The Mindfulness App

Health & Fitness
4.8 (6.9K)
152.3 MB
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Current version
Reflectly ApS
Last update
2 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Mindfulness App

4.76 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
5 years ago, N8&KT
Love this!
I have used this app for about three years now and I have tried others and find this one to be the best. I appreciate that my meditations are available at any time. I'm not one for social media, either, so I'm really glad I'm not solicited to share with a whole host of other practitioners. It's simple, easy to follow and the people who provide the sessions are some of the most respected in the whole mindfulness movement. The only drawback (which didn't used to be) is that I'm unable to create my own mindfulness notices. This was a feature in the first version and it was such a delightful, mindful option! Depending upon what area I wanted to focus on, I could set simple notices to chime throughout the day that had me call attention to sounds, feelings in particular areas of my body, sensations, or simply breathing. Regardless, this app and the meditations offered in it are always my go to at least two times a day, if not ten! Thank you for creating it.
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3 years ago, Halie1234556
Better than expected
I’ve never meditated before I got this app. I honestly did it for 3 days straight and already felt a more positive energy within me. I do highly suggest doing a one month trial basis before dropping 60$ for a year because it allows you to get a feel for what the app has to offer in the sense of the style of the teachers and what your goal is. This app has a variety of courses and the reason I am writing this review is because it has almost every topic that I wanted to go see a therapist for so I’m trying this first cuz it’s way cheaper. I am always working on self- betterment and this is honestly a great app for everyone to include in their lives some meditations are short 5min and others can last for about 15-20 but you get to choose what you want to do so it fits to your schedule. I personally do mine right when I wake it starts my day off in a good, focused, and controlled mood. Try it out for yourself! (Only reason I didn’t give this app a 5 is because I just started using it and haven’t completed a full course yet so I’m not 100% sure if it has the ability to actually create the shift in myself that I’m looking for)
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5 months ago, Bavenous
Life Saving
This App is the perfect companion to my recovery with my new sobriety date as meditation is a core component of remaining sober forever. Relapse can never be a part of my recovery. Though I’ve always thought that, I left that window of escape open and by accepting the notion “relapse is a part of recovery” and stepping out that window for just a couple of days after 2 and a half years of sobriety, I hurt those I love the most deeply with angry verbal assaults and had a wreck in my pickup that could have easily killed myself or others. In my world now and through using this app daily along with other supports I can live a peaceful, productive and happy life again. Relapse destroys recovery so I do not consider it a part of it.
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6 years ago, palomnik
The best app despite cheesy narratives
First of all, I must admit that I find the idea of using an app to meditate is a bit silly, other than a timer with a bell, as people have been meditating without apps for millennia. Nevertheless, I’m now using other apps that connect to the new Apple health, so I thought why not use an app that feeds into it. Aside from several apps that are ridiculous in complexity and price, this one looks a bit more reasonable and usable long term. The first few uses were good, except it added a new dimension to meditating: constant eye-rolling at some of the cheesy phrases: “find a position with dignity”, “offer your breath back to the space”...etc. “Congratulate yourself”...Congratulate yourself after a retreat - not 5 minutes of meditation! I realize that any meditation app will be made by new agers, but I find it distracting from the task at hand. I recommended that the narratives be tested by people who like to meditate with a minimum of woo. I will persist in using this when I am not using the simpler “mindfulness bell”.
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3 years ago, Billy Albornoz
Relaxation App Review
You all need to make sure that you are always able to add in as many unlimited amounts of features to this type of app in the sense of always being able to post up photos, videos as well as any other forms of media in general that would actually be able to help to demonstrate the ways that all types of users of apps like this type could always be able to learn about the ways of always being able to balance out any forms of stress that they all ever get regardless of the level of it and the ways that they all could always help make themselves as strong as possible to fight whatever it is that they all ever fell the need to fight from within and everything. All of the forms of media mentioned way earlier in the beginning should always be translated into as many different worldwide foreign languages as possible.
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2 years ago, Satiwise
Return for review
I have taken formal study and training in mindfulness practices and meditation over a number of years and hesitate in construction of a review. Practice is a personal event and really, no technology is required. Still, with existence in that which is considered a productive life an app such as this has been helpful. Though not indicative of a complete documentation of one's practice, though possible, the app aids in provision of focus and grounding in practice. I enjoy unguided mostly, but am refreshed by an occasional guided meditation. This app has withstood time in providing quality in practice. I just use the first version (blue) which works well in my path. Enjoy.
