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Calisthenics Online LLC
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Thenx

4.78 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
1 year ago, kenzyrae
Frequent traveler and this app is amazing
I never leave reviews but this app has been amazing. I’m a 27 year old woman and travel frequently for dance. I felt like dance kept me relatively lean but I didn’t have the shape I wanted. I also got tired of spending money on monthly gym passes in different cities/countries. I got into calisthenics this month to improve strength and felt like the mobility/range of motion would help my dancing. After a short time, I have visible upper abs and feel so much stronger. They only thing I would love is to be able to swap certain movements for others in the app. I like the no equipment workouts, but would like to swap in some banded movements on leg day for more stimulus. However, I love the current price and understand complicating the app like that might raise the cost. So it’s definitely something I work around and just customize on my own.
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Incredible workouts, poor app
Let me start off by saying Thenx is great. Out of all the paid subscription based fitness plans I have tried out, this one takes the crown as being miles ahead of all of the rest. I’ve been using Thenx for two months now, and the results are undeniable. The app itself is the only thing I have an issue with. The design of the app is great, it has a very clean well put together UI, it even shows videos of each exercise when prompted to begin the workout. However the app is CONSTANTLY crashing. I find myself having the keep my phone open at all times during the workout and always on the app because of I were to turn the screen off on my phone or go out of the app for any reason, the app will crash and you have to re open it and start all over again with your workout. On top of that, I’ve sometimes had trouble with even opening the app and loading up the workouts themselves. As I said, this does NOT discredit the program itself as it is elite, but the app needs some fixing.
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2 years ago, Scott Richey
My review
I have enjoyed the ThenX app since November. The work outs are great. You can make them as hard or easy as you want. I increase the difficulty by taking 10 seconds between tasks when I can. I’ll be 43 next month and haven’t been in this great of shape or looked this good since I was 20 years old. Thanks. That was my review 3 years ago. I didn’t know I wrote it. I still stand by what I said then. It must have been 2019. I just turned 46 last month. I still really enjoy the AP. I had shoulder surgery last May and haven’t been able to do everything on this Ap. The AP is still helpful. The community of people are so encouraging. I modify the workouts to manage my shoulder and I’m slowly building myself back up to where I was before my shoulder. I’m still in the best shape of my adult life and love this AP.
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3 years ago, guest28603
Great app with room for improvement
I’ve been working out for 5 years and these programs makes me sweat like crazy. Chris is absolutely nuts, and about three weeks in I can now do sets of five on muscle ups which were never able to be achieved powerlifting. If any of the app designers are reading this, your improvements that should be made are following. I don’t want to unlock my phone every time I switch between workouts, if you found a way to short cut the workout into people’s Lock Screen it would make the app much better. Also, if I lock my phone the app reads that as me finishing my work out completely, so I’m not able to follow along with my work out as I go. Finally the sequence needs to be a little bit better, I cannot always reserve a bench or dumbbells and then go to the other side of the gym and come back 10 minutes later. All the dumbbell stuff should be together, and same with any other equipment.
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4 years ago, zmamak
The fitness app I have been SEARCHING for
I need to preface with the fact that I rarely ever write reviews. This would be my first for an app actually. I would say I’m considerably fit, and whenever I try out a fitness app I’m typically disappointed because they treat everyone like a beginner, or the movements never really get harder.. etc, etc. I have been looking for a program that pushes me, and develops my strength in an efficient and functional way. I have been meaning to try a calisthenics program for a while, and this has been amazing. I bought the membership within two days of having the app, and have been excited to do the workout of the day. It’s great because you can signify your level, and the amount of resources the app has outside of specific programs, are wonderful. And the quality is A1. I’m SUCH a fan. Go get this app. Now!
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7 months ago, topgunchris
Great app and training program!
