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The Vitamin Shoppe Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for The Vitamin Shoppe - VShoppe

4.82 out of 5
40.3K Ratings
3 years ago, SensualLady
I have been a member for more than 3 years and now the more I shop here and I m noticed the benefits of their products have become more so much BETTER ! Plus I didn’t realize their products have a lot of natural stuff that’s actually good for you! The vitamins here are better than CVS and Walgreens because, I used to buy my vitamins from them. I’ve had to buy 3-5 different types of vitamins just so I can take Multivitamins and taking more than 4-5 types of vitamins is actually doing more harm on you than improving your health and yourself!!! Now, I only take one and if I have to buy protein I go and shop at Vitamin Shoppe!!!
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7 months ago, rjbii1991
Black Friday bust
I ordered during their Black Friday sale of by one get one free. I completed check out, and was given the usual "congratulations on your order", along with an expected delivery time. A week went by without the order arriving, but with family in town, I didn't worry about it. I did check my emails during this time, but did not receive anything from The Vitamin Shoppe. After family left, I checked my account and found out that my order had been cancelled. No phone call, no email, no text message, no communication. I reached out to them, but their phone lines were "down" that day, so I used the chat function to communicate. After explaining the situation, the rep gave me the usual run around about how they would forward this to the billing department, so they could inform me what happened. I then asked them to honor the sale, especially since they made no effort to let me know it had been cancelled, but was told that they would have to inform management who would contact me within 24 hours. Shocker...3 days without any contact. I will not be doing business again with this company
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5 years ago, Soundingon
Vitamin Shoppe overall needs work
Love the app so far, but there are a couple changes I would make. One would be with the Spark program. I get texts whenever it’s time to have my products sent to me. Just recently, I got that text with an option to pick it up at the closest vitamin shoppe by replying with “store”. I was right around corner so replied “store” and went to the shoppe. I was then sent a text that I would receive an email when I could pick up the product... huh? So since I was at the store, I tried to go in and pick up the product, but was told I couldn’t pick anything up because no email had been sent yet. So I had to go home and go back to the store the next day to pick up the product (that they already had on their shelf)... When I finally got the product, there were no free samples like what you get when it’s delivered. Not too cool.
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6 years ago, M2812
Lots of potential
Overall I am pleased with the app. Everything I normally need to see or look up is right at my finger tips, so that’s good. On the flip side, I had trouble updating my credit card info when I got a new card. At first I wasn’t allowed to even edit info. Then I was allowed to but it didn’t seem to take? Even at my local store when they tried to help me on their tablet with my SPARK orders, only my old card (which was no longer active) would show so I couldn’t get my stuff. Was told that they could cancel all my SPARK’s and I could re-set them up as I purchased them again, but this isn’t a very convenient option as the purpose of having SPARK and the app was for MY convenience. Some work needs to be done in order to make everything work more smoothly going forward if you want to have a good customer engagement tool like this app.
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5 years ago, Ralphum1
I’ve been a customer for years not a large one a small customer many years ago when I needed something fairly quick I could always rely on the vitamin shop to get it to me quicker. The past five years they have not been able to keep up with so many other companies that is their competition. I knew them for being quicker and efficient now they are beneath the bar of which I can get the same products from another location. And my company I seen trends say keep inventory to a minimum and the customer will just have to wait if we are back ordered. I’ve seen so many companies in my industry go down this road and it never ends up good some brainiacs also feel as though that they need to get the product inventory on our shelves down they don’t realize the repercussions of waiting and then finding that their business as dwindled and you have no return customers
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2 years ago, JTW1970
Good store but…
This store is great for all your vitamins needs however do NOT use it with INSTACART! The INSTACART app will take your money and without the benefits of sales or buy one get one free. You are already being charged for the fees with the INSTACART app but then you don’t get benefits of the sales or access to all of their products for substitution if they are out at the store! Again I have nothing against Vitamin Shoppe but they should want to help their customers better by giving INSTACART more access to a better selection of products and the deals! If you have to buy from here pre-order and have it shipped or pickup!
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5 years ago, Onchisorehead
At checkout I’m asked for my email and password. I have NEVER had a password for my account. So I tap the link to create/reset a password, and am told that my password has been reset, and to check my email. There is no email message. I repeat this several times with the same result. Maybe I don’t have an account? So I go through the process of creating an account, but am told that an account with this information already exists. But I have no way of signing in because I have no way of knowing my password. There is no way to check out as a guest. I will have to get the products elsewhere.
