Talkspace Therapy and Support

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User Reviews for Talkspace Therapy and Support

4.8 out of 5
31K Ratings
4 months ago, Lindsey Lustig
Amazing App & Service Esp. For ADHD - But Audio Can Improve
I love this app because I was previously using other therapists that required logins through their website portal. I had a difficult time remembering the URL for these sites and my password for logging in. I also often missed start times or sessions all together bc the reminders were only sent days in advance and not the moment of a session. This wasn’t working for me, a person with ADHD. Talkspace reminds be before the session date, on the session date, 10 minutes before the session, and the moment of the session. I have never missed a TS session bc of this feature! Regarding the quality of the therapists… I have seen two different therapists at TS and they were both very pleasant. The first one was a “no show” to our second session and didn’t have a very clear strategy for the therapy in the first session, so I looked for another matched therapist. My second therapist is so amazing! She helps define the goal of each session and we dig right in! She doesn’t just listen like a good-listening friend, she has strategies for digging deep into the issues that are getting to a breakthrough. I am really lucky to have been matched with her on TS. Talkspace could improve their audio! My therapist sometimes has a hard time hearing bc of the apps audio issues.
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3 weeks ago, AD-Certified12
More Than I Expected
If you’re going through some tough situations in life or just simply need some guidance or adhesive advice that’ll get your mind flowing in a good way. This platform is well more than enough that you can’t get it any better than having time with your therapist anytime or anywhere as it is through the mobile app that also have exercises to stimulate growth & understanding on your personal well being. No need for office visits, no need to figure when is the right time to schedule an appointment or when you’ll be able to make your next appointment as this app is 24/5 as therapists tend to work only through the weekdays sometimes online late enough if you haven’t had time during the day or early enough if your that bird who catches the worm. This app is available when you are & so are they. Big respect & much love for therapy. Major breakthroughs are yet to come.✊🏽
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1 year ago, Paris51690
A few critical issues
I will start by saying that I have been with my therapist and talkspace for years now but there are a number of issues: the biggest one being, insurance being out of network but there’s no notification of that. I just recently discovered that my insurance is OON and I had no idea until Talkspace requested payments and i checked my insurance portal. This is a HUGE deal when it comes to treatment. I, myself work in healthcare as a utilization reviewer that works to get prior authorizations so I know the urgency of ensuring not only are patients covered but that it’s communicated when they are not. When you’re doing messaging sessions weekly which are being billed for and you don’t know that they’re not covered then that only increases the need for therapy…. An alert notification in app would help to notify patients when their benefit information has changed or a phone call. Next, the glitches are pretty annoying. Having to restart the app essentially when it freezes and now with upgrading to a new phone it does not want to open with my FaceId then it just keeps trying to open itself and I have to swipe out of it, move my face away, and enter my passcode instead. I’ll have to see if I can turn off the FaceID to just use my passcode. I love my therapist and don’t intend to leave her but this insurance issue is a big issue for me.
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3 years ago, texasbaby27
Refund. Me. Now.
Give me all of my money back. I don’t write app reviews, but there is no way to get any type of response from customer service. I was a brand new paying subscriber that needed assistance with a billing/technical issue. I’ve reached out via email multiple times for a week with no response, which is valuable time and money going down the drain as I wait on customer service to respond to what should be a simple request. After many automated emails, I went to social media dms to try to get ahold of someone. My question could easily have been taken care of with a quick phone call but they don’t offer any type of customer service phone call. This has created much more stress and frustration on me, all while my paid subscription dwindles down. I was now charged for TWO different subscriptions that Im not using. You’ve been unable to assist me in a simple request so PAY ME BACK….all of it. This “partial refund” automated refund wizard thing isn’t the right approach. I never used your services, only spent time trying to figure out how to get set up correctly! Take This Advice CS- If you don’t have enough customer service support to handle new clients, pause taking in new subscribers until you can fully serve them. Week long delays and keeping my money is not right. I’m done trying to make Talkspace work for me on my own. Bottom line - I’ve cancelled my account(s) and I expect Full Refunds now.
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2 years ago, MeanderingTwist
Nightmare and Robbery. AVOID.
What an absolute nightmare. I can’t recommend this service less. When you pay for therapy here, you get “credits” for sessions (45 minutes by the way) and these credits EXPIRE. So you can liable to pay for therapy and then LOSE ACCESS TO THERAPY YOU PAID FOR. This is exactly what happened to me. They took a month to get me a therapist, but told me I could change easily to a new one if I didn’t like mine. By the time I had my first session, all of my 3 other credits for the month were set to expire in a week. So I had no option but to schedule them with this therapist who I didn’t like or else I’d lose the sessions I paid for. This therapist showed up late to multiple of my sessions, and took a nearly 10 minute phone call during one of our short 45 minutes of therapy. By the time that happened, I tried to change therapists and talkspace said they’d get me a new therapist soon. It’s been over a month and a half and I’ve heard nothing. In that time, 3 of my credits expired so I’m out hundreds of dollars of money that has been essentially stolen from me from this absolutely garbage company. You should be ashamed of yourselves for running such a shady company that is allegedly trying to help people but is really just extorting them and not offering the service you promised (being able to actually get a new therapist if you don’t like them). I’d give negative stars if I could.
