The Sculpt Society

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User Reviews for The Sculpt Society

4.91 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
3 years ago, KLBGLY
The Workout App That Made Me Delete All My Other Workout Apps
The Sculpt Society was just was I had been searching for. With COVID, learning how to work out at home was a challenge and with so many exercise app options, I was feeling overwhelmed with finding a new regimen that I liked. I tried The Pilates Class App, Melissa Wood Health, Sweat, Obé, etc. and they were all good but all missing something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. And it all left me feeling pretty defeated. Megan & TSS brought exactly what I was missing. Light weight at-home workouts with energy & movement that are actually SUCH a challenge and get your heart pumping! It’s the best mix of dance cardio, light weights, Pilates-like movements + more packed into class-like combos that are tough but so incredibly good & always keep you moving. Megan pushes you, that’s for sure, but in the best way. (And she’s so sweet & positive - always making me feel strong & welcome). These workouts are so so good. And you are SORE the next day & feel amazing! All without having to use heavy weights or do any high-impact workouts. I’m starting with the 10 week program and it helps so much with helping you find a good starting point amongst all the (awesome) content on the app. I’m genuinely so glad I have this program to turn to and think it will actually change how I workout for the rest of my life. If you’re on the fence, TRY IT. I couldn’t love it any more. Thank you, Megan & TSS!
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2 years ago, My1987
Megan = The Rut Buster 💪💪
The annoying thing about working out is that the more you do it, the more fun it becomes. I have 7 different apps/subscriptions/classes that I love doing when I feel "in shape." But sticking to a routine isn't always easy for me, probably true for many of us. What about when days become weeks, and weeks become months, and you're feeling like you're starting at square 1? My inner critique is complaining, "yuck, look at you, how did you let yourself fall out of your routine? Getting it back is going to be SO hard. Why are you so weak?" Mean! This has happened to me a bunch of times over the past few years, whether it's triggered by a stressful period at work, having COVID (twice...), or just not having a trip to the beach to look forward to and motivate me. Enter TSS... Without fail, Megan is THE rut buster. With all those other apps, I have to be in a good mood to jump in. TSS is the app I open when I'm feeling down, and I need a pick me up. Rationally I know any workout should make me feel better, but Megan is the extra special sauce that actually makes TSS so uplifting, even if I didn't do the workout. (Don't worry Megan, I always do the workout :) When I'm in a bad mood, I know seeing Megan's smiling face/bouncy energy/encouraging words (not to mention her inspiring flexibility and strength!) will put me in a good mood. It's so effective and addicting! Thank you Megan!!
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2 years ago, 57FOREVER
My favorite app for workouts!
I’ve been doing TSS for about a month, and I love it. I’m a runner, and we’re collectively allergic to strength training and stretching. Running started becoming more of a chore than a pleasure in the last few months, and I started have more aches and pains than usual from repetitive motion and overuse. I wanted to try something that would still get my heart rate up but allow for more variety and for new and varied ways to move and strengthen my body. I love TSS because of the variety it offers—I can do dance cardio for 30 minutes and feel like I just ran four miles. I can spice it up with a full body sculpt class, or combine a few quickies together. Or I can go for a walk or a run outdoors and follow it up with some quickies and stretching. It’s flexible, it’s fun. Megan is a gem and a great teacher. She emphasizes rest days! I’m starting with the True Beginner Program, and I have less pain even after a few weeks, and I felt stronger on my last run. But my favorite thing about this program is that it’s just about the movement—moving your body in the way that feels right to you, challenging yourself if you want to, and feeling all the good feels that movement gives you (and that good burn). But there’s no toxic talk of “problem areas,” “bikini seasons,” “cleanses” or dieting.
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4 years ago, CourtKaye
Favorite workout ever!
Started The Sculpt Society at the beginning of quarantine since my gym was closed I still wanted to be able to workout in some way. It ended up being the best workout I’ve ever tried and I haven’t missed or returned to the gym even after it opened back up. I was a huge gym rat for 8 years (5x per week) but over time I felt like my body adjusted to that routine too much and I stopped seeing the results and looking as lean and toned as I like to maintain. Megan changed my whole outlook on working out with lighter weights and I have my lean physique back but even better! Her workouts never get old and your body never gets bored of them because she constantly switches it up every time adding in new moves. I’m always left feeling challenged and excited for the next workout. I really appreciate how hard she works to put out new daily content, I feel like for the yearly fee it’s honestly a steal for how much content you get!! I also appreciate the fact that she is physically doing every workout along with you, so she can feel just how much it’s burning herself and knows how to push us more! All of my friends have been noticing my results and asking me what I’ve been doing different, I’ve recommended The Sculpt Society to all of them and will continue to do so because I think it’s so amazing!