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9 months ago, DeeJuli808
Great App
Great useful app. The platform is clean and easy to navigate. No problems checking out. Customer service is prompt and awesome! You can connect via the app in a form if you need to contact them. I had to stop shopping ever since they began charging a surcharge to my area. I wish that would change. Sometimes, their shop near me is out of stock of what I want. Using this app came in handy. The last two times I tried to use it though there were issues. It wouldn’t let me add the items to my cart. I tried two different ways and still didn’t work. This issue was never resolved. Happened awhile back and still persists.
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5 years ago, Part-time player 71
Product Deciding
I’m new to your app. I like the appearance and ease of navigating through the app. The app responds quickly and no error messages or unable to perform at this time. However while I was searching for products I couldn’t find a favorite button, I’m the type of person who picks approximately 10-12 products in my specific diet then go back and choose 2-4 of them to buy this month, next month try 2-4 different ones of my favorites and so on until I have tried all of them. I will then delete the ones I don’t like and keep the ones I do and keep reordering them. So a favorite button would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and you’ve done a great job.
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7 years ago, Hoban's Little Hen
App is useless - Wish I could choose 0 stars
For many many months, more than I care to recount, I have had this app. EVERY time I try to login, it gives me the exact same message. That this is a technical issue and that I should try logging in later. I’ve had an account with Vitamin Shoppe for years now. Today I redownloaded the app thinking it’s been long enough now, I should be able to redownload it and log in without issues. Of course not! When I’ve talked to VS reps who have the app they all say they have no problem logging in and have never seen this error message! I can log in online on the website and I even attempted to “sign up” via the app but it actually worked by saying there was already an account with my info. Why in the world can I not log in?! So absolutely frustrating! The app is up to date and so it my iPhone...
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4 years ago, not the girl from catfish
Vitamin shoppe is the best!
First of all, I was always a GNC shopper prior to the pandemic. Not because i didn’t like vitamin shoppe, but because it was just close to my house. Since the pandemic someone told me vitamin shoppe ships things extremely fast and rarely run out of products. I decided to give it a try and I was really shocked. In two days my package came and everything was exactly what I ordered. The prices are awesome, there are almost always coupons or promo codes.. I spend less money and get my products way faster! I’m officially addicted to this app. Constantly scrolling through at night to look at what’s new.
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7 years ago, Gypsycowgirl777
"Whoops...technical issues"
Downloaded the app hoping to be able to control my recurring orders from my phone when I wasn't around a computer. But I couldn't even log in because I kept getting an error stating "whoops we are experiencing technical issues please try again later." I tried again many times and much later. Still nothing. Let me know when your app works and I'll download it again. Update on 18 Dec Thank you for fixing the issue. My app now works and I have changed my rating to five stars.
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2 months ago, lettertotim
Crashes constantly, can barely use it
The Vitamin Shoppe Application constantly crashes and makes it very very difficult to search and review items which also leads to frustration and major delays in being able to place an order. There are enough comments on here about this now for them to look into this further and hopefully get it resolved. I should mention that I am a long time customer and long time user of the app from the iTunes Store (I use an iPhone XR with the latest update and have no issues with any other applications crashing). There were quite a few years when there were no issues at all with the Vitamin Shoppe app, but the last year (2023-to the present) it has really gone downhill.
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4 years ago, Clay614
App problems that need corrected
The app does not let you choose delivery options. I have tried to order a new item and it keeps giving me store pick up. We are on lock down. There is no store pick up option. I want the item shipped. Correct this. It is very difficult to order. You should be able to choose shipment at check out not by product availability.
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11 months ago, craab15
App glitches a lot causing charges but no orders..
This has happened a handful of times while trying to order products. The system glitches then charges my card/PayPal but doesn’t have an actual order tied to the charge so I have to fight tooth and nail to get my money back in my account from PayPal because a lot of the time Vitamin Shoppe states they can’t do anything about this time around I can’t even speak with someone to get this last charge handled. I would say don’t use the app if you use PayPal because it glitches way too much.. I loved Vitamin Shoppe but this makes me want to shop somewhere else.
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3 years ago, ketobbwblondie
I don’t understand
As I’m waiting to pay the guy in front of me is paying and the cashier asks him would you like some free amino‘s he goes oh sure great thank you he gets done he pays I’m up next I called in a $125 order and then I’m also shopping and picked up a few other things OK he says nothing to me would you like some free amino‘s nothing I got all I was just wondering when you were gonna ask me if I would like something for free what does he give me oh here’s some collagen for you which is fine but what is it a guy thing.I’m literally in my workout outfit straight from the gym I’m there at least three times a month spent thousands of dollars at this place it’s just unreal to me.