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2 years ago, gradele
Extremely disappointed
I was initially matched with a therapist that specialized in a subject that I had no issues with nor did I specify I had issues with. I had to accept in order to try to change therapists, only one of which was female (which is what I wanted) so I had to accept that.. but I felt like I wished I had more choices to pick from. My therapist was nice. Very generic though, and didn’t know how to use the platform. Promised to email me something and never did. Red flags raised when she cancelled our second appointment together but we rescheduled in the same week. I really wanted routine and continuity… and I didn’t want to switch providers at this point after already going through a really tough first appointment. So I stuck with the same provider. Fast forward, she cancelled our 4th appointment, rescheduled it for two days later, then I waited on video and she never showed up and didn’t message til the next day with a pretty tepid sorry. I called (to no avail) and emailed Talkspace to share this and show my disappointment and yes I got a refund, but no apology for being treated as unimportant or uncared for. Talkspace was my therapist’s side gig so clearly not as important as her full time job which is fine if that’s ok with you. But it took its toll on me. Will not continue. To add insult to injury, the app is not very user friendly.
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3 years ago, Person adjusnduwjxuwiud
NOT SAFE! Please do not use!!!
I paid hundreds of dollars just for my psychiatrist to meet with me once and then to never respond to me again, despite my many attempts to contact her. She prescribed me new medication and then never once followed up on it, which was incredibly unprofessional and unsafe. I then emailed TalkSpace support, who informed me that I couldn’t get a refund, but I could get rematched and spend more money to have another initial appointment. This whole experience took about 3 or 4 months of my time that could’ve been spent getting better. I already have a hard time asking for help, and this only added frustration and exhaustion. Don’t waste your money or your time! UPDATE: As you can see, Talkspace responded to this review. Don’t be fooled—nothing was done after this response; it’s all for show. Many months later, I was finally able to find a psychiatrist who was committed to helping me. Upon telling her about my experience with Talkspace, she was very concerned and told me that this was extremely unsafe and could’ve been so much worse if I was in a worse place mentally. I was also misdiagnosed and given very incorrect medication, which negatively impacted my life. Please please don’t jeopardize your mental health. For an app that specializes in mental health, this is unacceptable. I am so worried for others who get tricked into using this app. This is not a safe app to use.
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2 years ago, Adriana04
Waste of time
I’ve used this app for a few months because it’s a benefit my job provides. I am in MA and I specifically requested to be matched with a female provider. For 2 weeks, the app was only matching me with male providers. I almost gave up but finally saw 1 female provider I could choose. As we started working together, the advice I was getting was very generic, stuff you already know and can read on the internet: for ex., have you tried meditation or breathing exercises? I asked my colleagues who also use this service and they were having the same experiences. It felt like my provider was not even paying attention to half of the stuff I was saying. In the end, I switched to a real psychologist from my insurance network. It is so much more helpful than getting these generic advices over text that I can already predict the responses to. I don’t think the selection criteria to become a Talkspace provider is very high. They just train people to provide some generic responses. If you really need help and want to see progress, don’t waste your time. As for the app itself, why isn’t there an option to freeze your account for more than 1 week? Sometimes people need a longer break. And why do you even ask for gender preferences of the provider and then provide the opposite matches?
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1 year ago, Biggmeech
If you are looking for actual therapy with a form of solution and helpful advise then this app is not for you. I was matched with a “therapist” and it was probably the most unhelpful experience I’ve ever had. The therapist was clearly not paying attention to me as I spoke. I was speaking on what was bothering me and then he would chime in with an “ ummmm “ as if he was searching for what to say and then would follow up with something completely unrelated to what I spoke about. After about 45 minutes of me talking about myself I asked the therapist if he had any feedback or homework to provide and his response was no, that talk space for for me to simply talk and find the power of healing just through talking and the therapist solely listening. I was charged $131 to just talk? I can do that for free with friends and family. I was hoping for more feedback, homework, anything really. You can talk all you want but if someone doesn’t actually help you find the source of what is bothering you then whats the purpose of talking? I am absolutely disappointed and have since then found a therapist THAT ACTUALLY HELPS ME DISCOVER THE SOURCE OF MY PROBLEMS. This was a waste of my money, a waste of an hour of my time and I do not recommend unless you’re looking for someone to just listen to you. But again, you can do that FOR FREE with friends.
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3 years ago, newbreviewb
Complete and total silence
I signed up for this app on Saturday, searched for therapists using so many different “problems” criteria but still only ever was recommended one guy! So off the bat, there was no choice in who you work with. 😌 I messaged him on Saturday, no response, Sunday no response. (Just a hello and a clarification on my intro.) I booked him for a 10 minute free session on Tuesday morning and a one hour paid session on Thursday afternoon, figuring if he’s the only choice I can cancel Thursdays call after the Tuesday one if it’s not a good fit. I log in on Tuesday for the meeting and the meeting is gone! Had been canceled on his end, and I hadn’t been sent a notification. 😌 I messaged him to ask about it, no response. Also, my Thursday appointment said “awaiting confirmation” still as of Wednesday morning. So he’s MIA. I messaged customer service about it on Tuesday (the only contact option available on the app), and as of Wednesday morning there’s been no response from customer service either!! I messaged the therapist asking him to cancel the Thursday appointment so I don’t initiate some kind of automatic cancellation charge. I canceled my subscription. And I googled a support phone number off the app. There was no support available so I left a message. 😄 so…….. absolutely do not recommend if you need therapy lol.