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2 years ago, KateABCDEF
Positive and Effective
I discovered The Sculpt Society in April of 2020 and I’m so thankful I did. Without access to my gym or ability to walk/run outside due to COVID, I felt both my mental and physical health suffering until I took my first TSS class. Megan’s positivity and emphasis on fun, control, and what’s right for your body is so refreshing - while also packing the punch of a challenging class! Her approach to fitness, food, and body imagine are unlike so many of the toxic accounts that flood social media and this has been such a positive influence for me. Now 2+ years in I’ve added running and lifting back into my routine, but make sure to keep two or three days of TSS on my schedule. In addition to the benefits for my mental health, Megan’s workouts also target muscles in a way that no other workout does. My hip mobility, glutes, inner thighs, and abs have never felt stronger! I highly recommend TSS to any and everyone - whether you’re just starting out and don’t think you could possibly do a bear with sliders (I didn’t think I could either) or if you’re an runner looking to strengthen and reduce chance of injury. Thank you for being the breath of fresh air that I desperately needed in the fitness industry!
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3 years ago, dainareyn
I have been following the sculpt society for months now and all I can say is wow. Coming from a dance background, it has been so much fun reliving these moments. This program has made such a difference in my body; the incorporation of dance cardio has been the biggest game changer in my routine. The sculpting sessions are dynamic, challenging, and ever-changing; the more often I do them, the more obvious it is how much I have gained. When I first began this program at the start of the year, the app itself was a little finicky; I could not play anything off my phone, and even on my computer the videos were slow to load. Now, I have had no issues during the four week summer program. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Megan is constantly uploading new content and connecting with her users LIVE. She has created a great community. My only complaint is not being able to save my favorite live videos so that I can return to them later. I can’t wait for the day that she decides to open up an in-person studio. I love these workouts and can’t explain how much they have helped me. I am excited to be a part of your continuing growth.
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3 years ago, Lourdes Arguello
The Sculpt Society has changed my view on working out from Home.
Ever since I can remember I have been an active person. I have always played sports, ran and loved loved going to a nice gym. I would pay a fancy gym because I had the discipline that used it. I had never worked out at home even when I had small kids and no babysitter. I hated all the videos and being home by myself. I liked the perks of the nice towel and people watching. So with 2020 and gyms closed not that I feared getting sick... my favorite gym instructor recommended the Sculpt Society. I did the 15 day trial. I started telling myself that I would hate it. I have been part of this family since September 2020. I wake up everyday with excitement and now love working out from home. It’s the combination of so many class options. You hav different levels, time ranges of work outs and different muscle groups but with a whole body mentality. I have bought all the equipment little by little. I highly recommend the Sculpt Society. It’s an amazing family to be part of. Megan is expecting a baby girl and I actually feel I am having a niece. Xoxo
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10 months ago, Loyo9
Sculpt Society is for everyone
Have been a member for a while but I don’t normally review apps as a rule. I decided to finally give The Sculpt Society the five-star rating it deserves. This is the only exercise program that I have been able to consistently stick with and let me tell you it works. It’s not about radical changes but just showing up regularly to do even a 5 or 6 minute video. Megan’s friendly encouragement throughout the videos and her inclusion of modifications for every fitness level make her workouts accessible and 100% do-able by anyone. You’ll surprise yourself with how far you’ve come after a few weeks. Her 8 and 10 week programs helped me develop a habit of finding time for myself. Huge catalog of videos for sculpting, yoga, stretching, meditation, and cardio. You can’t go through it all in a year (or more). For reference, I’m in my 40s with two kids and I work a demanding, full-time job. This is the thing I do for myself so I can fill my tank and focus on my health. So, so grateful for Megan and the platform she’s created.
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4 years ago, LisaRam38
In Awe of Megan
I never write reviews, but the amount of work that Megan puts into this app deserves to be recognized and merits nothing less than a 5 star rating. One can tell just how much work goes into each and every workout posted. The music pairs well with whatever exercises are on deck for the day, there is a ton of a variety to keep it fun and interesting, and yet, there’s enough repeated movements to help you feel successful after each workout. There’s no “winging it” here. What you get is a completely thought out, well planned, and perfectly executed workout Every. Single. Time. Megan’s personality is so warm, and I love that her focus is on making each woman feel stronger, and I especially love how she advocates for self-love. I have literally cried a couple of times throughout the workouts because I just feel this immense pride and gratitude for my body. No other workout has ever made me feel like that. If you’re on the fence, please give TSS a try, and Megan if you ever read this, THANK YOU for all the work you put into the app. We see and acknowledge it!
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3 years ago, erindarge
Changed my outlook on exercise!