Skeptical about all the fitness apps out there as most are recycled material, poorly constructed app or portal, mis leading advertisement to lure you in only to not experience what you expect , and or loss of motivation… Not this app and program! I’m a well rounded fitness person that does everything from body building to spartan races. Wanting to go more calisthenic and after a few programs… Thenx and Chris Heria. Honestly had never heard of the dude till now but I must say he knows his stuff. Great app, great programs, great motivation, easy to follow instructions and demos, pace how feel, and you can actually see and feel the progress. Bravo! By now if you have read all this, trust me, just go ahead and get the yearly subscription. You will be glad you did.😎
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5 years ago, Kelleen MW
It was good, WHEN it worked but couldn’t log in/support is slow to reply.
We subscribed to the ThenX app several months ago and it worked great. Then one day, we were unable to log into it and couldn’t recover our password. We finally reached out by email to the support group and didn’t get a reply. We messaged Chris Heria himself on his Instagram account and he looked into the issue and finally received a response from support. They were able to recover our account but it said that we didn’t have a subscription. I then screen shot several months of charges from our bank account that ThenX was in fact still charging us but we were unable to gain access to the monthly subscription we had been paying for. So I emailed support back (Cristi is who we’ve been in contact with from the beginning) but never got a reply after that. That email was from July 23, 2019 and it is September now. We were still charged for the month of August and since no one will fix our issue, I had to go and just have my old debit card cancelled to prevent further charges.
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5 years ago, nkarry
Fantastic offer and amazing content - also for free-version users!!
For anyone looking to get started or change up their routine, THENX is perfect for you. Most of the exercises can be done anywhere - at home, outside in a hotel room or at the gym. I‘ve been doing fitness and working out for decades now, but the workouts, progression moves and explanations here have taken it to a new level. Much of the content in this app is free, and there are no annoying ads either. So there are no excuses not to download it and give it a whirl. You won’t regret it. There’s a daily workout posted (as the title suggests) everyday - and for three fitness levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. I rarely write reviews, but this one is more than worthy and deserves a good one. Thanks Chris and all the folks at THENX for this. BTW, the workout pants (THENX Jogger II) are amazing!
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2 years ago, Dreznon
This paid workout plan will get you there.
The daily workouts are always different and set up for success. Tried and proven. However, the timers need to be revisited. I think it should automatically sequence instead of us having to stumble over to the phone after every exercise to tap a complete button. When the exercise has two workouts (example, side planks both sides) the timer should reset itself and continue for the other side. Chris, bruh, for real. Anyway, I consistently did this program for 3 months without taking a day off and I had a 6 pack of abdominals. I did not even have a 6 pack of abdominals when I completed the navy seals workout. Well, I kind of did, but they felt stronger with Thenx. The seals felt more like chest and bicep explosion.
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5 years ago, Krobopolis
ThenX is a game changer
If you are tired of the same workouts or your joints hurt from lifting heavy weights this App and highly affordable monthly program is a must try. Family, friends, and co-workers have noticed my gains more than when I was lifting and when I tell them I have not lifted one weight (beginner program) their minds are blown. The app is easy to use, keeps you motivated because you can see the progress in reps every few weeks. I’m excited that I have a personal trainer for the next year with all the program advancements. Can’t wait to see what I feel/look like after I complete them all. This is coming from a person who has been trying to figure out how to get the best physique for the last 10 years, hence why I am calling it a game changer.
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4 years ago, Rogue Symmetry
A great app but definitely a couple needs.
First off, I’ve been doing the beginner program on here for four weeks now and I’m already feeling and looking better. I love the accountability that paying for the premium membership presents to me and I love the workouts that are laid out. They seem to progress very well. Two things that should be glaringly obvious when designing a workout app: add sounds to the timer so I’m not constantly trying to strain during a work out and look at my phone. Also, the green countdown timer on a gray background is extremely difficult to see. Also, add a pause button. Sometimes life happens and I have to pause and come back to the work out later that day. Sometimes the app is still sitting there in some sort of self pause state, but other times it’s reset everything that I’ve done for the work out.
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6 years ago, Seattleite95
Great app! However, could use a couple of tweaks.