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1 year ago, L4nie1982
I was matched with a therapist that was not specialized in the subjects in which I had specified and was not the gender I had selected either. I had to accept the match in order to change providers. To change providers, you must rate your current one - even if you haven’t had a session with them. Upon getting to the screen to select a new provider, I received the message, “ Due to high demand, we're not currently able to match you with a provider.” and was told to try again in a few days. I reached out to customer support who replied within the hour asking my therapist gender preference, what specializations I was looking for and my state of residence. I replied with all the answers and customer support replied with, “Can you please answer the questions on my previous email so we can match you with a provider that meets your needs?”. When canceling your subscription the options listed as to why you canceling are provider based, “I feel better”, or “technical difficulties” with no option for “other” additional feedback. I was having great success with BetterHelp but decided to give TalkSpace a try because my employer covered the cost. I was really hoping for success here but instead just really disappointed in the whole process.
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2 years ago, starrienightsz
Only do it if your employer sponsors it
This app is a joke. I’ve never had any issues when my employer was paying for the membership. I no longer work for said employer, and I decided to input my insurance information to continue using this platform. It said that I had an available 45 minute session credit, but yet my provider still billed my insurance. I had to jump through hoops (DMing them on Twitter and emailing them) for Joanna to break it down to me that a “credit” is not a credit. Why would you call it a credit to mislead people? My therapist’s approach also wasn’t worth the price — I’d tell her what I’m going through, and she’d be like “that’s a lot to take in, how are you taking care of yourself?” If I knew the answers, I wouldn’t be in therapy. I refer my partner to this app, it says we both get $200, and yet my partner keeps getting billed even though they only booked 1 free 10 minute session and cancelled the other appointment. Talkspace also never said that the $200 would be paid out in credits until I emailed Joanna, and she said there was no other way for them to pay me my referral money besides credits. This is an absolute joke — run away from this. It’s not worth your time, there’s too much false advertisement and lack of accountability.
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10 months ago, Allen conner
Absolutely a Nightmare
I got Talkspace via a recommendation from one of my friends who uses it because our insurance company was suppose to cover it. After getting matched with the most useless therapist I’ve ever met in my whole life and several unsuccessful attempts to be matched with a new one, I decided to cancel my plan. After which, the co-pay that was suppose to be NOTHING started being pulled out of my account. It was only ten dollars, so while I was annoyed, I figured it was whatever and moved on, figuring I’d pay for the two useless sessions I had and move on. Unfortunately, I had some issues with my card and had to change payment methods. So, for the last MONTH I’ve been getting emails saying that my payment keeps failing despite the fact that I’ve updated my card information three times. Ive been in touch with the ONLY method of customer support which is EMAIL and not at all effective, because all I’ve been told in the month that this has been going on is “I’ve forwarded your problem to the right people and we’ll get it looked at” while I continue to receive stressful payment failed emails. This whole thing is a nightmare for only ten dollars and I wish I had never even tried Talkspace to begin with.
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2 years ago, AnEsquimaux
I would give it “0 stars” if that were an option
My experience mirrors that of many other dissatisfied users. I received one month of unlimited messaging therapy as a gift. For over a week I checked my account and contacted customer service to see if my gift card had been applied to my account, as it did not show that on the app. Finally someone told me that it had been. At this point I’ve wasted almost two weeks. Their providers are also slow to respond and when they do, the responses seem scripted or canned. I switched providers after my first counselor only had me fill out questionnaires only to receive no feedback or fill me in on what was happening. The second counselor seemed promising & after sending her a detailed message (at her request), she finally replied that she had resigned from Talkspace and they would match me with someone else. That was over two weeks ago and the matching agent has ghosted me too. If I had not received this as a gift, I would be more irritated because it’s expensive if you have to pay out-of-pocket. My month will expire soon and so far this app has been no help. I would even say their model seems predatory on people in vulnerable situations.
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3 years ago, MamaJglo
Not ready for giving care through text. =(
I was excited about this app because it has the chat feature so you and a therapist can communicate through text. This is a main feature if Talkspace. The two therapists I tried weren’t ready for giving care this way. Both had been counselors before they joined talk space, so maybe they were used to doing hour long therapy sessions rather than texting. The first therapist didn’t even answer me on chat, just told me we would talk about it in the appointment which I didn’t want to do, and the second one got short with me and seemed frustrated when I expressed my desire to use the texting feature. I just need someone to ask me questions to help me figure out what’s going on in my mind and then help me learn how to heal it. This is definitely doable with a chat feature. I am able to communicate much more honestly and learn way better this way. Maybe the therapists will get more used to this kind of communication. For now I recommend Noom’s Healthy Mind program if you’re like me and need to be able to text. They have coaches who know how to give care through text and so have been much more responsive and helpful in the chat.
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1 year ago, queen__zii
I had high hopes for this apps many features, but before I could even start, I experienced a slew of issues. I found a therapist in my network through research, on Psychology Today. I signed up for an appointment with her and she told me she does her billing through Talkspace. At first, the link my therapist sent me to connect was broken. Once we were able to finally connect on the app, I went through and signed up. Then when I came back to our chat, we couldn’t even talk, she couldn’t find me and vice versa. I had to reach back out to her via email. We had hoped to get in touch with customer support on both ends but neither of us could. Shortly thereafter, I was charged $300 and matched with a totally random therapist. I even sent the person I matched with a message explaining the debacle and she apologized on behalf of the app. I was told that once I entered my insurance and card info, I would be charged copay following actual services. I reached out to customer support for a refund and have not heard back. I really cannot afford this kind of mistake and it’s having adverse effects on my mental health rather than simplifying a system that could help. I am disappointed.