I’ve tried every workout regime since college days (about 13 yrs ago) from weight training, cardio on machines and track, HIIT, classes, circuit training, etc. Never saw results even with healthy eating, and never wanted to stay consistent. Even mirroring what I’d see on Instagram would be uninspiring and dissatisfying. Started TSS even though I was not a “dance cardio person” and immediately fell in love with the system. The only thing I changed about my lifestyle was staying consistent with this (because it was actually fun & I wanted to do it!) and started seeing my body become (and look) stronger, healthier, and more fit. I also feel like it helped mentally change my perspective with exercise — it doesn’t feel like a chore anymore! I actually do enjoy the dance cardio, which I thought I’d be awkward & turned off by ha! But it’s SO much better than just running on a treadmill or even doing some cardio circuit in front of a mirror at the gym. The quick pace & variety keep not only my body moving but I can feel the brainwork as well — like doing crosswords!
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4 years ago, Useful and empowering!
Exercise I actually do *and* love!
I’ve struggled to consistently move my body in a way that wasn’t pushing myself or just trying to fit in. (Or give up and not do it at all.) Megan’s combos and music feel doable even to this non-athlete. Her energy exudes kindness, compassion, and understanding, plus it’s a no-brainer that she knows her stuff. She’s got a superpower to translate her own excitement and skills through the screen to us in a way I’ve never experienced before in cardio. There’s no corporate, sanitized feel; rather, Megan (and Morgan!) are *real*, totally present, and just want us to enjoy moving our bodies. I feel stronger in this half year of doing the Sculpt Society than ever in my life (am in late 30s), and this comes after decades of zero consistency and little joy (and all pressure!) in movement. I even find myself looking forward to breaks in the work day to sneak in a few minutes of TSS and plan my mornings around her love workouts. Thank you, Megan, for your dedication to your audience and for helping me radically shift my relationship to exercise. So much love, appreciation, and respect!
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4 years ago, sam the man jackson
The only thing I’ve stuck with!
I’ve always been so back and forth with working out and sticking with something for as long as I can remember. I started TSS in April and I’m so grateful I did because it’s made me feel so motivated to keep coming back and workout 5 days a week which is something I’ve NEVER done for multiple months in a row. Megan’s workouts are always fun while still being challenging and the fact that she does the whole thing with you is what pushes me to finish it. Her positive messages have helped me so much with how I view working out and consistently reinforce that you can get an amazing workout in no matter how much time you have. I’m constantly feeling stronger, seeing more definition in my body day by day, and most importantly trusting the process instead of rushing to see results. The icing on the cake is the fact that there’s yoga and meditation on the app too! I can finally cancel my gym membership and am so grateful to have found a workout that I can truly say I love!
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4 years ago, lisa niesje
the perfect workout!! literally the most fun you’ll have
after quitting ballet it was really hard to find a workout that i enjoyed as much as dancing. i struggled a lot with body image bc i gained some weight after quitting and then started struggling a lot in my relationship with food and my body (aka restricting and trying to lose weight). megan and her workouts have been SO instrumental in helping me heal that relationship with food and my body. her workouts have given me such a fun escape especially during quarantine and i finally understand what it feels like to truly ENJOY movement rather than it feeling like a duty. i follow her on instagram too and she just has the best view on body image and food and she’s so encouraging! i love how body positive her workouts are- she doesn’t focus on losing weight but rather feeling stronger and healthier and i love that!! megan is such a gem in the fitness world and i’m so grateful i found the sculpt society. if you have any doubts just join!! you won’t regret it :)
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4 years ago, xomayaox
Good Short Sculpts
I mostly use this app for shore 30 min sculpt workouts after being introduced to her workout in NYC pre pandemic. I prefer longer 1 hour workouts but if I need to go to work and I don’t have time I will do the 30 min sculpt. She is very sweet and upbeat and I feel the burn in just 30 min. My other workouts are usually dance based but I use other apps for that. The level of dance cardio she does is more of a follow along basic repetitive style for beginners to get some cardio. If you are a dancer you will find it too boring. I usually just FF through those parts to get it the sculpt. Now that most apps have a lot more live options I have moved away from this app as much as she recently has not been posting as many as the pandemic progresses and there isn’t that much new content. The music is a bit strange but I understand there are limitations to music rights in pre-recorded videos. You won’t hear any new pop music. I would recommend that she bring in some other instructors so she can increase the content now that her name is out there.
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4 years ago, HilMo-C
found b/c COVID-19 and here to stay after
I decided to try the sculpt society in May for indoor at home workouts due to COVID-19. Shout out to all my high risk millennials. I digress, I came in with fairly low expectations, I am an avid hiker and biker so get most of my exercise done outside, but I needed something for when the weather started heating up since gyms are out of the question & running up and down my home stairs was getting old. With that said, I am extremely impressed. Especially for the cost. I can do morning workouts live if I’m up in time or have a break from work, if not there are loads of videos to consume in off hours when I just need to get a quick workout in. I didn’t plan on continuing with this subscription once Covid eased up, but now I’m here for a long time, especially so when comparing it to the gym, it’s cheaper, cleaner, and has given me a better workout than running on a treadmill, or taking a random gym class.