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4 years ago, GMa Seuss
Web site stinks.
Spent considerable time placing a large order and submitted it. Even though I set my home store and checked store location when placing my order, the order was sent to a different store. There was no indication at placement this was being done. Had store cancel that order and tried to resubmit. This time the order was shifted to home delivery and I could not change the option. Tried again and got a different option that said to try back later and said I had subscribed to auto delivery which I had not done. When I checked, it appeared there was BP not actually items set to auto delivery. This web site has some serious issues and needs some programming intervention.
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5 years ago, benman8
Website review
Love the products, hate the drop downs that occur when you mouse over any tab near the top of the screen. They hang forever before going away. They also slow down the process of loading a new page. I also have problems with my auto ship loading. I really do love the products! Great selection. Please work on the website.
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5 years ago, erikae4
Auto ship is a nightmare
I have had nothing but problems with the auto ship. If I want to edit my order in any way, I have to call customer support, I cannot do it through the app even for simple things like switching flavors. I had to cancel my store account because it wouldn’t link to the account on my app so I continue to have to call to edit my order each month. My shipment didn’t even ship this month due to yet ANOTHER unknown issue. So I’m not quite sure who created this app but it’s essentially useless as far as auto ship goes. The lack of continuity is frustrating. When customer service pulls up my info it actually says I have 2 accounts. Figgur it oot!
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6 years ago, atugacoach
I think it may be very helpful and awesome to add a Like List or a Wish List option on the website/app. I'm building my health & wellness collection but can't always buy everything at once. I screenshot my interests to later get back to exactly what I've researched and found & just have to re-navigate my way back. Just my opinion on what would make the website/app better. Thanks for all that you do and provide to make this a better planet through health and wellness! 😀
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8 months ago, ika1ka85
I tried to purchase items from my cart, but when I used PayPal, it got stuck on purchasing. Then the order didn’t go through. I then try to go to their website and I can’t see the items in the cart so I can’t purchase anything. I then delete the app and reinstall it, but now it won’t even let me login despite the fact that I’m able to log into the website. So I can’t buy from the browser, and I can’t buy from this app since it won’t let me login. I might have to switch to GNC or a different spot that doesn’t have problems with these basic operations.
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4 years ago, flyingdog420
Product availability not that great
I used to love ordering from this app and recently have noticed nearly half the products I like to use are either starting to be discontinued or they are only available for in store pickup... if I wanted to go to the store to pick these items up there would be no need for this app... they push you to use the app but can’t offer their full product line via the app... pretty disappointing to say the least... will continue to use the app for now until I can find a replacement...
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2 months ago, Jr Waz.
I cancelled my automatic subscription. It then showed that nothing solid be charged to me. A month later I get a tub of protein delivered to me. I was charged again for it even though I cancelled it. I check my app to make sure and it was reactivated. I know that because it shows me the last date I deactivated it which was April 7th 2024. I never reactivated it. It did it on its own and just decided to charge me. The vitamin shoppe has good stuff but unless you want to randomly be charged without knowing, don’t use their automatic subscription service.
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6 years ago, Timberwolf223
Supplements on demand
Going to the store before work or on a day off has always been my routine. Sometimes I just don’t have time to browse. Using the app to order makes it a lot easier. All I have to do is order, walk in, pick up and I’m on my way out. I don’t have to wait for the shipment, I can have it the same day and be able to merge it with my errands.
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5 years ago, Doneedit
Could Be Great
I like having an app that streamlines my Vitamin Shoppe activities, and the product descriptions are good. However, it seems every time I use it something doesn’t work right. Either the promotion coupon doesn’t go through or the promotion is limited but not really stated clearly or PayPal doesn’t work with it well or something. I’d really like to see the app developers comb through the app and make improvements and updates. I want to use the app to get healthy, not a headache.
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2 years ago, SeaQuestKid
Subscription List not showing. Only Future deliveries show in Auto Deliveries
Making changes on subscriptions is too difficult. The program only goes to auto delivery and shows future shipments. The screen shows that I can go to “My Subscriptions” to manage subscriptions but clicking the link only takes me to Auto Delivery and I am only looking at future deliveries and not my complete Subscription List. My recent order to ship on July 14 changed part of my original order of 1 Orgaine protein canisters to 3 canisters.