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2 years ago, aneramm
I wish I could give zero stars
They aren’t transparent about their billing. I am getting charges from October and it is now February even though I had insurance that I was told “fully covered” my plan, all of these charges started rolling in when I got new insurance in January and tried to update my account. Not only that, my therapist and I met on a biweekly basis and the person who emailed me insisted their “system” shows me meeting weekly, which was simply NOT true. I can’t believe an app like this exists with this many issues. The user experience is absolutely terrible and you can’t even delete your own account? Anyway, I refuse to pay these bills I am getting until I can SPEAK to someone on the phone. Don’t you dare tell me to send another email. I had MULTIPLE open customer service tickets that went unanswered for weeks. But they had no problem sending me billing messages. Once I finally got a response I told them to remove my credit card information from their system and to close my account. I will make a point to tell anyone considering this app to not use it. You all are preying on people seeking help with your shady billing processes.
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11 months ago, Bouch620
Not impressed
I wasn’t very impressed, both with the therapist or the customer service. I signed up for couples therapy, but didn’t schedule a session until about 2 weeks later. Meanwhile, I was charged for a full month (4 sessions), which apparently expire if not used within the monthly window. I attempted to contact customer service to request a credit towards the next month, as I was new to the service and didn’t recognize it was a “use it or lose it policy”. I received no response, nor credit - so I cancelled my subscription . I would prefer a “pay AFTER” type of service, but I suppose it’s a good business model, as they got a months worth of revenue for only two weeks of service. EDIT:: Going to update from 1 to 4 stars, as customer service eventually responded to my request and refunded the sessions that expired. For that I am thankful. However, had they responded sooner, I’d probably still be using their service. Now I’m trying a different service.
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2 years ago, wanderlust2022
Great idea. Bad execution.
The idea behind this app and others like it, is truly great. But the execution is awful and not well thought out. If I’m needing to speak with my therapist, hearing back once a day really isn’t helping me resolve anything. Example: I’ll message my therapist at 9AM with whatever I’d like to discuss. She will reply to me minutes before midnight. And that’s been my entire experience with TalkSpace. And usually she replies with just small talk, like “How was your weekend?” It’s not very beneficial to one’s mental health to get 1 reply a day (if you’re even lucky to get one. I’ve gone 2 weeks with no reply from my provider). Having gone to traditional face to face therapy and now having tried this for a few months, I prefer traditional therapy where I have an hour of undisturbed time with my therapist. Again, the idea behind this is wonderful; but the execution is horrid. If I wasn’t provided this platform through my insurance carrier free of charge to me, I would definitely ask for an immediate refund. In my opinion, don’t pay for this app. It’s like running in circles and getting nowhere. Try traditional therapy where you’ll actually see the benefits.
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8 months ago, Super Online Therapy Platform
Exceptional Online Platform
Fantastic online therapy platform that accepts my insurance! I was paired with a phenomenal therapist! SO grateful to have found “my person” right off the bat! Talkspace app is super easy to navigate. Registration was a breeze, and booking & joining a session are easy-peasy. 1-hour live sessions work best for me personally. However, I like knowing I can message my therapist, if needed, in between sessions. Prior to our first session we messaged, and she always responded in a most timely manner. Even during my first session, I felt heard and understood. So far, I’ve had 3 sessions in which I’ve received awesome feedback and support. I have been given very useful tools to help me overcome my barriers to having a happy & fulfilling life. I’m thankful Talkspace is helping me along journey to becoming a better me!
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3 years ago, Sugarsmacked
$400 for 5 Text Responses/week
I’ve never done traditional therapy, but wanted to give this a try because the idea of being able to express my thoughts at anytime seemed appealing. I understood the therapist would only respond when they are working, but my experience amounted to me getting a one 30 secondish sound bite from my therapist a day. I think the concept is really cool, if it worked as intended, it would actually make therapy a lot easier for people especially those who are thinking about trying it out for the first time! But the price is pretty ridiculous to just get 1 response/day - 4x a week. Oh and I spent half of my first subscription matching because my first therapist never responded back, after I poured my heart out answering her “get to know me” questions. My advice is you can reach the same type of help you would get from Talkspace just by journaling, but if you really need help, find the time to go to a therapist. It’s actually cheaper too.. Again, great concept. Maybe some day when therapist are hired for this platform specifically and can actually deliver support rather than IG like comments on your thoughts.
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3 years ago, Nsisoahsjwhw
Unresponsive - No Therapists?
I don’t normally leave reviews, but for this I just had to. I signed up with this a while back, probably about a month and a half ago. At first, I was speaking to the person who matches you to a therapist, they were responsive and helpful. then, as soon as i chose a plan, the marcher no longer responded to me. Then the waiting began. After about 2 weeks of not being matched STILL, I was concerned I was paying 300 dollars for nothing, so i reached out to their customer service. They advised me sometimes it can take a little bit to find a good therapist match for you. I am a patient person, so i thanked them for reassuring me, and continued to wait. it has now been 3 and a half additional weeks, still 0 contact from any therapists. I think if this app wants to truly work, they need way more therapists so people can get the help they need. i tried to do this virtually (therapy) as it works better for my schedule, but now i’m going to have to find something in person, as i can’t seem to be matched online. How unfortunate.
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1 year ago, Swagmasta730
Not as Convenient as it claims
I initially thought this would work for me but as others have said, it takes a long time to get a response back from your therapist. I’ve been using the app for a few days but so far my therapist responds every other day about every. That’s not really effective or helpful since it drags out what you want to talk to them about instead of one effective conversation for that day. I spend more time waiting for a response than actually talking through issues. Also, if I’ve thoughtfully typed out paragraphs explaining what brought me here, it’d be nice to get a more in-depth response to what I actually wrote rather than “sounds like you’re going through a stressful time” maybe a sentence or two after that, then maybe one or two questions that don’t go one direction or the other. This app is too expensive for the level of support that is provided. I’m sure it helps some that don’t mind talking through issues here and there but it’s not consistent.