The videos are great, I love the workouts and the app looks awesome. Couple things I would recommend changing just for convenience sake: Either have the workout itself as the cover/thumbnail photo for each video or having pictures so you don’t have to wait for the video to load and go through the intro video. If you have bad service or don’t have unlimited data it can be very inconvenient because the video could take a while to load and you aren’t getting the best workout at that point. Also the timer isn’t the easiest to use because you have to scroll all the way up to pause and stop. It would be more convenient if it just stay in place on the screen even after scrolling down or up. Anyway, great workouts, you look great and I plan to get to the same level!
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3 years ago, DerpExplode
I have finally found the app i was looking for
I’ve been a bit overweight my whole life. I always wanted to lose the extra fat but didn’t know where to start. Every time I saw a fitness app I immediately quit because it was either A) too intimidating or B) workouts that weren’t really for “beginners”. That all changed when I saw Thenx. I originally first did a workout from it in 2018 and I always went back to it. I finally downloaded the app after all of these years and I can finally say this app is the least intimidating. The beginner workouts are actually for beginners yet incredibly challenging. I always feel good about myself after a workout on here and I don’t plan on getting rid of this app in the near future.
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2 years ago, glassowater
Great app, but please add this feature
I’m using the app and I’m paying the monthly subscription. The app is great for a beginner like myself. Some of the exercises are very difficult, but that’s expected because that’s the point. I would like to see a feature added to the app if possible. After finishing an exercise, the countdown timer starts and it shows you a picture of the “up next” exercise. Please make the thumbnail clickable to view how the exercise is done while the timer counts down. Because I’m new, I sometimes forget what the proper form is supposed to be and I can’t click to view it. Great app. Keep up the good work. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Stevo Bucaneer
Great....but a few problems
I really liked this app while I used it, I got some pretty good results. Organization was nice, workouts and were clear and concise, and the technique guides were great. I would definitely recommend it. However, there was a problem with crashing. The app would constantly crash. Also, this is a word of warning: at the beginning of this month I decided to cancel my membership because I am working out elsewhere 4 days a week and do not need to overtrain. So I canceled a couple days after I had already paid for the month of November, but instead of getting the month I paid for, they automatically canceled everything, including the stuff you get with a membership. So I feel kinda ripped off that I paid for this month but did not get it.
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4 years ago, Tleggs15
Love the Workouts, App Needs Improvements
I’ll make this short and simple. The workouts and exercises are AMAZING! I love them. However, when doing a work out through the app, I constantly have to look at my phone to see when the countdown for each exercise has ended. This is super annoying because I have to keep uncomfortably turning to see if I’ve reached the end of the time for that set! If a chime or something went off to signal that it was over was created, this problem would be solved. Also, for the warm up, it tells you how long each exercise should be but doesn’t have a timer to go along with it, so I end up just skipping the warm up.
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2 months ago, ccass_90
The structure I needed!
I have always disliked gyms and standard gym machines, never like the idea of signing up for classes. Already feel I have the knowledge to obtain my goal, but was definitely lacking in structure and would quit workouts too early, this app gave me a good place to start and maintain a regular routine. Thanks for an awesome app that aligns with my goals! Could however see some improvements in workout tracking (ie one workout counts down for 1/2 of the set, but not the other half when it says to repeat on the opposite side).
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5 years ago, RishiFitness
Great Programs, Terrible App
I have been using this app for a few weeks, and it has helped me move forward in my fitness journey. I definitely recommend this to anyone who want to get strong and fit. THE PROBLEM IS THE APP! Every time I am working out, if I spend more than one minute doing a workout or exercise or checking my phone, it ends the whole workout. Then I have to start a new workout and skip through exercises and rest to get to my stage in the workout. This is a problem, especially since I have to do this multiple times during a workout. Developers, please work to fix this phenomenon. That would be much appreciated by me and probably many other users of this app.