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4 years ago, L.R Smith
Horrible customer service
They sent a notification with a link to “half off” their normal subscription price, but when I clicked through to see what the offer was I signed into the app, it just automatically charged me. They took $65 & so far chasing down a refund through customer service for a week has got me nowhere. They sent me a link to an article on how to request a refund through iTunes- I did that & still nothing. This is a lot of money to me right now & ironically has caused me a lot of distress & anxiety. Just being ignored by their “customer service” has shown me this app is not able helping people, it’s about getting their money. So Disappointed. Still no help from them & no explanation about the notifications they sent that did an auto sign up without showing the cost. I’ve never had another app do anything close to this. It’s terrible to think an app teaching mindfulness is being used to take advantage of people.
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7 years ago, She's all blah blah blah
Exactly What The Doc Ordered
My 17 year old son and I suffer from generalized anxiety and have our whole lives. I used to meditate with my husband, my sons father, when we met back in the 90's. Time goes by, we had a child, full time jobs and at some point stopped doing it. I always did yoga but the meditation that had helped me so much just sort of faded out of our schedules. This app has reminded me how important meditation is in our daily lives. Now, my son and I do one of your guided meditations every morning before school. The doctors want to put him on medication but we're going to keep trying this as it clearly is helping him tremendously at this time. Awesome app! We love it!
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3 years ago, Map walk great app
Mindfulness app
This app has been such a savior in my life since I have started my journey to love myself and living and enjoying living in present . The apps are all so amazing, i look forward to doing them everyday and sometimes several times a day just to keep me humble and grounded and mire important having gratitude fir all that i have gone through good and bad. This app has literally everything and also Masterclasses that are really amazing . I don’t usually write reviews but This app has everything and has changed my life
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7 months ago, Gothikachic
Really helpful app!
I don’t usually write reviews and am leery of these apps that say try a trial and then charge you even after cancelling during the trial. I received an email or I think I found this on Sweatcoins. A whole year for free, well I paid $1.99. The Growth Bundle. It unlocks all of these other apps like a fasting app for help with weight loss, meditation, goals, mindfulness, habits, reminders, etc.. all of this and you can integrate it with Apple Health on your iPhone. And I’ve got to say Im blown away. On day 3 and Im already noticing my level of stress is easing up a bit. And it takes a lot for me to center myself when I’m a mess. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this app!
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4 years ago, Sazzy54
Great app for mindfulness
So meditating and being mindful is a struggle for me. I downloaded this app by chance. I’ve listed to similar apps that have people who’s voices are not soothing. The voice is everything when using meditation apps. This app found the perfect person to do the meditations, her voice is soothing. She’s like a kind, loving voice nurturing you. The app has been a great addition to myself-care routine. I love that I can adjust how long the sessions are. Right now 3 minutes works great for me. I hope to build up to longer. Thank you for such a great app!
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5 years ago, SeeMeReviewApps
Plenty of other meditation apps
I rarely feel compelled to give a review, but this app just does not deserve an average rating of 4.7 stars (especially when there are so many others!). Try 10% Happier, or Calm, or Headspace before you try this one. I recently purchased the monthly premium (very glad I didn’t do annual!) and quickly realized there are a lot of bugs. It looks nice at first, but use it for a bit and you’ll find them. For instance, I couldn’t even see a list of the sessions in the course I chose. I also tried adding it to my favorites and it just plain doesn’t work. These seem like pretty basic features, no? I emailed support about two weeks ago asking for a refund... it’s nice they have a support feature built into the app, but would be nicer if they looked at it...
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4 years ago, Beautifulbrand
Perfect for all
I've had this app on my phone for years. It did a good job giving easy bite sized guidance for a beginner. I'm still a beginner because I lack consistency. But I do mindful breathing often. I rediscovered this app today and it's even helpful just to listen while I'm doing other tasks. It help me find my anxiety, examine, and calm it.... even when I'm not actually meditating. I'm struggling right now. I woke up with anxiety and was so happy when I remembered this app. I'm less paralyzed and more productive now.
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6 years ago, The-Schwarz
Anxiety depression worry and mood
I love this app because it relax me because I’m doing my coping skills and because I have autism spectrum disorder and I have anxiety because even if something’s bothering during the weekdays and my brothers and my dad bother me I could always do my mindfulness app to relax my anxiety and my health and my heartache and if my dad asks me a million questions I could go to a different room or my bedroom and lock my door so that my dad won’t come in my bedroom so I can do my mindfulness app for my coping skills
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4 years ago, LindsayHarrington
Adding Mindfulness To My Day
I downloaded this app because there was a partnership with the club I’m in at my University, A Moment of Magic. So far, i’m really enjoying this app and trying add a session to my nighttime routine. I hope more members from my club download this app so they can experience the peace and calamity that it brings me before I go to bed each night. The app is really nice and well put together. I enjoy each sessions in the trainers that lead them. Although I am new to the app, I have liked what I have experienced so far and can’t wait to see what else there is that is offered!