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2 years ago, Celeb Support
Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Terrible App… Let me tell you why
After creating a profile I was automatically set up with a therapist who had “no availability”. There is no way to pick a new therapist at this point. I reached out to customer support… 6 days later I got a response apologizing for the delay and if I still had the same issue to respond to that email? The therapist did respond and let me know she avoids showing availability but rather chats with the person to determine this… I’m sorry… using my therapy time to (billed or not) to talk schedules. I work full time, this app has a button to view availability under the guise you can schedule time… so thats just optional. The therapist also mentioned she was in a different location so it wouldn't work (insurance billing wise) like i was the one who picked her or the location. - The user experience/patient experience is sorely lacking to say the least. My employer pays for this benefit. I will be reaching out to them and asking them to not use them in the future and opt for other options that are easier for users/people seeking out therapy.
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2 years ago, mtngrlinthecity89
Issues with audio/feedback - taking away from the overall session and successful therapy
The past few weeks have been increasingly disappointing. I am in a good place in terms of my relationship with my therapist and our goals etc - but our time together during live sessions is being negatively impacted by issues with the audio where when I talk, it echoes/repeats through my speaker everything I said as if I were saying it twice in a row row your boat fashion. My therapist has reached out to support as it is not an issue only I am having and she has other clients too that are struggling with it and can’t make it through their sessions, but she is not receiving support other than being given suggestions to restart/reinstall type troubleshooting, all of which we have both already tried more than once. I really hope this gets fixed soon - as it is becoming a serious hinderance to the progress and focus during sessions and makes me not want to continue even at times because its too much.
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1 year ago, MorganOmitt
Has to be a scam
I can not actually believe anyone has gotten adequate care from this service after what I have experienced. My first provider on responded once at 1am, then went completely ghost and I didn’t hear anything. Switched providers to a new one, scheduled a session for a week later, got no messages from her other than confirming I don’t need to do anything prior to our session, which was the next day. It was at 10 am I log into the session at 9:50 to be ready. 10 comes and goes and by 10:15 I ended and see a message from her 4 minutes prior with “sorry I missed your session feel free to reschedule” I’m obviously confused and am only enraged when I get an email saying they are CHARGING ME $125 FOR A NO SHOW. EXCUSE ME???? I complained via the app and eventually Twitter since there is no way of calling anyone and got some sorry excuse of a response saying I was marked as a “no show” and they’ll refund me this one time but to be diligent and cancel. HUH???? I was sitting on the video WAITING and somehow that’s my fault? Total scam, these people do not care. Do not waste your money.
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2 years ago, LittleSunflower :)
Used to be helpful..
When I first joined TalkSpace a few years back, it did wonders. I felt that that therapists genuinely cared, weren’t overbooked, and I received responses quickly. I assume in combination with the pandemic and the fact that every single podcast ever is adventuring Talkspace, it’s become incredibly over crowded, therapists are too busy (I got tossed around so many times, after not even speaking to them but receiving a message that they could not accept any more patients). I got increasingly frustrated with this and eventually deleted the app. I wanted to come back, and kept trying, but my therapists I was matched to were not helpful but instead send me paragraphs of “what to know” for well over a week before I could even tell them what I needed help with. I kept trying to be re matched but continued to encounter the same issue. Finally was matched with someone great, but she kept going on vacation! It got to the point tonight where I was just done. I’m considering paying $200 a week again for therapy, but at least it’ll be more help than this app.
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2 years ago, Rhh123
Needs to improve their vetting process. Very disappointing
I was randomly matched with a therapist who initially seemed ok, but the more we met the more I realized I learned more about her than she ever learned about me. She asked no probing questions outside of “how are you?” “How’s work” and then gave lackluster advice and guidance. It was also clear that she was trying to rush me off the phone. 20 minutes into a 45 minute session where she spoke the majority of the time about her having COVID she said, “ok well if you don’t have anything else we can go”. I ended up canceling the remaining sessions I had even though I already paid. This is my first experience with therapy so I thought it was just me but I found a new therapist outside of the app who is night and day different. It feels like TalkSpace is taking advantage of people in distress by taking money for sessions with therapists who are either not qualified or just don’t care enough to try. Very disappointing. I would suggest you find a local therapist or use psychology today. Don’t waste your money on this service.
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11 months ago, Q WA Ventures
My therapist is great, the app is terrible
My therapist LuGina “Gina” is kind and insightful, but the app failed during our life audio session multiple times on both ends. This was my first session and it was upsetting to discuss past traumas and then notice that my therapist didn’t hear a word stated. My phone connection was on Wi-Fi and adequate to remain connected. My therapists’ connection was also adequate, but the session dropped on her end as well. Gina mentioned that her calls regularly drop and that Talkspace is often dropping client’s calls. Unfortunately, we had to end our live session after 10 minutes and switch to a messaging session which was a less detailed approach. To add to the negative experience, I had a psychotherapy session earlier this week and the video call dropped as well. The psychotherapist, Bob also mentioned that video calls often fail and he had to mute the audio and and call me separately for audio. Overall, Talkspace should consider investing in a new app.