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6 years ago, godel1931
Better but still more to go
Content-wise this is my favorite app. Chris Heria is great. However, the app itself, though it has improved, can get better. I have a list of suggestions. 1. Reduce the length of in-workout exercise videos, only focus on the movement - not the intro or just talking. People want to focus on the workout, not waste time on watching videos. 2. Make each thumbnail for the video specific to the exercise. When it’s just a general thumbnail it’s confusing. 3. It’s very hard to do the workout with the basic timer. Make a rest and an in-set timer. Also have a counter for the rounds. 4. Make even more basic programs/progressions. The beginner program is already hard for the majority of the population. More users will sign up with an easier entry. E.g. the expectation to do 12 leg raises right off the bat. 5. Make the app payable by subscription on Apple. The website looks sketchy and prevented me from buying twice. 6. Basically, throw all ThenX content into a Mad Barz style app. I’m looking forward to staying on board with ThenX as the app gets better!
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5 years ago, kr@to$345
New Update Broke the App
Let me start by saying the workout content is great! It will challenge you to do new moves and keep you getting stronger. That being said, the new update (1 day ago) has broken the app, not fixed it. I’ve had to delete and re-download the app 3 times since yesterday. The email confirmation link they send doesn’t work. And most of the content in the app is either missing or gets stuck in a loading phase. The updated UI is terrible for a mobile format. The previous version was near perfect. You now have to scroll sideways and up and down to view everything which feels sloppy and over complicated. If the goal was to provide a filter for viewing workouts for specific body parts, you should have just included this in a drop in menu from the left. Lastly, the timer has somehow gotten smaller (like pt 5 font). This should be the biggest thing in the work out screen so you can see it across the room if needed. Reference the Trifecta app for what I’m talking about. That timer also allows different types of interval settings (just a thought). The app needs to be fixed. It’s quickly becoming reminiscent of the old version. Y’all know the one I’m talking about....
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5 years ago, Jâle
Needs to be more beginner friendly
I’m a total beginner to calisthenics and I have no equipment. I was looking forward to this app but when I got to the beginner section I scroll through and find pull ups and tucked Lsits. Idk about other beginners but I can’t do any of that. So instead of getting into the workout I have to go find modified versions of those exercises so that I can participate to the best of my ability. I would have like to see a more beginner program that is still challenging and will build strength and muscle for these workouts but it just seems like it’s tailored to people that can already do these. I’ll still use it but I wish they thought more of beginners who literally just started calisthenics.
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7 months ago, The Arya A
Great app but…..
I just want to say I love this app. I have been doing calisthenics exercises for a long while now at an intermediate level and this app has so many options and varieties of calisthenics exercises! And the workouts are really unique and interesting. But I find the rest times are way to short. You get only a minute in between and I think there should be the option to change it to 2-3 minutes for certain intense exercises. I also think that they should lower the paywall for the full programs or just give us one free full program instead of just separate workouts.
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5 years ago, ecrojo66
Probably the best of its kind
This is probably the best app of its kind out there - and I say “probably” because after downloading it and using it for a few minutes I know I need nothing else. See, In another lifetime (years back) I worked as a certified trainer, I coached football and track, and did a few other sports. I am also an experienced UI/UX designer and growth hacker. Bottom line: I know Apps and training and this is awesome in its simplicity and value. Great design. Great workouts. Simple concept. Now follow the routines, eat healthy, and be rewarded with a better you. 👍👍👍👍👍
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4 years ago, The Bune
Great app with tiny room for improvement
A fantastic workout app and intro to calisthenics. The following recommendations are aimed to make a great app a fantastic app. I’m very happy that the new update included a timer / countdown function for the respective workout. It would make it fantastic if the countdown and flow would be automatic and accompanied by sounds and alarms. Currently, I have to run a timer next to the app in order to not have to look at my screen the entire time. That would be unnecessary if the app starts with a signal to start the exercise, indicates the last 5 sec of the exercise, and sounds an alarm at the end. Then the app moves to the break (then the same for the break timer). This way there is an uninterrupted flow. Of course, the repetition sets would still be “signed off” manually. Interval Timer does a great job at that. Maybe there is a way to build it in. Thank you so much for the great exercises. Really love the program and the team behind it.
