compared to lifting heavy weights. I FEEL the sore and I can tell my stamina is already getting better. I will use this app from here on out to get lean, burn fat and sweat like crazy. I’m thankful that I was fortunate enough to coke across my NAVY Chief when I did, he is a mentor to me and an inspiration even if he doesn’t know it. Thank you Chief Glenn Berry
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2 years ago, Humility36
Just what you need
Concise. Customizable. Clean and crisp. This app is just what I was looking for. It is very simple to use and very intuitive and I got started right away. It saves your setting and you have the ability to create different programs or workouts. Also, the ads are not interruptive and the timer still counts down when the screen is locked. You also have different features like keeping the screen on or syncing with your Apple Watch. (I have an Apple Watch). Don’t believe me? Then download and try it for your self. You won’t be disappointed.
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2 months ago, up2ten
Crashing Issue
Really hoping to get the attention of the developer. This app is the best, and I have 270 hours of workout time and 37,000 intervals. I use this app every single day as a personal trainer. Recently the app has been crashing mid workout(since the purchase of my iphone 15). I have redownloaded the app, restarted the phone everything.. I can't get ahold of the developer because in the app it says you need to add your email in the settings to eamil the developer, but theres no place to do so. The link on the app store goes to a facebook page. Please fix the crash issue so that I don't have to find another app, because nothing compares to this!
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3 years ago, Moving and sweating
Great Workout Timer
Very easy timer to set up and use. It can be adjusted to fit your workout. The timer can be adjusted for warm-up time, each exercise, rest between exercises, cycles, and sets. My friends and I use this timer 2-3 times a week to do Tabata and other exercise workouts. Extremely happy with the convenience. It has a great audio timer that signals the last 3 seconds of the exercise and alerts you when it is time to start again. It also shows the cycle and set you are on, so very easy to know where you are in your workout. Very pleased and best of all, it’s free!
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4 years ago, googly eyed frog
Premium is annoying
i think that it’s not fair to only let people who don’t have premium to only be able to save 2 work outs. some people, like me, who use this timer don’t have the money to pay for premium, especially for something as silly as a workout timer. if i wanted to i can just make the workout on the spot and use the temporary settings thing. but that is highly inefficient. it is annoying that i have to set the workout times every time i want to use it because THEY ONLY LET YOU SAVE 2 WORKOUTS if you don’t pay. i think that is is highly inconsiderate and inefficient to the users. otherwise i really like this timer and think that it is helpful.
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3 years ago, Psalm-31
Tailored to Your fitness level.
The free version is great to set up your own workout intervals if you’re already skilled enough to know how much level of work and rest that you need. This app works well with the Apple Watch but you only get 5 opportunities to use it free on your watch before having to pay for it (that’s why I rated it a 4). This app tells you when to work, rest, and beeps the 3-2-1 when it’ll transition to the next interval. I use this app for weights, cardio, various mixes, and is easy to use regardless of surroundings. The voice over speaks above your music which I love. That allows me to just focus on my work interval and the audio triggers me to rest and not think.
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4 years ago, EkaHays
Love Everything, One Suggestion
This app is awesome for its customization (it even gets easier and easier to input workouts the more you do because it stores your movements), it shows the total time interval at all times, gives 3 second countdown, allows you to scroll to see what’s coming next, big numbers, so many great features AND I would love to be able to start workouts with friends where our timers are synced (I am currently having issues sharing my workouts with friends and syncing my music but this may be a phone issue and not app issue)
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2 years ago, Neal Shandilya
This app gives me consistency when working out and one of the best parts is that when it is indicating me with 3 seconds left on my rest or workout time, my music doesn’t shut down and normally with apps like these the music in the background stops for that period of time but on this app, the music gets lighter which is a nice feature that i admire. It’s perfect if you are counting by sets because this gives you a prepare, workout, and a rest which you can customize! I really like it. Thank you for reading this.
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2 years ago, Becky Sed
I’m Obsessed!
I tried a different Tabata app before this and it just didn’t do the things I needed. The Free version of this app worked AWESOME today for me! I love that you can customize your exercises and save the workouts. I also really love how you can see which exercises are coming up! It’s super helpful for someone with Mom Brain. It’s awesome that you can have your own music playing in the background as well. I upgraded to the Premium to support the developers who made this app so simple to use but also super customizable. Great job!!
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8 months ago, Super_Nerd00
This was my 5th attempt at finding a good HIIT timer and after one try I upgraded to the lifetime purchase which is about a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Music plays in the background and gets drowned out for a 3 second countdown before the end of a set and end of your rest ✅ all data appearing on screen while you workout ✅ text and phone calls still come in w/o glitches ✅ and there’s SO many detailed customizations that I’m looking forward to exploring. Great work by the developer.