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4 years ago, i love idol
Saved my life during Covid
Megan’s TSS workouts are my absolute favorite digital workout out there. I used to take TSS classes at Equinox and I was so happy to find that they are available in digital form. As someone who has done every workout under the sun, this is the first that keeps my attention - I have been doing her workouts 4-5 times a week since March and have yet to get bored of them because there are so many different types and I can target certain areas when I’m sore with the quickies. She also makes seemingly complicated routines SO easy to follow with her queues. As a bonus the app is super easy to use and you can download the apple tv one to easily display on a big screen. I seriously can’t recommend this app enough!!! The yearly membership is so worth it, I will continue with it even post Covid so I always have access to easy workouts with minimal equipment when i’m traveling.
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5 years ago, BlueRabbitsMoon
Of all the options out there, this is my #1!
I’ve been doing at home workouts a LONG time. I’ve done Tracy Anderson, Sweat Kayla Itsines/ Chontel Duncan and Kelsey Wells, I’ve done Xtend Barre, Body by Simone... and this program is my absolute favorite hands down! Here’s why: - Small muscle group activation and balance. These are areas that I noticed were not being addressed by my other workout routines so well. Some got close to hitting my weak spots, but Megan’s program zeroes in on my hard to get areas for strength in balance. - Those abs. This is what made me download the app in the first place. Looking at photos of TSS devotees uniquely tapered obliques. And oh boy do I feel my obliques now! - Personality. A trainers personality is important to me- I have to look and listen to them a lot and having to deal with cold or overly enthusiastic personalities is not so motivating. I find Megan’s demeanor pleasant and encouraging without being too much. I feel like we could get along in real life. - Mixing cardio, weights, and mat work in a streamlined way that doesn’t feel like too much to handle. I feel pushed each time, but not to the point that I’m dreading my next workout. It’s perfect for doing every day or fitting it in rotation with other activities. It feels very personalized and customize able the way the app is designed. Thanks Megan Roup I really enjoy your app!!
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4 years ago, notmadzaboutit
I got the app at the end of March when I realized working out in a gym was no longer accessible. My sister and I took a class from Megan before Covid in New York while on vacation and I was immediately hooked! Megan makes every single workout so enjoyable and efficient. Her lingo (party, single single double, etc) is one of my faves. I don’t know any instructors who have their own language for certain moves that are incorporated throughout the workout! It was easy to catch on after taking just a few classes and watching the beginner classes. I’ve introduced a few friends to the app in the last couple months and even the ones who have never danced in their lives are loving SS! I definitely feel stronger and accomplished after completing any of the workouts including the quickies. Can’t recommend this app enough. THANK YOU to Megan Roupe for making workouts at home so fun!
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4 years ago, Mel5728
The only workout that STICKS!
I am almost 30 and I feel like I’ve tried so many different variations of workouts and different programs, but have never stuck with anything longer than a few weeks. I don’t know what it is about The Sculpt Society, but it keeps me coming back day after day since I bought the subscription at the beginning of the year! I think Megan plus the variation of moves (which often feels like a really good deep stretch) is what I love about it. Megan is so positive and really encourages to modify any moves to make them feel good to you. I feel pushed and motivated during all of her classes and love that she is constantly adding to her already expansive library, where I can really go watch whatever workout I want to do at any time. My boyfriend even mentioned how he’s never seen me stay with something so consistently! I really love The Sculpt Society ❤️
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1 year ago, niffermaria
SO glad I gave TSS a whirl - I’m hooked!
I have been hearing about TSS for a while now and have always been curious. But I already subscribe to so many other fitness apps (and gyms) that I love. However, I my intrigue compelled me to download the app and do the 7 day free trial — and I immediately fell in love with Megan and her method. The workouts are challenging (like, amazingly hard for the Booty …. but this is my favorite area to work!) but also so much fun and seem to fly by. I love the dancing arms and dancing with weights. Very creative. I understand the app recently was redesigned and I love the UI and features. It’s so user friendly and great for those who love to plan their workouts and mark favorites to do on repeat. I’ve tried 6 of the workouts so far and would give each of them 5 stars. Thank you Megan - you rock!!