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4 years ago, Tiki-B
Importance of mindfulness
I am so grateful for this mindfulness app. I was considering purchasing a meditation timer, however when I looked at the cost I didn’t see any in my price range. Some of the things I most appreciate in this app are the ability to create a customized time span for one to meditate. The ability to set numerous reminders. As well as the various sounds one can choose to meditate to. I also appreciate the various guided meditations offered. Basically there are a good amount of features in this app for free that can assist in ones dedication to meditation.
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4 years ago, Huskercjb
Had This For Awhile
I bought this app to help me relax at night so I could sleep. It seemed to help. Only recently, however, have I started using it regularly after listening to a Moth story. The storyteller is a Meditation instructor. She talked about her first meditation class in which they just focused on breathing for 10 minutes. She couldn't and neither could I. So I started using the s app. Now, I can draw myself back to the present from m wherever it may have strayed just by focusing it n my breathing. It's great.
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3 years ago, Ease on down the road
Mindful app
Such a large variety to choose from especially if you opt for the full yearly plan which is extra. However I used the original one for years. Multiple voices to choose from as well as times. Some of the 3 minute and other short ones like the 5 minute body scan are perfect when brain needs refreshing. I just close office door and use them to reset attention and focus and stress levels.
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5 years ago, Six-Sigma
Does what it is supposed to do
Most important for my rating is the fact this application has given me no glitches, bugs, or problems. I don’t use a lot of bells and whistles, though there are a large number within the app, some are included, others are for purchase. The features of customizing my practice is most useful to me; so much so, I have been using this application for about 3 years now. I also recommend to my clients. Highly recommended
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6 years ago, Gkstew
Surprised how great this app is
I’ve been using this app for a week or so. Some days i have done multiple meditations throughout the day, other times just one short meditation just to squeeze something in. I’m very very surprised how good this app is. The teachers are known and trusted meditation teachers. There are also lectures you can listen to, if you’re a podcast junkie like me. Super pleased. I have started with the one month subscription to see if I’ll stick with it, but all signs point to yes.
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6 years ago, It will all workout
Trust the Process
Mindfulness is helping me focus on myself and get away from all the craziness going on in my life at the moment. My son is addicted to drugs and alcohol. His girlfriend and baby mama is an addict as well. I spend a lot of my day worried about my new grandchild and her safety. I have a very stressful job and I just need a calm few moments in my day. I have days where I use my mindfulness app 2 or 3 times a day. Thank goodness I have this app. I know it will help me stay in touch with myself and my positive energy.
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6 years ago, dtuss
Login only thru Facebook- hell no
I was really excited to use this app, right before buying a years subscription, I saw that the only way to login to your account is through Facebook. The developers response to that was less than reassuring. Too bad too, some of the meditations are guided by well known names in the field. By not offering an email login, they are alienating possible customers. I have multiple devices and iTunes accounts for work reasons, so just not logging in (as suggested by developer) won’t work. I guess it’s more important for the developer to have whatever personal data they can get from Facebook, because this certainly isn’t a for their customers convenience!
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2 years ago, ms. perl
I use it (almost) every day! Since 2013
There is nothing like a sitting meditation. I use this app to set the timer, and decide how frequently I want the bells to chime. I also appreciate how the app keeps track of the time I spend meditating. I couldn't ask for more. But there is more--from mindfulness notifications to guided meditations, this app helps me structure a mindfulness practice in ways that work in this busy world. Thank you!
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1 year ago, AinNOVA
The App is Forgetful. Not Mindful.
From session to session the app fails to remember where you left off. Pause a session midway and it doesn’t remember where you left off. It places you at the start of the session when you reopen the app. Login again and the course you are doing is lost in the home page whose only function appears to be pumping out a completely different course for you or a “for you course.” Can’t believe losing your place is so common on this app. Makes it an expensive and forgetful experience. -sigh
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3 years ago, tiffgib
Great App
I’ve been using the Mindfulness App for a few years now and it has helped me learn to meditate. Some days I use guided when my mind is going crazy and some days I use the nature sounds and sink into it. I love this app and also love the different time frame choices of meditation sessions it offers. Some days, when pressed for time or I feel antsy, I use the three minute session and it works for me. I highly recommend this app.