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2 years ago, LBMguy
Grew on me
When restarting my fitness journey, I downloaded this app just because. I knew of Tabata workouts. I had a variety of drills. There were a number of things that I needed to work on. I let it sit for sometime. Constantly relied on the timer on my phone. But going to hit set, stop and repeat grew annoying. This app was the problem solver and action maker needed. Now, I can play my tunes and focus on the output without the distractions. It’s easy to set up and use. And has been my workout buddy ever since.
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2 years ago, DigUnerius
More specific settings
With this app you can choose how many seconds of rest in between each and every exercise as well as adjust how long you do the exercise. It also has a voice and music and you can select which coaching voice, accent, language, etc.. Once you get everything programmed in which can take a little bit of time but well worth it. You can also choose from different routines that you have set up.
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2 years ago, captinbo
Solid Tabata app
I tried a few apps and found this the most customizable, but also easiest to understand. For a free version it lets you set up two workouts and customize your chimes, which is important because the other apps I tried were annoying. Suggested improvements: - I’d love to be able to name the sets in my workout. E.g., push-ups for first set, squats for second, etc. - the transition bell between work and rest chimes three times before the official start. I’d like to have it chime just once, two seconds before or something.
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11 months ago, Joe P. 1960
Not working correctly
There is (or would be) a lot to like about this app if it worked correctly. It started out fine for my first couple of interval runs. Then the problems started. There are a couple of glitches that make using this problematic. First, I’ll get to :30 left in my interval and it’ll reset back to 1:00. Then, today, I had 20 minutes let in my workout, when it went from 20:00 to 9:00. Right now, using the second hand on my watch would be a more accurate timer. I hate leaving poor reviews because I know the creator has only the best of intentions. If these glitches can be fixed I’d be a big fan.
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3 years ago, Fillup Cruise
Best Workout App Ever. Period.
This app is amazing. Even though I only have the free version, I can customize two workouts any way I please, no strings attached. It isn’t just a trial, I get to use these two forever. This freedom for a free version has honestly made me consider buying the app. I love how I can listen to my own music as well, which probably is the icing on the cake for me. It’s truly awesome. I’ve seen my greatest results using this app, and I can’t thank the creators of this app enough. Absolutely amazing.
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3 years ago, Gwenyth G
Perfect for Circuits
My coach introduced me to this app that she used to use to time our conditioning. Now I use it daily for HIIT circuits and ab training! I love that I don’t have to constantly look at my phone to time myself- it beeps for a 3 second count down, and a whistle for stopping/ starting! It also lets me keep playing my music and turns it down with the beeps- then it starts back up at normal volume. Super easy, love all of the options. Might take a try or two to get the timing you want right but once you do it’s amazing.
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3 years ago, 60s Crossfitter
CrossFit Pura Vida owner
Really like this Tabata timer application. It’s very easy to use the application and customizing it to you own purpose it’s fairly straightforward. You can adjust the number of intervals, cycles, exercises, everything. One thing I wish was that there was music during the work intervals and also that the bells and whistle alerts were much louder as my stations are pretty scattered around the gym and it’s hard to hear sometimes. Pretty cool app though. The main thing is it Keeps you honest and makes you work out really hard. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Travel Fellow
Very Intuitive
So far the Tabata Timer is easy and intuitive to use. Adjusting workouts after you’ve made them is simple and straight forward. The large numbers and color coding makes it easy to know when to work and rest. It would be nice if the free version allowed more saved workouts. Bought the premium version and I’m very happy with it. It has help greatly in my rehabilitation exercises. The option to add your own music playlist helps to keep the workouts interesting and engaging.
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8 months ago, Rodrigaj
Best Interval timer
Without a doubt this is the best interval timer in the App Store. It has all of the features you want and the best customization available. Also, the developer keeps the app updated and constantly improving. I’ve been using it in the gym and it allows me to concentrate on the workouts and not on setting up and using the app. Set it up at home with some of your favorite workouts and focus on the workout when you’re in the gym.
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2 months ago, Elissa Teal
Great App! Love that it syncs with my music playlist
I bought the lifetime subscription because this app is great! I no longer need to count in my head or out loud. My favorite feature is that the app syncs with the Apple Music playlist of my choice. I love how this app keeps me going longer than before I had the app. I have one workout set up for my yoga practice, one for my jogging, and one for my kettlebell workouts. Thank you for making this app fantastic!