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4 years ago, Kchristine28
what I’ve been looking for! 😁
Megan’s workouts are the most fun, feel-good, engaging, and challenging routines with the best ~flow~....their accessibility allows you to jump in or out, and you never feel too bad about yourself for not getting it perfect...Megan creates this aura of “taking things lightly.” I feel like I’ve just been searching for this stuff and trying to make it up on my own...ha! When I got out of college 4 years ago and stopped rowing crew, I created circuit workouts mixed with some cardio and used bands, gliding discs, ankle weights and lighter hand weights. I’ve been doing this the past 4 years. Megan’s moves are unique and better than I could have ever thought of. Oh and the dance cardio.... SUCH an awesome way to workout because I love dancing and jumping around. Doesn’t feel taxing like normal workouts because it’s fun—and still tough! I love this amazing app 💜
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2 years ago, LaurenMargaret1984
I love TSS
I love the sculpt society. A friend of mine introduced me to it about a year ago. I’ve been on and off consistent, but every time I get back on the band wagon, it brings me so much joy. I’ve been consistent for the past few weeks and see a difference. I’m toning up and slimming down. I look forward to their workouts and feel so happy afterwards. The workouts are challenging, but all three teachers: Megan, Katy and Matt have such incredibly positive and encouraging attitudes that help you get through it. They aren’t phony or cheesy. They are down to earth and positive. They incorporate a lot of interestingly unique moves and positions that I had never been introduced to at the gym (when I used to go). I trust these interesting moves are helping target different muscles, bc Im seeing a difference. I highly recommend TSS.
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2 years ago, kjspadaro
Changed my life
This app changed my life. It changed the type of workouts I do. I saw results I wasn’t getting with the million other workouts I’ve tried over the years. It changed the way I view working out. It’s not about “losing weight” it’s about moving your body for your physical and mental health. They never compare bodies or show side by sides. It taught me to appreciate my body and what I have. It taught me that workouts don’t need to be hours long. Sometimes 10 minutes a day is all we have time for or all we need. This app really teaches you the importance of moving your body and appreciating your body. It is also really fun. Lastly, it brings together an incredible community. I can’t thank the TSS team and family enough for how it has changed my life! Thanks Megan!
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4 years ago, WaneoCA
Daily mental and physical boost
I LOVE and count on the TSS! If I have 5 minutes or 60 minutes to workout, Megan makes me feel like it was good decision to spend it doing something for ME and my physical and mental health. She is always encouraging and “suffers” right along with me! She provides structure and modifications for all levels. It’s like working out with a friend who has my back 😊 I would not be as fit, or mentally sound, from March (when my daughter told me to try it during quarantine) until now, without Megan/TSS! In the beginning I counted on TSS to take me away each day and allow me to come away renewed and refreshed. Now I am addicted and look forward to the “torture!” It has made, and makes, a difference with my mental and physical health! So grateful and much healthier! Thanks Megan/TSS!!!
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1 year ago, mama and her traveling peeps
Best Workouts, Intuitive App/Platform, Lots of Content
This app/Megan Roup has completely changed my fitness life! A former athlete, former equinox gym rat, now Mom to three (due with #4!), The Sculpt Society allows me to workout whenever I want at home whether it be with a 12 minute booty quickie or a 40 minute full body sculpt. The annual subscription is worth every penny! Thank you Megan and team for constantly churning out new content and keeping us all motivated. Wonderful prenatal and postpartum programs, daily live workouts, new videos added weekly. It really has replaced my fitness routine as a mom to littles and I’m so grateful for the mental and physical strength I get from TSS workouts!!! The app and website has a nice intuitive layout that is easy to search and navigate. Thank you!!! 💪🏼🤸🏼‍♀️😅💦
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4 years ago, Laura J L
Finally found a workout that agrees with my body!
Megan is a true gem and talented instructor. She’s friendly, inspiring, and so natural on camera. Nothing from her feels forced, preach-y, or inauthentic. The Sculpt Society method is an at-home workout that truly agrees with my body where I see results and shockingly by working out less than I ever have. Megan always keeps it I retesting to the point where I feel challenged to choose which videos I want to do each day because I love so many and she’s always delivering new content. Even better, I feel so joyous doing it. I’m excited to wake up and workout with Megan. The dance cardio and sculpt routines are all challenging yet fun - I’m excited to try the new yoga as well. I’ve started telling everyone I know about the app and feel truly changed by it. I can’t recommend it enough!
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3 years ago, trytryagain1206
The only workout app I’ve ever kept
I freaking love these videos. It’s the only app I’ve ever managed to consistently use (and I have tried a lot). The workouts are fantastic, and Megan’s vibe is surprisingly down-to-earth. The music isn’t intrusive, but it helps you get into the groove of the workout. Her exercises are compound movements that target lots of muscles at once. They keep things interesting, so I don’t get bored and start focusing on the difficulty. But they’re simple enough that I can do them—they’re not intimidating. She really makes you feel good about yourself too—she doesn’t lecture, and she doesn’t make you feel like you have to push yourself to extremes in order to be proud of yourself and get results. The result is that I finish her workouts feeling capable. And my body looks great.
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3 years ago, jeb1224
Wish I found this sooner!