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7 months ago, moethoma
Very Good Mindfulness App
No need to go to a class or pay for an App, plus this app covers it all day time mindfulness and sleep including those that suffer from insomnia. I suffer from insomnia and stress from work. So I use this for the day and at bed time. You can pick from all kind of during sounds, use any time you wish on your smart phone. I know for sure It is Apple App, not sure about androids. Thank You who ever invented this free App!
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3 years ago, Jedin829
Thank you
I like that you can it for the length of time you want the mediations to be and that you have a chance to try the app and use it in what seems like a complete way (I don’t know what it would be like to be with the premium). I’m grateful to the person that turned me on to it. Try it, use it, set reminders (that’s really helpful!) and then tell people about it so they might have the help and healing
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10 months ago, xtnjohnson
As an app, it's excellent.
I get the distinct sense from some of the reviews posted here that people are hoping for this app to be a substitute for a psychotherapist. It isn't, and it can't be. It's an app, folks. Bearing that in mind, it's simple to use, hosts a continually updated list of downloads from a wide range of instructors, and does a good job keeping up with the latest iOS versions. For $.99 a download, I don't ask for much more.
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1 year ago, anitra gordon
Very helpful
This app has very many options and you can select them for various length of time. I’ve enjoyed sounds of the ocean and rain and also i’ve listen to sounds of birds chirping with sounds of the forest in the background. The voices are soothing, sound effects, realistic and relaxing. This is a very versatile app and there are many parts still to explore. I think it’s a wonderful app. A great way to help me. Relax.
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5 years ago, cherryl m
Gets right to it!
Ive looked at multiple mindfulness/meditation apps and what I love about this one is that it gets right into it. There’s no one minute introduction about what you’re focusing on and you can lower the voices on the practices. I love the bells, the soothing sounds and its worked really well for lowering my stress and bringing me back to the now. The premium is better, but i lived off the free version for a while. I love the body scan or just simply using the timer.
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4 years ago, rhapsodyindy
Omg so love
I was introduced to this app by a therapist who used it during a session. Did the 5 minute one. It made such an impact on me! Just 5 minutes. I downloaded it immediately. Very friendly and easy to use I am calling this app my Going Home app. Where I get to come home to myself by simply sitting still and listening take 5 minutes and listen. I immediately have less angst and anxiety just goes away. The most treasured app on my phone.
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6 years ago, ahen123123
Helpful with daily mindfulness
Really like some of the options on this app. For instance, you can choose a background noise and choose the ratio of guiding voice to background noise you want. You can choose whether or not you even want a guiding voice or background noise. And lastly you can choose the time. The premium guided session come at a mi they cost, but the free sessions are plenty for what I need which is a 5-10min daily mindfulness time.
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3 months ago, Lucryllin
Mental Health and Compassion
Having struggled with mental health, hyper vigilance, finding out I’m autistic, and undergoing an introspective phase, this app has been phenomenal. Engaging with their tests allows it to alter according to your needs. On a day when I was feeling worthless, it popped up in beautiful contradiction telling me, “You are worthy”. It almost felt like a DM straight from the universe. I could not recommend this app enough and the price is well worth it.
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1 year ago, Pookieloo68
Meditation app
I was just started the meditation, and the most difficult part I could find is a quiet room to meditate in other than that it’s been very helpful. Sleep is improved, my stress level has been reduced to where things don’t set me off I can just take a few deep breaths and I’m fine, so it’s very helpful. I’d recommend it plus I believe they’re still offering a free year.
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6 years ago, Heathersc
Helps me sleep and increases focus at work
After taking a new job as an HR Director over a group of companies I inherited a great deal of stress while restructuring the department. As an admitted insomnia sufferer this new role set me into a negative tailspin of emotions due to lack of sleep and increased anxiety. In just a week of using this app at least once daily my energy, focus, and demeanor has completely changed for the better. Thank you for these easy meditations for beginners like me!
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5 years ago, peasterbunny
real world meditation app...
New to meditating? The short “getting started” mini meditations will help you with the basics. The timed meditations from 1-30 minutes are great for taking the amount of time YOU have to get back to your breath. There’s no elitist ‘if you don’t have an hour don’t bother’ attitude here; no condescending “you’ll get better” suggestions. A simple app that let’s you take meditation with you as mindful moments throughout your day.