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2 years ago, Crazy466
Simple timer works really well for me
I use this timer to do a kickboxing workout. I usually pick 7 different moves and repeat them each 20 seconds at a time with 10 second rest 8 times and 30 second rest between rounds of moves. This put me at a 30 minute workout. I try to stay moving through the rest. I will eventually increase my time until I’m up to an hour workout. The timer makes it easier to know when to stop and go and how long you workout will be.
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3 years ago, TheRealBuffy888
Helpful for keeping track of rounds
The app is quite helpful for keeping track of how long I am doing each round of exercise. I like how flexible it is in regards to work time, rest time, etc. There is a bit of learning curve when setting up your rounds the first time. My only negative is that it doesn’t always play nicely with other apps or videos on my phone. Sometimes I am unable to hear the timer when I am also using another app/listening to a song/watching video, but sometimes I can. Can’t determine a pattern to the problem.
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4 years ago, Vikoulka
Perfect App for Custom workouts!
I never know what exercises to do and when. I always follow some trainer on the exercises. I found this app to be the best in recording these workouts in this app. The only thing that’s missing is the ability to upload a video or pics for the exercise, otherwise I am attached to this app now. Highly recommend it to people who follow any personal trainer or social media blogger/trainer to write down these routines in this app and customize them to your level.
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9 months ago, aislinnrose13
Confused About Apple Fitness Interaction
I’ve used this app for years and really love it, but I’m having a hard time with how it interacts with my workout feature on my Apple Watch. Every time I use this app, it starts recording a workout without me asking. It also continues to track a workout when I’ve finished the workout on Tabata Timer. This is particularly frustrating as a fitness coach, who isn’t often participating in the workout, so it messes up my daily stats. Is there a way to resolve this?
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2 years ago, Grandma Tabata Zooming
Even an old lady can do it!
I like this app. It’s just what I needed to put together some workouts that I could do with friends over zoom. Only wish that I was not limited to iTunes music. Also I took the time to add in pictures and the next time I went to use it they had disappeared. This is in spite of the fact that they still show up as a blank in the preview and also show added in since it says change picture not add picture in edit feature. Please advise.
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3 years ago, Open booker
Good App, No Frills
I’m using this app, and it works for what I need it to. I configure the workout, start the timer and set my phone on the exercise equipment, and the app keeps me accountable for a full set. The bright full screen colors let me space out a little, which is great while I’m focusing on my exercise. I haven’t tried it for outdoor running yet, but the sounds used clearly mark the start work and start rest periods, i plan to try using it just with my headphones. Overall pleased with the app.
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2 months ago, Anne HW
Love it!
I actually use this for timing Kegels, and it’s perfect. Easy to set up and use. So far I only need two timers, and I like it enough that I’ve considered buying it, but I think the pricing is a little high. I keep wondering if more people would purchase it for a lower price. I’m not interested in a subscription, but if it was $3.99 I’d definitely be interested in purchasing it. Still, I’m happy to give it 5 stars, and definitely recommend it!
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2 years ago, Sbjsa
Helps me stay on task
I’m a 65 year old guy who has NEVER regularly exercised. Recently got into a golf fitness program where we were given a 15 minute pre-round routine. My typical way to approach these types of things was to sort of run through them in about 2-3 minutes. With this app I’m doing the whole routine and really getting the benefits. I set up the routine with 30- or 60-second timers and the app doesn’t let me skimp. I think it’s awesome.
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3 years ago, rybru21
Simplicity and versatility make this app great!
I’ve used a lot of Tabata timer apps, and Tabata Timer: Interval Timer is one of the best. It has all the customization features of a paid app - probably more than most paid apps, but the thing that makes this app great is the simplicity of setting up a workout and getting started with it. Highly recommend this app if you need a great interval timer and don’t want to spend money on it.
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3 years ago, Grom3326
Very useful timer
There is one problem. When you turn your device off (for me anyway) it doesn’t ring but I like that it doesn’t automatically shut off. I like that this app is completely free, and doesn’t constantly show you adds in the middle of your meditation. And it doesn’t ask you to purchase premium constantly as well. Very well made, definitely worth trying out.
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1 year ago, MrsRoyalShortness
Checks all the boxes, gets you on you way to sweating
This app has been my go-to for years when doing HIIT and other rep based workouts. There is as much flexibility as you want or need as you plan out time, sounds, naming periods of work, etc. I stick with the defaults, and it’s an excellent interval timer app. If you are looking for the right timer to help you smash your next workout without distractions or ads, this is it.