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1 year ago, edublkfem86
If canceling gets special points is a good thing
My fiancé has had to connect with more than 5 therapist. The first one barely wanted to get on camera. Never would respond to messages. Since we signed up for a new therapist each one would cancel before the first session. One counselor refused to even meet as he missing his fist meeting (because there are no reminders in the app). We shared that life has been crazy and we paid the $150 no show and she scolded him about wasting her time and she would not like to move forward. He has almost no desire to keep trying and I don't blame him. I'm a disabled vet and I thought the VA mental health department was bad but this company tops it! It's been since May of 2022 and everyone we have booked cancels the day off or days before and it's really discouraging to keep pushing him to try. If someone is battling depression you all aren't doing a great job at making the clients feel you are there too help. Next month would be a year and not once has he been able to really connect with a provider at all.
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1 year ago, dirtgrubcrow
Awful services
My husband used the service previously which offered significantly longer sessions and the ability to pick your therapist immediately. If you check other reviews, they also state a longer session time than what is currently offered. Right now it is $400 for 4 30 min sessions that must be used within a 30 day period. This starts immediately, whether or not you even have an appointment with a therapist. I do not blame my therapist, he is fantastic, however he was on vacation for a week and we had scheduling issues for the first week, meaning I have to crunch the rest of the sessions in a short time frame. I didn’t realize the credits would result in me paying an exorbitant amount for something I didn’t even receive. They immediately match you with a therapist now. They strongly discourage you from switching from that therapist even if they are a bad fit. They make you rate the therapist even if you have never had a session just to try to get a new one and even then, they only let you choose out of three before repeating the cycle. I was looking for a very specific specialty due to the nature of my condition and having to fight against the app just to find someone suitable is ridiculous. I already know I am not renewing. I am upset that I was tricked into wasting my time and money. I reopened my trauma for a service I know I won’t use again. TalkSpace causes more frustration and heartache than it ever helped me. Avoid at all costs!
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2 years ago, Gibby-G
You’re getting much less than what you pay for.
Think of the bare minimum platitudes you might’ve got from a school therapist. To give you a point of reference, the selections of therapists on this app are less than half as useful as that, if they even respond to you that is. I personally went through four different therapists, two of which immediately ghosted me for two entire weeks after introductions with no scheduled vacations mentioned in the app whatsoever to prepare me for that. One therapist simply sent me a PDF file of self-help strategies and wouldn’t even let me talk to them one on one about my own personal struggles that I sought therapy for in the first place. It’s like paying 300$ a month to be gaslit into feeling like it’s your fault you aren’t getting anything out of your therapy by a bunch of automated responses that will constantly antagonize you for wanting more out of the service. I was very patient and I’m sure the individual therapists have little control over the poor system, but don’t trust Better Help.
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3 years ago, LittleMissNative
Highly Unresponsive and unreliable
I have been dealing with postpartum rage and anxiety. I was going through a particular rough patch and was advised to find a therapist for treatment. I have twin babies and unable to get out the house so I decided to take the online route. On November 10th I spoke with Ivanna at Talkspace that recommended I work with a therapist that specializes in maternal mental health. I was then able to find a recommended therapist named Denise Davis-Moore. I was advised Denise would respond to my message or reach out to me within 24 hours. 10 days past and I never got a response from Denise. I had also scheduled my first live online session roughly a week out and Denise never confirmed and ended up missing the session all together. I then reached out to customer support asking for a refund and they too were unresponsive. They didn’t respond until I reached out again asking for a reply to my original question. I have finally received my refund but I must say I’m highly disappointed and dissatisfied with their service altogether.
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5 months ago, dallasapollo
Expensive way to feel bad about yourself
If you feel like you're hanging onto the edge of a cliff, TalkSpace offers a wonderful service where, for the low price of $400 a month, they'll step on your fingers and finish you off. When you first join, they match you with a therapist at random, with absolutely no screening or filters beyond male vs female. My first therapist was so aloof and unsympathetic that I might as well have been talking to an AI. (In fact, I'm 95% sure I was.) So my first $100 week was spent trying to get any response out of her more sophisticated than "how do you feel about that". My second $100 week was spent switching to a new therapist. And between the lag time, disclosures, and preliminary questions, it did in fact take a full week to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, just when we were ready to begin the actual work, the therapist suddenly took a week off for vacation. He knew about the vacation when he took me on, promised he would be more sympathetic than the last therapist, then bailed just as we were starting. So my third $100 week is his vacation time. Almost a full month and I've still gotten absolutely no help. This service is beyond bad, it's downright harmful. All it's done is reinforce the fact that I am so utterly alone that I can't even PAY someone to talk with me. My suggestion: save your money and treat yourself to a nice vacation. It'll make you feel a lot better than this garbage service.
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2 years ago, _SunnyD.
If you need help on the app, don’t worry, it’ll never come.
I was using my work benefits so I didn’t lose out on money, but the fact that i wrote to customer service and i haven’t even gotten indication that my ticket was under review after nearly two weeks is simply unacceptable. I couldn’t even make an appointment despite having a credit, if you can’t reply to customers then maybe cater to less of them, because i genuinely need mental help and the stress of not being able to get the help i need has legitimately given me multiple mental breakdowns. I feel like I am being punished for not being able to properly communicate, one of the the very same issues I came to this app to fix. At this point it’s a whole lot easier to just continue on with my addictions and friendless life than it is to reach out for help. If you like good customer support, then don’t worry, I along with quite a few others i’ve seen are proof that those said agents might not exist, or if they do, are drowning in work.
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2 years ago, Gab_Stan
Online therapy during a pandemic is extremely beneficial!
I always wanted to try therapy but wasn’t sure if I could do it. Thanks to Talkspace I have been able to better cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the challenges it has brought my way. Not having to go to a physical office for my sessions has been really beneficial, especially now! As with most apps/businesses nothing is perfect, but I have been able to resolve any issues with customer service. Since starting therapy, I can confidently say I am learning how to better take care of myself, set boundaries, have honest conversations about how I’m feeling, and, most importantly, I am no longer keeping everything bottled up. I look forward to each session because I know I can talk to my therapist about whatever is on my mind. Thank you for having a positive impact on my life, Talkspace!