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3 years ago, ryanwalker2846194937188249
Solid App, Excited for the Future
I don’t ever leave reviews but this is a great workout app with a generous amount of content on the free version. Most likely going to upgrade soon and make it my go to fitness program. The UI/UX can be improved to provide more clarity since there aren’t many instructions. Changing “Part One” to “Week One” seems to make more sense. And I don’t seem to be able to make the warm ups part of my program which would be nice. A solid workout app nonetheless
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5 years ago, UwUNEKOMASTERUwU
Would give 15 stars but only goes to five
It’s a really good app when you want to burn some body fat and get a nice figure if you’re willing to put the time into shaping your body, also if you’re going to better yourself and do well this is a good way of doing it. furthermore if you have a friend or coworker who is trying to get fit and don’t have the money to pay for a personal trainer then I highly recommended them or you downloading this app. Also I’m 16 and this has helped me better myself and probably will boost my self-esteem
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3 years ago, risaspizzas
pLEASE make the time bigger!!!!!!
I love the workouts in this app - I have noticed significant results from doing the beginner body weight program. I have lifted weights for years with ab workouts and running, but using these workouts is the first time I’m starting to see my abs come through ! I also have gained general strength and cardio fitness and it doesn’t take long at all or feel like a chore to workout! There are some issues with the app though: 1. The little blue countdown timer is so hard to see! It needs to be a lot bigger! It would also be nice to be able reset the timer. 2. I wish you could look at the videos while resting so you could preview how to do the next exercise before it starts 3. Once you start a workout if you close out the screen you can’t start where you left off! Other than those things, I really love the app and have been using it almost every day !
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5 years ago, Twitch user
One minor suggestion!
Dude I love this app! I’m sore from all the workouts. Plus, if it gets easy. I just put on a weighted vest. I use the free version and I’m telling you. Combined with Chris’s workouts and other basic workouts. You can stay making gains! Also, my suggestion is to just keep it up and to please update the workout library. Right now it is all good but, also. You should think about doing DIY videos so people who don’t have dip bars can have alternatives just Incase. Just a thought! Love the app though
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3 years ago, Jz123456790
Just as a disclaimer, I do not think this is a bad app. The workouts are solid, the ui is friendly, and the pacing is great. But once I decided to leave the app to come back to the gym I noticed that I when I went to cancel my Thenx membership I was prompted with “oops we’ve had an error we’ll get back to you”. I continued to try and cancel FOR TWO WHOLE MONTHS with the same error coming up. I was about to have my bank block Thenx from charging when I tried one last time and was able to cancel my membership (after they had charged me for the third time). I am a workout fanatic and this app has filled that role while the gyms were closed - I am grateful for that. But the app has also crossed a line of trust that won’t bring me back.
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3 years ago, mroq9
As a workout app, it is amazing. Great workouts and a good interface but their support system is the worst. I cancelled my subscription with them but they kept on charging. Did not realized that they were still charging me until about six months later. After emailing them, they took about a month to answer and about two to three weeks to reply to any email after that claiming that they were not charging me. After sending them screenshots of the charges they just didn’t answer. Had to change my credit card and go through the hassle of changing everything that goes with that. As long as you don’t cancel your subscription it’s all good.
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5 years ago, JDurh'm
Exercise routines are awesome, but the app is glitchy
This is by far the best calisthenics app out there, if your goal is advanced strength and conditioning. Most other apps are more tailored towards general health and wellness, while this one is focused on progression from intermediate to elite strength. It’s also the only one I’ve found that provides routines for both bodyweight only, as well as bodyweight mixed with weight training. It’s my favorite regime by a mile. My only gripe is the app is glitchy and at times the server goes off line with no warning, which is frustrating when you’re mid-program!
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3 years ago, Nurse_intraining
One year later
Been using thenx app for a year now and it was well worth the investment! I love the ever changing possibilities for new workouts every day as well as the 8 week structured programs if you don’t know where to start. Two things I wish would be looked at would be trying to make sure the app doesn’t close if my phone locks, and also wish there were tips to of what exercises could be used with weights if wanted (e.g. calf raises, walking lunges, etc). Never the less, I have built up so much stamina and love working out now thanks to using thenx.