Tried this app out after reading a Facebook post from one of my favorite barre instructors recommending it. Since the barre studio I attended closed permanently due to COVID i struggled with motivation and doing the same workouts on repeat. Finding TSS has brought a supportive fitness community back into my life. Love that I can join a live class and interact with the instructors or catch it another time when it fits into my schedule. The library of workouts is expansive and meets whatever need I have. I like the options of following one of the challenge schedules or just choosing my workouts off the menu. I find the workouts to be as intense as I need them to be (spicy) and surprised with how quickly I can hit my target heart rate.
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4 years ago, MrsVinNJ
Fantastic workout, never dull!
Megan’s workouts are efficient and fun. She absolutely knows what she’s doing; will remind you of the form you should be holding, she works you hard, yet somehow it’s still fun! The workout is definitely in the name - you absolutely sculpt, esp with consistency, and you feel so good after each and every session. These workouts are what have made the pandemic of 2020 bearable for me - even when/if life does get back to normal, I’m not sure I will need my local gym as these workouts, along with running, give me everything I need. Megan is brilliant - don’t know how she does it - her reps and routines are genius and she executes with such enviable expertise and ease (I always wonder how she manages to count reps accurately in her head and talk to us!!)! Love her and so glad to have found her!
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4 years ago, mayreem
Excellent, motivational & works!
Megan Roup’s Sculpt Society is absolutely amazing. She uses is small movements combined with dance and I have never had such a great full body workout. She hits all the muscle groups and incorporates dance to target cardiac health. Following her calendar, you become lean, strong and healthy inside and out! I’m a cardiologist and recommend aerobics with strength training to all my patients but without fad exercises that can be counter productive and actually heart harmful. Her exercises are smart, well thought-out and work. Megan’s demeanor is also extremely encouraging, she always has a smile on her face and says the exact right things when the workouts gets super tough to keep you positive and finish strong. I also love the way she speaks about body image and strength. 100% recommend.
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2 years ago, 377gm
An effective and fun workout. Highly recommend!
I’ve been a TSS member for 2+ years and have yet to feel in a rut with my routine given the wide variety of workout options on this app. I love the ability to customize my workout, whether I’m looking for a challenging sweat, a gentler workout or to stack a few quickies when I’m pressed for time. Megan is an ideal teacher and brings so much warmth, positivity and encouragement to her classes. I’m so impressed by all the work she has put in to create this program. It’s been so fun to watch the program grow and add new trainers, like Katy and Matt, who bring new energy to workouts as well. I personally feel so much stronger and happier in my body thanks to staying consistent with TSS. You won’t regret it!
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3 years ago, Montgomery777
Love Megan! Love her app!
After having my second child, I just could not get motivated to work out. But desperate to find something, I tried the 14 day free trial and so glad I did. First of all, love Megan!! Never met her obviously but just from the videos and the lives, she just seems like a super sweet person and you can tell she cares. Second, the work outs are just so awesome. I love the dance cardio!!! And there is so much variety and different types of videos that you will not get bored. And third, I like that there are the lives as well. It feels like you are showing up for a class and knowing that other people are working out at the same is so good to know, especially since we are still keeping our distance.
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4 years ago, kiravoit
The perfect workout!!
I LOVE this app!!! From the AMAZING creator of the Sculpt Society (Megan Royo, seriously, SO positive!!) to the workouts, to the functionality of the app, to the community - I love it all! The Sculpt Society meets you where you are and makes you better! Some days I follow the Live Workouts in the app and that’s my workout for the day. Other days I’m so energized after the Live that I go into the library and choose additional workouts to do. And finally, there are days when I do workouts other than TSS and will add on a TSS quickie like core or arms. I’m finding so much more balance in my body and it feels so good to MOVE this way! There are workouts for everyone - beginner, quickies, dance cardio, sculpting, and full body. There’s even yoga now too! Seriously cannot recommend this program enough!
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2 years ago, Carly5255555
I cannot recommend enough. The app is really well thought out, the team is always coming up with new programs and ways to make it more user friendly (for example, they created a portion for workouts with different types of injuries), and every workout is jam packed to give you an amazing burn and sweat! I’ve always loved working out, but I’ve noticed myself being more positive, kind and loving to myself after listening to the TSS team over the past year of using the app. I’ve also become way stronger and still get the same burn I do with barre/Pilate classes, and same sweat and heart rate in TSS dance cardio as in spin/running classes! As someone who loves working out and dancing, I cannot recommend enough!
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4 years ago, briananicole1991
favorite workout ever
I’d known about megan and the sculpt society from instagram for awhile now, but never really looked into the program or workouts until covid as I needed a workout from home option. I had always been going to Barrys or Orangetheory and was really getting over how high impact it was on my body. After starting the sculpt society, it’s safe to say I will not be going back to other studios classes or gyms. This is the best workout ever - it feels good on the body, gets your heart up, tones your body, is fun and has many options for however you are feeling that day. I have never worked out more consistently in my life and actually enjoyed it. Megan makes you want to workout and it’s such a great community. Excited to continue on the sculpt society journey!