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6 months ago, An0nym0u$10210
Poor user interface.
This app has a lot of flaws in the user experience design. It does not allow you to move backwards through questionnaires. The survey for looking for a therapist is so limited and you get locked into a provider without at least getting a handful of providers you can choose from. It also locks you into a single problem when I know a lot of people who are struggling most likely have many issues they want to address. In this app you are either stressed, grieving, or depressed. Developers should allow the user to move back and forth and re take surveys for a better customer experience. You should also be allowed to at least preview therapists before scheduling an appointment. That way you can select a provider who specializes in the different areas you need help with. Overall, seeking a therapist is already an overwhelming experience and this made an already difficult task more challenging. For anyone who needs urgent help, I recommend trying other apps.
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2 months ago, glcarter016
Excellent service and great features
I’ve been using Talkspace for about 9 months and I have no complaints. Everything is user friendly and there are many options of care. The other day I accidentally missed an appointment so I submitted a request to refund the no-show fee. I had never missed an appointment so I was hoping for a waiver. Right after I submitted the request I called customer support just in case I wouldn’t hear back promptly, knowing they probably had many customers needing help. I called IMMEDIATELY after I submitted the request and it had already been taken care of, refund in process already. Their customer support team deserves so much praise for working as quickly as they did to help me. I would absolutely recommend Talkspace!
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6 months ago, InteriorMess
I never write reviews but felt the need to express my frustration. First appointment with therapist great, mind you this is my first time in therapy, second meeting she’s late and often talks about the other platforms she is working with as well. I’m sorry this is my time I want to ensure I got the appropriate time to review my problems. Third visit, just received a new mental health DX and I knots talking to another healthcare professional would help me answer some questions. 15 minutes go by nothing. No message from her at all. She explains the struggles she is going through, 100% support that and understand we all have a lot of carp going on but it just goes to show why people give up and feel lost because practices close, therapist leave or just don’t show. Very disappointed with the level of unprofessionalism and the lack of I’ll regard to not even checking in or send a message. Silence is the deadliest to a mind who is always constantly thinking and therefore you spin further down.
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2 years ago, chicagonick33
Scam website
They charged my card for 4 sessions ($396) without my awareness or any email or text, then booked me with a therapist who had no availability, then informed me 30 days later, just as they auto-billed my card again, that sessions expire each month regardless of whether I was seen or not. I scheduled with a new therapist who then didn’t have any availability until the last 2 weeks of my billing period, so I had to cram 4 sessions into 2 weeks. Way more anxiety than therapy. Honestly brutal customer service, I can’t imagine how bad this must be for anyone that has trouble navigating apps or websites. I’m ok but I’m 40 and get confused with apps sometimes. Feel really bad for older or less tech savvy people trying to get help.
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5 months ago, zzzman74
Not for me
Signed up, wrote an intro to my provider to let them know why I signed up. The next day he sends me a form letter but doesn’t address me by name, doesn’t address my issue at all and doesn’t explain the process going forward. The app advertises that you’ll have daily contact with your provider. Granted it was day 1, but isn’t it a good idea for the guy to say “hey, I see you’re here to work on XYZ, so tell me a little more info about ABC and we can discuss it more tomorrow. Anyway, switched to a new lady and filled out her intake form. The next day she says “ok let me know if you need anything before our scheduled live session” which is 12 days away. Wait….what? I canceled and requested a refund. This is not at all what they advertise it to be. And it’s not cheap either. It’s about $10 a day. So what did I get for my first 3 days and $30? Nothing. And that Second lady didn’t seem like she was going to chat me up for the next 12 days either.
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2 years ago, appletrashthisapp
Bad Support, Extremely Overpriced
I won’t completely diminish Talkspace because I found an incredible therapist that has been heaven sent in helping me work on my mental health. However, Talkspace support is absolutely terrible. The only way to reach support is via email, and responses are never returned in a timely manner. Based off my own experiences, I have had to wait at least a week or two for a response from support. Within the app, there’s also all these glitches, so during times I took a break from talkspace, I had to be re-matched to my provider all over again each time only delaying when I can start as a result. Additionally, the pricing for the services even on the most basic plan are outrageous. I recently got a new insurance that I selected specifically because it is accepted by talkspace and I wanted to keep my therapist since she’s been amazing. Only to find out that even with a strong health care plan, I won’t be saving any money as it appears Talkspace has now nearly doubled their fees on even the most basic of services. For the most basic plan and having comprehensive insurance coverage, I am looking at nearly $350 per month which is double what I used to pay. Do better Talkspace. Stop overcharging especially when you can’t even provide the customer service support or full-scale of services to charge such a high price
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2 years ago, my toddler loves trucks
Predatory billing methods!
Talkspace gives you the option of texting through the week as a session, or having a one to one 45-minute session. However Talkspace does not differentiate between messages about the mechanics of the sessions and actual therapy messages. So when your therapist messages you to do an assessment before your session, that counts as texting. When your therapist sends you a bunch of handouts or files, that counts as a session. In my case, I was authorized 5 sessions through my EAP, and was billed for two sessions for each of the two weeks, and then even though the therapist could see I still had another session, all of my future appointments were cancelled. My only recourse was to send an email, which I was told had a typical response time of 4-6 weeks. I’ve filed a formal complaint with the EAP and my HR, as it’s their money that is being wasted. I wouldn’t recommend anyone use this provider until they can stop their predatory billing practices.