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4 years ago, DeusVult111
I actually feel the burn
I’m a beginner who’s been looking for a good personal trainer. This app is perfect! No gym memberships, no $40 for a single session with a trainer, and no worrying if I’ve done enough work. I’ve been at it for two weeks, and I’m always exhausted after each workout (arms wobbling and legs giving out). Daily workouts are posted, exercises can be adjusted depending on experience levels, and there’s a log to keep track of your results. The only equipment you’d need is a pull up bar.
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5 years ago, 4Eason
Update needs work
The new update has some bugs. There are problems loading. The workouts need to be put in order by descending date so that if you miss a WOD you can go back and make it up. The new look is nice but the old app worked much better. As for the content, it’s good but not great. The algorithm that generates the workouts makes some mistakes at least at the beginner level. I wish the workouts were designed by a human or the person that does it put a tiny bit more thought into it. Finally, accessing any content is locked out unless you pay. For a beginner it would be nice to have a little more access to get vested in the program.
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5 years ago, Steven_Nevets
Thank you Thenx! Suggestion to improve app
Recently discovered this app. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve always been confused about what workout should I do to target what muscle, what exercises, how many to do, and the amount of reps. Would recommend to anyone who is athletic and trying to get that extra tone in their body. One thing you could improve is the workout timer. Make it work in the background, I mean who doesn’t like to watch Netflix while they work out. I do.
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3 years ago, olegbrownII
Why use.
Played sports all my life and grew up in the weight room lifting and wanted to diversify my work out, I quickly learned that bodyweight workouts what my favorite type. I started off a beginner and went to intermediate. There is something in here for everyone including those without gym equipment. The other nice thing is they are laid out programs to follow including rest days. Highly recommended giving this a try if you have been wondering if it would work for you!
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4 years ago, faerprof
Great workouts! reasonably cheap plan
I’m currently doing the 8 week at home no equipment beginner program. It’s a great sequence of exercises- I’m enjoying it! I think the monthly membership cost is worth the cost to unlock the full program, and since I’m not paying to go to a gym or anything. The app is a little glitchy. I wish they had an count down timer to notify you when the time is up for some of the times sets. I’m not in it for the community building aspects, but I can see myself getting into that, too, if they develop it a lot more.
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6 years ago, rodr.
Amazing app
I am not one to give apps reviews but I had to for this one. I am so grateful to the Thenx crew who has created this app for all levels. I have been doing the daily workout videos and I am so happy that you guys upload a new one each day. They are structured so simple and I love the short clip of the workout. I have been looking for something like this and I pray you continue posting and running this app because I love it! I also appreciate the great playlist. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, Strategybubble
It’s only OK
I really want to like this app: the content of this app is great, but the implementation is lacking. The workout interface is clumsy. When you start a workout, there is no timer for the warmup. You have to time yourself. Then, during the workout, each exercise does not auto complete at the end of the allotted time. You have to manually hit the “exercise completed” button. This might make sense for exercises with a fixed number of reps, but for timed exercises it has me going back to the phone every 30 seconds, which is disruptive and annoying. On the whole I would like a fixed amount of time to complete each exercises regardless of type and an auto advance feature. The rest intervals are way too long in the plyometric workouts. Most of all, there is no calendar to track progress. Each workout program has workouts neatly organized by day, so you can follow a schedule, but the app doesn’t track the calendar days that workouts were completed.
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4 years ago, Flying Duetschman
Please fix warm-up tab
This is my #1 fitness app for workout intensity and ease of use. Having said that, the warm-up section has two issues: 1) you can’t see the clock, which is hidden behind the warm-up tab, and 2) if you swipe the tab away, it disappears and you can’t get back to the warm-up without restarting the whole workout. I see the intent of allowing people to go right into the workout without doing the warm-up, but it’s more cumbersome for people who want to do the warm-up. Thank you. Love the app, keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Alexander Amadeo-Ranch
Fantastic App and free effective workouts!
This is probably the only free workout app out there without constant ads and constant pop ups to buy their premium. This app is extremely fresh, I use it everyday and I have an absolutely shredded core because of it. The one downside to this app, is that the servers are unreliable. Occasionally, they fail to connect and you can’t even start a workout. Other than that, perfect. 5 stars.