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2 years ago, mama of theee
New mama
I am a mom of three with my most recent baby being born four months ago. Due to our busy family schedule and the pandemic I don’t make it to the gym as much as I used to. I did extensive research and have tried many different fitness apps and The Sculpt Society checks ALL of the boxes for me. Megan and team are motivating and energetic and I feel like they are truly invested in bringing the most efficient and effective workouts to this platform. I did the TSS Mamas program and loved the consistency it provided to me even on days that I was exhausted. It feels like a treat for myself that I look forward to instead of something that’s hanging over my head that I have to fit into my day. Love the team. LOVE the app. Love it all!
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3 years ago, DaniBoggs
I look forward to workouts now!
As a former dancer I was really intrigued by Megan’s story the first time I heard her on the Be Well By Kelly podcast about two years ago. I wasn’t sure how much I would love dance cardio but thought it was worth a try. I fell head over heals for The Sculpt Society and all it’s spicy glory! I’m so grateful for these home based workouts that I can do at any time, any where, and for the range in length and intensity. I’m 9 months pregnant and have been doing the workouts throughout my whole pregnancy. I absolutely loved following Megan alongside her pregnancy journey, and am feeling extra grateful for the TSS Mama program! Really looking forward to the Postpartum program as well! Highly recommend this program to anyone!
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4 years ago, TSS fan!
Surprised by how much I love this!
Really loving the options and variety on this app! Tried it out during quarantine and honestly though I wouldn’t love it as I thought it was mostly dance cardio. I was SO wrong. It is mostly “sculpt” and “quickie” classes and I absolutely love the variety in this app! So many good low impact options and an amazing variety of short to long videos to mix it up, combine videos, or just get a quick workout in. I feel like these workouts really work muscles that I didn’t even know I had and I am seeing and feeling results in my muscle tone, strength, and feeling less bloated. I would recommend to anyone of any skill level! The moves do take some getting used to but you will get the hang of them after a few videos. Love it!!
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3 years ago, mrs houweling
Simply the best
I’ve always been a person who prefers to run, go to gym or boutique fitness studios to workout, but when the shelter in place order happened I needed to find a new routine. I started a trial on the sculpt society in April thinking I’d try it out for a month but I’ve been using the app almost everyday since then. I’ve fallen in love with it because It’s super fun. I never get bored because there are so many workouts nor do I feel the pressure to workout for more than 30-45 minutes. I’ve also lost 12lbs, which has been a wonderful surprise. Megan has really helped me have a positive attitude towards my body and what I eat. I can’t recommend sculpt society more and it’s super easy to travel with.
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3 years ago, Fran Voorhees
If you like to dance and sculpt then you’ll love this app!!
Great workout, great teacher and a great sweat. Some days I’m all about the dancing and cardio and others I would love to slow it down and feel a really good burn. Either way you’ll love The Sculpt Society! So many great options catered to the amount of time that you have to workout. I found this app through another amazing coach (Charlee Atkins Le Sweat) who never lets me down. Megan is so sweet and passionate and cares a lot about her community. I feel like we’re friends because she takes the time after live workouts to chat and “catch up” - my favorite part. With these two women and apps you will not need to waste time driving back and forth to a gym - trust me.
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2 years ago, MarinCountyFan
Effective, Fun, and Life Changing
I’ve always loved movement. It’s been four months since I downloaded TSS and I’ve never been stronger, but more importantly, I’ve never felt so positive about my body and my ability to commit to movement. Megan is likeable and honest and she is right there moving with you! If you have six minutes, you can burn out those arms with a quickie arms, and if you’ve got longer, great!! TSS isn’t about punishing yourself to look better. It’s about meeting you where you are in the moment and yet, you always will rise to the challenge because Megan is so supportive. I love this program and have done the gentle program as wel as the true beginner. Highly recommend and so glad I found it!
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4 years ago, zoeysmamabear
The only workout I’ve stuck with
I normally cycle through a lot of different workouts but during COVID-19 I started Sculpt Society and I’m still super into it. Is it Megan’s super supportive attitude and good cueing? Is it the wide variety of workouts? Is it the movement that feels so manageable but works so intensely? I don’t know but it proved that you don’t have to jump around making yourself crazy to burn fat off your body. I actually broke two toes in April and felt so discouraged because I physically could not do any cardio for six weeks. Just doing her sculpt videos and a combo of arm and ab workouts I still changed my body, without even putting on sneakers. Even if you have ten minutes, she has a workout for you. Thank you, Megan I am totally addicted! Love your good vibes!