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5 months ago, Spottieottidopolis
More novelty than helpful
The premise seems great, you can get help from your home on your own time. The problem is the execution is poor and it seems like they have little oversight on the counselors. Most apparently have their own practice and they make no qualms about letting you know their physical patients are addressed first. If you came here for the text option I would advise not even trying. Had 1 out of 5 that would respond and was recently told I would get 2 messages a day for 5 days. Even with my copay that came out to $5 a message from them. Save yourself the headache and find someone local. This will only increase your anxiety dealing with Talkspace. Their refund process seems to be just a bad as I’ve been waiting on a response for two days and have yet to have anybody reach out to me. Hopefully they make it right, but based on every experience up until now and seems like they got me for $100 and I only got worse.
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3 years ago, Flannerygirl
You have to use all live sessions within the month
The live sessions do not roll over to the next month. This service was beneficial to me and helped me. But I feel robbed because it wasn’t clear to me how many sessions I had. I have a busy life and I lost track in the month how many I had and used. So over the three months I had it I probably missed out on at least two sessions. There is no accounting of live sessions bought or sessions booked in the app. The app does not tell you any message like, “you have 2 of 4 live sessions available”. I feel this is underhand. Customer service said, “Book all sessions for the month at once so you don’t miss any sessions”. That’s great, but we have busy lives and may not have a clear schedule a month in advance. It’s almost like they don’t want to be clear how many sessions you have left and hope you don’t book all the sessions within the month so they can pocket the money. I’m giving it one star for this reason.
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2 years ago, Honest Trav
Look Elsewhere
Finding a provider is really hard and overwhelming, and can take a lot of time. When I saw the promises made by this app I had some hope to be matched and start talking to someone (honestly anyone). They said it would be 48 hours to be matched with a provider….it took closer to 72, but that’s okay because they sent an email saying they were busier than normal after I signed up. That’s forgivable because FINALLY I have a match! …silence, so I initiated the conversation and then several hours later got a generic response on how the app works and “tell me why you are here, I am logging off today but I’ll respond tomorrow”. Great, so I give my background. That was 3 business days ago, (and a weekend) and I have messaged every day and still no response. I also started a ticket with support asking if there is something I am supposed to do for a response, that was 2 business days ago with no response. Very disappointed. Please avoid if you need help.
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6 months ago, cayeightee
Bad therapists, no choices
I was really hopeful about this app. I truly was struggling with anxiety, but unfortunately I have a couple of problems with the app and my experience while on the app. I wanted to find a provider who I felt was a good match for me but it seemed like the selection was pretty limited. Just an idea, but it would be really awesome if there was a filter about somethings you are looking for in a counselor. Also the counselor I had was just really not a good fit. I had to keep telling her/reminding her to send me the coping skills, examples of how to set boundaries, etc. She was always at least a couple mins late to every session and would leave early. The next counselor I signed up for never confirmed my appointment. I was really hopeful but very disappointed in your app. I know that not every counselor will be a good fit, and no app is perfect, but I just wanted to let you guys know what my experience was. I really hope that my experience was a rare occurrence.
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3 years ago, lweingus
Worst customer service of all time
My husband and I decided to start couples therapy a couple months ago and we were matched with a therapist who we absolutely love. We were also happy to see that Talkspace is covered by insurance, so we called our insurance and they let us know that they cover Talkspace at 100%. Unfortunately, it’s completely impossible to get in touch with anyone at Talkspace to send a bill for reimbursement. Our therapist asked them over and over again to please respond to me, but other than a brief “we’re sorry you’ve been having a hard time!” email, no one has provided us with the bill we need for reimbursement. There is no live chat or number to call, which is pretty astounding in 2021. I would never have used this platform if I thought I would be paying this much money, so at this point I basically feel like they lied to me and are lying to everyone when they say they’re covered by insurance. What a scam.
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2 years ago, Ariannaaaaaaaaaa
Very disappointed
So far I’ve worked with two different therapists. The first one no-showed for my 10-minute assessment and then canceled two subsequent sessions when I only get one per month. I missed out on my 30-minute session. Then I switched to another therapist who was again late for our 10-minute call and only showed up after I sent a message asking if we were still on for that day. Now I’ve just been no-showed on my 30-minute session despite her confirming early in the week that we had a call scheduled. I’ve been on this app for almost 2 months and haven’t even had a full appointment. Both therapists were very nice but apparently they all neglect to show up for sessions on time/at all. I haven’t really gotten any messages from my therapists either so I’ve gotten nothing out of the experience except time wasted waiting for appointments to happen. Completely unprofessional and extremely disappointed
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3 years ago, Taylor________S
No staff available for even initial assessment
0 STARS! DO NOT USE THIS APP!TalkSpace requires a $199 charge to set up the app and schedule an appointment. The staff they advertise is obviously not even a real person. My initial evaluation for the $199 was rescheduled twice with less than 24 hours notice when their cancellation policy requires 48 hours if we need to reschedule with them. I only received one email back from “Amber” with no phone number or contact information and have not heard back regarding my refund request. I have reached out to the psychologist “Judith” that never confirmed either of the 2 appointments I scheduled with her and never responded to my message regarding this issue. Talk space is HORRIBLE! AGAIN DO NOT USE THIS APP. TalkSpace respond to my message ASAP and refund my $199 to my card and confirm no further charges will be on my account. This company is a scam and so unprofessional they should be ashamed for trying to scam individuals struggling with mental health. Shame on you!
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