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6 months ago, Cool pink chick
Fix your bugs!
The reset password option never sends the email! Trying to check out and pay with Apple Pay does not work. Tried to add a credit card and it says to update billing and shipping information. I’m not shipping my products, it’s in store pickup. I added my address anyway, still get the same error. There is only one place to add an address…curious what your backend erp is as you clearly need to link the one address to both billing and shipping. This app needs lots of work, painful experience.
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5 years ago, Sylvia Lou
Wed site (:
I send up for auto delivery on my regular items but if I need to change items the website will not let me. So I receive items I do not need and have to order the items I need with regular shipments plus delivery fee. Also it does not automatically take my bonus points when I check out for auto deliveries. Need to fix these problems. I have been using Vitamin Shoppe for all my items for many years but I think I am about to change. Can not afford getting things I do not need and then paying extra to receive the items I do need. ):
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4 years ago, Tokneearm
Does Vitamin Shoppe want anyone to buy anything electronically?
I have an I-pad, this should not eliminate me from making purchases. 1. I was having trouble with the app which continually asks for q a reset. 2. I went to the website: The menu item I select directs me to specific items, instead of selection. When I contact chat, I am advised to hover over item, which requires a mouse. Chat naturally advises to use the app. 3. Using the app: There is only one position for the window. Logging in resets requires copying and pasting password into your own folder. I did not see any instructions to do this, it is not automatically saved to a folder.
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5 years ago, Scooby55306
Unuseable app
I frequently shop at Vitamin Shoppe and downloaded the app for convenience ordering items. Every time I click to add an item to my cart I get an error message saying “We’re sorry, we’re unable to add the item to the cart.” This happens regardless of the item (I’ve tried a variety of items). I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled with no luck. I’ve contacted customer service by email several times with no response back. This issue makes the app not functional. Skip installing the app and just use the website. I might consider shopping elsewhere with a store which has a useable app.
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6 years ago, serrynyc
Lexington and 57th Street Store
I went to this store to item that I recently purchased for the reason of side effect of the product. This woman who is there today was so rude and have no respect to start the argument . I went there one time on that same store which supposed to be open at 8am and the it’s already 10 mins after 8am and she is not in the store and it’s still close . This issue should be resolved and should notify her with her attitude problem with customer. I really appreciate for the management to go on this issue .its frustrating and to have an employee like her is bad for your business
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4 years ago, KAS48146
Easy to use!
I love the Buy Online, Pickup in store option. It lets you know which location near you has the product and how many are available. Even if I choose to have items shipped to me, they deliver fairly soon. I also like that I can manage my account with Auto Delivery and whatever my fitness or wellness goals may be.
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2 years ago, ThaDivaAllison
Store VS Online
Went to the store showed clerk my online order was cheaper asked if they could price match he said no. It’s the same company but I was out and about and stopped in to purchase left everything on the counter came back to the app on line wasted time store empty close it.
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4 years ago, davnbyron
New comer
I am new to this site and as I haven’t yet explored everything, I am both excited and pleased with what I’m finding. The site is easy to navigate and packed full of everything you need to live a happy and healthy life. I have already placed my first order and see many more easy shopping days to come. Very Satisfied!
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11 months ago, Disappointed Longtime Djay Fan
It Starts At the Top…
Before you buy from these guys, know that they have a weird policy about refunds. Also, they lie about warehouse stock in regards to shipping (the stores have the items). We would’ve been cool had they kept things respectful, but they blatantly shaded a mishap by their staff (that they upheld to be curtailed). These guys were cool before COVID, but since then, they simply just don’t care. Look online, and you’ll find there are other sites with lower prices, who won’t lie or disrespect you while you pay for them to exist as a brand. smh 🤦‍♀️
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4 years ago, ExtremeRickman
Doesn’t feel intuitive
I like the app just fine but it’s not amazing. I feel like it could be a little easier to navigate and I wish it would recommend and show me stuff based on what I’ve previously purchased. An icon on the main landing page showing my gold status and if I have an available reward would be nice; I want to feel important and motivated. Again, the app is fine, these are just thoughts.
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2 years ago, Grandma7T7
The Vitamin Shoppe App
The Vitamin Shoppe App makes it fast and easy to order my favorites! Signing up for Auto-ship both saves me money and helps by always having on hand the products I need. Thank you The Vitamin Shoppe for always having the latest products available.