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3 years ago, ChloeAbba
THE best workouts ever
Megan Roup has the best workout videos ever. She has her own exercises that are different than really anything I’ve ever done before. The flexibility of the videos and their rigor is what has me coming back whenever I can. She creates great schedules/challenges that you can follow. She makes fitness so enjoyable and so accessible. Even if I only have time for a six minute ab workout, it REALLY works you for those six minutes. Equipment is always optional, and I can assure you that you will still feel it if you don’t have it. The videos make you feeling better than ever, and those muscles are targeted and “sculpted” so well. I’ve gained so much strength and discipline from being part of the sculpt society. I love it!!!!!,
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1 year ago, TheDonkey5000
The only workout that got me to commit!
This app has been fantastic for me, I have a pretty active lifestyle, but was looking to making daily fitness a habit and Megan Roup has made it easy for me to do that. I now love working out, I look forward to it everyday - it is part of my mindfulness ritual, a time I use to nourish myself and give back to myself. I always feel strong after each workout and confident in myself. I love the variety of classes she offers as well as the daily live videos. I haven’t gotten bored yet, which has been an issue for me with working out in the past and I’ve been a member for over 2 years!! Thank you, Megan and Sculpt Society team!
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4 years ago, 123flora123
Have tried everything but this is the best
so worth every penny spent. Megan seems so lovely and down to earth. Everything is thought about for you, from beginner classes, to quick ten minutes to full 50 min body workouts. The dancing makes it so much more fun. I have two left feet and after a couple of classes I can keep up completely. 100% would reccoment wether you’re looking for more muscle definition, hiugher fitness level or weight loss - this will help you reach your goal. Next request: would love perhaps to see some nutrional videos to go with the classes i.e good food groups to stick with or how to fuel your body before each class? loving the meditation videos during the weekly programmes!
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3 years ago, riduhnakki
Love it! One piece of tiny feedback though :)
Hi! I love these videos! Thank you! After a month of use I have some constructive feedback I’d like to share. I’ve found that it’s very common that the “left”and “right” verbal queues are opposite of what is being demonstrated. This has often made it confusing, to the point I sometimes skip any abs or other work in between sets in order to promptly do the other side so that I don’t do the same side twice as the queues so often don’t match the visuals. It would be amazing if there could be greater attention to ensure the “left” and “right” verbal queues match what is being done so it would be easier to fully focus on the workout and the flow and not having to remember which sides were done for different combos. Thank you!
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4 years ago, CaitGTurner
Sculpt society has changed my body!
I have been doing Sculpt Society workouts 3-7 times a week for 5 months now and I have never seen so much improvement in my body. As a result of my consistant workouts my energy has sky rocketed, I feel lighter, have improved endurance, and my body is so much more toned! I have tried so many workout apps, but this one has stuck for me because the layout of the workouts. They are fast paced which makes the time fly by and Megan’s positive energy is infectious. My favorite aspect of the Sculpt Society is the follow along format! I never realized how much of an obstacle counting reps, setting timers, or navigating music was until starting the Sculpt Society. So so thankful I found this app! Thank you Megan!!!
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4 years ago, Tiafreeman
I’m Not Bored Working Out Anymore!
The Sculpt Society has changed the game in my workout routine! I used to go to the gym (and hate it), never really knowing if I was doing things correct/enough and I didn’t like the extra time it took to get there and back. It was so boring. Now I am fully engaged in the techniques and choreography of TSS. I really needed something guided. I also love that I can workout without anyone watching me 😅 Megan has put so much into this app and it shows! There are so many cardio and sculpt videos to keep you occupied and challenge every time. I love that even though I’m essentially working out by yourself, I still have the sense of accountability and encouragement from Megan. Also music is 👌🏼🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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4 years ago, KMPas
App could use some organization
Love the workouts and Meghan’s energy but the app could be more user friendly. I subscribe to multiple streaming workout apps and all the others have a feature that checks off workouts you’ve completed, or at least has a way to view your workout history. With this app, you have no way of knowing which videos you’ve completed. I often start workouts thinking “is this the same one I did last week?”. Would be great if it put the number of times you’ve watched each video in the corner so you can make sure you’re mixing it up. Also you have to scroll down pretty far on main page to get to some sections like prenatal. Maybe setting it up in columns would better or a menu at top to quickly get to the section you want.
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3 years ago, Chelsea Walsh Wellness
Makes me feel happy and alive!
Workouts aren’t always easy to get yourself to do, but The Sculpt Society makes it so much easier to feel motivated to do one. I love the energy that Megan and the team bring- feels like your working out with a friend. They keep you moving right along so there’s no time to doubt yourself and stop. You’ll want to keep up and finish the workout and when you do you feel awesome for it then and you’ll feel it the next day too (literally). I’m not a great dancer by any means, but I have so much fun learning to let lose in their beginning and finishing dance cardio warmups and cool downs. Try it out- it’s inexpensive and a really fun way to move your body and get a sweat in.
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