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3 years ago, cerberus0013
I love this app
I use this timer for lifting and boxing workouts. And it’s great!! It saves my workouts so all I have to if press play. It keeps me on track so I don’t get lazy in between workout intervals. And the best feature for me is it turns down your music and counts down (with subtle beeps) the last few seconds before it changes up and lets you customize your alerts. Knowing how well it works now I would of paid more than the $6 I did to get the full access
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11 months ago, middle age beth
very helpful in my workout
This is easy to set up and easy to use. I can close my eyes while I Exercise intensely and I get those visual or auditory clues when I'm winding up an exercise period. I also like that it helps in my rest period- I am more likely to take the full rest and I'm more likely to get started again when it's over. For such an easy app that makes me much more likely to be to do tabata training
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2 years ago, Needs Grace
Highly useful & customizable
I’ve lost the 25 lb I needed to loose for over 10 years. Did it in no small part to the workouts I got using this app. Don’t get me wrong, you have to do the work - in your basement (or gym) AND in your eating. But Tabata worked when other styles of exercise didn’t move the needle. UPDATE: this app DOES. allow customizing sounds (e.g. “start of exercise”, “end of exercise”, “end of set”, “end of session” etc.
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3 years ago, LilB_71
Great addition to my workouts!
This app is awesome because you can customize the time intervals to any workout. It continues in the background so that you can listen to music or a follow a workout on your phone without having to watch the clock - just listen for the beep and you know when to move on to the next exercise/set! I only docked one star cause I wish it had more interface to link with other apps and automatically download workout plans.
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3 months ago, JRB400
Excellent, worthy timer
I previously used another Tabata timer, but now that it wants me to buy a subscription, it’s time to move on. This timer does everything I need with one preference lacking. I wished this timer would use a voice to start (“work” or “go”) and stop (“stop” or “rest”). Keeping track of bells and horns when running trails around others is not always easy. I am very glad this app does not require it have access to the Health app.
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3 weeks ago, StoliOrange
Good app except for Apple Watch integration
Over all this is a great Tabata timer app. It’s easy to set up, configure different workouts/times, easy to execute and easy to read! However one major flaw is when using this on your Apple Watch you cannot concurrently run Tabata timer and the Apple Watch fitness tracking app that tracks your individual workouts - heart rate, steps and calorie burn. As as you start Tabata timer on your watch the Fitness tracker shuts off. Kinda sucky ☹️
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2 years ago, miminaz
User friendly
This app keeps me paced and disciplined while I workout to music. Music in my earbuds, but the app can still give me signals through the music. Setting up the workouts you prefer is pretty straightforward because sets and cycles are all explained in the process. I paid the lifetime price which was a steal. Now I can set up a few of my favorites, save them, and just cue them up later.
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5 months ago, Sajalaj
Solid 4! 😂 👍
Great and straight forward timer app with editable times, fantastic example of a tool that does one thing really well! One small qualm is the typography and design of the timer and its labels is a bit confusing with the labels for the different sections of the Tabata (“rest” for example) being confusingly exactly in between 2 separate sections making it hard to tell which section the label applies to. Overall, congrats to the maker on solid work!
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5 months ago, Tminez
Great App
I was using another Tabata app until I happened upon this timer, it’s extremely user friendly and simplifies your needs for an effective workout. I had my wife switch over to it and she agrees that it’s so much easier to program for each workout. I highly recommend this Tabata Timer, if you are using another app, try it out, I’m positive you’ll like it.
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3 years ago, Waterpolomania1
Very simple on the surface, but offers a lot.
This app is perfect for creating great time designated workouts. There’s a lot of options to choose from when you start digging in, but on the surface it’s very simple and user-friendly. The versatility when creating sets/cycles is super easy to use and changing things around when you need couldn’t be easier! Love this app!
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1 year ago, ilovecrimepods
Pretty good app! 3.5 stars
I specifically got this app to connect to my Apple watch for a race I’m doing but I can’t seem to get the timer to connect (I even bought a one month membership). I do love that you can add music and it’ll automatically start and stop with each timer. You can totally customize your workout! Also I’m not sure if the seconds are off on the app or my treadmill but every workout I try to start them both simultaneously and it always ends but being off.
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4 years ago, Linda the lady lawyer
Keeps time for me!
My trainer gives me some workouts with timing that I simply can’t keep track of myself and workout at the same time. This app solves the problem. It’s like having my trainer in the room with me with his stopwatch, calling out the time. I also like that I can pair my playlist with the app, so the music is great and spurs me on to work even harder. Highly recommend. I purchased the premium lifetime version. Well worth it.
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