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3 years ago, DeniseWilson2016
I am very glad to Have this app as it makes very easy work from any were now I can do more cardio then just running as I need a break from that , getting point in my life I don’t want to run 5 days a wk. Thank You making this as an 48 yr he gives choice how to do work out different if u can’t physically can’t do a work out. I love 10 min work out as my life been getting overly busy as a Nurse
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4 years ago, JJDoe678
This is the second thing I’ve ever reviewed on the internet and the first I’ve given negative opinions on. The app does not time your workout, only your rest, so when you are least able to pay attention to the app, it doesn’t count down for you. Secondly, the app reset to the homepage and erased all the progress I had made in my first workout just because I switched apps for a few seconds to change the song I was listening to. I was very excited to use this app and hope to continue to do so, but these glitches were very discouraging. And I’m committed to fitness and have been for the last fifteen years.
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5 years ago, boltrider873
Great! But one flaw
Love the app and plenty of great workouts. However, one complaint so far. If you go back to your home screen, the workout timer just stops. Not paused, just ends. And I’m not talking about closing the app completely, just by pressing the home button. And yes I’ll agree, if you’re in the middle of a workout then you shouldn’t be distracted. But what about people with jobs the require immediate alert; firefighters, law enforcement, and so on. The ability for the app to auto pause the timer and be able to come back to it and continue the workout would be fantastic..
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3 years ago, Ositho13
Awesome Program
I have tried different programs before and I can honestly say I had been disappointed. I really enjoy this app because you get to choose the level of training you can start with and keeps track of your progress. My wife can really tell the results and she is also very happy I started using this app. Can’t wait to see how far it will take me
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3 years ago, Calisthenics tryhard
The warm up
I feel that instead of the warm up flashing across the screen, a better way for the warm up to function would be for it to work like any other round that you would do. And I can’t find any workouts with weights, I understand this is a calisthenics academy, but I feel that some weighted workouts are here and I can’t find them.
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5 years ago, grizzley atoms
VERY buggy, no landscape mode for iPad
Great concept but this is sooooo full of bugs. The workouts sometimes auto advance to the next movement, sometimes not. The next up exercise is often out of sync with what actually comes up next. Sometimes it seems to skip movements altogether. Not sure I’m up to pay a subscription for something that so clearly hasn’t undergone basic quality testing. In addition to bugs, this can be highly unintuitive. Interface is clunky and I’m sometimes left wondering if I’m on the right movement. Every time I open the app I have to go through multiple clicks to get back to the program I’ve been working on. Would be better to have it come straight back to where I left off, or provide me with a shortcut from the main app screen. I really want to like this. I hope the developers will be fixing some of this very soon.. One star due to serious bugs. Would rate 3 stars with no bugs but usability issues not addressed. 5 stars if all this was fixed.
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3 years ago, jakopz
Great workouts, outdated UI and non existent customer service
Fabulous workouts. Love the instructional videos and progressive difficulties. The UI needs a major upgrade. It’s quite a mess organizationally. Also, the tech is not well connected to payments. Signing up on the website didn’t work despite trying several times. But I was charged each time. Most importantly, customer service just won’t respond to you which tells you everything about their commitment to their customers. It’s a shame because thenx has enormous potential.
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4 years ago, Drakoa24
Could use some work.
While the workouts are awesome, the app could use some work. It’s kind of a pain to have to pay attention to the screen while performing the exercises. I would suggest some type of audio notification for countdown to let you know when the timer is up. Also, the next up feature during rest shows you what’s after the next exercise instead of what is actually up next. Otherwise would tagged a 5 on here because the examples are awesome.
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6 years ago, David Lam
Great workouts and improved layout
This app played a significant role in my daily routine the day I downloaded it. It’s great for picking out workouts when you can’t choose them yourself. Problem is that I find myself skipping certain workouts simply because I don’t have a bar to work with. Thenx has done a great job improving their app as it’s less confusing and feels more easier to use. 4/5, turning a door knob has never been a painful task until now.
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