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4 years ago, Mescalon
Muy buena app. sobre todo el poder comprar distintas sesiones con diferentes maestros. Esto da la oportunidad de tener distintos puntos de vista para aprender y mejorar la meditación de mindfulness. En mi caso el ser bilingüe me permite comprender las sesiones. Quizás en un futuro, implementar otros idiomas. Very good app. especially to allow to buy different sessions with different teachers. This gives the opportunity to have different points of view to learn and improve mindfulness meditation. In my case being bilingual allows me to understand the sessions. Perhaps in the future, implement other languages.
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4 years ago, KayleighSch
Partnership with A Moment of Magic
This app so far has already been a great help to me. I’ve been able to take a second to myself each day and just have a moment of quiet, without judgment or a busy mind. It has been incredibly helpful and I know as things continue to become stressful in life during this difficult times, it will be an awesome way to help ground myself.
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6 years ago, gnidrg
Useful meditation timer
I primarily use this app to as a timer for silent meditation. Sometimes I wish there was a 20 minute option along with the 5, 15, and 30. I like the background noise choices and usually use the beach wave sounds, which reminds me of my retreat center. Have not used the spoken voice guided meditation so cannot comment on that. Have been using the timer daily for a long time and am happy.
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6 years ago, vmparker
Wonderful Mediation App Ever!!
So my Aunt told me about this app, she said she had used in her time of difficulty with her anxiety and it help her out a lot. I now use this app every single day, it had became a part of my lifestyle, something I will continue to do for the rest of my life. I really enjoy the different types and courses they have in mediating. From the beginners to advanced ppl in mediation will greatly benefit from this app.
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2 years ago, jbake760
Love the app but has one annoying bug
I use this app everyday and I love it. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. However, this app has a problem logging streaks. I meditate every single day but somehow the app always erases my streaks. It does not help that I do not have the feature to manually add in my session as that would be beneficial. Please look into this. Overall outside of that bug it’s a very good app
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2 years ago, PaddyV33
The OG! of mindfulness apps
I’ve been using this app since it dropped years ago. I’ve tried a bunch of other ones, but I always come back to this one. The wisdom teachers they use are legit practitioners, not people looking to make a buck off of the mindfulness fad. Any problems I’ve ever had were answered promptly by THE MINDFULNESS APP. This app will continue to be my goto app.
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7 months ago, Klmchaffin
I've only just begun
I have no metric against which to measure this app. This is the first time I've truly committed to making meditation an integral part of my life. I'm deaf, so at times it's a bit difficult to focus. But I am astonished at the impact on my daily life the first sessions are having. I'm thinking less and loving my messy self and life more, on a very profound level. I'll check back after a few more sessions.
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1 year ago, mic14622
Very good
Very good to get started. Only gave 4 stars cause it doesn’t say how much things are after the free trial unless I just don’t see it. Also some of the guided meditations the person speaking did not have a calming voice which I think is a necessity. Other than that I love all the options to choose from and also how king the meditations can be. Once I find out price I will consider joining
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6 years ago, LovelyNightmare101
Very Good!
I deal with General Anxiety Disorder and it has taken a huge toll on me mentally and physically. This app helps me to relax my mind and body and reminds me that what is important is each breath that is here and now. It reminds me, also, that some thought are like clouds. I can dwell on them for a bit, but I should not let the thoughts consume me like an endless storm. I suggest this app to anyone going through stress in any way.
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6 years ago, Ledvedder
An easy way to include mindfulness in the midst of a hectic schedule
This app is great! Easy to use, customizable and with notifications makes it easy to hold your self accountable for some daily time set aside to practice mindfulness. I have turned on many friends and family to the app. The only drawback I’ve found in in trying to get HR data from the app using Apple Watch
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3 years ago, wanderness
Works well, but reminders could be ordered better
The reminders sort by start time, but if one is added a day or more after, this reminder is automatically put at the end and does not sort. It makes it hard to see a total list of reminder times as the start times are disorganized and can’t be changed
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2 years ago, V Brooksie
I’ve just begun my mindfulness practice with the help of this app, and I have to say it’s been super helpful so far. I particularly like the way it started me off with daily, short exercises. I’m finding the teachers are very good at delivering content in a way that works for me. I would recommend this app without question.
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4 weeks ago, Winston_good_times
Mindfulness equal peace, tranquility, thank you for this grate application
I recommend this application for those who have been well train on meditation, medium terms meditation, as well as someone who has never tried meditation. Excellent application to learn from expert people who knows the field thank you once again good job.
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1 year ago, Evation
My morning meditation
I am in love with this app. I have been using it for about a year now and it gives me peace of mind the fact that I know it is there always available for me even without wifi. If I have the time I use the 30 guided meditation. If I don't I go with the 15' that I love. Totally a must to have!
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