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5 years ago, Redvic50
Inaccurate information
My orders take 9-20 business days to be processed and be delivered. This app never sends me a confirmation email for my order. Tracking dates for estimated delivery times keeps adding days. Not sure if my order went through at all. Usually have to call Customer service to verify.
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5 years ago, Johnnyappleseed11111
If I could give 0 stars this app deserves it. I have been unable to make purchases through this app. I downloaded it after receiving multiple emails from vitamin shoppe prompting their app. Items can be entered into the cart but payment can not be made. I spent almost an hour trying to do so and half an hour with a customer service rep and all they did was tell me to use the vitamin shoppe website. I’m a gold member with them but after this experience I don’t know if I will continue shopping with them. I do NOT recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Nursie<3
Shipping Charges
Be careful when checking out to see what you are being charged for shipping. Did the “free” and multiple times the other two options ended up being checked charging me more. Thankfully I saw it before I submitted order. Hopefully it was just a random glitch.
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4 years ago, Workout homie
Order Pre Workout
Ordered two True Athlete brand preworkout to pick up at the store and they didn’t have one of my product. The store manager gave me some kind of excuse that it could be in a box and would call me or mail to my home and as of 30 July 2020, I haven’t received either. I know Covid-19 is out there but don’t provide false hope or false information to the consumers. I’m still waiting on the other one I purchased through the app at the store. This is bad customer service period. No follow up call to me or anything. NEVER AGAIN!!!
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2 months ago, Bee kiddo
Keeps crashing
It’s been like this for a while now. And it’s fully up to date on my end. I can’t even check out at this point because when I try to click on an item to read information on it, it completely kicks me out of the app. This has been a consistent issue for well over a year now. I’m at the point where I don’t want to purchase online with them. Can’t see my account information because of this issue as well.
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3 years ago, Ocgirls
Latest update ruined the app
I used to constantly buy from the VitaminShoppe via auto delivery on the app, but this new update has caused me to purchase elsewhere. They changed the auto delivery so it only shows everything by date. You have to click on each date to find anything. So if you want to change the date or search for a vitamin in your auto delivery it is a nightmare.
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2 years ago, Aidkey
I can always find the supplements I need. And when I go to the store there’s also someone that can answer my questions and help me find what I need. At this time it’s hard for me to go to the shop so I order online which is great.
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6 years ago, weightlifting girl
A. I had an auto-delivery via the vitamin shoppe app that I attempted to cancel (1x) and though it said it was canceled, was still processed/charged/delivered. Canceled the shipment a second time (2x) and though the app stated it was canceled, was still processed/charged/delivered. Canceled the shipment a third time (3x) and the shipment was still processed/charged/delivered. I finally went into the store and they canceled it from their end, apologized, and canceled the auto delivery. ————- B. I took several months off from using the app due to the glitches, very unhappy, and big chunk of money lost. Used the app again to receive an IN STORE order to simply pick up in a rush. I had a $30 reward discount that should have brought my balance down to $0.00 that the app CLAIMED was applied —- NOPE. Lost another $30. HIGHLY DISCOURAGE THE USE OF THIS APP.
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2 years ago, bebop_player
Protein loans!
First off I’m a gold member and this used to be where I would get everything, but not anymore. Protein had skyrocketed and I realize prices are up everywhere, however, the prices were up incredibly fast at vitamin shoppe on most things. As high as a 19% cost increase which was not warranted. I’ve found equal to or the exact same products at much lower prices online. Just search for supplement price comparison.
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2 years ago, isaacspring14
Gets the job done without hassle
Helps me to order products easily. Search works well. Ability to add or update card for payment and address is good feature and works well. Overall great app
Show more
2 years ago, healthymomNY
Please add shopping list feature
Vitamin Shoppe is great and app is great for researching products and ordering products. I just wish it had the ability to save products for in store shopping and/or a favorites items list. Both features would improve the app.
Show more
3 years ago, Storm5586
Keep getting errors in every part of the checkout process. Screens not loading, Apple Pay wouldn’t work. Keep getting the experiencing difficulties message. Finally got Paypal to work and it doesn’t redirect you like everywhere else, they just charged my PayPal balance instead of following my payment preferences. Good deals but shotty app.
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3 years ago, Tito rah rah
Dumb automated system!
Received notice that they were our of auto delivered order. They offered 3 substitutes, one of which was the item they’re out of!!! Beyond belief! Why isn’t there an option to delay the delivery until it is restocked? Now I have to put the delivery on hold and constantly check until I find it in stock? Nope, don’t think so!
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